Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Kono Kogoesou na Kisetsu ni Nidome no Shi o!

Where am I?
Oh, did I
die again?
God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!)
(Episode 7: A Second Death
in This Freezing Season!)
After the battle with Verdia,
a leader in the Devil King's army,
the season turned to winter.
That day, I groaned wholeheartedly,
as if I were coughing up blood.
I want money!
Huh? Everybody wants money!
You're just far too unresourceful!
You make a goddess like me
sleep in a stable every night!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
If you understand that,
then give me more luxury!
Spoil me more!
Do you not get why I want more money?
The debt!
Thanks to the debt you've racked up,
most of the reward money we earn
are used to repay those debts!
Just this morning
This morning, when I woke up
in the straw of the stable,
my eyelashes were frozen solid!
If we keep sleeping in that stable,
I'm definitely going to freeze to death!
I can't help it!
This city may have perished
in that battle with Verdia
if not for my astounding efforts!
You should exalt me more!
All of you should praise me,
praise me, and spoil me!
You attention-seeking woman!
If your feats are that astounding,
the rewards, accolades
and debt are all yours!
Pay off your debts on your own.
Wait! I'm sorry!
I apologize for getting carried away,
please don't abandon me!
What's the big fuss early in the morning?
Do we have some nice work lined up?
No, we haven't started
looking for work yet.
Given the situation and all
What should we do today?
Let's sleep at the inn. It's cold!
The reward for fighting off
the Devil King's army leader
was distributed to every
adventurer who participated.
There's no reason for anyone
to go hunting dangerous winter monsters
when they are rich.
Personally, I gladly welcome it.
So do I.
The stronger the enemy, the better.
Although the rewards are nice,
there aren't any decent quests.
-Kazuma, Kazuma!
-I'm Kazuma.
How about this?
Kill quest for a pack of White Wolves.
The reward is 1 million Eris!
Just imagining a pack of wild beasts
making a mess of me.
-Kazuma, Kazuma!
-Yes, I'm Kazuma.
How about this?
Kill quest for a One-shot Bear!
Now is the time for me
to tell it which of us
has the stronger one-shot attack
with my explosion magic!
I want nothing to do with a monster
with such awful name.
I bet we'll die instantly
even if it only touches our necks.
The mobile fortress Destroyer
is approaching,
so we are recruiting scouts to
help predict the route it will take.
What is this? What's a Destroyer?
The Destroyer is the Destroyer.
It's a massive fortress
that moves at high speed.
It lumbers around, trampling everything.
It's oddly popular with children.
I see. I don't get it.
Let's see. What's this?
A Snow Sprite kill quest?
Hey, what are Snow Sprites?
They don't sound all that strong,
but it says the reward is
100,000 Eris each.
There are lots of Snow Sprites
in the snowy plains.
It's said that spring will come half
a day sooner for every one you kill.
They're very weak monsters,
so they're easily defeated, but
If we take on that quest, I'll get ready!
Hey, wait.
-Are you laughing?
-Snow Sprites, huh?
Why does this perverted crusader, who
always wants to fight strong monsters,
look so happy?
Money is still the top priority now!
These are Snow Sprites?
Hey, what's with your outfit?
You look like a dumb kid
in the middle of winter.
I can catch Snow Sprites with this
and bottle them up.
I have the idea that if we
mix them in with our drinks,
we can have ice-cold drinks
whenever we want!
Well? That's smart, right?
I can see where this is going.
Darkness, what happened to your armor?
Are you going to be
all right in that gear?
No problem.
I'm a little cold, but this is
A pervert with steamy thoughts
will have a high body temperature.
Number three, wait!
Crap! It's darting all over!
There! I caught my fourth one!
Kazuma, look over here!
I caught a bunch!
If my kill count comes out too low,
I'll just kill all the Snow Sprites
that she caught.
Can I blow away all those
within this area with explosion magic?
Sure! Wipe them all out!
By my command of deep crimson,
topple this white world!
Hey, are you all right?
I got eight of them.
A total of nine Snow Sprites
were defeated.
I even went up a level.
Oh, good job!
If I'm not buried in the snow,
I'll look cooler.
What the heck?
Killing Snow Sprites
is totally delectable!
Why isn't anybody doing this?
-There it is!
What is that?
She's playing dead?
Let me tell you why other adventurers
won't accept this quest.
You lived in Japan.
I'm sure you've heard the name
in the news or weather forecasts.
He's the Snow Sprites' master,
and is also said to evoke
the image of winter.
Yes, the Winter Shogun has arrived!
Winter Shogun!
One of the specially designated monsters
the country has put a huge bounty on.
I'm sure this monster plans
to use his position as shogun
to have his way with me.
I'll resist him, but
he will be beyond my capabilities,
and I'll be shamed.
All things in this nonsense world,
the people, food, or monsters,
are all absolutely stupid!
My sword!
Sprites can be transformed
based on the subconscious thoughts
of the people they encounter.
But the ones strolling around
outside town in winter
are mostly just cheaters
who came here from Japan.
So this one was brought to life
by some idiot who came here from Japan,
and associated winter
with the Winter Shogun?
Such pain in the neck!
I'll step on that girl
who's been playing dead later.
-What is it?
The Winter Shogun is merciful.
If we politely apologize,
he'll overlook this!
Kneel down. Kneel down before him!
Come on!
Toss your weapons aside and kneel down!
Apologize! Hurry up
and apologize, Kazuma!
The former goddess who appears
to have abandoned all of her pride
knelt down magnificently.
Hey, hurry up and bow your head!
Even though no one is watching,
a knight like me would
never bow down to a monster.
You trail behind those monsters
all the time!
Why do you show off your pride
at times like these?
Stop it!
You're forcing me to bow down
even when I refused,
and shove my face into the ground!
What a reward!
The snow is so cold.
Your weapon, your weapon!
Throw away the sword you're holding!
That's right.
I was killed by the Winter Shogun.
Mr. Sato Kazuma.
Welcome to the afterlife.
I am Eris, the goddess
who'll lead you down a new path.
Your life in this world
is now over.
This feels familiar.
Is this also how it was when I met Aqua?
Are you a goddess of this world?
Yes, Mr. Sato Kazuma.
You came all the way from
peaceful Japan to this world,
only for this to happen to you
What's with this goddess?
Is she mourning my death?
She's not like that useless goddess!
Brave hero from the parallel world.
With my power,
you will be reincarnated
back to Japan in a wealthy family,
and lead a life of comfort.
Wait, you can do that?
If you wish for it.
For real?
If it's possible,
I'd like above-average
charm, wisdom, and strength,
as well as a beautiful girl
as my childhood friend!
Well, that is more than I can
Wow, thank goodness!
I thought it was all over,
but now it feels like I pulled through
by the skin of my teeth.
This is a reward for my hard work, right?
Because my life up to now
had been so awful!
I looked in on your life
from time to time.
I believe your days
were filled with adversity.
You said it!
I thought I'd go on
a thrilling adventure like in a game.
This looks like a misleading
promo video, isn't it?
The useless goddess who came
with me as a reincarnation perk
was just an arrogant one.
We recruited allies,
but the only one who turned up
was a crazy explosion girl,
who fell flat every time
she used her magic,
and a perverted crusader
whose attacks always missed.
I was an adventurer,
but I did construction, side jobs,
and was forced into cabbage hunting.
I was in great debt
after defeating a boss enemy.
Sleeping in the stables only froze me
to death, let alone restore my energy.
Do you know how it feels to have
your eyelashes frozen every morning?
The previous world was poorly balanced.
After you is reborn,
may you be blessed once more
with kind encounters.
I see. It appears
I was unexpectedly fond of
that terrible world
that I thought I hated.
I wanted to
adventure with those girls
a little longer.
-Now, return to us, Kazuma!
How could you get killed off so easily?
It's too soon for you to die!
This is Aqua's voice?
Is it really you?
Hey, Kazuma, can you hear me?
I cast recovery magic on your body,
so you can come back to this side now.
Oh, for real?
Please wait a moment!
You've already been reborn once,
so according to the laws of Heaven,
you can't be revived again!
Is that true? Aqua!
She says that according to
the laws of Heaven,
I can't be revived again since
I was reborn before!
Which goddess is spouting that nonsense?
Hey, identify yourself!
Why did a goddess in charge of
the desolated area say that to me,
an elite in charge of Japan?
Hey, knock it off!
The face of the goddess in charge of
the desolated area is twitching now!
she's a goddess called Eris.
The one who's grown cocky and
even become a unit of currency,
just because she's worshiped
in the religion of this world?
-Hey, Kazuma!
If Eris gives you any more trouble,
-I'll confiscate her breast pads
-I understand!
An exception!
I'll deem this an exception!
I'll open the gate right now!
They're pads?
-My god, Aqua is so unreasonable.
-They're pads?
Konosuba. I don't mind if they're pads.
You are now connected
to the living world.
This normally never happens, you know.
You are called Kazuma right?
Erm, yes!
This is
our little secret, okay?
Kazuma! Kazuma, please wake up!
Oh, you're finally awake?
Sheesh, that girl is so hardheaded.
This is extremely embarrassing.
Oh, come on. Kazuma,
what are you blushing for? Say something!
I brought you back to life, you know?
Don't you have anything to say? Come on.
I want to trade this useless goddess
for that cute goddess just now.
Say something.
Like an apology for how you've treated
such a high-class goddess
with such contempt all this time.
Goddess change!
Fine, you scoundrel!
Why don't I send you to meet
Eris right away?
Calm down, Aqua!
How do you feel?
Do you feel uncomfortable?
I think I'm okay.
Great! You died in such
a terrible way, after all
How was I killed?
You were beheaded by the Winter Shogun.
It was quite a clean chop.
Winter in this world
is a season where only those who make
it through the struggle for survival,
despite the scarce food
and harsh environment,
are allowed to be alive and active.
There aren't any quests
beginners like us can complete easily.
Okay, retreat!
A Snow Sprite?
I didn't only prostrate myself.
I pretended to set them all free,
but I saved just one.
I guess the Winter Shogun couldn't see
through my convincing performance!
Way to go, Aqua!
All right, hand it over and I'll kill it.
What? No!
I'm going to bring it home
and make it a refrigerator!
The reward for killing it is
100,000 each!
No! Not this one!
I've already given it a name!
I won't let you kill it! Don't! Don't!
She's resisting more than I expected.
Let her be, Kazuma.
Oh, fine.
I'll raise it with care,
and when summer comes,
I'll have it make lots of ice.
Then we'll open a snow cone shop!
We'll sleep together on hot,
restless nights.
Hey, what does this little one eat?
Do Snow Sprites eat anything?
They look so fluffy and soft.
Maybe if you put some sugar on it
and take a bite, it might be tasty.
I won't let you eat it!
Actually, I've worked up an appetite.
Let's order something!
What should I choose?
That goddess
She mourned for my death,
and smiled kindly when I was revived.
This is
our little secret, okay?
A righteous, beautiful girl
who's not an oddball.
After I came to this world,
the main heroine has finally appeared.
Kazuma, aren't you going to eat?
Hey, how much did you guys order?
A great wizard like me
will require great sacrifices
in order to function.
Any problem? I brought you
back to life today, Kazuma!
There's nothing wrong with
a reward of this size, right?
I put a little of the reward
from the quest into it!
That money was to get us
through the winter!
-What's the problem?
We can always accept another quest.
What kind of monster
should we fight next?
Maybe the one that contains
a lot of slimes,
or the one with disgusting tentacles?
I'm so excited just by imagining it.
On second thought,
I should've been reincarnated to Japan.
I've made the wrong choice.
(Episode 8: A Loving Hand for Our Party
When We Can't Make It Through Winter!)
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