Krypton (2018) s02e08 Episode Script


The first fleet of our space-faring ships is complete.
It is time for Krypton to take its rightful place in the universe as conquerors.
I want our son to be an El.
They'll be telling the story of Jor-El.
Trust us, son, we we we The best of Krypton will be preserved within the blood of the Els.
No! The mythical beast of the Outlands has been brought to heel.
- To weaponize it, I need - Complete control.
We're never going to find a way to be together.
Especially now.
Lyta's death, her reconditioning.
None of that is your fault.
We need to focus on stopping Dru-Zod.
We cannot let him spread more misery and destruction across the universe.
What about her? Uh, she is a mother looking for her son.
He's off somewhere up to no good.
That's very likely true.
What about them? Oh, they are lovers, clearly.
Very star-crossed by the looks of things.
Well, she is a Word of Rao, actually, tempted away from her pious devotion to the cloth by her passionate love for a scrappy Rankless smuggler.
Scrappy? I would say he's dashing and roguishly handsome to say the least.
She seems to think so.
She sneaks down here every chance she can get to see him, but it can be hard.
- And they get through them? - I mean, for now.
But their love is tragically fated.
They know they'll never truly be together, because they live separate lives.
They could change that, though, if they wanted to.
So I suppose they could leave everything behind, run away to Kryptonopolis, and squat in some abandoned hovel? Sounds all right to me.
- Let's do it.
- Sure.
I'm serious.
Let's do it.
Seg, my mother would hunt us down and kill us both.
And I would defend you to my dying breath, which, against your mother, would come almost immediately.
But I don't care.
Let's do it, Lyta.
Let's just be together.
Do you think we're doing the right thing? I mean, we don't know anything about Kryptonopolis.
And what are we gonna eat? Where are we gonna live? It's all right.
We'll figure it out.
We have the rest of our lives.
Well, this is nice.
So when do the people who actually live here come back and have us arrested? - They won't.
- And you know this because Because I have this.
That's my mother's.
She she wore that at her Binding.
How do you have this? She gave it to me when I told her I want to Bind with you.
I don't understand.
I decided to get ahead of the whole "being hunted down by the Primus of the Sagitari" thing.
You spoke to my mother.
It might surprise you to learn the great Jayna-Zod was not immune to my charms.
Well, that does surprise me immensely.
Well, it's true.
Seg, your Rank.
She helped me get it back.
She even helped me get this apartment.
We don't have to leave anything behind anymore.
We can have it all.
Just like you always wanted, Lyta.
So, Lyta-Zod, would you make me the happiest man on Krypton and Bind with me? Yes.
Yes! Scan Space X 2149 for any signs of Brainiac's Skull Ship.
Okay, scan 2683 and 2684.
Okay, we're going to start again.
- Seg, stop.
- Scan our home Sector 2813.
Seg! You've been at this for hours.
You scanned as far as the deep space sensors can go and found nothing.
What can I do, Nyssa? Because I have to do something.
You can face the truth.
Brainiac is gone and so is our son for now.
But searching the cosmos sector by sector will take a thousand cycles and it will not bring Jor back.
I am so sorry, Nyssa.
I promised that I would do everything in my power to keep our son safe.
It wasn't enough.
You know the first time I saw you hold him The three of us together A part of me felt like it was too good to be true.
We're not giving up.
Not ever.
Who said anything about giving up? I will raze the universe before giving up on Jor.
Your grandfather You said in the Phantom Zone, he saw Brainiac's potential futures.
We have to talk to him.
We've tried to contact Wegthor a dozen times.
They've gone completely dark.
Well, then we have to find a way to get there.
What's happened here? Administering hell-blossom.
Subject has returned to baseline.
Your lack of progress is disappointing.
Walk with me.
Something is weighing on your mind.
What is it? Sir, I It's Brainiac's ship.
Why did it just disappear and what does it mean for Kandor? I don't know.
There is nothing to fear, Lis-Ser.
If Brainiac ever returns, we'll be ready because we will have Doomsday.
That is why we must control him at any cost.
So why hasn't it been done? We have successfully accessed Doomsday's cerebral cortex, but imprinting your voice so he will answer to your commands, those commands will not take hold unless we can find a way to keep his mind in a suggestive state.
A problem you will solve.
Doomsday has grown immune to every psychoactive drug known to Krypton.
What about something not known to Krypton? A toxin that feeds on the pleasure centers of the brain? - Does such a toxin even exist? - Would it work? I'd have to analyze it.
Can you acquire some? Come with me.
What is that thing? It's called a Black Mercy.
It's a parasitic plant from another world.
I discovered it within Val-El's Fortress.
It creates an entire alternate reality in the mind of its host.
And who is its host? My mother.
No, it can't be.
Lyta-Zod died on Wegthor.
No It was her clone.
- Oh! - What do you think? Do I look ready? You're more than ready, Lyta.
I've never seen you look more beautiful or more like yourself.
There's just one final tradition.
So many traditions.
It's a wonder anyone ever gets on with a Binding at all.
Traditions remind us of what's important.
This garment represents the joining of two lives into one.
For their Houses, for Krypton, for Rao.
But most importantly, for themselves and their love for one another.
Thank you, Mother.
What for? I know this isn't the life you wanted for me, leaving Kandor and the Sagitari, binding with Seg.
But everything you've done for him, for us, and the fact that you're here, standing by my side despite it all, it just means so much.
Seg is a good man.
I see the same strength in him as I saw in your father.
The same resilience.
And occasionally, the same audacity.
You have no idea.
The only life I want for you, the only one worth fighting for is the one that makes you happy.
I am happy.
No one should have to know the pain you're feeling.
I'm truly sorry for both of you.
We tracked your skimmer from the Outpost.
We came with news from Kandor, but we understand What's happened? Zod has announced the first fleet of his interstellar ships is complete.
We closely monitored all Sagitari comm signals until we got the order to prepare for launch for Wegthor.
Wegthor? We believe Zod is planning on launching a final assault on the Resistance, to send them everything he has and make sure no one is left standing.
My grandfather.
Kem, Adam.
None of them know what's coming.
Do either of you have a way of contacting them? The comm system is down.
If we can't warn them about the launch, we're going to have to stop it.
The only way to stop Zod's fleet is by destroying it.
What do you have in mind? So, breaking into Fort Rozz.
Gotta get easier with practice, right? Not on the eve of a launch.
Every Sagitari will be on duty.
They'll have new security codes, new patrol routes in every sector.
If we want to get inside, we'll have to think of a way Zod hasn't.
I know a way.
Back before we were all friends, Kem and I used to, shall we say, liberate various goods from the Guilds and redistribute them to the Rankless.
We used tunnels that ran close to Fort Rozz.
- How close? - Stupidly close.
Hundred feet to the north.
Right beneath the spot where Zod built his shipyard.
What do we do once we're inside? There's an armory that only the Primus is informed of.
It's heavily protected by defense protocols, so it has fewer Sagitari protecting it.
But I know how to disengage its security measures.
We just need to get there.
I mean, how hard could it be? Should've seen this coming.
Don't let them make a sound.
Gunfire! Down the hall! Shot fired down the hall! At least we don't have to worry about being quiet anymore.
Over there! Behind the ledge! Breached door! Surrender! I surrender! Coming out.
Put your gun on the floor.
What's happening? The Black Mercy's having a negative reaction to the extraction.
How long has Lyta been its host? Months.
She'd grown troubled by the loss of her mother, of Seg.
This brought her peace in a way I could not.
I did her replacement from a Somatically Reconditioned clone.
When I lost her, it actually still felt like I lost my mother.
Lyta's vitals are stable now.
I'm concerned that the Black Mercy's negative reaction to the extraction could cause Lyta's fantasy to collapse entirely.
Do we need more toxin? - Yes.
- Then proceed.
My mother's strength has been tested before.
So it must be again.
The Oracle foresees the product of your union.
The child will be male.
His name, Dru-Zod.
Bio-scans designate he will be best suited for the Military Guild.
Barring unforeseen accidents, he will conquer 467 planets and eradicate 233 billion alien life forms.
No, that can't be possible.
Do it again, please.
The Oracle has spoken.
Please! Something's gone wrong.
Lyta, everything all right? The Word of Rao.
What the Oracle said about my son You're nervous.
I understand.
You're about to Bind to Seg-El, a former Rankless.
- What? - Why would you do this, Lyta? You told me you loved me.
Do you remember? In your cell? After you were arrested on orders from the Voice of Rao himself.
Why say it if you didn't mean it? Dev I don't know what you're talking about.
Deny it all you want.
It won't change what you did.
What what happened to Dev's arm? Are you really asking me this? You know what you did.
Dev has given everything to you, to House Zod, and it nearly cost him his life.
All the people you love have suffered to protect you.
And why? I should've let my father kill you when I had the chance.
Are you all right? Look, if you need to rest, I'll send everyone home right now.
No, I'm I'm fine.
I don't believe you, Lyta.
How could I? After you betrayed me.
After you betrayed all of us and chose your son? Mother, you're bleeding.
That's because you shot me, Lyta.
This isn't happening.
None of this happened.
I've never seen anything like this before.
The half-life of this toxin seems to be limitless.
Once exposed to the Black Mercy, a person could remain under its influence forever.
Amidst my travels in the future, I encountered the Black Mercy.
I learned the only way to break its hold is to reject the fantasy it creates.
But there are few with the awareness to see beyond the illusion, and even fewer with the will to give it up.
What will happen to Lyta? That is not your concern.
I'd worry more about what will happen to you if you fail to deliver me Doomsday.
I'm confident this dosage will allow Doomsday to remain cognizant yet pliable.
He'll be in a suggestive state but won't succumb to the toxin's psychoactive affects.
Let's hope your confidence is not misplaced.
Administering Black Mercy toxin.
Calculate brain activity.
Neural pattern shows signs of stabilization.
Toxin's working.
But we'll need more.
General, there's been a breach in Sector 4.
Seg-El and Nyssa-Vex were successfully apprehended.
Seg-El and Nyssa-Vex? Have them taken to my chambers.
I want to speak with them immediately.
Do you have everything you need? - Yes, I believe so.
- Good.
Let's get to work.
Hello? Is somebody there? Oh, please, let this be real.
Do you know which way you're going? Because I don't mean to be rude, but it really seems like we've been walking around in circles for a while now.
Seg, I think you've upset him.
Sagitari can be so sensitive sometimes.
Yeah, that's probably why they hide behind those helmets all the time.
Hey, seriously though.
Are you lost? Would you like me to show you the way to the detention cells? Oh, you're not being detained.
General Zod has other plans for you.
Just the two of you then.
I don't think so.
But if you've returned with Jayna and Dev-Em Who's watching after young Cor-Vex, I wonder? You and your men tried to shoot down the skimmer he was in.
He barely survived.
So don't pretend that you care.
I assure you, I never would let anything happen to my brother.
Really? Because that's exactly what you said about Lyta.
And then you let her die.
You think I let her die? What would you have done, Father? Negotiate with a terrorist? Do you really believe Jax-Ur would have let the Primus of the Sagitari walk free if I'd given into her demands? At least then my grandfather could have found Val-El still stands with my mother's executioner! - You're lying.
- Really? Why? Well, has he told you otherwise? But that's probably because communication lines were severed when he decided to bomb the Space Elevator Base Station, taking hundreds of lives.
Whatever's happened, Val is a good man.
We've all done things in this war we're not proud of.
Yet you choose to demonize only me.
I know you loved Lyta, Seg.
But so did I.
Dru, if you truly loved her She'd still be here.
I tried to warn you.
Jax-Ur had corrupted your grandfather.
I granted you both the opportunity to join with me and fight for Krypton's future.
Krypton has no future if you're the one leading it.
What you did to Lyta, everything that you've done, is proof of that.
If you are not going to tell me why you're here, I have other ways of finding out.
I think you're forgetting that Somatic Reconditioning doesn't work on me.
Yes, perhaps.
Let's see if it works on Nyssa.
Hmm? Detain them both for now.
I want to personally oversee Nyssa's Somatic Reconditioning.
- Seg.
- Dru! Dru! Stop right there! Drop your weapons or we will shoot! Just as we thought.
We know who you are.
And General Zod does not want you alive.
Mother? Lyta? Lyta.
- You're alive.
- Yes.
I'm here, Lyta.
I'm here.
We should be safe here.
As long as my security codes still work.
Let me help you.
Thank Rao.
Who are you? Dev.
Lower that weapon.
Not until she explains how this is possible.
We know Zod reconditioned you.
We both watched you die.
What has he done to you now? That must've been my clone you watched die.
I was trapped in a fantasy.
A prisoner of my own mind.
It took everything I had to get out.
I was living the most wonderful life.
Seg and I were to be bound.
Everything was perfect and then something happened.
I'm concerned that the Black Mercy's negative reaction to the extraction could cause Lyta's fantasy to collapse.
My perfect life started falling apart.
Memories of my real life were bleeding through.
The things I've done, the mistakes I've made, the people I'd hurt.
All these memories flooding back.
Like how I got here.
Hello, Mother.
You told me you wanted to save Krypton.
Ensure the survival of our culture.
Well? How did you think it would be done? The colonization of alien planets is our future.
And Doomsday is our most efficient path toward it.
You agreed.
Use Doomsday against Brainiac.
This is no different.
It's entirely different.
Brainiac was an imminent threat.
I have traveled across centuries of time, and I can assure you, the most imminent threat is the one we do not see coming until it is too late.
There is no victory without sacrifice.
You told me that.
There are some sacrifices that are not ours to make.
I can't let you do this.
Dru, my son, we can find another way.
That sounds like my father talking.
And when it comes to survival, I would not value his advice.
How dare you speak about Seg like that? He has made you weak.
No, he has made me stronger every day.
Even in his absence.
I am your mother.
The version of me who made you who you are, she failed you.
I will not.
I had hoped it wouldn't come to this.
That doesn't mean I did not prepare.
What are you doing? Stop.
You don't have to do this.
Zod! No! I'm sorry, Mother, but you left me no choice.
You need more time and I will give it to you.
One day, you'll realize that you were wrong to tell me.
Then the fantasy reset.
But this time, I was left with all my real memories.
I was back at Kryptonopolis.
My perfect life.
I have never seen you look so beautiful or more like yourself.
Except it wasn't.
None of it was real, no matter how much I wanted it to be.
Oh! What's the matter? This is meant to be a perfect day.
The rest of your life is about to begin.
No, it's not.
What's wrong? Aren't you happy? I am.
But that's not enough.
There's a whole world outside this apartment and it's in danger.
And I can't stay here and be happy when I know what's about to happen.
- Lyta, I don't understand.
- Everything all right? - Seg, you're early.
- I couldn't stay away.
Lyta, all I want is for us to be together.
So do I.
I love you, Seg.
And I want to Bind with you and spend every day with you until we grow old and tired of each other.
But I can't.
I don't understand.
Why not? Because Brainiac took you away.
Mother I shot you.
- Lyta, you would never.
- I did.
I made the wrong choice.
I've been trying to run from it ever since.
But that has to stop now.
Even if it means I lose both of you forever.
Lyta, we can talk about this.
No, we can't.
Because you're not real.
None of this is real.
I knew I needed to make things right to stop Dru no matter what it took, even if it meant I might never be able to see you again.
I'd never be able to tell you how sorry I truly am.
All that matters now is that you're here.
With us again.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
After all that's happened, I didn't want to get my hopes up.
Not until I knew it was true.
It's all right, Dad.
I would've done the same.
I'm just so glad to see you both again.
Even if Seg's Lyta, Seg has returned.
He's here.
- Seg is back? - He's in danger.
We broke into Fort Rozz to stop the launch of Zod's fleet.
Seg and Nyssa were captured.
Don't worry.
We will find a way to help them once we get you far away from here.
If Seg's in danger, I'm not leaving without him.
Lyta, you're still not well.
I made it this far.
Now, if Seg and Nyssa have been captured, they're most likely in one of our detention centers.
I can find out for certain.
That's their cell block.
If Zod realizes you're missing, he'll order a lockdown.
Leaving now could be our only chance.
Dev is right.
I won't lose you again.
And I won't lose Seg.
There's got to be some way out of here.
I mean, they got us in here, right? Yeah, and then they activated the energy field.
I've never seen a cell so secure.
That just means we have Zod scared.
And that tells me, he believes we can defeat him.
Once we get out of this cell, of course.
Of course.
Why is it that every time I try and help someone I love, I end up putting someone else in danger? You didn't put me here, Seg.
I chose to be.
We're going to be all right, somehow.
'Cause we have to be.
Because our son is still out there and he needs us.
What you said about seeing me and Jor together, and how it felt too good to be true I don't want it to be.
I don't know how we're gonna find our son.
But I promise you I am gonna be with you every step of the way.
Hey, I said I'd talk.
You set Nyssa free, I'll tell Zod anything he wants to hear.
- Seg - Brainiac's ship taking off? I'm sure Zod wants to know about that.
Stand back.
Dev, where's Jayna? What happened? Fill you in once we get out of here.
We still got our work cut out for us.
Seg-El and Nyssa-Vex have escaped.
Must I perform every task myself? Find them or it'll be you in that cell.
What? I'm getting a report over comm.
Alarms in the shipyard have been activated.
They must be trying to sabotage the fleet.
Is it working? There's a Sagitari squad on their way to the shipyard now.
Seg and Nyssa, how much time will they have? - Enough.
- And us? Surrender this instant! It's not them.
They're just engineers.
It's a setup.
This is just a diversion.
Where's Jayna? Wasn't she supposed to meet us here? Yeah.
But before she arrives, Seg, I need to tell you something.
It'll take a bit of explaining, but yeah.
The real Lyta.
Is this real? Are you real? I hope so.
I thought I'd lost you.
I know.
Me too.
Oh, I'm never letting go of you again.
We should go before Zod finds us.
But let's give them this.
Assemble every Sagitari in Kandor.
We're moving up the launch and ending this Resistance now.
When this is over, there will not be a soul left on Wegthor.
I promise you!