Krypton (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Savage Night

1 If you didn't know Brainiac corrupted the Voice of Rao, then why even attempt a coup? Because Daron-Vex offered to spare your life in exchange for my help.
- Stop.
- My new guardians.
The Red Shard, loyal only to me.
Let me serve you.
Let's put your newfound loyalty to the test.
I didn't really think you would do it.
The Oracle foresees the product of your union.
The child will be male.
When I visited you in your cell you said you loved me.
Do you really mean it? I feared I was the only one to escape.
You were.
I serve a being who has power over death.
The Voice is controlling you! Then you will die here.
We got to stop her before she sends - the signal to Brainiac.
- It's too late.
She's been taken over by Brainiac's technology.
My mama's not coming home, is she? I'm going to look after you.
For she will be given rank and serve as a novice.
Sevi, what's wrong? - This creature is deceiving you! - Remove her! I will lead you to a place of eternal life.
This son of a bitch is Superman's greatest enemy.
History tells us Brainiac takes Kandor City, causing the planet to explode in 200 years.
This whole time you knew and you said nothing! Seg, you cannot trust this man! Find your Zeta-Beam gadget and never come back! There's something here I still need to do.
And what's that? Kill General Zod and prevent Seg from saving Kandor.
My name is Adam Strange, and I've come here to warn you.
Someone from the future is coming to destroy Krypton because where I'm from, your grandson becomes the greatest hero in the universe.
[groans] I'm running out of time.
Take this.
[tense music] You have to save Superman.
[painfully groans] Where did [coughs] Oh, you assholes.
Oh, you tightwad assholes.
Assholes, seriously? You steal our technology, disappear with it for years, and we're the assholes? First of all It's called a Zeta-Beam device now.
- Came up with that myself.
- No, you didn't.
You're welcome.
And secondly I didn't steal it.
I borrowed it.
That device has the potential to tear apart the fabric of space and time, destroying everything that ever was and will be.
I was gonna bring it right back.
But that's the thing with time travel; it's difficult to keep track of time.
That's your explanation? The long and short of it is, on account of being a superhero, I caught wind of this shithead alien trying to change history and stop Superman from being born.
- Superman? - Yeah, him.
You know, and I was in the middle of warning his pop-pops when you jackasses yanked me here.
So if we're done here, I'd like to get back to work.
- Cool? - If what you say is true, somebody better qualified will take care of the matter.
Really? [scoffs] 'Cause I didn't happen upon anyone else, qualified or not, traveling through space and time to save the freaking universe.
So you like it or not, Sardath, I'm the best hope there is.
I was meant to have that Zeta-Beam device.
I was meant to be a hero.
I was meant to save Superman.
And I will not let anyone stand in the way of my destiny.
[indistinct chatter] - [high-pitched scream] - Shh, shh! What are you doing? - You scared the life out of me.
- I'm sorry, okay? - Why are you still here? - You know why I'm here.
I have to preserve the timeline Superman Please stop, stop, all right, I'm not interested in hearing all about that again.
Whatever you think your mission was, it is over.
If you only knew him Seg's grandson, th there's no one like him in the universe.
He could have been a god.
And he chose humanity.
Guy's the best of our worlds.
You've said that speech before, haven't you? - No.
- Mm-hmm.
[whispering] Hey, what do you think Listen, Adam.
Even you have to understand that Seg is not going to sacrifice his world any more than Superman would sacrifice yours.
I know.
I'm not after Seg.
[scoffs] Zod? Have you met Zod? He doesn't strike me as the kind of person that scares easily.
Well, that's good 'cause I'm not planning on scaring him.
Yeah, well, I got that, yeah.
That was my polite way of saying that if you go near the gigantic man, he's gonna kill you to death.
I'm not gonna talk to you if you're just gonna be negative.
[gasps] You promise? Fine.
Wait, wait, wait! Wait! Wait.
[whispering] All right, I'll do you a deal.
Okay, if you can control your killer instinct, I will get Seg to come and meet with you, all right? I can't promise that he's gonna change his mind, but I'm pretty sure I can convince him to at least hear you out.
How soon can you get him here? [scoffs] How soon do a wrangled beast's testicles go up into its cervix when she's - Kem.
- Yeah.
We're running low on supplies.
We're going to have to make them stretch.
Kem says the streets are still crawling with Sagitari.
[soft music] We may have to lie low for a while longer.
Hello? Hello? I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Sevi? Isn't it? It's me, Kem, remember? I was the one who was looking after Ona.
Yes, I remember.
Where is she? I know about the Voice.
I know that he is not the person he says he is, but I need to know that Ona is safe.
She's safe.
He likes her.
Well, then, what is going on? Why are you here? Anda and I found out about the Voice's change.
He tried to make us believe he'd been reborn.
But then I saw what was happening in the Genesis Chamber.
And now every night he plugs himself into it.
When he does It's like he's in some kind of deep trance.
I think I think he's sucking its energy dry, using the embryos as batteries, getting stronger by draining the life from them.
[dramatic music] What could Brainiac possibly want with the Genesis Chamber? Everything.
At our essence, we are all just pure energy.
All those cells, all those atoms that make up our body When you break it all down, it's just electricity.
And Brainiac's Sentry has now tapped into the greatest source of electricity in Kandor, the Genesis Chamber.
But they're not batteries, they're embryos.
What happens to them? What happens to our child? He'll be lost.
Along with the rest of our civilization.
The only way our species reproduces now is via the Genesis Chamber.
Without it we have no future.
Your Eminence.
- You look - Physical appearance is of no concern to me.
But, in the minds of your people, I have been reborn.
And you look, um Magnificent.
[laughs] Look at you.
Face to face with a true superior.
And you still lust for power.
[soft electric crackle] And you shall have it.
When my work here is complete, I shall leave Kandor.
And you will again have the control you so viciously desire.
Now, according to Sevi, every time he does whatever it is that he does in the Chamber, the Voice of Rao goes into some sort of a weird trance.
Well, that's how we stop him.
When he's at his most vulnerable.
Don't forget he still has the Red Shard.
We have to get past them to get to him.
True, but remember he controls them with his mind.
My guess is, while he's in that trance, while he's absorbing energy, his connection to them would probably be limited.
So what are you thinking? We know that Rhom communicated with Brainiac using some sort of neural network.
If we can sever the connection between the Voice of Rao and the Red Shard and then we take him out while he's in that trance.
But to do that, we need to find a way into the network.
I know a way in.
We can use his connection to the Voice.
His body is still in the Outlands.
There's a lot of ifs in that scenario.
We need backup as an insurance.
I'll recruit manpower from Black Zero.
Whoa whoa, hang on, we didn't agree to that.
I'm not asking.
We'll get Dev.
You meet us here later.
[dark music] - You, stay there! - [indistinct chatter] Move to your designated sector.
Even now, your honor is incorruptible.
If there were any truth in that, I wouldn't be a fugitive.
7, all clear.
Moving onto sector 15.
Why are you a fugitive, Jayna? I betrayed our oath.
I put my daughter above honor.
You chose family over duty? You did the right thing.
A Zod swears an oath to protect Kandor, but only if its leaders are worth protecting.
If they are not, then they must be replaced by those who are.
Besides, if you had chosen differently, I never would have been born.
[weapons clicking] Ah, hey, Seg.
Do you mind if I sit this one out? Yeah, what's the matter? When Rhom died, I promised Ona I would look after her.
- Go.
- Thank you.
Do what you can for her.
We'll take Nyssa.
No, we won't.
Her father works for the Voice of Rao.
What if she relays our plans? I'm not having this argument again.
She can be trusted.
She's also right here.
You know, if I were you, I'd want to have me close, keep your eyes on me.
But if you'd rather have me running around wild and free I'm driving.
[thud] Sorry.
Brings back memories.
Crammed in a skimmer, on the way to some crazy Artisan's Guild party.
Maybe we should go some time? You know, after all this is over.
If there even is an Artisan's Guild after all this is over.
- Lyta.
- What? You've seen what it's like out there.
Guilds don't matter anymore.
Neither do Bindings.
[switches clicking] Anyone know how to get a bit more, um, air out of these things? How did you expect your little coup to end up? With you and your father shining atop a hill? Bringing Kandor into a new golden age? No.
I expected it to be me and Seg.
But things never really turn out the way you expect, do they? [somber music] This is it.
We're here.
[guns click and whir] Are you out of your mind? If Jax-Ur doesn't like what she has to say, she's all yours.
[dramatic music] [wind howling] [thunder rumbles] Couldn't have asked for better weather.
We're almost there.
Try to keep up, princess.
I think she means me.
Dev? Dev! [dramatic flourish] Don't move or I'll shoot.
Dev, it's me.
Don't do this.
Help me.
Dev! Talk to me! Is he still alive? Yes! But I don't know how long for.
Then we'd better hurry.
[grunting] Come on, big guy.
[tense music] What am I looking at? Jax-Ur, this is Jayna-Zod, primary I know who it is.
She's an even bigger fugitive than me right now.
Isn't that right? How does it feel to spend your whole life serving the state, only to have it chew you up and spit you out? - Pretty shit, actually.
- [chuckles] [laughs] It didn't have to be that way, you know.
Kandor could have been a bastion of equality no guilds, no Rankless, a city for the people by the people.
And soon it will be.
When we begin again at zero.
That's exactly why we're here Do not speak! You think I don't know about your recent behavior? You can't just come and go as you please.
Nobody passes through Black Zero.
You are either in or you're the enemy.
You have no idea who the real enemy is.
So let me tell you about Brainiac.
[device beeping] [somber music] He's stabilized.
But I had to numb his motor functions.
So when he wakes up, he'll only be semi-conscious.
But that's still him, right? Under all that.
Well, at the moment, it's impossible to know, I'm afraid.
I can't believe this place actually exists.
All those years my father spent searching for this I started to wonder if it was even real.
I have a hard time believing any of this is real.
Not so long ago, I was just a Rankless street rat, hustling drunk guildsmen for money.
Now, I'm Trying to save the world.
I'm not doing that great a job of it so far.
You saved my life, and if this idea of yours works You may even save the life of our child.
- [indistinct chatter] - Hey, hey, hey.
Have you seen Ona yet? - Just, if you see her, can you please - What the hell - just let me know.
I'll be at the bar.
- [glass shatters] Hey! - Where's Seg? - Yeah, not now.
You said that you would bring Seg.
And all a man has is his word.
Oh, would you shut up for once in your life! [crowd quiets] What? Not everything is about your mission to save some unborn, imaginary child from the future.
There are real people, in real danger - right now.
- What are you talking about? I'm talking about Ona, all right? She may not have the blood of Els running through her veins, but she means the world to me and I have to find her, all right? All right, let's go.
Come on! But I shouted a lot then.
So that's what Val-El warned us about all those cycles ago.
Nobody believed him at the time, - but he was right - I believed him.
Wish I'd listened to him more.
Black Zero will aid you in your resistance, but I want something in return.
Your old master, Daron-Vex.
The man who stole everything from me and robbed this city of everything it could have been.
If you help us, Daron-Vex is all yours.
[soft music] Black Zero is in.
They'll help us take the Genesis Chamber.
They want something in return.
- What? - Daron-Vex.
Why him? Long story for another time.
I assume we have a deal? It's not my decision to make.
Do it.
If Black Zero are going to help us defeat Brainiac, then they can have my father.
[device beeps] [Ona] Through fire, we are reborn.
Right there.
Through fire, we are reborn.
Thank you.
Through fire, we are reborn.
Through fire, we are reborn.
Uncle Kem! What's wrong? I need to talk to you about the Voice, Ona.
He's not who you think he is.
Is this a test? No.
No, sweetheart, it's not safe here.
Okay? You need to come with us.
It's natural to fear Rao, but you must love him too.
And in loving him, I now have back what I lost with Mother.
Thank you, Uncle Kem.
Taking me to him was the greatest thing you could have done.
Psst! Kem.
We got to go, right now.
- [guard] Keep searching.
- Come on, Kem! Just know, Ona, that whatever happens, okay, you're always welcome back.
Got to go.
What's that? Up ahead.
All right, you know where to find me, okay? You tried.
Can't do much more than that.
Yeah, well, I can rest easy now knowing that I tried.
You know what, you should just go.
Seg is not interested in hearing anything you've got to say and you're not gonna get close to Zod, so you might as well just go back to where you came from because you are not helping here.
But you know what? Least you tried, huh? You're not even going to give me a chance? Come on, man You got to at least let me try.
This this is Superman that we're talking about here.
There's no one like him in the universe.
Have you ever committed to anything in your life? I know you, Adam.
As soon as things get hard, you'll be out of there in a flash.
Please, Sardath You're right about who I was.
Now give me a chance to be who I should be.
Alana? Can he do it? I don't think so.
But I've never seen him care about anything so much before.
Certainly not me.
I say we let him try.
Yes! Thank you.
I promise I won't let you down.
It's way too late for that, Adam.
Alana [soft, ominous music] [groans] Who is this? - I'm your savior.
- [scoffs] - Take him away.
- Wait! Wait! Hey! I know that you're a smart guy full of smart plans.
But, buddy, you are dumber than a box of dumb things if you think that you can outsmart that creature you serve! Stop! Uncuff him.
And leave.
That's right.
I know exactly who you work for.
In fact, I know a lot more about him than you do.
And if you think that you're gonna get yourself out of this mess [chuckles] Forget it.
You're in way over your head.
Unless you listen to me.
That thing that used to be the Voice of Rao is a Sentry, and however scared you were of him, multiply that by a gajillion and double it, and now you're getting close to how scared you should be of his boss, Brainiac.
Now, I'm gonna guess that he hasn't filled you in yet on his intentions, so allow me.
Look out there.
He's gonna rip that entire city out of the ground and add it to his collection.
Oh, but it gets better.
Brainiac doesn't want his collection to change, ever.
Each day, same as the last for all of eternity.
At least I'd be alive.
[laughs] Hey.
If that's your idea of life, have at it.
I'm not gonna get in your way.
I want to help Brainiac.
Don't want to stop him.
I don't understand.
Then listen, because I have information.
Information on the only other people that really know the truth of what's going on.
And who you're really serving.
People who are hell-bent on stopping Brainiac, and well, you already know my stance on that.
I assume you want something in exchange for this information.
I want Seg-El delivered to me safe and sound first.
I need to ensure that he's out of Kandor - before it's taken.
- Seg-El? [scoffs] What does he have to do with this? Well, Daron, I'd tell you, but I don't want to.
It's "Dare-on.
" [device beeping] - [gasping] - [beeping intensifies] Dev.
Don't be scared.
You're not paralyzed.
We just need to keep you in this state to make sure the Voice doesn't try and control you again.
Blink if you understand.
We might have a way to free you.
But the procedure it might kill you, Dev.
But if it doesn't, you will be free.
And you will have given us the key to stopping the Voice and saving Kandor.
If you don't want to do it, we can find another way, but we are running out of time.
Blink once for yes.
Twice for no.
Thank you, Dev.
[device whirring] Do you always drink before battle? Only on Krypton.
Back on Earth you can't even get a buzz going.
But, there are other benefits.
Kal-El, the Superman you keep hearing about.
He was no different to any other Kryptonian.
He just happened to make it off our planet before it was destroyed.
Then landed on a planet with a yellow sun.
That's what makes him super.
That and dumb luck.
But if Krypton never was destroyed, we all could have the powers he has.
Imagine the good that could do the universe.
How did you survive Krypton's destruction? I wasn't on Krypton when it exploded.
Where were you? The Phantom Zone.
It's sort of an extra dimension or abyss.
Defying the laws of space or time.
Turns out it's perfect for housing criminals.
You were imprisoned? What did you do? I attempted a coup.
Guess it runs in the family.
I grew up in Kryptonopolis, and the council there was as inept as yours here in Kandor.
There was one person on the council that I truly respected.
Of course, he was the one who foiled my plans and sent me away.
His name was Jor-El.
[device beeping] - Seg, what's your status? - We got Dev.
So now Val's hacking into the network between the Voice and the Red Shard.
I'm on my way.
We'll get the team together and meet you at the Genesis Chamber.
May Rao's grace be your shield.
They're being led by Jayna-Zod, but we have the forces ready to snuff them out once and for all.
Say the word and it will be done.
Your Eminence, my information is reliable.
I assure you, we can crush this rebellion before it even begins.
Are you even listening? - [weapons firing distantly] - What was that? - Go! - Move, move! You two go on ahead.
We'll keep them busy down here, give you a chance to get to the Voice! Why are you still here? Go! - [dramatic music] - Coming! Coming! Someone over there! I'm tired of running.
- What's happening? - His body is going into shock! Hacking into this neural network is not as easy as it sounds.
- What, you mean you can't do it? - I didn't say that.
Your Eminence.
We need to stop this immediately.
Seems like your plan hasn't worked.
Please, listen to me! The connection between the Voice and his guards is still active.
Give 'em time.
Hurry, Val, they're all counting on you! Thank you, I am very well aware of that.
Good, because whatever it takes, you need to find a way! Understood? I'm an El.
We always find a way.
They've had long enough.
We need to do this now.
I'll concentrate on the guards; you take the Voice.
Told you.
I've been waiting 14 cycles for that.
Looking for this? You're free, Dev.
The Voice of Rao, is he dead? We don't know yet, but what we do know is your bravery has helped save the lives of Kandor's next generation.
Thank you, Dev.
Hello, Father.
How's your nose? Seen better days.
Haven't we all? You going to do it this time? Kill you? Of course not.
You haven't outlived your usefulness.
Then what? Why are you here? I came to tell you that I forgive you.
For what you did to for what you tried to do to me.
You're a survivor, Father.
It's all you've ever known.
All you ever taught me.
But I want to do more than survive.
I want to be more than just a survivor.
So did I.
[dramatic music] Good-bye, Father.
Good-bye, Nyssa.
[glasses clink] [indistinct chatter] There he is, my old friend Daron-Vex.
We have a lot of catching up to do.
Take him.
We're not done yet.
The Voice of Rao still hasn't been found.
That's because he's in a thousand pieces at the bottom of the Genesis Chamber.
Nobody could survive that.
The deal was the Voice of Rao in exchange for Daron.
I only see one of them here.
You have Black Zero until the body is found.
Then you and I need to have a talk.
About who's going to fill this sudden power vacuum now that the mask and the magistrate are out of business.
I look forward to it.
Areas 11 and 28, clear.
All clear here.
Just a kid here, no Sagitari.
Report back to Jax with the status.
Copy that.
[tense music] [thud] [gasps] Do not be alarmed.
I am in no pain as I am not of this body.
I wear it merely for appearances.
Will you be okay? Of course.
This is only temporary.
Everything is, except me.
Shh, shh, shh.
There is nothing to be afraid of, Ona.
Through fire, we are reborn.
Come on, where the hell are they? [Radio chatter] Rao's chambers.
- Move! Move! - Units 2 and 3, do you copy? That can't be good.
Through fire, we are reborn.
- Ona, wait! - Through fire, we are reborn.
Through fire, we are reborn.
Through fire, we are reborn.
Through fire, we are reborn.
- Want a drink? - No.
I need to speak to you about Dru-Zod.
He survived Krypton's destruction because he wasn't actually on Krypton when it happened.
He was in an off-planet prison for trying to overthrow the government.
Apparently, it was an El that put him there.
I don't think he's come back to save Krypton, Seg.
I think he's come back to rule it.
[footsteps approach] Ona.
[laughs] Ona! Oh, I'm so glad that you decided to come back.
What's wrong? Through fire, we are reborn.
- [electrical beeping] - No.
[beeping intensifies] [device beeps] [glass shatters] [ambient music] [wind blowing] [thud] [coughs] [soft, ominous music] [gasps] What the f