Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

It's Just Obon. Plus More

Obon Festival.
Are you all ready?
Alright then, let's gooo!
Ah, it's so hot today too! They said
that the temperature will reach 35 degrees.
Was it ever this hot in the past years?
10 years ago for example.
Otherwise, our neighbor Aoyama-san said
"It's not good for children's
education" or something like that.
And then everyone got heated up.
The taiyaki's skin
they sell over there is so thin
But personally
Ah, Would you like some salty candy?
We have to think up ways
to not get heatstrokes
The travel
habits of the
Komi family.
A communication disorder
is defined by
socialization issues.
Or references a person
having such symptoms.
Keep in mind
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
You had a lot to say.
Have you properly greeted your ancestors?
It's been a while!
Komi Yuiko
Jeez mom! You're the
same as always!
Oh my! Oh my!
You came Shuuko-chan?
Ah, Ryouko-chan!
They get along
Ah, how are you?
I'm good! I'm good!
They get along
It's you Shouko-chan?
Oh myyy! You've gotten so much cuterrr!
She doesn't know how to react
so she just nodded.
Ah, by the way Shouko-chan!
Cousin Akira
(First year middle school)
Akira is around there somewhere,
so could you play with her.
Cousin Akira
(First year middle school)
It's been a while since she met you.
So she's being shy!
The place where
Komi-san was
Komi-san is even more surprised because she wasn't planning on scaring her.
She didn't want
to scare her.
Ah ! Wai- Shouko-chan, Stop-
The two of them got emotionally closer.
In the
living room.
In the
In the
H-hey, Shouko-chan?
C-can we play this game together?
Suddenly burst into tears
Ah, no, I'm fine
I'm just happy that you would play with me.
Last year, you kept looking at
me without saying anything
Komi-san still
cannot understand her
aunt and her uncle.
Your auntie's
gonna pet you,
okay? Okay?
And you've
gotten so
handsome as well,
Shousuke-kun !
Your house blows up
Your cat picked
up money,
you receive
1 million yen
Then "The young director had an affair"
- "You receive 2 millions yens"
‪- Shouko, go greet
your grandmother before lunch.
In the Komi's household,
it is custom to report recent
happenings and troubles to the head
of the household, the grandmother,
and seek advice from her.
It seems he was harshly
told off by grandmother.
Sit down.
You are an high schooler now, aren't you?
Is everything alright at school?
Any anxiety or difficult situations?
Did you make friends?
Is that right. Good then.
That makes me happy.
By the way, is there a boy you like?
What's with that reaction?
Lend me your phone!
Who is that, this Tadano Hitohito?
Grandmother won't stand for this!
Onii-chan did you catch a summer cold ?
The summer festival.
Tadano-kun, let's meet up
at the festival today at 18h.
- Eh? Today? Wh-
- Ah! And come wearing a yukata!
Well, then!
That's what he told me and I came, but
It doesn't suit me
And there's not many people wearing yukatas
O- Oh!
She thinks that
her yukata
doesn't suit her
A- Ah! N- No, you just look so good
that I let my voice slip. Y- You look fine.
Najimi Should've told me
that Komi-san was also coming.
She's searching
her notepad.
But she seems
to have
forgotten it.
Ah? You forgot your notepad?
Sorry for the wait!
It's the vacations! It's summer!
What's with the crowd?
What? Ah! It's today's summer festival's promise!
I have 1000 bookings for today.
He booked "1000 people"?
Well, every friends of a
friends is a friend to me!
Come on, let's go!
What's with this explosion
of communicative ability?
Let's go with them for now.
Oh? Is something the matter?
T- Ta Ta
T- Ta
T- Ta
T- Ta tatatatatata
What? What is this feeling of nostalgia?
Are you anxious because
you don't have your notepad?
It's okay, I'm there for you!
Ah! No, I didn't mean anything deep by that!
For the time
being, she
decided to go.
What? This situation
We're together at a summer festival
If he thought about it any further,
he won't be able to do
a thing due to anxiety,
so he stopped thinking about it.
No! No ! No !
‪There's other people here, Najimi for example?
Ah, I want to go to that stand.
He felt awkward
so he ran away.
Ah, can we try the shooting game?
What? I'm just useless today
I can't concentrate because she's looking at me !
Wait, why is she even doing that?
D- Do you wanna try too Komi-san?
Hiii! It's been a while everyone.
It's me, Yadano Makeru!
Today, I will beat Komi-san at this shooting game.
The one who will win the most
prizes wins! Match time Komi-san!
You lose!
You lose!
You lose!
I am withdrawing for the moment
Return the gun young lady.
Komi-san! Tadano-kun!
- Let's do the Katanuki together!
- Oh
The Katanuki is
a game where we cut shapes
etched on a candy plank with a needle.
If you succeed, you can
exchange it for various prizes.
He didn't win
a single time.
I really got into it
It's already the 15th
You really like games similar to gambling
T- Ta ta ta ta ta
T- Ta ta ta ta ta
‪Ni ni ni ni ni ni
Oh, you're good Komi-san!
Ni ni ni ni ni ni
Say, you want to eat something?
You got bored.
I'm going to buy something!
Komi-san is acting strange today
Or maybe she isn't having too much fun ?
I should ask her
- T- Ta
‪ - K- Ko
Ah no, you first
good on you too
It looks good on me?
She's searching
her notepad.
But she seems
to have
forgotten it.
Ah? You forgot your notepad?
T- Ta ta ta ta ta
That's what you were
trying to tell me all this time?
He cut the
candy perfectly.
Look! Tadano-kun!
My tongue is blue!
Yes yes
Sorry to make you waiting!
waiting at all.
Ah, them again
Yuka ta.
She fainted when she saw
Komi-san in a yukata.
What's wrong with her ?
Alright, next, let's try the thousand line lottery!
- Whichis it?
- I'm worried about this guy's future
The thousand line lottery is
a game where you must pull a line attached to a prize,
it's this simple.
Of course, aiming for the grand prize.
This string is more
worn out than the others!
The grand prize is the string the one the most worn out among all of them!
This one!
Tadano-kun, avenge me!
I'll pay for your turn
I don't have any choice
Please go ahead!
Which one should I choose?
Let's go for this one!
Granny, is the winning
string even there?
Of course it is.
You're our last hope
Komi-san! We're counting on you!
She is happy
she's being
relied on.
The grand prize string is there!
It's a business after all
We work fair and square.
There is something called tactics youngsters!!
The granny's aura just changed!
At a first look, the string attached to the PlayStore 5
looks all worn out
But this is a fake!
It's attached to a string in better shape!
Next, my expression
for those who can't decide on a string
and my lack of expression
are also for fooling you.
It's futile, futile, futile!
There's numerous other techniques.
The more you think about it, the less certain you are!
That's the way to do it
She wasn't thinking
about anything.
Aaaaaaaaaaah !
No matter what komi-san
does, it's so picturesque.
No matter what komi-san
does, it's so picturesque.
What? Nakanaka-san?
Oh servants of the rolling red river
Here, where the blood vessels flows with a deep crimson Assemble before me!
She's whispering something ?
Nakanaka-san wasn't
able to scoop any,
she got one for free.
Komi-san didn't
notice her.
Le us meet again!
I finally found you!
Say, can you
crouch for a sec?
Yes, yes, right there
I bought a Frankfurt sausage!
Hey, do you want to taste my sausage?
What is this person planning to make Komi-san do?
I'll eat it!
Over there looks interesting! Let's go!
Death !
to cry.
If you're ever lost, you can
contact me with your phone.
It didn't cross
her mind.
I reached Najimi, let's wait for him here.
There's a lot of people
It was fun to join up with everyone.
It was also fun when
we were alone, together.
Oh, Najimi and the others are coming!
Here, my chocolate banana's all yours!
I'm not letting you say that!
The end of the summer vacation.
August 31th
Welcome Komi-san!
It's a bit messy but come on it
Hey, this is my house.
C- Come in
Ko- Komi-san is at my place
Komi-san is at Tadano-kun's house?
Ahah, no waaay!
She came
Here's Tadano-kun and his sister's room!
Onii-chan, you have friends over?
Ah, nice to meet you!
Thanks for taking care of my bother.
I'm his sister, Tadano Hitomi.
We share a room, but please do not mind me and
enjoy your stay.
They got excited.
Long time no see Hitomicchi, it's been a year, right?
Najimi-kun! What? -chan?
I'm Yamai, sorry for intruding!
Ah, no worries!
Oh! She's pretty!
She could be onii-chan's?
Onii-chan, come for a sec
What did you do?
What kind of trick did you use?
The reason I gathered
you here today is
because we must accomplish
an important mission
The truth is
I didn't finish any of my summer homework whatsoever
Hmm yeah, we kind of expected this
Yes! That's why!
I want you to show
me your homework!
Why is he acting so defiant?
So you're doing it again this year.
He has no planning ability.
The eyes of someone
who can't believe
what she's seeing.
Is it that bad?
So what? So what?!
I won't take insults from
someone who didn't do it either!
I course I finished it.
Me too!
Ah, I was planning to do my best and pull an all nighter.
How normal!
How normal!
Tadano-kun will never betray my expectations.
I mean, you shouldn't copy others' homework
Komi-san it's okay to not lend your notes.
You're too uptight Tadano-kun !
Well, we have homework to do but,
Stingy! Bully!
you don't have anything to do right now?
But I don't hate that about you Tadano-kun!
While we're at it,
I will revise too.
Ah, that's admirable!
While we're at it,
I'll be leering at komi-san!
This year's summer is already over
It went by quickly
That's right
‪We really had fun!
I didn't do anything
during the first week.
We went to the pool at the beginning!
I went 51 times this year!
What? That's more times than
there is vacation days, isn't it?
Komi-san fell and got hurt.
Is your knee fine already?
And at the location where Komi-san fell,
Yamai her friends went to file the ground
I have pictures, do you want to see them?
What? I want to see them!
Ah, I saw Komi-san at the library.
And at the park.
Tell me
Ah, yes
I'll tell you another time.
We also went to the summer festival!
By the way Tadano-kun?
What kind of prize you got at the Katanuki?
Ah, I forgot to exchange it.
What? What a waste
Yamai-chan, you invited Komi-san this summer?
"To play together during this summer?"
That's what I meant.
Wait- it's-
I see I see, so you weren't able to invite her
W- W- What's wrong‪ Komi-san!
I'm okay.
It's the first time I wished
for the summer vacations
to never end.
Me too!
I don't want it to end either!
The homeworks are also never ending!
Yeah yeah, so stop with the random chit-chat.
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh !
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Shinobu (manga)
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