Kubra (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[thunder crackling]
[tense electronic music playing]
- I have the gun.
- Okay, hold on to it.
Come with us. Come.
- Where is it?
- Dude, stop asking me the same thing.
We'll be there soon enough, okay?
- Is this it?
- Yeah, keep going.
- She's in there. She's here.
- What?
[music stops]
[muffled screaming]
Don't worry. Everything's gonna be okay.
[sobbing quietly]
[Gökhan] As-salamu alaykum.
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
[Salih] She's still trembling, even now.
It's all right, honey.
See? Your mother is here.
My baby! Thank Allah, you're all right!
[gasping] My baby! Are you okay?
- As-salamu alaykum.
- Gökhan's here, so look presentable.
[man] Gökhan is here.
- May Allah bless you.
- It's all right.
- [woman] May He grant all your wishes.
- [Gökhan] No need for that. I did nothing.
I wasn't the one
who saved her, it was Allah.
[moody ethnic music playing]
If Allah wanted her to be saved, then
that means He must have a plan for her.
I'm just a messenger.
- I wish you well.
- Thank you.
Come on, applaud.
[woman] Thank you.
Thank you.
[people chattering]
[moody ethnic music continues]
[man] The electricity generated at
the power plant is directed to the grid.
- [man sighs]
- From the grid, it flows to transformers
and is then distributed
to residences at 230 volts.
We suspect that the widespread power
outage in the city
could have been caused
by overloading of the main centers.
So the result is when that happened,
the central plants, which were meant
to serve as backups for one another,
instead became overwhelmed
simultaneously, an outage was inevitable.
Listen, son,
stop telling us how it happened
and tell us whether or not
it was a deliberate attack.
Lecturing us, acting all high and mighty,
with your fancy presentation.
- It's gibberish! Gibberish.
- [man] Hey.
- Nonsense. Am I wrong?
- Kara! Be nice!
So, what do you think?
I mean, I think it's highly likely
that this was a planned attack, yes, sir.
- [Kara scoffs]
- Uh
Identifying the source
would be almost impossible though.
- What's your name?
- Buğra, it's Buğra, sir.
- What?
- Buğra.
"Boğra." Look, "Boğra".
You just said it's "almost" impossible.
You said that, right?
See, we're all about
that word around here.
The word "almost."
Investigating even the smallest detail,
whatever it takes.
If you just said "almost", then that means
it's not impossible, isn't that right?
That's true, sir.
Good. Very good. Go on then.
Don't come back until you find something
new to report. You got that, "Boğra"?
Say you got it.
I got it, sir.
You can leave too.
- [man] Kara?
- Mm?
Can you calm down for a second?
- There's no need for you to panic.
- Sure.
No one's taken credit for this. If anyone
had, we'd have busted them already.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yes.
This is the power
department's problem, okay?
So let the intelligence agency
deal with it.
- Because this is not our concern.
- Look, Muammer
Chief. I mean Chief Muammer.
[quiet, contemplative music playing]
If anyone can disrupt the power grid
of a city like Istanbul,
a huge city with a population
of 20 million people,
just think about it.
Think about what else they could do.
I don't expect your help here, but
But at least get out of my way.
We're not 20-year-old kids anymore, man.
We're 50.
- Calm down, take a seat.
- You go ahead.
I have no intention of getting soft.
[contemplative music stops]
This is not going to end well.
I know it won't. This'll get us
in trouble for no good reason,
- mark my words.
- "No good reason"?
- No good reason.
- What are you even saying?
You know Gökhan saved that girl's life,
but you're still doubting him, huh?
It's not that I doubt
what your brother says.
I just
Fine, something is happening.
Your brother is doing some good.
But what is with this
"I'm talking to Allah" nonsense?
Allah forgive us, show us mercy.
What if someone is trying
to mess with your brother?
What if that's all this is?
Or what if he's wrong about all this?
- Isn't that possible?
- But he's not wrong.
I know what I heard, Mom.
Papa spoke to me, too.
He called me "sunshine".
- He said "sunshine"?
- Yes, he called me "sunshine".
He said, "It's not your fault, sunshine."
With just a few words, he healed me.
And it was all because of my brother.
Allah has chosen him.
Because He knows Gökhan is different, Mom.
Allah speaks to me.
[quiet, contemplative music playing]
He speaks to me.
Gökhan, what is this?
He's telling us the truth.
I was about to kill myself.
You were about to what?
To kill myself.
And then,
I heard the sound of our father's voice.
He made me turn around.
The things he said
I believe my brother.
Allah chose him.
[Mom] What's she talking about, son?
She's telling the truth.
I was there too.
I saw it, I heard it.
He showed me His miracle.
It was all part of a test.
To make me believe.
It was Him.
I know it sounds ridiculous to you.
But this is the truth.
Allah chose me.
Gökhan, I always knew it.
I knew you were different.
- Salih. Salih, stop.
- I swear I knew it, Gökhan.
- Salih.
- [sobbing] Gökhan
- Gökhan
- [Gökhan] Get up. Come on, get up, Salih.
Come on, stand up, brother.
Salih, come here.
[continues sobbing]
So what you're saying is
told you all this through text messages,
that's what you're telling me?
Through this this
he's been speaking to you, is that it?
Don't we always say,
"Allah is everywhere and in everything"?
On phones, televisions, billboards
Why does it matter how He reached me?
Look, Gökhan, I'm worried these
delusions will get the best of you.
[speaking Arabic]
it is said.
"I seek refuge in You from the evil
who whispers into our hearts."
That's what you should do.
I'm worried you're going to commit
a grave sin. You can still stop this.
Get it together.
This is Allah's will, Hodja.
What do you expect me to do,
ignore it? Wouldn't that be a greater sin?
Look, Gökhan.
You have to understand, the claims you're
making are going to be hard to swallow.
The mosque, the marketplace,
everywhere People are talking about it.
And I think you should know
that they're not happy about this.
I just don't want anything bad
to happen to you.
If you just paid more attention, you'd
have heard it yourself already, but
- I do hear it already, Hodja.
- And?
I also hear the prayers
of those whose hearts are pure.
Let them talk.
I can't force anyone to believe.
As Allah himself says,
"Do not weaken and do not grieve."
"You will be superior
if you are true believers."
We cannot know
whom Allah considers to be superior.
[quiet, contemplative music playing]
Allah be with you.
- Mm.
- [music fades out]
[breathing deeply]
Dad, what do you think about this?
Do you think
it's possible it really happened?
Do you think Allah actually
you think He might have spoken to Gökhan?
I have no idea.
We've read about these things.
Throughout history, people like that
have often been labeled crazy,
only later to be seen as holy.
But he's probably going
to get himself in trouble.
Not everyone sees it that way.
There was a group of people
who came by today, just to confront him.
If Gökhan hadn't had his people there,
they could have caused real trouble.
You have to ask yourself.
Gather your courage and decide.
Can you stand with Gökhan
despite everything that's going on?
Are you going to be able to handle
the situation if things start to escalate?
[breathing deeply]
[mysterious music playing]
It didn't show, but I was scared today.
Allah, please, help me,
take these fears from me.
Lord, give me strength.
[breathing deeply]
- [chime on cell phone]
- [gasps quietly]
How can I? How can I make us heard?
I'm totally alone in this world.
There are only a few people who believe
me, and those who don't are far too many.
How can I?
[chime on cell phone]
- What will happen?
- [chime on cell phone]
Allah, what will happen?
How am I going to warn people?
Allah, please help me with this.
[chime on cell phone]
[breathing fast]
[mysterious music fades out]
I don't know what's going to happen.
It'll be Allah's will.
[inhales] We'll see tomorrow.
- He asked me to warn people about it.
- As if we don't have enough on our plates.
Have you gone mad, son?
How are you going to warn people about
a disaster when you know nothing about it?
- What are you going to tell them?
- Allah is great, mother.
I'm sure he will show me the way.
my dad suggested we gather everyone
at the coffeehouse tomorrow.
So you can explain yourself properly.
He said everyone respects you,
so once they understand what's going on,
they'll all be more comfortable.
Sure. That's a good idea, good thinking.
Didn't you just say you needed to warn
people about some kind of disaster?
Why would you gather
everyone into one place then?
It'll be fine, Mom.
You heard the message.
He said, "Those who follow you,
those who are sheltered,
those people will be protected."
The coffeehouse is a good idea.
They'll be protected.
What did you talk about
with the imam earlier?
He seemed pretty agitated
as he was leaving.
He said
"I'm worried you'll commit a grave sin."
He said it wasn't too late to stop this.
He mocked me, like, "You really think
Allah is using an app to talk to you?"
Everyone is stuck on the same thing.
These punks teased me
on the street earlier today,
they said, "Warn your brother, he's about
to get screwed over by the phone bill."
[Gökhan sighs]
Maybe that's what it's about.
What's that?
What Allah is using
to communicate with me.
Maybe that's what He'll warn people about.
All right, but how?
I don't know.
I don't know. I don't know.
Maybe it has something
to do again with the power?
[Salih] Right.
He said, "The real light
is within the darkness."
[exhaling deeply]
Allah wants me to warn people.
What else does He have to say?
We need to spread this message
to everyone somehow.
[contemplative music playing]
How are we going to do that
with so little time?
My name is Gökhan Şahinoğlu.
I'm recording this to warn you
about something of utmost importance.
I know that many of you will
probably find my words hard to believe.
But please just hear me out.
[faintly] Allah has been
speaking to me for a while.
You don't believe him either, do you?
Can you believe this nonsense?
Those three have lost their minds.
They don't realize it,
but people are going to be pissed.
Mark my words,
they'll be chasing us out of here soon.
[exhales deeply]
Big day tomorrow.
We'll see whether Gökhan
is telling the truth. Both of us.
It'll be some kind
of disaster if it's true.
And another kind, if it's not.
[breathing deeply]
[Gökhan] My name is Gökhan Şahinoğlu.
I'm recording this to warn you
of something of the utmost importance.
I know many of you will probably
find my words hard to believe.
But please just hear me out.
Allah has been speaking to me for a while.
And He's informed me of a great danger.
- He asked me to warn you.
- [no audible dialogue]
Tomorrow evening, during the night prayer,
only those who are home
and sheltered will be protected.
Do not leave your homes.
To protect yourselves from this peril,
do as I tell you.
Do not forget, only those who
are sheltered will be protected.
Throughout history, those who ignored
Allah's command have faced retribution,
and those who defied him
have met their demise.
Don't be one of the misguided ones.
I'm not a prophet.
I'm merely relaying the message
that's been given to me.
- [music fades out]
- We're about ready to go here, Gökhan.
Everyone in the neighborhood
will gather here to hear you out.
I appreciate it, thank you.
Psst, Gökhan.
You must know what's going to happen
tonight. You can tell me, come on.
We'll all find out together.
[Salih] Gökhan!
What's going on, Salih?
They came to collect Serhat's debt.
They came to the workshop.
Mr. Hamit sold everything. [panting]
What're you saying?
We're screwed. The shop is gone.
Where is Serhat? Is he still in hiding?
They said he's at home.
[loud banging]
[loud banging]
[latch clicking]
- Are you crazy? What's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with you, Serhat?
I warned you. I told you to quit it
before it was too late.
I said if you got into trouble,
come to me, we'd work it out.
Oh, come on, what do you think
you could have done, Gökhan, huh?
You have nothing, what could you do?
Your father's devastated.
None of us can put food on the table.
Yet somehow you're still smiling.
Ahhhhh. Bro, now I see
what your problem is.
You were hoping to become a partner.
You're butt hurt that it didn't happen?
Serhat, watch your words.
And what if I don't, huh?
What're you gonna do? Huh? What?
Oh, right, sorry.
I forgot, you're a holy man.
You're pals with Allah.
You can text him,
"Hey, Allah, please smite Serhat."
- Right?
- S Serhat, shut up.
I know you too well, man.
I know you inside and out.
You think I'm one
of these idiots you're fooling? Huh?
I've had enough
of this whole hero act. It's getting old.
I bet you hid
like a little girl in the army,
no wonder you were the only one who lived.
[quiet, tense music playing]
What? Nothing to say?
In the old days, you'd have hit me by now.
For God's sake.
What do you think, you're some
kind of prophet now, or what?
Huh? What's your deal,
you want world peace?
You wanna end all violence?
What are you after?
Just hit me! Come on, hit me, do it.
Come on, hit me!
I said hit me!
- Come on, hit me!
- Serhat, stop it.
Do it, you son of a bitch!
Come on, just do it!
What are you trying to do,
patronize me, or something? Huh?
What do you think, you're better than me?
You're too good for this?
Get the fuck out!
You're a fucking asshole! Fuck off!
[door slams]
[quiet, tense music fades out]
Allah, give me strength.
[man] Fuck off, asshole!
Guys, what is this guy's deal?
Isn't there a lawyer
who can get this guy arrested?
Fuck off, you asshole.
Obviously this man has no respect for you,
but you should have
some respect for yourselves.
What the hell? For God's sake.
Allah's texting you, yeah, okay.
Like He has nothing better to do.
Come on you can't believe this.
If God were to send a messenger,
it wouldn't be an errand boy
at a repair shop.
Don't worry about it.
- These people are frauds.
- This is expected.
Frauds like this have always been around.
- It's just part of the test.
- You can't buy into it.
[doorbell ringing]
As-salamu alaykum.
Alaykumu s-salam, Salih.
How did it go?
We did what we could and told everyone
we know. So what's next?
Whatever Allah says.
[quiet, contemplative music playing]
- Are you all right?
- No.
No, I'm not.
- [Gülcan] Mm-mm.
- Oh, really?
[Serhat breathing deeply]
You'll believe eventually, Serhat.
And what will I believe in?
Well, listen, I'm not as easily convinced
as you are, apparently, Gülcan.
For me to believe,
something major would have to happen.
So tell your brother, part the waters
of the Bosporus or something.
Then I would believe him.
You will believe.
You're just gonna need
some time to get there.
[contemplative music continues]
[people chattering]
- [Gökhan] As-salamu alaykum.
- [men] Alaykumu s-salam.
- My neighbors, brothers, and friends
- [man 1] We can't hear you.
- [man 2] Can't hear, speak up!
- [man 3] Can't hear you.
My neighbors, brothers,
and friends, thank you for coming.
[men] Thank you.
Many of you know me.
I'm a man of faith.
In keeping with my faith,
thus far, in my life,
I have never hurt or wronged anyone.
Those who know me,
know that I'm honest and that I don't lie.
You also know
what I went through while serving.
Since that day, I've been asking myself,
"Was there a reason
why I was the only one to survive
at the outpost on that mountain top?"
I wondered if there was a reason
why Allah spared my life up there.
And finally,
Allah the almighty answered my question.
He touched my heart.
He gave me strength.
He commanded me to follow His path
and to have fellow believers
as my companions on that path.
And He sent His commandments
to you through texts? Is that right?
That's right.
[man] How?
SMS or WhatsApp, man?
[men laugh]
Through an app called SoulTouch.
If that's how He delivers His word to you,
why doesn't He text all of us?
We could all benefit from that.
Why's He only texting you?
Allah transcends both time and space.
He is eternal, and everywhere.
He selects whomever he chooses.
It's not for us to decide.
And you're the one He chose, is that it?
Any chance some raki
was involved in this revelation?
[men laugh]
It's okay, calm down.
[men muttering]
[chime on cell phone]
[mysterious music playing]
Now, why do you think I would be
telling you all this, Mahmut?
I'm doing it because Allah
has commanded me to walk his path.
And yet a man,
who could do something so unthinkable
as to poison his own wife
just to inherit her assets
is sitting in front of me.
Humiliating me.
[men muttering]
I am not the one who will judge you.
Your reckoning awaits in the beyond.
- Is he telling the truth, Mahmut?
- What's he talking about?
It's a lie.
- He's clearly lying.
- [man] Yeah, he's lying.
[Mahmut] I would never do that.
It was heart failure. You all know that.
You can deny it all you want,
only He knows everything, Mahmut.
[man] Shame on you! What kind
of person are you? You bastard!
We always knew you were
capable of something like this.
[men chattering]
[music fades out]
The event Allah told me
to warn you about is near.
- It's time to decide.
- [tense music playing]
Either you become a believer
and stay in here,
or venture out and face the impending
torment that awaits you out there.
The universe and time belong to Allah.
For Allah, the past,
present and future are one.
Nothing exists beyond His knowledge.
Do you really believe
that all of these things
these televisions,
cell phones, computers
all of this technology could exist
without His permission, His will?
Consider this.
Perhaps every event
since the invention of the telegram
has led us to this very moment.
Perhaps it all came into being
just to relay this message of His.
All of that time
is less than a moment for him.
He says, "Be," and it is.
Now, after the night prayer,
once again, He is going to say, "Be"
to punish those who do not believe,
and to open your eyes!
I'm going to follow the path
he commanded me to.
Those who believe in me will join.
And those who don't will be left behind.
The choice is yours.
[call to prayer chanting]
[men muttering]
[men praying]
- [chanting continues]
- [birds cawing]
[chanting continues faintly]
- [chanting continues]
- [dogs barking]
[chanting continues]
[chanting continues]
[chanting stops]
[men muttering]
- [faint thudding]
- [animal sounds]
[men muttering]
[low frequency rumbling]
- [muffled rumbling]
- [panting]
[muffled muttering]
[rumbling continues]
[men shouting]
[muffled rumbling]
[rumbling continues]
[window vibrating]
- [muffled rumbling]
- [panting]
[window vibrating]
[loud animal sounds]
[all sound fades out]
Over 16 million residents of Istanbul
were affected by a power outage
The power went off city-wide at 9:30 p.m.
The city almost came to a complete halt
Citizens are confused and concerned.
We are conducting a broad investigation
into the exact cause of the power outage
that disrupted so many lives.
[man] People are paying
their bills on time.
The government needs to find
a solution for this immediately.
Because none of these outages are random.
Governments and private companies
they're the ones involved in this.
[spokesman] We're diligently exploring
the factors behind this outage
to determine whether it resulted from
natural causes, a technical glitch
or intentional sabotage.
[woman] When power went out, the patient's
pulmonary pump stopped functioning.
The generators failed,
requiring me to intervene manually.
Such power outages pose significant risks
to patients who rely on these devices.
There's no life without electricity,
really, you know?
[woman] The noise that accompanied
the power outage
also sparked panic among the public.
- [man 1] Oh God, what is this noise?
- [low frequency rumbling]
- What's going on?
- [man 2] Must be a Day of Judgement.
It sounded like the Judgement Day trumpet.
The weird thing about the sound was
the pitch of the frequency. My opinion.
I didn't hear it. I was listening
to music. It was my roommate who heard it.
At first, we didn't know what was
going on. We were all very scared.
[man] It's still too early to determine
the underlying cause of the outages.
At this stage, we cannot say definitively
whether this was the result
of a cyber attack
or if it could have been
an act of terrorism.
But please,
rest assured that our expert teams
are thoroughly investigating every po
Throughout history, those who ignored
Allah's command have faced retribution,
and those who defied him
have met their demise.
Don't be one of the misguided ones.
Pay heed to the message
Allah asked me to convey to you.
[faint, electrical hum]
Take this.
How did you know?
I had a dream.
Allah told me.
Allah just stopped whatever He was doing
to appear in your dream, and tell only you
about the future. Is that right?
Exactly right.
[groans faintly]
- You're playing me, aren't you?
- Of course not.
This is a very serious matter.
Who was behind this power outage?
Which organization do you belong to?
I don't belong to any.
My loyalty is to Allah only.
[faintly] Hmm.
[indistinct, police radio chatter]
[tapping fingers]
[chair creaks]
Stop trying to give me this bullshit!
Just tell me the truth!
I could ruin your life
in just two minutes!
Allah couldn't even save you then!
Got it?
- [knocking]
- What now?
- Yes?
- Sir, we've got something new.
You got something new? It's in the bag?
- Uh, no, sir. This is just
- There.
What is this? How many people is this for?
Come to my office. Move.
So what you're telling me
is that this guy's phone is magically
somehow clean as fuck, is that right?
I mean, it's as if
he bought it this morning, sir.
No communications, no social media.
Nothing except
for the most basic applications.
Did you hear all that, Chief?
What do you think?
You think this is normal or what?
He clearly found out
that he was going to get detained
and wiped his phone clean.
If this guy isn't a terrorist, who is?
[Muammer] I don't care about that, Kara.
I'm getting a ton of shit from the guys
at the top to get to the bottom of this.
- You got two days, pal.
- [groans]
Confession, evidence
Find everything and bring it to me.
So, you're not a greedy man, I see.
[exhales deeply]
All right, asshole.
Now, where were we?
So, were you guys also the cause
of the first power outage?
"You guys"? I don't quite
understand what you mean.
Listen, you prick,
stop messing around and tell me.
How did you set up the sound system, huh?
You're full of anger.
You're full of anger.
You've suffered a lot.
You're still suffering.
The hell are you talking about?
But don't worry.
You're also innocent. Just like I am.
Listen, you quack.
If you don't stop pretending to be
a psychic, I'm gonna fuck you up.
What group are you with?
[exhales deeply]
It seems he's a mechanic.
He lives in Ormancılar.
Everyone in the neighborhood loves him.
He's like a hero around there.
Apparently, he had saved
a young girl right before this incident.
There are a few more people
whose lives he saved.
From what I've been told,
he's a fearless, brave, honest man.
- He's also engaged, her name is Merve.
- [knocking]
Excuse me sir, we found something.
It might be important.
- Are you finished?
- Oh, uh, yes, sir.
Come, "Boğra," come in.
[door shuts]
What is it?
Um, well, Gökhan, he
He served in the miltary
at a mountain post.
- Oh, yeah?
- Uhhhhhhhhhhhh
While he was there, the post got raided.
- Uhhhhhhhhhhhh
- "Uhhhhh, uhhhh"
Come on, man, just say it.
The memo is a just a little bit long, sir.
I'm just trying to summarize it as I read.
Fine, give it to me.
You are a traitor.
A traitor.
You're a traitor.
Which organization are you with?
I'm against all weapons,
terrorism, and violence.
[clears throat] Ahhhh.
Well, if you're not a terrorist
then why is it
that you are the only survivor
of this raid?
Even the army got suspicious.
They opened an investigation.
Why is that?
It should be written in there.
I was acquitted.
It's all written here.
There's just one thing missing.
You refused the medal, the honors, and you
haven't even taken your veteran's pension.
- That's my personal business.
- Oh, well, go fuck your business.
If you supposedly love
your country so much,
why would you refuse the pay
and the medal, then?
- [pounds desk]
- Tell me why!
- Huh?
- That was my penance.
My penance.
How could I accept awards and money
when all the friends I served with
had just been killed?
It was the penance for my survival.
Dude, fuck your penance. Just tell me.
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you?
You know who I am, sir.
Poker-faced son of a bitch.
You haven't spoken a single word of truth
since you walked in here, have you?
Everything I said is true.
[woman] Welcome back.
The video believed to be connected
to yesterday's power outage disaster
has already garnered
millions of views online.
The police are currently investigating
any potential link
between, Gökhan Şahinoğlu,
and the power outage.
Do not forget, only those
who are sheltered will be protected.
The man, sometimes known as Semavi,
is a lead mechanic in Ormancular.
Who does this guy think he is? Allah is
the only one who can see into the future.
There's no way an idiot like
that could be a prophet.
You think he has powers
to control electricity?
- Then what happens?
- What?
They always end up
in an asylum or in prison.
I personally don't believe
that it's possible,
but I know that there are some people
who do believe. I guess mmm.
If these people had read the Qur'an
even once, they'd know that this is a sin.
We've seen so many people like him, okay?
If everyone believed
they were the Messiah,
I can't imagine where we would end up.
I mean, we've all seen the video.
It's the same pattern, and similar themes.
It's clear that he's connected
with a fundamentalist group of some kind.
All his ties should be revealed,
and the police should investigate
every potential lead,
every bit of information we can find.
[Kara] Come in.
- Sir?
- Yes?
You might want to see this.
They're here for Semavi
I mean, for Gökhan Şahinoğlu.
We've given them warnings,
but they still won't leave.
- What do we do now?
- [people chattering]
[blows air]
- We let him go.
- We let him go?
We let him go.
He's not cooperating anyway.
Better we let him go than keep him.
This way we'll actually
get some new information.
Hundreds of people have gathered
outside the police station
to show their support of Semavi,
or Gökhan Şahinoğlu,
the man who was arrested on charges
of inciting public fear and panic.
Now, as you can see,
this is a very peaceful demonstration.
The participants who have gathered
are even refraining from chanting loudly.
Meanwhile, social media posts
in various languages
demanding freedom for the man,
known as Semavi, are going viral.
[moody ethnic music playing]
[crowd] Semavi! Semavi! Semavi!
Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi!
Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi!
Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi!
- [shouting fades out]
- [moody ethnic music continues]
[moody ethnic music continues]
[music ends]
[moody ethnic music resumes playing]
[music fades out]
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