Kubra (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi!
Semavi! Semavi!
- Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi!
- [quiet, contemplative music playing]
[Gökhan] I'm Gökhan Şahinoğlu.
You know me as Semavi.
You believe
I have knowledge of the future.
Of course that's not true.
I have no superpowers.
I'm made of flesh and blood,
just the same as all of you.
My superpower is all of you.
As long as you stand with me and trust me,
no one can stand in our way
on the path to Allah.
Do not fear anyone but Allah.
Remember, the Devil feeds off
your doubts first, and then your fears.
We have nothing to fear from anyone.
Our belief in Allah is unwavering,
and our strength comes from this belief.
This strength surpasses all else
because Allah surpasses all else.
And yet, we are
consumed by worldly concerns.
We sleep soundly even though
our neighbors go to sleep hungry.
We run from the poor as if
they're ridden with the plague.
We fail to empathize
with the mistreated and oppressed
until we face hardship ourselves.
Now listen up, we suddenly
lost power the other night.
Remember what we have been through.
The power outage was only a warning.
It was a warning, for us
to appreciate what we already have,
the lives we lead, and one another.
[music becomes quietly dramatic]
Even though we know none of us is
ever guaranteed to see another day,
we keep buying more and more things,
as though our possessions will save us.
And in doing so,
we turn the world into a hell
not only for ourselves but also
for every living creature on Earth.
We waste our lives amassing houses
and apartments we'll never live in,
clothes we will never wear,
devices we will never use.
And for what?
To make a handful of rich people richer?
Real wealth is not an abundance of things
but contentment in the heart.
So all that must end.
It is time we wake
from this apathetic slumber.
Almighty Allah spoke to me.
He said, "Either you give
up on worldly possessions,
or all this comes crumbling down."
Will you still see no evil, hear no evil,
speak no evil, despite the will of Allah?
We're going to keep our eyes and ears
open. We will not hold our tongues.
Listen to my words,
my brothers and sisters.
Break the chains of materialism
and follow the path of Allah.
Turn to Allah, and to yourselves.
Help each other.
Allah is great.
[music ends]
[woman] Have you made discoveries
regarding how this attack,
that impacted the entirety of Istanbul,
was able to take place?
Additionally, what could
have caused the sound we heard?
Our investigation into the matter
is still ongoing.
And our findings will be shared
with you once they are available.
Thank you, sir. What is your response
to the situation with Semavi?
The young man who claims to be speaking
to Allah. Everybody is talking about him.
Mr. İrfan, in Istanbul alone,
our law enforcement agency
has identified 17 Messiahs,
as well as 15 prophets, and eight gods.
And there are people
who believe in all of them.
- And these are ordinary people.
- [camera shutters click]
I'm not including those
who are in mental institutions.
So you see, we've always had
these kinds of charlatans.
Please, pay them no regard.
Are you considering the possibility
that Semavi and his followers
are a terrorist organization?
Listen, ma'am.
If we were to treat every con man who
managed to gather a few naïve followers
as the leader of a terrorist organization,
we wouldn't have time to combat actual
terrorist organizations we're facing.
[man chanting in Arabic]
[man 2] Allahu Akbar.
[Muammer] I'm not including those
who are in mental institutions.
So you see, we've always had
these kinds of charlatans.
Please, pay them no regard.
[reporter] Are you considering
the possibility that Semavi
- and his followers are a terrorist
- Pardon?
Yes, hi. How can I help you, ma'am?
I know you.
I've seen you with Semavi, haven't I?
Are you his girlfriend?
No, uh, we're engaged.
Oh, really?
Would you mind taking a picture with me?
Of course.
Ah, thanks so much.
You're welcome.
May I ask you something?
Of course.
Does he really speak to Allah?
Gökhan would never lie to anyone.
[tense music playing]
You're a clown.
Listen up.
You, and all of your little dogs
better keep your distance, do you hear me?
And why's that?
Because infidels, pretenders,
and sinners, are not welcome here!
Show me, then.
- The scale.
- The hell are you saying?
Watch your mouth.
[man] Psst!
You've decided to label us
infidels, pretenders, sinners.
Which scale did you use?
To measure us.
Show us so we can see it.
Maybe it'll show us the right path.
I've already said my piece.
If I ever see you back here again,
I'll bury you right over there.
You've been warned.
Who are you to ban me from here?
Only Allah himself can rightly
forbid me from entering his house.
Allah forgive me.
[running footsteps]
[man] Gökhan.
[music fades out]
I asked, "Why do you need Semavi?"
He said they brought donations.
I said, "Great.
Allah bless you. Just leave it here."
But he kept insisting
that they wanted to give it to you.
So I told him, "Sure, just put it over
there and I'll go get Semavi right now.
[upbeat guitar music playing]
Gökhan, what should we do
with all of this? There's more coming.
It seems people have taken our words
to heart and put their trust in us.
That means it is our responsibility
to distribute these donations
to those in need.
Yeah, that's sounds great, but Gökhan,
we don't know how to do that.
We'll learn, Salih.
We'll learn whatever we need to know.
- [woman] Hello. Merve, is it?
- [music fades out]
- That's right.
- [music fades out]
Nice to meet you. I'm Tuğçe.
I'm a journalist
at the online publication New Future.
I was hoping to talk to you about Semavi.
Well, I'm not sure what I can say.
And besides, I'd rather not say anything.
You should talk to him instead.
[chuckles] I wish.
Every journalist I know
is trying to get ahold of him now,
but no one can make contact.
Once in a blue moon,
we get ahold of one of his assistants
who tells us he's busy, it's a dead end.
So I was thinking,
maybe you could persuade him.
It would just be so fantastic
to have an interview with the two of you.
I mean, you're his fiancée after all,
it's almost like
you're the First Lady, in a way.
People are eager
to get to know you too, you know.
Some are even more curious about you.
Yeah, maybe.
- You think it'd work?
- Why wouldn't it?
I mean
Unless you don't really believe in Semavi?
[quiet, contemplative music playing]
Mind if I join you?
Of course.
It's cold, thought this
could warm you up. Here.
I appreciate it.
What's next, brother?
Uh, I mean Semavi.
Or Hodja maybe? Uh, I have no
idea what to call you anymore.
- [chuckles]
- Just relax, call me whatever you want.
- Ah, brother.
- Sure.
You wanna know what's next, Burak?
It will be good.
Just like courage,
kindness is also contagious.
It spreads. It heals whatever it touches.
In the end, good always prevails.
Yeah, I hope.
But it doesn't happen on its own.
You have to really make an effort,
put in the work.
You have to work hard, and believe.
So we have a lot left to do.
As long as we have you and Allah,
brother, we can face anything.
I hope so, brother.
You know
This is the first time in my life
when I've actually felt
like I had some kind of purpose.
I'm serious, it feels really good.
It's like what you said about healing, um
It's like I had this wound somewhere
that was making me sick,
and now the more work I put into this,
the more effort I invest in it,
the more I feel like I'm healing.
Maybe I just feel like I matter.
That could also be it.
You do matter, brother.
[cell phone dings]
- [Burak] Brother?
- Hm.
Is that him?
[chuckles faintly]
Another truck is on the way!
[contemplative music fades out]
- [Gülcan] Know we set up a Facebook page?
- Mm.
Anyone who needs something
can post what they're looking for there,
and people who want to help
can offer what they have.
Then we can coordinate
and organize everything accordingly.
Good thinking.
I reached out
to other neighborhood leaders.
They'll make a list of everyone
who's in need in the areas nearby.
Mmmm. Wow, you've all gotten pretty
carried away with this, haven't you?
Have you thought about
what we're supposed to do?
How we're going to make a living?
The workshop is done for.
Serhat took care of that for everyone.
What's your plan, son?
Let's say your sister and I manage
to get by on your father's pension.
How will you two afford a wedding?
How will you buy furniture?
You think you can get by
with Merve's retail salary?
I doubt Allah
is going to put you on a salary.
You'll get a job, won't you?
[Serhat] What the fuck am I doing here?
I already told you,
I paid fucking Turgay back.
Why don't you just call him and ask!
Just ask him.
You're making a mistake here.
Say something already!
Dude, just say something!
Come on! Who the hell are you?
Who are you, huh? Why don't you face me
if you have the guts, fucking assholes
- Shut it!
- [thud]
You annoying little prick.
Jeez, what a foul mouth.
Take this.
Who the hell are you?
I could be your downfall,
or your guardian angel, it all depends.
[man] Boss, we're giving
this job to Serhat,
but he's pretty green,
what if he screws it up?
[Kara chuckles]
It's better if he does.
Then we can take the shop.
Listen to me.
There's another one just like this.
It's a bit of a bore, though.
Still, everything happens
just the way he says.
There's even a moment when you appear
down by the shore in Kartal.
It's really quite intense.
It's worth at least five years
behind bars.
What do you want?
"What do you want?"
What I want is Gökhan.
[faint, tense music playing]
[music fades out]
- Let me help you, Gökhan.
- I'm good, thanks.
Hey, come check these out.
[faint, tense music playing]
Don't worry about it.
No one can even come near him now.
You've seen the crowd
in front of the police station?
I think he should
at least know about this.
Or maybe we should tell
the police, I don't know.
The police? Don't you realize
that the police aren't on his side either?
Besides, look, he's in a good mood.
Let's not ruin it for him.
Yeah, sure, that's great,
but what if something bad happens?
Gülcan, don't you believe your brother?
I believe him.
Then you should believe
that Allah will protect him as well.
[cell phone vibrating]
[vibrating continues]
[siren blaring]
[car doors open and close]
As-salamu alaykum, Gökhan.
Alaykumu s-salām.
A foundation.
Start a foundation.
You can't just run a charity
without any of the necessary permits.
You need a foundation.
Although, I should say, they're not gonna
let you set one up, just like that.
We can help you with all that, Gökhan.
I mean, of course we will.
We're just lucky to find someone like you.
So naturally, we want to help you out.
There really aren't a lot
of people like you anymore.
Everyone's trying to get ahead,
only looking out for themselves.
We're just trying to do
the best we can here.
Allah willing, of course.
And you're humble too, I see.
Don't ever change.
Hm. I can see it in your eyes.
You're thinking, [chuckles]
"This guy came all this way, for what?"
You're right. I can see you're busy.
I'll cut to the chase.
You don't have time to spare.
You're big now, Gökhan.
Very big.
Everyone's talking about you.
Especially about what you did
the other day.
But of course,
people get scared of these things.
You should hear all of the things
they are saying about you.
You know what they say, don't you?
They're calling you a terrorist.
They're calling you a charlatan.
I understand
what you're doing here, though.
All you're trying to do is help people.
It's charity work.
Nevertheless, all of this good work,
will also attract a lot of evil.
People get jealous.
They'll start to come for you.
They'll make your life difficult,
try to stand in your way.
In short, Gökhan,
you need someone
who can guarantee your safety.
I have Allah for protection.
No, of course you do.
Naturally. As do we all.
Allah be praised.
"I seek refuge from evil,
with Allah almighty."
But I was talking about
a more earthly kind of protection.
[chuckling] I'm sure you know
what I'm talking about.
Gökhan, what I'm saying to you,
I'd very much like
to introduce you to our leader.
He's curious about you,
and he appreciates your efforts.
He said, "Remember this kid's name."
"He's doing so much good
for his own community."
I'm sorry,
but I would prefer to stay
out of politics, all right?
I'm not asking you to get into politics.
Someone, who's your senior,
wants to meet with you.
So come tell him what you're about.
Have a meal together.
Take a couple of pictures.
It would make him happy.
And it could be good for you, too.
It'll grease the wheels
a little for you, Gökhan.
[faint, contemplative music playing]
[sighs faintly]
Who I am, what I do,
where I live, none of it is any secret.
I don't turn down anyone
who comes to visit.
I welcome all guests
with the utmost respect.
Anyone is welcome here.
But I'm not going to anyone's doorstep,
or getting into politics.
What are you getting all upset about?
Just think about it.
Go talk with your elders.
We're on the same side
in all of this, Gökhan.
We both just want
to help people, that's all.
If you take one step toward us,
we're prepared to take a gigantic leap.
- [car engines start]
- [siren blaring]
[Merve] Gökhan.
[music fades out]
His driver left this.
His driver left something?
- What is it?
- I don't know.
[bird calling]
- [slams lid]
- [faint, tense music playing]
Why would you accept this from them?
Because I had no idea
what they had put in there.
He left before I could even say anything.
[Burak] Gökhan.
You gotta see this.
[man] They come, check us out, and leave.
- It's the third time already today.
- [sighs]
You think it has something to do
with that guy who was just here?
I doubt it.
They're trying to send us a message,
"We're here. Watch your step."
[Salih] What if they do something?
- [alarm sounds for a moment]
[Gökhan] We're not doing anything wrong.
What could they do?
Semavi, in the end, it's your call,
but we should take some precautions.
We need to have a night watch.
[faint, tense music fades out]
[breathing deeply]
Come on, stop sulking.
I mean, when I saw
all that money just sitting there
I'm sorry, Merve.
It'll make a lot of people
who need it happy.
So stop worrying about it.
That's not really the issue,
though, Gökhan.
You dealt with them today, that's great.
They'll just come back again tomorrow.
We're talking about
the police here, Gökhan.
You think they'll just give up
because you asked them to?
Do you even remember
why they let you out last time?
You think they would have released you
if there wasn't such a big crowd there?
Aren't you the one who always says that,
"My superpower is you,
you the people"? Isn't that right?
The more people you gather,
the stronger you become, right?
Then stop being so stubborn
and just do this interview.
It's for the most popular
news site, the most.
And I already talked to her.
She won't even publish the interview
if you don't want her to.
So you've already arranged the media?
Actually, well,
she was the one who reached out.
Would you be there with me?
Well, all right then.
[ominous music playing]
All right, I'll see you later.
Good night.
[music becomes tense]
[man] Hey, clown!
What did I say? Huh?
What the fuck did I say?
Today is not the day.
[Serhat] Rıdvan!
Hey, let's just keep it moving,
all right? Come on.
- What're you looking at? Get the fuck out!
- [cocks gun]
[music fades out]
Look at these fuckin' ass wipes.
Come on, let's go.
You've completely fucking lost it.
Why are you laughing?
- I thought you didn't believe.
- What?
That Allah protects me.
[groans] Gökhan. Allah
If I hadn't showed up in time,
they would've kicked your ass.
[quiet, contemplative music playing]
You didn't just show up.
He sent you here.
Hey, just get the fuck out of here.
Come on, let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
I have a question.
Do you really believe
that Allah speaks to you?
[rock music playing over speakers]
Welcome sir, I can help you here.
- [woman] Here you go, sir.
- [man] Thank you very much.
Yes, sir?
[in muffled voice] Can I help you?
[mysterious music plays over rock music]
Sir, are you all right?
[mysterious music fades out]
Cof Coffee.
Of course.
Uh It's fine, uh, no worries.
I'll clean that up.
Let me get you a new one.
But dude, It could be anyone
sending you these messages.
You said it's on an app, right?
So who knows?
There might be an organization behind it.
And they're just using you.
Maybe they want you to do something
worse eventually, so they're grooming you.
Couldn't that be it?
You really think
I didn't consider all that?
Of course I did, Serhat.
That's exactly why
I didn't tell the police about the phone.
Because anyone in their right mind
would think the same thing.
But still, I
In my heart, I know the truth.
And it's not just on the phone.
I've been hearing his voice
in my head as well.
And other places.
Lately, I'm seeing his signs
wherever I look.
You don't believe me, do you?
[inhales deeply]
Yeah, I don't know about all that, cuz.
I do know one thing for certain though,
those guys will corner you and kick
your ass if I leave you on your own.
So are you with me then? On my side?
I am.
[upbeat, contemplative music playing]
In other words, all those who
follow the commandments of Allah,
have always found goodness.
Allah is gracious, so have faith.
All right, come on, let's get to work.
Idle hands are the devil's workshop.
Hey, Burak!
You're working here too?
Wow, well, would you look at that.
And my son is next. Let's see it!
I sure hope so, Father.
[blows kiss] Kisses.
Hoping isn't good enough, come on.
Well, unfortunately, I just got my nails
done, so I can't possibly do anything.
Come on, come on.
All right, fine, let me go.
Salih, sweetheart,
Could you hold my jacket for a second?
Thanks a lot.
[groans faintly]
[upbeat, contemplative music continues]
[clears throat]
I saw you teasing Burak, but hey,
it's a miracle you're actually here.
- Oh yeah, you think so?
- Mm-hm. [giggling]
Oh yeah, well, you wanna see
something truly miraculous?
- What?
- I'm gonna work.
Let's see. Ah!
- What happened?
- [sucks in breath]
I got a boo-boo.
And it's all your fault.
- This is my fault?
- Mm-hm.
- Ahhh. Huh.
- Huh?
- I get it.
- What? What d'you get?
You mean you came here for me.
[kissing] You are correct.
[music fades out]
[clears throat]
We sent two trucks this morning.
Yes, of course.
We'll send one there as well.
So many people are waiting for help.
Try not to worry.
You'll reach all of them.
We will reach all of them.
Tuğçe is on her way.
Is she?
So are Are we going
to do the interview together?
Unless you don't want me to be there?
I don't know.
What d'you think?
You think I don't?
- [footsteps]
- [Serhat] Oh! Hello there.
[Gökhan] Come in, Serhat.
Just came for some tea.
[siren blaring]
[Merve] Gökhan, the police.
[man] Salih! The police are coming.
- [people shouting]
- [tense music playing]
[officer] Open the gate!
Let's go, let's go! Open up!
- [Salih] Officer, how can I help you?
- [officer] You're committing a crime.
[Salih] What crime?
[officer] You can't just collect
donations, you need a permit.
[Salih] We have a permit.
Who did we get our permit from?
- [Mıstık] We got it from Allah.
- [Burak] Exactly.
What's wrong, officer?
We're here to confiscate the donations.
- [woman] What?
- What, why?
Do you have a
a warrant or anything for this?
You can't just collect
and distribute donations alone.
You need a permit from the city.
Listen, officer,
all of the stuff you see here
are going to people who need it.
How do we know it reaches people in need?
Huh? This isn't how it's done.
- I said open this gate!
- [people shouting]
Hey, get back.
- [people continue shouting]
- [tense music continues]
Listen, I'm not gonna say it again.
We'll do it by force if we need to.
This gate will open!
[tense music continues]
That's it. Take him in!
- Let's go!
- [people shouting]
[shouting continues]
[Gökhan] Stop!
[man] Hey!
[man] Get back!
[Gökhan] Stop! Stop!
- [man] Gökhan!
- [Gökhan] Stop! Calm down!
Stop! I said stop! Calm down! Stop!
Everyone, stop!
Calm down! Stop! Please! It's all right!
Salih, don't! It's okay! Wait!
- [gun blast]
- [people scream]
[people shouting]
He shot the kid!
[shouting continues]
- [panting]
- [high-pitched ringing]
[muffled screaming and shouting]
[woman, muffled] Burak!
Get up, Burak!
My son! What happened to him?
[unmuffled, sobbing]
Burak, what happened to you?
- [man] Those bastards!
- [Gökhan] Move.
- [woman] My son!
- [man] Gökhan!
- [woman, sobbing] Burak! My baby!
- [sorrowful music playing]
Wake up, baby.
What happened?
Burak, wake up!
[man] Brother.
[woman, sobbing] What did they do to you?
Burak, please open your eyes, baby.
Please What would I do
without you? Burak, son.
Sweetheart, please wake up, baby.
- Burak.
- Do something!
Give me back my son!
You said Allah speaks to you!
Show me a miracle, then!
[woman sobs]
[sorrowful music continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[woman sobbing]
[woman] My son!
[whimpering] My poor baby!
Not my son.
My innocent baby.
My sweet baby!
- [music fades out]
- [people chattering]
He said he can't publish the video.
Why not?
I asked him the same thing.
He said, "Ms. Tuğçe,
you know exactly why we can't publish it."
He gave me this weird look, like,
"How could you even
ask me something like that?"
What can you do? It is what it is.
And you're gonna
leave Gülcan alone, right?
You kept your promise,
so I'll keep mine okay.
And you're gonna delete
all these recordings and videos, right?
Don't push your luck, Serhat.
Seems like your buddy vanished.
Any idea where he'd go?
[exhales deeply]
[wind blowing]
You took Burak.
I know everything is in your will, Allah.
But please, don't leave me by myself.
Please, say something.
Make me feel Your presence.
Please show yourself to me somehow.
[chime on cell phone]
[quiet, mysterious music playing]
[echoing explosion]
[dramatic action music playing]
[high-pitched sound]
[high-pitched sounds stops]
[high-pitched sound continues]
[echoing voice] You cannot see me.
[music intensifies]
[music becomes a quiet,
ominous, constant tone]
[quiet, ominous, constant tone fades]
[moody ethnic music playing]
[music fades out]
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