Krypton (2018) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Every moment of your life is a test, one that reveals who you are.
And if you truly are worthy of the name Zod, you will follow in the footsteps of those who have come before you.
Or you will die trying.
If you didn't know Brainiac had corrupted the Voice of Rao, then why even attempt a coup? Because Daron-Vex offered to spare your life in exchange for my help.
- Stop! - And I would do it again.
Hello, Father.
I came to tell you that I forgive you for what you tried to do to me.
Black Zero is in.
They want something in return.
There he is.
My old friend, Daron-Vex.
We have a lot of catching up to do.
Ona! What's wrong? Through fire, we are reborn.
I learned of a pre-cataclysm instrument of violence so powerful it would give even Brainiac pause.
That thing in there, they told me it's called Doomsday.
If you let that thing loose it will kill everything that it comes across.
It's true.
That's why we have given over our lives to protecting the universe from Doomsday.
[painful whines] [sighs] [tense music] [indistinct chatter] What does this alien want? To rip this city right from the ground and add it to his collection.
You didn't really think the Voice of Rao was a god, did you? Why kill the chancellor? And the others? All I can say is there's going to be a lot more bodies if we don't find him.
Look I can't risk being up here any longer.
Just have you Sagitari You mean what's left of the Sagitari? They're already spread too thin.
The remains of the Council are either dead or in hiding.
The Primus has turned traitor.
Black Zero is openly walking the streets.
I can't help you.
[overlapping chatter] Do us a favor and go back inside.
It's not safe out here.
Go on! Move! - [gun clicks] - Whoa.
It's chaos out there.
I know.
And it's getting worse.
Pretty soon people are going to figure out that no one's in charge.
Then the whole city is going to descend into anarchy.
Making it even harder to find the Voice.
Three days of searching and nothing.
Nyssa said they found a trail of mangled bodies leading out of the Tower of Justice.
She's there now.
She's trying to find out more.
Brave of her.
We need to find him, Lyta.
We need to find him and stop him from bringing Brainiac here.
We will.
And we'll make him pay for what he's done.
[soft dramatic music] How's Dev? I-I managed to get him in a med bay.
He's recovering.
Itching to get back in the fight.
[sighs] We're going to need him.
And a whole lot more just like him.
Seg I know losing Ona was hard for Kem, but sending him to Kryptonopolis Was that to help him or to help you? I'm worried you're starting to think this fight we're in, that maybe we can't win it.
Is that what you think? Everything that Adam said about my grandson, about the Els, about who we are who we're meant to be.
He believed that I could save the universe.
I couldn't even save him.
I've lost too many people already, Lyta.
I can't lose anyone else.
You're not going to lose me.
[dramatic music] [ominous music] [panting] [grunting] You cannot stop me.
I am coming for you and your world.
[painful screams] [gasps] [breathing heavily] [suspenseful music] That's a lot of hardware.
The Voice of Rao is wounded.
And like all wounded animals, this is when they are most dangerous.
No one's seen him.
He's in hiding.
It's not him we're going after.
The fall in the Genesis Chamber didn't kill the Voice.
The only way to fight something that cannot be killed is with a weapon that is unkillable.
We're going to get Doomsday? [panicked breaths] Look how far you've fallen, old friend.
[scoffs] The same could be said for you, Sela-Sonn.
How does one transition from one of the most respected and highly regarded members of the Science Guild, protégé of the great Val-El, no less, to leader of an insurgency whose only currency is death and destruction? It started with a betrayal.
From someone I trusted.
You think I didn't know? That you'd covered your tracks so well I wouldn't follow them back to you.
That's no excuse.
You dedicated your life to saving lives.
Not destroying them.
That was a long time ago.
And all my work trying to ease people's suffering gave me keen insight into how to inflict it.
I have a lot of questions for you, Daron, and I intend to get answers.
[painful screams] And my name is Jax-Ur now.
[scattered chatter] Lyta's disappeared.
So has Zod.
With far more firepower than one man can handle and with one of Black Zero's skimmers.
They're going for Doomsday.
To think you were all expecting me to screw you guys over.
[dramatic music swells] I realize this wasn't easy for you.
Going against Seg.
And I understand why you admire his idealism.
But ideals are no good to the dead.
It was sheer luck that he survived that blast in the tavern.
Get to the point.
It's up to us to save him and everyone else.
And the only way we can do that is by making the hard choices.
Even ones as extreme as unleashing Doomsday.
But how can we be sure? You said Doomsday is a genetically engineered killing machine that can't be controlled.
He functions like any apex predator.
Focusing on the most formidable opponent first.
- That's Brainiac.
- Great.
And after that, he'll work his way down the food chain.
That's us.
Before that happens, we return him to stasis.
We're risking a lot on being able to pull that off.
That's Seg talking.
Don't think of this as a betrayal.
You and I, we're Zods.
Duty-bound to protect our people by any means necessary.
Seg's an El.
He will never understand that.
But at least he'll be alive to forgive you.
[ground rustles] [tense music] So how are you planning on getting inside? I'd like to know that, too.
'Cause all that firepower isn't going to get you in there.
You need a Zod and an El.
And I won't do it.
I don't need you to.
Lyta, you once asked if I knew who my father was.
At the time, I didn't.
But I do now.
House of Zod House of El.
You're both.
You're my son.
[dramatic music] Where is it? Seg, if you know something Doomsday is already far beyond your reach.
I've made sure of that.
You knew.
It was your mother who convinced me.
She knew that Zod would come for it.
I just never thought that you'd help him do it.
You couldn't have moved it far.
- I will find it.
- You like to believe you're a few steps ahead, General.
But it turns out I know these tunnels better than you do.
How else do you think we beat you here, when you snuck away in the middle of the night? Then you have sealed Krypton's fate.
Seg, come in.
Go ahead.
We have a problem.
- [high-pitch whirring] - [painful screaming] Admit it, Daron.
Admit what you did and this pain will end.
I didn't do anything.
- [high-pitch whirring] - [painful screams] Exactly.
I trusted you.
I told you of my fears and you did nothing.
You were the one who restored the Codex technology.
What did you think was going to happen? - [high-pitch whirring] - [painful screams] Without my work on the Codex, the Genesis Chamber would have become unsustainable and we would have lost our only means of reproduction.
Well, if your intentions were so noble why is you work shrouded in such secrecy? Because I knew that in the wrong hands it could be used to purify the Guilded bloodlines.
Weed out those viewed as weaker.
Just never could have imagined you would be the one to betray me.
[dark music] Back then, the only people I trusted were you and Val-El.
And when you sentenced him to death I knew I was next.
That's not the worst of it, is it, Daron? You had to take it one step further.
Yes, I know about the Vara Protocol.
And now you are going to tell me how to access it.
- [high-pitch whirring] - [painful screaming] [low intermittent pulsing] Why have we stopped? What's happening? [speaking native language] Raika, what's going on? The containment field.
It is failing.
What do you mean, failing? [speaking native language] He thinks we damaged it when we moved it.
This is all that keeps the beast inside.
How long do we have? It is ancient technology.
It could be days or weeks.
Or maybe hours.
One thing is certain, the beast will break free of his tomb.
[ominous music] Now I know why, growing up, my mother never spoke of her mother.
The shame she must have felt.
Your willingness to betray everything the House of Zod stands for.
I'm fighting for a better Kandor.
You and I can restore order to Kandor.
I reclaim my role as Primus of the Sagitari, and with you by my side we can rebuild our city.
Return it to what it once was.
Not the Kandor he wants to create, a place ruled by fear! How can you say that? All my life all you have done is make me afraid.
Afraid that I wasn't good enough.
That I wasn't strong enough.
That I wasn't worthy of the Zod name.
I have failed you in so many ways, Lyta.
I tried to mold you into a hardened warrior.
Tried to drive out your love for Seg.
Your refusal to follow orders you disagreed with.
I saw your constant questioning as a weakness.
And now I see it's your greatest strength.
Don't lose it now when you need it most.
Because you're going to have to make a choice.
Grandpa, come in.
Do you read me? Yes.
What's wrong? You weren't by any chance programmed by real Grandpa with a working knowledge of ancient Kryptonian technology, were you? Like, say, how to repair the containment field on a capsule designed to hold a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong? No, but I'd be willing to try.
[dramatic music] Well, that's confidence-inspiring.
Would you like me to divert my efforts from determining the proximity of Brainiac's ship? Has it arrived in our system yet? No, but it's only a matter of time.
Then let's concentrate on problems closer to home first.
Thank you, old friend.
You've been very helpful.
Wait! There's one more secret I didn't divulge to your leader.
And what would that be? One that could make you one of the richest men in Kandor.
The location of the Voice of Rao's cache of untraceable solars.
[scoffs] You can't buy me.
Perhaps you just haven't been offered the right price.
Think of your family.
All that you could do for them.
I have no family.
They died in the Xarxas outbreak.
All the medication was rationed to the Guilded.
It was not a quick death.
So unless you can bring them back, you have nothing I could want.
You have to help me.
Look into your heart.
I'm begging you.
You can't let me die here.
No, please! I'll do anything.
Anything! Just please, please, let me g [grunts, groans] [breathing heavily] Please! Please! Please, you can't leave me in here! Please! Please, help me.
[dramatic music] I can't die here in this place.
Talk to Raika about the fastest way to the surface.
I'm going to go get the skimmer.
Or we could not do that.
[tense music] What are you doing? It is time for my people to rid themself of this burden.
We will take the creature to your city.
And risk the lives of everyone in Kandor? You can't be serious.
Look, you'll never get it through the Outlands.
These catacombs contain many secrets.
Even a tunnel to your city.
And when the Collector of Worlds comes for Kandor, he will take Doomsday along with it.
And my people will be free of their duty.
And Krypton will be free of the threat from that vile creature.
That's not going to happen.
We're going to stop Brainiac.
You cannot even stop your own people from trying to take the beast.
How will you defeat an alien conqueror? You will fail, Seg-El.
Listen to me.
If Brainiac is allowed to take Kandor, then eventually all of Krypton will be destroyed as a result.
We're guaranteed destruction far sooner if we do not rid ourself of this scourge.
[speaking native language] [soft dramatic music] You saved my life once.
And for that, I will allow both of you to leave this place alive.
But try to stop us, and you will die where you stand.
[suspenseful music] I'm done wasting time.
Are you really going to shoot me? Take one step further and find out.
Then do it.
Better that than stand here doing nothing with our planet facing destruction.
Mother stop, please don't do this.
No! Very well.
You say you intend to restore Kandor and reclaim your position as Primus of the Sagitari.
Well, so do I.
Jayna-Zod, I, Dru-Zod, hereby invoke the spirit of Jo-Mon and our ancient traditions in challenging you to a Kandorian Duel.
For the loser, no mercy will be shown.
I accept.
Mother Are you being quiet because you're coming up with a plan? The Voice of Rao is still helping Brainiac get here to take Kandor which now has a genetically-engineered killing machine ready to break free of its cage somewhere underneath it.
You know, we could take a skimmer, make a break for Argo City.
If you're planning on joining the rapidly swelling ranks of people screwing me over, I'd appreciate it if you just got it over with.
I'm not Lyta.
I believe in you.
[soft dramatic music] Maybe you shouldn't.
[exciting music] [tense music] You sell skimmers, right? I want the fastest one you have.
One that won't be picked up by any of the city scanners.
One that I am prepared to pay a great deal for.
In fact I could make you one of the richest men in Kandor.
[soft dramatic music] Adam should have given this to someone else.
Instead of giving his life for mine.
But he chose you.
Yeah, well, you met Adam.
Not to speak ill of the dead, but he wasn't exactly the brightest star in the sky.
He picked a guy whose only accomplishment is having a grandson, who I'll never meet Who does something great one day.
Becomes a hero.
Becomes this Superman.
Do you know the origins of the El sigil? [stirring orchestral music] It comes from an ancient Kryptonian word.
That means hope.
Our house wasn't just given that symbol.
Our ancestors chose it.
And the generations to follow defined it.
Not through words but through action.
As long as there is an El on Krypton, there will be hope.
And hope can be a powerful weapon.
[both grunting] [exciting music] [gasping] [gunshot] Get away from me.
- How dare you.
- What? Intervening in a Kandorian Duel.
I saved you.
You stole my honor.
Oh, would you like to be buried with it? You talk about making hard choices.
Well, I have made one.
Forget her.
We have to go.
What is it? Daron-Vex escaped.
Fled in a skimmer.
He could be halfway through Outlands by now.
Ever the survivor.
[high-pitched whirring] [painful gasping] [mechanical beeping] [dramatic music] [alarm blaring] Still can't reach Jayna.
We need to get through to her.
She's the one best suited to tracking down the Cythonnites and Doomsday.
And the other problem? Been thinking about that too.
We never knew why the Voice was draining power from the Genesis Chamber.
But I think I know now, and if I'm right Brainiac will be here sooner than we thought.
What if he needs it to power Brainiac's ship? Bring it here.
He's probably looking for another source.
But where else would he get that kind of power? Grandpa? There's only one option.
The generator that powers the city's protective dome.
Then that's where we make our stand.
But we're going to need help.
This could be our last chance to save Kandor.
You want me to commit the few remaining Sagitari we have left to work alongside terrorists? Never! They have hunted us, executed us, forced us underground, and now you want us to turn to our oppressors for help, at the very moment when we've gained a foothold? That foothold's about to be ripped from under you.
And it will happen.
Brainiac is coming and he will take Kandor.
Unless we declare a truce.
And combine our forces to put an end to this threat to our world.
All right, but when this is over we will round up Black Zero and take back the city.
We will shatter the Guilds, strip the ranked of their power, and we will return Kandor to its people.
Or maybe, instead of both sides killing each other we can use this as a chance to build a better tomorrow.
You sound like your grandfather.
Don't forget which side had him executed.
[pained breathing] [soft dramatic music] [gasps] [echoed footsteps] [suspenseful music] [footsteps approaching] Jayna.
Jayna! [dramatic music] [soft dramatic music] Daron-Vex, manual override.
[electronic beeping] Passcode: Hantha, Flame-bird, Rokan, Oregus, two, nine, seven, one, eight.
- [electronic beeping] - Passcode accepted.
Initiate Vara Protocol.
[electronic whirring] [suspenseful music] What are they? Clones.
Of the most elite ranked houses.
For what? So that the people who have everything can hold onto it.
With our combined forces we can defeat him, but it will come at a cost.
I know that we all have our differences here.
But we only have one city and a common enemy who wants to take it from us.
So let's work together.
Let's hit the Voice of Rao with everything that we've got.
I don't take orders from you.
I don't take orders from you either, or you.
It wasn't so much an order as a common sense suggestion.
Now you do what you have to do.
But I'm going.
Look, if this goes badly and there's every indication that it will I want you to take this.
You go to the fortress, you tell Val to shut everything down, and you take that skimmer to Argo City.
Sure you wouldn't rather me take a blaster? I need you to do this.
You're the only one that I can trust.
[stirring orchestral music] [suspenseful music] Unit 1, in position.
Unit 2, in position.
Unit 3, in position.
Let's go.
Opposing forces with nothing in common but their obsession with power.
One hoping to cling to it, the other to seize it.
Now united against me.
But tell me: does you fear of me outweigh your fear of each other? [gun trembling] - What are you doing? - It's not me! I swear! Whoa! whoa! Guns down! Guns down! Guns down! Such weak minds.
Polluted by fear and hatred.
So easily manipulated.
Go on.
You know you want to.
[protesting scream] [dramatic music] You did what you had to do.
If we don't find Doomsday, this will all have been for nothing.
Maybe not.
Doomsday was the only way I could see to destroy Brainiac, but there may be someone who has another way.
Who? Val-El.
Val-El died 14 cycles ago.
No, he didn't.
You think I'm responsible for this? [gasps] All I did was offer an opportunity for them to express their truth.
So easy when desire is so strong.
Now come closer.
[ominous music] Interesting that you, a being of no apparent significance, are the cause of so much trouble.
A shame.
You would have been quite the prize.
[grunts] [grunts] If I'm being 100% honest, I really didn't expect that to happen.
You all right? Shouldn't you be on that skimmer to Argo City? [mechanical thrum] [dramatic music] [rustling] We have to go.
We have to go.
Your world is mine.