Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s04e04 Episode Script

Series 4, Episode 4

INSPECTOR REX "Moser's Death" Vienna Police helpless! Thank you.
- Thank you - Thank you.
Still no clues to the woman killer! Thank you.
No clues to the woman killer, No clues to the woman killer The perpetrator attacked the woman in an underground car park, killed her and took her away in her own car.
The corpse was found approximately 1 0 hours later in the forest, and the murder was committed with a bullet through the left temple.
She was not murdered at the site.
The murder weapon was also a rather small calibre model.
We don't know the type of gun as the bullet shell hasn't been found.
In short, we know very little Except for the fact that he returned with the victim's car and parked it at an S-Bahn station.
But from there he could have gone in every possible direction.
Harsh criticism, friends! The newspapers are beating up on us again, damn! It's always the same.
No recognisable motive.
In either the work or private life of the victim there is no clue to the killer.
Yeah, the only thing that might help us is this domino.
Two points.
Yes, but what does the number two mean? Perhaps the killer's lucky number.
He stuns the victim, holds her for a time and then murders her.
Then he takes the woman to a different place, arranges her in a specific position and then Ieaves the domino.
With two points.
He wanted us to find her like this.
Yeah, there's nothing left for us to do except go back and re-examine all the murder victim's relatives, friends and work colleagues.
There must be another connection.
Please! Don't hurt me! I've done everything that you want! No! he is much more restrained than most killers.
What does he want? What is he trying to say with this symbolism? He is a psychopath.
There's nothing in the victim's environment that shows evidence of a psychopath.
Then we'll have to keep trying in this direction.
What people are there? what is conspicuous? and so on! Rex! I haven't had much time for you recently but I'm afraid that's the way it is.
What is it? It's thundering, and? Don't be afraid.
You're a police dog, show me you'll be OK.
I've been missing that.
Shit! Good morning! Good morning.
Can I help you? Yes, for the dog, but when I say what he wants, he'll want the opposite.
Best that he finds something for himself.
-We've got some new squeaky dolls.
-What? -Squeaky dolls.
-Oh, of course.
-Over there.
-Of course, the squeaky dolls.
Now he's found something.
That? Is that for me? Excuse me.
Yes? Oh Böck, it's you.
Yes? I was afraid of that good, we're coming now.
Richard already guessed that the killer would strike again.
It looks like it.
Hello Richard.
A cyclist found the corpse at about 7.
Graf thinks it was the same killer.
I didn't say the same killer, I said the same method of killing.
Hello Richard.
-The same method as the victim from three days ago.
This woman also has traces of binding on the feet and hands.
Close range shot to the left temple, again probably by a small calibre weapon.
Identity? No papers.
As in the first case, the killer probably took the victims car and drove it to the S-Bahn station.
The papers are probably in the car, at least that's what I'm thinking.
Anyway, I'll have a look.
And another domino.
This time with three points.
It's the same killer.
I estimate that the woman has been dead since the early hours of the morning.
There are small splinters and dirt on her hands.
Have your colleagues said anything about the tracks? No but they've found very deep footprints.
He probably dragged her here.
How did she get the splinters in her hand then? Maybe she had some wood in her hand? Tell me, is it possible that the first victim also had a stick in her hand? Certainly.
But I didn't find any traces of it.
Yes, yes, Böck.
But he could also have come from over there.
Hey Rex, wait a minute! If the first victim also had a stick in her hand, then it is a ritual.
The crime scene team have already taken fingerprints from the first victim.
In two hours we'll know if the victim had some of these splinters in her hand.
No time.
Don't play games now! Böck has to work! We know now that both victims had a stick in their hand.
But what do the dominos mean? Is he numbering his victims? But then where is the first one? The stick in the second case was bigger than in the first.
-Please Rex.
-Two murders within three days.
A serial killer.
I've looked up all the files in the archives from previous killers.
We will go through all of them and see if one of them is suspicious.
We could look forever until we find someone likely.
Who knows if the killer has even has a previous conviction.
Of course it could be someone who has never been arrested.
There are several unsolved female killings from the last few years but what else can we do? We don't have time for boring investigations.
If he keeps going like this, then we'll soon have another murder.
We have to get him, and before something else happens.
-How? -We shouldn't run after 1 00s of suspects.
What type of psychopath is he? What does the stick in the hand of the victim mean? And so on.
-But we're not psychologists.
-I know.
That's why we have experts.
Call the criminal psychologist office and get them to send someone.
I'll be with Graf.
Höllerer, do you have the telephone number from the -criminal psychologist service? -I've already got it.
As in the first case, there are no signs of sexual abuse.
-So he not a sexual offender.
But in the second case I can give you a clue.
In the first case the bullet went straight through the skull so we couldn't locate it.
But here I have found the bullet.
-38 calibre.
-Mmm -Thanks Leo -So Richard.
What do you think of this case? He is crazy, what else? My experience is with killers who may have a borderline personality.
That means, they move between neurosis and psychosis.
Excuse me gentlemen, if I have interrupted you.
I am Magistrate Neuhold from the criminal psychologist office.
-Of course, this is Doctor -Graf.
From the coroner's court.
My name is Moser.
Why do you think he is borderline? We've been working with these cases for many years, but aside from that your Herr Böck has already given me a quick update on the 'phone.
Then you'll already know that we don't have any time to lose.
Come on.
Goodbye! You're right.
The killer has already murdered two people in a short time.
-That means he can't stop.
-But someone has to have seen something! Not necessarily.
I don't know a lot about the two cases but he sounds like an intelligent, well prepared and organised killer.
-ls he mentally ill? -Not outwardly.
-How come? -He probably works quite inconspicuously and lives quietly.
He gave the second victim a bigger stick to hold.
And what about the dominos? Dominos can mean different things.
A game, rules of the game.
What kind of person is he? What sort of personality? Somewhere between 30 and 40 years old What now? And can you give us an idea of how the man lives? He committed both murders at night, that means that he has regular hours.
During the day he is probably working.
He lives alone, single or divorced So, are these guesses or facts? Facts.
Many of these killers believe themselves to be easygoing, but are nevertheless quite difficult.
No one can stand them for long.
Can you tell us anything else that might help us with the investigation? -I have to quickly call my office.
-Of course.
And shift some meetings for the next few days.
Are you only working for us as a sideline? Unfortunately the government can't afford me.
The next meeting we'll have over the phone.
thank you.
Thanksuntil then.
In addition I believe that in the killer's youth he probably committed offences such as theft or arson Yes, but what does arson have to do with killing women? Not now, Rex.
Arsonists have little control over their impulses, They are increasingly inclined to act out.
Just like murderers.
What else can you us about our killer? Thank you Rex.
It's pretty certain he had a conflict with someone.
He avoided the conflict but he's looking for a substitute object to take out his aggression on.
That means, he killed the women instead of someone else? Yes.
One can assume that.
He is not able to resolve his conflict normally so to a certain extent he makes a detour How exactly can you apply killer profiles? In my experience to 97 per cent.
And how do you back up this percentage? From statistics.
We know that these killers are very similar to each other.
Yes, Rexi.
What is wrong with you? You'll have to eat breakfast alone today.
What has happened? So, a ham roll! Finally a change! You've left one.
That is very good of you.
- Greetings gentlemen! -Oh, it's Max! A lady? In our offices, I would never have expected it! Yes, this is Max Koch, the ex-criminal detective out of retirement, and this is Magistrate Neuhold from the criminal psychologist office.
-Yes, I am very, very pleased to meet you.
So what is happening with the killer? Unfortunately not a lot.
Where's my roll? What do you mean your roll? I took one out and am eating it right now.
And where are the other three? Ok gentlemen, don't get upset.
I am very interested.
Like I said.
The killer doesn't take many risks, the use of the victim's car is part of his plans.
He behaves normally, but is suffering from a strong conflict or delusion.
He may have been treated by a psychiatrist before.
Is there something, some detail, that you can give us to help us understand the killer? Yes, the domino.
The number one is missing.
That may mean that he has previously murdered.
Gentlemen I really have to go.
Thank you very much.
You've really helped us.
-Goodbye -Like I said before.
-What? The killer profile? -That too.
Speaking of the killer profile.
I believe I have found two people who match.
Have a look.
So Böck, half and half? -Thanks.
So, what have we here? Georg Veit ten years prison for murder, released two years ago, he shot his victim with a revolver.
Paul Sengermurdered his girlfriend and subsequently took her to a forest was sent to prison.
pleaded insanity.
And what shall I do please? You? I've got the chimney builder at home and you're deciding whether to work or go to the pub.
-I am here because of the murders.
-Of course.
Moser, criminal police.
Can I speak to Herr Veit please? Please come in.
Don't worry, the woman in the photos is still alive.
I am relieved about that.
She's the one who opened the door.
-You have an eclectic taste.
-Thank you.
I have killed, I went to prison, and now I'm trying to make the best of it.
Then you'll certainly be able to tell me where you've been in the last couple of days.
Of course.
I assumed you would come and see me.
The media is full of these two murders.
But sit down first for a moment.
Your murder from ten years ago was quite similar in style.
I don't kill people anymore.
I live my fantasies through my books.
-Not only.
-You'll have a cup of tea with me? Please You're suggesting that it's never boring with me.
The old question - are normal ones crazy or the crazy ones normal? Yes, yes.
So where were you the day before yesterday and last night? I was with, we were with my publisher in Hamburg.
We have only just come back this morning.
-I can testify to that.
-Well then Herr Senger? -Quiet.
We are at a cemetery.
-Excuse me.
Herr Senger? Yes, what do you want from me? Böck.
Your neighbour told me that I would probably find you here.
Apparently you regularly visit your girlfriend's grave.
As murderers do.
Yes, there are murderers who like to return to the scene of the crime and others go to the funerals, but there are hardly any who regularly the visit graves of their victims.
I didn't kill Brigitte.
As you clearly denied in your statement but despite this you were condemned in court and sent to prison.
I didn't kill her.
It was her jealous ex-boyfriend.
I found her dead and hid her in the forest because I was afraid that I would be blamed.
And why was that? We had a fight that day and as you surely know I had a record for assault.
But I spent years in prison and he walks around still free.
And what about your delusions? I made them up.
I was desperate and tried everything to avoid prison and go to a psychiatric hospital instead.
But it was no use.
You put your girlfriend's body in the forest and placed a flower in her hand.
We now have two cases where the killer has done something similar.
Now I must ask you where you have been the last two nights.
In our hostel.
Herr Senger has been with us for 1 4 days to get help.
-And the hostel is closed after 9pm.
-Yes, but I would ask you to leave Herr Senger in peace now.
He has suffered enough.
You wrote that interesting book with the much discussed title.
ah -"Lust for Killing" -Exactly Yes, that book has stayed in the best-seller list.
My God that topic really fascinates people.
And what is it about? A murderer? A serial killer, who kills his victims out of a pure love of it.
A man, who does what he wants and repents nothing.
An anti-social personality, whose aggression is explained by a - what was that? A fear of relationships.
My compliments.
You have expressed yourself adeptly.
-No, I just read the back of the cover.
-Yes, that's what I thought.
The type that Herr Veit describes in his book also has an erotic element to him.
If he survives it.
I assume you don't repent having killed someone? Look, repentance, when is it any use? The victim is still dead and it spoils the memories for the killer.
Read my book, then you'll know more about it.
Don't worry about writing a dedication.
Good evening Richard.
The two l interviewed today are very strange types.
The first one had his old father answering all the questions for him, the second wanted to show me all his photo albums.
Very strange.
Say, are you actually listening to me? What? Excuse me, I am reading Veit's book.
It is the perfect how-to guide for serial killers so they can find out how best to do it.
It's insanity.
So, what I wanted to say - the second one I was with - are you at least interested in what I have experienced today? -No? What's up with him? -He hears Böck coming.
-And what's that when it's finished? -You'll see? -Ow! That's the second time this week.
-Won't be the last.
Rex, that requires the harshest punishment.
Is that clear? Ok - watch.
That will be a lesson for you.
-So what else is new? -What's new? I'll tell you.
I went to a lot of trouble to find the publisher who told me that during the killings the author was in Hamburg.
That's what I have done.
That's always the case.
I'm going swimming.
You can have this.
What are you doing here? Your colleague Höllerer told me I would find you here.
Richard, we're closing up now.
We're going to stay a little longer, I'll bring the key down to you, ok? Actually I wanted to know if there were any developments.
I thought that you would still be in your office.
Usually, yes, but unfortunately there isn't much news, -but I could have told you that on the 'phone.
-That's true.
-Do you want a drink? -Yes please.
Today I went to see Veit, the author of "Lust for Killing".
We thought he may be a suspect but he has an alibi.
The book is insane, it kills me.
And he earns a huge pile of money from it.
Yeah well luckily such murders aren't that common around here.
But you have a lot to do with them.
How do you stand it? -Sometimes I feel the way you do, -And what do you do then? I would love to talk about it with someone, but there isn't anyone.
It's also difficult for you.
You know, when you spend too much time looking in the face of the beast it eventually starts to look back at you.
But with this work you should never forget that life can also be pleasant.
-ls that professional advice? -Personal.
I have the feeling we are being watched by someone.
What? Go to your room! Now he's insulted.
He likes you too.
He seems to be jealous.
Not long now.
Have you thought of an excuse for last night? How are you two? He doesn't seem to be in a good mood.
-And you? -I'm fine.
-I'm getting dressed.
-That's a shame.
-They're beautiful.
-He's a cavalier.
-Breakfast is ready.
-An extra portion.
-Look, sweet isn't it? I can't get Veit out of my head.
If I didn't know that he had an alibi I've read his book, he's lying.
No, no thank you.
I know the case.
His book is mostly autobiographical, but he masks his true motive.
Masks? Doesn't he kill for pleasure? No, in truth he murdered his victim as a substitute for his mother.
He hates her because she put him in a home when he was a child.
Why didn't he kill his mother? His courage failed him so he looked for a substitute.
-Could that also apply to our killer? -It's quite possible.
Now be quiet, I must concentrate.
He murders in an environment he knows.
Good morning gentlemen.
So, Herr Maier, are you still having bad dreams? No, Herr Doctor.
I feel much better with the new medicine.
I'm glad to hear it.
Your pictures were once much happier, Herr Hauff.
-Aren't you feeling well? -Leave me alone.
I'll paint what I want.
But for most people a black sky means something threatening.
I don't care what other people think.
You've been in the secure unit for ten years now.
If you want to be released, then you should start being interested in what other people think.
Who says I want to get out of here? It's very nice here.
Excuse me, are you from around here? -Do you know your way around here? -What do you want? I'm looking for someone who lives around here and knows the area well.
-Who is Frau Schuster? -She knows everything.
I'm sorry I haven't lived here long, but you should ask Frau Schuster.
She just came out of that house over there and she'll be in her antique shop now.
It's just on the corner.
-Thanks a lot.
Rex, come on.
Hello, excuse me! My dog is also called Rex.
Herr Hauff, please come to the visitor room.
Well I guess we had better come back another time.
Hauff Room 2.
Doctor Lanne, please call 41 3 please.
Sit down.
You have a spot on your shirt.
Have you been painting again? -Yes mother.
-And what have you painted? -Flowers mother.
-Don't lie.
Your doctor told me you mainly paint our house.
-Well I grew up there.
-And you paint the pictures black.
-I have such bad memories.
-You never had a father.
That's why I had to be so strict with you.
Make an effort, otherwise you'll never get out of here.
-But why can't I stay here mother? -I want you to come back to me again.
I don't want to be alone.
I don't think that that would be good for me.
I know what's good for you.
I have the feeling the killer has something to do with this area.
But he wouldn't be so careless.
Unless he wants to leave a sign.
I understand Richard.
We'll have a look around? Wait, I'll write it down, Schuster, old art Where are you going? -Ok I'll look after it.
-What is it? Richard's off to the weapons expert and I'm supposed to go to an antiques shop to question a Frau Schuster.
Give it to me.
I can go if you don't want to.
Leafing through documents is way too dusty for me anyway.
I don't understand since I talked to the doctor about you finally getting out of here everything has gotten much worse.
There's nothing I can do about it.
You always say that.
But one can't live like this.
I can't do anything else mother.
Sometimes I get the feeling you don't want to get out of here.
due to it being a lead bullet we can assume that the killer has used an old weapon.
From the 30s to the 40s.
Can you tell me something about the make? I have a few from this era.
It could be this oneor this one Good day.
Good day.
I have heard that you have some beautiful old glassware.
My best pieces are in this cabinet here.
These friendship cups are very beautiful.
transparent glass polished medallions with blue glaze.
facetted stemsI think that one is 1 9th century Bohemian Correct.
You know a lot about it.
Do you collect old glass? Unfortunately.
I've invested my entire savings in these treasures.
I've even got a real 1 820 Kothgasser.
Well, if you'd ever like to sell it I would be very interested.
I don't think so.
I am a true collector.
But perhaps we can do some other business.
I have bought an apartment in the area and I need some old furniture.
Have a look around.
If you would like to buy a few pieces then naturally we can discuss the price.
We'll do that.
I have always lived on the other side of the city.
What is this area like? It's a peaceful area with a good middle class community.
That's a relief.
I have just been reading in the newspapers about the murders and that the victims were all found here.
-I don't know anything about it.
-lt was in the newspaper.
Yes well I listen to the radio.
They didn't say where the women were found.
Do you know anyone in the neighbourhood who would be capable of such a crime? No why would you think that? Well when you've just moved here, well it makes you a little nervous.
I have investigated the range of bindings and found fibre traces.
The victims were tied on their hands and feet with bandages.
The fibres definitely come from bandages.
Either he used them for ritualistic reasons but then he would have left them on the victims.
Or he has something to do with bandages, and works in a medical environment.
Yes, but there are 1 000s of those.
How far along are you now? We? We're working on it.
So colleagues, we can't do anything.
But thanks anyway.
And good night.
Richard? Richard! Richard please, go home.
We two will hold the fort.
Apart from that, there's dozens of people observing undercover parking, car parks and other areas in Vienna and it's surroundings.
Police cars and half the traffic police will also be on the lookout.
We really can't do any more Moser, get some sleep.
I'm going home.
-Oh God you gave me a fright.
-I'm sorry that really wasn't my intention.
But I was frightened anyway.
No wonder when the newspaper are full of the murders.
-Yes, yes.
-You know, it's nothing to me but you really shouldn't walk alone through such a dark street.
Don't worry, my car is just around the corner.
-lf you like, I'll take you there.
-But No, it's no problem, I live here and have to go in this direction anyway.
Ok then, thanks that's really nice.
-Thanks for the nice company.
-I must thank you.
-Say that you are glad you came with me.
-What do you want from me? -Say that you are glad you came with me.
-Please, please let me go You are glad to come.
Don't cry.
You won't get anything from me with tears, mother.
-You're insane! -lf I am then you are to blame.
You always hit me.
And now tell me that you are happy you came with me! I am glad I came with you.
That doesn't sound convincing, try harder.
I am glad I came along.
That sounds better.
And now say, I will never make any more rules for you again.
-I will never make rules for you again.
I will never make rules for you again.
And now say that you are sorry for what you did to me mother.
-I am not your mother! -You're lying.
Don't lie.
Say you're sorry! -I am sorry for what I have done -I don't believe you mother! I am sorry for what I have done.
Yes, good.
Now say you can stay in the institute as long as you want.
-You can -Stay in the institute.
stay in the institute as long as you want.
And now - now say that I haven't done anything bad.
You haven't done anything bad.
-And now say that you really love me.
-I really love you.
-You're lying.
-I really love you.
-You don't say that with enough love.
-I love you.
I love you! I don't believe you mother.
Can't you sleep? I have to think.
I'll make us some coffee.
Yes, what? Good.
I'm coming.
He's done it again.
It's fairly certain the killer used the same weapon as in the other two cases.
I have an entrance and exit wound, but of course no bullet.
Hello Richard.
The third victim.
Did she fall or did something go wrong? Possibly.
The corpse was not sitting, there is no domino, but our investigators have found a stick similar to the others.
And again this stick is slightly bigger than the last.
But why did his procedure change? Maybe someone surprised or disturbed him.
-But either way she was already dead.
-Why? The shot in the head.
Aah, you'd be surprised how many people have survived a shot to the head.
He's feeling more confident.
He's starting to make mistakes.
I haven't been home the last two nights.
-What are you doing during the day? -Your jokes are getting better.
I've been interviewing previously convicted criminals and asking them if by chance they have started killing women.
And then I've been asking in gun shops if they have sold any old revolvers or pistols.
-Why? Because it's likely that all three victims were shot with a 38 calibre gun from the '30s.
That's interesting.
I was in this antiques shop and was talking like an expert to the owner.
What do you mean expert? Who's an expert? I just read an auction catalogue beforehand.
-Morning, gentlemen.
Höllerer was saying that the victims were shot with an old revolver.
Yes, it's definitely an old revolver from the '30s.
That's interesting.
I visited an antiques shop owned by a Frau Schuster that had such weapons.
-Why are you only telling me this now? -No-one asked me.
We bring you the local news.
A third victim of the serial killer that is keeping the whole of Vienna on alert was discovered in the early hours of this morning.
A woman, who has yet to be identified, has been shot.
As with the other cases the victim What would you like? Moser, criminal police.
I have heard that you also sell weapons.
-Yes we have old weapons here.
-Good, I'll take a look around.
Are you looking for a specific make? A revolver, 38 calibre from the 1 930s.
Let me think.
Does it have to be a 38 caliber? Yes, it relates to a case where such a weapon was used.
I had such a weapon, but I sold it half a year ago.
-Who did you sell it to? -I don't know anymore.
Come on, it won't get any better looking.
You know that to sell a weapon to someone you have to check that they have a licence.
The weapon was defective, you couldn't use it.
That's why I didn't check their licence.
Can you describe the person who bought it? -I'm sorry.
-Did you give him a receipt? Of course, but all the receipts from this time are with my tax accountant.
And anyway, the name would not be on the receipt.
Is it possible that the buyer lives around here? -No, I know everyone around here.
-Then there's nothing to be done.
There is nothing to be done, I'm sorry.
If you remember anything, then call me.
It's very important.
yes I've got everything.
Is there anything else? Good, thanks for the information yes, goodbye.
Here's what we know about Frau Schuster she is divorced from her second husband, her first marriage was to a Heinz Hauff who died over 25 years ago.
From this marriage there was a son There's nothing on Frau Schuster, lets check out Hauff.
With a double F.
Hauff Klara.
there is some information about a Kurt Hauff, that's him.
What? Imprisoned for killing a woman ten years ago.
During that time he's been in a secure psychiatric hospital instead of a prison possible repeat offender why don't we have his file? The archive didn't send it to us because he wasn't a suspect.
-Why not? -He's still in the institution.
Hauff Room 2 -Close the door.
-Why are you here again? What is it? Three women have been found shot in this area.
The police visited me and were asking about the old revolver.
What old revolver? child and tried to frighten me with it.
You know which revolver I'm talking about.
Sit down.
And what did you tell the police? That I sold the weapon.
But it's not true.
It disappeared.
Why are you telling me this mother? If you have something to do with it, you'll never get out of here.
What could I have to do with it? I'm locked up in here.
I know, I know.
The revolver must be there, mother.
You told me that you put a pair of weapons in the old chest.
-And you wanted to get them repaired.
-I had forgotten about that.
You're right.
-I'll go and have a look for them today.
The first murder is identical to the second you could say.
At first it was thought the woman wanted to defend herself with the stick.
But I am certain that the killer placed it in her hand after the murder.
-He thought of the domino much later.
-What does the stick signify? That comes from the files.
The father dies early and the mother systematically mistreated him.
-And now he wants revenge.
-It's a little more complicated.
If you don't have a masculine role model, then the mother is seen as all powerful and frightening.
From there it's possible to develop a neurosis.
If he wasn't locked up then l would have say it was him.
I can't imagine that he could easily get out of the institute.
Plenty have done it, going for a little walk, one even used a key.
We've found the victim's car.
Oh good day.
Again it was found at an S-Bahn station, but a different one.
That's all I can tell you.
We have a possible suspect.
Take a look - Kurt Hauff.
Fantastic - everything fits.
Why don't we arrest him? Because it's hard to get an arrest warrant for someone who's already locked up.
-Good day.
-Good day.
We spoke on the phone.
This is Herr Moser from the criminal police.
You may talk to Herr Hauff.
He is in the lounge on the first floor.
But don't excite him, it's not good for him Of course You may have a look around but l don't accept your idea that it's possible for a patient to come and go without being seen.
Yes, well we will see.
-Herr Hauff? -Yes? I am magistrate Neuhold.
Doctor Krauss has given me permission to speak to you.
I am writing an article about borderline personality patients.
Good day.
Dr Krauss told me you were coming.
I would like to find out a few things about your illness.
I don't know if I can help you.
I am sure you know more about my illness than I do.
I am always ready to learn something more.
Search! It's his bed.
Come, come on! Search Rex, search.
Dr Krauss told me that you're not doing too well.
Can you tell me why? -I always have this dream -Which dream? I don't know if I should tell you about it Tell me about it.
Perhaps then you'll feel better.
I dream that I'm running through a forest.
-I come to a meadow.
-What happens then? -There are flowers.
I pick the flowers.
Is there anyone in the meadow? No, no, no, no.
Only the flowers and me.
What do you do with the flowers that you have picked? I paint them, what did you think? Nothing.
I just wanted to know how the dream ended.
There are many different dreams.
What do you dream about? That's him.
You're on the right trail, but there has to be more.
Come on search.
Hello! Excuse me! Where does the lift end? I don't want to leave here I have everything that I need.
My food, my tablets, my peace Dr Krauss told me that your mother comes to visit you very often.
Yes, yes, my mother really looks after me.
Do you like your mother? Of course, otherwise she wouldn't visit me.
Why don't you want to go home to your mother? I believe I would be too much of a burden for her.
I prefer to stay here.
There must be something else.
Go, search! What is it? Good.
Search! Rex, stay there.
But if you always stay here you'll never get to meet any women.
-That's not a problem for me.
-Why? You used to have a girlfriend.
Yes, yes, yes.
That was a long time ago.
-What happened then? -I don't want to talk about it.
You killed the young woman and placed a stick in her hand.
I don't remember.
Lets talk about the stick.
Isn't it so that you killed the young woman as a substitute for your mother because she always abused you.
I don't know.
And I would guess the stick is a symbol of that abuse.
You haven't come to find out about my illness.
-You're just trying to sound me out.
-Herr Hauff No, no, no - I'm not going to talk to you anymore, leave me alone.
You were wrong.
We've discovered how Herr Hauff escaped - with the food lift.
Perhaps we'll see each other another time.
-He broke off our conversation.
-Where is he now? Nothing special.
In the lounge there is a domino set.
Maybe he took the dominos from there.
Wait a moment, wait a moment.
The victims would have seen that if they had lived.
I'll go and look for him straight away.
He painted the place where the killings were done.
Open them.
Lets go, by foot! Rex, leave it, go! Urgent, white Chevy Transporter number plate 302 KT KT! Yes, yes.
Greetings Frau Schuster.
I saw your car outside.
How are you? How's business? Fine, and you? Yesterday I sold another dining-room suite.
I'm just picking up the rest of the chairs now.
Herr Reidl, on one side the roof is defective and the rain comes in.
I'll speak to the roof man.
It woudn't be good for the Baroque glass to get wet.
I would be grateful if you could look after it quickly.
-I will.
Goodbye, Frau Schuster.
A very inconspicuous piece of equipment.
So what are you looking at.
Watch out that no-one sees us.
It was you.
-No one can blame me.
I am in prison.
-Why did you do it? You wanted to get me out of the institute.
That wasn't right of you, mother.
Outside I don't have any protection.
I guessed that you did it here.
As a child you were obsessed with this cellar.
Yes, I spent a lot of time here.
When I was here I wasn't afraid of you.
You probably thought the whole insanity up in here even then.
I just wanted you to treat me like every other child.
But you weren't like every other child! You were too much for everyone.
And then I hid myself here and you looked for me.
It is over.
You have to go back to the institute.
You'll have to find me first! Look for me Iook for me look for mehello! Now I have had enough, come out of there! Mother, mother, here I am.
Give me the revolver.
You couldn't hurt me anyway.
-We'll see about that.
-You're too cowardly to do it.
You must be right.
You always have to be right, you always have to be right.
You put father in his grave with your always having to be right.
He had a heart attack because he was always so upset about you.
Over you.
It was you he was always so upset about because you don't love anyone and you torment everyone.
Over you, over you.
Because I always had to look after you.
Mother, I don't want to be looked after I don't, I don't.
You never leave me alone in the institute.
When you come you're always ordering me around.
Without me you couldn't have a life.
But you see, you see how far I've made it.
In reality you're the crazy one mother.
I should have killed you when you were a child.
Yes? Oh Höllerer it's you, what is it? We haven't seen Frau Schuster or the son yet -what's happening with you? -Nothing.
Good, I'll call you when something happens.
Yes? Böck here.
Nothing new, nothing has happened in the office, what about you? They found the LKW but no trace of Hauff.
-Bye Richard.
-Later, Böck.
Here in his file there's no indication of where he could be.
Apart from his mother there's no reference to anyone else.
The sites where the bodies were found.
I don't think he would go back there.
He is far too clever.
-He knows that we're looking for him.
-When all of this is over, lets go away.
Where? Far away No, I found your number in Frau Schuster's telephone book.
Do you know where she could be? Oh, I understand, thank you.
I have to go to the office, I've got two patients at 8.
It was a regular customer but he hadn't seen her for weeks.
-Good, I'll stay here.
-Bye, you can reach me after 8.
Good day.
This is Magistrate Neuhold's practice.
You can reach me in person at eight.
In the meantime you can leave a message after the signal.
Moser, homicide, Herr Riedl? I am looking for Frau Schuster.
Yes, she - do you know - what? You saw her yesterday? When? And where? At her storeroom? Where is that? Where? Just a minute, aha, can you meet me there? Good, in half an hour, but don't go in.
Good day.
This is Magistrate Neuhold's practice.
You can reach me in person after eight.
In the meantime you can Hello Hoffman? I urgently need a search on a Peugeot sedan number W 61 686 C.
Sorry for being late.
Has something happened? -We're looking for Frau Schuster.
-That's her car.
Storeroom 4 is hers.
-Have you been inside already? -No.
I wasn't supposed to.
Wait here.
There is no-one inside.
Do you know anywhere else she could be? -No idea.
-Where was the car parked yesterday? Right here.
It looks as though she hasn't moved it since yesterday.
Then maybe she went on foot.
Come here.
And search! Listen Böck, Schuster's car is here in the area near Augarten.
We're looking around.
Thank you.
And search Rex? Where'd he go? Are you injured? It's ok - he must be here somewhere.
Hide inside.
Rex, go with her.
Frau Schuster? Frau Schuster! Yes.
Take care, he is completely unpredictable.
Go to him Rex, go! This can't be happening.
It can't be.
Now we are all alone.
Now we can speak to each other in peace Say that you are glad to come here.
I am glad to have come here with you, Herr Hauff.
Say it to me.
And be a bit friendlier.
I am glad to have come here with you.
Say that you are happy to be with me.
I am happy to be with you.
Say that I can stay in the institute as long as I want.
You can stay in the institute as long as you want.
Say that I haven't done anything bad.
-You haven't done anything bad.
-Say it again, I don't believe you.
You haven't done anything bad.
And now say that you really love me.
I really love you.
Say - Richard!