Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

It's Just Sports Day. Plus More

The sports festival.
Ah. Ah. Test. Test.
The weather is nice today.
A communication disorder
is defined by
socialization issues
or references a person
having such symptoms.
Keep in mind
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
Let us begin the 23rd Itan
high school sports festival!
Victory for our goddess!
Class 1-1. (Komi-san's class)
It's the sport festival!!
Ah! You scared me.
Tadano-kun, Komi-san!
It's a festival!
Come on, show more energy!
You're just happy that you don't have to study.
39.2 degrees hmm
Nice heat! Najimi-chan.
Netsuno-senpai is hot blooded!!
W- Who?
A new
Ah, hi Netsuno-senpai!
You're Komi-san aren't you?
I am Netsuno Chika, a
second year, nice to meet you!
Komi-is nervous
because she's too close.
Your class 41.5 degrees,
nice heat!
Compared to them
You're so cool.
16.9 degrees rather cold.
I hope you won't be
holding your class back.
What's wrong with her?
Eh?! Who's that woman?
Making Komi-san angry after
touching her. This deserves death.
Let's go kill her together!
L- Let's do our best
and at a normal pace.
Here's now the rules of the festival.
The sport festival is a competition for
all the classes from the 1st to the 3rd year!
The better you do in each
games, the more points you get!
The class with the most points wins!
I am Aizawa Tsukasa
your commentator
(Note: Kyouto means "Vice-principal" in Japanese,
and here, it's also the name of the Vice-principal)
And our special judge
I'm Kyouto.
And now Here's the first match!
First match : Stretches
Let's do gymnastics together!
For the class who perform
this event perfectly
the vice-principal will give you 10 points!
First part of the stretches!
Netsuno-san in 2nd year?
As expected, grand gestures
that stands out conspicuously.
She's channeling her strength to the very tips of her fingers.
Aaah, her legs are in great form!
Let's see There are other good ones but
Netsuno-san is really the
I- Impossible!
Ah no, Komi-san, 10 points!!
Alright Here's the 2nd event!
Second match : Tug of war tournament
It's a class tug of war tournament!
Heave-oh! Heave-oh!
Aaah ah! Komi-san!
If you press against me too hard I will
Komi-san next to me
Komi-san behind me
They lost in the first round because
several of them lost their strength
Third match : Obstacle relay
Mixed gender obstacle relay!
This event has bonus "artistic"
points that can be granted!
Fuuu! I'm slow
but I'll give it my all!
For Komi-san!
Oh, first year Agari
is catching up!
Ham Ham Ham!
And there!
Lots of artistic points obtained!
You can hear the disappointment
from the boys in the audience!
Is she going to be able to catch up?
Why must I make an
exhibition of myself like this?
This so called sports festival
was a mistake to begin with.
Is this event where
nonathletic people like myself are
looked down upon
necessary for our education?
No! Absolumentely not!
Well, let's just proceed casually until the en-
Please find the candy without using your hands.
This is
I must find the candy by sticking
my face in the potato starch!
I- If I do this, I'll just
become a laughing stock !
So be it! By my dragon forcre
I shall part this sea of potato
starch and find the candy!
The baton has been passed!
Class 1-1 is currently in last place,
do they have a chance at a come back?
- Go for it, Tadano-kun!
Run Tadano !
- Give it your all if you don't want me to bury you alive!
What's up?
- Ah?
- Go!
Komi-san cheer for
him like everyone else!
- Good luck! Tadano!
- Run! You can go farther!
Tadano-kun is
staggering because
of a rolling bat.
the best
you can
He came in third.
(Out of 5 classes)
52.4 degrees, that was some nice heat!
To be continued
after the half-time!
It's a sudden downpour!
My~, it really came down
Hopefully it will stop soon.
Ko Komi-san spoke!!!!
Hello! I am Shuuko,
Shouko's mother.
Thanks for all getting
along with Shouko!
Ehh What is it? But I
came here to cheer for you
They're all good kids, aren't they?
Alright, everyone!
Show me your fighting spirit!
Class scavenger race!
Fourth match : Scavenger race
Tata- Tadano-kun!
Item needed:
A boy's jacket.
It's for your jacket?
Ah! No problems!
Item needed:
A strand of hair.
Lend me your hair!
What? If I lend it to you,
I can't take it back
An headband isn't it?
Item needed:
A headband.
Item needed:
A shoe.
Lend me a shoe,
and 1000 yens too.
I won't lend you any of that.
Fifth match : Musical chair
A game of musical chair for
all students in the school!
With 100 chairs available!
The number of people staying up
will determine the score of each class!
Sit down!!
Sixth match : Headband collecting
Headband collecting!
Seventh match : Ball tossing
Ball tossing!
Eighth match : Ball rolling
Ball rolling!
And then!
Ninth match : Samurai pole toppling
Samurai pole toppling!
This sports festival is coming to a close!
Don't miss anything from this festival!
The final match is
Match final :Class relay
The class relay!
Each class must choose 4 people to
represent them! The class who comes in first
Will earn 100 millions points!
Ah, they do this a lot in game shows!
Every class still has a chance!
On your marks.
Get set.
Who would I thought I'd be battling you in the finals!
May the best win.
Komi-san was about to shake
hands when she retracted it.
You really are cold after all
But I don't plan on losing!
I wonder if Komi-san is alright?
67.3 degrees!
Classe 1 - 1 et 2 - 3 passed their
baton at almost the exact same time!
Even though you're cold
you're doing well Komi-san!
Alright, it's time to take this seriously!
Ohhh! The representative of class 1-1 fell!
Komi-san! Komi-san!
Do you best Komi-san !
You really got up Komi-san!
‪75.6 degrees!
First place, class 2 - 3!
The winners are the 3rd class of the second year students!
Sorry to have called you cold!
You are at 120 degrees!
You really showed me!
You have a nice heat Komi-san!
See you next year!
Komi-san! Komi-san!
Is everything all right?
Are you hurt?
Are you fin ?Does it hurt?
We were worried!
More worried about the injuries
than winning or losing
200 degrees!
What good friends!
They're really good friends!
Second place, first class of the
first year students, your efforts are rewarded.
- Komi-san is trembling!
‪- She must be frustrated after all?
She's trembling
because every
students are
looking at her.
A bit of an unpleasant feeling.
Many people with a
communication disorder,
has a disposition that when one of their friends talk with someone they don't know,
they prefer not to join them and instead wait until they're finished discussing.
And the emotion that they feel at that moment,
is a something that
others might call "jealousy".
I think I can feel
someone staring at me.
Tadano! Go grab these
documents in the science room.
Tadano-kun, about the cultural festival
Eh! When do you plan to install
hidden cameras for
Komi-san's photo shoot?
Tadano, I'll leave the matter of
transforming the class committee
into the Komi imperial guard.
What is the Komi imperial guard?
You, hold it.
Ah Uhh
Onemine-san is an onee-san.
- Yo !
- I want to play
You seem busy with your
class president job, Tadano-kun
Are you ok?
Ah do you also have something
to ask too, Onemine-san?
No, not at all!
I just came to help you.
Is- Is there something you want?
You really had it rough
haven't you, Tadano-kun
Can I take these?
Geez, they're really pushing
too much work onto you!
Ah Najimi, go get the
documents from the science room.
Ahah, you just can't win
against Onemine-san!
- Hurry up!
- Yes!
to help.
Ah, do you want to help us too, Komi-san?
Hmm? The two of us will
be enough for this.
Ah You're right.
Then see you tomorrow, Komi-san!
Tadano-kun, how is
school going for you lately?
Huh? Why are you asking me this?
Well, you see
Tadano-kun, aren't you being bullied at school?
N- No, I don't think that's the case
Eh, is that so? Because the teacher said
Staff room
"Everything is fine because
Tadano is here to do my work!"
while playing a video game,
so I was sure it was the case.
Ehh? I'm I being bullied after all!?
Ah, so you called out to me because you were worried?
Ah, you found out
I couldn't really leave those kinds of
people alone, ever since I was a kid.
What a nice girl!
What a
nice girl!
Science room
Ah, I still have some questions.
What a
nice girl!
Tadano-kun, are you..
A Masochist?
Uh can you tell
me how you arrived at this conclusion?
Because Komi-san is
a beauty that's hard to approach.
Isn't that overwhelming?
I- Is that so?
And then someone banal-
uh And ordinary guy like you is often with her, so uhhh
I was just wondering if
you liked being glared at.
Ah No if that's the case
I understand, don't worry!
What? You are mistaken.
And besides, Komi-san isn't overwhelming.
You'll understand if you talk to her.
I'm pretty sure she'll be happy!
Everyone else is
thinking really highly of her.
So maybe she looks down on-
That's not the case.
Ah Ok.
A- Anyways, if you're in trouble,
just come talk to your onee-san!
Ah Thank you very much!
What a
nice girl!
Ah? ‪Komi-san, what's wrong?
You'll understand if you talk to her.
I'm pretty sure she'll be happy!
Yahoo! Komi-san-
Ah no
‪That's not
How should I say this?
‪W- Why did she
After school
Bye bye! See you later!
They gave you all the work again
You're not leaving me any choice
I'll help you!
Eh? You don't have to-
If you refuse, I will
give you even more work.
What a nice girl!
Ah, Komi-san, you can go home ahead of me!
I'd feel
bad if
I made
you wait.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Alright! Let's get
this over with quickly!
This one is for the cultural festival
Uh This one is for the one in charge!
Good good!
I want to help out too.
Ah Really? Thanks, you're a lifesaver!
Eh? Why are you getting so motivated?
Uh So, it's this text here but
I will structure with A B C lines,
can you circle what is there?
I have something else to do today!
I'll go home first, I'm really sorry!
Ah, see ya, you too!
The next
Yahoo you too!
Ah Did I go at it too strongly?
I'm really sorry
for running away
when you tried
to talk to me.
Good morning.
Ah sorry! Something just
flew in my mouth!
Ah, Komi-san Komi-san !
Sorry to have gotten
between you two yesterday.
I'll be rooting for you both.
Wai- Komi-san?
Eh? What did you tell her?
It's a secret between me and Komi-san!
Did you understand ?
I heard that this
photo booth thing
has been getting
popular lately.
Photo booths.
Ah? Yes that's true
And I got
really interested
I see
So now you really want
to take one yourself?
I overheard your conversation by chance!
Oh! You!
"The sticker harvester,
Najimi" on the scene!
The sticker harvester, Najimi
Eh? What? Can you say that again?
So let's go to the arcade
in front of the train station
What's happening?
You will take photos?
Without me?
You are
‪“The extreme heaper Yamai!
The extreme heaper Yamai
What the heck is even
happening right now?
It's been a while!
Though I've taken a
lot during middle school.
That much?
There's are a lotta different kinds of booths
Come on! Let's take some!
Choose the frame you like.
This one?
How would you like your picture taken?
Refreshing and beautiful skin mode
Komi-san is already pretty so
there's no point taking that one!
Big eye mode
Ahah, Komi-san already has big eyes.
She would look like an alien with even bigger eyes!
Full-body long-legs mode
Komi-san already has long legs
so any longer and it would look weird!
There's no mode to take a picture of Komi-san!
First make a cute face and then smile!
Puuu Super irritating face!
And last, make your biggest weird grimace!
Ahah! It's It's awful!
Is it
okay to laugh
So cute!
Ah I laughed too much!
Let's go eat something!
Why not.
Thanks everyone.
3 days later.
Good morning Komi-san!
Ah, yeah!
Ah, when we went together at the arcade
I saw you looking at them
And I thought that you wanted one
Ah! No! I just happened
to get it on the first try!
I- It's Okay
If you don't want it I understand
After we finished
I asked a huge favor
from Najimi-chan
so she could come
with me and get it.
Ah, so it was that?
Ah, so then you don't nee-
Let's exchange them.
Mornin'! Mornin'!
Oh, what's going on?
Tell me! What's going on?
Tell me! Tell me!
Tell me!
They are too
embarrassed to
hang the straps
on their bags.
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Shinobu (manga)
Shouko? Come eat-
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