Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (2009) s01e02 Episode Script

Sex, Drugs and Consequences

Hallo Miami! Welcome back to Khloe after Dark.
We have Scott Storch in the building.
Talk into your mic, my dear.
What's going on, Khlo? Scott Storch is a huge music producer who has worked with Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Dr.
Let's go and take some callers.
Do you have any questions for Scott Storch? Scott's the sex expert.
How early do you think it is to start having sex with someone? Hold up.
Is she trying to offer up the goods? Scott's also a notorious playboy, and he loves to party.
How was your experience working with Paris? Oh, awesome.
Did you bone her? What do you think? I would like to hope so.
I'm in a new city.
I am newly single.
It would be fun to branch out, meet new people.
One of the things that I've always wanted to do but I never have done is take an art class.
What we usually do is fast kind of drawing.
All right? It's going to be fast poses about one minute each so let's begin.
Make sure that you are looking and capturing the movement, okay, the action.
I know that it might be immature to be laughing at a naked man's huge balls in my face, but I don't know how anyone can just sit here with a straight face drawing this man's huge balls sagging right in front of them.
Oh, dear.
What is this dot? 'Cause that used to be my mole.
This is wrong.
They always take it away on every picture.
They take away my mole, and I'm like, "Hello, that's on my face.
" When someone sees me in real life, they're going to be like, "Where'd you get that mole?" Khloe, come here.
What? Oh, my God, what is this? Cocaine.
I've never seen drugs before in my life.
Finding it and actually holding it in my hand is really strange.
What do I do with it? You can keep it there.
And then what? And then we throw it away.
Carrie finds this vial of coke, and as soon as she hands it to me, customers walk into the store.
The last thing I need in the media is for Dash to be a coke den in Miami.
Do you need help with anything? Yeah, we are.
It's a large, actually.
That's the end, everybody.
I hope you learned something from the class, and we'll see you next time.
Okay? I think I suck.
I think I'm better than you, though.
What is your name, by the way? Kourtney.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I was starving, and I feel like I know, I'm hungry, too.
I have no appetite.
Oh, come on, let's go get something to eat.
Do you want to? Is there somewhere, like, to walk? Yeah, we can walk somewhere.
So what made you move to Miami? We have a clothing store my sisters and I at home, and we've been wanting to open a second store, and we just kept, you know, going back and forth between New York and Miami.
And I just broke up with my boyfriend, and he lives in New York, so we were like, "We have to go to Miami.
" I ran away, too, from my boyfriend.
Really? Jackie is really easy to talk to, and it seems like we have a lot in common, so I'm really comfortable opening up to her.
Oh, no.
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, do you read me? Khloe Kardashian is loose on the streets.
Welcome back to Khloe After Dark.
I am here with Terrence J.
Hey, baby.
Hello, honey bunny.
So I want to get right into it.
I have been in Miami for about a week.
And if I'm out, I get asked at least once either to buy cocaine off of me or I see someone doing coke.
Do they call you in the corner "C'mon, come here" and then ask you that or? They come up to me, thinking I automatically do it, like I'm some coke whore.
I have never done coke.
I am just not into that stuff.
There are drugs everywhere in Miami, and they was acting like Oh, my God, hold on.
Look what I found at my store.
Yo, Khlo, what is that? It's cocaine, I don't know.
But what do you do? You, like, snort it through here? No, Khlo, Khlo, why? Oh, I'm so high.
Put that up.
It's not mine.
It's just cocaine.
It's not mine.
All right, y'all, look, we're about to get into the brand-new joint from Briey Spears.
Check it out.
What? What are you doing? Talking about drug- related stuff.
You can't bring that into a radio station.
That is a felony right there.
You need to dispose of it.
I cannot believe a person like you would bring that into a radio station.
That's just dumb.
It's just stupid.
Come to my office.
We need to talk about this.
Can she wait till after the show, Michael? I need her in my office.
Khloe, what the heck is wrong with you? I was such an idiot for bringing out the vial of coke on my radio show.
I know, I know.
I think Michael Yo was being a little too dramatic about the whole situation.
I mean, he always tells me, "Bring your real life to the radio show.
" Hello.
So I disposed of it.
Do you understand why this is a big deal? I just wasn't thinking.
That's I don't have any reason.
Do you have a drug problem? Are you serious? I have to go through the procedure.
Do you have a drug problem? No, not at all.
I don't.
Have you been under drugs since you've started this job? Nope.
Never any drugs.
This is way over my head now.
I have to actually talk to my bosses about this.
They'll be like, "Michael, you're the producer of the show.
You didn't know Khloe had cocaine in her purse and she was going to pull it out on " It's not funny.
You could lose your job.
They're going to make you take a drug test.
And even if you pass the drug test, though, they could take all this away.
And I could get fired.
I really wasn't taking this seriously.
I don't think I thought about any of the major consequences that could happen.
I do want you to know that I value my job and I would not want to put my job at jeopardy or yours, so I'm really sorry about that.
And I will take a drug test.
I'll do whatever I have to, to prove that this was just a mistake and it's not mine.
The show is officially on probation.
And it's suspended till further notice.
We'll talk soon.
Okay, talk to you later.
Khloe has left me no choice.
I have to put her on probation till I get the drug test back.
Then I have to check with the station management to see if I can even let her back on the show.
Michael could be fired.
We could lose our radio show.
I'm just like, "Why did he go calling the bosses and doing all of that?" I mean, it was on live radio.
I'm just They're probably they're not up this late listening.
Kourt? Hmm? Thank god you're awake.
I've had the worst day.
How was your radio show? What are you doing? It's, like, 4:00 in the morning.
I went out and I felt, like, gross.
Like, smoke from the club, eww.
I just did the dumbest thing and I don't even know Like, I don't even know how to talk my way out of it.
Now that I'm thinking about it, it's just so dumb.
Okay, what? Carrie was picking up all the clothes and, like, a vial of coke fell out of something.
At our store? At Dash! So I threw it in my purse, 'cause I was like, "I don't want anyone to see this and then think it's mine.
" Yeah.
Randomly, I think about, "Oh, I have a vial of coke in here.
" So I bring it out and then Michael Yo got so mad.
He's like, "What are you doing? Is that yours?" And now, he thinks I'm a cokehead.
He wants me to take a drug test.
And he said the whole show Khloe After Dark is going to just be dark.
I feel bad for Khloe, 'cause I know how devastated she'll be, but use your brain.
It's an illegal substance.
Oh, Khloe, do you need a little hug from the bubble bath Honestly, I've had the worst day.
from the bubble bath beauty? Mr.
Bubble Bath.
No, I'm not getting hugged.
Honey, I'm going It's been a bad enough day, I don't need a hug from the bubble bath bitch.
Good to see you.
Nice to see you.
You look pretty.
This place looks cute.
Oh, yeah.
It's really, really, really good.
I'm excited to go to lunch with Jackie today.
It's very refreshing to go have lunch with someone new.
I feel like I need to learn Spanish out here.
I'll teach you.
I can teach you.
It's good that you're doing your own thing away from L.
for a minute.
It's healthy.
It's fun, too.
It's, like, good to do different stuff.
Miami brought out a new side of me.
Like, I dated a girl before.
Really? Yeah.
There's a million beautiful girls here.
And guys are just dirtbags here, so I feel like the guys here suck.
They do.
Have you ever? Not like anything serious.
Just, like, fun, drunk in college.
Did you like it? I mean, it was fun.
Cheers to our new relationship.
Hi, Kourt.
It's freezing in here.
No, it's hot.
We've been working.
How was our day here? Good? Good.
Kourt, what did you do today? Went to lunch with Jackie.
Who the hell is Jackie? My friend from the art class.
Am I going to like her? I'm not good with new people.
No, you'll like her.
She's, like, super friendly.
I haven't really seen Kourtney latch on to a girl, like a friend, in a really long time.
And it's just a little weird.
Does Jackie have a boyfriend? She broke up with her boyfriend, and, like, she's kind of bisexual, but like She totally likes you! Khloe Oh, my God! Khlo, and I didn't even know that.
Like, who cares? Well, Kourtney has hooked up with girls.
I'm not saying you ate somebody out, I'm just saying you've definitely hooked up with girls in college days.
In college, Kourtney would always kiss girls.
And she says it's just a college thing.
Honey, you're 30 years old.
College has gone and past.
It's not a big deal.
I'm shocked we don't have a gay person in our family.
You could be the one.
Or Rob.
Well, Rob, we're still not sure about.
All right, I got to go get ready.
I'm meeting Jackie in, like, 20 minutes.
We're going to lock up the store and we'll come.
All right.
All right, doll.
Get ready for the big night out.
She is, like, so excited.
It's so weird.
Shut up, you losers.
Okay, bye.
When Kourt's friend Jackie tells us she's taking us somewhere new, uh, I did not think that meant a lesbian bar.
She's not subtle at all.
It's so obvious she wants her va-jay-jay.
I mean, come on.
You were ruining my game in there.
You suck.
Ooh, yeah, the girl was so sexual.
She's so my type.
Are you so angry? I'm so mad at you.
I saved you.
I know.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'll be your girlfriend anytime.
Please, please Yeah Hi, can I help you? Hi, um, I have an appointment.
I have to take a drug test for my job.
Have a seat.
We'll be with you in a minute.
Thank you.
This is so embarrassing, having to take a drug test.
I'm now more and more aware of how stupid drugs are.
But I will do whatever it takes to prove to people I am not a drug addict.
Take the cup.
Go into the bathroom it's the second door to your left.
When you're finished, just bring it back out to me.
Okay, perfect.
Okay? Now knowing that I might lose my radio show, I realize more and more how much I love it and I don't want to lose it.
Peeing in a cup, by the way, is not the easiest thing to do when you're amuchacha.
Here you go.
Okay, perfect.
Okay, so we'll test it and then we'll contact your employer.
Okay? That's it? Yep, you're all set.
Perfect, thank you so much.
Have a good day, you're welcome.
Hi, yes.
I'm calling from the front desk and I wanted to let you know that Jackie was here.
Okay, she can come up.
Thank you.
Kourtney's girlfriend.
I have no idea how you do that.
Oh, look how nervous she is.
I am fine.
I don't think you are.
I don't think you are.
I've never seen you act so weird.
She is showing her camel toe in that jumper, too.
Am I? Not fully.
How are you? Good, how are you? Good.
So where are we going tonight? Nikki Beach.
Is Nikki Beach a club or, like, an actual beach? Jackie is totally trying to make my sister switch teams.
And looking at her, who knows? Maybe she wants to get traded.
What do you think about, um, Jackie? I like her Jackie is carefree and fun.
She just kind of like gets you, and, like, has this, like, spell almost.
Are there back-stock of shirts in the back or no? Nothing.
No, that's it.
Better than having too much.
I'm going to have to put my phone on silent.
This is ridiculous.
I'm so embarrassed.
I can never talk to this girl again.
Jackie is calling me nonstop.
I'm so embarrassed that I made out with her.
I did not mean to lead her on.
Lily, how crazy was last night with Kourtney? Let's not talk about it, please.
I'll be traumatized.
No, Kourtney went nuts.
Are you officially a Miamian? Yeah.
I guess.
Oh, Kourtney made out with a Miamian.
Last night? But try the opposite sex.
Did you go all the way? Did you? What happened? No! No! Tell me! She just kissed.
I just I feel like this girl is, like, a serious, like You guys are going to die.
Wait, don't kill yourselves.
Uh, what? Don't worry, I won't.
She just wrote, "You're a great kisser.
I can taste your lips.
" I just don't even know what to say.
I just am not ready to talk to her, and this is really awkward.
Just talk it through.
It's over.
Ugh, I just hate confrontation.
Oh, you do, but, honey, you kissed a girl and you loved it.
So, that's, uh That's your problem.
Today, we're going to do some contour drawing.
The aim of this exercise is for you to be able to work with your eye/hand coordination.
I walk into art class and I know that I'm there to talk to Jackie, but I'm such a baby that I sit on the other side of the room and don't even sit near her.
Ideally, you should not look at your paper.
Okay, I know some people cheat and have a tendency to look.
Let's go ahead and begin.
This is ridiculous.
I know that I owe it to Jackie to give her some sort of explanation.
I just need to be the bigger person and say something.
Nice drawings.
You definitely weren't looking.
Why are you avoiding me? I came to talk to you.
Sorry for not calling you back.
I was just didn't really know what to say.
And I felt kind of awkward, 'cause I felt like I was, like, leading you on because I'm not bisexual.
I didn't want you to think I, like, wanted, like, a relationship.
But we should definitely be friends.
Telling Jackie that I'm not interested in dating her is really hard.
I could tell that Jackie kind of liked me.
And I guess I liked the attention.
I just need to be more careful and respectful of who I share myself with next time.
Hello? Hello, is this Khloe? Hey, Michael, yeah.
Well, I got the results of your drug test.
Oh, God.
And I'm still dealing with my bosses right now.
And they're still really pissed off about this, so we're going to suspend you for another week.
And they may suspend you for another four weeks ahead.
When will we know? I'm just playing with you, Khloe.
You passed.
Whoo-hoo! We actually want you back right away.
And we want you on this week, but please, please, don't bring any cocaine this time, okay? I won't bring any cocaine, but thank you.
I'll talk to you later.
Okay, bye.
Kourt! Yeah? I passed my drug test.
I'm so excited that I get to prove to Michael and everybody at Clear Channel I'm not a drug addict.
I would never do drugs.
And I get now how serious this is.
But I'm actually happy that I went through this, 'cause I realized how much I love my job.
I don't think I knew how much I was going to miss it until I almost had it all taken away from me.
And now I just cannot wait to get back on the air.
Okay, you need to go back to your radio show, 'cause you're obviously this bored.
Ooh, I thought the claws were coming out.
No, they will.
If you even go near that Stop.
Stop it.
Stop it.