Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

It's Just the Pool. Plus More

At the pool.
The day of
the pool trip
Preparations complete!
Checking her bag
again just in case.
Becomes anxious
as the meeting
time approaches.
Checking her bag
again for the 7th time.
Shouldn't you get going soon?
You didn't forget anything?
Your towel? Your wallet?
Swimsuit? Googles?
Tissues? Handkerchief?
Doesn't have
the time to go
through all that.
Insect repellant?
Coin purse?
Even so,
Komi-san arrived
30 minutes in
A communication disorder
5 minutes
is defined by
socialization issues.
10 minutes
Or references a person
having such symptoms.
She is getting
Bear in mind
Sorry for the wait!
It's been a while!
You sure are early Komi-san!
Oh? Isn't that the one piece
that Tadano-kun chose for you?
It's good! It suits you!
Well then, off we go!
Ah well
I- It suits you.
Bear in mind
What are you waiting for?
Let's go?
Ah Yes yes!
They only struggle
to form connections,
It doesn't mean that
they don't want to.
Ah I can't wait!
Will there be a swimsuit scene?
What are you talking about?
P- Please wait!
P- Please don't leave me!
Oh, I forgot that I also
called Agari-chan.
You're awfully cruel, you know
Wait for me!
Don't leave us behind!
What? I don't remember having called Yamai-chan
Ah! If it isn't Komi-san?
What a coincidence!
We also came to the pool!
De- Deja vu
Ah ! I have an idea!
Since we're all here,
let's play together!
That's a good idea!
Fine with me, how about you Komi-san?
As the number of people
increase, her nervousness
suddenly skyrocketed.
Whoooo, yeeeeeaaaah!
You guys
Don't go overboard in front of Komi-san.
Alright, let's go!
See ya later, Tadano-kun!
Wait, where do you think you're going?
- What-
- Don't play dumb.
Women's locker room
Ah! The time has finally come.. !
For these 8 days since the start
of the summer vacations
Staking out in front of Komi-san's house everyday was worth it.
Komi-san is changing!
‪Komi-san's skin!
Komi-san's swimsuit!
Now, what kind of appearance will you show me Komi-sa-
School swimsuit.
Eh? A school swimsuit?
Don't she not have any other?
But Komi-san in
a school swimsuit
I want to see it!
It want to it it, but
Komi-san, let's go buy you a new swimsuit.
Yamai-san doesn't want to show Komi-san's
weakness to the rest of the group.
Thanks for the wait!
Hiyaaa! It's so hot!
Was made to
change in the
mixed toilets.
10 points. 10 points. 10 points.
S- S- So- Sorry for the wait!
I had a hard time putting on the swimsuit!
10 points. 10 points. 10 points.
It's crowded after all.
Did you find us a place to sit?
10 points. 10 points. 10 points.
100 millions points.
100 millions points?
The water slide!
Ah, it's in pairs.
Say Agari-chan ! Want to go together?
I- I'm I good enough for you?
Yes, you'll be my cushion
if anything happens.
So Komi-san, if you wan-
No no, go with me-
Let's go together!
Jan Ken Pon!
Note: Rock Paper Scissor
Aiko deshou sho sho!
Note: These lines indicates multiple
plays to have a decisive winner
Aiko deshou = Second time
Sho sho de sho = Any plays after
Excuse me!
You'll be fine,so just hurry up and come.
Ah then excuse me
Tadano-kun awakened
a new fetish.
This is
A- Are you okay?
to go
Wanna go again?
She slid 4 more
times after that.
Let's go to the big pool next?
Woof! Woof!
Yamai-san and her gang.
What are they doing?
Let's see who can hold their
breath underwater the longest!
The loser will treat
the winner to a drink!
- Let's go!
- No wai-
Huh? Wai-
She got
9 cans total.
Uhh, Komi-san? You-
No, nothing.
Ahah it's so fun!
- Alright, next up is the diving board!
- Running here is dangerous!
K- Komi-san?
Are you okay Komi-san?
Ah It's that weird mood
Hm with this wound, you
can't go in the pool anymore.
Well, we've played enough, let's go home?
Y- Yes!
You're right.
Doesn't have anything
to write with!
Ah, I'll go get something.
Please don't mind me and
keep playing.
Eh, but
Alright then!
Everyone, let's go to the lazy river again!
Wai- You
Let's all go!
Yamai-chan too!
No, I
Ah, you can rest where we
left our stuff Komi-san!
Najimi-chan, wait a second, I-
At such time, it's best if we
just go all out and play.
She's probably thinking like,
"Ah, everyone's morale is
ruined because of me", right?
Najimi You were actually
able to read the mood?
What? Was I really this
insensitive until now?
No, it's not that!
I just want to shave off the side
of the pool that injured Komi-san,
so that's why I've been saying
I don't have time to play.
Does it still hurt?
Ah, sorry if I surprised you.
Didn't you go play?
Ah I'm tired so I'm taking a break.
Everything is fine.
Najimi and Agari are having fun.
While Yamai-san and her gang went to shave off the place where you slipped.
I don't really get it either but
All of Komi-san's friends are good people.
So you don't have to
worry about being hated.
I had so much fun.
It was so much fun,
playing with everyone.
But everyone was
worried because of me.
I hate myself for that.
If you make such a face,
everyone will feel bad too.
Can you stand up?
Ah. Komi-san's hand!
Tadano-kun realized,
that for a moment,
he was holding her hand.
N- No, it's nothing!
Komi-sa- blblblblblblblblbl
Hey hey!
Why are you acting like it's spring time?
I thought at what we could play
with Komi-san, so I bought them
H- H- Here, use this water gun!
Let us play too!
Take this!
- Aaargggh !
- ‪Yay!
Who would have thought that
you would shoot a lifeguard?
As expected of you Tadano-kun.
Don't remind me.
Agari-chan, didn't your swimsuit slip?
I loved the water sled.
Yes it was fun!
You had fun today Tadano-kun ?
It was fun.
K- Komi-san's shoulder
Shaved ice.
Hmm, what?
You're going to the library?
She is
Oh, that's rare!
Well then, take care on your way.
Are you going to be okay, I wonder?
Shouko is going to the library alone!
They decided
to go eat shaved
ice together.
I still don't get how you two
can understand each other.
- A beauty !
- With a dandy oji-sama!
What a beauty!
Why aren't they saying anything?
Are they fighting?
A serious talk?
Have you decided what to order?
Green tea.
I understand!
He wants to ask
her how his daughter's
high school life is going.
She is looking
forward to her shaved ice.
He invited her to
hear more about it.
Will it come
Thanks for waiting!
But he couldn't ask her!
Take your time!
How is school?
He said it!
He's happy.
The library.
She found a book
that looks interesting.
She wants to flee
so she's checking
out the book.
Yes, it came back.
Come again.
She is unable to
step up to the counter.
For now, she decided
to read to calm down.
Ko-chan what's wrong? Are you hungry?
Ah, you stopped
Behave Ko-chan.
She is trying
to smile kindly.
What is it? Ko-chan?
She is flustered because
she frightened him.
What's going on with you?
Tadano-kun came to return a
book for his mother.
I saw something nice!
He forgot to
return the book.
At the park.
So much fun!
She wants to
slide again.
The jungle gym was
high so she got
a bit scared.
He returned again
to the library to return
the book this time.
Hm This is?
I saw something nice.
And then, he forgot to return the book again.
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Shinobu (manga)
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