Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

It's Just The Culture Festival.

- That maid earlier
- I want to eat crepes!
was really pretty, wasn't she?
-I think
- Let's go again?
The cultural festival.
- Welcome back, master!
- Welcooome Baack!
Over here please!
15 minutes wait time
Maid Cafe Itan!
15 minutes wait time!
Ah He's scheming some kind of trick.
Hey, come in!
Welcome back master!
Osana Najimi did the marketing.
Cheap, cheap!
It's so cheap master!
Ah, you, my master! We
have plenty of nice maids for you!
So? A single cup!?
No? No?
Thank you very much!
We have discounts!
Have fun with incredible maids!
There's lots of options!
Ah, young master! Would you a souvenir from a maid?
For the price of 1000, charges included!
You'll get a supplementary charm!
Ah, we have air conditioning!
It's hot outside after all.
Why does he seems so used to this?
60 minutes wait time
Can I have hand towels?
- Come take the order here!
I can still make this work
Make what work?
Can you go take a walk like
100 meters around the classroom?
These pancakes are delicious!
5 minutes
More customers?
This is the "Komi snow ball roll method"!!
When maid Komi-san walks around
The Komi snow ball roll method:
people will be allured into coming.
Good, that'll increase
the number of customers.
Understood, chief maid!
This guy's a business prodigy!
Jan ken poi!
Look over there, hoi!
Playing a game with a maid!
Look over
A price of 300 Tan for a match!
A souvenir picture with a maid for 500 Tan!
Take a walk around the school with a maid, 1000 Tan for 30 minutes!
And then!
Get slapped in the face by a maid,
one time for 2000 Tan!
I only saw this kind of money in mangas
Look at this, Tadano-kun!
My business is very successful!
Next will be the hand
massages for 4000 Tan
I can even give thigh touching
one time for 5000 Tan!
Yes, owner!
Ah! I can't stop laughing!
- Osana.
- ‪Yes.
- Out.
‪- Yes.
That afternoon, the
clients were recalled
via the school broadcast
system then refunded.
Let's do the promotion of the
maid cafe in a legitimate way!
I feel nothing but uneasiness.
It's fine! It's fine!
Komi-san you're tired too, aren't you?
Let's tour the other classes!
If you come wearing the maid
uniform, it'll be excellent advertising!
It's going to be a huge "Komi snow ball roll method"!
No one will notice it.
Reflecting on
his actions
You should read again
what's written in front on you.
Welcome to Itan festival
The Komi-drill!
Haunted house
Oh? A haunted house!
Let's go in together!
Not good with scary things.
- Uh If you don't want to go
- Let's go!
Entry for 3 persons!
It's pretty dark.
What will come out?
Beware of bears
A bear?
I- It's just Konjac !
They're here, they're here
Odoka Shizuka :
Playing the scarer
Good, it's almost time!
Aaah! That's Komi-san?
What should I do?
I- It's the school goddess!
Am I even allowed to surprise
someone so charismatic!?
I- I don't want to be hated by Komi-san!
But but right now, my job is to scare people!
And if she's not scared at all,
Komi-san could be unsatisfied at the end.. !
Okay, I'll scare her!
I'm wishing myself good luck!
Komi-san and the others already left.
Now! Now!
Aaah, that was fun!
A- Are you okay?
Oh? They're doing public declarations!
Let's go check it out!
What's "Public
What? You don't know?
People go on the roof and
confess one of their secrets.
Watanabe-san! I love you!!
I've never
heard of it.
What? It's your first time?
Should we give it a shot?
Ah So that was his goal this time?
Alright! It continues!
Aizawa Tsukasa
Public declaration time!
The next public declaration
Decided to
go check it
out for now.
Is from class 1-1!
Yamai Ren!!
Ah, it's Yamai-chan!
Today, I will
confess my love to
a person very important to me!
To whoooo?
Komi-san from class 1-1!
I love you!!
Go out with me
and marry me!
Oh Komi-san!
You're so shy!
Coming next is the brilliantly silent
person from the last confession.
She's from class 1-1, Komi-san!
Please advertise the maid cafe!
She's coming she's coming, prepare yourselves!
- She's not coming?
- What? She isn't coming?
- What does that mean?
‪- Wait! Let's believe in her!
Hey! Komi-sama is going to talk!
- Hear the voice of the goddess!
‪- Calm down!
A moment of attention
Mya !?
Bit her tongue
trying to
say maid.
- Mya Myaa?
- A cat?
- In a maid uniform
‪- Komi-san
- A cat
‪- A maid
- Komi-san
Ah? Komi-san is a cat maid!?
Aaaah! We're definitively going to go see her!!
She's passing out because of anxiety.
Ahah! That was great Komi-san!
That was a success!
You Don't push Komi-san too much!
The real fun of the cultural festival
is making some dark history, right?
You demon
Did you have fun?
Okay, where to next?
Ah! Najimi-chan!
Our meditation club
is letting people experience the Keisaku meditation!
Meditation where the
priest hits you if you
have wicked thoughts.
meditation club?
The class 1-1 teacher told us to
make Najimi-chan join us if we saw her.
Eh!? Wait-
Wait!! Wai-
Okay, let's show our customers our spirit!
Wait!! Wait!!
Reflecting on
his actions
We'll pray
for you !
So pretty!
What a beauty!
Oh? Is something wrong?
I feel like I'm
being watched more
than usual today.
Ah! I see!
That's no surprise, you look very cute!
W- What did you do that for!?
It's amazing how perceptive
yet dense you can be Tadano.
Ah, now that we're there,
wanna come look around with us Komi-san?
What? Kaede was with me just now
Penguin Yakitori
Hm? There she is!
Otori-san rejoins the party.
What is she doing there?
There was so much interesting stuff!
Yeah, it's true!
Let's go!
Also called the Komi festival
Interclass ultra-quiz
Game remaining time
The winners wins
ice cream
Why is Yadano-san doing this
I can't draw her!!
I wonder what will be the result
of the classes stands ranking
Ah! Now that you're mentioning it,
it's true that there's a ranking.
I was having so much fun that I forgot.
Bands are playing in the
central yard? I want see that!
Oh? That sounds nice! Let's go!
I- It's heavy metal?
Are you okay Komi-san?
Ah Uh Those bands are cool, aren't they?
W- Why is my heart thumping so hard?
This concludes the Itan high school cultural festival.
All students are to assemble in the gynasium.
Who will win the grand prize!?
The night of the festival.
The grand prize of the prestigious 23rd Itan festival
is awarded to
Class 1-1's "Itan Maid Cafe"!!
Because of the inappropriate
commercial behavior of a certain student,
their first place reward has been canceled.
But you know
We prepared everything together,
we ate onigiri,
we did our best to be at the top.
It was fun isn't it-
Don't try to wrap it up in a happy ending.
It's unfortunate that we couldn't take first place.
it was fun.
What's with that difference in reaction!
And in the end, everyone is laughing
What a nice class 200 degrees.
And now, what everybody is waiting for,
the Itan yearly night dance party!
Let yourself be drawn in by the music
and have a wonderful time
with the buffet on hand,
so don't hesitate to dig in!
Komi-san! Do you want to dance with me-
Komi-san! Dance with me-
‪Shall we dance?
It's okay to ignore them
She wants to
try dancing.
Komi-san is getting excited
But she's
about being seen
Ah, she's calmed down.
Eh!? Why's she looking at me?
Eh? What? Should I ask her to dance?
No, but actually
Komi-san wouldn't want to dance with me
Do you want to dance with me?
She will dance?
They're glad they came
out, but they have
no idea how to dance.
Who's the girl next to her ?
For the time being I'll hold her hand
E-Excuse me.
I- It's
You're dancing?
Lemme join too!
That can't be true, Komi-san
is already dancing!
Itan high school maid cafe!
After party.
Here comes the thank you party
for the success of the Itan Maid Café!
Everyone is here?
Roll call!
1 !
‪2 !
3 !
‪4 !
Ah, I'll count the rest after.
Let's go to the karaoke!!
They sure are energetic..
Komi-san? Is it your first
time at the karaoke?
It's weird,
I only ever came
with my family.
Eh? Did you sing as well?
My mom
was the only
one to sing.
Ah, it's to order drinks.
It's one drink per person, so
tell me what you guys want!
- A cola!
‪- Me too, 2 cola.
- Ginger ale for me.
- A- A compote
- Hot lemon tea.
‪- Oolong tea.
- Ah, me too.
- Cafe au lait.
- Melon soda.
Ah, Hello!
12 cola please!
This guy
Okay, now everyone imput your songs!
I- I don't don't any songs
She's getting
nervous now
that it's time
to sing.
D- Don't force yourself if you don't feel like it
Hey! What are you saying?
Everyone here will sing at least one song!
Come on, if you don't hurry up I'll
spam the screen with my songs!
It's okay, you can take your time
She found a song, but
is wondering if she
should look some more
- Are you ready!?
- ‪ You're kidding me Najimi!!
- It's still my turn after!
-‪ Screw you!
She chose a song, but
now is anxious about
singing in front of everyone.
It's my turn after!
‪Turn on the scoring please!
I dedicate this song to Komi-san!
These feelings of mine,
hear them Komi-san!
She's getting more
and more nervous
the closer her turn gets.
Komi-san was so moved by
my song that she's tembling!
I'm so happy!
I love you!
It's my turn!
Kuku! The time is nigh!
I don't have any choices,
for the sake of this day
I have perfected the theme song "Endless Worlds Ends" from the hit anime
"Lost Absolute Area (Endless World)"
all to that famous line!
And now everyone tremble
before this level of perfection!
It's over!
- Oh !
‪- That was cool!
The reactions are kinda low?
I know!
Isn't it the guy from an anime?
Tadano-kun recalled his dark past.
Even more
Oh !! As expected, my sworn allies understood!
It's frightening isn't it?
This great, great
It's hoooriiibleee
At 13 kilometer from here!
And then
Komi-san's turn.
She missed
the timing to
start singing.
I hear it, I can hear it!
A song that can only be heard by pure hearts!
to cry.
What? Is this machine broken?
What does that means?
I'll call the vendor!
I'm next
Prelude of about 15 seconds
N- Nobody is listening
It It's painful
No, it's not like I really want them to hear me
It's just It's a bit painful
- It was so embarrassing
Ah! It's me next!
Komi-san, let's sing together!
‪Tadano-kun too!
Eh!? Me too? No, I already sung
Go! Go!
Let's all go together!
Start Komi-san! Tadano-kun too!
No, I'm telling you
And also, I don't have a mike.
It's fine,everything is gonna be alright!
Alright, it's starting!
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Shinobu (manga)
A communication disorder
is defined by
socialization issues
or references a person
having such symptoms.
Keep in mind
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
Especially dedicated to those who
has trouble communicating in society.
Here we go! Action!
Komi-san, the one before, turn the page!
For this time it's the other page!
Ah yes!
To be continued
Oh Komi-san-
There's just 24 seconds
Let's believe in her.
I'm counting
for the sequel.
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