Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s07e07 Episode Script


I'm from the firm that installed your burglar alarm.
One of your appliances may be causing some interference.
May I come in? Come in.
Thank you.
It won't take long.
I can't think what it can be.
All my appliances are working fine.
That may not be the issue.
There may be some interference from your TV.
The TV's over there.
Go ahead.
Excuse me I must tell you something.
We We don't know each other but you're the embodiment of my dreams.
Pardon? Yes.
And I know we two will be as one in our passion.
Leave my house at once! I have the same erotic dreams as you.
Go now, or I'll call the police.
Don't stop, Rex.
There's a pile over there.
And there's another one.
Give me a break, Rex.
You know I don't like it.
Gabi? Gabi! Okay, okay! Brandtner.
Where? Okay.
Work, guys- Coming.
I actually saw him murder her.
I thought this might happen.
They haven't lived here long but they're always fighting.
Do you know when it happened? When I called you, I looked at my watch.
It was ten past five.
- Hi, Leo.
- Hello, Alex.
Hello, Rex.
According to our witness it's clear-cut.
What did he see? Her boyfriend kneeling over her and shaking her.
That wouldn't have killed her.
She almost certainly fell and hit her head here.
She fractured her skull, causing brain damage.
Maybe it severed her cerebral arteries.
She obviously struggled.
There are scratch marks on her wrists and arms.
The witness claims he saw it happen shortly after five.
By then she'd been dead for an hour at least.
So he'd have spent an hour with the corpse before leaving.
The weirdest things happen.
They're both computing students and worked for a software company.
They met at work.
One of the neighbours told me.
The boyfriend's old address.
Hello, Mr Stoll.
- Is that the alarm system? - Yes.
- Install it tomorrow.
- Okay.
- You can knock off.
- Thanks.
Today a violent crime was committed at Sievering.
In her house at 135 Sieveringerstrasse the 25-year-old student Gabriele S died of serious head injuries.
A neighbour saw what happened.
- What did you see? - I don't believe it.
L was mowing the lawn Impossible! L saw him lean over and shake her.
Why are you surprised? It happens all the time.
L immediately called the police.
The police wish to contact the dead woman's partner, Paul K.
The police have given us this photo.
Gabi's dead.
And they suspect me of murder.
Go to the police and tell them what happened.
They won't believe me.
I ran away.
That was the news.
And now for the weather.
What's wrong? You're behaving strangely.
Is something wrong? "You're acting strange.
What's wrong?" I'm fine.
I just forgot to do some work for tomorrow.
Pleasure Zones You're always reading that book.
And? I think it's pornography.
And I think it's literature.
The most exciting erotica I've ever read.
And I'll read this book again and again.
What's so exciting about it? The woman who wrote it and her erotic fantasies.
You've changed a lot recently.
Are you all right? Do you need anything? Sweet of you.
I'm fine.
Have you had anything to eat? The usual.
You know.
- Want to have a look? - Of course.
If you keep this up we can publish earlier than we thought.
"It was an August night just before dawn.
"He removed my clothes slowly, then I undressed him.
"He had a beautiful body, "toned but not too muscular.
"We made love at the very top of the bridge.
"Then plunged into the depths together.
"The bungee rope tautened and held us.
" Would that really work? Yes.
That's not for me.
I wouldn't have the nerve.
Work or not, I think it'd be wonderful.
You know this story is almost better than the one about the cage.
Thank you.
Have a look around outside.
Help him, Rex.
My name's Brandtner.
I'm from the police.
- I'm Mrs Kufner.
Come in.
- Thank you.
You know we're looking for your son? - Yes, it was on TV.
- Do you know where he is? No, I haven't seen Pauli for a couple of days.
- Do you smoke? - Occasionally.
- May I ask which brand? - Er Stay here, please.
I'll send in a colleague.
He was here until recently.
Quite likely.
Rex has picked up a scent.
Will you have a look inside to make sure? Rex, wait.
All right.
But not too fast, okay? - Mr Kufner? - Over here.
Stay, Rex.
I know you won't believe me but I didn't do it.
I shook her.
I wanted to bring her round.
It never occurred to me she might be dead.
Let me say this one more time Why would I kill Gabi the day before our engagement? Alex It's true about the engagement.
He'd booked a table and invited friends.
They only quarrelled about opening a business.
You should have been a lawyer.
It pays better.
Look, there's evidence both for and against you.
We'll assume someone else killed your girlfriend.
- Have you any idea who? - None at all.
Then we'll find out if a stranger's been here.
Can I have an article of her clothing? Don't touch it.
The murderer must have left his scent on your girlfriend's clothes.
I'll let Rex sniff this garment first, then one she was wearing at the time of the murder.
Okay, Rex.
It wasn't you.
Okay, Rex.
Come back in.
Now we know which way the perpetrator left.
But what Rex found out isn't admissible as evidence.
I noticed this dresser yesterday.
It's the previous tenant's.
She moved out a month ago.
She was going to pick it up but she hasn't come for it yet.
- Do you know her name? - No idea.
You'd have to ask the agent.
A tradesman was seen at the time of the crime? None had been asked to come.
Do we have anything more on Ms Hecht, the previous tenant? She moved out suddenly.
The neighbours said she was in a hurry.
She's still registered as living there.
Has she gone underground, emigrated or been busy? Ms Hecht arranged to have her post forwarded.
It's being sent to the Beo publishing company.
Rental agreements Apartment This way, Inspector.
My name's Brandtner.
This is my colleague, Rex.
What can I do for you? I've come about Tina Hecht.
Does she work for you? Yes.
- Would you like a seat? - Thanks.
Why do you want to know? Yesterday there was a murder in Ms Hecht's old flat.
Yes, I saw it on TV.
A dreadful affair.
But what has it to do with us? Ms Hecht is registered at her old flat.
But her mail is sent here.
Can you tell me why? Of course, but please treat this matter confidentially.
Tina Hecht used the pseudonym Mary Curtis to write an erotic bestseller.
As her family is conservative, she didn't want them to know but some friends of hers found out.
She got obscene calls and anonymous letters.
So she changed flats.
Her address was to be secret.
In the end I held back her letters.
- Have you got them? - Of course.
I'd like to have them.
Where is Ms Hecht now? She's gone south.
She's writing her second novel.
We don't know where she is.
- I think I'm onto something.
- What? An anonymous writer wants her to respond to his erotic propositions.
His letters get more threatening.
He says he'll find her.
RENTAL AGREEMEN The murder victim may have been mistaken for your author of whom there are no photos.
She's in danger.
I must know where she is.
She's in hiding in Vienna.
We've rented a flat for her.
May I ask why you didn't say so in the first place? I wanted her to finish her second novel in peace.
Can I have the address? 45th floor.
Thank you.
Call her.
She's not to let anyone in except me.
Come, Rex.
The burglar alarm is playing up.
It may be caused by one of your appliances.
- They're all working.
- That's not be the issue.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Can I help you? Yes, I'm looking for Ah, there it is.
Dietary meals on wheels Have you found the problem? It's not that.
I'll try the television.
Ms Eigner sent me.
I must talk to you.
Come up.
I think it's the TV.
I'll fetch another gauge.
All right.
Ms Hecht? I'm from the police.
Police? - Come in.
- Thank you.
What's wrong? No one knows my address.
Didn't Ms Eigner call you? I don't know.
I went to get the mail.
He was wearing a blue jacket and had a tool box.
He must be the man we're after.
He found you despite your precautions.
Oh, no.
You aren't safe here.
Don't worry.
You needn't sleep in his room.
This way.
I feel more at home here than in the flat you showed me.
The flats the police have for such purposes aren't very luxurious.
You see I'm not fussy but I can't write everywhere and I want to finish my new book.
- You'll be undisturbed here.
- Thank you.
And you'll be guarding me the whole time? Either me or one of my colleagues.
From what we've been told he looks something like this.
I wonder how he found her new address.
Hard to say but he can't know she's staying with Alex.
- Who's taking over tomorrow? - I will.
He's got the best part of it anyway.
A night shift with a writer of erotic novels! WOW! A few people think I'm really like that.
But everything in the book is made up.
I've experienced none of it, not even partially.
I enjoy stimulating my fantasy and that of my readers.
That's the point of literature.
Fantasy is a land of adventure for the shy, and I'm one of them.
Why, though? You have no reason to be.
I haven't read your book but in the foreword you mention an adventure.
It's an erotic adventure with a lion tamer.
The performance is over.
The circus is empty apart from the circus cage, him and me.
I got the idea from a trip to the circus.
Sounds exciting.
Do you mind if I work now? I like writing at night.
No problem.
Come on, Rex.
Hi, Christian.
Who's taking over here tomorrow? Okay.
Your imagination is running riot.
If that were true, I wouldn't be calling you.
She's working.
Yeah, yeah.
Bye, Alex.
She's working, or so he claims.
That can be quite interesting.
She'll have to stop some time.
Excuse me! Hey, I was here first.
Hi, Christian.
It's me again.
In one of the letters it says something about a cage.
Can you read it to me? I've got it.
It says "I've even got hold of a real lion's cage for us.
" Check with all the circuses if anyone has bought a lion's cage recently.
I know how late it is but someone must be there.
Hey She looks different to how she writes.
Have you read her book? Most of it.
Where did you sleep? On the couch with Rex.
Believe me, he wasn't too happy.
By the way, I've got the address of a man who collects circus stuff and an identikit picture.
Hecht's meals Dietary meals on wheels To be delivered to Millennium Tower Yes, Lisa.
I'm fine.
Everything is okay.
I'm getting on well with the book.
I'll be in touch.
Good morning, Ms Hecht.
I'm Christian Beck.
I'm a colleague of Alex of Inspector Brandtner.
- I've made some coffee.
- Great.
This is Tina Hecht.
Can you send my meals to a new address? It's Purkersdorf, 8 Waldstrasse.
Thank you.
Sorry! - Milk and sugar? - No, thanks.
I have it black.
I've read your book.
The things you've done! I'm writing my second one.
So that wasn't all? He looked similar to that.
But I don't remember the glasses.
Do you know what car he had? Could it take a cage? The cages come in pieces.
They fit in a van.
He had a van but I don't know what colour.
Is there anything else? People don't often buy cages.
Some collectors buy everything from circus caravans to tents.
He inquired about tailors who make lion tamers' uniforms.
- How many of them are there? - Quite a few.
Vienna delivery service.
Perhaps you could help us.
We deliver mineral water to Ms Tina Hecht.
She's moved to a new address and one of our staff accidentally lost it.
Perhaps you could help us out.
Christian, it's me.
ls everything okay? So-so.
He suggested some tailors.
We're checking them out now.
Ms Tina Hecht asked for her meals to be sent here.
One second, please.
Excuse me, did you order some food? I need a special diet.
My blood sugar levels are too high In my letters I said I'd find you.
He had a lion tamer's uniform made to measure.
- Did he say why? - No.
I'd like to have known.
I know most circus people.
Can you think of anything else? He paid in cash and didn't give his name but when he opened his wallet I saw his card.
His name was Stoll, I think, and it said something about security systems.
Who are you? What do you want? Isn't it obvious? I'm giving you the chance to live out your favourite erotic fantasy as often as you like.
It was made up.
It's just a story.
It's a pity you don't stand by it.
You needn't be ashamed.
You see, I feel the same as you.
Just the same.
We're ideal partners.
This is madness.
It's nothing but your fantasy.
The cage door is open.
But you can't get out because this will happen A high-voltage current.
No one can get in apart from me and you can't get out.
But you'll get used to it.
You'll have to.
Help! Search his business premises.
Have you any other addresses for him? Where? I'll try the old mansion.
Very nice.
That looks very nice.
Thank you.
Don't come any closer! The floor's electrified.
- Is there a switch? - I don't know.
Nowhere here for sure.
We'll get you out.
Rex will stay with you, okay? I'll be straight back.
Christian, I need a rescue team at the old mansion.
Yes, send them at once.
Don't come here, Rex.
It's all right.
We've got him.
We've got him.
Thank you.
Could you tell me how you did that? I've written you a dedication.
I think I'm going to blush.