Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s04e06 Episode Script

Series 4, Episode 6

Put all the money in here.
The money! Don't try that again.
Yes, I want four.
Höllerer, are you buying shares? What? I was ordering ham rolls.
Somehow you look so different today.
You mean a bit more elegant? A new shirt and new braces.
Alex is always so well dressed I thought I'd dress better too.
I bought something new too.
Smart! And I'd like to do away with the tie.
It makes you look old.
Well? - Even smarter! - See? Look at you, Alex.
Well? You always look so elegant, I thought I'd wear a tie.
Somehow it doesn't suit him.
No? Thanks.
Rex Now you can't annoy me with it any more.
So what now? We were going to finish early and have a beer.
- Yes.
- We will.
- Nobody's going to stop us.
- So let's go.
All right.
We can't have that beer after all.
There's been a murder in a supermarket in district 5.
There's a bullet lodged in the body.
The time of death is known.
Let us have the projectile very soon.
Of course.
After the post mortem.
See you.
- Where did he shoot from? - From the cash register.
Quite a way.
And earlier he shot at you? No, her.
Not really.
I tried to press the alarm button and he fired.
So I moved my hand at once.
Notice anything special, like a watch or jewellery? No, nothing.
And was he nervous or quite calm? When he was shopping he looked like an old man but he walked away very fast.
A witness saw a man who fits the description.
He went around the corner to a peep show.
And? A police patrol checked, but didn't find him.
Does the video camera record or just monitor? It wasn't switched on.
Rex, you're not allowed in.
You're under 1 8.
How old is a dog at 1 8? Compared to humans over 1 00 years.
At that age he's past a peep show.
Anybody in? Coming.
Need some change? - Change? - You need coins to watch.
- So you've been here before? - Yes, officially.
Hello, I'm Brandtner from the Crime Squad.
My colleague Böck.
The police came and scared off all our customers.
Was an elderly man here, long white hair, light jacket? Yes, he changed some money and went into a cabin.
- When did he leave? - I didn't see him leave.
I'm not aways here, I also empty the slot machines.
- Did you see anyone leave? - Several, but not him.
I don't look at them closely.
They don't like it.
Was he carrying anything? A paper bag, I think, but I'm not sure.
What was your impression? Did he walk fast or slowly? No idea.
I had no impression.
He was just an old man.
Well were you successful? - Catch the suspect? - That'd be the day.
He went to a peep show after the hold-up.
A good hiding place.
He could wait there until the search was over.
But he must have left fairly soon.
A police patrol was there but he'd gone.
That goes against him hiding there.
But what goes for it is that the cabins lock from the inside.
Really? It seems Christian has investigated it at one stage.
Yes, officially.
You went to a peep show officially? It was before my official transfer to this division.
I see.
Christian Christian! Were you also officially a builder? If you want to eat your ham roll later it's advisable to safeguard it from Rex.
Have there been any similar cases? Four unsolved supermarket hold-ups.
During one a person was wounded, today was the first death.
We should compare the cases.
I have several identikits.
This was number one.
Number two.
He shot a person in the knee when he tried to trail him.
Number three.
Number four.
Show me number one again, please.
Looks like Elvis Presley.
Can you combine number two and three? Che Guevara.
And number four again.
Today's suspect had longer hair.
Add that in, please.
Now he looks like that famous scientist what's his name? Einstein.
They're all disguises of famous people.
It would be unusual if five different men used the same sort of disguise.
I'm pretty sure it's always the same man.
Remove the hair and moustache and superimpose them all.
That could be his real face.
A hold-up in a supermarket today ended in an exchange of gunfire.
The manager died from gunshot wounds soon afterwards.
The culprit escaped with an unknown amount of money.
He is elderly, with white hair.
Now for the weather On the radio they said that a supermarket was robbed.
One person was killed in the hold-up.
You killed someone.
It's too dangerous for me to have you here.
Nobody will recognise me.
- I'll go soon anyway.
- Why don't you rob a bank? Too much security.
One more job and I'll have enough money.
For your bar in the Mediterranean! Pipedreams! Look, why don't we start our show again? You as Diego with the thousand faces, me with the singing saw.
That's all over, you dreamer.
Christian, there's new evidence that the same man is involved.
In two incidents, shots were fired from the same weapon.
I visited three shops that sell magic and masks.
Nothing! So I bought something nice for Rex.
Come here, Rex! Got you! Stop it, Rex! Stop! Get him to stop.
That was expensive.
Rex! - How did you do that? - I gave him a sign.
We communicate with gestures.
- How does it work? - I'll show you.
Super! I'll try it, too.
- Any news from Höllerer? - No.
I guess they'll work through the night.
- There are so many theatres.
- And so many possibilities.
Make-up artists, hairdressers, actors or anyone who had access to those things.
I think this man is a master of disguise.
That'll be Christian.
Hi, Rex.
This is a Ficus Benjaminus, very precious and expensive.
I'm going inside anyway.
I've brought you something.
It's very nice.
This is beautiful.
Really lovely.
- Did you teach him that? - I had nothing to do with it.
Be glad it wasn't the sand bag So I should be grateful? - Did you give up your place? - I was forced to.
Rex didn't want to leave.
What else could I do? I wish someone would rent a house for me.
Wait and see.
Here, last night I studied the previous hold-ups.
- I noticed something.
- What? This guy can hit a victim's knee from a distance.
- Like in the supermarket? - Exactly.
We're after a man who's good at shooting and disguises.
I looked up a book on circus artists.
- You think he's in a circus? - Yes, or working in a show as a sharpshooter or a disguise artist.
Rex! Good morning, Rex.
Thank you.
Nobody's woken me up like that in ages.
- Morning.
- Morning, Alex.
Tell me, how was the theatre? It went on forever.
Afterwards I visited some performers' bars.
But nobody seems to know our man.
We might find him in a variety show or a circus.
Alex thinks he's a sharpshooter or a quick-change artist.
Go to the variety show in Anna Lane.
The director is a woman called Claudine Potovsky.
She used to run an agency.
She knows all the artists.
That dog act is great.
You've got the job.
Sorry, the dog's taken.
By me.
What do you do? Detective Brandtner.
I'm chasing a murderer.
This one.
The masks he wears on his robberies are all expert.
No one comes to mind right now.
He's also a sharpshooter.
Please wait a minute.
Have we got the job? If the dog isn't yours, who'll pull her skirt off? I will.
You have to give it back.
You have enough balls.
Sorry, the make-up remover makes your hands greasy.
I might have something for you.
This could be him.
He appeared as a sharpshooter, then as "Diego, man of a thousand faces," a quick-change artist.
- Do you know his real name? - No, he worked here years ago.
I finalised the contract through an artists' agency.
Any idea where to find him? He was friendly with the man who played the music.
He lives in a caravan park near Hagenbrunn.
- Do you know his name? - Koller.
Christian, our man has a friend named Koller in a caravan park near Hagenbrunn.
Drive over there.
What else do you know? Hello.
My name's Böck, Crime Squad.
I'm looking for a Mr Koller.
I'm Böck, Crime Squad, looking for a Mr Koller.
Next door.
I see.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Can I help you? - Maybe.
My name's Böck, Crime Squad.
- Are you Mr Koller? - Yes, I am.
Please - Come in.
- Thank you.
I was just practising.
Great But I came to ask you something else.
What can I do for you? We're looking for a man you know well.
A sharpshooter and quick-change artist.
Diego, the man with a thousand faces.
I haven't seen him for a long time.
- What has he done? - We're looking for him, okay? - What's his real name? - You don't know? - I wanted you to tell me.
- His name's Paul Wallisch.
Where do I find Paul Wallisch? I haven't the faintest idea.
Look, in your trade you always stay in touch somehow.
Still, I don't know where he is.
If you do know I'll get you as an accessory, for aiding and abetting and more.
My card.
In case it comes back to you.
Have a nice day.
That's him! The question is where is he now and what does he look like? - Christian - Yes? What did Koller say? Diego's real name is Wallisch.
That's all he knew.
What? Not a hint where he might be? No.
I can't wash off this greasy cream.
What cream? In the caravan I put my hands in a jar.
Brandtner here.
I need a police patrol to an American caravan.
Please arrest two men, Koller and Wallisch.
Be careful, Wallisch is armed.
Thank you.
- They'll get there before us.
- I don't quite understand.
The one you talked to wasn't Koller.
It was Wallisch.
That grease is make-up remover.
I learnt that at the variety show.
Shit! The police were here.
I'm off.
Hands up! You're under arrest! For me? - And I'm allowed to eat it? - Yes.
Forget it! It could happen to anyone.
Here, a gherkin for your ham roll.
- Thanks.
Very kind of you.
- To cheer you up.
We only found this man in the van.
According to his papers he's Thomas Koller.
- Thanks.
Please take a seat.
- Please.
So, Mr Koller Paul Wallisch left you some money and fled.
I advise you to tell us everything.
Come in.
Got everything? A Serbian passport, driver's licence, car registration papers.
- Looks good.
Where's the car? - Outside the hotel.
Mr Koller, this is the statement of your testimony.
Wallisch lived with you, you took no part in the raids.
All you know is he'll do one more raid and then disappear.
We must take you into custody as an accessory.
Please come with me.
So Here are all the supermarkets and peep shows.
He's under pressure, he knows we're after him.
So he might even try to pull a job tomorrow.
We can't watch every supermarket.
But there aren't that many peep shows.
Koller said that Wallisch took everything, but We might find something so Rex can pick up Wallisch's scent.
No one knows what he looks like right now.
This must be Wallisch's locker.
Only his vest is left.
Great! Come here, Rex.
There! Now Rex knows Wallisch's smell.
Look at this.
A catalogue of all the peep shows.
How does Sch"nbrunn fit into this? No idea.
Schönbrunn has a currency exchange.
- It's open today.
- Let's drive over.
Find him! Check his car! He's in the zoo.
Block all entrances.
- He'll change his disguise.
- But Rex has his scent.
I hope he'll keep it among all these animal smells.
Without clothes he can't disguise himself.
- He'll think of something.
- That's what I'm afraid of.
Move away! Get the dog away or something will happen.
Clear the pavillion! Everybody lie down! You too.
Close the shutters.
We're all set.
If you follow my instructions nothing will happen to you.
Lie down! And don't make any noise.
Mr Wallisch, I'm Böck from the Crime Squad.
We've met.
We talked in the caravan.
- Where do we go from here? - I bet you've searched my car.
I want the suitcase with the money.
Quickly! I have to talk to my superiors first.
I'll call you back.
Shall we give him the case with the money? Let him wait.
Keep talking to him.
Pretend we're negotiating with the authorities.
What if he wants to talk to them? Get me.
According to the waiter there are 8 to 1 0 guests inside.
And the boy.
There's only one entrance and we can't see what's going on inside.
- Should they bring the case? - Yes.
But only if he'll release some hostages in return.
He'll never agree to it.
He's too clever.
Maybe he'll let the boy go.
Is there another exit besides this door? No.
Downstairs are the toilets and the kitchen.
We've checked the case.
There's only money inside.
Should we install a microphone? No, he won't keep the case for long.
Let's swap the case for the boy.
Your case is outside.
Let the boy go as we arranged.
You can go now.
Shit! He's conned us.
- I'll call him.
- Wait a few minutes.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
- What's happening? - They're in a corner.
The man is aiming the pistol at them.
Yes yes I have to discuss it first.
He wants a bus so he can drive off with the hostages.
I think I know his plan.
He'll dress up as a hostage and we won't know who he is.
- Rex will sniff him out.
- Yes, he's our only chance.
Brandtner here.
What happened? One hostage tried to escape.
I had to shoot.
- She's not badly injured.
- Release the injured at once! Only when the escape vehicle arrives.
Get up! Get undressed! Put your clothes on a chair.
Then go down to the kitchen.
Get undressed! This bus should be okay.
Rex will recognise Wallisch by his scent, no matter what.
As he enters the bus, Rex will jump on him and throw him off.
And I'll fire from down there.
What you're planning is very risky.
Everything okay? The bus is here.
You promised to let the injured hostage go.
I'm sending her outside.
Attention! The injured hostage is coming out.
What is it, Rex? He's in the ambulance.
Attention! Wallisch is in the ambulance.
Come out, Mr Wallisch! - There's no driver now.
- Not true.
He'll drive me.
Stay where you are.
You might fool me, but not the dog.
Rex! Come!