Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

It's Just My Summer Uniform. Plus More

June 1st
A communication disorder is
defined by socialization issues
or references a person
having such symptoms.
Summer uniforms.
Keep in mind
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
In Najimi's case.
Ah! Komi-san.
In Yamai-san's case.
Good morning Komi-san!
In Agari-san's case.
In Tadano-kun's case.
Oh? Good morning Komi-san!
Everyone is acting
different from usual
Is there something
weird about me?
Ah uh
It's fine, I think
Their reaction is simply because
of Komi-san's uniform change.
Physical aptitude exam.
Hi, we meet again,
it's me Yadano Makeru.
Last time, our physical exam
ended with a tie last time.
So you get the idea that Komi-san and I
are good rival, don't you think?
Sitting height
Well! This time it's the
fitness examination!
Physical aptitude exam
It's time for the duel, Komi-
Ko- Komi-san in her sport
outfit with a ponytail!
Yadano-san hates losing.
Komi vs Yadano
Komi 24kg
Yadano 18kg
Komi 52cm
Yadano 45cm
Komi 48pts
Yadano 42pts
Komi 22 times
Yadano 21 times
Komi 203cm
Yadano 165cm
Yadano 1m
Komi 26m
I lost at everything.
I lost at
Are you ok Yadano-chan?
Are you not feeling good?
I'm so frustrated!
50 meters
It's the last part of the duel.
If I don't win here, I'll win 0 stars.
It would be a complete defeat.
We can change our own life
by ourselves. That's what I think.
Talent and genetics
aren't important here.
On your marks.
If you give your all, you can
become anything you want.
And to prove what I'm saying.
have to win!
No matter the cost!
Ahah, I'm fast aren't I?
I'm very confident about my legs.
I can't even look at you from behind!
I don't care about being feminine or even being cute!
I just want to be better than Komi-san at at least one test!
How beautiful
Komi-san :
6 seconds 89
Uhh 6 seconds 89.
Ah.. yes, there.
After seeing you run,
I realized at which degree
my heart was impure.
I lost this duel.
Thank you for this battle.
Doesn't remember
participating in this duel.
You refuse to shake hands?
You're right, if I shake your hand,
it would mean I have given up.
You want me to persevere.
Which means
that you recognized me as your most ardent rival!
Next time I won't lose Komi-san!
Our duel has just started!
Komi-san got herself a rival.
You know, it only takes
5 minutes to order fast food.
So I thought come on, it should be fine.
But the oji-san who always takes away the bikes appears.
And the oji-san told me:
Oh, today komi-san,
can I drop at your house?
Ehh ? Don't stop! I want to
know what happens next.
Drop by her house
Isn't that too difficult for her ‪Naji-
- Shh!
Komi-san is conflicted!
Her admiration of the
concept of having friends over
and her embarrassment
over revealing her private life.
plus other insecurities are at odds!
I understand!
I know what you feel Komi-san !
What's up with that mind reading of yours?
It's fine?
Which one is it?
Ohhhhh! That's a pretty house!
Well, thanks for having me over!
Good afternoon!
So pretty!
That intimidating presence!
These eyes
That nose
No question, she must
be Komi-san's mother!
For real? Shouko's friends?!
This is the first time!
Come right in, it's lovely to see you!
Eh? Komi-san's moth- her sis-
Nice you meet you!
I am Shouko's mother, Komi Shuuko.
I'm forever 17!
Honey, Shousuke! Shouko brought some friends!
Ah, they're not home yet, oops!
Whoa! Komi-san's room!
Hey Tadano-kun! It smell good doesn't it?
Sniff sniff!
- Stop!
- Can I sit on the bed?
Already sitting.
Ah, the cat plushie is cute!
Ah, yes it is!
Avoiding the topic of her mother.
Ta- Tadano-kun, say something.
What? Uhh
Has no idea how
to tend to her guests.
Here you go, I've brought tea and snacks!
Our savior
Ah, I must go to the toilet a bit.
On my right? Ok.
It was just a feint!
Let's observe Komi-san and Tadano-kun!
A boy and a girl alone in a small room!
Go and entertain me with your awkwardness!
Ah? They're playing hide and seek?
5 mins
10 mins
15 mins
You two, why aren't you funny?
Like a
middle age
Oh? Is your stomach all right Najimi?
That was a lie.
Huh, a lie?
Hmm, a failure. Oh well.
We are in Komi-san's room.
She's still human,
there must be something
she doesn't want us to see.
That's what I'm looking for!
Because it's amusing!
You must reveal a few
secrets to deepen your friendship!
He must he thinking some vile things again!
Why is
he in
her bed?
She wouldn't actually hide her secrets
under the bed like a middle schooler.
Discussion for dummies
Why I have a hard time conversing
Is that your photo album
Can we see it?
Ahh so cute!
Where's that? It's pretty!
Oh, Komi-san in a swimsuit.
Oh? Komi-san, so you can play the piano.
You took part in lots of activities.
Ah, you're also talented in calligraphy.
Komi-san can't communicate
in English either.
Sorry Komi-san,
we stayed for too long.
Sorry, we didn't even help tidying up.
Thanks for having us!
See you tomorrow Komi-san.
Bye bye!
1 new message
Thank you for today
I took a photo in secret!
It's Najimi-chan's
stealth photography,
you didn't notice
anything, did you?
Ah, I didn't send it to
Tadano-kun because he
could use it for wicked
things. (O ^ o ^ O)
Je l'ai prise en secret !
You didn't notice anything, did you?
Ah, I won't send it to Tadano-kun!
A new picture frame?
It's rare that you
ask for something, Shouko!
After the
I want to go to a
ramen restaurant
A ramen restaurant?
Sounds good! I was starting to get hungry.
Noodles in a spicy sauce and some vegetables.
Let's go to the one in front of the station.
It's unusual for Komi-san to
want to go somewhere.
It's a dream of mine to
visit a ramen restaurant.
You have strange dreams
Oh, so you're all going for ramen?
Well then, it's my time
To shine.
Eh? A-Agari-san?
Agari-san is a ramen expert
Ramen Darou
Here's my recommendation
"Ramen Darou".
Ah, It's a well known place, isn't it?
Is it going to be fine?
Their portions are pretty big and quite oily.
Let's go.
Instant reply!
Ramen notepad
Let's see, the Darou-chan has been picking up some fame lately so normal people think they have quite a solid image established. The kind where men come to eat alone. But that is really not the case
Agari-san? Agari-san?
Ah ! S- So- Sorry!
I always say too much it comes to food.
- Is that so
Phew, it's the usual Agari-chan
Large +
Tsukemen Large
Aren't there some rules in these kind of shops, right?
I saw that on TV.
Oh, I wonder if I should
take the same thing as you-
Eh ? Guil-?! Eh?
Ramen Darou rule N°1.
At no moment will you talk.
Easy for
Rule N°2
You will immediately
buy your ticket and
you will promptly take
your seat.
Ah so- sorry
Rule N°3
You shall uphold manners, respect the shop keeper and wait with a peace of mind.
S-so this the ramen shop owner.
So quiet.
Noodles in a spicy sauce and some vegetables.
A chant?
What are you gonna do Komi-san?
He understood!
T-that's too much
Shop keeper?
Shop keeper?
She feels uneasy thinking
she did something wrong.
Ramen Darou rule N°4.
You shall return your bowl when
finished and immediately give up your seat.
The noodles got soggy
Ah! Thank you for the meal!
Oh! That was delicious!
Ah! I ate too much.
Let's come again some time?
No thanks, we'll pass on that
But it became an habit.
They went again next week.
The blood pact.
Did you see yesterday?
I didn't see, I didn't see!
It was really funny!
‪ Really?
I swear it was.
- That much?
- Yeah, right?
Actually, there's 4 versions of the package.
That makes it a crazy story but
Two of them doesn't have rice.
It's not even drawn.
For those who are buying it for the first time.
It's a mystery why there's grandmother there.
I was right to cook them
And, the rhinoceros beetles
cannot think by itself.
Even if it's a living being.
What is this?
The forbidden power of the dragon
force is reacting within me?
But why?
Could it be Princess Komilia?!
Princess Komilia?!
Nakanaka-san is a chuunibyou.
Komi-san? You know Nakanaka-chan?
Doesn't remember
meeting her.
Princess Komilia? Have you forgotten me?
Under the real name of Arsot Les Primavera !
Arsot Les Primavera
Real name:
TL note: Written
as going
through puberty
This is expected.
We have been reincarnated and have crossed the world line several times already.
What is this?
I remember this feeling.
Person who was
previously a chuuninyou.
Princesse Komilia!
Because of our dragon force
if our distance between us exceed 10 meters, a big explosion is going to happen,
and, uhh the world shall perish!
Let's hurry up and perform the blood pact!
Even if everything was fine until now?..
Can you tell me
more about this
massive explosion
She believed her!
Uhh, when the dragon force starts reacting,
We, uhh, we begin resonating and
What is this
dragon force?
It's embarrassing to explain that.
Who- Who cares about that setting?
Now, quickly make the blood pact with me!
She definitively said it was a setting!
Aaaah, my wicked eye is out of control.
Eye stye.
Oh! Oh, I quickly must go to the infirmary!
Uhh I think this "blood pact" was
just a way to ask you to be friends
Ahah, I didn't know that
Nakanaka-chan was that kind of chuunibyou.
It reminds me of Tadanao-kun a few years ago.
What's a
Ah, it's
Najimi stop!
A chuunibyou is
My name is Tadano Hitohito
I am in the 2nd year of middle school
And as you can see
Is looking at
a fictional camera
point #1
"I'm not an
ordinary person"
in his head.
point #2
I'm not an ordinary person
And after
He did
It's the class's madonna, Kawai-san
Good morning Tadano-kun!
Today, let's do "that"
Time to execute Operation L
point #3
Wants to
say "operation XX"
In operation L, the "L" stand for
Yo, Kawai-san
Can you
give a listen to my feelings.
point #4
have always love-
- Sorry.
Eh- eh? W-why?
- You kind of look like a chunni, so it's kind of
From now on, I will try not to show off.
I'll just live a normal life,
and without making any waves.
And Tadano-kun's currently personality appeared.
And that's how
As you can see, chuunibyous think
they are special and different from others.
That's what a chuunbyou is.
Tadano-kun was funny when he was a chuuni.
What? Tadano-kun?
He died
Tadano-kun just had an heart attack
after his dark past was revealed.
We will be doing some warm up exercises.
Form groups of
2 people.
Komi-san, let's team up?
Komi-san make a group with me?
‪ We're friends right?
Komi-san? Group up with me?
I have muscle pain today
Oh really?
I'm quite fine!
I am different from them, for it's me,
who is a denizen of the darkness.
Of course I understand.
If normal people touch my dragon force
their entire body would rot and crumble to dust!
Why doesn't anyone
want to team up with me?
Aaaah, you s-s-scared me!
You want to team up with me?
I'm jealous
Ahh, I wanted to do that
Whaaaa, why didn't you choose me komi-san?
Alright, today is volleyball.
Ah! Komi-san.
Ah- Uhh
T- Than-.
Ahahah, I fooled you princess Komilia!
I'm not your attendant "Arso Tres Whatsnot"!
I am the dragon lord of darkness "Malto Tree Vesna"
And due to our blood pact, you are now my slave!
But I hope that you'll forgive me.
A "blood pact"
has been made
with Nakanaka-san.
I was at the library and
didn't see the time pass by.
I've taken your umbrella.
-Phantom Thief N
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
Rottenpantsu and Shinobu (manga)
Once the exams are over, it'll be summer vacation.
We must do our best so that
we won't have to have summer lessons.
Are you ok Komi-san?
I bought an umbrella.
And for you, here's a towel.
There's still 2, so don't worry about it.
Uhh I apologize if I'm mistaken,
but did you read Najimi's note nears
the lockers and decided to wait for me?
It cleared
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