Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (2009) s02e01 Episode Script

Back in Miami

Up with the Kardashians Why are we all here? Kourtney: Khloe and I are going back to Miami.
kris: What? Kourtney: Dash was my idea, and it's really important to me that it succeeds for Mason.
I'm doing this for him and his future.
Khloe: Well, I don't want to go.
So don't encourage me to stay here, 'cause I want to stay here.
Bruce: Why? I think your marriage is a lot more important than a store in Miami.
Khloe: I think the same thing.
I'm not really looking forward to going back to Miami, only because I just got married, and lamar can't come with me, 'cause he's in season.
I'll go.
I'm not going to stay the whole time, but I'll definitely come back and forth and Kourtney: Okay.
Khloe: You're not going to miss me so much? lamar: I am, but I'm used to being on the road.
You gotta get used to it, I guess.
Scott: I'm happy you're finally letting me come see you.
Kourtney: It was like a completely different side of you that I have never seen.
waiter: Back off.
Scott: Don't you Talk to me like that.
waiter: Don't you-- Scott: You shut your There's no excuse for my behavior in Vegas.
Will I let that happen again? No.
kris: There's nothing I can do about Scott right now.
It's Kourtney's decision, and I have to go along with it.
Kourtney: This season on Kourtney & Khloe take Miami The Kardashians are in Miami, bitches! Scott: Come to me, my jungle friends.
Scott: I thought it was the two-for-the-price-of-one night.
Kourtney: You're so sick.
Khloe: Hello, Miami.
I am back on the air.
I do not believe in being over-hairy.
Tommy Lee: I like it nice and tight.
Kourtney: Okay.
Khloe: Ow, Kourtney! Kourtney: You think I'm sexy when I'm pumping? Khloe: Stop! Don't! Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami 2x01 Back in Miami Robert: Hey, bro? Khloe: Do you want to knock? Kim: I thought Reggie was like the one, you know? If someone doesn't accept my life, then I can't accept them.
Khloe: I never wanted to come here! I'm married! Kourtney: If you want to Go, then go home.
Khloe: No more Miami for me.
Kourtney: Thank you so much for coming down.
Kim: If you need me to, I'll definitely like stay.
There's no reason for him to go out and party every single night when he has a new baby at home.
Kourtney: He's just crazy.
older man: It's up to you, you know? Do you want to be a good guy or you want to be a ? Scott: If I'm Murderer, wouldn't I be the wrong person to With? Kim: What is going on? If you're afraid he's going to come back in here Scott: Kourtney?! kris: I've had another girlfriend who allowed this kind of stuff in her life, and she ended up dead.
Kourtney: There's nothing you could even do to make anything okay.
Kim: He's crazy and I don't get why you always forgive him, though.
Kourtney: I can't do this anymore.
Like I love Mason more than I love you.
reporter: Hi, Khloe.
How are you? Scott: That really gets you every time.
Kourtney: I love being a mom.
Mason is the best little boy.
Scott is a great father.
Scott: Oh, it's nothing.
I feel bad that Kourtney's not going to be able to see her family as much, but this happens to be a great opportunity for me to get away from Kourtney's overbearing family, and really prove to her that we can make it on our own.
Kourtney: Home sweet home.
Since this time I have Scott and Mason with me, it only makes sense that I take the master suite, aka Khloe's old room.
You snooze, you lose, honey.
Khloe lost her room vote.
Khloe: Want to renew our vows? lamar: We should do it every year.
Khloe: Yeah, but it hasn't been a year yet.
Lamar and I just got married about eight months ago, and we have both been so busy that we haven't even had a honeymoon yet.
This just sucks.
I still have boxes in my garage.
I just want to be settled in my own home before I think about moving to Miami.
lamar: Mmm, stay.
mm-hmm, you gonna stay? Khloe: Yes.
lamar: Please.
Khloe: I want to stay.
Don't tell me "please.
" lamar: Please, baby.
Khloe: It really sucks that I have to go to Miami, but my sister really relies on the income from Dash for her new family.
And if that means leaving my husband in L.
, then I've got to swallow my pride and do it.
Oh! No go bye-bye.
lamar: No go bye-bye.
Kourtney: There's like literally no merchandise.
There is no merchandise.
The entire store looks so filthy.
There's gum stuck to the floor.
It looks like a dingy, dirty home that no one's been living in or taking care of.
Danielle: Hey.
Kourtney: Hi.
How are you? I got a call from our store manager, Danielle, and she told us that some of the Dash girls quit, some of them she had to fire.
And it's only her and Josephina working right now.
This rug looks filthy.
And there's that stain on the wall.
Danielle: Can I tell you about the stain? Kourtney: What? Danielle: Somebody took a In the dressing room.
Kourtney: No? Danielle: Okay, the whole store smells like You don't even want to know.
Kourtney: Oh, my God.
Danielle: I'm not kidding you.
You see this right here? Kourtney: Yeah? Danielle: A pile from here to here to here-- mounted, soft cement .
Kourtney: I just feel so embarrassed.
This is something that I take pride in, and I just can't believe I let it get this bad.
I can't really wait for Khloe to get here.
I have to take action right now.
It's the famous Dash Stain.
I'm in Miami, trick captioning sponsored by bunim-murray productions Scott: You're going to put all these events in there, which is Khloe: Hey, Scott.
Scott: Hello, khlo.
You finally decided to show up? Khloe: Yeah.
Scott: What a Gem.
Kourtney: Hey, khlo.
Khloe: Hi.
Kourtney: Mase, hey.
Khloe: So what's going on with Dash? Kourtney: I mean, I went in.
We had like no merchandise.
I interviewed seven people.
Khloe: You already interviewed people? Kourtney: Already hired-- Khloe: So why am I here? Kourtney: Because we've got to get down to business.
I couldn't wait for you.
Khloe: I feel like you've done everything.
Kourtney: I couldn't sit around and wait till you wanted to get off the married-land train.
I had to move fast.
I interviewed and hired all new Dash girls.
All right, have a seat.
What do you think are like your strong points? Totally revamped the store.
Get this organized.
Set up a photo shoot for the relaunch of Dash.
Nick: What if we actually painted black dresses? Kourtney: It's going to be like four girls so we could spell out "dash.
" It's just like such a good way to like promote the store.
Khloe: Mm-hmm.
Kourtney: I think it's going to be great.
Khloe: I flew out here to help Kourtney, and she's basically just being like, "oh, you're not really into the store, so let me do everything"" I am into the store.
I flew to Miami, put my life on hold to help you.
Scott: Nice to see you.
Khloe: Nice seein' ya.
Scott: How was the ride? Khloe: Easy.
Scott: So I feel bad for Kourtney, and I'm sure you know that, too.
I mean, I thought you guys agreed to revamp the store together.
Khloe: We did, and Kourtney told me she was coming out here to get everything set up.
I had to come out here when lamar was on the road.
Scott: I feel like you left her for dead out here to do everything.
Khloe: You don't have a job, so you could come with Kourtney and travel with her.
My husband works, and I don't want to leave my husband, so you guys could travel as a family.
Scott: But you need to know that I also work all day long now.
Khloe: What do you do? Scott: I'm working.
I'm opening my own nightclub here.
I have my vitamin business.
I'm launching rejuvicare.
What are you doing? No, I get it, you're busy being a housewife, but maybe you shouldn't tell your sister that you're also going to be here working.
She's had the hardest time.
Khloe: Honestly, you don't know what you're talking about.
Get out of my room.
Scott: If you want to work, you should hang out with your sister.
koe: I'm exhausted from this flight.
I'm stuck in the smallest room in this condo.
The last thing I want to do is have Scott yell at me.
Yay, Miami.
Khloe: I wish I didn't have to be here, but I'm here and I'm going to make the best of it.
It's a new day, and I'm going to put on a positive attitude for Kourtney in the store.
Khloe: I'm really sorry.
I'm really bad with names.
You're jacqui.
Okay, and you are Jessica.
Jessica: Jessica, and I'm probably the hundred-millionth Jessica you've probably met.
Khloe: Um, kourt was filling me in on some of you girls.
And kourt told me-- can I say it? Kourtney: I don't know what you're going to say.
Khloe: That one of you guys loves to talk about sex.
Kourtney: Katy.
katy: Why did everyone just look at me? Jessica: You guys are going to be good friends.
katy: Honestly, I don't understand why everybody doesn't like to talk about sex all the time.
That just doesn't make sense to me.
Khloe: I'm starting to warm up to the girls.
They're really fun and silly.
They're not that bad.
Khloe: Seriously, you've got to wear a bra.
Kourtney: I'm trying.
It keeps falling right here.
Khloe: I do not have that problem, so Khloe: The one thing that I'm actually really looking forward to is getting to do radio again.
I love doing radio.
It's so much fun.
Terrence: Hey, Kardashian! Khloe: Hi, how are you? Terrence: Good, how are you? Khloe: How are you? Terrence: Congratulations.
Khloe: Thank you.
Thank you.
Terrence: Damn! I've seen it on tv, but jeez Michael: Hey, what's up, guys? Khloe: Hi, doll.
Terrence: Yo, yo! How you been, man? Michael: Good, how about yourself? Terrence: Good, good, good.
Khloe: How are ya? Michael: Good to see you.
Good to see you.
A year ago, you were single.
Now you're married.
How's everything going? Khloe: I mean, it's going amazing.
Just coming back and forth here, it's definitely hard.
The most I'm spending away from him is five days, so I'm back and forth this whole Miami trip.
Michael: So, every Friday, it's a four-hour show.
Hundred-percent commitment that you're going to be here every Friday.
Khloe: Is there ever like pre-tape one day and air it in that four-hour time slot? Michael: Tape the show? Khloe: I was just asking just to ask.
Michael: Just to ask? Khloe: Mm-hmm.
I am a little disappointed that Michael won't let me pre-tape a couple of my radio shows, but at the end of the day, doing radio is so important to me.
I would never want Michael to think for a second that I'm going to fail in my commitments to him.
Michael: And I will see you on Friday.
Khloe: Friday, four hours.
Michael: Friday, four hours.
There you go.
There you go.
All right, girl, take care.
Khloe: See you Friday.
Michael: Okay.
Kourtney: Khloe.
Khloe: Yes? Kourtney: I like want you to be in a great mood tomorrow at the photo shoot.
I don't need any of this sulking around.
So let's get you out of here.
Let's paint the town red.
Khloe: Just because you're trying to be nice and take me out, doesn't mean I'm guaranteed to have fun.
Kourtney: Honey, if you're with me, you're going to have fun.
Khloe: Mm-kay.
Let's get up.
Kourtney: Yeah, Miami, the Kardashian sisters are back! Kourtney: Khloe is having the time of her life.
I haven't seen Khloe like this in so long.
Kourtney: I definitely wanted Khloe to have fun, but I think she's having a little bit too much fun.
I mean, we have to get up bright and early.
Hung-over, bitch.
Can't you act professional and just get this done for five minutes? Khloe: Now my sister's yelling at me? I'm done.
Terrence: Right now, we've got a special guest in the building.
Bow weesy is in the house.
Khloe: I get to the radio station.
Terrence is behind the mic, hosting the show.
Kourtney: Khlo? You smell like Tequila.
Khloe: What are you doing? Kourtney: You need a 7up.
Khloe: Really, like the whole room is on rotation.
I just want to lay in my bed.
Kourtney: We have this photo shoot right now.
Like what don't you get about that? Eat this last bite of toast.
Ready? Khloe: No.
You go.
Kourtney: We need four people to spell out Dash.
Khloe: Your boobs are big enough for four people.
Kourtney: Hi, guys.
Jessica: She's passed out? katy: Khloe's passed out.
She like made her own little pallet, and she's like covered up with her little blanket.
Jessica: Where? Let me see.
katy: Dude, it's so cute.
Jessica: I want to curl up next to her like, "mmm.
" katy: I know.
Kourtney: Would you rather be like on the edge in the pose, or would you rather us be in the middle? What do you think? Khloe: I don't care.
Kourtney: Thanks.
Nick: All right, my superstars, can I get you to disrobe? Kourtney: This is going to be amazing.
The paint's really cold and we're totally naked, but it's going to look like we have clothes on.
Nick: One, two, three.
Khloe, give me fierce, but not so mad.
You look like you've got some tension in you.
Chin up a little bit.
Kourtney: You Hung-over, bitch.
Can't you act professional and get this done for five minutes? Nick: Kourtney, you look mad.
So relax the face, forget about your sister, focus on me.
One, two, three! Beautiful! Khloe: Oh, I forgot, you're such a mom.
You're so perfect now.
You've never been drunk.
You used to be the party queen of life, so shut the Up, you hypocrite.
Kourtney: It's really cool to be hung over, though.
Khloe: What do you want? I'm all the way here for you with your baby and your Boyfriend.
I leave my husband at Home.
Are you crazy? Shut up.
Get over yourself.
katy: Here I am, boob to boob, and all of a sudden, Khloe and Kourtney are just bickering.
What the Is going on between the two of them? Nick: Everything okay? Khloe: She's just-- like, you're trying to direct it.
I'm listening to you and then I hear her side comments.
It's like I get we've been here all day, but she is just being rude.
I'm doing it.
I have a smile on my face.
I'm Naked right now and I'm fat as .
Are you really for real? Shut the Up.
This is the most uncomfortable situation I've ever been in.
I'm naked, pressed up against another girl that I don't even know, and now my sister's yelling at me.
I'm done.
Kourtney: What are you still doing here? Don't you have your radio show? Khloe: Oh, , baby, I've got to go.
I'm going to be in so much trouble.
Michael: Khloe.
Khloe: What? Michael: Where were you? Scott: Along with my other business ventures, I decided to take on something in the nightlife business.
manager: So this is Mia.
Uh, Mia is very reminiscent of miami-- it morphs.
Scott: It was already up and running, but not the proper way.
So I decided to come in and see what I could make of the place.
manager: Jen Garcia.
Jen: Hi, nice to meet you.
manager: Scott disick.
Scott: I need to make sure this club runs smoothly.
I need to give it a full makeover.
We both know the more money the club makes, the more money I make.
manager: We need to take it to the next level.
And I think with you being onboard, working well with eliza and with Jen, I think we can take it there.
Scott: All right.
manager: Pleasure.
lamar hello? Khloe: Hi, baby.
What are you doing? I like bums.
Khloe: I'm ready to come home.
I miss-ed you.
lamar: I'm tired.
We got in so late last night.
Khloe: I know.
Kourtney: What are you still doing here? Khloe: What do you mean? Kourtney: Don't you have your radio show? Khloe: Oh, , baby, I've got to go.
I'm going to call you from the car.
Kourtney: Um, can I talk to you for a sec? Khloe: Okay.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Kourtney: Okay.
Terrence: All right, look, listen, y'all, it's goin' down, Khloe after dark.
bow wow: Yeah.
Terrence: Right now, we got a special guest in the building.
Bow weesy is in the house.
bow wow: What's happenin'? Terrence: What's good, homie? Khloe: I get to the radio station and I noticed Terrence is behind the mic, hosting the show.
I see bow wow across the table.
Ugh, I'm going to be in so much trouble.
Michael: Khloe.
Where were you? Khloe: It's not like I intentionally was trying to be late.
Michael: So many people want this job, Khloe.
It could be terrence after dark.
I mean, you put me in a really bad position.
I need to know it's a priority for you to go in there and finish the show now.
Khloe: Yeah, no, a hundred percent of the priority.
I'm sorry.
I mean, it's a hundred percent a priority.
I won't be late again, and I would love to go in there and just fix it.
Michael: Nina, can you send Terrence to commercial, please? bow wow: You're just late.
This how you do your company? Khloe: Um, I'd like to make an entrance.
bow wow: All right.
Khloe: This is our first Khloe after dark.
Terrence: Yes.
Bow weesy is in the building.
They're blowing up the phone lines for him already.
Khloe: I mean, you're good.
You've been doing this for how long now? bow wow: Too long.
Too long.
Terrence: 5 years old was it? bow wow: Like 5 years old.
Khloe: When you see a 5-year-old, you're not like, "oh, he could handle it"? Khloe: Bow wow's in the building.
bow wow: Yeah, yeah.
Khloe: We're going to drop to a commercial.
Thank you, khloe after dark.
Terrence: Nah, it's cool.
Khloe: I'm so sorry.
Michael: I just want to make sure we're on the same page.
Please, be here on time.
Every Friday, we work for four hours.
Khloe: Sorry, Terrence.
Michael: All right? All right, y'all have fun.
Khloe: This was a major wake-up call for me.
I know I screwed up.
I really have to get my priorities straight, not only here at my radio show, but also at Dash.
Khloe: Hello? Nick: Hey, is this Kourtney? Khloe: No, it's Khloe.
Kourtney's not here.
Can I take a message? Nick: Khloe, what's up? It's Nick.
Khloe: Oh, hi, Nick.
I wanted to apologize just for me just not being on my a-game.
Nick: It's all right.
I was prepared for it.
I've worked with you before.
Khloe: I know .
So, right now, they're just going to be used in magazines and stuff, right? Nick: Magazines and print ads.
Khloe: I know, but I might have another little idea.
I have an amazing idea to help promote Dash, but I want to make this a surprise for Kourtney.
Nick: Like I can totally put this together for you.
Khloe: I know I haven't been putting in my best effort, but i'm about to change that.
Dash employees: Good morning.
Khloe: Thank you, guys, for coming in early today.
Kourtney and I got into a little argument.
She just feels like I'm not taking part in any of the Dash process.
So I kind of went above and beyond and I made flyers of our pictures.
jacqui: Oh, my God! Khloe: I thought of this idea to get these tiny, little flyers printed and do an amazing foot traffic street campaign.
We are going to go whore ourselves up.
Khloe: Here.
Jessica: Right there and there.
Khloe: Thank you.
Do you want a flyer? jacqui: Here, guys.
Khloe: I'm so sorry.
fan: I love you! I love you! Jessica: Who wants to come to Dash?! Khloe: Thank you.
You guys want flyers to our store? Passing out these flyers is so much fun.
If even a fraction of these people come to Dash, Kourtney is gonna be so impressed with me.
Josephina: Hi, guys.
man: How're you doing? Josephina: Welcome to Dash.
Hi, girls.
Kourtney: God, it's so busy.
Josephina: Hey, kourt, it's insanity.
Kourtney: What is going on? Josephina: This is like all the people waiting to try on.
Kourtney: Shut up.
Josephina: Yeah.
Kourtney: Why is it so busy? Oh, my God.
Where are these from? Josephina: Khloe did it.
They're like all over the beach.
Kourtney: That is hilarious.
No! Josephina: Everyone has one.
Kourtney: Oh, my God.
I was sure that Khloe couldn't care less about the store right now, so I'm completely amazed that she did this.
woman: Bye.
Khloe: Bye.
Hi, guys.
women: Hi.
Khloe: How are you? Hi.
You look cute.
Kourtney: Hi.
So whose idea was this? Khloe: Uh, me.
Kourtney: Oh! Khloe: I could tell by the look on Kourtney's face that she's impressed with me.
Kourtney: So you do care.
Khloe: I do care.
No, I just felt bad that you thought I was doing such a bad job and like I didn't give a .
So I decided to go the extra mile.
Kourtney: Well, you did it, honey.
Finally, here's the Khloe that I love.
Now Dash Miami will be unstoppable.
Kourtney: Okay, do it again.
Next on Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami I'm excited to Hi there! I feel so hung over.
Scott: Look at mommy, Mason.
Where are you going? Kourtney: I gotta get out o