Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

Kono Rifujin na Yousai ni Shuuen o!

Destroyer alert! Destroyer alert!
All citizens, evacuate at once!
All adventurers, equip yourselves
and report to the adventurer's guild!
We're running away!
We're running far away!
The mobile fortress, Destroyer
Fighting that thing is reckless.
I keep asking what's a Destroyer?
An ancient weapon that went on a rampage.
They say wherever it passes through,
not even grass remains.
Hey, everyone. We're going to the guild.
We're not going to let
this house that we've earned,
after so much work, to
be destroyed that easily!
All of you are this city's
last bastion of hope.
We humbly request your assistance.
At present, the mobile fortress,
is on our way,
invading from the northwest.
One hour remains until its arrival.
Destroyer was created by
an ancient magical kingdom, right?
Did the people who created it
prepare any countermeasures?
Unfortunately, they were the first
to perish in the Destroyer's rampage.
This game is impossible.
Such a strong foe isn't supposed to
come to a city of novice adventurers!
If only Mitsurugi arrived here,
I wonder where he went.
You should all run away immediately.
No, they can't.
The townspeople will lose their homes.
You're as stubborn as ever, Darkness.
Hey, you.
Any bright ideas?
That's asking a lot
Aqua, couldn't you break its barrier?
I won't know unless I try.
You can break the Destroyer's barrier?
No, I just thought maybe
Even so, couldn't you at least try it?
Aside from that,
we'll need some heavy-hitting magic.
We have that.
We have her, don't we?
The crazy one.
That's right. The crazy one!
We do have the crazy girl!
Hey, wait!
If you're talking about me,
don't use that nickname!
Otherwise, I'll prove just how crazy I am
right here and now!
Your explosion magic is the
greatest firepower this city has.
What do you say, Megumin?
I don't think my explosion magic
can take it down in a single blow.
I'm sorry I'm late!
I'm the proprietor
of Wiz's Magical Tool Shop.
I'm a qualified adventurer,
so I've come to help.
It's the shopkeeper!
The destitute shopkeeper is here!
We can win this! We can win this now!
Why is she so famous?
Don't call her a destitute shopkeeper.
I feel bad for her.
Don't you know?
She named herself as a master arch wizard
once upon a time.
Her true identity is
an undead corpse, though
All right, everyone!
The emergency quest will now begin!
Hurry up! It's going to
be here any second!
Hey, Darkness.
I know how stubborn you are,
but set aside your fetishes for now
and join me at the edge of the road.
Given my usual behavior, it can't be
helped that you would think that way,
do you really think I'm a woman of
such rigid adherence to my desires?
Sure! Obviously.
I must protect the inhabitants
of this land.
I'm sure the residents of this city
won't pay me any mind,
at least that's how I feel.
Do you have some reason for that?
My real name is Dustiness Ford Lalatina.
What was that?
I belong to the Dustiness family,
which governs this area.
So you're a rich girl?
Don't tell the others.
Oh, sure.
I am a knight.
Protecting my citizen's livelihood
is both my duty and my honor.
Don't you hate selfish, stubborn allies?
A certain arch priest's selfish whims
annoy me and make me want to slap her,
but I don't mind when
someone like you is selfish.
I see.
Don't call me by that name!
All adventurers!
The Destroyer will be here soon!
Please prepare for battle!
It's huge!
Are we going to be okay?
Can we handle this?
Hey, Wiz! You're up for this, right?
Please leave it to me, Aqua.
No matter what,
I'm still the highest-ranked undead.
You're really up for this, right?
If I fail, let's return to the soil
together on good terms.
That's not funny! That's not funny!
Kazuma, are you okay over there?
I'm okay. I am strong, I am strong.
It's not looking good.
-I am the finest
-Hey, calm down. Don't overthink it.
I'll blow, blow it away
with my explosion magic!
Hey, it's too soon! Too soon!
Here it comes!
Break Spell!
Megumin, launch a concurrent strike!
Hey, Megumin!
Hey! Is your love for
explosion magic for real?
If you're outdone by Wiz,
you'll be a disgrace!
Is your explosion magic so useless,
and it can't even destroy that thing?
What was that?
You just said something
You must never say to me,
even worse than mocking my name!
I'll show you what
real explosion magic is!
Darkness blacker than black
and darker than dark,
I beseech you to combine
with my deep crimson.
The time of awakening is here.
Justice, fallen upon
the infallible boundary,
appear now as an intangible distortion!
You did it, Megumin.
You're really a corpse!
Her level far exceeds my own.
How frustrating
There, there. Good job, good job.
They did it?
When this is all over,
I'm getting married.
Hey, don't say anything
that'll trigger a flag right now!
Come on, let's go back and celebrate!
I wonder how much the reward will be!
You idiot! Why do you
love cliches so much?
See? What did I tell you?
Due to extreme damage, self-destruct
mechanism will now initiate.
All crew, please evacuate immediately.
All crew, please evacuate immediately.
Are you serious?
Initiating self-destruct mechanism.
Initiating self-destruct mechanism.
Super Emergency Quest: Prevent the
Destroyer from Self-Destructing
It's no use.
It can't be done!
It's hopeless! Run for it!
Darkness! We're evacuating!
I cannot withdraw until the very end.
A knight mustn't run away
before her citizens.
Besides, when I think about
exposing myself
to a bomb massive enough
to obliterate a city, I wonder
What is this rising excitement
like nothing I've felt before?
Will I be able to withstand it?
No, even if I'm sturdy, it's unlikely
I'll get through this unharmed.
I can't stand it any longer!
I'm charging in!
I'll be back!
Hey, Darkness is charging in!
I see! She intends to destroy it
before it explodes!
All to protect the city!
I'm going for it!
I owe this city so much!
Even though I'm already past level 30,
I now remember why
I'm still in this city of beginners.
In fact, after all the inexpensive
hospitality I've received
If I can't repay that debt now,
I'm done for as a human being!
Don't be scared! We'll follow her, too!
Come on!
Whoever's in charge, show yourself!
Mr Kazuma,
if we can locate the control device,
we may be able to stop it
from self-destructing.
Darkness definitely barged in
without thinking of that.
It's open!
The way this is going,
we can leave things to them.
Let's go home. Go home and
try harder again tomorrow.
-Come on, you useless goddess!
-No, no!
Found it!
I want to go home!
Take a look at that.
Is that a member of the crew?
He's already passed on.
Not only did he not turn undead,
but he passed away peacefully,
with no lingering attachments.
No, he must have had attachments!
He looks like he died.
A solitary, lonesome death
What's this?
This country's bigshots
made an unreasonable request.
Telling me to create a
mobile fortress on a limited budget?
So absurd.
Is that his diary?
They also asked about a power source,
but what do I care?
I told them to bring me some
legendary corona stone or something.
They actually brought it.
What should I do?
Will I get the death penalty
if it doesn't work now?
Please work. I'm begging you.
All done. As of this moment,
it's going on a rampage.
The country has perished.
It was wiped out.
Oh, no!
Still, I feel kind of relieved.
I'm satisfied.
All right, I've decided to
spend the rest of my life here.
I can't get out of this thing, anyway.
I can't stop it, either.
The guy who created this
must be an idiot!
Opps, I was the one
responsible for creating it.
-The end.
-Don't screw with us!
We let Dust and the others
get away first,
but what do we do with this?
The corona stone is out of control.
Can't you do something about this?
Doesn't it happen all the time?
A goddess seals away
an evil power or something?
What's with that self-serving, wild idea?
Hey, Wiz, can't you
do something about this?
-I could use teleportation magic.
-Do that!
But I don't have enough magic!
Erm, Kazuma.
I have a request.
What is it?
Would you let me suck it out?
With pleasure.
I won't say something
as tasteless as sucking it out?
I'm not the dense type
who would get worked up and
play dumb at a time like this.
-Thank you!
-No, thank you.
Now, then
Bring it.
Mum, dad
I'm about to become an adult
I'm sorry! Drain Touch!
Hey! Kazuma is drying up!
What a fall
I should be able to use
teleportation magic now!
I see.
But there's a problem.
I have limited control
over its destination.
Hey, this isn't good!
The stone's gone past red,
and is shining white now!
I can send it away immediately
if I do a random teleport, but
Do that, then!
But if it goes poorly,
it could end up at somewhere
densely populated.
It's a big world out there!
It's okay. I'll take responsibility.
You may not believe me,
but I apparently have good luck!
Got it.
Let's do it, Kazuma.
Initiating self-destruction.
Is this where you were, Darkness?
Not yet.
My strong sense of smell
can sniff out a worthy foe,
and it's still detecting
the savory aroma of danger.
It's not over yet.
What is that?
Hey, I thought we removed
the corona stone!
Could this be
its internal heat is escaping?
At this rate, the city will
become a sea of flames!
So there was no point
sending the corona stone away!
Use Explosion one more time!
I ran out of magic.
Out of magic?
Now that I think about it,
this city's guild issued my loans,
so if it explodes right now
Come here, you self-proclaimed somebody.
Look, I don't have time
to deal with you right now!
I'd rather just
You little! What are you doing
in this state of emergency?
Because this is a state of emergency!
I'm going to share
your magical power with Wiz
so she can use explosion magic!
If you inject her with
huge amounts of holy power,
she'll definitely disappear!
Are you serious?
The star takes the stage.
I fell behind earlier, because it's true
I wasn't feeling very well!
I shall show you true explosion magic!
All right, here goes!
I'm ready anytime.
You only get one chance.
I'm betting on your radiance.
Hey, do you understand?
Don't absorb too much, okay?
Don't absorb too much.
I get it, I get it.
That's the god of party tricks'
lead-in, right?
No! I wasn't trying to
sound like some performer!
Drain Touch is most effective
when absorbing from somewhere
with thin skin, close to the heart.
I can't believe I get to use
explosion magic twice in a day.
What are you doing all of a sudden?
I thought my heart was going to stop!
What is it? Is this sexual harassment?!
You're harassing me
in this state of emergency?
Stupid, that's not it!
I'm using Drain Touch
with effectiveness in mind!
Hey! Not you, too!
You should be grateful that I wasn't
going to grab you from the front!
We've reached a compromise.
I feel it, I feel it!
I should be able to fire the highest
grade of explosion magic with this.
Hey, Megumin, are you finished?
I think you've absorbed
more than enough already.
A little more, just a little more.
This might be bad. It's bad.
Hey, what is this?
She's not going to detonate, is she?
Oh, blackness shrouded in light.
Frenzied blaze clad in night.
All else aside,
I don't want to be outdone by anyone else
when it comes to explosion magic!
Here I go!
My ultimate destructive magic.
Our battle with the mobile fortress,
Destroyer, ended.
The thrilling adventurers' world
that I wished for is still very far off.
My reluctant party of horrible allies
in this good-for-nothing world.
I finally get to stay in a house
after a harsh life in the stables.
My agonizing days of
impossible difficulty.
those may have been trials
to make me grow.
That was one long tutorial.
Kazuma! We've got trouble!
Knights are coming from
the imperial capital!
Oh, are they coming to deliver
my compensation in person?
They must be.
With this, my adventure
will begin at last!
Adventurer Satou Kazuma.
You are currently suspected for
the crime of subversion of the state.
You need to come with me.
The corona stone that was
teleported at your instruction
obliterated Overlord Aldarp's mansion.
That's definitely
What? You're not being compensated?
My next adventure is calling me.
That's right.
Nothing goes the way I expected it.
That's the sort of good-for-nothing
Kazuma! You're a criminal, Kazuma!
Killing the Demon King
is totally out of the question now!
Oh, my.
I pray that if I ever get another
chance to go to a parallel world,
I'm able to go to a wonderful world
where I can actually
achieve something cool!
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