Kubra (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[moody music playing]
Despite the initial outbreak of tension
following the police's extrajudicial
execution of Burak Demir,
the situation seems to have deescalated
with the young man's funeral.
[moody music fades out]
[contemplative music playing]
Hey, Salih.
Semavi is coming.
[people chattering]
[Tuğçe] Yes, at this very moment,
Gökhan Şahinoğlu,
also known as Semavi,
is arriving at the soccer field
where the funeral is taking place.
He hasn't been back
since Burak Demir was killed.
We are eager to see the crowd's reaction.
[contemplative music continues]
Please now join me in a moment of silence,
as we bid farewell to our brother Burak.
[contemplative music fades out]
[quiet, moody music playing]
[ghostly humming]
[vehicle engine starts]
[man] They released him!
They released him,
the man who murdered Burak!
They released the police officer!
[Salih] What are you doing?
That's how little our lives
mean to them? Huh?
[people shouting]
Hey, stop!
Stay back!
[siren blaring]
- [shouting]
- [smoke bomb fires]
[shouting indistinctly]
[muffled noises and shouting]
[muffled] Get back!
Get back!
[unmuffled sound]
[Gökhan] Stop!
Come on!
[smoke bomb fires]
[quiet, moody music continues]
[person gasps]
Come on, get up. Help him up!
[muffled sound]
Stop! Guys, don't!
Get out of here!
[smoke bomb fires]
Stop! Go back! Get back! No, no, no!
Fall back! Fall back!
Fall back!
Fall back!
[smoke bomb fires]
[music continues]
[music stops abruptly]
They said it was a gas leak, sir.
All it took to blow it up was one spark.
Thankfully they had emptied the building
a while back because it was run down.
Hmm. Well, if the building was empty,
then why was the gas still connected,
did they explain that to you?
- Because the custodian made a mistake.
- What?
Because the custodian made a mistake.
He was making tea
on a stove connected to the gas line.
That's how it started.
Nah, this was no mistake.
You don't think he did this, do you?
Come on, sir.
They investigated
and identified the cause.
Besides, the building was scheduled
for demolition anyway, now it's done.
I saw it with my own eyes, Damla.
What do you want me to say?
That it was all just a dream? That it's
all a coincidence, it's all Allah's doing?
No, of course not, but
Okay, let's just say it was Semavi.
Why didn't he post about it,
like last time?
Why didn't he flaunt it
on social media again?
Maybe it was some kind of drill.
How so?
[contemplative music playing]
To prepare for something else.
I mean, I don't know,
like some kind of larger attack. Move.
[man] What are your thoughts on
the demands of Ormancılar residents?
[woman 1]
There are allegations of tortured.
- [woman 2] Investigate that officer?
- [woman 1] Will you release them?
[Muammer] Listen folks,
this is not child's play.
Law enforcement and legal authorities
won't alter their conclusions
simply because
a couple of punks demanded it.
Of course the young man's death
is deeply tragic, may he rest In peace.
However, we have already determined
that our colleague took action
in self-defense
to protect himself
and the other officers who were present.
And any allegation of torture
is completely unfounded.
Sir, it sounds like the demands
of the Ormancılar residents
won't be taken into consideration.
Are you prepared for the possibility
that reactions might escalate?
The majority of Ormancılar residents
do support their state.
That's what you have
to understand about all this.
We are handling this matter
with the utmost sensitivity
to protect that innocent majority.
Our hope is to resolve this issue
through persuasion and dialogue.
- And what if they can't be persuaded?
- Then we'll do whatever needs to be done.
- What do you mean? Can you elaborate?
- That's all, thank you.
[woman] Sir, what do you think
you'll have to do?
[Damla] What's going to happen now, sir?
What do you mean?
They won't engage
in any conspicuous actions
while the media is monitoring Ormancılar.
They might have a few operations
for show, but that's it.
They wouldn't let
a trained monkey like Muammer
handle something as serious as this.
Who do you mean by "they", sir?
You know, them.
We should mind our own business.
What's new with the phone analysis?
According to the latest reports,
he hasn't contacted anyone new,
but we previously determined that he had
deleted an application called SoulTouch.
Now he's reinstalled it.
And so Buğra is looking
into the messages on it.
And the statements
from the kids we have in custody?
We have them.
[contemplative music continues]
Mahmut, open the door.
- Here you go, sir.
- Thanks.
Oh, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.
What's going on?
What's with the long faces?
It's a slap on the wrist.
Come on, be reasonable.
You do worse to each other
in the hood, anyway, don't you?
All right, tell me who's in charge here?
- Yeah, man, we don't have a leader.
- [Kara] Is that so?
So it's an anarchic
democracy, then? Bravo.
The statements you gave
were completely ridiculous.
"I haven't done anything."
"I grabbed an officer as I was falling."
Who do you think you're fooling?
See? You see where
following Semavi got you?
You all ended up here.
You resisted police officers.
That's serious.
- You're looking at three to five years.
- Semavi wouldn't just leave us in here.
The assistant mechanic's gonna save you?
That'll be the day.
All right, no problem.
You guys seem comfortable in here.
I'll let you reflect a little longer.
Enjoy the hospitality of your government.
Stupid kids.
You think he won't leave us here?
He already ran away from this.
Where is he? If he cared about us,
he'd have been here.
[people shouting] Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
- Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
- What's going on? Stop it!
What are you doing? Move!
Not like this! Not like this!
Why not like this?
How do you think it should be?
You want us to let them walk into the
neighborhood and kill even more of us?
Is that what we should do?
Baran, know your place.
What place? Am I wrong?
They released the man who killed Burak
in front of us in less than two hours.
Our brothers are sitting in custody
while murderers roam free.
- How is that fair?
- Guys, listen to me.
Violence brings violence.
But this isn't violence, it's resistance.
[man] We didn't start this!
Guys, listen. Please, change
your ways now before it's too late.
- You're the one who's late.
- Where've you been?
His body wasn't even cold,
and you ran away.
Where's that Allah
you've been talking to, Semavi?
Until that murderer is punished,
and until our brothers are released,
neither you, nor your Allah can stop us.
[people shouting]
[men] Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
You guys wait here.
Let us know if there's a problem.
- [siren blaring]
- [explosions continue]
[distant shouting]
[woman] You said Allah commanded you.
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
You convinced us to follow you.
- [man 1] What are you doing?
- [man 2] Let go!
- [man 1] Leave the car alone!
- [man 2] We need it.
Hey! You! Get away from the car!
You couldn't stop talking then.
Why so quiet now?
[object clatters on ground]
- My Burak is dead.
- Gülten.
- You couldn't protect him!
- Gülten, come on. Enough!
- That's enough.
- [Gülten] At least protect these boys!
Gülten, come on, let me take you home.
[tires screech]
[echoing blast]
[distant shouting]
I warned you, didn't I? Multiple times.
"Stop this, Gökhan. Don't do it, Gökhan."
"Don't open the door to evil, Gökhan."
"This won't end well, Gökhan."
Did you listen?
Of course not.
I am only doing what Allah
Himself has commanded me to do.
[speaking Arabic]
Gökhan, a 20-year-old kid died here.
Twenty years old.
The neighborhood is in chaos.
Is this what Allah asked you to do?
- We still have work to do
- Stop saying "we," Gökhan!
This is about you!
You can't just say "we"
to avoid responsibility.
Do whatever you can, to fix this sh
Please forgive me, Allah.
Just clean up your mess.
Stop these kids.
If even one more innocent
person gets hurt, just one person,
it will be on you.
[quiet, dramatic music continues]
[quiet, dramatic music fades out]
[faint, mysterious music playing]
There is none worthy of worship but Allah,
the Mighty, the Forbearing.
There is none worthy of worship but Allah,
Lord of the Magnificent Throne.
There is none worthy of worship but Allah,
Lord of the heavens
and Lord of the earth,
and of the Noble Throne.
You are angry with me, aren't You?
I was out of line.
Arrogance got the best of me.
You're angry with me because
I asked to see You, aren't You?
[faint, mysterious music continues]
Allah, please forgive me.
Send me a sign.
[inhaling] Say something.
[in wavering voice]
I don't know what to do.
I'm scared.
I'm really scared, Allah.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Forgive me.
Please show me mercy.
Show me mercy.
We're here. He's inside the lodge.
Got it, thank you.
Good to see you, Merve.
Semavi is in the lodge.
Thanks, Salih.
[exhales deeply]
[faint, mysterious music continues]
[distant dog barking]
- Merve?
- Sweetie?
Why are you here?
Go back home.
I came all this way,
you want to send me back?
I'll ask Salih to take you back.
What happened?
Gökhan, why are you hiding out here?
What happened to Semavi?
Gökhan, the kids down there are swearing
they'll get vengeance somehow.
They're not letting
anyone into the neighborhood.
No one can leave their homes.
Gökhan, why aren't you doing anything?
Why aren't you saying anything?
'Cause I don't know what I'm supposed
to do or what to say anymore, Merve.
I don't know.
He's not talking to me.
He's not sending me signs anymore.
I can't feel Him inside me anymore,
in my heart, or in my soul.
He gave up on me, Merve.
I'm not the right person.
Why would you even say that?
Gökhan, don't you realize
what you're saying is sinful?
Allah could never make a mistake,
or choose the wrong person.
Come on, don't do this.
I've already committed
the gravest of sins.
I disrespected Allah.
I know I crossed the line with Him.
I asked Him to reveal Himself.
He talked to me, Merve.
Through this.
I heard Allah's voice.
What did He say?
Just "You cannot see me."
Then He went quiet.
He left me.
I don't I don't
I don't know how to stop
this this disaster, Merve.
I don't know.
[faint, mysterious music fades out]
I don't know.
[ominous music playing]
[people shouting]
[music becomes quiet and dramatic]
[echoing blast]
[echoing blast]
[Baran] Tomorrow, today, even right now.
They can come any time they like.
There's no turning back now.
And there's no way out of Ormancılar.
We've already made our demands known.
The cop who murdered
Burak must be punished.
And our friends who are still
in custody must be released.
Until these demands are met,
we're not going to remove
even a single pebble
from these barricades.
Well, uh, there you have it, everyone.
Now, as you can see,
the ultimatum issued by the police
really hasn't changed the situation
much around here.
We'll just have to wait
and see how the tensions resolve.
Will the authorities finally give in?
Or are we about to witness
a war here tomorrow.
[music ends]
[Muammer] We have recently
received intelligence,
that the same individuals in Ormancılar
who are causing this civil unrest,
are currently preparing
an attack on public buildings.
This is our final warning to the people
behind this despicable plan.
Stop this nonsense.
You cannot force the government
to accept your ridiculous terms.
Either you put an end to these actions
and return home until tomorrow at noon
or you are going to find out
who does the real raiding around here.
[woman] Yes, the police
[Gülcan] He said they're going
to attack tomorrow.
You have to do something!
Where are you going?
- People will get hurt!
- Shhh! Shut up! Shut your damn mouth!
- Shut it!
- Am I wrong, Merve?
[Mom] Stop working him up, enough!
What do you think you're doing?
You want your brother to be killed,
like Burak was? Huh? Quit, then! Tut!
[slow, dramatic electric guitar music]
[door slams]
[object clatters]
[Kara] No. Nope.
This won't work.
We won't get anywhere with this.
[music fades out]
[cell phone vibrates]
What the fuck is it this time, huh?
[faint, tense music playing]
[cell phone vibrates]
- Hi, Chief. What is it?
- [Kara] Hey!
Why the hell haven't you
been answering my calls?
Well, things are a bit hectic
here, you know. I couldn't.
What's Gökhan planning now?
What's he up to?
How much worse does he want things to get?
Listen, chief, let me tell you something.
Gökhan has nothing to do with this,
he tried to get them to put an end to it.
But the boys are riled up, so they're
not really listening to anyone anymore.
Please, Serhat.
We saw it with our own eyes.
He kept egging people on
and getting everyone all excited,
and now it's out of hand,
he wants to stop them. I'm no idiot.
Why would I lie to you? You know what
things are like in this neighborhood.
There are people racing cockroaches
out of boredom here.
They just need the tiniest spark
and they'll explode.
What're you talking about?
What's with the metaphors?
I'm saying that in this hood,
barricades and protests,
all of this, it's just a game to them.
They're not doing it for political
reasons. They're doing it to socialize.
They've gotten a taste for it. They won't
back down without getting what they want.
Okay, well, fuck their taste for it.
Now, listen to me very carefully.
Your friend Gökhan, he convinced people
to follow him with a bunch of lies,
gathered donations and money,
and then, when this whole incident
with Burak happened, it all backfired,
and he couldn't handle it,
does that sound right?
Gökhan has nothing to do with any of this.
I've already told you
everything I know, Chief.
I did what you asked me to do,
so our deal is finished.
I don't care about the rest.
- You take care now. See ya.
- Wait!
- Uh
- [faint, tense music stops]
[fire crackling]
[person whistling]
[distant dog barking]
Whoa, dude, you've got a great place.
It could use a bit of my touch,
though, obviously.
We'll keep the vines there.
We'll need some light here.
[bottles clinking]
- Psst, take it.
- [distant dog barking]
Come on, if you're not
gonna smoke now, then when?
[Gökhan scoffs]
Fine, don't fucking take it, more for me.
They'll attack tomorrow.
[quiet, contemplative music playing]
I know.
What're you gonna do?
I I don't know.
You don't. That's great.
When you first told me
you were speaking to Allah,
I mocked the shit out of you.
a part of me
just couldn't help but wonder,
"Does this mean He finally remembered us?"
We're Allah's forsaken people again.
Fuck it. Let Ormancılar burn
to the fucking ground.
What good did it do
while it was standing here anyway?
[Serhat sighs]
[contemplative music fades out]
[cell phone vibrates]
[stops vibrating]
[vehicle approaching]
[engine shuts off and handbrake creaks]
[door shuts]
How are you, Semavi?
You good?
So, this is it, huh?
Tomorrow your neighborhood
will be in shambles.
Those kids you egged on
are gonna get hit, by a ton of bricks.
And you're clearly at your wits' end.
you can stop being stubborn,
and just tell me
what you've been planning.
Tell me, so I can do my job,
and take care of the situation.
[Gökhan sighs]
There's no plan,
no scheming, and no con.
I'm not just being stubborn.
And I'm not lying.
You son of a bitch.
I'm telling you,
people are gonna die here tomorrow.
Young people, kids.
So stop being a prick, tell me everything.
Don't believe me, then.
You don't believe in Allah either, do you?
[Kara scoffs]
Where did that come from?
And why do you care?
- You want us to cooperate, right?
- Yeah.
I have to know this.
I cannot believe in any god,
who would allow such widespread injustice,
so much evil,
and so many unfair, untimely deaths.
It wasn't your fault.
[quiet, moody music playing]
What're you saying?
His death wasn't your fault,
it was his time to go.
[Kara shudders faintly and gulps]
You don't
You don't
How do you
When you were questioning me,
Allah told me.
- He wanted me to know you.
- Cut the shit! Got it?
Who you get your intel from,
who's really behind you,
I'm going to find out everything.
But first, you
You're gonna put out
this fire you started.
This is my final warning.
If that neighborhood of yours
has any more dead bodies tomorrow,
you won't survive either.
Believe me.
[quiet, moody music continues]
[receding footsteps]
[shuddering faintly]
[quiet, moody music continues]
[sobbing continues]
[quiet, moody music continues]
[exhales deeply]
[starts engine]
[quiet, moody music continues]
[Baran] Guys, this is it!
There's no turning back from here.
We've been oppressed for far too long.
We've been pushed around far too long.
It's better to die for freedom
than live as slaves.
All right, guys, come here
if you've already signed up.
Hey, man.
Look, if you came
just wanting to be a hero, don't do this.
We can give the gun
to someone else. Huh?
No, no.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Okay. Okay.
[man] Come on!
Come, come, quickly!
Hurry up!
[quiet, moody music continues]
[people chattering]
[music becomes tense]
Have you lost your minds?
What are these? What are these?
Do you know what will happen
if you use these?
You'll give them the excuse
they've looked for!
No one here will survive!
Come to your senses.
Weren't you the one who said, "To do
nothing is to side with the oppressor"?
Didn't you say that's what it means
to walk in the path of Allah?
That's exactly what this is.
That's enough, give them to me! Here!
Give it to me! Come on!
Go back to your homes! Go on!
Is this coming from Allah? Or from you?
Because if it's coming from you,
sorry, but we don't trust you
anymore, Semavi.
But if it's Allah, then ask Him
to perform a miracle through you.
I swear, I'll drop everything.
I'll go back home, crawl under the covers
and wait for this to be over.
[tense music continues]
Well, then, I'm very sorry, Semavi.
Allah wants us to go on.
[men shouting]
We will not stop!
[men] Justice! Justice! Justice for Burak!
Justice! Justice! Justice for Burak!
Justice! Justice! Justice for Burak!
Justice! Justice! Justice for Burak!
Justice! Justice
[music stops]
Good evening, Mr. Rıza.
Come in, son.
[exhales deeply]
I couldn't convince any of them.
They wouldn't listen.
It's done, Merve.
It's all over.
[Merve] Nothing is over.
Gökhan, don't give up on yourself now.
You don't get it, Merve.
I lost my light,
and I lost my path, Merve.
I'm nothing without Him.
Gökhan, what are you saying?
Of course you're not nothing.
[quiet, upbeat,
contemplative music playing]
Hey, maybe
Gökhan, maybe Allah is quiet
because He already knows
you're going to do the right thing?
Couldn't that be it?
You've convinced people once already.
You can do it again.
Gökhan, please, have faith in Allah,
and have faith in yourself.
Will you look at me?
Gökhan, you really are different.
Y You really believe that's true?
I've never doubted it.
[Gökhan shudders]
- [distant people shouting]
- [ominous music]
[all] Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Justice! No peace! Give us justice!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
[muffled chanting]
[man shouting]
[tense music playing]
no peace! Give us justice!
[music stops]
You look really nice, Gökhan.
[inhaling] You're quite a handsome guy.
But the real test begins now, Semavi.
But don't worry,
I know you're going to get through this.
[breathing deeply]
[quiet, musical tone playing]
[men] Justice! Justice! Justice for Burak!
[people shouting and chanting]
[man over loudspeaker] Please disperse!
Disperse, or we'll be forced to intervene!
Go, go, go! To the barricade!
- [tense, music playing]
- [shouting and chanting]
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
[shouting and chanting]
[man over loudspeaker]
This protest is unlawful.
[man continues indistinctly
over people shouting]
[Gökhan shouts indistinctly]
Move! Stop!
- [man] Yücel! Yücel!
- Stop!
- Please stop.
- Stop!
Yücel, go home.
Listen, brothers!
You must all heed the commands of Allah!
Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan!
Satan is truly your greatest enemy!
You hear me?
- [gun blast]
- [person screams]
- [Salih, muffled] Semavi!
- [music stops]
[Gülcan & Serhat, muffled] Gökhan!
[man] Get him!
- [Salih] Semavi!
- [Merve] Gökhan!
[faint, tense music playing]
[Gülcan] Gökhan!
[echoing] Gökhan!
- Brother!
- [person] Gökhan!
[Gülcan & Merve] Gökhan!
[Gülcan] Gökhan!
[Merve] Gökhan!
[contemplative flute music playing]
[Merve] Gökhan! Gökhan! Please wake up!
[inhales deeply]
[music becomes quiet and tense]
[Merve shuddering]
[Merve] Are you okay?
[man] Allah, dear Allah,
Allah Almighty, You are great.
Look, Salih.
The bullet didn't pierce his skin!
[Merve] Oh, Gökhan!
[music intensifies]
You're okay.
Thanks to Allah.
Thanks to Allah. Thanks to Allah.
It didn't go through!
[Baran] This is a miracle!
[Salih] He's alive!
The bullet didn't go through!
- [Merve] Careful!
- [Salih] Takbir!
[crowd] Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
- Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
[tense music continues]
[upbeat, ethnic music playing]
[music fades out]
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