Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

It's Just a Joke. Plus More

It's a play on words.
Good morning, Komi-san.
You're early today
What's wrong?
What does she want to tell
me that makes her so nervous?
The futon flew off.
Komi Shouko
It- It's a coded message?
Huh, what?
Yesterday I heard on the
TV that joking is important
in communicating so I
wanted to write a funny joke
that I heard recently.
Ah! About this kind of joke
It would fit better depending on the situation.
The umbrella piled up.
Komi Shouko
She is tense
because she
made up that
joke herself.
Ah because it rained?
Ah! No, it's not
because it wasn't funny!
It's just that
some jokes can only be understood
depending on how they're told
Oh, a call?
Tangerines (mikan) on an aluminum can (mikan).
Why are you making dad jokes Komi-san?
She is
How was it?
Should I say it?
That her dad jokes aren't funny?
Good morning
I don't like this season
I-I'm saved
Ah, also,
The earth pipes
went with a
Komi Shouko
I found this letter in my shoebox
Another victim!
They briefly explained
the situation to Najimi.
I see!
I thought that
the letter was a death
threat or something like that.
Ok, Tadano-kun!
Show Komi-san how it's done!
She is waiting for me to show her
I don't have any choice?
The cat (neko) fell (nekoronda).
He is at the same level
as Komi-san.
A communication disorder
is defined by
socialization issues.
Or references a person
having such symptoms.
Keep in mind
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
Going shopping.
Hey, hey Komi-san!
Where do you usually
go buy your clothes?
I never bought
any myself.
You never bought any?!
And on your days off,
where do you like to go?
I rarely go out
of the house
That's a bit sad Komi-san!
Well then,
let's go buy clothes
together today!
Onward to the mall!!
I appreciate your
feelings, but
I'm scared.
You're scared?
Ahah, there's no
reasons to be scared!
Tadano-kun and I we'll go with you!
Eh? I'm also coming?
Of course you are!
It this okay?
A girl.
An unknown being.
A guy like me who to accompany
a girl during her shopping? ?
Especially for clothes
She wants to
go with him
but she
doesn't want
to go with him.
You see? Even Komi-san is hesitating!
I probably shouldn't go-
No, It would be a problem without an interpreter.
Ah Ah I see.
Hey! Can I invite other people?
- Agari-chan!!!
‪ -Hyaiiii!
Do you want to come with us today?
What? Me?
Do you want to take your dog on a walk?
I- I- I'd be happy!
I'm also coming!
Ok, but it's not a walk
Then, let's start with
What coincidence!
I feel like it's not a
coincidence at all!
Yamai-san joined
the party.
Is it fate reuniting us here?
Yamai-chan, did you follow us?
Ah? What are you saying Najimi-chan?
No, nothing.
Hey Komi-san!
What type of clothes do you like?
You must have some casual clothes already?
So based on those
It's usually my mother that
buys them so I have no idea.
Her mother?
I think that
it's necessary to buy
new clothes for when
I go out, but,
I don't know what to try
when I arrive at the store
We understand!
Let's go, let the
"Have Komi-san wear what I choose" battle start!
"Have Komi-san wear what I choose" battle?
The rules are simple!
Komi-san's budget is 10 000 Yen,
it shouldn't go over that amount!
After she tries a set,
everyone gives
a score and we will buy
the set with the highest score
My time has come!
I- I- I'm going to do my best
to find something good for Komi-san!
No, you have to choose normally-
Well then, ready, go!
What a beautiful mannequin.
She ended up
waiting alone.
It's really well made!
Komi-san is being
mistaken for a
Why is it wearing a school uniform?
Alright, thank you for waiting!
Komi-san finished changing
And it's time for the reveal!
Komi-san? Will you please come out?
She is too
to let go of
the curtain.
Najimi's choice
1280 Yen
7980 Yen
300 Yen
The Chinese style is the best after all!
You just wanted to see her wear it, isn't it?
34 points.
Osana Najimi : 34 points.
Yamai-san's choice
The next one is Yamai-san's choice!
7900 Yen
7980 Yen
4990 Yen
That's more than 10 000 Yen!
1500 Yen
What? The price?
Don't worry, don't worry
I'll buy it for you!
That's too much
Disqualified for
not respecting
the rules.
Yamai Ren is disqualified
for not respecting the rules.
Agari-san's choice
2980 Yen
4980 Yen
1980 Yen
18 points.
What? Isn't it cute?
H-here I
I- I don't know much
about women fashion trends
I just picked stuff randomly
It's not like I thought people
looks cool wearing this
Save us the lame excuses and hurry up.
Ah if you would please
Tadano-kun's choice
And last, Tadano-kun's choice! Come on!
1980 Yen
4980 Yen
Waaah ! This is it!
And your verdict Komi-san ?
Score: 50 points.
Tadano-kun's choice is the one Komi-san bought.
680 Yen
300 Yen
2980 Yen
2480 Yen
Najimi's bag
1980 Yen
What? A second time?
The other time was a joke.
The hairdressing salon.
She made up
her mind.
My name is Arai Kamiko
I just got a new job at this beauty salon!
Note: Her name means "Hair wash girl"
I'm a new employee!
- What are you doing?
- Oh!
This person is called Karisu Maki-san,
a charismatic beautician
Note: Her name means "Charismatic Woman"
And my dear senpai!
- Arai, if you're free, go clean the front.
‪ - Ok !
Since I'm new,
they just let me clean up
and do the shampooing.
But one day, I will become a
beautician as charismatic as Karisu-san!
Uh it's a client?
It's probably that Alright.
Welcome! Please come in!
Was I wrong?
It's just a passerby?
What should I do? What will you do Arai?
Ah, Shouko-chan!
You came, come on in.
She entered!
S-She was a customer after all!
But why didn't she
enter when I called out to her?
Oh! Was my smile not good?
Was I too forceful?
Or I smell bad?
No, it's probably not that, it
must be the difference in our charisma.
As expected of my senpai!
Oh! She scared me.
It's been a while, Shouko-chan.
How would you like it today?
Ok, blond and short?
I'm joking.
Like usual?
This girl is so pretty
Such long and charming hair,
it would be a shame to cut it.
But as expected of senpai,
she doesn't hesitate and looks so cool.
I love the both of them
-What are you doing Arai ?
‪- What?
- Go back to work.
- Yes, sorry.
Do you want to drink something-
She's sleeping.
So cute.
She's just pretending.
Oh yeah,Shouko-chan,
you are in high school now?
How it's going?
I see, if you're having fun, that's good.
What?! She understood everything just by hearing a single word!
She's really an amazing
charismatic beautician!
Arai, do her shampooing.
It's here! My job!
I must also communicate with the clients.
I just started here this April.
If I do something wrong,
don't hesitate to tell me.
Ah, how long have you
been coming to this salon?
Asking a question that's easy to answer, all the while showing your own weakness!
Yes, that's perfect!
Hm? 12 ? She's been going for 12 years?
Eh? She answered with a magazine?
What does that mean?
Why is she answering by pointing the magazine?
It would have been better
if she answered herself
She doesn't want to speak with me?
Earlier, she didn't come in the
salon when I spoke to her
Why? What did I do wrong?
If it continues like this
I will never be a charismatic beautician!
Why? Why? Why?
End result.
How is it? Do you like it?
I'm glad.
It's 4800 Yen
Here's the receipt
Thank you for coming,
please come again!
I wonder what's wrong with me
There's people that aren't good
at talking at these kind of places.
I see
The following
Good morning!
Good morningshuu Komi-san.
Good Mo- Mo -Mo- Morning
Good morning Komi-san !
Yes, you're as beautiful as ever!
Good morning Komi-san!
Ah? Did you cut your hair?
Eh? You really cut them?
Nothing changed!
I don't really see the difference
That can't be true!
I didn't notice it!
People with communication
disorder can thihk
"Why did I say that?"
the entire night and thus cannot sleep.
Can't sleep.
Conversation with Yamai-san
Hey! Hey! Komi-san !
Is there a side dish that you like?
Like that, I will prepare one next time
Rolled omelet.
- Rolled omelet? Leave it to me!
Anxiety point 1
Why didn't I answer sooner.
Anxiety point 2
Couldn't I have
said something funnier?
Anxiety point 3
Is a rolled omelet
too childish?
Conversation with Najimi-chan
Let's play together!
Anxiety point 4
Did they sense an awkward tension?
Anxiety point 5
Why do I sometimes
grow cat ears?
Conversation with Agari-san
And so
the papers (kami) got wet
I'm so clumsy.
Your cold (kaze) is better?
- Hmm?
No, there wasn't any wind (kaze)?
Anxiety point 6
I misunderstood!
Anxiety point 7
Kami (Paper) Kami (Hair)
Kaze (Cold) Kaze (Wind)
Conversation with Tadano-kun
You have mixed up
paper (kami) and hair(kami),
and cold (kaze) et wind (kaze), isn't it?
Aaah sorry to to t- talk in in such a mis- misleading way!
These two are the types that
regrets saying things later
It's fine, it happens a lot!
I time I thought that "it's darkest under the lighthouse"
was an historic moment just like the "taishou democracy"
Note: Pun lost
in translation
You know, because of how it sounds
Studying for exams.
I want to die
I want to die
It looks like he wants to confide to someone
Don't die.
Ah, I don't really
want to die, sorry
For the time being I'll ask.
Why ?
‪You're just asking why?
Ok! I'll tell you!
Because the exams period
is starting next week!
-Ah right, you hate exams.
That's it!!
Isn't it enough studying in class?
I want to play, I just want to play
Play, play, play
I have an idea, we just
have to study together!
Ah, he has no intention to study at all.
S- Studying for the exams?
Member of the
library committee.
P- Please help yourselves!
Ah, it's been more than 15 years
since I last stepped in a library.
So, you mean that you
never went your entire life.
Ahah, you noticed Tadano-kun-
Be quiet in the library!
Agari-chan! Who's that?
Note: Gorilla
It's Gorimi-senpai.
If you are noisy, she
will hit you with her fan.
At the 3rd time, she will
kick you out of the library.
What's with these rules?
Ahah! Look at this-
Be quiet in the library.
The fan sound is louder
Najimi was
hit 2 times.
If you do that
You're dead
It's so much fun, Tadano-kun.
This guy
He wants to not study this
badly that he's losing all sense?
Next is Tadano-kun's turn!
She is watching us, really watching us
No I
Be quiet in the library!
3 time for Najimi.
All 3
were hit.
I'm sorry
It's the first time
that a fan hit me.
In interesting?
The truth is,
I wanted to play as well.
Ah ok me too
All 3 of them left.
Then let's go meet up with Najimi.
National language Maths Science Social English
Individual average
Class average
It's the summer vacations, yay!
He doesn't want to study,
but he's rather smart
You're amazing isn't it, Komi-san?
Once again, I lost at everything!
Yadano-san hates losing.
National language Maths Science Social English
Summer Vacations.
One week after
the start of the
summer vacations.
Komi-san has not gone outside since the beginning of the summer vacations.
She already
finished her
vacation homework.
Komi-san doesn't
feel good because
she hasn't gone
out in too long.
Contacts - Tadano Hitohito
She couldn't make
the call after all.
I'm bored
I want to go play
with someone
At Tadano's
No no no no!
What's going on with you, you're gross
No no, if I invite her
it would be weird.
Even if it's Komi-san
I bet that she wanted to
invite us all week but she couldn't
so she thought that she
could do her homework instead.
But she finished them and
doesn't have anything else to do
and is currently shaking in front of her phone.
No no no no!
- Are you alright onii-chan?
But maybe, just in case?
It wouldn't hurt to call and check.
Osana Najimi
Incoming call
Mom! Onii-chan is sick!
She finally decided
to make the call.
Hello! Komi-san?
It's everyone's childhood friend, Osana Najimi!
Let's go to the swimming pool tomorrow!
I invited Tadano-kun and he's also coming.
And you Komi-san?
W- what? can you hear me Komi-san?
Hello? Hello?
I'm coming.
Ok, let's meet up in front of the
Yomikiri station tomorrow at 12!
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Shinobu (manga)
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