Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s11e04 Episode Script

Series 11, Episode 4

Good morning, signor Castro.
It's Maria.
My God.
Art Lessons Hello, Rex.
Here's Lorenzo's paper.
Bye, buddy.
Hello, Rex.
Here you go.
That's it.
Good boy.
What Rex, what the Let me sleep.
Come on, be a good boy.
Okay, I got it.
You win.
I'm getting up.
Why did I ever teach you to wake me?.
What did you bring me?.
The paper Excuse me, didn't they have the ones with jam?.
I understand.
It's not your fault.
I'll tell the owner what to give you next time.
Come here.
There you go.
It's good.
Go on.
Rex, you wait in the car.
Come on, let's go.
-Good morning.
Kurt Castro, an art critic.
He was strangled with adhesive tape.
Incredible, isn't it?.
And something else.
-What's that?.
He was homosexual.
Everyone knew he was homosexual.
And what's wrong with that anyway?.
-Where's the body?.
Hello, Chief lnspector.
-Hello, Katia.
When are you going to buy new shoes?.
-These are new.
I just bought them.
But you wore the same ones last year.
-And the year before that.
I always buy the same shoes.
-What can I tell you?.
I don't know.
You tell me.
-It's the weirdest murder I've ever seen.
The corpse was like a sculpture.
But that's not what surprises me most.
So what is?.
-There are fingerprints everywhere.
Do you see this adhesive tape?.
It's like a film reel.
Let's hope the film tells us the name of the murderer.
Let's hope so.
-Sir, come look at this.
Castro signed this cheque two days ago.
And nothing's written on the stub.
Do you like pop art?.
Pop art.
-Since when are you an art expert?.
There's a lot you don't know about me.
-ls that right?.
You know what else is new?.
You're going to help me with this case.
As usual.
-No, not as usual.
Out in the field.
Like a real policeman.
You understand, Morini?.
'Love letter'.
Love letter.
wait a second.
The feather is Castro.
And the heart?.
The heart.
Good question, Morini.
Good question.
The art world is devastated by the murder of Kurt Castro.
The highest authorities -Does he even watch television?.
Investigators stated that the murder took place in gay prostitution circles which the art critic occasionally frequented.
In this article I defiine Mr Gori, what investigators stated that it took place in gay prostitution circles?.
Those who get assailed by journalists when someone like Castro gets killed.
I understand.
You mean those like you.
Don't be such a wiseass and concentrate on the case.
I'm already on it.
Yes, he's here.
I'll tell him.
She wants you to come look at the fingerprints.
Good, so the killer left fingerprints.
You're a very lucky man.
Morini, a fundamental rule: When Gori is present, you don't reveal any news.
And if it's important you mime it, but only behind his back.
Otherwise write it down.
In short, I decide what to tell him or not.
Is that clear?.
Yes, sir.
Did you call the bank about the cheque?.
-I was just about to call.
No, please, take it easy.
Don't let your soup get cold.
I'm leaving Rex with you for a moment.
Stay here, I'll be right back.
Katia, how long will this take?.
-Afew more minutes.
Where's that jealous dog of yours?.
-Guarding Morini.
So your two sweethearts are far away.
Maybe I should take advantage of that.
You had problems with the fingerprints?.
-Yes, so-called scratches.
They occur if one drags one's fingertip across the surface with the fingerprints.
Katia, I know what scratches are.
They're on all the prints I've found.
On the adhesive tape, on the door handle.
I've had to reconstruct the part that's least clear on the computer.
Here we have the programme.
If they're on file, we'll find it right away.
Hey, we're in luck.
Bertolini, arrested for soliciting and prostitution.
Good heavens, what a handsome fellow.
-Yes, a real Adonis.
Gori will uncork a bottle of champagne.
-I guess so.
Hello, sir.
Sir, I was caught in traffiic.
Did you find out anything at the bank?.
-The cheque hasn't been cashed yet.
I inquired about that 'love letter' painting, since that feather was in Castro's studio.
Thinking the victim had something to do with the painter?.
It's possible, right?.
-Yes, but we already know who did it.
Anything else?.
-No, nothing.
As expected.
-The painting wasn't signed.
I tried the internet but didn't find anything.
-Let's go find Bertolini.
You could at least let me sit in front.
-No way.
Rex never gives up his seat.
Right, Rex?.
You see?.
So who is this Bertolini?.
-No one.
You see the tall one?.
That's Marilyn.
Our only informer in the scene.
What do you think?.
I understand.
Are you coming with me?.
You're staying here?.
-I won't budge.
You don't like danger.
Your loss, Morini.
-I don't mind.
Hello, Marilyn.
-Have you finally made up your mind?.
I've been waiting for you for years.
Did your wife leave you?.
Please, what wife?.
How could l get married after having met you?.
You're a man oftaste.
Rex, don't look.
Stay like that.
Have you ever seen this guy?.
Of course.
He's a minor celebrity in our profession.
He works at the Colosseum.
Sir, I don't know if I can do this.
-Morini, stay calm.
I know it's your first arrest.
You'll do fine.
-That's easy to say.
Rex, don't worry, I'll manage.
Stop licking my face.
Believe me.
Morini, there he is.
Come on.
-Thanks for your support.
Don't get distracted.
You know what to say, right?.
-What's that?.
What we've been rehearsing.
-My God.
Hey, guys.
What are we celebrating?.
-What are we celebrating?.
Why are you asking me?.
Give him your line.
we're celebrating we're celebrating your arrest.
Bertolini, stay here.
As expected.
Morini, what are you doing?.
Stumbling during your first arrest?.
Come, get up.
Where did he go?.
-Don't worry.
It's under control.
Shouldn't we run after him?.
-It's your first arrest, right?.
So enjoy it.
If you say so.
wouldn't it be better to take the car and cut him off?.
Morini, I repeat: It's under control.
-Alright then.
Let's go that way.
-Over here?.
Look, there's our friend.
What did I tell you?.
It's under control.
Take him off of me, please.
-Come here, champion.
Get up, Bertolini.
Not bad for my first arrest, right?.
You did well.
-Let's go to the station.
How can I confess to a murder I didn't commit?.
Then why did you run away?.
-I thought you were from the vice squad.
Bertolini, I advise you to confess.
It will save you two years in prison.
Sir, I've told a lot of lies in my life but I say this to you in all sincerity: I haven't killed anyone.
So how do you explain that your prints were all over Castro's house?.
I can't explain it.
I don't deny that I met Castro once.
I saw him one time, when I did modelling work.
A great man.
I'm sorry that he was killed.
How do you remember a man you only saw once?.
To be honest, I remember all my clients.
I don't sell flowers, if you know what I mean.
If you weren't with him that night, where were you?.
At home, by myself.
-That's not a very good alibi.
I was waiting for a client who didn't show up.
That happens a lot.
Although he called to confirm half an hour before.
Who was it?.
-A voice.
Bertolini, your situation doesn't look too good.
I hope you have a lawyer.
Just one?.
Wiith the kind of work I do I have an embarassment of choices.
Morini, what's so funny?.
Sir, you feel like going for a drink?.
-Are you buying?.
Of course.
-Why not?.
Let's go, Rex.
Let's go have a beer.
Fabbri, where are you going?.
My shift is over.
Good night, sir.
Come, Rex.
Fabbri, how's the Castro case going?.
-Pretty well.
Fabbri, give me the details, please.
we have a suspect.
The forensic offiicer suggested we had the culprit.
Wiithout disrespect, but her job is to find clues.
It's ourjob to find the culprit.
Mr Fabbri, Kurt Castro wrote for the most prestigious national newspaper.
He was a very important man.
-And you'd like to find a culprit quickly.
Maybe someone like Bertolini.
-I didn't say that.
Bertolini left his prints all over the place.
He's the murderer.
Or do you have another explanation?.
-No, I don't.
So incriminate him.
And close the case.
And put a muzzle on that dog.
What a -I know.
Why don't you want to incriminate Bertolini?.
Because I believe him.
Have you gone crazy?.
-I'm sorry.
Has the beer gone to your head?.
-It's Katia.
Morini, no more beer.
You're drunk already.
No, sir, it really is Martelli.
What is she doing here?.
-I don't know.
Is she coming this way?.
Morini, act as if you haven't noticed her.
Turn around.
Hello, Lorenzo.
Hello, Katia.
Having a romantic evening?.
-No, we're just having a beer.
So I'm not interrupting.
You're a fine singer.
Wiith a lovely voice.
-Thank you.
And you're also very -Morini.
Just say I'm a smasher.
Right, Chief lnspector?.
Guys, I'm afraid I have to go.
I have an appointment.
-It's on me.
Rex, what's wrong with you?.
-What are you doing?.
I got it.
You're right, it's getting late and our friend is leaving.
Your singing is divine.
And you're right, you are smashing.
I really enjoyed Bye now.
Come on, let's go.
Tony Manero, let's go.
Be good.
Morini, if I were you I'd feel ashamed.
-What for?.
For that lure last night.
-What lure?.
You want me to believe you took me to that bar by chance?.
It's not what you think, sir.
I'd heard that Martelli sang there, but I couldn't believe it.
-I didn't want to go alone, so I asked Sir, do you really not like Martelli?.
Morini, she's a colleague.
It's better not to go out with colleagues.
It never works out anyway.
-I see.
Speaking of the devil.
-And you'll trip on her tail.
Yes, I was trying to reach you.
-'lt neverworks out anyway.
' Morini, get lost.
-What's so urgent?.
I knew it.
Look here.
I'm looking.
Tell me.
-Don't you notice anything?.
What should I notice?.
-The fingerprints.
To use this handle, you put your hand like this, leaving fingerprints like these.
You're right.
-Did you also print out the other ones?.
Of course.
Standard procedure.
-Let me see.
I have them here.
Let's see.
-Look, look.
Look, the same as with the handle.
So the fingerprints are fakes.
Bertolini has been set up.
It's very complicated and costly, but not impossible.
It's used in industrial espionage to pass checkpoints that require fingerprint identification.
It's the first time I see it in a murder case.
But how does it work?.
-It's simple.
For example, you steal a glass -Okay.
you dust the fingerprints you photograph them -Okay.
and you put them through a scanner.
-Here's the complicated and costly part: By means of a computer you make a negative mold of the fingerprints you fill the molds with liquid latex and bingo, you have perfect fingerprints.
Then you just put on some rubber gloves and spread the fingerprints around.
But where do we go from here?.
-The victim of the theft.
It's his fingerprints they stole.
Did you check his cell phone?.
-The call came from a pay phone.
I'm sure the killer's name is in his phone book.
I'll need a judge's permission.
Wiithout authorization it's illegal.
It will only make us lose time.
Come on, let me have his cell phone.
What is it?.
As you said Bertolini was no longer a suspect, they gave it back to him.
So what shall I do?.
Ask for a warrant?.
-That'll take forever.
Maybe Bertolini will give it to us.
Morini, I'll have to do it another way.
-What does that mean?.
Leave it to me.
Champion, listen up.
Let me tell you what you need to do.
Chief lnspector, please.
I have nothing to do with it.
I know.
As far as I'm concerned, you can go.
But you just have to try and remember who called to confirm his appointment.
I can't tell you.
All I remember is that it was a strange voice.
A bit frightening, like the one from the tunnel of horror at the funfair.
If you give us your cell phone, we can check your phone book.
No, not my phone.
It's full of names of people who'd rather not be listed.
Bertolini, you disappoint me.
Because I'm trying to help you.
I'm reaching out to you, but you don't do anything to enable me to help you.
You see, society is imperfect, but certain rules apply.
How can I explain it?.
It's a silent agreement between you and us between the authorities and delinquents, between good and bad.
I don't know how you do it.
You're incredible, my friend.
Here we go.
Look, Rex.
Modern technology.
Blue Tooth.
Isn't it marvelous?.
Voilà, a few more seconds and it's all copied onto the computer.
Shall we go back?.
Think of Charlie Parker's sax coming in two beats late on legendary 'Lover Man'.
would you say that was a mistake?.
It's a stroke of genius, like a scream.
A desperate scream of a man asking for help.
You understand?.
-Very interesting, Chief lnspector.
But how does any of this relate to my case?.
Of course it relates to your case.
As far as I'm concerned, you can go.
Thank you, sir.
-Don't mention it.
Be careful out there.
-I always use protection.
The call at the time indicated by Bertolini came from an anonymous number.
I'd expected as much.
Listen, did you check the phone book?.
Of course.
It's full of important people.
Notaries, businessmen, artists.
Morini, without getting overexcited, compare the artists' names with these.
What are those?.
-The reviews Castro wrote.
Bertolini used to model, right?.
Maybe he modeled for an artist Castro didn't rave about.
You think that will work?.
-I don't know.
A nice list of enemies isn't a bad place to start, is it?.
Let's begin.
-Alright, let's.
Rex, what are you looking at?.
Ah, the Queen's police dog.
It's only a painting.
You are Rex.
You are more important: The police dog of Rome.
Your dog really likes my painting.
-Oh, sure.
You're Chief lnspector Fabbri?.
Luca Di Clemente said you wanted to talk to me.
Yes, I'm investigating the murder of Kurt Castro.
Yes, that asshole.
Look, everyone here feels that way.
Even ifthey tell you otherwise.
-I understand.
Why don't you buy the painting?.
Don't you like it?.
I do, but my financial situation won't permit me to buy something like that.
Don't tell me you earn less than your colleague.
Who are you referring to?.
-He's buying a painting by Salvini.
Sure, Salvini is higher-rated than I am, but my paintings aren't bad either, Sure.
Thank you.
Excuse me for a moment.
Rex, what are you doing?.
Why are you looking at it that way?.
I don't know anything about art either, but you're even worse than me.
What do you see like this?.
Come, let's go.
Halfthe painters we have to question were at that opening.
Is it my fault if artists move in schools, like tuna?.
we've lost quite a bit of time.
Talking about tuna, congratulations on your acquisition.
Ah, you like it?.
Isn't it nice?.
Like this.
-Yes, like this it's more A nice piece of shit, indeed.
-What do you mean?.
Look, I made a really good deal.
Only if you spent less than two euros.
-2000 euros.
It's listed at 5000 euros.
I'll hang it up in the offiice.
-Forget about that.
-Such things don't belong in the offiice.
Excuse me, but you can have Rex, with all respect, Rex, but I can't hang this up?.
I feel so empty all of a sudden.
Is that right?.
So buy yourself a goldfish.
It's very nice.
I finally get to see a painting you don't have to turn and turn to see which way Very nice.
-Thank you.
This is pop art, right?.
And this is the famousthe famous What do you call it?.
The -Manifesto.
Yes, the manifesto of the Yes, I went through a pop art period.
That was in the eighties.
we would take everyday objects, replicate them and exhibit them as ifthey were great artworks.
Very interesting, but did anyone buy that stuff?.
Not mine, though they were beautiful.
You see?.
Maybe they didn't appeal to the public.
Maybe they were too cold.
Excuse me.
What's that?.
-I don't know.
Who are those gentlemen?.
-They're from the police.
Chief lnspector Fabbri and lnspector Morini.
This is Gloria, my wife.
-How do you do.
What can we do for you?.
-They're investigating the Castro case.
I see.
A terrible story.
Castro was a great art critic.
I read in the paper that someone had been arrested.
That doesn't mean the case is closed.
Did you ever meet Mr Castro?.
Not in person, but I know that he wrote about me in the past.
Never positively.
Friends mentioned it, fearing my disappointment.
But my wife and l never read negative reviews.
I still don't understand what you are doing here.
Madam, it's a rather delicate case.
I'd prefer to talk to your husband alone.
I don't have any secrets from my wife.
Alright, then.
Do you know a certain Mirko Bertolini?.
No, I don't think so.
Then how do you explain that your number is in his phone book?.
I have no idea.
Look at this picture.
That's Mr Bertolini.
Do you recognize him?.
No, I'm sorry.
-May I have a look?.
-Thank you.
Oh yes.
You used him for a nude two years ago.
Don't you remember?.
He had to send him away after two hours because he couldn't stand still.
Sure, it's him.
What was it?.
-Bertolini, exactly.
Alright, we won't bother you any longer.
Thanks for your time.
Forget it.
Chief lnspector.
we'll show you out.
-Thanks again.
Rex, what have you got there?.
Come on, get inside.
Morini, what is this?.
-I have no idea.
Where did it come from?.
I don't know.
Rex took it.
-lf Rex took it, it must be important.
By the way, HQ called.
They told me who cashed that 35,000 euro cheque.
A real estate offiice in Trastevere.
Morini, read here.
'Small everyday objects.
' Rememberthe fly swatters Yes, the pen and the heart.
Read on.
'Starke continues to attempt to revive a non-referential art.
A game that isn't played anymore, a musical form that is almost silent.
' Castro really let him have it.
But if Castro didn't like the exhibition, then why did he have one of his pieces?.
I think Starke lied to us.
Mr Castro paid that sum a few days ago as a down-payment.
I had the impression the house was a present.
Maybe forthe person who accompanied him.
Could you describe that person?.
I think I've already told you that I didn't know him.
Yet he was going to buy you a house.
How did you find out?.
-Admit you were a friend of Castro's.
Perhaps even more.
Let's talk outside.
My wife is about to come back and I don't want her Yes, maybe it'd be better to talk outside.
When I met Castro, I was still studying at the academy.
He was already a famous artist, almost like a rock star.
Was he already appearing on television?.
And he wrote for the major newspapers.
Imagine what I felt like when he said he wanted to see my work.
Did he like it?.
-A lot.
And he liked me.
And did you like him?.
He intrigued me.
And he was my entrance into the art world.
For a few years we were lovers.
Then I met Gloria.
How did Castro take it?.
-Very badly.
In fact, he suppressed my exhibition and put an end to my career.
And then?.
Two years ago we met again.
And he offered his apologies.
He took me to his apartment and and he showed me my painting.
And he told me that for him nothing had changed.
And that everything he had done, he'd only done out of love.
A great love.
The odd thing is that seeing him again, I realized I felt the same way about him.
That's why I'd never have killed him.
Damn it.
What did you tell him?.
Tell me what you told him.
Morini, what the hell is this?.
-I don't know.
Did you damage it?.
-Don't be an idiot.
I checked the batteries.
They're new.
It's a voice changer.
Avoice changer.
Avoice changer?.
-Avoice changer, Morini.
You never studied any English?.
-Sure I did.
How does it work?.
-Try talking into it.
Rex, come here.
If you don't come, I'll get a girlfriend.
-Very funny, Lorenzo Fabbri.
It works.
Come on, you try it.
Good boy.
That's great.
Can I try?.
-Go ahead.
Go Roma.
Go wolves, the dark days are past.
High school isn't over for you, is it?.
Give me that.
Lorenzo Fabbri, will you go out with me?.
Can you say: 'Let's meet at nine-thirty'?.
-Where are you taking me?.
Don't worry, just do as I said.
-Let's meet at nine-thirty.
Doesn't it sound like the voice at a funfair?.
Like that fellow said.
It doesn't have to be a man's voice.
Morini, let's go.
I have an idea.
I hope I'm right.
Where are you going?.
Where are we meeting at nine-thirty?.
So Starke killed Castro.
-How did you manage to join the force?.
I just applied.
-ls that right?.
Why would Starke alter his voice to make an appointment with Bertolini?.
Gloria Giuffrida.
His wife did it.
-See, Rex?.
He just has to apply himself.
Anyone home?.
Morini, call a patrol car.
-Vicolo dei corridoi.
Let's go, that way.
Out of the way.
That way.
This is lnspector Morini.
we're following a suspect on a moped.
Along the T.
iber at Castel Sant'Angelo.
Where are you going?.
Madam, the boat is about to take off.
Madam, where are you going?.
Morino, call the river police.
Quickly, Chief lnspector.
-Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Whatever happens, don't stop.
Let's go, quickly.
What's going on?.
-What are they doing?.
He has a gun.
Rex, let go ofher.
-Get up.
Take her away.
You did well, champion.
Hugo's art was my work.
All his major pieces were made by me.
I made him successful.
And while I was working for him he was seeing that bastard who did nothing else all his life than try to separate us and take him away from me.
Hugo was nothing without me.
Madam, all your husband did was decide to follow his heart.
And I ate that heart ofhis.
Morini, what is that?.
-Something I bought for Rex.
Ah, excellent.
That way we'll finally find out what our friend likes.
Here we go.
Come here.
Look at all those tasty things.
And look here, a nice omelette with fresh vegetables.
And a nice beefsteak.
Come on, be a good boy.
Sir, I give up.
we'll never see the end ofthis.
Quiet, quiet.
What's in there?.
-Pork roast.
Pork roast?.
-Yes, from Arriccia.
Pork roast from Arricia?.
He likes pork roast from Arricia.
Are you sure this dog isAustrian?.
-No, he must be Roman.
Pork roast.
Morini, you've solved your first case.
-Sir, I'm very content.