Krypton (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Blood Moon

1 Wegthor, home of our resistance.
Why does Zod have such a chub for this moon? Wegthor's a mining colony home to a compound known as Stellarium.
Zod is processing it to fuel the interstellar fleet.
It is time for Krypton to take its rightful place in the universe as conquerors.
The colonization of alien planets is our future, and Doomsday is our path toward it.
Amidst my travels in the future I encountered the Black Mercy.
Administering Black Mercy toxin.
The toxin's working.
Mother, stop! Please don't do this! You're gonna have to make a choice.
Tagging along on another mission, huh, buddy? - I'm leading the mission.
- Well done, Commander.
- Lyta-Zod died on Wegthor.
- No.
I'm sorry, Mother, but you left me no choice.
I crafted her replacement from a Somatically reconditioned clone.
- Mother? - Lyta? The real Lyta.
I'm never letting go of you again.
We're moving up the launch and ending this resistance now.
When this is over, there will not be a soul left on Wegthor.
Why would he do this? He couldn't have me openly challenge his authority.
He created a mother who was more receptive to his ideology.
He said he was doing it out of love, for the person he knew I could be.
If this is what he does to those he loves, I can only imagine what he has planned for the rest of the galaxy.
There's no need.
I know exactly what he intends to do: use Doomsday to destroy any alien civilization that refuses his rule.
And once he takes Wegthor and gets the Stellarium he needs, nothing will be able to stand in his way.
We have to get to Wegthor Warn my grandfather that That's not possible.
The space elevator base has been destroyed and all communication with Wegthor is down.
There's no way to reach him.
Actually, there might be.
A smuggler on Wegthor who Kem introduced me to modified a skimmer for short-range space travel.
I took it when I deserted.
It's a death trap, but if the Sagitari haven't found it, it might still be there.
Well, it's worth a shot.
- I'm coming with you.
- No.
You'll be safer here.
You're in no shape - You need - He's right.
You'll be of no use to him up there.
There'll be other battles, Lyta, and we'll need you at full strength to fight them.
I'll go.
I know the tunnels.
You'll never be able to find the Stronghold without me.
All right.
Let's just hope we can get there before Dru's warships.
The attack on our fleet has been thwarted.
The Rebels had hoped to stall our mission To sow confusion and dissent But they have failed.
All their treachery has done is strengthen our resolve and seal their fate.
The war on Wegthor ends today.
Soon, we will have control of the Stellarium.
Soon, we will fulfill our destiny.
And soon, the entire galaxy will learn to fear us.
We launch today.
For Krypton! ALL: For Krypton! [FOREBODING MUSIC.]
What's wrong? While you were under the control of the Black Mercy, did it really give you the life of your dreams? It must have been hard to give that up.
It was.
But it gave me clarity about what I truly want.
What was that? You.
It showed me what's possible between us And it is a life and a love worth fighting for.
Seg, are you ready? - I'll just wait outside, yeah? - Nyssa, wait.
Seg told me what happened to Jor.
I'm so sorry.
I'll do everything I can to bring him back.
Thank you.
How you holding up? Fine.
No, you're not.
You've barely said a word since we got back here.
I'm sorry.
I'm happy for you, Seg.
I am.
You and Lyta get another chance.
It's a miracle.
I didn't believe in them till now.
Me neither.
She's the love of your life, isn't she? Why are you asking me this? [THUNDER RUMBLES.]
Because I'm terrified that you might be the love of mine.
Don't say anything.
It was selfish of me to say it, but just seeing you and Lyta Old habits die hard.
According to Dev, the skimmer should be somewhere around here.
What are you doing? Either I'm hallucinating or this skimmer is cloaked.
We have a spaceship.
A really, really shitty spaceship.
Please don't do this.
There may not be enough Black Mercy toxin in his system to keep him under control.
Then I suggest you pray to whatever gods you believe in.
How's she doing? Running a fever.
That parasite must have left some kind of residual virus in her system.
Is it serious? I don't think she's in any danger, but we need to get her temperature down.
The nearest med bay is in Kandor and we're not exactly welcome there.
What about Hantha root? We used it on Wegthor to fight infection when our medical supplies went short.
That could work.
I'm pretty sure they have a stash in the Public House.
I'll see if I can find it.
How can you look at me like that after what I've done? - Lyta, we don't have to talk - I failed you.
I dishonored myself and our name.
You did what you were taught.
I raised you to be a warrior, ruthless and loyal at any cost.
I won't let you blame yourself.
That day in the tunnels, I had a choice: his life or yours.
I made the wrong one, and I have to live with that.
What's done is done.
We've both made mistakes, and fate has given us a second chance.
If we can bury the past together, we can help rebuild Krypton and forge a new legacy for House Zod.
We can be remembered for more than bloodshed and death.
I'm sorry, Mother.
Can you forgive me? There is nothing to forgive.
You are my daughter.
I love you.
You are, and always will be, the best part of me.
If we can establish a new position on the other side of the Leestan Crater, then we might have a chance of offering some kind of resistance.
I knew you'd find your way back home.
Well, we have Adam Strange to thank for that.
I've missed you, my boy.
I'm sorry you had to come back to this.
There's so much I need to tell you! So many things you need to know.
We don't have any time.
Grandpa, Zod's fleet it's on its way.
Where did you get this information? [TENSE MUSIC.]
The last time we acted on intel you provided, a lot of good men and women lost their lives.
Zod he played me.
Look, you don't have to trust Nyssa.
Trust me.
Zod's fleet of warships is coming, and, if we don't act now, we're all dead.
We'd already begun making preparations for an attack, but, because of the communications blackout, we had no idea it would come this soon.
We're still vulnerable.
But now they've lost the element of surprise.
Gives us a tactical advantage.
They won't expect us to be ready.
Take as many of our troops as we can spare and fortify our trench positions on the surface.
I'll deal with securing all points of entry.
Dak, Ver, Kaz, you'll reinforce our defensive positions in the upper tunnels at Axes Five and Six.
The rest of you, same thing Axes Two and Three.
Nobody gets in, you understand? Copy that.
Force barriers that Val ordered at the choke points are active.
Had the team stay behind.
Offer a second line of support just in case they're breached.
Well, look at you sounding like a real soldier, huh? You know, I'd be into it if it wasn't for all the rules and crappy food.
Long hours, killing.
BOTH: Blood.
Mostly the killing and the blood.
Yeah, well, you can't really escape [HOLLERS.]
Okay, ow, ow, ow.
That really hurts.
Oh, by the light of Rao, it is good to see your ugly face.
- I missed you too, brother.
- Oh, man.
Oh, let's bring it in.
- Yep.
- Don't fight it.
- We're in.
- This feels good, doesn't it? - Something's in.
- Three of us buddies just [SIGHS.]
Getting close.
- Yeah.
- A little too close.
- Your hands were everywhere.
- Look at you.
- Proper military man.
- Huh? I'm impressed.
They even let me carry a gun and order people about.
It is crazy.
You know what my grandfather said? He said that you and Adam have been invaluable to the Resistance.
That's a true story.
You should have seen him.
Crushing ass.
You've been crushing ass? - Well done.
- Val-El needs to see you all.
He said it's urgent.
Now what was it you said to me after you killed me in the Outlands? - Oh - Oh, yeah.
- "Heroes don't take days off.
" - That's right.
Let's do it.
Wait, when you said "crushing ass," is Do you mean wait.
Why is there only one of them? Because that's all he needs.
One ship is big enough to fit five battalions of Sagitari.
Commander Lux, have we got a visual on the craft? Affirmative.
But it's too far away for our artillery to be effective against its shielding.
We have to let them come to us.
Is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing? Some strange thermal signature.
- That doesn't make sense.
- We have movement.
Look alive, people! [RAMP CLANGS.]
What is it? General, Doomsday is in position.
We await your orders.
Kill them all.
Hold your fire.
Wait until whatever that thing is gets closer.
Now give it all you've got! Fire! Hold fire! Commander Lux, report! [TENSE MUSIC.]
I think we got him.
We got him! [ALL CHEERING.]
Commander Lux, are you reading me? Commander? What's happening out there? Commander Lux? [GROWLING.]
All troops retreat! Hold your position, soldier.
Are you reading me? Retreat! Hold your positions, damn it! All troo There will be no falling back.
No retreat.
We stay and fight! We cannot let that thing get to our base! Are we clear? ALL: Yes.
- I said, are we clear? ALL: Yes! [ALL SHOUTING.]
Then follow me! [ALL HOLLERING.]
Come on! [SCREAMING.]
They're gone.
They're all gone.
What was that? It's Doomsday.
He's in the tunnels.
If he reaches us, then everything we lived and died for will be lost.
The force barriers are slowing him down but they can't keep him out forever.
There has to be something we can do.
- Maybe - There isn't.
No matter how hard we fight or where we hide, that thing will not stop until it murders us and everyone on this goddamn rock.
I cannot accept that, Adam.
There has to be You don't get it! There is no other way! What part of "unstoppable killing machine" do you not understand? The only one person who's ever stopped Doomsday in the universe doesn't exist anymore.
Well, great, Adam.
What are we supposed to do then? Just sit around and wait for him to kill us? No! We run like we stole something! That's what we do! And we live to fight another day.
We have to get off this moon.
That is a beautiful idea, Adam.
But you forget that the space elevator has had its ass crushed! And not all of us have a Zeta-Beam.
Maybe we don't need a Zeta-Beam.
There is a perfectly good ship sitting up there on the surface and it is more than big enough to fit the rest of our fighting force as well as every civilian we can find on it.
We'll never be able to take it, and it's full of Sagitari.
Is it? That heat signature we saw earlier.
It was very faint.
Now, initially I thought that maybe the sensors were being blocked by the armor.
But if Doomsday really is as unstoppable as Adam says he is, then Zod wouldn't need to send more Sagitari.
Maybe a skeleton crew at best.
And what if you're wrong? Well, then we're dead anyway.
But at least this way we have a chance.
Listen, if this is gonna work we have to do it now.
We need someone to lead a strike team to take the ship.
- God damn it, I'll - I'll do it.
You can trust me, Val.
All right.
Adam, I need you to oversee evacuation procedures.
Get all of our troops and every civilian available to the surface and onto that ship.
The three of us, we will try to slow down this monster.
Buy them some time.
May Rao's light shine on all of us.
Right, let's get to it.
Let me get this straight: you want to collapse the mines.
All except the mine in Axis Three.
Once you and Seg get there, all you have to do is reposition the explosives onto a vein of raw Stellarium.
Once that's done, you'll head for the surface.
I'll detonate the bombs remotely and meet you there.
I think that sounds incredibly dangerous.
Why why are we doing this? It is incredibly dangerous, but the chain reaction should collapse the entire tunnel system.
Doomsday will be trapped, and that will give us all the time we need to get everyone onto that ship and off this moon.
This is where I leave you.
Contact me if there's any trouble.
Oh, hey, don't worry about us.
We'll be in and out in no time.
You just get everyone on the ship, okay? Yeah.
See you soon, my boy.
Okay, Val.
Your grandfather's insane.
Are we Are we really doing this? No, yeah.
Be just like old times, mate: you, me, ripping off knuckle-headed labor guildsmen in the gaming pits at the Rankless.
It's nothing like that at all.
- No, no.
- Even a little bit.
But hey, could be fun, maybe.
You had me at "maybe.
" Come on, everyone, suit up.
We've got an ass to crush.
Drink this.
Make you feel better.
That tastes awful.
Like the inside of a Rondor's ass.
If I told you that before you wouldn't have taken it.
And how do you know what the inside of a Rondor's ass tastes like? I've been on many exciting adventures since leaving the Sagitari.
What was she like? My clone.
What was she like? She was exactly the same as you in every way.
The same memories.
The same light in her eyes when she laughed.
The only difference was her unwavering allegiance to your son.
There was one other thing.
We became involved.
You needed some Sheneeded someone to fill the void Seg left after he disappeared, and I was more than willing.
Always thought we were destined to be together, Lyta, that being with you would fill the empty places inside me.
Then it became a reality.
I finally got what I wanted.
Imagine my shock when I realized the emptiness still remained.
They found us.
Let's check over here.
Follow some movement.
On your knees.
On your knees! Lose the helmets.
Now, does anyone else know you're here? We're not telling you traitors shit.
Then this will be a very short conversation.
How is this possible? - We saw you killed.
- General Zod deceived you.
He created a clone, somatically reconditioned her, and allowed her to be executed as a result of his own treachery.
If he isn't stopped, many more Kryptonians will die for his twisted vision Kryptonians that you as Sagitari swore an oath to protect.
My son is a man with no honor.
He is not worthy of your loyalty.
Why should we believe you? Sagitari Thur, isn't it? Your brother and I were cadets together.
He saved many lives at the Battle of Muri, mine included.
As Primus, I made it my business to learn everything I could about the brave men and women serving Krypton.
Primus Zod.
How may we serve? Now, listen very carefully and do exactly as I say.
We've lost signal.
Try rerouting power through auxiliary systems.
The couplings aren't responding.
He must have damaged the main grid.
We're bleeding power! Seg! Seg, can you hear me? Seg, report! - Listen, you should go.
- Val Just get out of here.
Be safe, please.
I'm I'm not leaving without you.
Just go.
I'll be following shortly.
You'd better.
Seg? Fan out.
Can you hear me? Please, respond! Grandpa? [RADIO STATIC.]
All right, you three down there.
- Hear me? - Grandpa? - Seg? - Grandpa, what is it? - What's wrong? - Listen.
The power grid destroyed [STATIC.]
I can't detonate explosives! You and Kem need to get to the surface! [STATIC.]
- Seg, can you hear me? - [GROANS.]
You need to get out of there, Seg! - Val! Val! - Seg! [PANTING.]
What are you still doing here? Seg and Kem are in the mine.
I need to get them out of there.
You're supposed to get to the surface! I have to get them out before I go! - Val, we're out of time.
- He's my grandson! Val, hey.
There's nothing more you can do.
We have to go.
All right.
Quickly, team.
We're on the clock here.
After you've set your charges, I need you to clear the area.
- Understood? - Copy that.
What are you doing? What does it look like I'm doing? It looks like you're synching those bombs to a short-range detonator, but I know that's not possible because that's not part of the plan.
- Plan's changed, Kem.
What are you talking about? Something's happened to the power systems.
Val can no longer remotely detonate.
Look, you need to get your guys topside, okay? I'm gonna wait for as long as I can before I set these off.
It'll give you time to clear the tunnels.
What, I'm I'm just supposed to let you die? Seg, that's not gonna happen.
I am not gonna [HEAVY FOOTSTEPS.]
Adam? Adam, where are you? Adam! [COUGHING.]
- [SIGHS.]
Please, don't do that again.
- I'm an old man.
All right, then.
Come on.
Naptime's over.
- Come on.
- I can't.
- What is it? I I I can't I can't feel my legs.
- Try again.
I'm not letting you go, Adam.
Not now, not ever.
What happened? Doomsday happened.
The squad? [GROANS.]
What? Shit! I lost the detonator.
Shit, I must have dropped it in the mine.
I got to go get it.
No, no, no.
I can't I can't let you do that.
It's not your choice, brother.
It's mine.
If I don't do this the Resistance will fall and countless people will die.
I can't let that happen.
You understand? Yeah, I do.
It's no use.
Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that? I think it's pretty obvious, isn't it? I've got a death wish and, uh, you needed saving.
Kem, this is my responsibility.
It's my responsibility, not yours.
Why, because you're an El and you want live up to your name? Or because Zod is your son and you think this whole thing is your fault? But it's not.
Everyone has a responsibility.
You can't save everyone, Seg.
You can't.
Others have to step up.
It is the only way to save Krypton.
And besides, there's a there's a lost child who who needs his father.
Kem, don't do this.
Remember when we used to pull those scams in the Rankless? [BOTH LAUGH.]
- It was so stupid.
But now it's my turn to take the beating.
No, you stay.
You stay with me, Kem.
Please stay.
I I love you.
Kem? Kem! [GRUNTING.]
- Adam, are you okay? - Yeah.
What happened? [SIGHS.]
The the tunnel collapsed.
What? Where's Seg? I don't know.
- What's happening? - It's the Stellarium.
Seg and Kem must have managed to detonate it.
I thought the reaction would be localized but it's spreading! What are you saying? [EXPLOSION.]
The moon is ripping apart.
It's all my fault.
No, we've got to get out of here.
Seg? Seg! Val, we've got to go! Seg [GROUND RUMBLING.]
Come on.
Come on.
Come on! [HOLLERS.]