Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Kono Subarashii Mise ni Shukufuku o!

Darkness, that's unfair.
All right. Very good.
-Just do as you please.
make room for me, the exalted Aqua.
I'm level 21,
the highest level in this team.
How dare a rookie
has no sense of propriety?
If you get it, make room for me.
I want to sit in front of the fireplace.
I don't think your attributes
have risen since I first saw you.
Kazuma, you fool.
My attributes were obviously
maxed out from the very beginning.
This is the difference between
ordinary adventurers and me.
In this case, I can only
whip out my deadly teleport.
Megumin, you're so cunning.
These are the rules.
Destroyer, explosion!
What's wrong with you?
You're being very obedient.
That explains why
her intelligence doesn't improve
no matter how much she levels up.
Kazuma, why are you crying?
Why are you looking at me with sympathy?
Good night.
Wait a minute, Kazuma.
We acquired a mansion.
The biggest problem of getting through
winter has finally been solved.
Although there are still
many problems to be solved
Darn it. What's the matter?
What are you two doing here?
Kazuma, you scared the hell out of me.
I have known these
two adventurers recently,
Keith and Dust.
You're way too jumpy.
Is there something down this way?
This is the secret of male adventurers.
Have you heard of a shop
covertly run by succubi
that lets you have nice dreams?
Tell me all about it.
God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!)
(Episode 9: God's Blessing
On This Wonderful Shop!)
I don't think I could have come
into a place like this on my own.
This way, please.
All right.
Please come this way.
-All right.
-All right.
Please wait just a moment.
You are
Welcome to the entrance to hell.
Do your best, you daredevil.
I can hardly wait.
His occupation is a professional tailor.
He's not an adventurer!
Is this your first time to our shop?
-Let me explain it to you.
-Thank you.
We succubi has established
a mutually beneficial relationship
with the male adventurers of the city.
Many adventurers live in stables, right?
I believe that males
get pent-up in various ways.
However, they're unable
to do anything about it
since there are other adventurers
sleeping all around them.
I've nothing to feel guilty about.
Yes. There's nothing
to feel guilty about.
If they were to try to make a move on
a female adventurer who slept nearby,
the other adventurers would notice it
and beat them into submission.
If there's someone who
tries to mess around with,
his you-know-what could be
cut off with a hidden dagger.
Has that actually happened to anyone?
Also, succubi give male adventurers
dreams that bring them relief.
We do end up taking
a bit of your vitality.
Of course it won't affect
your adventures and daily life.
That's great.
If everyone could be
in a constant state of afterglow,
there would be no war in this world.
Please write your desired dream
on this questionnaire sheet.
There are entries
for the customer's condition, gender
and appearance in the dream.
What does it mean?
Some customers want to be prince or hero.
There are also some
customers who want to be women.
Is that so?
There are also those who
wish to return to boyhood,
and get pushed down
by the strong female adventurer.
Are the men in this city all right?
What about partner preferences?
How can you actually configure these?
Their personality, speech patterns,
appearance and even
how much they like you.
It can be anything or anyone,
no matter they exist
in the real life or not.
It means from celebrities
to people around me,
and even a fantasy girl
would be possible?
Yes, even though I don't know
what fantasy girl means.
That shouldn't be illegal, right?
No problem, because this is a dream.
You're right.
That means there's no restriction
on the partner's age, right?
I don't intent to ask
for that sort of thing.
I'm just asking.
There's no restriction.
Please write your preferred settings.
Are you sure that it doesn't matter?
Is it an act which
goes against regulations?
No problem, because this is just dream.
You're right.
Yes, there will be
no problem in the dream.
That's wonderful.
Succubi erotic dream
services are the greatest.
Please be careful
not to drink too much this evening.
If you sleep soundly,
we can't show you any dream.
Yes, I understand it.
I'm back.
Be glad, Kazuma.
Today's dinner is awesome.
It's crab! Crab!
My family sent them to
congratulate us on moving in.
It's a super high-grade coral crab,
and it even came with
top-quality champagne.
It said it's to thank their
daughter's teammates
for always taking care of her.
Is this a gift for everyone?
I can't believe I'm lying
my eyes on coral crabs.
I've never been more glad about
joining the team than I am today.
Is it that luxurious?
Of course!
If you told me I could eat this crab
in exchange for not using my magic,
I would restrain myself with pleasure,
and unleash my magic after I've eaten it.
That's how luxurious it is.
Is that so?
Why did you say at the end?
I can't stop myself.
Kazuma, give me the fire.
I'll teach you a tasty way to drink this.
Here you are. Tinder!
Just put a crab shell filled
with the crab innards here.
It should be ready.
I want to try it too.
This is a trap.
The succubus lady told me
if I drink too much and sleep soundly,
I won't be able to dream.
Are you not going to drink?
I'll go first, then.
Calm down.
I'm a man with self-restraint.
A man who possesses a will of steel
and the strength to endure.
It tastes so good.
It's really delicious.
Don't tempt me.
Don't tempt me.
I'm sure I can't stop
myself once I take a sip.
I want to drink it too.
Just for today. I'll be just fine.
No way.
I heard that someone will become
silly when starting drinking in childhood.
Let's juice up! I feel so good now.
Let me show you all my new
party trick for the first time.
A trick of fingers.
The mobile fortress, Destroyer!
The form, the shape and the movements.
It's the Destroyer for sure.
I can't believe you could
mimic that movements.
What is the Destroyer?
Aqua, do it again.
Art isn't something you
can just show it when asked.
It's something that presents itself
naturally when the soul commands it.
Kazuma, what's the matter?
Didn't the food my family
sent suit your taste?
No. The crab is very delicious.
It's just that I drank with
my friends just now,
and I don't think I can drink anymore.
Let's drink again tomorrow.
I see.
Don't give me such a genuine smile.
You normally blurt out nothing
but nasty stuff that creeps me out.
At least you have to eat more.
It's my thanks for everything.
I feel a little guilty.
Yes. I should just drink with them
and forget about the dream.
Take a good look at my teammates.
Think about which is more important.
There's nothing to hesitate at all.
Although it's still quite early,
I'm going to sleep first.
Goodnight, everybody.
Oh no, my heart is pounding now.
What shall I do?
I'm nervous and I can't sleep.
Although it's just a dream,
etiquette is still very important.
The light is turned off?
Wait a minute.
I felt drowsy earlier
and just closed my eyes.
That would mean this is
a dream?
This moon is so beautiful tonight.
I always imagined she has a sexy body,
but it's better than I imagined.
Maybe the succubus adjusted her body
figure according to my preferences.
You are Kazuma?
What's the matter, Darkness?
Come over here.
You can start by washing my back.
What's with that reaction?
It's different as usual. I like it.
Anyhow, why are you the one
to appear in my dream?
Maybe I shouldn't have requested a
beautiful older woman with a hot body?
What are you talking about?
Kazuma, how
how could you ask me to
wash your back so calmly?
you even said it's a dream.
Everything happened too fast.
My brain can't quite keep up.
Playing hard-to-get wasn't
one of the setting I chose.
Anyway, I did write that
I wanted a shy older woman
who's inexperienced.
It's not bad now.
I have no idea that you
were set to be inexperienced.
Come and help me wash my back.
In this situation,
is washing your back
considered common sense?
Hurry up, I can't stand with it anymore.
Do you really understand
what's going on right now?
If Aqua or Megumin found out about this,
why don't we all just
take a shower together?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you today?
You're so noisy from the beginning.
What time do you think it is?
Think about how much
you're bothering the neighbors.
Even if you don't understand common
sense, you can't be insensible.
Although you're saying something
sensible in this situation,
am I the one who has no common sense?
Am I the strange person?
You have been so strange all the time.
Since it's a dream, I guess it's
no problem if you make noise.
Forget it, please help me wash my back.
Why is this happening?
It's pathetic that my disposition
prevents me from resisting
when you order me brazenly.
This is a new experience for me.
I'm the one who's
usually creeped out by you.
So, it's nice seeing you being shy
and embarrassed for a change.
You're talking and acting
like an old man today.
That's enough, right?
Can I leave now?
Don't be foolish.
I know I set you to be inexperienced,
but don't you even know
what to do after this?
Wash me without using a towel.
This is not right!
No matter how inexperienced I am,
you've gone too far!
-Hurry up.
-It's absolutely strange.
Hurry up.
Here's an intruder.
Come here, everyone.
There's an intruder in the house.
It's Aqua's voice.
I don't remember
having such a tortuous setting.
Does that guy want to mess with my dream?
I've to complain about it.
An intruder got trapped in my barrier.
We've got another suspicious guy here!
Who's that suspicious guy?
She's a succubus.
This succubus got caught in the
barrier and now she's immobilized.
She must be coming after you, Kazuma.
What's happening? This is strange.
Darkness who's in the bathroom is
I'll do an exorcism right away.
Just be good and let us destroy you.
It's your time to die.
I'm going to use a
powerful magic to destroy you.
Run away.
what are you doing?
She's a devil who came to
attack you and steal your vitality.
Are you insane, Kazuma?
Sir, it's all my fault.
I'm incompetent.
I can't break into your dream.
I can't allow you to humiliate yourself.
I'll accept my elimination.
Just pretend that
you don't know anything.
What do you want to do?
I'm a goddess.
I won't let go of this devil.
If you don't want us to beat you
into submission, move aside then.
Kazuma has been charmed by that
succubus and he's under her control.
He's been acting weird
since a little while ago.
He's been talking about
setting up his dreams.
He must be controlled by the succubus.
The hateful succubus put me
through so much humiliation.
I must slaughter you!
Kazuma, although she's cute,
she is a devil after all.
She's a monster.
Have you gone mad?
it seems I have to beat
Kazuma up right here and now.
Once I've pulverized you,
I'll send her to hell.
I've something that I must protect.
Come on!
The succubus ran away.
I'd better toss some salt.
Don't be mad at me.
Please listen to my explanation.
Besides, I think
you were part of the problem,
since you were affected
by the atmosphere too.
Can't you remember
what happened last night?
It seemed that you were
controlled by the succubus,
and forgot everything.
What a pity. I can't remember anything.
I just know that I had a sweet dream.
Is that so?
That's good.
Forget it.
It was sort of an accident.
I'll try to forget about it too.
I was controlled by
the succubus last night.
That's the story I'm going with.
A reasonable explanation
fell into my lap
so, I may as well go with it.
Anyway, you were
overbearing at that time,
and a little scary,
but it wasn't bad.
I just can't accept that
you ordered me around,
and also said that I'm ignorant.
you're not an ignorant lady.
Brush up your common sense a little more.
So, that incident wasn't
my fault in any way, right?
I lit the lantern,
and put up the sign
saying that the bathroom was in use.
I don't know who's
the one who pranked us.
You do remember what happened last night.
Were those actions really caused
by a succubus controlling you?
Destroyer alert!
Destroyer alert!
The mobile fortress, Destroyer,
is approaching this city now.
(Episode 10: A Final Flame for
this Over-the-top Fortress!)
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