Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

It's Just a Physical. Plus More

Up. Down. Left.
Physical exam.
Ok, that's fine.
Next, Osana.
I- It's down!
Ok! Next.
A communication disorder is
defined by socialization issues
or references a person
having such symptoms.
Keep in mind
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
Komi-san is the class's madonna.
But also it's goddess
Today like always, her radiance
is being enjoyed by the commoners.
Ah! Nice to meet you.
Yadano Makeru
Yada = Don't want
Makeru = To lose
My name is Yadano Makeru.
I'm just a commoner
Right now I have a little
something to achieve.
To beat Komi-san in this physical exam.
It's surprising to see someone
looking at Komi-san like this.
The medical exam is divided in 4 parts.
Sitting height
In other words, If I win 3 or all 4,
Eyesight, Height, Weight, Sitting height
I will win!
Imagine winning against the most
exalted existence in the class,
wouldn't that be the proudest feeling ever?
she didn't answer anything for a while now.
I'm not too confident, but,
this could be an easy victory.
Around 0.7.
Ok! Komi, vision of 1.5
Is pointing the
direction with her finger.
Can't see
from behind.
What does that mean?
Komi-san didn't answer at all!
- What? Yadano-san?
Komi-san, you wouldn't have
Bribed the teacher?
- You're hurting me Yadano
Even if it's a lost cause
I want to beat her!
Ok! I'm ready.
I'm going to beat you!
Result: 0.7.
You lose!
Sitting height
Ah! We're done!
It's a contest Komi-san!
You won't win so easily!
Alright, I hope I won't also lose!
Ah, I have a little more weight!
Yes It's going wel-
Just the weight and sitting height?
How can this be?
While being smaller I'm also
more heavy and taller while sitting.
Eh? Wait a minute?
First, who decided that it was better
to have less weight and sitting height?
In difficult environments like the savanna
Those who stock fat avoid
starvation and are the winners.
Sitting height
There's surely a country where the
girls with shorter legs are very popular!
Yes, that's it!
It's chance, Komi-san.
For Tadano-kun,
His physical results are average.
My name is Tadano Hitohito.
Tadano is an ordinary high schooler.
I'm an ordinary High Schooler.
For what's non-ordinary,
Komi-san, the prettiest girl in the school, and her friends
My name is Yamai Ren
Yamai is an ordinary high schooler.
I'm an ordinary high schooler.
I'm rather normal
I'm not good at studying,
I love fashion!
- Good morning!
I have some worries, but I
have a lot of friends and I'm happy!
It's totally ordinary, isn't it!
And right now
I have a crush
Komi-san walking.
Komi-san crouching.
Komi-san standing.
Komi-san going up stairs.
Komi-san! Komi-san!
Oh no, Komi-san was so
beautiful before I slipped.
That's not good, that's not good!
Ah that's right, it's impolite if I watch her too much!
Ah! Komi-san's scent!
This bright color, this
scent and this brilliance!
Without a doubt, it's Komi-san's hair!
Alright, Today Komi-san will belong to me!
Or not!
I want us to be friends.
Calm down
I must calm down!
If we greet with a smile, we
become a bit closer and we become friends.
Good morning Ko-
- Kokoko Komi-san!
Agari is
komi-san's dog.
Good Mor-! Good Mor-! Good Mor-!
Ah! So- Sorry.
I talked like a dog without realizing!
So-sorry for bothering you!
What does she want
Why would an uggo like her go talk to Komi-sama!
But let's get back on track
‪- Hello!
Did you see the moon yesterday?
It was really pink wasn't it?
And also!
Ah Yamai-chan!
Ah! Hello Najimi-chan.
You're uselessly lively as ever I see!
Eh? Uselessly?
Hello to you too Komi-san!
Yes! I did it!
I was a bit shy, but I greeted her!
Yamai-chan, actually
Wonderful Komi-san!
I'm relieved now!
Because it's real,
a commoner like me talking to Komi-sama.
If she answered me it would make her less special.
Komi-sama ignoring me makes me so happy!
- Yamai-chan?
Ah Najimi-chan, come over here.
I've always wanted to know what kind
of relationship do you have with Komi-san?
Yamai-chan? You're different from usua-
- Quick, answer me!
Just friends
Ah! Just a sneeze.
It's not that! It's not that at all!
We are friends aren't we?
Then it is with pleasure that you
will present me to Komi-san, wouldn't you?
If I refuse, I'm dead
And so, here's Yamai Ren-chan.
Remember, we played together last time?
Yamai Ren, nice to meet you.
What's this?!
Large and clear eyes!
Shining hair!
A shivering gesture!
She is cuter than a chihuahua!
Ah I want to touch her!
I want to caress you, lick you, I want to go out with you!
But I can't, it's Komi-sama!
Patience Patience Yamai!
Not now!
What compels you to be like that Yamai-chan?
As usual!
Just act like usual!
So Komi-san? Do you like hamburg steaks?
I made too much today for my bento.
You could take some if you'd like?
It's an "invitation to lunch" version Yamai!
Of course my hamburg steaks are home made!
It's hamburg steak that I
carefully kneaded with my bare hands!
Let's do our best!
Sorry it's not what you think!
Actually, I'm very happy
So happy!
Ah homeroom is starting!
See you later Komi-san!
Uhh what did that mean?
Oh? Tadano-kun isn't here today?
I don't know what Komi-san
is thinking without Tadano-kun!
Tadano-kun, come back!
Where am I?
This is
Pictures of Komi-san
everywhere on the walls.
It's collages
Apparently this is Yamai-san's room
What's going to happen to me?!
Help me!
Can I come to your house today Yamai-chan?
Ah? Why all of a sudden?
Ah you are still at Tadano-kun's
desk after the break is over.
I simply wanted to tell you.
- Let's start the class, return to your desks.
But yes!
I don't want to get away from her!
Because the lunch
break with Komi-san was so fun.
We didn't get to talk.
Komi-san didn't say a single word.
It was the greatest moment of my life.
I don't want this moment to end.
Is it such a sin?!
Ah, will you also come Komi-san ?
Komi-san is
Coming to my house?
Does that mean that my bed and my
cushions will have Komi-san's scent?
Yes of course!
But actually, right now at home there's
What am I gonna do?
Yes of course, come over!
Overwhelming victory
for Komi-san.
It's already evening
I'm hungry
My room is a mess, wait while I tidy up.
Alright, sorry for intruding!
She's coming
She's going to kill
You like the ocean or the mountains?
Moun- Mountains?
I see.
Ok, I'll bury you there then!
At the mountains?!
Yamaiiii-chan ? Can weee coooome iiin?
Not yet!
People who are dear to me are coming.
Don't make any noise…
No, If you're not noisy I won't bury you.
I feel like I'll get buried either way.
It's fine, you can come in!
Please, leave your odor behind!
What? Our odor?
This voice, Najimi?
to cry.
C'est Najimi!
Najimi! Help me!
I'm sorry, the neighbor next door is noisy!
S-she's used to it
What an energetic neighbor
Hey! I'm going to bury you right now.
Be quiet.
The mountains aren't far
so you better listen to me.
Ahah don't worry about it!
I-I'm worried!
Alright, I'm going to get some tea, wait for me!
Is jasmin tea alright with you?
Ah, yes.
Don't open
the closet, ok?
Ah, ok.
Really want
to open it.
Are we bothering you maybe?
Some kind
of play?
So you saw?
Ahah, don't misunderstand Komi-san!
To get closer to you,
I did this so that Tadano-kun
wouldn't be in my way.
Really sharp chopsticks!
I did it for Komi-san.
It's true after all?
He doesn't look good, isn't particularly
smart, and has normal height and weight.
He isn't particularly funny, his face looks dumb
and his only special
characteristic features a dumb cockscomb
So it's very strange that someone like
this spends time with a goddess like Komi-san?
Hearing someone say it hurts
Right? Komi-san?
You think so too, don't you?
After all
Komi-san is pretty, stylish,
has a good personality
but for some reasons, it doesn't make you envy her.
Yes, she is an entity
that brings me happiness.
That such low scum like Tadano-kun
Is so close to an
amazing entity like you
Is strange isn't it?
You're thinking the
same right Komi-san?
Wouldn't it be pleasant to
have more popular friends?
That's why you wouldn't
need Tadano-kun anymore.
That's why you need me.
I did my best so that everyone likes me.
To become friends with you Komi-san
Aren't I suitable to be friends with you?
You want to be friends with me, right?
Right? Komi-san?
Sorry to have
inconvenienced you.
So polite
Wait Komi-san!
I did it for you
Komi-san is searching
for a place to write.
She is writing on the floor
My friends, I will
decide them myself.
You don't even want to talk to me
She must hate me.
Wh-what should I do?!
The day after
I feel like I forgot something
Oh well.
Komi-san's mood
Oh? Is she upset?
Ko- Komi-san?
I have to talk to you.
Can you come with me?
Oh? She's really upset!
Komi-san? What did you want to talk about?
It's been a while, but I can't
figure out what Komi-san is thinking.
Can I stay
friends with you?
What do you mean by that?
You went through quite
an ordeal yesterday..
Ah, it's true
Yamai said it was
for me that she did this.
This is everything
that Yamai told me.
(She wrote everything that happened the day before)
What? You remember everything? Wow.
In other words, it's my
fault that you were in danger.
What? No, it's not tru-
No, it's true.
That was quick
If you end up locked up somewhere again?
If something worse happens to you?
If something like this
happens again next time?
t's my fault.
So I
So, I thought that I
shouldn't be friend with you.
Ok I understand.
But you see Komi-san,
my friends, I will decide them myself.
Ah No, you see
It's diferent!
I didn't try to imitate you.
Because it inspired me,
it just simply came out naturally like that!
I wasn't planning it at all!
A new page has been engraved in
Tadano-kun's dark history
P-Please forget about it!
I know it can make you uncomfortable.
Why are you sorry?
I want
t- to
w- with
Ah, ok.
Uh Thank very-
What? Uh
M- Me too.
I want to stay friends with you.
- Ah!
There you are!
I searched everywhere for you!
Come over here!
Yamai wanted to apologize
to you Tadano-kun.
Ah? To me?
About yesterday
I'm sorry!
I went too far,
I should've just threatened you to silenced you
And I'm sorry to have said all those horrible things
Even though I meant it
all, I shouldn't have said it.
I regret it from the bottom of my heart! Sorry!
She is horrible at apologizing
I apologize to you too Komi-san!
I was being presumptuous.
Thinking I could decide who is worthy of being friends with Komi-san's.
Everything happened because I was selfish.
I won't ever do it again, I'm really sorry!
I accept
I knew it
I'm not even worthy of being addressed to!
If you don't want to talk to me
I don't want to live anymore!
- Where did she get these chopsticks from?
Not so fast Yamai!
- Let go of me Najimi-kun!
- Ko Komi-san!
Can we tell her?
I need her in my life!
- Without Komi-san
- Yamai-san!
Komi-san just isn't good at socializing with people.
- Stop!
She's just not good at communicating, so
What? You think I'll believe that?
Don't insult Komi-san.
They explained
it properly.
That can't be
So eveything was just a misunderstanding
That can't be
I can't believe Komi-san has such a cute side, I love you!
Make 100 friends, I love it!
Komi-san is so cute!
We lost her!
I see, so she wants to make 100 friend
TL note: chira = glance
Did she really say "chira" ?
Yamai look at her while wishing they become friends!
W-what should we do, Komi-san?
Komi-san is hesitating!
Of course
W-well then Nice to meet you.
Yes! Of course Komi-san !
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Oppeketenmukki, Rottenpantsu and Shinobu (manga)
Touch Komi-san and I'm burying you alive!
TL note: "Written as "Mountain" and "Well", but Yamai can also mean illness, also where yandere comes from. Ren is an alternate reading of "koi", meaning "love".
Yamai is a yandere.
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