Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (2009) s01e08 Episode Script

Executive Decisions

Khloe, your show is so amazing.
I listen every week.
It's been so real tonight, ladies and gentlemen.
Khloe After Dark.
Our last show.
No, don't take it away.
I'm gonna miss you guys.
Khloe, I'm gonna miss you.
I mean, this has been an amazing experience.
Aw And you've just been just a breath of fresh air.
I'm so happy I got the chance to work with you.
Thank you.
Love you, Michael.
Love you, Terrence.
We will be together again.
Bye, bitches.
That's a wrap.
Bye, baby.
The last show.
Aw, man.
I'm really not sad because I feel like this is just the beginning.
I want to do more radio shows.
I want to do talk shows.
I'm not an actress, I'm not a model.
I'm meant to do this.
I'm gonna drink tonight.
You drinking tonight? You just want to get drunk so we can make out again.
Thank you.
We are on a roll.
We've been doing a lot better than Calabasas.
Who knew? I would have opened a store in Miami a long time ago.
Kourt and I never intended on being permanent residences in Miami.
The Dash Miami is doing amazing.
And we're ready to go back to Calabasas.
We just have to make sure Dash could run on its own.
We need to know how comfortable you feel with us leaving.
We've built a track.
We just need someone to drive the car around it.
You know, I'm responsible and I'm ready to take on, you know, doing it.
We'll still do the buying from home.
And mailboxes and And then Kourtney will be back in, like, a month.
I know that Danielle can manage it even though we're not in town.
I have so much stress over this pregnancy.
Thank God, I don't have to worry about Dash Miami any longer.
We should have, like, a going-away party at our place or something.
We got to invite all the girls.
We got to invite all the boys.
Which boys? For me.
Khloe's way too excited.
Okay, I said I haven't made a decision.
Like, I still have to think about it.
Kourt? Yeah.
What are you doing in there? I'm on the phone.
Okay, I'm going to order food.
Do you want any fruit or anything? No, thanks.
Do you need anything? Who are you talking to? Scott.
How long have you been talking to Scott? Let me call you back.
Khloe won't leave me alone.
I really need to confront Kourtney about Scott.
I cannot have her make the same mistake for the sixth time in a row.
How long have you been talking to Scott for? None of your business.
It actually is my business.
Why is that your business? Because you are under my supervision on this trip.
And you are really screwing up.
Look what's happening to you.
You're ruining your life.
Khloe Kourtney I really want to talk to Khloe about this.
I feel like I need someone to confide in, but I know how she feels about Scott, and I just don't want to get a biased opinion right now.
What really is this for? I don't know.
I think it's if you want to masturbate when you don't have a vibrator.
Have you tried it? Yes.
Leave me alone.
You're like an annoying fly.
Please come back.
This is more fun to bother you.
How weird that we're, like, going to go hang out with Scott.
How do we get on here? I invite Khloe, Malika and Rob to come celebrate Scott's birthday.
I want to test the waters and see if they can even get along.
Are you, like, uncomfortable? No.
Why? Why would I be? It's just kind of like awkward.
Hiya, Scott.
I mean, and he watches us like a hawk.
Let's get this show on the road.
What the hell is Kourtney doing? She has worked so hard to get over this kabob, and now she's falling right back into the same trap.
Don't you think it's weird how we were all, like, anti-Scott, now we're on, like, a boat for, like, three hours with Scott? I'm not comfortable, but it's just What can I do? I feel like, I He knows we were talking.
and now we're just, like, here.
Have you told either of your sisters about maybe having a child or not? No, 'cause I feel like we shouldn't say anything till we know for sure if we're If we're gonna what? If we're gonna keep it or not.
What do you mean if we're going to keep it or not? If I'm going to keep it or not.
Scott seems shocked that I haven't decided to automatically keep the baby.
I was really hoping that the answer would come to me, but all I feel right now is anxiety.
So you are going to talk to your sister at all or anybody about what you're going to do? If you're going to have it, not have it.
You got to try to talk to somebody.
I mean, you can't just keep it in.
I can't hide this from Khloe much longer, but it's so hard for me to say the words, "I'm pregnant.
" So I'm going to have Scott tell Khloe.
You guys are all crazy.
We are crazy crazy sisters.
Kourt and Scott want to have a private meeting with me.
I know Kourt's going to tell me that they're back together.
And I actually can't wait for this, 'cause I cannot wait to tell Scott how I feel about him.
What's up, Khloe? Why did you want me to come here? What do you mean? To finally tell me that you guys are "back together"? Like I That's not really it.
I know you're going to think this is probably pretty out of left field, but your sister happens to be pregnant.
You're not pregnant.
We took, like, 20 pregnancy tests.
They all say positive.
He's doing this intentionally to keep you.
Why would I want to do this on purpose? Like you're She's saying I tried to do it on purpose.
Right, why would he want to do it on purpose? To keep you around, because he's.
how many times? And you knew this was a guaranteed way to keep you in here guaranteed.
Scott is such a snake.
He knows he can never get someone as good as my sister.
So this is what he does to keep her he traps her.
You really think you're responsible enough to have a baby? I will be responsible enough to have one.
But what have you done so far to prove that you are capable of having a child and taking care of another life? I don't need to prove anything to any of you.
You actually do.
So far, you have an awful track record.
With you, maybe, but with her, she's fine.
With Kourtney, no.
She's only fine because she's in an awkward situation.
It's hard for her to get rid of you right now.
It's not exactly awkward.
It actually is.
You weren't there when she was crying and doing all those things and I'm there and have to pick up that slack that you.
And it's hard.
You know what, Kourt? I'm so disappointed in you.
I think this is disgusting.
I think he is disgusting.
I want nothing to do with him.
I love you, but she is my sister.
I understand.
Khlo, Khlo, wait.
What? The reason I'm telling you is so that you can be there to help me make this decision.
Like, this isn't something I want to go through by myself.
I want you to do what's best for you and what makes you happy and just because you might have a situation with someone doesn't mean you need to stay with them, and that's not a reason why you need to be with that person.
And I know that.
And if you don't want to accept mine and his relationship right now, that's fine.
I'm not asking for that.
I'm just asking you to be a supportive sister and help me make this decision of something hard that I'm going through.
Are you going to keep it, or I mean, I have no idea.
We're going to the doctor tomorrow.
I need to confirm.
I took 20 tests and, you know, 99% sure it's true.
Whatever you decide, I'm backing you 100%.
I'm not thrilled about who this is with, but this isn't my life.
This is your life.
Okay, I love you.
Love you, too.
Thank you.
I have been here for Kourtney when Scott hurt her and I'll be here for Kourtney now; we're sisters.
That's what we do for each other.
I really don't want Kourt to have an abortion, but that's a decision she's going to have to make on her own.
How did that go? She's my sister.
She's going to be supportive.
She didn't seem very supportive.
I know, but she's not happy because of you.
I know that with Scott's track record, Khloe might be right, but I love Scott, and honestly, have no idea what I'm going to do.
Oh, we'll figure it out.
Oh, my God, this is craziness.
No, it's like a freaking tornado.
I've been documenting it.
Are we going to get, like, blown away? No, but I'm just waiting for lightning.
I just saw the biggest thing of lightning ever.
I just had the weirdest dream last night.
About what? Well, it was the weirdest thing.
That I had a baby that was this big.
Literally, it was this big.
Like, a real baby? It had, like, real features, like, full features.
Like little tiny hands and feet, and I would put it in my pocket, in my back pocket, in my jeans, but I kept forgetting it was there, so I would sit on it.
Oh, my God.
And, like, it had, like, bruises and stuff.
The baby had bruises? Yeah, 'cause I would smoosh it.
I just feel really anxious and I don't know if that's how you feel.
Like, I almost want to, like ask the doctor, like for Xanax.
If you're pregnant, you want to take drugs? No.
I don't know.
It's so sad.
Kourtney's literally having dreams about crushing her baby, and I feel like I might be some of the cause for that.
I think me and Scott fighting all the time is adding more stress and anxiety towards Kourtney, so I really think I need to put my issues aside with Scott and love him while Kourt's loving him.
I know fighting or not with Scott, Scott loves you.
You love Scott.
And I just think you also haven't told anyone, so I think that's why you're so anxious.
I'm going to tell Kim, but I can't tell her by myself, so I'll help you.
Let's go call her.
Right now? Yes.
Oh, my God.
Don't fall, Preggos.
Don't fall.
Oh, my God.
Let's call Kim.
Hey, Kourt.
I'm with Khloe.
You're on speaker.
what are you guys doing? Just hanging out together.
What are you doing? uh, just at the gym.
I got to start working out.
You're getting a little baby bump.
seriously guys I am.
so close to having a baby bump.
I'm using the gym every single day.
We have, um We have to tell you something that's It's really serious, but we just don't really know how to tell you.
So Khloe will say it.
what's going on? Kourtney is preggos.
what? wait, so, are you for sure you are? like for a hundred percent? yeah 100% and you went to the doctor? It's really in there.
It's in there like swimwear.
you guys don't joke! this isn't funny! We don't think it is.
I'm so nervous.
wait! who's the father? Scott.
Scott? I mean, we've been obviously hanging out.
do you wanna marry scott? do you wanna be with scott? Kim is the one person in my family that doesn't dislike Scott.
I thought, out of everyone, she would have been really excited and supportive.
This phone call is making me question whether I should keep this baby or not.
i just don't know what to do.
you have to follow your heart.
and you have to figure out what's best for you.
obviously, my first reaction was.
Oh my God! what are you gonna do? but you have to think about what you really want.
you didn't even tell mom? No, and I'm not telling her.
What? I don't know what I'm doing.
Why would I tell her? it's mom! you have to tell mom! No, until I know what's going on.
You can't tell her, either, right now.
You've got to keep your big mouth shut.
ok, I gotta go.
Don't tell a soul, all right? Don't tell a soul, okay? I won't.
Okay, bye.
She'll blog about it later.
Hi, how are you? Good.
Do I sign this? Yeah.
Have you seen Dr.
Silvers before? I have not.
Okay, I'm going to have you fill out these four pages for me.
Have you thought about what you're gonna do depending on what happens in there? I just can't really think about it yet.
Well, you're going to have to think about it soon.
You want to keep it now? I mean, I don't know.
Like, I haven't What do you mean.
Don't judge me.
How am I judging you? I haven't even gone in and had it confirmed, so I can't talk about this right now.
I'm anxious.
We're going in to the doctor.
I don't feel well.
Just asking, 'cause it makes me nervous, too.
I've always said if I got pregnant, I would definitely keep the baby, and that it was meant to be.
I never thought I would ever consider abortion.
I just don't know if this is the right situation to bring a baby into.
Come in.
How are ya? Scott.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, Scott, how are ya.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Let me ask you some simple questions, then we'll go from there.
Do you have regular periods every month? I do.
Okay, so it's about every 28 days? Yes.
What made you all of sudden say, "Okay, I'm now gonna do a urine test"? Were your breasts tender? Were you nauseous? Any symptoms? I have been nauseous, um, a little bit dizzy.
What other questions before we have to go to the beginning stuff? 'Cause this is your time.
It's importa to understand this stuff.
If I am pregnant, like, what are the options, um, that I have if I don't want to keep it? Life is about choices, and if you decide to terminate, it certainly can be done safely.
When the time is right later in your life that you do want to be pregnant and have a baby, it's not an issue.
any other question, scott? those are you questions not mine.
i don't have any.
These may not be the kind of questions that Scott wants to hear me asking the doctor, but this is reality, and I just need to know my options so I can make the right decision.
let me out this in.
Well, you may be as far as you think you are.
Now you can see a little heart beating right there.
I'll show it to you.
One second.
Here's the head over here.
The baby just keeps flying around.
Oh, my God.
Is it normal that it's moving a lot? Yeah.
You did this right.
See the heart beating right there? Yes.
Oh, wow, that's wild.
I had no idea that the baby would look like this.
It's just like a real person.
It's so weird.
You can see the heart beating real well there.
See the legs kicking? That has to be very strange for you to see this.
It's so weird.
Do you like what you see? Yeah.
It's our baby.
Oh, my God, I'm actually gonna be a mom.
So I made my final decision of what I'm gonna do, and definitely gonna keep the baby.
No way! This is a good day.
I mean, after I heard the heartbeat, like, you would have died.
What's it sound like? Is it loud? Yes.
I cannot believe I'm gonna be an aunt.
This is insane.
It's so weird.
There's a little friend inside of there.
You're gonna be, like, such a cute pregnant person.
What if my ass grows, like, four times, like, that way? At this point, who even cares? No, you cannot This is really a blessing.
It's meant to be.
A little baby Kardashian.
So cute.
Ow! It's like I can't go any higher.
You're digging Oh, that baby must be heavy.
Anybody want champagne refills? Toast to Miami.
Miami! Tonight we're having a big going-away party to say good-bye to all of our new friends.
We love our Dash Dolls, our radio crew and I guess that's it.
Scott, we don't need you.
The Dash Dolls are amazing.
Michael Yo ended up to be such a good boss.
Terrence and I are, like, BFFs.
Khloe, I'm Joe Biden to you baby.
We ride it out.
we go hard, Khloe.
I just wanted to thank you guys for all, like, trying and really being there for us, and we're really excited that we have you guys here or else we wouldn't be able to leave.
Like, we'd have to close the store.
I'm gonna miss you! I'm kind of gonna miss her too.
I have to talk to Scott.
I know how much you've tried to prove us all wrong and how good you are being to her, and she's always been in love with you, and I've seen how miserable she was without you.
I'm making it a point to speak to Scott because at the end of the day, Scott is Kourtney's baby daddy.
He's gonna be in our lives, and we just shouldn't have hostility in our family.
But I just want you to know I am more than excited about what's happening.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it, Khlo.
I feel like I'm taking a big risk with trusting Scott, but I know this is what Kourt needs right now.
But I swear, if he hurts her one more time, I really will chop off his balls.
You're the best sister I never had.
You are the best brother that I already had.
Except you have green eyes like me.
Hopefully, the little one will.
We're hoping for a she.
I don't want somebody like me popping out.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Whoo! I don't want to leave.
I know.
Miami definitely turned in to be a lot different than I ever expected.
I don't know if I'm ready to have a baby, but I think that everything does happen for a reason and that this was put in my life for a reason that I may not know.
I just wasn't planning on this to happen.
I wasn't either, but you can't stop what's meant to be.
One of the biggest things Kourt has to do as soon as we get home is tell everyone.
This is gonna change our family forever.
It will never be the same.
I'm just scared to tell Mom.
Like, I just don't even know what she's gonna say.
It's gonna be an anxious plane flight.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Say bye.
Bye, Miami! We'll miss you! Mwah! Mwah.
To the world.
Oh, right foot first.
What? On the plane.
It's good luck.
What happens if I go with my left? Then we're gonna crash.
Okay, right foot.
Don't ever say we're gonna crash on a plane.
Oh, my pillow is here!