Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s07e05 Episode Script

Ein todsicherer Tipp

INSPECTOR REX DEADLY CERTAINTY It's always a pleasure with you.
Thanks for the compliment.
Men often tell me.
Pity you only do it for money.
Doing it for love hurts.
The money's in the usual place.
Great to see it.
See you next week.
Same time.
I might have left by next week.
Why? Have you won lotto? Almost.
Yesterday there was this drunk here.
He told me he'd be rich soon.
It's about a mineral water company about to be taken over by another firm.
The smaller firm's shares are rock bottom.
When the banks open on Monday I'll buy some.
The shares will rocket after the takeover.
- What sort of guy was he? - Quite cool.
Tall, slim, light brown hair about this long.
He hasn't been here often.
- Don't believe a drunk.
- He wasn't that drunk.
It all sounds very promising to me.
I'll tell my parents too, so they make some money.
Gottfried, come in.
What makes you call me in on a Sunday morning? You arsehole.
Must you copy me? You screw the same tart I do.
Okay, you gave me her address.
That's not the point.
You talked stupid.
I was drunk.
I can't remember what I said.
But she does.
You told her about our Zauner deal.
She'll buy shares tomorrow.
So we worked for nothing, for over a year.
She'll buy shares nobody's interested in.
So will others and we can forget the takeover.
In the long run, we'll lose millions.
We'll find a solution.
We'll offer her money.
To buy more shares? She's not stupid.
She's doing a business course.
No, think of something else if you want to keep your job.
She must not buy those shares.
What am I to do? Kill her? You've no alternative.
Statistics say, murders hardly ever happen on Sundays.
It's obvious.
In the morning people sleep it off, at midday they eat their schnitzel, then take a walk.
In the evening they might have time for a murder.
So why are we sitting here now? I don't know.
Very good, Rex.
Very good.
What are you doing in there? You darken the room, then Rex brings that stuff out.
I'll show you.
Okay, come in.
Come in.
Rex, get the receiver.
He picked it by the smell.
All the objects are neutralised.
And he still picked the right one.
- How? - He saw it.
People thought dogs couldn't see in the dark.
But new tests show dogs can see better than us.
If I concentrate hard I can do the same.
You aren't a dog.
Who knows He knows now.
- Good morning, Ms Nikl.
- Good morning.
The clip.
Well, it's done.
But you didn't have to cut my trousers.
Don't get upset.
You wouldn't take them off.
But if anything happens I can't go like this.
You're right.
Occupied That can be changed within two days.
But I insist we sign the contract then.
I know it's easy to do but try to understand me too.
No problem.
I'll call our lawyer.
He works on Sundays, like me.
Excuse me.
- I can't do it.
I can't.
- You must.
I told you the consequences if you don't.
Mrs Zauner is here to discuss some final points.
We can sign in two days.
Well? It'll hold.
But myself, I wouldn't go around like that.
What do you say, Alex? I'd cut off the fringes.
No I feel you're trying to ruin my trousers.
Yes, all right.
A female body.
Murders don't happen on Sundays.
- Is it okay now? - Yes, handling perfectly.
Well? - All fixed? - Yes.
- It was dreadful.
- Were there any problems? No.
Otherwise, don't bother coming to work tomorrow.
The door wasn't locked.
It was easy for the murderer to open it from outside.
She was definitely strangled.
The implement was about 3 cm wide.
Probably a belt.
I had the neck area sticky-taped.
We might find traces of fibre.
And we found her fingernails showed some damage.
Possibly due to a fight with someone.
Quite risky, committing a murder here.
People pass by.
The murderer didn't bother to disguise her identity.
All her papers are still there.
I like you best of all.
You're sweet.
That's interesting.
- What? - Your trousers.
Oh, that.
The hotel porter noticed too, first thing.
- Anything else? - Yes, he knows the woman.
She came here often.
He saw her today.
And the gym area is accessible to every lift and stairway.
Doesn't make it easy for us.
Look A cook saw a tall, fairish, well-dressed man leaving in a hurry by the tradesmen's entrance.
Tall, fair, well-dressed.
- Fairish.
- When? - About two hours ago.
- That's about when she died.
- Bye.
- Bye.
No more detailed description? No, he only glimpsed him from behind.
- Is this a break-in? - Yes, for official reasons.
I didn't think it was your hobby.
Anything wrong with Ms Nikl? I meant to talk to you about Ms Nikl.
Then come in.
I made chilli beans.
Con came? I'll come right away.
- Hey, Fritz.
Any news? - Yes, the door's open.
- And I must - What? For an economics student she had a lot of money.
Terrific dresses.
I bet they cost, cost heaps.
And we have to make do with ham rolls.
Thank you.
What about a coffee? I'll accept if you tell me more about Ms Nikl.
But let me have some time to think.
I'll have my coffee in the meantime.
Economic upturn in border regions.
Co-written by Marion Nikl & Hubert Fischer.
He should be able to tell us about her.
I'm sorry.
- Sorry, it took a bit longer - No problem.
- What did you find out? - She does a great chilli.
- Did you finish it all? - How could I? Ms Nikl often stayed out overnight.
Sometimes she'd get back towards midday.
No male visitors.
But lately a man visited in the afternoons.
Ms Nikl said he was a fellow student.
He might be Hubert Fischer.
Let's talk to him.
Do you think a woman of a poor background could make that sort of money from shares? She was doing business studies.
These papers confirm it.
Maybe the murder's to do with her money.
Not bad.
- I should buy shares.
- Be careful.
Some people lose their last pair of pants.
That's "lose their shirt," Alex.
This way.
This is Mr Fischer.
Hello, I'm Brandtner.
My collegue Beck.
Please, over there.
Business students are respectable people.
Mr Fischer has his own Internet cafe and an alibi.
Be careful.
Now I must do it again.
It wasn't me, Rex did it.
Don't blame Rex, he's over there.
None of us could believe that share trading alone financed her lifestyle.
Where do you think the money came from? She was very attractive but cold towards men.
At first I thought she was a lesbian.
But one night she was seen with an older man in an expensive car.
Then rumours began that she earned her living that way.
- Never! - Yes, really.
- Good evening, gentlemen.
- Hello, Susie.
My colleagues, Beck and Kunz.
Good evening.
I doubt if I can help.
I never saw the victim.
The scene is quite big.
- Did the details help? - Not much.
I've listed places she may have worked at.
Thank you.
Have fun.
I must go.
Statistically, this has never happened before.
Today of all days! Me in torn pants.
- Who is she? - A colleague, Susie.
She works as an undercover prostitute.
The Russian Mafia take over dubious places.
She gave me a list of top Vienna brothels.
Scour them.
It might help us.
A colleague Shit! - Sir - Thanks, keep the change.
- Do you have to? - Yes, I haven't eaten all night.
- Are you off sausages? - I'm so sick.
So I shouldn't eat? You had your chilli.
It's not the chilli, it's the champagne.
What? Drinking on duty? I had to.
When I showed my badge no one would talk.
So you said you were a customer and had champagne.
What was in the bottle wasn't what the label said.
- Any news? - No.
Let me eat now.
Look, I met a regular in classy brothels.
He can help.
Hello, care for a threesome? No thanks.
I just want to eat my sausage.
- And I'm not well.
- Pity.
Enjoy your sausage.
You wouldn't be able to.
It's closing time.
I want to put 5 million shillings into shares.
In the Zauner mineral water company.
What made you choose that one? My intuition.
It brought me luck before.
You're mistaken in this case.
I strongly advise you against this deal.
It's not only at rock bottom but on its way out.
Don't investment advisors take risks? - I do.
But - So don't browbeat me.
- After all, it's my money.
- I'll do it anyway.
It can be okay to buy when shares are low.
But these won't rise.
The company's broke.
Just buy them.
And as soon as possible.
Kainz here.
I'm glad I caught you, Mr Neumann.
I've something to say that might interest you.
Really? Yes.
Thank you for the information, Mr Kainz.
Now I owe you a favour.
I'll reciprocate.
What's up? I don't know how and I don't care Mrs Kowalsky got wind of our deal.
She wants to buy shares through Kainz.
We must do something.
Good morning, Alex.
You look rather battered.
- Want a coffee? - Yes, thanks.
I spent the whole night in various brothels.
Really? On business, I hope.
It wasn't pure pleasure.
Ms Nikl was probably a classy prostitute and we need to know where she worked.
There are many possibilities.
I found that out.
No, I mean the culprit.
In that scene it may be anyone.
- Maybe I can help you.
- I take any help I can get.
Do you? Come with me.
Ms Nikl's murderer must have sweated heavily.
We found some drops of sweat which are not hers.
And here This is his DNA.
Well? Leo, I don't know what to say.
Public prosecutor Sawatzky? Yes, what do you want? Kunz, Crime Squad.
I'd like to show you something.
Here - Well? - The best brothels in Vienna.
How do I fit in? We have confidential notes that you're a regular.
That's enough! We're investigating a murder case.
But this list didn't really help us.
They say there's a secret brothel.
You'd know.
What cheek! - I've no time.
- You will, if we summons you.
You have a family, so I thought All right then.
District 13.
6 Garden Street.
Happy? Not quite.
When do they open? Eleven o'clock.
In the morning.
That gives me some time.
Please, gentlemen.
How can I help you at this early hour? The girls haven't started.
Don't worry.
We're here to talk business.
You, with me? Let's hear it.
You ordered the purchase of shares worth five million.
- How do you know? - Doesn't matter.
We came to ask you to withdraw the offer.
I might make big money with those shares.
We'll talk about precisely that.
How much do you think you can make? We'll see, won't we? Who tipped you off? Marion Nikl? If you'll excuse me a moment.
Stay, Mrs Kowalsky.
No No wonder we didn't find the culprit in the DNA index.
Let's hope Kunz' hint will hold a clue.
Police! Help me.
- Can you get up? - Yes.
You were lucky Rex found you.
Sta)'- Rex found a woman in the attic.
A Polish woman.
She's a cleaner here.
She heard two male voices in here, and screams.
Scared, she ran to hide and got hurt.
This woman is Eva Kowalsky, the boss here.
And she told me Marion Nikl worked here.
So we're on the right track.
Someone tried to make it look like suicide.
I've informed Doctor Graf and Forensics.
Passing it off as suicide was badly done.
She was first strangled, then hanged.
Circular rope lines with cross points at the neck.
One side rising, overlapping the other.
And no sign of earlier suicide attempts.
Have a look, Christian.
I can't go on like this, I'll end it all.
With three typing errors.
Each time, the adjoining letter is added to the right one.
They were in a hurry.
I think they didn't want to leave fingerprints.
Someone wrapped something round his finger and hit two keys at once.
Look at this.
A surveillance system.
But with no recording facility.
For security reasons.
If there was trouble in a room she could interfere.
This is interesting.
In this paper the same shares are circled as at Ms Nikl's.
These days, many people trade in shares.
But they don't get killed.
Was that all? I can't take it.
I'm at the end of my tether.
Pull yourself together.
Tomorrow afternoon Thanks, Gabi.
Tomorrow we'll have the contract.
Mrs Zauner signs, we own the firm and vanish.
No coffee for me.
We must try to sell our shares from abroad.
And they'll be worth more.
We've killed two people.
If you hadn't talked it wouldn't have happened.
- I hope he didn't scare you.
- No, on the contrary.
I was lost in thought.
He's Rex, I'm Brandtner.
Are you Erika Zauner? Yes.
I'd like to talk to you.
Police - Your maid said you'd be here.
- Come down.
There are steps over there.
What do the police want of me? We're investigating two murders.
Both victims showed interest in your shares.
I can't imagine it.
We're nearly bankrupt.
As of tomorrow, all this won't be mine any more.
For over 50 years we sold mineral water.
But these days our firm isn't big enough.
Now our competitor is taking us over.
Can you tell me more about it? The firm taking us over belongs to a Mr Neumann.
Is he tall, young, light brown hair? No, that's Mr Weber.
He drew up the contracts.
Good evening.
Breath testing.
Please see my colleague.
Good evening.
I'm sure you've seen this before.
Please blow into it.
And again.
Lucky you.
Another 0.
1 and you'd lose your licence.
You can drive off now.
This will do for a DNA analysis.
This way.
Can you tell me why these two got me out of my office? Sit down, Mr Weber.
I want to show you something.
Well, what's all this? - Do you know what DNA is? - Not really.
And I'm not interested.
You will be.
Every person has a unique genetic system.
A far better identifier than fingerprints.
- Get to the point.
- With pleasure.
The upper DNA is from a drop of sweat we found on Marion Nikl's body.
By the way, the breath test last night was planned.
The lower DNA is a trace you left on the mouthpiece.
As you can see they're identical.
Can you explain? Did the police say why they took him? What time? Thanks, Gabi.
Don't forget, Mrs Zauner will come later.
It's important that she signs.
I swear, Mr Neumann made me kill Marion Nikl to save the takeover.
You killed Mrs Kowalsky too? No, he did.
The takeover would have meant a huge profit increase.
I was I was afraid of losing everything.
What an unusual way of securing a job.
Did you think we'd never find out? I was afraid, given time, the police would trace us.
But we were flying out tonight after the deal.
There! Go after him, Rex.
Rex! - Neumann's in the plane.
- And Rex? Him too.
Put your foot down.
Oh 1 my' Were you going to leave without me? Well I wonder where Neumann went.
I could have arrested you out there.
But it was too far to walk.
Look, when I saw that Neumann and Weber's office was full of police, I refused to sign the contract.
And since this afternoon many investment advisers started buying our shares.
We're credit-worthy again and I can carry on.
- I'm so pleased, Mrs Zauner.
- Thank you.
We should all buy Zauner shares.
And when they rise you can buy new pants.