Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Kono Kyouteki ni Bakuretsu Mahou o!

Create Water!
Well, that's what I'd expect
from elementary magic.
Now that I've learned a skill,
maybe I'm a bit more of an adventurer.
Look! I repaired my armor with
the reward I got for the cabbages.
It's so shiny now!
What do you think of it?
It looks like the sort of armor
an aristocrat's son would wear.
I'd like some genuine praises sometimes.
Kazuma, you never show any mercy, right?
I didn't have time
to pay attention to you right now.
You shall do something about
that pervert before she surpasses you.
The luster of this stainless steel
brimming with magical power.
What is that?
Hey you, what's the meaning of this?
How many cabbages do you think I caught?
Most of what you caught
are actually lettuces.
Why are there lettuces mixed in?
It is true that lettuce
has a low exchange rate.
I went through a lot of troubles,
so I shall do something!
Ugh, here she comes. This isn't good.
Mister Kazuma!
How much was your reward
from our last quest?
About a million.
Thanks to the quest that was
sprung on us out of the blue,
I suddenly obtained a small fortune.
God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!)
(Episode 4: Explosion Magic
for This Formidable Enemy!)
A million.
Many of the cabbages I harvested
were apparently packed with lots of XP.
I guess good luck
makes all the difference.
I've thought of this for
quite a while, but you're
fairly cool, you know?
If there are no praiseworthy remarks
about me, don't force it.
I thought my reward for this quest
would be very hefty,
so I used up all the money I had!
In fact, I expected to rake in
a sum of money,
so I would have a bar tab of
nearly 100,000 Eris!
Why do I care?
You're the one who suggested that
we must keep our rewards to ourselves!
That was because I thought
I'd be the only one raking it in!
You're real scum.
Please lend me money!
I just need enough money
to pay for my tab!
Shut up, you useless goddess!
I'm using this money to escape
life in the stables once and for all!
Well, you are a boy,
and I know you rustle
beside me at night sometimes,
so I'm sure you'd like
a private room very soon.
Okay! Alright, I got it!
I'll lend you the money, so shut up!
Kazuma, allies surely are great, huh?
We're the greatest party ever!
Oh, thanks for your business.
This girl.
Kazuma looks like a real adventurer now.
Wearing that tracksuit
has ruined that fantasy feel, right?
Fantasy feel?
It's elementary,
but I did acquire a magic skill.
I was thinking of going for
a sword-mage style, with no shield.
Only your words seem mature, huh?
Let's take on a kill quest then.
One with a cluster of small fry monsters!
I want to test out
new staff's magic power!
No, one with super strong monsters
that were hit with a heavy blow!
No, let's take on a profitable quest!
I have paid for my tab, so I don't
have to worry about meal charges!
They're not on the same page!
Okay, now is the Giant Toads'
mating season,
and I hear they're infesting
areas near the city.
No frogs!
Oh, these two have been
traumatized by frogs.
They got swallowed head-first
and covered in slime.
Covered in slime?
You're excited now, aren't you?
I am not.
Wait? What's going on?
There are hardly any quests.
Kazuma, this is it!
Let's take on this one!
A kill quest for a giant beast
named Black Fang!
No! No way!
What's this all about?
There are only
highly difficult quests left!
I am very sorry.
The truth is, one of the Devil King's
top leaders moved into town recently.
All the weak monsters in the area
have gone into hiding because of that,
so there's been a decline in quests.
I don't care if he's a top leader or not.
If he's the undead, just watch me!
In other words,
before capable adventurers
and knights are sent here,
we won't be able to find any decent work?
Look, this is incredible!
It's such fine work!
I wonder if the sale price will go up.
A thrilling adventure
in a parallel world, huh?
Can't you conduct your
magic training on your own?
If I did that, who would carry me home?
After one shot, I can't move anymore.
Is she
going to make me tag along
for this every day?
Hey, right here. It's fine, isn't it?
Just use your magic on whatever
and let's go back.
I can't do that!
If I don't do it far away from town,
I'll be scolded by the guards again.
You just said again, didn't you?
Did they get mad because of the noise?
Guess we have no choice, huh?
Is that an abandoned castle?
It's so eerie.
I'll use that!
I'm sure nobody will complain
if I destroy it!
Crimson-black blaze,
king of myriad worlds,
though I promote the laws of nature,
I am the alias of destruction incarnate
in accordance with the
principles of all creation.
Let the hammer of eternity
descend upon me!
Burnt to ashes within the crimson.
This is the best.
And that's how
my new daily routine with Megumin began.
Cheap, super cheap! Fresh cabbages!
Aqua worked hard for her part-time job
every day after she became broke.
Darkness said she was going to do
weight training at home.
Megumin, who had nothing to do,
went to that castle every day
to unleash explosion magic on it.
On cold, rainy evenings.
On calm, early afternoons,
right after lunch.
During brisk, early morning walks.
I'd give that one 60 points, I think.
It was lacking in volume.
No matter what the occasion is,
Megumin unleashed magic on
that abandoned castle every day.
I kept close observation of her magic,
and eventually came to
understand the quality
of each day's explosion magic.
It feels really good today.
The shock waves reverberate
through my flesh and bones,
and yet the vibrations of the air
seem to strike my skin.
Nice explosion!
Nice explosion!
You've also come to understand
the path of explosions, Kazuma.
How about it?
Why not learn some
explosion magic for real?
It could be fun to acquire it
in the future when I can afford it.
You have a great attitude.
The future, huh?
I'm back!
Look at this!
We had some cooking leftover,
so they said I could bring it home.
It's a huge score!
Hey Aqua, I don't want to say this, but
Frankly, I think that there's no way
for us to defeat the Devil King.
I never have any amazing powers
like other protagonists do.
Shouldn't some group endowed
with powerful abilities, equipment,
and so forth be sent to fight
the Devil King's army instead?
Stop saying that! I'll never
be able to go home that way!
Save that line after you've done
something a goddess would do,
like guiding the hero or buying time
by sealing the Devil King
until the hero can stand on his own.
You're only useful for party tricks!
So come up with some profitable
business that's simple to do.
And also hurry up and
teach me recovery magic.
Anything but my recovery magic!
Don't take away my reason for being!
You've got me for that!
Isn't that enough?
Your verbal lashings are pretty nasty.
Most women will cry
if you're too straightforward.
If you're feeling stressed out,
I wouldn't mind if you
verbally abuse me instead.
You're so cruel!
Why you little
Emergency! Emergency!
All adventurers,
please arm yourselves at once,
and gather at the city gates
to be prepared for battle!
Hey now, that's no laughing matter!
What is that?
Hey, what's going on?
He looks quite strong!
I'm the leader of the Devil King's army.
I've recently moved into a nearby castle.
That's Dullahan?
Day after day, after day, after day!
Who's that psychotic person
who keeps firing explosion magic
on my castle every single day?
One of the Devil King's leaders
was utterly enraged with us.
Day after day, after day, after day!
Who's the psychotic person who keeps
firing explosion magic on my castle?
Explosion magic?
Who's the one among us
that can use explosion magic?
Speaking of explosion magic
Oh? Me?
Why are you looking at me?
I can't use explosion magic!
I'm still a novice.
I really didn't do it! Please believe me!
I don't want to die yet!
I have little brothers to take care of!
So it was you?
You're that culprit
who's been firing explosion magic
on my castle every day?
If you want to pick a fight with
the leader of the Devil King's army,
you can attack my castle fair and square!
If you don't have nerves, then
stay in the city and tremble in fear!
Tell me why there is
underhanded harassment.
Just because we left this city alone
since there's nothing much here.
Don't get too cocky and make my castle
go boom, boom, boom every single day!
Are you crazy, you wench?
My name is Megumin!
An arch wizard who commands
explosion magic!
What sort of a name is "Megumin"?
-Are you making a fool of me?
-No, no!
I am a crimson demon,
the greatest wizard in this city.
Firing explosion magic continuously
at you was a strategy to lure you,
a leader in the Devil King's
army, out here.
You fell for it,
and came to this city alone.
It seems you're out of luck.
When did this turn into a strategy?
Not to mention,
she just proclaimed herself
the greatest wizard in this city.
Hush! Do her a favor and keep quiet!
She hasn't used any
explosion magic today,
and she has lots of
adventurers behind her,
so she's acting tough.
The best part is yet to come.
Stand here and keep watching!
Very well.
I did not come to this land
to meddle with you small fry.
I'll likely be staying in that castle
for a while longer,
so stop firing your
explosion magic on it again.
Got it?
No way.
We crimson demons must unleash
it once a day, or we'll die.
Hey, I've never heard anything
like that before!
Don't make up lies!
No matter what, you don't intend
to stop using explosion magic?
I may have given myself up to evil,
but I was once a knight.
I'm not interested in mowing down
weaklings. However
You can't act so composed for long.
If you would!
Guess I have no choice.
I don't care if you're one of
the Devil King's leaders!
Coming here while I'm around
was bad luck!
I can't accept any decent quests
because of you!
Now, are you ready?
What do we have here?
An arch priest?
I am one of the top leaders
in the Devil King's army.
I won't be easily purified by some
low-level priests from this city.
I know.
Why don't I let that
crimson demon girl suffer a bit?
I'll purify you with my prayer!
You're too late!
I sentence you to death.
You will die in one week.
Oh no, he got us! A death sentence?
-Darkness! Darkness!
-Are you all right?
It doesn't appear to be serious.
This method may actually be
more effective against
tightly-knit adventurers like you.
Listen up, crimson demon girl.
That crusader will die in one week.
Your precious ally will suffer
as she trembles in terror of death.
Yes, because of you!
Watch as your ally suffers for the
next week and repent for your actions.
You should have just done as I said.
How terrible.
You're basically saying you
cast a death curse on me,
and we must obey your orders
if we want it removed?
Is that what you're after?
I don't even want to understand
what Darkness is talking about.
I won't give in to a curse!
I won't give in, but
-What should I do, Kazuma?
-Yes, I'm Kazuma.
Look at Dullahan's obscene eyes
hidden beneath his helmet!
Those are the eyes of a demon who
plans to take me back to his castle,
lets me shut up and submit to him
if I want the curse removed,
and demands that I perform hardcore acts
of perversion for him!
You may do as you please with my body,
but not with my heart!
An imprisoned knight having demands
made by the Devil King's minion.
Oh, what should I do?
What should I do, Kazuma?
This is an unexpectedly
difficult situation!
I don't want to go.
I don't want to go, but I have no choice!
I'll resist as long as I can,
so don't stand in my way!
Okay, I'll be back!
Stop, don't go!
You're bothering that Dullahan guy!
Let go of me!
Don't stop me!
-Cut it out!
Well, anyway! Stop firing
explosion magic on my castle!
And you, crimson demon girl!
If you wish to lift the curse,
come to my castle.
If you're able to make it,
then I'll lift the curse.
However, are you able to
make it that far?
Hey, where do you think you're going?
I'm going to the castle,
nail Dullahan with a direct hit
of my explosion magic,
and lift the curse on Darkness.
You know I'm going with you.
If you go alone, you'll use
your magic on some small fry,
and then it'll be over.
Besides, I'm that fool
who went with you everyday
and didn't realize it belonged
to one of their leaders.
Shall we go together then?
From what I heard, there's
a bunch of undead in the castle.
That means weapons won't work very well.
My magic should be more effective, so
Please rely on me at times like these!
Give it up, you two.
Don't do all this for me.
Hey, Darkness!
We'll definitely do something
about your curse!
Don't worry.
Sacred Break Spell!
To me, lifting Dullahan's curse
is child's play!
Well, I can be a priest
once in a while, don't you think?
Oh, it is nothing.
Actually, maybe it isn't!
Megumin and I are so excited.
Give us back our motivation.
Nature's Beauty of victory!
(Episode 5: A Price for This Magic Sword!)
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