Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s11e05 Episode Script

Series 11, Episode 5

Hello, my love.
Franco, wait.
I must tell you something.
I have a meeting in an hour.
It's important.
Please, it won't take long.
I'm listening.
Tell me, what is it?.
we're going to have a baby.
-Yes, I'm pregnant with your child.
No problem, a friend of mine has a clinic.
It'll just take a few days to take care of it.
But I want to keep this child.
-Don't be ridiculous.
I won't tell anyone you're the father, I promise.
What are you doing?.
What do you have in mind?.
You leave me no choice.
I'll tell your wife.
-You won't tell anyone.
You don't scare me.
It's NotAll Gold How old was she?.
Her name is Teresa Zauli, single.
There are no signs of a break-in.
She opened the door for the murderer.
What did the medical examiner say?.
She probably lost her balance defending herself and hit her head against that step.
So it's a case of manslaughter.
Hello, Katia.
-Hello, Lorenzo.
What else do you know about her?.
She moved here a little over a year ago and worked at Miracle construction.
As secretary.
The offiice is on via Giulia.
I've asked for her phone records.
Where's Rex?.
-Over there.
Rex, I told you to wait outside.
What are you doing here?.
What have you found?.
Let me see.
Come on, be a good boy.
Has he found something?.
-well done, champion.
What has he found?.
-I don't know.
Let's have a look.
Now look at that.
An apartment in the centre, jewels.
How much would a secretary make?.
-I don't know.
But I know what a chief inspector makes.
And I think he can afford dinner fortwo at a nice restaurant.
Think it over.
In the meantime I'll take these.
Morini, don't say a word.
That goes for you too.
Morini, I said I understood.
Just tell me what's going on with the phone records.
No, I can't hear One mo Morini, wait.
Rex, turn off the stereo.
What were you saying?.
Almost all calls were with the offiice.
And with her mother.
Did you talk to her mother?.
-She didn't have anything useful to say.
But tomorrow she'll come to identify her.
You can question her then.
Is this all you've found out in three hours?.
-I've also called Miracle.
I've set up a meeting with Dr Mantovani.
The chairman.
Tomorrow morning at nine.
My company has more than 200 employees spread over dozens oflocations, both in the city and outside.
It's not easy to remember all of them.
But though Teresa Zauli hadn't been with us long she impressed everyone with her exceptional discretion.
Thank you, Giovanna.
-Thank you.
Did she have any enemies at the firm?.
Someone whose place she'd usurped?.
Oh no.
we're doing well, thank God.
we're actually expanding.
we're one of the few companies that's still hiring.
Maybe a love affair at the offiice?.
A colleague who was harassing her?.
Ms Zauli was a very comely young lady.
-Not as far as I know.
I'm afraid I can't help you, Chief lnspector.
But you can always visit the offiice and talk to Teresa's colleagues.
Teresa Zauli murdered My wife.
She loves those gadgets and I haven't been able to change the tune.
Excuse me.
-Of course.
Franco, have you heard?.
-Yes, I have.
She was the new secretary, right?.
I'm talking to Chief lnspector Fabbri.
we're all shocked here.
we have to do something.
The paper says she only had a mother.
we'll pay the funeral expenses and the mother's trip to Rome.
Don't worry.
Now let me say goodbye to the chief inspector.
I'll call you later.
What a beautiful dog.
Whatever you need, I'm at your disposal.
-Thank you for your time.
Let's go.
we've been enough of a bother.
This is the diary ofTeresa Zauli Yes?.
-Mr Mantovani?.
Yes, who's this?.
I'm your new major problem.
Pleased to meet you.
Listen, you may have time for jokes.
Unfortunately, I don't, so I found your number in the diary ofTeresa Zauli, the girl you killed.
and I'll forget everything.
I'll let you know when and where.
In the meantime, get the money ready.
I've checked Zauli's bank account.
No signs of regular rent payments.
-Someone else must have paid it for her.
Just as I expected.
I'll talk to you later.
The money is no problem.
So I have until tonight.
What are you doing here?.
-Your secretary said I'd find you here.
Mrs Mantovani.
I'll be going.
Mrs Mantovani.
What did he want?.
He's looking for a job.
-I hope you refused him.
Valeria, it's better to remain on good terms with him.
Did you have something to tell me?.
I know that lately you've been a bit distracted.
Excuse me, I'm going to pay the bill.
Your coffee.
-Thank you.
And your water.
You looked younger in your passport photo.
Couldn't you find a less crowded place?.
-I'm not used to dealing with murderers.
Here's the money you asked for.
Count it and give me the briefcase.
It's all there.
Papers, credit cards, passport and your precious diary.
That's what matters most, isn't it?.
You see?.
I haven't touched anything.
Did you make any copies of the diary?.
Did you make any copies of the diary?.
Why should I believe you?.
You're not so brave now, are you?.
Give me the keys to your apartment.
What do you want to do?.
-Check if you're telling the truth.
Alessandro, what is it?.
What have they done to you?.
Call the police.
Where have you been all this time?.
-At the offiice.
Then I had a drink with Michele.
I talked to his wife two hours ago and Michele was with her.
Valeria, let's not start.
Let's try to relax, okay?.
I've had a rough day.
Why don't we go out for dinner, so we'll unwind a little?.
You killed that little slut, didn't you?.
Valeria, how much have you had to drink?.
Look, I know you were sleeping with her.
I've known for a while.
Listen, let's not start a jealous row now.
I told you, this is not the evening for it.
I'm calling the police.
Valeria, stop it.
You're making me angry.
I told you to stop it.
-My God, it really was you.
Valeria, it was an accident.
It's true, I had an affair with her.
But it didn't have any importance.
Only she threatened to tell everyone.
we had an argument.
-They'll find out.
Valeria, they won't find out as long as you help me.
Stay away from me.
Valeria, I've realized many things.
I know I've overdone it these last years.
But I'm still here, aren't l?.
That means something.
I still care about you, Valeria.
You're a murderer.
It was an accident, Valeria.
If you help me, we'll get through this together.
No one will come between us anymore.
It'll be just you and me.
I care about you, Valeria.
The victim was called Alessandro Sala, How did he die?.
-Two shots point-blank.
His girlfriend found him, Valentina Gentile.
-Where is she?.
She was still here just now.
Ah, there she is.
Ms Gentile?.
What's his name?.
May l?.
Do you mind telling me aboutAlessandro?.
-Excuse me.
I found a receipt from a bar in the guy's pocket.
Alessandro was a fount of ideas.
Always active, always smiling.
I'd never have thought he'd come to his end this way.
Did he seem nervous or preoccupied lately?.
Did he have any enemies or did he talk about anyone in particular?.
It's no secret that he was making do by committing robberies.
He could only find occasional jobs, and life in Rome is really expensive.
Do you know how much rent we pay?.
-I can imagine.
I see you like music.
But the real aficionado was Alessandro.
He was always making compilations for me.
He said that by doing so he fell in love with me again every day.
Rex, behave yourself.
-No, let him.
Valentina, I promise I'll do everything or rather, we'll do everything to help you find out the truth.
He was here yesterday afternoon.
I remember, because he was real cute.
Did he seem nervous or preoccupied?.
-No, more as if.
it was his lucky day.
was he by himself?.
-Yes, he came in by himself.
Then a man joined him, but only briefly.
Older than he was.
I was standing in the doorway and saw him arrive.
I went up to take his order, but then he got up and left.
would you be able to recognize him?.
-No, I only saw him from behind.
But he was tall, with grey hair.
Avery elegant man.
I think he just received a call, because his phone was ringing when he got up.
So funny.
That man's ringtone.
It was really funny.
I know it may sound strange, but could you whistle it for me?.
No, I'd be embarrassed.
-I understand, but it's important.
You see, he wants me to stop as well.
Thank you.
Very kind.
-Don't mention it.
Have a nice day.
well, my friend?.
You've understood too, right?.
Morini, the only thing that's certain is that Sala met Mantovani before he was killed.
we can't be sure it was him.
You know how many people have such a ringtone?.
Yes, but the description matches.
How can Mantovani and Sala be related?.
-Through Zauli?.
Sir, for such a claim you need evidence.
The fact remains that two people linked to Mantovani died within very little time.
What about the jewels Rex found at Zauli's place?.
They've been appraised.
She could never have afforded them.
She couldn't have, but Mantovani could have.
I'm going to see if he has an alibi for Zauli's murder.
What about Sala?.
-we should wait a while.
At least till we have something a bit more concrete to tie him to this business.
Sir, excuse me.
The autopsy report ofTeresa Zauli.
Come, Rex, let's go.
-What's going on?.
My God.
She was pregnant.
Yes, Teresa and I would sometimes meet after work.
But that's not a crime, right?.
So why didn't you tell me you were lovers?.
I don't think the word 'lovers' applies.
we saw each other a few times in the past, period.
Mr Mantovani, I must ask you where you were the day Zauli was murdered and if there's anyone who can confirm it.
My husband was with me.
we had lunch together.
My wife, Valeria.
-Chief lnspector Lorenzo Fabbri.
Valeria della Bianca-Mantovani.
Pleased to meet you.
My husband told me you're investigating the murder of that poor girl.
That's right.
-Excuse me.
I don't think you had them with you at the meeting.
That was Carlo.
It seems he forgot his glasses at my offiice after the meeting.
Excuse me, have you seen my dog?.
-He must be in another room.
Shall we look for him?.
Follow me.
Hey, Rex.
Where did you get that?.
What are you doing?.
Excuse me.
-Don't worry about it.
You see, we always wanted children, but it seemed Valeria couldn't have any.
Then, some time ago, we found a specialist who guaranteed it.
So about a year and a half ago, we were expecting a child.
But then Valeria had a spontaneous abortion.
This was to be one of the child's toys.
Do you have any other questions?.
I'm very sorry.
-Chief lnspector.
I'll show you out.
-Let's go.
Come on, be a good boy.
Sometimes you make me look so bad.
You always want to play.
What am I to do with you?.
Good heavens, the patience I need.
Go on, Rex, open the gate.
Good boy.
Amusing yourself, Rex?.
Sure, continue all morning.
we have plenty of time.
Are you done?.
Let's go back to work.
What are you running for?.
Nice villa, isn't it?.
Only for the wealthy.
was it hard to find a parking place?.
-No, I came by bus.
Hello, your honour.
-Franco, my friend.
How are you?.
I came right away.
-Thanks, I really appreciate it.
How are you doing, Franco?.
You look preoccupied.
Oh, well.
would you like some coffee?.
-Yes, please.
Is it because ofthat poor Teresa Zauli?.
-That too.
Horrible story.
-Giovanna, bring us two coffees, please.
Is that why you asked me to come over?.
A young chief inspector is in charge of the investigation.
He can't wait to solve the case ofhis life to advance his career.
What do you have to do with it?.
He's pinning it on me.
You know how those things go.
He thinks that linking my name to the murder will generate a lot of publicity.
What's this chief inspector called?.
-Lorenzo Fabbri.
Come in.
Did you want to see me?.
-You're the last person I want to see.
The atmosphere seems propitious, right?.
-I asked you to come, not your dog.
Since we work together, I figured you wanted to see us both.
It's no occasion for wisecracks.
I just got an infuriated call from judge Never mind.
All because of you.
Why did you go to Franco Mantovani?.
I suspect that he killed Zauli and Sala.
Do me a favour.
-Wiill you give me a minute?.
Mantovani and Zauli were lovers.
She told him she was expecting his child.
He lost his head.
They had a fight, she stumbled and died.
Three days later, Mantovani met Sala at a bar.
And look, a few hours later he died.
That's quite a coincidence, don't you think?.
Alright, done.
-No, 30 seconds.
You still have 15 left.
Anyway, those clues are consistent.
-Yes, I know.
And it'll be worth our while to follow up on them.
Fabbri, this is a very delicate situation.
And you want me to let it rest?.
I want you to walk on tiptoe, that's all.
What about that judge?.
-I'll take care of him.
Let's go, Rex.
Excuse me, can't I know the name of -No.
End of the conversation.
Hello, Valentina.
-Hello, Chief lnspector.
Rex, how are you?.
-Are we bothering you?.
No, I'm packing my things.
I'm going to stay with my mother.
I don't feel well here withoutAlessandro.
What brings you?.
Is there any news?.
-Unfortunately not.
I came to see if you could help us.
Have you ever seen this man?.
No, I've never seen him before.
And Alessandro never spoke to you about a certain Teresa Zauli?.
The name doesn't ring a bell.
-No, never mind.
Rex, what are you doing?.
Rex, what is it?.
What have you found?.
Let me see.
Come, be a good boy.
well done, champion.
Let me see?.
What do we have here?.
What's on this CD?.
-I don't know.
April 18, 2007.
wasn't he killed that day?.
Can I take it with me?.
Maybe there's something important on it.
Of course.
And I think I'd better take this.
You see, Rex?.
Mantovani killed Teresa.
Then something went wrong.
Sala came into possession ofthe girl's diary.
He put it on a CD which he then hid.
He tried to blackmail Mantovani, but it backfired on him.
Here you are, sir.
-Thank you.
It's a copy of Zauli's diary.
I've brought you coffee.
It seems you've only had a few today.
-Yes, just nine.
Listen to this: 'I've decided not to tell F, at least not for the time being.
I know what happened with his wife, and it's too early to talk about children.
' Great, that closes the circle.
-Not yet.
Why are you being so cautious?.
-I'm worried about Gori.
Morini, don't make a face.
I'm worried, because till now he's been good to me.
I don't want to cause problems for him.
-I don't believe it.
For something this important and serious, clues aren't enough.
For Mantovani we need actual proof.
So Do me a favour.
Find out ifMantovani owns a gun.
I'm going home.
I have a head like this.
-That can happen.
Sir, have a good night's rest.
-That should do it.
Let's go.
Say goodbye to Morini.
-Good night, Rex.
Since I've paid for it, I'll drink it.
Mantovani doesn't have a gun license and doesn't seem to own a gun.
What did you expect?.
Do we ever have any luck?.
Hold on.
Could you back up a little?.
It's a limited traffiic zone.
I'll get a fine.
No, Morini, I'm having a problem with a limited traffiic zone.
Morini, wait, I just got an idea.
we need to check the tapes of the limited traffiic zones.
Only those of the day of the murder.
I'll explain it to you later.
Okay, later.
Yes, I'm going.
-Sir, I've mapped the limited traffiic zones.
You see?.
I've put marks in every zone.
The data ofthe traffic department should be here any moment.
-No, I don't believe it.
Thank you.
What a miracle.
-Only the best for my co-workers.
Don't try to butter me up.
You owe me at least twenty coffees and some Guinness.
Morini, I love records.
What can I do?.
So Mantovani must have reached the bar at Piazza Navona around five.
Where he met Sala.
-He followed him to Trullo and killed him.
I assume he got rid ofthe weapon on his way back.
we checked all the bins near Sala.
-He may have gotten rid of it later.
Or he still has it.
-Morini, would he be that stupid?.
Yes, I'm lnspector Morini.
Ah, excellent.
Zone number eleven, 16:40.
And number 10, 18:45?.
Thank you.
-That was the traffic department.
Mantovani passed the camera on ViaArenula two times.
First at 16:40, coming out of the limited traffiic zone.
When he went to meet Sala.
He returned by way ofvia Giulia at 18:45, when he went back to the offiice.
Now we just have to check at what time he returned to the offiice.
The secretary?.
-Call her.
So you confirm that last wednesday night Mr Mantovani had a meeting.
Yes, around seven.
And did he come on time?.
-No, he came five minutes late.
Are you sure?.
-Yes, the others were waiting for him.
To get from the limited traffiic zone to the offiice takes two minutes.
During the remaining 18 minutes Mantovani got rid of the gun.
Where in Rome would you discard a gun?.
In the T.
So at 18:45 Mantovani passed through Via Giulia.
He parked the car, went to the T.
iber, got rid of the gun and went back to the offiice.
So the zone that interests us is this one here.
Come in.
I was told you wanted to see me.
Did they question you about that poor Miss Zauli again?.
No, not really.
They wanted to know about your meeting last wednesday.
The meeting with Carlo and the others?.
What did they want to know?.
-At what time you came back.
Did they say why?.
Thank you, you can go.
You haven't found anything?.
-No, not yet.
I'm going to check on the other divers.
-Very well, sir.
Call me if you find anything.
-Yes, sir.
Sir, we've found it.
Bring it over here.
I can't believe it.
Sir, we've found it.
-The gun is the one used to kill Sala.
But it can't be linked to Mantovani.
The serial number's been filed off.
Has the water erased the fingerprints?.
-Yes, probably.
Anyway, I think he was prepared and was defiinitely wearing gloves.
Sly fellow.
If you want to frame him, you need to be slyer than he is.
Sly indeed.
Did you hear what I said earlier today?.
Where are you going?.
Girls, the candelabra in the middle.
Where does this go?.
Over here?.
-Yes, that's fine.
A little to the right.
Did you get the flowers?.
-The flower arrangements on both sides.
What are you doing here?.
-I need to talk to you for a minute.
It's a bad time.
we're having a party in a few hours and are still preparing.
I can tell, but it's really important.
I won't rob much of your time.
Is your husband at home?.
He'll be here soon.
What are those?.
Pages from the diary ofTeresa Zauli.
The girl was expecting a child.
She was expecting a child?.
-Your husband's.
How do you dare?.
You keep coming here and making absurd insinuations.
I'll make you sure you get fired.
Maybe you don't know who you're dealing with.
we're talking about two innocent victims.
A 30-year-old woman who was carrying your husband's child.
You see, Chief lnspector, when Franco started courting me I understood soon enough that he did it because of my money and background.
But it was fine with me, because I understood that our marriage was a perfect combination of interests.
He wanted money and power, I wanted a cultured husband to go to parties with.
Madam, your husband also killed a man.
A man who was probably blackmailing him.
But this wasn't an accident as with Zauli.
He shot him in cold blood.
My God.
And I'll make sure he doesn't get away with it.
Madam, the day that Zauli was murdered your husband wasn't really here, was he?.
I beg you to help me.
Don't continue protecting him.
He doesn't deserve it.
No, he wasn't at home.
Do you know whether he owns a gun?.
-Not as far as I know.
Are you sure?.
I know who could have procured him one.
He was head of security at Miracle, until a year and a half ago.
He was involved in a harassment case and we had to fire him.
But my husband is still in touch with him.
-What's his name?.
Oreste Schiavi.
Good morning, Mr Mantovani.
Mantovani, your flight stops here.
This is abuse of power.
You're in trouble.
-That depends on what Schiavi will tell us.
well, Fabbri?.
The second he realized he might be implicated in the murder, he gave in.
So he denounced Mantovani?.
He thought the gun was for self-defense.
Wiith the serial number filed off?.
Given the profit, Schiavi didn't want to ask too much.
So with the testimony of his wife and that of Schiavi, Mantovani's done for.
Wiith the consent of your friend the judge.
-Very good.
Excuse me, sir, but can't I know the name of this Never mind.
Rex, what is this racket?.
Have you lost your mind?.
It's seven in the morning.
And what is this music?.
It's not even mine.
Let me see.
You see?.
Where did you get that?.
I told you not to open other people's mail.
It's private.
Don't do it again, okay?.
Let's see.
'A compilation for Chief lnspector Fabbri, who always keeps his promises and for Chief lnspector Rex, who boosts the morale ofthose who need it.
Thanks for everything, Valentina.
' I see.
Okay, go ahead and listen to it.
It's yours as well.
I owe you an apology.
Franco used her, just as he used me and all the others.
What am I to do now, without a husband and without a child?.
I'm completely alone.
Not necessarily.
There are all kinds ofways to be around children.
You just have to find the strength within to turn this pain into something positive.
And who knows, you may even make some child happy.
You're right.
Thank you for coming to see me.
I'd like to be alone now.
I wish you all the best, Valeria.
Goodbye, Chief lnspector.
Thank you.
Bye, Rex.