Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s07e06 Episode Script

Tödlicher Test

INSPECTOR REX A DEADLY TES The salesperson got it wrong.
I wanted it sent home.
- I always wanted one like that.
- Me too.
Come on, Rex.
You're the goalkeeper.
The goalkeeper and you stop the ball.
Like this.
- Be careful, please.
- We must play it in.
- You're our goalkeeper.
- Why? - Because I say so.
- Okay? Start.
Goal! Push one.
One, not the lot.
- You're too slow.
- And you're asleep.
- You can't beat us.
- Now I'm attacking.
- We'll lose by more.
- No.
Your turn.
Oh my.
My lovely game.
The table isn't at all sturdy.
Rex You mustn't give it all you've got.
- Is that you, Georg? - Yes.
- Weren't you going to be later? - I swapped shifts.
It appears the killer struck her with a notebook.
With full force.
I found heavy bruises at the back of the woman's head.
Alex She was PR officer of an airline.
Her office is on the 20th floor.
- Any witnesses? - No, although it's a glass lift.
When the questionings over the couple can go home.
And we'll look at her office.
We could go and eat Japanese.
Give me ten minutes.
I'll shower and we'll go.
Can we afford it? Yes.
Two bowls of rice and green tea.
Shall I shower with you? It was the victim's notebook.
She took it everywhere.
But nobody saw her get into the lift.
Did Forensics find fingerprints on the notebook? Very prominent ones, but they're not on file.
I talked to the PR's sister.
She had a small circle of friends.
But she was popular.
She's been single for a year.
There are over 200 offices, several shops, a restaurant and a cafe.
It will take days to question the staff.
Wake up! The film's over.
Hey, get UP- - What's up? - The film's over.
Would you please leave.
I slept so well.
Hurry UP- Don't do that.
Sod it! - Your vanilla ice cream.
- Thanks.
- And wafers.
- Many thanks.
Don't you like the ice cream? Somebody must have hit him with the fire extinguisher, he dragged himself to the stairs and got caught.
A notebook, a fire extinguisher.
ls it the same killer? Maybe.
I see parallels with the lift case.
The killer again struck with full force.
And with the nearest available object.
I've had enough for today.
More details tomorrow.
Christian Rex, sniff it.
Very good, Rex.
Ask Forensics to check this seat.
Now that we know his seat, I'll question the staff tomorrow.
I bet they won't remember.
There are thousands of seats! He might have made a phone booking.
- You're an optimist.
- That's why I'm your partner.
No, don't! What's wrong with you? You're bathed in sweat.
- You had a nightmare? - Yes, a very bad one.
- I hope, not about me.
- No.
Pity you didn't dream what I dreamt.
You dreamt of Japan again.
Of a samurai who saved me from wild robbers and abducted me to the mountains.
Stupid bastard.
No, I didn't dream that.
But I'd love to go to Japan.
A police notice.
We ask all cinemagoers who attended the 9 p.
session in the Cineplex-Centre, cinema D, to get in touch.
Stay tuned.
We keep you best informed.
I'm sorry.
I know the music's too loud.
I'll turn it down.
I thought you'd gone to uni.
Come in.
- Look, I don't have time.
- Don't exaggerate.
- When is your exam? - Tomorrow.
- And are you nervous? - Not this time.
I'm sure you'll pass.
The lab.
At last.
Don't keep me in suspense.
It can't be true.
What? They compared the fingerprints.
They're not the same.
Two killers, and the second isn't on file either.
This stinks.
You can say that again.
Okay let's concentrate on the second case.
The culprit brought the juice tin in from outside.
- They don't sell that brand.
- And we know the seat number.
We also know he took the subway.
Rex traced him.
Alex, this gentleman called the police.
- What did you see? - I didn't see much.
I was over there beside my car.
The lorry barred my view completely.
- But I heard something.
- Like what? A woman and a man were quarrelling.
She screamed at him for racing his bike on the pavement.
- And then? - Then? He said "Don't get excited.
Nothing happened.
" But she didn't calm down.
Kept screaming at him.
Then suddenly it went quiet.
That's when I got curious.
Then I went from there over to there.
And she was lying over there.
She didn't move.
Her head was covered in blood.
- Did you see the cyclist? - No, no I think he took off in that direction.
Fritz, what about the woman? She has head injuries and is in shock.
Thanks for your support.
If you think of anything else, please ring.
I'm grateful.
Well? Now we know for sure it was a male.
They all agreed on his age.
Between 20 and 30.
One woman heard his pager ring once, a short tone.
- A SMS? - That's what she thought.
But it doesn't help us.
- What are you doing? - Cleaning the lock.
Blood? Yes, I had a slight accident.
- Were you hurt? - No, don't worry.
- What happened? - I collided with another bike.
- Luckily, I'm not hurt.
- And the other person? - Hurt her knee.
- Badly? Only bruised.
- Another beer? - No, thanks.
Hello, I'm an organ donor.
Do you need anything? - What's on offer? - Why discuss it here? - Got a better suggestion? - In my intensive care unit? We haven't got anywhere.
Let's check the facts again.
In each case there's no link between victim and culprit.
So there are no personal motives.
Given how the culprits acted, it was unplanned.
But all three cases showed immense brutality.
Ring Drug Addiction.
Maybe there's a new, unprescribed drug out.
You think they attack when they're high? Look it's either freaky junkies or psychopaths, or or whatever People who turn into killers under hypnotic pressure.
For no reason whatsoever they blow their top and brutally kill people.
Got a better explanation? No.
I'll look through the files for similar cases.
Rex, will you get me a coke? Can we talk to the woman? Kunz will ring when she wakes up.
Thanks, Rex.
Why didn't I think of that before? This tin has a special code.
- Why all the hurry? - It's urgent.
Slow down.
Or you'll run out of steam when we get there.
You don't know how fit I am.
Let him sleep, Rex.
What's up? I'll call a taxi.
- Want to leave now? - Yes.
- Why? - Why not? Why should you care? So where's the phone? I'm not saying.
I'll find a taxi outside.
Hey, you can't do that to me.
Stay on a while.
I think you could do with a shave, Rex.
Hey, give me the razor back.
Give it back.
Enough, Rex.
Give me my razor.
Won't he obey you? - Does it hurt? - No.
Taking blood is part of it.
Well, that was it.
You took the drugs regularly? Exactly as you said.
Every four hours.
Easy, with the watch you gave me.
Did you notice any changes in the last three days? No.
Panic attacks or sweating? No, I feel much better now I take the drug six times a day.
- No headaches? - No.
No flicker before the eyes? Sometimes forget it.
- Come on, tell me.
- ls it important? - What is it? - Sometimes I feel irritable.
Must be the heavy workload.
I noted it in my daily reports.
Lately I haven't had much sleep.
If you feel any discomfort, please let me know.
See you in three days.
Oh yes, the cheque.
Has the lift killer struck again? It can't be true.
Sabine! Sabine What's up? The dead woman in the lift The notebook I killed that woman.
Two heavy blows to the head.
Maybe with the tequila bottle.
It doesn't stop.
Kunz just rang.
The code on the tin looks helpful.
It came from a supermarket in Laudon Lane.
Laudon Lane Close to two student hostels.
Why? We're looking for a man between 20 and 30 who buys juice at a shop, not the cinema.
- To save money.
- Who hasn't much money? Students.
I killed that woman.
You didn't even know her.
I don't know why.
You must go to the police.
No, see a doctor.
What will happen to us? They'll say I'm crazy.
Put me away for life.
You want that? Georg, please The drugs maybe it's to do with the drugs.
What drugs? I volunteered as a guinea-pig for a new drug.
Why didn't you tell me? It pays.
You've studied Japanese for years and never got there.
- I saved for the trip.
- Georg, you're crazy.
You can't risk your health for that.
Mr Brauneis? A fruit juice drinker.
And a film freak.
He's our man.
Hey, I don't know you.
You're a lovely dog.
Who do you belong to? Me.
Hello, I'm Brandtner.
Criminal Investigation.
- Police? - We're looking for Mr Brauneis.
No idea where Moritz is.
- A student of - Mathematics.
- Is he in any trouble? - We'll see.
Have you noticed any change in him lately? No, he was as usual.
A bit quiet because of his exam.
- Is he taking drugs? - I don't know about it.
- Do you know his friends? - He's a loner.
Film stars are his friends.
I've got a lecture.
- Never seen a blond student? - Not with such great legs.
- What's up? - The police are after you.
- The police? Why? - You should know.
I was caught last week stealing a book.
The man promised not to report me.
Now the cops are after me.
What can I do? My exam starts in an hour.
I must be there.
My car's over there.
Come with me.
Come on.
Run, run! Get away! Off! Reverse.
I can't get out.
- Put your foot down.
- I can't kill the dog.
Drive off.
He'll move.
But drive off.
Drive off! Go! Mr Brauneis, I presume? Get out.
- Mucking us around? - No.
I admitted I was in the cinema.
You must believe me.
The film wasn't exciting.
I fell asleep.
That's all I remember.
From when do you remember things again? At home.
I showered, then went to bed.
No idea how or when I got home.
And you've never seen that man before? I don't think so.
And your prints on the extinguisher? I'd like to know.
So think about it.
He's having us on.
- I'm not so sure.
- Where's your brain? News for you.
We found these drugs in his room.
- Your coffee.
- Thank you.
I always had doubts about the dosage.
- They were unfounded.
- No, thanks.
None of your guinea-pigs had problems.
It was okay to try a higher dosage.
Why am I the only one giving a higher dosage? Calm down, nothing happened.
When the product's out you'll get your cut.
You need the money, right? I understand.
See? After this trial, I'm out.
I won't take part in illegal tests again.
You said you were studying for a difficult test, right? Yes.
Ten to twelve hours a day.
I know some students take stimulants before tests.
- To learn better.
- I don't need to.
What's this? - A sort of sedative.
- Where from? I volunteered as a guinea-pig for a trial.
It's harmless.
- Are you Dr Peterka? - Yes.
What can I do for you? Moritz Brauneis, the mathematics student.
Yes, he's part of the group.
I don't see the connection between homicide and a student.
Mr Brauneis is suspected of killing a person.
What? And how can I help you? What drugs must your guinea-pigs swallow? First, they're not guinea-pigs.
Second, it's not a must.
They're volunteers, under strict medical control.
What drug do they take? It's a new anti-depressant, being tested in association with a drug company.
Could it be that this drug causes aggression? No.
I can reassure you.
So far there have been no side-effects.
Can I have a list of the people? Sorry, they're my patients.
Medical secrecy, I see.
It can't be helped.
Thanks for your help.
Play sick.
- Can I use your toilet? - Over there.
A nice house.
ls that genuine Art Nouveau? Look at the woodwork.
My wife had it renovated.
She loves the house.
The way the jamb tapers.
We had a job to find it.
What's wrong with him? He recently had a kidney infection.
Wait a minute.
I'll get something.
Tell him to drink water.
Drink it, it's good for you.
He doesn't want it.
- Here.
Give him one.
- What is it? A suppository.
Never seen one? I have.
But never as big as this.
Try to get UP- Is it that bad? Poor dog.
Give him one straight away.
It works immediately.
Rex'? - What's up? - Maybe his kidneys again.
You poor thing.
Can you walk at all? Take all of them.
And I urge you to see a vet right away.
You're a born actor, Rex.
Gee, you're so heavy.
Why all this fuss? Why not just a search warrant? He'd have erased the data by the time we got there.
- Did you get the stuff? - I think so.
We don't need these any more.
Or do we? Just kidding.
Hey Fritz, we'll see Dr Graf.
I just sent myself an E-mail.
Open it.
It's urgent.
Will we ever have anything not urgent? Did you take other drugs? No.
- Or did you drink alcohol? - No, I didn't.
Not a drop while I'm on drugs.
We'll take you off the drug straight away.
Then what? I killed a woman.
How can I cope with it? I'll call a colleague.
It won't take long.
Dr Wimmer.
What? Impossible.
Sure, I'll come over When I can get away.
But I urge you not to let him leave.
Don't forget, you're involved in this too.
I'm well aware of it.
My colleague's on his way.
I'm going to turn myself in.
And you come too.
All right.
Seems like the best solution.
They might find the test drugs just an excuse for the murder.
- You can't be serious.
- I'm sure the pills don't count.
We'll find out.
I'm off to the police.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm Sabine Bauer.
I want to give evidence.
Sit down.
It's about my friend, not me.
He works as a guinea-pig with a doctor.
I feel he's of unsound mind at times.
He's vanished.
I'm afraid something may happen.
There you are.
Got it? We did a quick analysis.
Look, in the brain Leo, please get to the point.
Yes, yes.
We found a substance in the pills that acts on the dopa system.
Meaning? Dopamine acts to pass on thought signals in the brain.
One pill six times a day was too high a dose.
What happens? It can cause a paradoxical effect.
It may cause severe outbursts of aggression.
Some people can't remember a thing afterwards.
Here's a list of experimentees on high doses for the past three days.
I see.
And three days ago the first murder happened.
Excuse me.
A woman here says her friend may be the lift killer.
- Name? - Georg Hofmann.
He's on our list.
Get back-up.
All the subjects must see a doctor.
Maybe it caused a cross-reaction.
He assured me he hadn't taken any alcohol or other drugs.
- The dose was too high.
- There could be other reasons.
And the mathematics student? It's no coincidence.
- There they are again.
- Who? The police.
They were here before.
- You're in a hurry.
- May I? The tests and dosage aren't down to me.
We'll see.
- Who's in there? - Dr Wimmer, from research.
Christian Stay, Rex.
Rex, it won't work.
Come here.
He'll soon wake up.
The doctor gave him a strong sedative.
Rex, I think he'll remember you for quite a while.