Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

It's Just a Country Kid. Plus More

September 1st
On this day of the new semester
many students seems melancholic.
Maybe because it's the end of summer
Or are they worrying about their environment around them?
They may not feel this way
‪but Tadano-kun thought to himself
Student voices:
- Komi-san
- It's Komi-san
- It's been a month, but I must see Komi-san
- Joy, I feel like everything is going to be fine.
- Oh I was impatiently waiting for this day
- It's been long very long
- Komi-san, look over here!
- School is a system to meet Komi-san.
- She is so remarkable.
- Ah, she's looking over here!!
That the students of this school
seems just finemaybe.
I feel down
‪My name is Inaka Nokoko.
When I think
about how I'm starting school today,
my chest feels heavy
It seems nobody found out
About how I'm
Just a country bumpkin!
- Ah!
Inaka-san is from the countryside.
(Note : Wordplay on her name:
Inaka no koko = Who is not from here)
A country girl.
The first semester was so hard
If they find out I'm from the countryside,
they'll stone me to death
While everyone else was having fun
I was the only one still seated
The skirts of all the girls are short
but mine was the only one
to be 5cm under the knee.
Because after all, short
skirts doesn't suit me at all
But today, things are gonna be different!
The length of my skirt
is 3cm below the knee!
Now that's what they
call a summer debut!
I-It's embarrassing!
Aah, I can't take it anymore
Why am I like that
Hm, but it's the goddess of the class, Komi-sama!
Aah Always so pretty.
She's a true city girl
City girl.
Like Komi-sama
I also want to be a city girl,
A city girl
for poor
going to my office with a coffee from Sutabe.
We have classes after?
I didn't buy any lunch!
Well Komi-san
At Sabowey
Komi-san, go to Sabowey and get me an turkey avocado
sandwich with honey, cheese, lettuce, pickles,
lots of olives, no onions and balsamic vinegar.
Take the combo with chips and a diet cola.
Buy it for me.
And toast the bread, okay?
No, go yourself
Ahah, I'm not bullying her, Tadano-kun.
But I'm still not done
with my summer homework.
S- Sabowey?
That's one of those stylish city shop like Sutabe!
Magnificent, I'd like to go to eat a sandwich.
"Regulatory compliance
doesn't allow for that."
And say something like that
Komi-san, we're freinds aren't we?
Help your friend Najimi-chan, please!
- Yay !
‪- What, you're going?
City girl
K- Komi-san is going to Sabowey!
I- It's my chance!
I will observe Komi-sama,
and become a city girl
that can buy sandwiches at Sabowey!
There's another girl following Komi-san!
Komi-sama, in front of such a trendy shop,
just standing there
I would just lose my
cool before entering
Komi-san is nervous
about entering Sabowey.
She is so poised and calm
I think there's a big misunderstanding
Komi-san found
the resolve to enter.
Ah Me too!
She got frightened
by the feel of a
classy place full
She got frightened
by the feel of a
classy place full
You can take your order over here!
I I can't make the clerk wait
Tactical retreat.
She's taking a
breather to calm down.
S-she left under these circumstances?!
What is she thinking?!
How How
How cool can she get!
No matter the clerk, she keeps
her own rhythm and own style!
And she's so persistent, and that's so cool!
Ah, I learned a lot today
Komi-san came
to try again.
The order.
Have you made up your mind about your order?
The Sabowey avocado sandwich then?
Is it for
take-out ?
What kind of
bread would you like?
Which toppings
would you like?
Do you want
it toasted?
Would you like
all the vegetables?
Would you
like some sauce?
Do you want it with a combo?
Eh? Uh An order?
Koma-sama is?!
If you don't have any preferences,
I will make it the way I would recommend it.
She froze up
trying to process
all the information.
Thank you
very much!!
I wonder if it went fine?
She dodged that wave of
questions without saying a word!
Komi-sama is really unfathomable!
I want I want to follow
Komi-sama for all eternity!
And then I'll become
a true city girl like her!
Alright! I am ready to
go buy a sandwich like Komi-sama did.
No, wai-
She properly bought one.
Uh Komi-san?
This is wrong
Video game.
Nakanaka Omoharu
Games of god with too much time
A communication disorder
Oh blood sworn friend of mine
Might you have some time on thine hands?
is defined by
socialization issues
If so, could you indulge me and head for my castle?
I prepared some games for our entertainment
From the black wizard (Ancient Rank).
This is where my castle is
or references a person
having such symptoms.
Keep in mind
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
Komi Shouko
Are you inviting me to visit?
I don't really have any plans now,
so if it's alright with you
I would like to come to your house.
I look forward to seeing you.
From Komi Shouko (1 - 1)
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
will do her best.
Nakanaka-san is a chuunibyou.
Ku ku! You came, princess Komilia!
Do come in!
Ah she really came!
T- These are my chambers
Komi-is there
in my room
What? Isn't this amazing?
The class goddess is in my room
Isn't this more than a mere victory?
Ah, no. I should find something to entertain her
K- Komi-san
Nananaka-san never
had any friends at her
house since elementary.
You can sit wherever you want
Tranquility !
Tranquillité - Noun, adjective :
A state of calm, peacefulness.
Ah right!
I am right at the climax
of a game I've been playing!
You should watch me.
Look at these graphics!
That's how far these latest games can go!
These graphics are much prettier than reality!
Isn't this wonderful?
Isn't this gorgeous?
And then, this story
It has such a profund view of the world
with a scenario centered on the main character!
I so get it! I can't help but
cry during the last scene
Didn't really
I see!
Komi-san is what we could call an ordinary person, a commoner.
She won't understand by
showing her the latest technology!
In her opinion,
it's amazing.
That's not good
‪If it continues Komi-san will
What a boring person
say this kind of thing
And she will never come to visit again!
What should I do?
Nakanaka-san's character
completely broke.
I- I will call Najimi-chan
It would be better to play with everyone
You called me
and I appeared!
Tada tada!
Terrible sense of rhythm
Ah! It's been a while Nakanaka-chanchi!
Komi-san yahoo!
Oh, I also brought Tadano-kun!
Ah uh boys are
Ah it's right
Everything's alright
It's like he isn't
even here!!
Tadano-kun has a weak presence.
What are we gonna play?
Tadano-kun was
allowed to stay.
While we're at it, do you have
a game we can play with 4 players?
Ah, Numabros! You have Numabros?
Don't decide by yourself
Numabros is
An abbreviation of the super popular game
"Super Smash Swamp Pants Brothers" !
With peculiar system which you win if
you sent your opponent to the swamp and
with a huge roster.
When we were in elementary,
this game was so popular
You all played it, right?
Whom do you think you're talking to?
I did play a bit.
Yeah I thought as much
And here is the guard
And here is
The brawl has already begun!
You're mine!
I will not allow you
to touch my friends!
Will you succeed?
And here is the buttons
to move
That's it! That's it!
- Ah, like that!
-Eat this!
-That one it's for jumping
- Take that!
- Dragon force!
Spam the jump button!
The jump button!
Now that I summoned her to my castle
I will not leave her unfulfilled!
I won't let you flank her!
Ahah! How naive!
You haven't changed since elementary!
- A combo!
- ‪Oh no!
It looks like that I'm still the best!
The final hit is coming
That's how it was back in elementary school.
Now that I have someone to protect
I will not lose!
You cannot win this game
with feelings alone!
Ah, if you fall into the swamp,
you will get muddy and it will slow you down.
The R2 button
The R2 button
I'm sorry
Ah, no, don't worry, it's that kind of game.
It's there.
That's it! That's it!
It's a mud slap!
- Mud Slap
A move where you knockdown
an opponent by flinging mud
when you clean yourself.
Who pulled such a high skill technique?!
Where are you looking?
Oh no-
Y- Yaaay!
- I won against Najimi-chan!
‪ - I lost
Ahah, did you?
My first victory!
No! It was a fluke!
- What?
- I was just surprised
by Komi-san's mud slap!
Admit your defeat!
Alright, I wonder who
will win the next time!
Let's go, I just finished warming up!
(Note: A "baito" in Japan is a
part time job, or a student job)
Sorry to bother you during a day off!
The coworkers who usually
work with me cannot come today.
I tried to call others,
but they were all busy.
Alright, let's start!
She is being relied upon
so she couldn't refuse.
We will distribute paper tissues!
We need to hand out 5000 of
them by the end of the day
You only need to reach out with your hand to
to give the tissues, it should be fine, right?
I'll return to my spot then.
I'm counting on you!
Here you go!
Thank you very much!
Here, here! Here's tissues!
‪Who want paper tissues?
Hey, isn't that girl super pretty?
- Ah she really is!
- ‪I wonder what she's doing?
- Distributing tissues?
‪- Let's go get some!
- But she isn't distributing them
‪- So what is she doing?
Should I call out to her?
Determination !
One more time
She's about
to cry.
Komi-san's mental power
took 128 points of damage!!
(22 points left)
Ah? Was she giving me tissues?
I should've taken them
This is bad! This is bad! This is bad!
Right now,
I really need paper tissues!
A girl that really
wants some tissues.
Teshigawara Hoshiko.
TL Note: Name means
"A girl that really wants some tissues".
My nose is clogged
and I'm about to sneeze,
and the cola that I was drinking earlier spilled,
so my hands are sticky,
I have a meeting and I sweat a lot,
I just stepped on a
gum and it stuck to my shoe.
And of all the times I could forget to bring an handkerchief, it had to be now!
A girl that really
wants some tissues.
Teshigawara Hoshiko
That's why I really need paper tissues!
Oh? This person
Could it be
a paper tissue distribution?
No, going there by myself
is somewhat low
The tissue handling beauty
is looking this way!
Will you give me some? Will
you give me some paper tissues?
Tissues! I want
Tissues! Tissues!
Thank yooou!
It was obvious she wanted
tissues, so Komi-san went
to give her some.
So you actually distribute paper tissues?
Can I have one?
One pack please!
One for me too!
Nobody knows where
she came from, but yes,
it's Yamai-san.
If you want paper tissues,
get in the line up please!
End of queue
Maximum of 5 per person!
We finished the distribution!
That's amazing Komi-san !
‪Thank you!
End of queue
The pay will be properly
split three-ways!
Well then, later!
I- It's friggin' hot !
Good morning! Good morning ! Good morning!
There is something on your face.
Good morning Komi-san.
You're early today.
Hm? Is something wrong?
She's wondering
if she should
tell him or not.
She wants to say
that he's usually
more observant
Even after careful
inspection, she couldn't
determine what it is.
Eh, what's up?
Are you really
Tadano-kun ?
Usually he could
guess better
what she means.
Huh what do you mean?
I have to tell him!
But I could hurt
his feelings
So should I
not tell him?
But if everyone saw it,
he'd be even more hurt
She cried because
she's so confused.
Yahoo! Komi-nyan, Tadano-nyan!
Ah, save-
Good rolling!
Why are you acting like that Komi-san?
Ahah, what're up to Komi-san ?
G- Good morning!
It- It's so nice outside today, isn't it?
Good morning Komi-san!
I love you today too!
Komi-san came before me again!
Today my dragon force is glistening
It was a dream.
next day
Good morning! Hi! Good morning!
Good morning Komi-san.
You're early today.
Najimi, you skipped
the meeting yesterday
Ahah, what's going on Tadano-kun?
You wanted to be with me this much?
Najimi, about the culture festival
Najimi, about the books I lend you
Najimi you
What's the matter Komi-san?
Call me by
my name too.
Eh? Your name?
But what do you mean by that?
You and Najimi-chan are friends,
so you call her Najimi, don't you?
Ah yes.
call me
No no no!
It's not possible!
Calling a girl by her first nameyou know
- Hey heeey Tadano-kun!
So you're saying that your
Najimi-chan isn't a girl?
Shut up a bit.
Well, it's fine if
you don't want to.
No It's not that I don't want to
Actually How should I say this
What a
strange feeling.
But it's not
that bad.
Come on, Tadano-kun say it too!
Shouko! Shouko you're-
Stop it.
DoDo I really have to say it?
No, I don't want to
force you to say it
Of course you have to!
It's one of Komi-san's rare request!
He couldn't
say it.
You are an inept Tadano-kun !
Okay, now!
It's Komi-san's turn!
W-What? You want to make Komi-san
go through this torture?
But of course!
If you want someone to
call you by your first name,
then you must also call them
by their first name too, right?
I can't say anything back!!
So, say it!
Ah, by the way Tadano-kun's
first name is Hitohito.
Just in case you forgot.
I hope she didn't
forget my name
Ah, writing it doesn't count.
Komi-san wasn't
able to say it either.
Let's just call each
others as we usually do
Aaah, I can't believe you guys
Well, I guess it's a
bit hard to say Hitohito
Ah, by the way Tadano-kun, you
had something on your face all morning.
No, it's just a sesame seed I think
Najimi was able
to say a lot of things.
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Shinobu (manga)
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