Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

It's Just a Performance For The Culture Festival. Plus More

The cultural festival program.
Class 1-1.
This class is facing an unprecedented crisis.
The ambiance of this class
is on the brink of collapse.
Komi-san!! Komi-san!!
The cries are resonating in the room.
The resurrection of the mysterious
delinquents from episode 3.
This class is currently
That's why, with Komi-san, I
With Komi-san, I'm going to
With Komi-san, I will
Komi-san!! Komi-san!!
Uh Please
Trying to figure out what they'll
do for the cultural festival!
I'll go with Komi-san !! I'll go with Komi-san !!
I'll go with Komi-san!!
Okay, I get it!
Everyone just stop for a moment!
We tried deciding on something by sole majority vote, but we were completely split!
So let's do a quick presentation
of every individual programs
and let's decide by
majority one more time!
and we will only choose one!
That is all!
Is that you wanted to say, right Tadano-kun?
Eh? Yes
Yeah, let's go with that.
Osana Najimi's suggestion.
I suggested a Maid Cafe!
- Maid Cafe
- Haunted house
It's a cliche idea and
people tell me it's old fashioned too.
But like,
You see what I mean?
Komi-san in a maid uniform!
Um, yeah
we do !
My turn!
Yamai Ren's
I suggest a haunted house.
It's true, it cost time and money,
but won't that bring our
entire class closer together?
And if it's in a dark place
there won't be any problems
to feel up Komi-san's butt.
She- She's right !
Absolutely not.
Nakanaka Omoharu's
I I think making a
band would be nice
True, only a few of us can be on stage,
some won't get the spotlight,
Dost thou not wish to hear
the singing voice of our goddess?
Oh We
want to
hear it
Agari Himiko's
I- I- I- p- propose
I want Komi-san to hit me
Is she
a genius!?
All the
of the class
Shinobi Nomono's suggestion.
How about an independent movie project?
A ninja go save the kidnapped princess Komi.
Komi-san's imperial guard
Wait a minute, if you
want to make a movie,
it has to be a western chronicle.
Ninjas are non-sense desu!
This project is impossible
with our budget.
I suggest an onigiri stand!
Onemine Nene's
Everyone wants to have
a light meal, you know?
Making onigiri is my strong point.
- Komi-san's onigiri!!
Komi-san's onigiri Komi-san's onigiri
Komi-san's onigiri
Yadano Makeru's
Bowling, Billiards, Darts.
Everything that can be won is fine with me !
Makeru-chan's fan-club.
Oh! Makeru-chan is so cool!
Makeru-chan has a fan-club?
Onigashima Akako's
Let's do fortune telling! ‪We can check
your compatibility with Komi-san!
What?! I wanna
to know mine!
Otaku Yuuji's
Otaku-kun doesn't look like an Otaku.
I nominate a doujin fair.
If Komi-san dressed
in cosplay and sold them,
they would sell out
A new character?
Yamai Ren's
suggestion 2.
Ah, we can do Frankfurt sausages too!
With my sausages,
Komi-san can suc-
I won't let you
say that, ok!?
Inaka Nokoko's
Please say it
Same amount of votes.
Komi-san!! Komi-san!!
Is history repeating itself?
Ah by the way
What did you vote for?
It's okay, you don't really have
to say it if you don't want to
The maid cafe.
The maid cafe.
The maid cafe?
Maid cafe : 36 votes
It will be a maid cafe!!!!
The whole class became one.
Can someone help out?
Cultural festival preparations.
We're almost done.
Komi-san wants
to help but
she can't.
Can someone
take this side?
Aaah! It's okay it's okay,
I'll take care of it!
Komi-san you can just relax
in your goddess seat over there!
We're completely out
of material over here
Committee festival chief!
Otori-san is
taking it slow.
Yesss? What is itttt?
We don't have enough material
so someone should
go buy more, but
I see
No, who're gonna choose to go out?
We have to talk about the budget too.
I seeee!
It wonder if it'll be okay?
Then I'll go and buy more
Eh? You're going yourself?
Ah, no, it would be better to
have one or two more people
Hmm you're right
Komi-saaan? Wanna go togetheeer?
Is she fine with it?
She's a goddess you know!
But she looks like she's free come one, let's go!
She's nervous
Onemine-san is an onee-san.
I'm worried about the
two of them, so I'll tag along.
Nice one, Onemine-san!
I want to go too!
Ah, me too!
Me too!
No, wait.
For Komi-san we have
as a mission to make
this festival a success.
We don't have time to go
After all, it would be useless
Ah So I-
We can't let you do that!
The three of them
went together.
A communication disorder
Are you nervous Komi-san?
is defined by
socialization issues
We don't really talk much
with each other, do we.
or references a person
having such symptoms.
Are you feeling awkward?
Keep in mind
You don't have to force yourself to talk to us.
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
Just go at your own pace, ok ?
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
Ah! We've arrived!
It took a while, though
So, what do we need?
Planks, paint, cloth
Good! Let's split up and
No, actually let's just go together
somehow felt that
leaving them
alone would be
Don't you get excited walking through a home center?
Oh, you get it?
Are these planks okay?
Ah I kinda understand it too
Although it's my first time here
Aaah, so you feel excited too?
I see
So, you've never been in a home cen-
She's gone!
T- This is an emergency!
Let's split up to find her!
I wonder where everyone weeent?
Ah? Komi-san? How are you?
I'm sorry for causing you trouble!
Are you angry?
In that case, I'm glad!
For some reasons
I feel like you have something to tell me
You can take your time
You're writing!
Why did you
invite me?
Hmm I wonder why?
I have no idea!
When I see you with Tadano-kun and the others,
I also wanted to be friends with you
During middle school,
I was unable to help everyone
out very much during these
school events.
I always felt regreful because
I couldn't help others.
So when you invited
me out to help today,
I was really happy.
- What might this be?
- What are you doing miss?
Don't do this to me again Kaede
I became friends with Komi-san!
Ah? Isn't that nice!
Ah of course! You're
my friend too Onemine-san!
Yes yes, thanks!
Let's do our best for the cultural festival!
She spoke
I have to ask her for help again
Oh! The shopping group came back!
Let's go help them carry the bags!
Yes let's go.
Let's distribute flyers
for the cultural festival!
We'll do this here!
Flyers distribution.
Near the school, the
Itan shopping district!
Here, we'll hand flyers to shops
23rd edition
Itan Festival
and we'll negotiate so that they'll
paste some on the shop windows !
And so, Komi-san, wanna try?
Yeah, I thought it was
gonna be like that!
How about you go first
to show us how it's done?
Eh?! Guess I have no choice
Hi pops! Can you let us
hang a flyers on your shop?
Straight to the point!
Then, they discussed at greater length
He said it was okay for the flyer!
What a
frightening child!!
Ah, and I got us croquettes!
What's with this avatar
of communication power?!
Somehow, I started
feeling like I could do it too.
Oh Is that so?
Then Komi-san, go for it!
Please, come in!
Komi-san took
a seat.
What can I get you?
Komi-san ate
and came back.
Ah, then What about shops
you already went to before?
And her friends?
I see!
I have no problem with
posting this flyer in the window.
As expected of Karisu-sama!
Ramen Darou
Empathy between two
people bad at communicating.
I have only one left
Ah! I will distribute it to
the people in that house!
Seriously, how can you
do this with no hesitation?
- Yes? What is it?
Ah, sorry, did I wake him up?
Don't worry, he's always like this.
We're students from Itan high school,
and we're having a cultural festival next week
Please come and visit us please.
Ah, thank you!
Ah? He stopped crying?
Ah! Kokko!
- Kokko! Kokko! Kokko!
- Hmm? What is it?
We finished the distribution!
Tadano-kun, Komi-san
and myself, good job!
Well then, let's return?
We have to continue
the preparations, ‪Kokko-san.
The last night before
the cultural festival
The day before the cultural festival.
Most of the students
stayed at the school
to finish the preparations for tomorrow.
But the scene inside the school,
was that of a carnage.
Heaps of corpses scattered
all around the ground.
We've made onigiri for all of you!
And these words have breathed
life back into those corpes.
Among these onigiri
There's the one that
was made by Komi-san !
Which is it? Which onigiri is it?
Weirdly shaped onigiri. Small onigiri.
Pretty onigiri. Big onigiri.
I can't just carelessly reach for one
Who made which onigiri?
I made the weirdly shaped onigiri!
Like the square or rhombus ones.
Mine is a bit bigger than the rest.
Well, but you can eat that much, right?
Komi-san's onigiri have a nice shape!
Komi-san made the small onigiri!
She certainly didn't do the pretty ones.
One person is lying
among them, try to
find out who!
So you can just hand the pretty ones to me!!
Jan Ken
I want to keep this onigiri for the rest of my life!
I'll offer it at the altar back home!
My precious
I have one of Najimi's?
Ah but it's a really nice cube
How did he even make this?
Oh! It's tasty!
I wonder whose onigiri Tadano-kun ate?
Komi-san tried to imitate
Najimi and made a
weirdly shaped onigiri.
Your cube is
pretty, Komi-san !
Itan Festival
Welcome everyone!
The 23rd edition of Itan
high school cultural festival
Itan Maid Cafe
welcomes you!
Hmm? What's up Komi-san?
Ah! Do you want a longer skirt?
Ahah, well you can't!
Ah, Yamai-san collapsed!
She fainted!?
changing room
- Just kidding!
- Ah, she didn't faint!
- I also made a longer one for Komi-san!!
- She's just pretending to be unconscious
- while taking a low angle video!
It's lively in there
Determination TV
Maid expert
Akido Tatsuhito
Maid expert
Akido Tatsuhito (32 years old)
A maid expert starts early in the morning.
At around 6AM, he decided at
which maid cafe he could go.
Only one per day.
On this day,
he will think of nothing but
the maid cafe he will visit.
He washes his body only
when he made up his mind.
"I can't have the maids feel
uncomfortable because of me."
Such is the state of mind and the habits of Akido.
This is the place that
Akido has chosen today.
The maid cafe of the class 1-1 of
the cultural festival of Itan high school.
It's a cultural festival so it's
not like I'm expecting much.
But if it happens to be too awful,
I'll tell them a thing or two
Welcome home, master!
Aaah T- Thanks
In the end, Akido is an otaku, so he
gets bashful when facing a real girl!
Oh For a cultural
festival, it's not bad
But he acts arrogant in his head!!
Sorry for the wait!
Is there anything
you'd like to eat?
- Ah so I'll take the
‪"Rice omelet made with love".
- It's as good as done!
A maid with an energetic
personality, how wonderful.
Kuku! Speak thy will and I
might even grant it!
Aaaaah! Sorry!!
Pfff.. .Make up your mind quickly!
A chuunibyou, a clumsy maid,
a tsundere, an energetic maid
That's a lot of maids
Why is she looking at me like that?
Oh! I see
It must be because I looked
at the other maids for too long!
That's right, harboring feelings towards the maids is unbecoming of their master!
That's why you're angry, isn't it?
"A sorry sight".
It's surely that!
Rice omelet!
‪Sorry for the wait!
I'll I'll be leaving now
Komi-san thinks
that he's feeling down
because of her failures.
- Come!
- Oh?
‪Ah, that's no good Komi-san!
‪The greeting is
See you soon, master!
Did you see?
Making a mistake while sending off your master, that's a big no-no for a maid.
(Kuudere: Calm person that doesn't show emotions and may seem to look down on others)
It's surely a kuudere
It was the maid expert, Akido Tatsuhito.
This meeting
will surely bring him in a new place.
Tadano-kun! Tadano-kun!
It's the maid outfit
that Komi-san left, try it!
Don't even think about it.
‪Waku waku!
I said that I don't want to
Maid changing room
What are you doing Tadano?
It doesn't suit you Tadano.
It looks awfully good on him
P- Please stop right now
C-Can I take this off now?
Tadano-kun, if you're
gonna do it, do it seriously.
You're the one who
making me do it thought
Shouko! I cameeee!
Komi-san's mom caaaame!
This way, please!
Thank you!
H- Here's some water.
Ah Yes
Y- You're misunderstanding, okay?
What are you doing?
Come along Shousuke!
Eeeh?! He's so cool!
The scene that all the
maids were imagining.
Shousuke felt really
uncomfortable so he left right away.
Onii-chaaan, I was bored so I came.
Seriously, don't get grossed out.
Ah, mom? Did you see that?
Yes,‪ so onii-chan
was like that after all
Like what?!
Maid changing room
Ah because of Najimi
Ah, Komi-san! Good work!
I'm happy that it was a huge success.
Ah it it doesn't suit me, right?
It's cute.
Eh?! Ah Thank you very much
For some reason, both of
them felt embarrassed.
Itan Festival
To be continued in the second part!
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Shinobu (manga)
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