Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s04e05 Episode Script

Series 4, Episode 5

Enjoy your evening.
- Thank you.
Küppke speaking.
I'd like a wake-up call at 8.
What do we know about the new guy? Very little, not even what he looks like.
He was with the task force.
He's just joined the police.
So we have to teach him everything.
- Like what? - The important things.
Making coffee, buying ham rolls That's true.
Hello, Rex.
How are things? We know how you feel, Rex.
Look, I've brought you something.
Forget it.
I don't think the ham roll is going to work.
We can try.
Come into the kitchen and I'll feed you.
Canned food.
Of course he'll eat that.
It's the ham roll that matters.
Just the ham roll.
You're right, Böck.
Don't give up.
The ham roll won't be wasted.
You go.
I'll stay with him tomorrow.
Sleep well, Rex.
I hope so.
You haven't slept a wink lately, have you? Come.
Aren't you hungry? Who the hell is it? Oh, it's you, Böck.
What's up? All right.
I'm on my way.
Well, how are you today? The dead man appears to have distinctive head injuries which may make his face unrecognisable.
And he has no fingertips.
So he can't be identified.
Maybe he had a criminal record.
I hope he has some distinguishing features.
They'd be gone too.
You're so encouraging, Höllerer.
Watch out! We need the linen bag.
The bag will be gone before the diver gets here.
What's he doing? I don't believe it.
Let's go.
What are you doing? - Recovering evidence.
- Right.
Who are you? Brandtner, Crime Squad.
I'm the new guy.
I expected you at the office.
They said you'd be here.
I'm Höllerer and this is Böck.
I'm Alex.
That's Peter and I'm Christian.
Good day, gentlemen.
I don't have much time.
May I introduce Dr Graf, the medical examiner.
- Brandtner, our new colleague.
- Pleased to meet you.
You should get into some dry clothes.
I wrote my thesis on chills resulting in death.
I'm glad you care about living people too.
I do when I get the chance, which isn't often.
Where's the corpse? Right.
Here he is.
He can't have been in the water long.
Normal wrinkling on his hands.
Ah, no fingertips.
Slight wrinkling on the palms.
Three days at the most, probably less.
He was in the linen bag.
The facial injuries are too regular to be from drifting.
They probably wanted to make him unrecognisable.
What about the cause of death? From the way he looks, he definitely didn't drown.
Someone killed him.
Look at that.
There's abnormal flexibility here between C2 and C3.
- His neck is broken.
- Right.
I can't state the time of death until after the autopsy.
See you later, gentlemen.
- Bye.
- Bye.
An unknown corpse with no face or fingertips.
All we have to go on is the linen bag.
I'll see you at the office.
I'll get changed.
- He's not wasting any time.
- More pressure for us.
The papers are in the glovebox.
After what happened last night it's better to avoid hotels.
I don't think they'll find the body that soon.
And if they do, they won't be able to identify it.
Why did he have to open the door? Bad luck.
You're planning something big.
It's better for you not to know.
- I'll be home in a few days.
- Will you bring me a present? Yes.
I'll get something really special for you.
- Is your tummy still sore? - Just a bit.
You've probably eaten too many sweets again.
Keep an eye on her.
- Not too much chocolate.
- Of course.
Is your secretary going too? Then he can look after you.
Yes, Anna.
I'll look after Mummy.
Nothing will happen to me in Vienna.
The lab says it will take a bit longer.
They're busy.
And I can't find anyone on the missing persons' list.
Do you know where Peter is? He's with Rex.
I've heard the story.
Rex hasn't been outside since then.
Höllerer and I take turns looking after him.
He'll only eat if one of us is there.
Hello, Rex.
I've brought you some dog biscuits.
But first we'll go for a walk in the woods.
Don't you want to go for a walk? You can have some dog biscuits now, then.
Really special ones.
Recommended by the chef.
Accompanied by an excellent dog wine.
Chosen by the sommelier.
Tuck in, because Böck's coming tonight.
You'll have fun with him.
He's a bit younger.
You'll be able to really chase him around.
What are we going to do with you? Mr Brandtner! Come here.
I have something to show you.
- Something new? - Depends.
Have a look at this.
What exactly should I look at? I didn't close the corpse up because I wanted to show you something special.
His lungs aren't distended, so he didn't drown? We knew that beforehand.
He died from a broken neck.
The head injuries, done with a blunt instrument, were only inflicted after his death.
His facial bone is shattered, with typical contusions and some tissue retention.
Yes, but what you can't see is that he had a heart attack about three months ago.
That might help us identify him.
Yes, I think so too.
Besides that, he's aged about 50 to 55, and he died some time yesterday evening.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
You could really frighten people showing them this.
Only people who let themselves be frightened.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I'm glad you were able to come to Vienna, Ms Amato.
This is Mr Bianchi, my secretary.
I thought he was your bodyguard.
She's here.
You can come.
Which flight are you on? Good.
I'm sure I can help you.
I have data on ltalian Mafia money-laundering in Austria.
If I get the right answers from your informants I can have Caraldo arrested and you'll get a great story.
Here's my office.
Come in.
Caraldo also had de Paolo, the senior prosecutor, murdered.
I know.
I wrote an article about it.
If I can get watertight evidence that Caraldo laundered drug money in Austria, I can charge him with drug dealing.
If he's charged with that, witnesses to his other crimes will come forward, including de Paolo's murder.
De Paolo was my boss.
I owe it to him to catch his murderer.
What do you treat the bag with? Cyanogen acrylic vapour, which makes any fingerprints visible even after a long time in the water.
What about the UV test? One thing at a time.
We're really flat out.
Thanks a lot.
- I'll go and see Rex.
- How is he? - Not too well.
- I'm sorry.
I once had a dog.
How was the flight? Idiot! How could you let it happen? He was suddenly in the room.
I had no choice.
Anyway, we threw him in the river that same night.
In the river? What if they find the corpse? Hey, we'll only be in Vienna a few days.
They won't find him that soon.
The night shift is here.
What have we got here? Look, you've left food on your plate again.
That's no good.
But you'll like this.
The very best canned food.
A banquet.
Yum! A meal like this shouldn't be eaten in the kitchen.
Let's go into the living room.
It's much cosier by candlelight, eh? Did Höllerer give you some water? Pretty unlikely, I'd say.
I'll get you some.
What's up, Rex? There's no one there, Rex.
It's probably a marten or something.
It's nothing.
Yes? What are you doing here? I wanted to meet him.
This is Rex.
Rex, meet Brandtner, the new guy.
Höllerer and I take turns sleeping here, but it can't go on forever.
The lease on the house will be up soon.
No one knows what will happen.
He hardly sleeps at all.
He wanders around the house all night.
But at least he wags his tail sometimes.
Tail-wagging doesn't always mean joy.
It can also mean stress or uncertainty.
He won't go for long walks any more either.
He wants to stay near the house.
Hey! That's the first time he's wanted to play for ages.
Stop that, Rex.
You mustn't ruin those expensive shoes.
It's okay.
He's telling me something.
What? If I don't have shoes on I can't go away.
You know quite a lot about dogs, don't you? It would be great if Rex could sleep through the night again.
Come on.
Come here.
- Do you want to stay tonight? - Yes.
- In case he wakes up.
- Okay.
Good night, you two.
That was a good meeting with Ms Krammer.
It will take a while for us to look through everything.
How do you know Ms Krammer? She visited me in Rome a year ago.
She was doing research for a news magazine.
An intelligent, courageous woman.
She knows more than anyone about the ltalian Mafia here.
The banks seem to be blocking her work.
Of course.
No bank will admit to having Mafia money.
But they all want to profit from it.
I'm surprised she can get the bank people to talk.
She knows something about them.
What she's doing is fine.
It's in a good cause.
Is your daughter feeling better? I'll ring the nanny now.
Good night.
I'm in my room now.
Do you like your wife's photo? Don't harm her.
I'm doing what you want anyway.
She's been fine so far.
We only brought her here so that continues.
We want to know exactly what Amato finds out and who she meets.
We had lunch with that journalist today.
She wants her to meet a few bank people.
- That's all I know.
- Ring when you know more.
Don't worry.
Do exactly what I tell you.
- Then you'll both be fine.
- Okay.
You must take her to the doctor first thing tomorrow.
Yes, if she's awake, put her on.
Hello, darling.
How are you? I heard you were feeling worse.
If you go to the doctor you'll miss school.
It's important.
All right, I'll tell you a bedtime story.
Where did we stop yesterday? Oh, yes Cruella the witch.
Well? Did you sleep well? Rex? Could I borrow my shoes? Thank you, Rex.
You and I are going for a walk.
What's up? Come on.
I'll show you something.
Come on.
Come on.
That's very interesting.
I won't tell a soul.
What are you doing here? You should be with Rex.
Brandtner's with him.
He knows a lot about dogs.
So do l.
I know that dogs love ham rolls, for example.
What do you think of Brandtner? I think it's great that he's helping out with Rex.
Otherwise I don't know him well enough to say.
That's why I've found out a few things about him.
What? You made inquiries about him behind his back? Well? His father's a lawyer and his mother's a doctor.
They live near a police dog training centre.
Brandtner virtually grew up with the dogs.
He became a police dog handler against his parents' will.
He and his dog were in a special unit.
The dog was killed in an explosion.
Then he got a transfer here and didn't ever want to work with dogs again.
- What about his private life? - He's not married.
They say the women are after him.
If I looked like him they'd be after me too.
He's not that good-looking.
Good God.
Listen, I have to be going.
All right.
One more time.
Once more.
One more time.
It's never enough, is it? Okay, drop it.
Come on, drop it.
What did he whisper into Rex's ear? I only know he fell asleep at once.
So he told him to go to sleep.
I don't need anyone whispering in my ear.
I could fall asleep right now, standing up.
What's the company's name? Thanks.
That was the lab.
They found a company name and serial number on the linen bag.
It wasn't visible before.
The dye had faded.
Now we can ring the manufacturers and ask who they supplied with those bags with that number.
I'm on my way, just dropping in at home first.
What's up, Rex? Everything's fine, Rex.
You want to come with me? Come on.
- Good morning, Ms Amato.
- Good morning, Franco.
We'll be spending the day at the magazine office.
Ms Krammer is picking us up soon.
I'll just call my wife.
Give her my regards.
You'll be at Krammer's office the whole day.
What about tonight? Okay.
Call again when you know.
Well? Do you think he's telling us the truth? I don't think he's lying.
He's too worried about his wife.
Dogs aren't allowed in this hotel.
Maybe they think dogs might steal ashtrays or clean their shoes on the curtains.
All right, come with me.
I understand.
I'll be quick.
- Have you found out anything? - Yes.
I'm sorry, but the picture was crooked.
Well? The bag the corpse was in came from this hotel.
The hotel laundry uses the bags for transporting linen.
Have you interviewed the laundry staff? No.
I wanted to speak to the manageress first.
She knows her staff.
- Do we have an appointment? - They say she has a meeting.
It's true.
I really do have a meeting.
My name is Brandtner.
- You've met Mr Böck.
- It won't take long.
- Won't you sit down? - Thank you.
Sometimes one just has to make time.
We found a corpse in a bag from your hotel.
We haven't identified the man yet.
Is a guest or employee missing? Someone checked in the day before yesterday We haven't seen him since.
His secretary rang us a few times.
Mr Küppke is very reliable.
He usually leaves a contact number with Reception.
He didn't even unpack his bag.
He was from Berlin.
Here's his firm's phone number.
Brandtner, Vienna.
Mr Küppke's office, please.
Thank you.
Brandtner, Crime Squad, Vienna.
No, nothing definite.
He's missing from his hotel.
Why did Mr Küppke come to Vienna? And who is this Kelemen? When were they to meet? You don't know.
Yes, we'll try and talk to him.
We'll call you if we hear anything.
He was going to meet a Hungarian business partner.
There's an entry for today.
Kelemen, 1 2.
00, hotel.
- In ten minutes.
- I hope it's this hotel.
Think positive, Christian.
Would you let us know if a Mr Kelemen comes in? - What was the name? - Kelemen.
- Rex is back on deck.
- He sure is.
What are you doing here? Rex just caught this gentleman.
I don't believe it.
Rex is back at work.
So you only ran away because you were afraid that Küppke had reported you for fraud? I told you Küppke and l had some business problems.
I came to Vienna to discuss them with him.
He wanted you to buy him out You couldn't pay a motive to kill Mr Küppke.
Then you come to meet him in Vienna to avoid suspicion.
And run away from you.
Tell me, when could I have killed Küppke? I've only been in Vienna two hours.
Killers can be hired.
We took the photos when the boss was in Vienna recently.
Who are the two men getting into the car with him? The older one runs a private bank and the other one is a lawyer there.
If the boss was in Vienna and met these people, that means he definitely did business with them.
Drug money probably ended up in that bank.
If we could get proof of that it would be a great help.
Why do you think he was in Vienna of all places? Because our banks are famous for their discretion.
I want to talk to the bank director.
He retired a month ago.
He lives in the country.
- lmpossible.
- And the lawyer? Sounds a bit dubious, and he's suspicious.
But he may meet you to find out what you know.
The fingerprints on the personal items are presumably Küppke's.
Now we'll compare the others with the ones in this room.
- Any other clues? - Possibly.
There are some interesting prints on the connecting door.
The traces show that Küppke must have stood like this.
He must have moved from the door into the next room.
That's how it looks.
- Found anything yet? - Yes.
Küppke may have gone next door.
The connecting door was open.
- How did you get Rex in? - The manageress okayed it.
Besides, he's on duty now.
Rex, search.
He's playing dead.
Küppke was definitely in here.
I just came to see if there's anything new.
- Not at the moment.
- Is your colleague here? Yes, he is.
- The connecting door was open.
- It should have been locked.
A family stayed in these two rooms recently.
When they left, the maid forgot to lock the door.
- Was someone here after that? - Yes, an ltalian.
- When did he arrive? - The same day as Mr Küppke.
He booked for three days but left after one night.
Can you do me a favour? Don't put anyone in here for the moment.
We must look for fingerprints and traces next door too.
Get Ms Fuchs to give you the ltalian's details.
The room's been cleaned.
It won't be easy finding prints.
- We'll start work at once.
- Thanks.
Come on, Rex.
Well? She may be meeting a bank lawyer tomorrow.
His name is Dr Wallentin.
But it's not definite.
- Where's the meeting? - It hasn't been finalised.
We'll go to the magazine office, then meet the lawyer.
I'll call you as soon as I know.
- Good.
- How's my wife? Fine, as long as you're giving us the right information.
She's going to meet the lawyer from the bank.
Which bank? The bank the boss does business with.
- That could be bad for him.
- And for her.
I had a long talk with the lawyer this morning.
He didn't want to meet you.
I said it could be bad for him and the bank if he refused.
- So he agreed.
- Good.
But he doesn't want to be seen in public with you.
In ltaly we meet in a closed restaurant.
That's just what we're doing.
We're meeting at Marig's at 1 2.
A friend of mine owns it.
It's closed, so we'll be alone.
I really am grateful.
I spoke to Rome before.
The special commission is happy with our results so far.
I can't wait to hear what the lawyer tells us.
The place is called Marig's.
- Brandtner's not doing badly.
- Alex.
- Alex? - Brandtner.
That's what I said.
He has a soft approach.
And Kelemen has already admitted to one count of fraud.
You should have seen the look I gave him when I arrested him.
So that's it.
Yes, he's still pale.
Well? You look so bad I'll make you a pot of coffee.
No, thanks.
I drank coffee all night.
Thanks anyway.
Then we've only got one thing left.
- Don't I get one? - Of course you do.
But Rex was looking really interested again.
He hasn't wanted a ham roll for ages.
He grabbed it.
He wants to eat it! Have you got one for me? Sorry.
I didn't include Rex.
That's right.
No roll for Böck.
Kelemen continued to deny any involvement in Küppke's death.
- Here.
- Thanks.
But he's still in custody.
There's a risk he'd run off.
It's quite possible that Kelemen hired the ltalian.
Everything points to him being a professional killer.
The ltalian authorities say his name and address are false.
What have we got? Küppke is gone.
And the ltalian has disappeared too.
Judging by the corpse it was a professional job.
We're pretty sure the dead man is Küppke because his secretary says he had a heart attack recently.
And that fits with what Dr Graf found out.
My name is Mühlbauer.
I was told to come here.
- You work at the hotel? - Yes.
I've had two days off.
I just found out.
That's fine.
So you were on Reception when the ltalian we're looking for arrived? Yes, he checked in with me.
Your colleagues gave us this description, but you talked to him longer.
Yes, but I don't remember him very well.
I don't think the eyes are right.
They were bigger.
How about between the car and the restaurant? We could have done it that way long ago.
It's much too risky.
I'm here to kill people without getting caught.
So how do we do it? Preferably with her in there.
Yes, but the curtains are much too high.
The only place I can shoot from is up there.
He looked more or less like that.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
Identification found a What about ldentification? They identified a fingerprint in the hotel room.
It belongs to a Markus Schober, a convicted receiver and arms smuggler.
No current address, but I know someone who might be able to find him.
We'll get a warrant and then grab Schober.
- Could you please stop? - We're not there yet.
Would you stop anyway? - My daughter is sick.
- Is it bad? They don't really know yet.
I called her before.
The doctor has referred her to a specialist.
- I'm taking her this.
- Lucky your husband's there.
Unfortunately he's not.
We're divorced now.
Since I became a public prosecutor he's been worried sick about me.
When de Paolo was murdered he called me and offered to come back to me but only if I give up my job.
She's arrived.
They must have come in through the back.
Damn! Someone sat down in front of her.
It's probably that lawyer.
- Shoot him, then her.
- Too risky.
She might take cover.
We'll have a dead lawyer and she'll be gone.
We'll have to wait.
Well I'm afraid I can't tell you anything of interest.
There are two possibilities.
Either you tell me something or I'll use the mutual assistance agreement to have the Austrian authorities investigate your bank.
I'm just the bank's lawyer.
I have nothing to do with actual monetary transactions.
My dear Dr Wallentin There's a photo of you and the director of your bank with one of the most important Mafia bosses in ltaly.
And you're trying to tell me you've nothing to do with this? You're demanding confidential bank information from me? Yes.
Mrs Baumann? Mrs Baumann! Meals on Wheels here.
I'll call an ambulance.
She's getting an ambulance.
We have to go.
There won't be an opportunity like this for a while.
We'll wait a bit.
Damn! - Let's get out of here.
- We have a job to do.
If we're caught, we won't have another chance for months.
Perhaps the man will lean forward again.
- Mimmo, let's get out of here.
- Just keep calm, very calm.
Shit! She's up on the first floor.
Number 6.
Only the bank director knows the details.
I believe he's retired.
It wouldn't harm his career if he gave me information.
- It's not easy to get to him.
- You'll arrange that for me.
If you manage that, I'll keep you out of it.
Gianni Fedele.
We identified him through lnterpol by his fingerprints.
He's in the Mafia and a suspect in several murder cases.
You have problems with Küppke but also business links with ltaly.
And you knew when Küppke would be in Vienna.
Perhaps you hired the ltalian to get rid of Küppke and your problems.
I've never seen this man Fedele.
I wanted a quiet talk with Küppke about my problems.
This man's a Viennese receiver and arms dealer.
His fingerprints were also in the hotel room.
He's called Markus Schober.
Do you know him? I've never seen him.
We're coming.
Can you keep going? We have to go.
- Where are we going? - An old lady's been murdered.
Have you heard anything about Schober? No, my informant hasn't called yet.
What about Kelemen? I don't think he killed Küppke.
Show me the explosives.
This would be enough to blow up a block of flats.
We can set it off by shooting or by remote control.
Remote detonation is better and safer.
We'd have to get that from Schober.
Then ring him up.
Can you tell me anything yet, Doctor? I wasn't expecting to see you again so soon.
The woman has been dead no more than an hour.
She died from a broken neck.
- Like the man in the Danube.
- Precisely.
Are there any signs of resistance, any injuries? From what I've seen so far, no.
I'll have a look around the flat.
I've got news.
A girl from Meals on Wheels found her and got an ambulance.
While she was waiting two men came out.
One of them fits Fedele's description.
- And the other one? - He could also be ltalian.
So we now have two suspects.
What about the dead woman? Her name is Hilde Baumann.
She's 72, a widow.
She was liked by everyone and lived rather modestly.
Why would the Mafia kill someone like her? Why? Küppke was probably killed because he saw something.
But this? So we can rule Keleman out as the killer.
What links these two murders? If the murderers only came to kill those two, they'd have done it and left.
Why did they wait two days? The flowerpot's been moved.
And there are scratches.
Look at the coat of arms on the right.
A bullet hole.
Forensics should look at that.
- What were they aiming at? - No idea.
It would have to be something big.
Küppke and the woman probably got in the killers' way.
That's a great help.
Okay, I owe you one.
- We've got Schober's address.
- Let's go.
How could a sweet old lady have stopped a killer? She probably didn't even realise.
Schober's the only one who can help us.
He isn't answering.
He must be out.
Yes, you can come.
I've got the gear.
He's waiting for us.
This is the number.
It must be his office.
Mr Schober? Yes.
What do you want? We found your fingerprints at a hotel where a man was killed.
- I know nothing about it.
- We can help you.
An ltalian criminal was staying at the hotel.
- A Mafioso.
- I don't know any ltalians.
I have a warrant for your arrest.
- Accessory to murder.
- You can't pin a murder on me.
Then why were your fingerprints in the room? We want to know who killed Küppke.
Go away! Police! You watch him.
My pleasure.
Hands up.
Hands behind your back.
Stop or I'll shoot! You stay here.
Drop your gun.
Throw down your gun.
Throw it down or you're dead.
Get lost! Go away, will you! Drop the gun.
I'm not that stupid.
Stay there! Drop it now! - He took me by surprise.
- That's okay.
He almost got me too.
Blood! Christian I'm okay.
You, come with me! Rex I had a dog once, called Arko.
But he died.
It was during an operation.
There was an explosion.
But the reason I'm telling you this is that my right ear isn't as good now.
You see, I can't hear on this side.
But you can help me.
You can be my right ear.
Do you understand? You're a clever dog.
How did the search go? Oh, well.
It can't be helped.
- Mr Böck? - Yes.
You were lucky.
Nothing's broken.
Apply cold compresses and rest.
Here, put this on it.
- Where? - It's ice for your neck.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
The search for the two ltalians was unsuccessful.
I thought so.
Those guys won't be easy to catch.
At least I've seen the other guy.
I can identify him.
I'm sorry Schober got you.
I really wanted to help.
It was a close thing today.
It's great that Rex is back in action, isn't it? You know, I'm glad that you're with us.
Me too.
- You can talk to him now.
- Thanks.
- Not much wrong with you.
- It's enough for me.
I only wanted to disarm you.
We can continue our conversation.
You can't deny your link with the ltalians and the killing.
You also attacked us both and helped them get away.
I didn't kill Küppke.
Then tell us how you know the ltalians.
I just got them guns and explosives.
That's enough.
And what about Küppke? He came through the connecting door and saw the guns.
He'd killed him before I could even react.
Which of the two? His name is Fedele.
I don't know the other guy.
Did you help him remove the body? I don't have to incriminate myself.
What are those two ltalians planning? I don't know and I don't want to know.
We know that at least one is from the Mafia.
- Are you afraid? - No, but I'm not a suicide.
We don't have to put everything you say on file.
But if you tell us nothing, I'll have you charged as an accomplice in everything.
They didn't tell me their plans and I didn't ask.
You think of something that will help us.
The mobile phone.
Yes, I got them one.
I have the number.
It's registered in my name.
Everything's fine.
Kelemen's being handed over to Hungary.
Just when you'd have got him to confess a bit more? He's not linked to Küppke's murder.
Our Budapest mates can deal with the fraud.
Sh! There's a call coming.
There's a meeting outside Vienna tomorrow.
I won't have the details till the morning.
Call us when you know the time and place.
If it's outside Vienna we must know soon.
- When are you leaving? - Tomorrow night.
Yes, we were listening in.
It might work out next time.
Thank you.
Radio Monitoring.
The call was too short to trace.
Two Mafia killers.
Two totally unlikely victims.
Tomorrow, outside Vienna.
Where? Exactly.
I spoke to the Federal Police.
They've no idea either.
We can only wait for the next call.
You two can go home.
I'll call if anything happens.
Okay? It's all right.
I'm staying with you.
I can get the rest tomorrow.
Dinner time.
Hey, dinner.
I'll show you something.
You want to try it too? Okay.
You see? It's just a matter of taking the first bite.
Good morning.
It worked.
We're meeting him in Bad Vöslau at the Beethoven Tower.
- Why there? - He lives nearby.
It's pretty isolated.
He doesn't want to be seen with us.
- Are we leaving now? - He can't meet us for two hours.
You can read through the latest documents.
I'll have anything you want copied.
Very clumsy of me.
Please excuse me.
It was cut off.
Shit! Relax.
You have to be patient sometimes.
Yes, but I'm ready for some good news.
It's starting again.
Bad V"slau, the Beethoven Tower.
Bad V"slau, the Beethoven Tower, 1 2.
It's 1 0.
It takes about 45 minutes by car.
Alert the regional task force.
Go there with them.
Take cover.
We'll keep in touch.
What will you do? I'll try to get there before the ltalians.
Come on, Rex.
Are you all right? Everything's fine.
I'd rather sit in the front.
I get carsick in the back.
There? We'll do it on the access road just after the bend.
Brandtner to Böck.
Come at once! I can see them about 200 metres past the Beethoven Tower.
On the access road.
I'm in a plane.
Rex is with me.
Where are you? Approach from behind the tower, through the forest.
Right, we'll stay in touch.
Fly back one more time.
They've made a splinter bomb.
Stay under cover.
- Keep off the road.
- What are you planning? We're going down.
What? Come, Rex.
- Is it much further? - No, we're almost there.
Amato? Anna! How are you? What did the doctor say? Wonderful.
I'm so relieved.
I'll be home tomorrow.
I have a present for you.
I love you.
We're above the Beethoven Tower.
Where are you? We're moving through the forest towards the ltalians.
- We haven't seen them yet.
- Right.
We have to keep down.
Christian they're going to fire at the bomb.
- Can you see them? - Yes.
- 200 metres away.
- Good.
Get two men to block off the road.
The rest, come back here.
We'll attack them from here.
Get rid of those kids approaching the explosives.
Let's go.
Slow down.
Stop, please! - What happened? - What happened? Nothing much.
We just want to play hide-and-seek.
Children, hurry.
Come on, quickly! Are the children safe? Okay, I'm moving in.
Good, Rex.
Very good.
I didn't hear him coming.
I just didn't hear him.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
Everything okay? I'm Brandtner, head of the operation.
We've arrested two men who were planning to bomb you.
My name is Krammer.
Lucia Amato, public prosecutor.
Her secretary, Mr Bianchi.
Ms Amato's heading an inquiry into the Mafia.
We were meeting a bank expert here.
- Alex! - Yes.
We stopped a car.
The man has an appointment with a Ms Amato.
That's right.
Tell him Ms Amato won't be long.
Apart from the bank man, who knew you were coming? - Only us three.
- You've stayed together? Yes.
Excuse me.
- Would you have a mobile? - Yes.
Could I have it for a moment? Thanks.
You last called the ltalians.
We've been listening in.
I trusted you.
Have him taken away.
They kidnapped my wife and blackmailed me.
I'll take care of it.
The ltalian authorities have struck against the Mafia.
In Rome today, Michele Caraldo, a Mafia boss, was arrested.
He's been charged with drug dealing and 20 counts of inciting murder.
He's allegedly responsible for Chief Prosecutor de Paolo's death.
The arrest came about because of information given to the ltalian police by the Austrian police.
Thanks again.
We couldn't have arrested Caraldo without your help.
By the way, Bianchi's wife is free.
I must be off.
- Look after yourself.
- I will.
I wanted to give you something.
What? Goodbye.
Perhaps I'll come to Vienna again, to get the information.
Come on, Rex.