Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (2009) s01e03 Episode Script

Hangover Helpers

my topic today is one of my favorites, it's all about dating.
I love two foreigners who were trapped together on for hours.
Sometimes amazing.
Sometimes you just know that These people have feet fetishes and he wanted suck your toes after dinner.
So call me.
You're listening to on Khloe after Dark.
Where's my ring? Where's my ring? affection at home.
so many people here.
Kim returned to this city because he have a photo shoot in Miami, and we very excited to meet him So Kourt and I decided to throw its a party in our penthouse.
Oh! Let's start this party.
This is for Kim.
I do not want to.
This is for Kim.
Peer pressure.
No, I do not want it.
I do not want it.
This party is for you.
He's like now party pooper, Kourt.
What happens to your little brother Kim did not drink alcohol.
He might drink once a year, if that.
Champagne drinking from a bottle like, oh Do you want a glass? No, thank you.
Do not be boring Be a prostitute.
Do not be boring become prostitutes.
I'm satisfied with being boring.
Hi, Storchal.
How are you? How are you? You look good.
Hi, beautiful.
How are you? Hi.
I'm Adam.
How are you? Nice to meet you.
kourt like very afraid of men.
Did she say hi to one of you? Kourtney has not had a date at all times since she's been here than by Jackie.
So he needs to be around boys.
You would teach me about Business let's go.
so tell me about the dress shop.
things about everyone, or not? No, only daughters.
look at her body language.
like, he's at the foot of the cross.
even his fingers crossed.
he was like, housewife 87 years old.
you will go with us? My house is like a house of pleasure.
everyone I come home relax.
He just he just kept "yeahing.
" Yeah.
we will be partying with the best of them.
"Yes" it.
He did not even look at it.
he sees us.
Can you stop? yeah.
I'll go get a drink.
I'll be back.
Kourtney so stubborn.
very cute guy, basically wrapped in a bow and he's just really throw it away.
So, Adam, you can to the first phase with Kourt? In traditional terms, no.
My theory is by Kourt that he does not dating because still can not forget about Scott, his former girlfriend.
But if he can not go out, he can not get over Scott.
Each party has a pooper and the most abuse is.
My mission here is I had to find a date.
Only force.
Like, "You're going out.
You have to forget about Scott.
That's it, that's final.
"Is your headache gone? This would go, but I'm still drunk.
You may be located.
You drink, like, 40 bottles of Veuve.
Here's your dog's hair.
Thank you.
Mimosa? I depend.
Have you ever tasted the champagne? Yeah, like on New Year's, sip or something.
One sip on New Year? It felt good with orange juice.
That's disgusting.
Kim likes to give us an attitude when we drink because he does not drink.
So, he always considered himself above the drink.
He did not understand when we drink.
I do not understand why you guys just, like, do not leave it alone.
Like, what's the problem? So I do not drink.
It's just not fun to go out with you when you do not drink.
Like, all you will do is like, "Oh, you were drunk" We want you to get loose as a goose.
Okay, well, this is exactly why I do not drink because I do not want to sit here feeling hung over and could not doing nothing the next day.
So, I'll go work out like we all planned.
Go with a Friday match your jeans, babe.
You will need to shoot your photos.
It's almost Friday.
We were in Miami.
We're here to have fun.
So Kim, if you can not roll, turn around.
Kourt and Khlo and everyone even Jonathan and Simon altogether, pressing me to drink, every two seconds.
why would they want you to drink? They simply say that I'm boring.
I, you know, not fun, this, that, whatever.
As usual.
you have other ideas in life.
and you were very responsible.
But do you think I'm boring? well, I do not think you were boring kim I would not call you the life of the party Being not the same party life with boring.
It's the same thing.
It's just a better way to say it.
oh, well then maybe I am better than them.
Okay, I love you.
I love you too.
bye, boring.
Miami, Fort Lauder Khloe Kardashian was on the streets.
This is a "Khloe After Dark" Woo, welcome back to "Khloe After Dark" I am here with my sexy cohost Terrence J.
Hey, baby.
Hey, I'm glad because my little sister is sexy was walking into the studio.
all attendees Is this my seat? Kourtney inside buildings.
Take a seat, moved.
Kourt, what are some things you are not going to answer? I will answer anything.
So if they ask you if you like sex toys, you will answer that as well? Eh, I've opened a drawer in his room.
He must like sex toys.
He has the sex bars.
okay let's talk about you.
Let's talk about Khloe's mask.
I do not have a mask.
Stop the show.
I do not not have a mask.
Khloe has what? A mask? Kourt, I want you to tell Terrence Your theory about the man.
I do not have a theory first, but I do not like to go dating.
I think they are horrible discovery.
And I think that no one should ever go on dates.
I decided to take action to my problem.
And I'll get a date Kourtney own.
Now I can only see how he reacts.
So this is what I do.
We will bring.
do not be angry.
we will take an open audition for anyone who wishes to take Kourtney dating.
What? now in Dash What do think Khloe? First of all, I do not need help find a date, and second, he did not even ask me.
Now we really will sign go to Brittney Spears, Khloe.
I can not believe you.
do that.
Seriously, I like.
did not even finish your radio show.
Kourtney, calm down.
Are you kidding? Ooh! Look at those guys Khloe announced on the radio show that he having an open casting call for everyone who wants I came and dating.
You must be excited.
Khloe damage already done, so I will have fun with it, but it is not maybe I'll go out with them I Khloe.
I'm Nick.
Nick, Kourtney.
Nice to meet you.
Nick, what brings you here To win a date with Kourtney.
Do you think she is amazing? I think he's amazing.
What is your favorite of him? common girl, so You're kind of small and tiny.
This is my sister Kourtney.
hi Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
How is your penis? Eh, this is amazing.
Thank you for asking.
Do you have any fetishes? I love bondage.
No single person here that I would even consider go out with him.
Would you like foreplay? Foreplay? No.
Nothing? No, no, no.
There is not even half the people here that I will go out with him.
This is a waste of my time.
This is really exciting.
Okay, Carrie.
While Khloe told me to go out and select the funny was taken and I had a blast.
Hi, doll.
You are handsome.
Nice to meet you.
What's your name? Roberto? Ay, ay, ay.
Khloe wants a date with you, I think.
I do so.
you are too sexy.
I see a match here.
What will you do on kourtney on her first date? I will take him to the beach, walking at night, and dinner.
You are very sexy I like your style.
What do you do for a living? I really do modeling and I study acting.
Can I ask just to see your belly? Ay, papi.
We placed a star for that accent.
You get one for your BOD.
It is very sexy.
Would you be angry if you want to lick Kourtney whipped cream on top of that? I like that.
You like it? Yeah.
What else would you like? Whatever he likes.
Thank you.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, God.
Wait, Robert.
before you go Can you loose your shirt and turn around? I want to see everything.
Ay, ay, ay.
Thank you! Ay, ay, ay.
Oh, God.
Kim and our friends Jonathan Simoare go to dinner before Kim's big photo shoot tomorrow.
Can we get some Cocktails happened here? You're going to drink? What? Yes.
I like dessert wines.
I'll start with dessert No.
Kim with a surprisingly ordered drinks, he was out of character, but he tried, trying to hang with us.
I finally can make real toast with some alkie.
Being a prostitute and not boring.
Tell me how it feels.
Oh, God.
It's like apple juice.
Kim hated the taste of alcohol, which is like, The main reason he does not like drinking, but he will drink anything that tastes good.
Is there not a single surprise like me, that Kim's drinking? Are you trying to prove that we were wrong? No, wait.
In all seriousness, it's actually fun.
Part of the joy of your dinner, like, what you ordered, like, the type of beverage fruit do you have? Kim.
We have.
I was just shocked.
He will be wild.
Ooh, thank you.
Oh, God.
This is actually very good.
What's this? Champagne.
Are you kidding? Actually not too bad after you have left out.
Do you have a Kahlua and milk? I'll have one in the stone.
Oh, on the rocks.
I think we've created a monster.
Wait, you have a photo shoot tomorrow.
Are you crazy? He's not a drinker, so he can not, You can not have a sweet wine and champagne and 253rd tequila.
Oh, God, he will be sick and I do not like when a drunk new hospital.
Who's boring now? You're not boring! You whore! Khloe and I do not think I know what we find ourselves into with Kim.
This is not the good side of Kim that we know and love.
Kim was so drunk, he almost could not stand upright.
Why do we go? I love this song.
Yeah, yeah.
You love songs every night.
Should we put him in the trunk? Stuck in my lip gloss! Kim, get in there.
Kourtney's this new car.
Do not be mad.
This Khloe.
Oh, it got Khloe? Yeah.
Then who cares? Then leave.
Just throw up here.
Oh, God.
Kim has a big photo shoot for the cover of the magazine tomorrow.
She'll feel like a donkey if he even makes it to the shooting.
Here, you have to sit down.
Ew, when I only saw in this case, makes me want to vomit.
You have to throw up or you will really sore tomorrow.
Oh, God, you just I really want to vomit.
If you vomit, I'll kill you.
Do not throw up.
You I can not.
I can not here.
Kim? Kimmy? Kim, wake up.
Khloe and I was so afraid to wake up Kim.
We know he will have a severe drunk, and on top of it, he had this great photoshoot.
We know that he must wake up.
You smell like vomit and vodka.
You rise and shine.
It's 1:00 in the afternoon.
I do not know what Khloe and I'm thinking.
This is a terrible idea.
You dance and go, "WHOO-hoo!" No, I do not.
Yes, you did! You dance like I've never seen.
You are making their own drinks.
That is why I will not never drink again.
We never have you drinking again.
Do you think we want to bring Your hands and feet? How do you think I feel every day in your life? What should I do for both of you.
This is terrible Like any of you ever take me.
I would love to see it happen.
Oh, look who it is.
Thdati time! Queen camel toe.
I do.
Is it a list of bachelors? This is my favorite Cuban, so sexy.
His name was Roberto.
Come on, Kourtney.
Get excited.
You have a date! I think I will eventually This should go out only to cover Khloe.
I just want you to go on a date or anything! Okay, this will not do anything, but I'll pretend.
Hi, there is Roberto? Yes, it's me.
Hi, this is Khloe Khardashian.
How are you? Good.
And you? Fine, thanks.
I wanted to see if your willing to eat tonight go out with my sister Kourtney.
For sure.
You like that? WHOO-hoo! You win! Okay, so meet Kourt in W at 8:00 p.
Okay, passionate to the bone.
Okay, bye.
Khloe, I had not even kissed anyone, moreover Powered by Blogger.
You never know.
He was so funny.
No, I do not! If he tries to kiss me, I was hiding.
Hey, Kimmy how to shoot you? still feel dependent.
I'm almost finished with hair and makeup.
I just feel like shit.
Yes, more.
Yes, beautiful.
Ooh! Brushing teeth, get away.
You excited? Mm-hmm.
I like that you brush your teeth Smoocheroo you for it in the end.
no smoocheroo.
How do you know? Maybe.
I do not feel it.
Kourtney, honestly, you must have a good attitude when you go out.
You can not be less bad boy all the time.
I could how I feel.
Kourtney is so evil, and to all the work I put in, I mean, he's more nice to her.
she should have fun.
But be nice.
Having an open heart, rather than a closed heart.
It's like taking my kids for the first day of school.
Glad to see you again.
You're beautiful.
Thank you.
Thank you for a good sport.
My sister Khloe actually I would like to go dating.
So, you're my first.
take heart.
When people are so awkward first date, This is the date that they acukan.
I do not really drink.
you do not drink? No.
He was so quiet and shy and berpolitisi determined to have a long conversation with him as possible, which I do not know how maybe it was.
When was your last boyfriend? Like, three months ago.
How long have you guys together? Almost two years.
Oh, really? Yeah.
I, uh, I'd just broken up with My boyfriend a few months ago, too.
and we were together for two, like, two years.
Why is she your girlfriend? Why would he? No, why Sorry.
Why do we break Mm-hmm.
I do not know.
I just, one day I just, like, finish it.
I know it's not good for open ex-girlfriend into a date, but sat with roberto so It was like pulling teeth.
Are you finished? Yeah.
Hey, Khlo.
What are you doing here? What do you mean? I've finished.
What do you mean, you're done? I go on dates.
It's over.
For an hour?! I had dinner and I'm done.
What do you think I am going to do, sleep with him? Literally, Khlo, if I do not will say a word, he will not speak.
It's just that you do not click.
No, but then I started talking to him about his former girlfriend, and he talked with me about scott.
why did you? What? You are talking about Scott on your date? Yeah, but it just made me realize, like, that you can not force me, as, to forget about Scott.
Like, I'll have to forget him in my own time.
this date, khloe, make me lose Scott More than ever before.
So the blame back to me.
I do not know.
I feel maybe he is.
now you're going to call Scott? Yeah, it got me thinking about him anymore No, no, no, give me your phone.
Give me your phone! No, this does not belong to you.
This mi Ouch! Khloe! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Do not! Ouch! Look, you can not be weak, okay? I'm taking your phone away for the whole night, and my room there.
If you need to talk to somebody, I pretended to be Scott.
What if there is an emergency? For people who do not want to go on dates, You wear very sexy clothes.
No, I really do not.
They are more sexy.
So I want to make a toast to My sister was there that I care really good.
Without you, I can not survive My anger was drunk, and I'm glad the night ended.
And we will never peer-pressure you to do anything that opposes such a thing to the next I think it's fun but I will not pressure you anymore.
You can have fun without drinking.
We love you like what you are.
I just have to learn to accept people like them.
kim is not the life of the party and that's fine.
He's terrible at it, actually.
I can live at a party I like your old self boring.
Who is going to drive you around? Kourtney I learned that he fell in love, he fell from it, and he did it with their own time, and I had to let him out of the relationship slowly.
They make your voice in the bathroom was horrible.
He, like Like the voices rude.
And then it sounds like this.
Oh, it does not make a sound.
Thank you.
toast to be a bad person.