Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Kono Roku de mo Nai Tatakai ni Kecchaku o!

Why haven't you come to the castle?
You wretches!
We didn't fire the
Explosion Magic at you.
Are you sure you didn't fire that at me?
That's a barefaced lie!
The crazy red devil
is still coming to my
castle every single day.
What did you do?
It's painful.
That's not the case.
Please listen to my explanation.
I unleashed my magic on empty plains,
but since I learned the allure
of using magic attacks on a castle,
I need to find some big and hard targets.
If not, I can't endure it.
Don't say that while fidgeting.
Besides, you can't move
after unleashing your magic, right?
It means you must've had an accomplice.
It's you, right?
It's so painful.
We can't get any task
because of this headless knight.
I always want to vent my anger.
Hey fools, listen to me.
My name is Verdia.
There's another reason
that makes me really angry.
Did you not have guts
to seek revenge for your ally's death?
I was an upstanding knight
when I was alive.
In my opinion,
the crusader who was cursed
to protect her companions
is the model crusader.
Do you want to make
her death meaningless?
what's about the model crusader?
How is it going?
God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!)
(Episode 6: A Conclusion to
This Worthless Fight!)
You're still alive?
What? Was this headless knight
waiting for us all the time?
He didn't know that I dispelled
his curse easily after he left.
It's so funny.
It's very funny, right?
You know if you make me angry,
I can kill everyone in your village.
You're a cocky undead.
Do you think a beginner
adventurer's magic will work on me?
Turn Undead!
Kazuma, it's weird. It doesn't work.
No, it looked pretty effective.
You made him scream, right?
Are you really a beginner?
Isn't this
a gathering place for beginners?
Forget it.
I don't have to fight
with you all by myself.
Undead Knights!
Send them to the hell!
This guy must be frightened
because Aqua's magic is powerful.
What should the
boss fight first in a battle?
-Let the small potatoes start first.
-Sacred Turn Undead!
My eyes.
Kazuma, what should I do?
My purification magic
doesn't work on him.
He screamed, right?
I think it must be very effective.
That's enough.
Kill everyone in this village!
Go and call the priest.
Who's going to the church?
Please bring as much as holy water here.
Come on, let me hear
your screams of despair.
Why are they only chasing me?
I'm a goddess.
I've been a good girl every day.
It's not fair.
I've been a really good girl every day.
Why are they running over there?
Maybe they are instinctively
seeking salvation from a goddess.
Megumin, can you attack this swarm
of undead with Explosion Magic?
It's hard
when they're scattered like this.
Fool, don't come over.
If you go the other way,
I will treat you to dinner tonight.
I'll treat you if you do something.
I can't get rid of them no matter
how many times I use Turn Undead.
Darn it, there are so many of them.
Wait a minute.
Megumin, please be ready
to use your magic.
All right.
Aqua, come with me.
Megumin, do it now.
What an ideal situation.
Thank you very much, Kazuma.
My name is Megumin.
I'm the best wizard of the Red Devils.
I'm able to manipulate Explosion Magic.
Let me show all of you my power.
It seems that everyone who witnesses
the power of Explosion Magic
becomes speechless at the end.
This feeling is so amazing.
Do you need me to carry you?
That's great!
The crazy red devil did a good job.
Although she seems crazy,
she pulls us through when it counts.
You've impressed me, little girl.
I'm sorry. Please help me
remember those people's faces.
I'll blow them all away next time.
That's interesting.
That's really interesting.
I didn't expect you'd actually
annihilate my subordinates.
All right. I'll keep my promise.
let me take you on personally.
Megumin is out of magic power.
Aqua's magic can't cause a fatal blow.
What should I do?
Don't be afraid.
The village's trump will be here soon.
It doesn't matter if you are
the leader of the Devil King.
The trump card of this village?
We can create a blind spot
if we all attack at once.
It seems that you all can't wait to die.
Stop, don't go over there!
Who's the next?
When Mitsurugi gets here,
he'll slay you in a single blow.
I stole and sold
Mitsurugi's sword before.
Do you think you can hold out
This is bad.
until the boy is here.
How dare you
How dare you attack them?
Darkness, your sword is no match for him.
As a knight who has
to protect the others,
I don't have any excuse to give in.
You intend to use your strong
arms to lewdly torture me
in front of everyone, right?
Try it if you really can do so.
Show me what you've got!
Don't have strange delusions!
I will be misunderstood by everyone.
You're on, Verdia!
It's inevitable that a holy knight
would be my opponent.
Oh no!
You even missed stationary targets?
How embarrassing.
She's my ally.
What a disappointment.
That's enough.
-Darkness, stand down.
-A crusader
can't stand down when
protecting someone behind them.
I can't comply with your wish.
Not to mention
Not to mention, this headless knight
is definitely my match.
He's been shaving away at my armor
a little at a time for a while now.
Instead of stripping me nude,
he's left parts of my armor intact,
leaving me in a more provocative state
than nakedness to shame me in public.
Come on.
Is this the way that
Devil King's used to shame people?
Just attack me. Come on.
Please consider the time and place.
You freaking hardcore pervert.
Pervert. Darn it.
Kazuma, you should consider
the time and place yourself.
It's difficult for me to face
the devil's attack in public.
How can you attack me
together with the headless knight?
What are you going to do with me?
I'm not doing anything.
I'm not doing anything.
Oh, well. You bought me some time.
Create Water!
I don't dislike being treated
in this way unexpectedly,
but please consider the time and place.
No. This is not a trick.
I did it on purpose. Freeze!
I messed up.
As long as I could
make you fail to dodge.
This is my real intention.
That wasn't a bad trick.
This showed our difference in level.
All right. I'll put an end to this farce.
Remember! Our opponent
is a headless knight.
What was his weakness in RPG?
Observe him carefully.
Why was he able to
dodge my water so adeptly?
The weakness of the headless knight is
The weakness of the undead monster is
As a former knight, I give my thanks
to the Devil King,
and the false god for this chance
to have a bout with you.
Farewell, brave yet foolish crusader.
Create Water!
What are you trying to do, scoundrel?
It's water!
Create Water!
Stop those attacks!
Create Water!
Create Water!
You guys!
Hit him!
Darn it! I'm going to run out of magic.
What happened?
Kazuma, what are you doing?
Are you an idiot?
What the hell!
The weakness
of the headless knight is water.
Even a lame goddess like you
must be able to use a water spell.
Rude guy, you will deserve
for what you've done sooner or later.
I can even cause flood by using my magic.
Are you sure?
Apologize for calling
a water goddess as a "lame goddess".
I'll apologize later as you wish.
Hurry up and do it, useless goddess.
You just called me a useless goddess.
Just wait and watch.
I'll show you
the real power of a goddess.
All my followers in this world,
the goddess water Aqua commands you.
This is
Answer my request, my prayer
and show the world your power.
Oh, no.
Let go of me, crazy knight.
How abusive.
Sacred Create Water!
It's water.
All right, that's enough.
What are you thinking?
Are you an idiot?
Are you out of your mind?
Now is your chance, Kazuma.
This time I'll steal your weapon for sure.
I may be weakened now,
but a beginner adventurer with steal skill
can't steal my weapon.
I'll end this once and for all.
Hey guys,
-let's play football.
Football is
a game that you handle the ball
with only feet but not hands.
Only feet?
Wait, stop it.
It hurts. Stop it.
We should be safe now as he's so weak.
Just kill him quick.
Yes, Aqua.
Leave it to me.
Just do it.
Sacred Turn Undead.
Wait a minute.
Darkness, what are you doing?
I'm praying.
Sedol, the huge liar who said
he was brawny in his armour.
Besides, Heinz asked me to fan
him with my huge sword.
He even teased me, saying,
"You can hit me with it if you want,"
"but only if you can."
Galil, who let me join
his team for only a single day,
and screamed at me, saying, "Why do
you charge into swarms of monster?"
They were all killed
by the headless knight.
If I could see them again,
I'd love to have a drink with them.
It actually bothers you that
your sword always misses target?
I'm sorry.
I'll treat you next time.
What? You all are still alive?
For someone as great as me,
reviving newly-fallen
adventurers is just a piece of cake.
Dither lection!
Now you can drink with them together.
Darkness has a lot
to deal with, doesn't she?
Shh! She'll hear you.
I want to die.
Don't hold back.
We'll keep criticizing her
like this for at least three days.
This isn't the kind
of shameful abuse I wanted.
Things somehow works out this time,
but I think I'll live a life of
leisure, without danger from now on.
Kazuma, I've been waiting for you.
Listen to me.
Darkness said that I'm
too young to have a drink.
She's very stingy.
Wait a minute. It's not
because of this reason.
You're late.
Obviously, she's drunk.
Kazuma, I've been waiting for you.
Actually, I have a special reward
for you and your team.
Why only us?
You and your team
defeated the Devil King's army.
I believed in the radiance
within you from the very start.
The radiance within me?
A light that shines on the gate of hell.
There may have an old legend like that.
That's right. If you weren't there,
how could the
headless knight being defeated?
Kazuma, Kazuma!
Kazuma, Kazuma!
-Kazuma, Kazuma!
-I'm not really used to this,
but this feeling is so good.
In recognition of
Sato Kazuma's achievement,
I award you 300 million eris.
300 million?
Treat me, Kazuma.
Kazuma, treat me.
Group meeting.
I have something to tell all of you.
We won thanks to my abilities,
so we should go 90/10.
Now that we acquired great wealth,
I want to live a
leisurely and peaceful life.
-Wait a minute.
-I won't wait.
It's a big problem for me if I can't
fight strong enemies anymore.
-It's not a problem.
-It bothers me too.
I want to follow Kazuma
to defeat the Devil King,
and earn the title of
the strongest magician.
-You won't earn it.
-Don't you want to become a Neet?
No. Because I'm not a Neet!
I won't be able to go home.
I've already made up my mind.
It's a useless, useless goddess.
-Useless goddess
-Mr. Kazuma.
Is it a check? It's a check, right?
In fact, the flood of water
that Aqua summoned
caused huge damage to the outer walls.
Defeating a leader of Devil King's army
is a big accomplishment.
So, you all don't have to pay the
full amount of compensation.
I just ask you to pay
a portion of the cost.
Wait a minute.
The reward is 300 million,
but the amount of
compensation is 340 million.
Our bloody journey of magic
has just begun.
Let's take on a profitable mission
to defeat strong enemy tomorrow.
We can split the debt into equal parts.
Am I really going to spend my entire life
in this irrational world
with these hopeless allies?
I close my eyes quietly
and make up my mind
to defeat the Devil King,
so that I can break away
from this hopeless world.
(Episode 7: A Second Death
in This Freezing Season!)
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