Kubra (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[tense, dramatic music playing]
[crowd] Semavi, we stand with you!
He cannot be harmed!
Semavi, we stand with you!
He cannot be harmed!
[music continues]
He cannot be harmed!
Semavi, we stand with you!
He cannot be harmed!
Semavi, we stand with you!
He cannot be harmed!
Semavi, we stand with you!
He cannot be harmed!
My friends,
Allah decides who lives and dies.
For our part,
all we can do is submit to His will.
We must not allow our pain
to begin to overshadow our faith.
Just as there was a purpose
in Allah Almighty taking Burak from us,
there must be a reason
why He spared my life.
[tense, dramatic music continues]
You're right to feel hurt and angry.
I have heard that some of you
believe the young man
who shot me should be killed.
I ask you to reconsider.
Didn't the Almighty
send him to us as a vessel,
enabling the blind to see
and the deaf to hear once more?
We shall forgive him,
brothers and sisters.
We shall welcome him as a messenger
on the path we are walking.
A new day is upon us.
A day devoid of anger
but instead, a day filled
with peace, love, and beauty.
Our true adversary is not the cop who
shot Burak or the young man who shot me.
Our true adversary is the devil inside us.
We will fight against it,
and emerge victorious.
So, listen now and heed my words.
Cast out the devil within yourself!
[all cheering]
[crowd] Semavi!
Semavi! Semavi!
Semavi! Semavi! Semavi!
Semavi! Semavi!
- [shouting fades out]
- [tense, dramatic music continues]
- Stop lying, little fuck!
- [music stops]
I swear I'm not lying!
Hey! Admit that this was all a show!
The gun wasn't real! That's why you threw
it into the ocean. It's a show, isn't it?
- Semavi asked you to trick people.
- [screams]
- That's it, isn't it?
- He was blasphemous, he's a sinner!
Just tell me how much you got paid.
- How much did you get? Tell me how much!
- [screams] I tried to kill him!
But he didn't die!
Asshole! Tell me!
I swear, I wasn't paid for it!
Stop yelling!
[shuddering and whimpering]
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
- [Kara sighs]
- [door shuts]
He just keeps singing the same song,
I'm this close to beatin' his ass.
We can't hold him,
he has to go to the prosecutor.
Who's this "we"? Are you his lawyer now?
[music stops]
Uh, sir, I was just thinking
Do you think maybe it's possible
the bullet didn't go through him?
Damla, if you say one more word, I swear
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
Mıstık, pull it a bit more.
Stretch it out.
That side is hanging a bit low.
Up, up, up, up, up.
To the right. There.
Move "materialism" to the right.
- Right?
- Yeah.
- Raise it a little. Tie it there.
- Here?
[Baran] Move the one with the date on it
to the left a little. Lower that side.
[chatter continues indistinctly]
[faint moody music playing]
[Merve sighs]
[Gökhan] Do you think we should
be exhibiting it like this?
As if it's something holy?
Isn't it?
Gökhan, you're a miracle.
Allah protected you.
The bullet didn't pierce your skin.
Being able to see this shirt
will help strengthen everyone's faith
in you and in Allah.
It will remind them of that miracle.
You were the one
who reminded me of who I am, Merve.
If you hadn't encouraged me,
and stood by my side,
I couldn't have spoken
in front of all those people.
[Gökhan inhales deeply]
He still isn't talking to me.
what else do you want Him to tell you?
Don't you understand,
He made you invincible.
He shielded you from death.
Maybe He doesn't have much more to say.
Maybe He already knows that you
are going to do what's right.
[faint moody music continues]
I think it was a sign that Allah told me,
"Merve is the right person for you."
Or maybe a command.
What kind of command?
Isn't it time we got married?
[Merve chuckles faintly]
[Merve chuckles]
It is. [chuckling]
[Merve breathes deeply]
We hear the cries
of our brothers and sisters,
people everywhere who are in need
of Allah's light and truth.
We will make sure
that the word of Allah
reaches every corner of this country.
We stand, together,
against poverty and oppression.
We will spread love and goodness.
- You'll spread out.
- [moody ethnic music playing]
You'll head to every part of the country.
Consider yourselves
the torchbearers of this holy fire.
Spread this fire.
Spread it,
so that we may guide those who have
strayed, back onto the path of Allah.
[moody ethnic music continues]
[woman on TV] Is it possible?
Could Semavi really be communicating
with Allah as he claims?
[man 1] You're circling back
to the same question. I already answered.
[woman] Or, as his followers
suggest, could he
[man 1] Please, for heaven's sake.
Is that even possible?
I'd like to draw your attention to this.
The moment the gun goes off,
the location where the bullet hits, look.
This is obviously some kind of illusion.
It's just a trick. Smoke and mirrors.
[man 2]
Why are you so quick to dismiss this?
Haven't all prophets
been known to perform miracles?
And aren't there always skeptics
who scrutinize them?
That's impossible, sir.
Do you realize what you're implying?
[man 3] The final prophet has
already come, and there won't be another.
[man 2] Well, he doesn't even claim
to be a prophet, anyway.
Quite the opposite.
He acknowledges Prophet
Muhammad as the last prophet.
[man 3] All these charlatans
follow the same playbook.
He's feigning the role of an ordinary,
innocent man who wants to start a family.
- It's all a facade to deceive people.
- [doorbell rings]
[man 4] Whether you can rationally explain
what occurred or not doesn't truly matter.
In the end,
Semavi quelled a riot, didn't he?
If not for him,
the situation could have escalated.
[man 3] I'd advise patience.
Everyone has Semavi's booklet.
He's against the law, order, right
to ownership, the state, everything.
[man 3] Now, they've set up
a foundation, raising money.
No one knows
what he's doing with that money.
How did he get the permits?
[man 4] What do you mean "no one knows"?
He meticulously documents
every expense on his website.
They're trying to help people
throughout the country.
And it's not just food.
It's medical bills, children's education
What more could you ask?
[man 3] We're talking about millions
of liras here, and there is no oversight.
[man 4] People trust him,
which is why they donate.
[man 3] They can't do this.
[continues indistinctly]
[moody ethnic music continues]
[woman] May Allah bless you.
And may Allah bless you
as well, Mrs. Hamiyet.
I barely did anything, honestly.
What more could you have done?
We don't have any insurance.
I could never have afforded
the operation without you.
I'm only a vessel,
Allah was the one who helped you.
And you heard what his doctor said.
He's going to be good as new
in just a couple of weeks.
So please, don't cry.
You truly are the chosen one,
I understand that now.
You came and offered your help.
May Allah remove all obstacles for you.
May Allah shorten my years
and grant them to you.
No, don't say things
like that, Mrs. Hamiyet.
Let me kiss your hand.
May Allah look after you.
[Mrs. Hamiyet] You too, son, you too.
You'll recover very soon, brother.
[contemplative music playing]
Mrs. Hamiyet.
Here, this is for you.
There's some money in there.
Keep praying for Semavi,
will you? All right?
May Allah bless you.
Have a good day.
[overlapping chatter]
- [woman] Bless you.
- [man] Bless you, sir.
Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim.
[in foreign language] Say, "I seek refuge
in the Lord, King, the God of humankind,
from the evil of the lurking whisperer,
who whispers into the hearts of humankind,
from among jinn and humankind."
- Amen.
- [all] Amen.
[woman] May your light become our light.
And may our path align with yours.
Hail to you, O Chosen One.
Follow this path,
O Chosen One. Follow this path.
- Make way. Let's clear the way, everyone.
- [overlapping chatter]
[moody ethnic music playing]
[music fades out]
- [people chattering]
- [contemplative music playing]
- Hi, hello everyone.
- Hi!
Oh, hi, sweetie!
So tell us, when is the wedding?
- We haven't decided yet, Auntie.
- [woman] Oh, my sweet girl.
- We're so happy for you, dear.
- Ms. Merve?
That's me!
Where is Semavi? I need to speak with him.
Uh, we're gathering later.
You can see him there.
[woman] I didn't say I needed to see him.
I said I need to talk to him. Alone.
It's a matter of life and death.
Help me, please.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
- Sweetheart, we're so happy for you.
- [woman] Get ready.
- [woman 1] See you later.
- [woman 2] Later.
[music fades out]
[money flutters loudly]
[machine beeping]
- How's it going?
- It's going well.
[heavy scraping noise]
I don't really trust this Ali Cemal.
Why? What happened?
Well, the fact
that he just appeared out of nowhere,
and somehow he's always there
when something happens.
He insists we carry weapons, despite
everything Gökhan's been preaching.
[breathing deeply]
Well, I think Ali Cemal is one of
the people who believes in him the most.
It's probably just because he's worried
something's gonna happen to Gökhan.
You're right.
Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
Anyway, more importantly,
It looks like today might be
the biggest gathering we've had so far.
Do you know where Gökhan is?
We need to get ready.
I don't know.
[machine beeping]
[money flutters loudly]
We can barely even look you in the eye,
and yet you still come here and
That's over, Mrs. Ayşe.
It's behind us.
As you know, not filing a complaint
made no difference.
But I got him a very good lawyer.
He'll be out as soon as possible,
please try not to worry about it.
I don't know what to say,
may Allah bless you.
And all of us.
And all of us.
Well, if you need any help,
please let me know.
May Allah watch over you.
[contemplative music playing]
Take care of your mother,
Yiğit, all right?
[Ali Cemal] He's coming.
[overlapping shouting]
[contemplative music continues]
[Ali Cemal] Okay, calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
[overlapping shouting]
[Baran] Let him through! Let him through!
Make way! Make way!
- Make way. Let him through. Make way.
- [people continue shouting]
Let him through.
[Ali Cemal] Okay. Okay, ma'am. Okay.
[Baran] Make way.
Let him through. Make way.
- Let him through! Ma'am please, move back.
- Make way, make way.
- Okay, calm down. Calm down.
- [woman] Mr. Gökhan!
Semavi! Semavi! Semavi!
Semavi, please, I really need
to speak with you. I'm begging you.
[music stops]
Yes, I'm listening.
Can we just talk alone, please?
It's important.
[people continue shouting]
You wrote that
your father reached out to you
from the other side and said his goodbyes.
Who did you lose
before you could say goodbye?
I thought that you would
have already known that.
[Gökhan chuckles faintly]
What's your name?
Nalan. Nalan.
Ms. Nalan.
That's not how it works.
I only know the specific things
that Allah wants me to know about.
And he has a purpose.
I'm not psychic.
I am merely a servant of Allah.
I see.
Was it your child that you lost?
[whimpers faintly]
It was sudden, I take it?
[woman whimpers]
An accident?
A motorcycle accident.
[in wavering voice] Why didn't I just
stop him from getting that bike?
Even after I had a dream about
the accident, why didn't I stop him?
His death was not your fault.
It was just his time.
Accident or not.
I can't stop picturing him like that.
The way he was lying on the ground.
Did he feel a lot of pain?
What did he feel lying there
all alone at the end?
Did it hurt, was he scared?
I can't stop thinking about all these
You should know that now
he's in a place without pain.
Your son went somewhere
where there's no fear,
no darkness, and no pain.
None of the evils of this world.
[contemplative music playing]
If he had a chance
to speak to you right now,
he'd tell you about how happy he is.
- Is that true?
- It is.
The true life lies beyond this world.
Death is not a punishment.
Death is actually cause
for celebration, for people of faith.
It's a gift.
I can feel how happy your son is now.
And how much he still loves you.
I can feel it.
I feel it too. [whimpers]
[contemplative music fades out]
- It's been a while.
- [sighs]
I don't know about Gökhan having private
meetings with everyone who asks for it.
It's just not safe, how are we supposed
to know what people's intentions are?
He started doing all of this
to help people.
What's he gonna do, turn them away?
Of course he should help people,
I never said he shouldn't help them.
I just think there should be
some kind of screening.
[quiet, tense music playing]
[music intensifies]
- How's it going?
- You scared me.
Who are you looking for?
You looking for me?
Waiting for Gökhan.
So, listen.
Come see me tonight, I miss you so much.
[contemplative music playing]
Shhh! My mom is looking at us. Later.
Can your mom even see that far away?
[chuckles faintly]
She's got eyes like a hawk, she sees all.
[thumping and feedback over speaker]
- Go ahead, this way.
- [through speaker] Test. One, two.
Welcome, everyone.
Please, be seated.
[contemplative music continues]
You always bring Allah's grace with you.
It turns this into a whole new place.
The joy of unity,
togetherness, and cooperation
brings warmth in the cold
and cool in the heat.
Thank you.
We appreciate it.
[clears throat]
Sisters and brothers,
today, we're going to talk about
how we react to suffering and pain.
There's so much pain
in this world that sometimes
we feel the need to rise up against it,
to set everything on fire.
That is our real test.
It's about how we respond to that pain.
And what's important
is keeping our faith in Allah
and knowing that He
who gave you the pain will also cure it.
For those of us
who want to understand and believe,
Allah can even sometimes be hidden
in the tears of a grieving mother.
[music fades out]
[Nalan gasps]
What are you doing here?
What were you doing,
going to see that con artist, huh?
- What, are you spying on me now?
- No.
They were spying on him.
And somehow,
you just ended up in the middle of it.
He's a criminal.
He's in a terrorist organization.
He might even be the leader
of a terrorist organization!
How could you believe him?
I just do. I saw it myself!
He has some divine power!
Everything they say about him is true!
He can take his divine shit and [sighs]
Forgive me, Allah.
You're not going there again.
It's none of your business!
I said you're not going!
I am going,
and now I'm doing it just to spite you!
- Nalan!
- Peace!
I found the peace of mind
I'd lost, you understand?
I got back what you took away!
I lost my son, my life, everything.
He may not've been able
to give me my son back,
but he gave me back some peace of mind.
He gave me back the things you took
from me, you understand that?
- Nalan
- Now get out!
- Nalan
- Just go!
I can't stand you!
[contemplative music playing]
[door opens]
- [door slams]
- [music fades out]
- [high-pitched ringing]
- [groans]
[muted] Is something wrong?
No, Mr. Rıza. It does this sometimes.
It rings.
[Gökhan groans]
As I was saying.
We We were planning
to just have a small wedding,
and then of course word got out,
now everyone wants to come.
And we don't want to offend anyone.
Well, this is your wedding after all, son.
It's normal.
And anyway, I think it's better like this.
Let's not give anyone
a reason to complain.
Thank you.
- I should get going.
- Of course.
I'll walk you out.
Let me do it, honey.
- See you.
- See you.
I gave you my blessing to marry my
daughter, but she won't have an easy life.
Your situation is How do I put this?
On one hand, it is rather intimidating.
And yet, on the other, it's reassuring.
What I'm trying to say is that Merve
is the one thing I have left in life.
Can you promise me
she won't get hurt, son?
Yes, sir, I promise.
- Have a good night.
- Good night, Gökhan.
Who is that, he keeps staring?
- [Ali Cemal] No fucking idea.
- [Salih] Baran, know who he is?
No, I don't.
You think he's a cop?
Semavi's here. Semavi.
There's a man over there, watching us.
[contemplative music playing]
Wait here.
- [Salih] Stop!
- [Ali Cemal] Hey!
[Gökhan] Easy, it's okay.
Why're you so scared?
I thought you were immune to bullets.
- Guys, give us a minute.
- Gökhan, no.
- He's got a gun.
- I said go.
- [Salih] Gökhan
- [Gökhan] Go on, go back home.
[contemplative music continues]
So if I take this shot,
you're sure you won't die?
If this trigger gets pulled,
you're certain
that your head won't explode?
You won't do it.
I will if you don't stay away
from my wife.
Now you're taking advantage
of the suffering
of a woman who's lost her son.
Stop that.
Or I'll put a hole in you.
Then everyone will see
if you can stop a bullet or if you can't.
Stay away from my wife.
Take your bullshit somewhere else.
Why did you get so angry?
Was it because your wife was happy
after all this time?
I didn't lie to her.
All I did was listen to her.
Perhaps she wouldn't have needed
someone else if you listened to her.
But I guess that's not who you are, is it?
You don't know how to listen
or how to talk.
[breathing deeply]
I won't shoot you.
At least not yet.
Changed my mind.
It shouldn't be this easy.
[contemplative music continues]
I think instead,
first I'll expose all your lies,
so everyone will know who you really are.
And then I'll lock you up.
I don't have to kill you.
I'll let you rot.
[inhales deeply]
[people chattering]
[contemplative music continues]
What do you want from me?
Lie down.
[heart beating]
[contemplative music
and heart beating continue]
[doctor] You made the right decision.
Your son will live on in others.
[heart beating continues]
[Kara shudders faintly]
Sir, are you all right?
[heart beating continues]
[music and heart beating stop]
You're Gökhan?
[quiet, tense music playing]
This way, sir.
[man] Semavi!
This way. [chuckles] Come.
Come, come. Come on down. [chuckles]
Well, don't be shy. Come here.
They're all so excited to meet you.
I'll introduce you to everyone.
[music becomes faint and mysterious]
Here we go!
You been nagging me for so long,
"Semavi, Semavi!"
Here he is,
here's Semavi, the man himself.
I'll introduce you to, um, Kerem here,
party spokesperson and a personal friend.
[man] My wife Sevim.
And Kerem's wife Fatmanur.
And these are my kids.
Is it true the bullet didn't hurt you?
Of course it is, son.
We saw it on TV, right?
He's a very special person.
You all done?
If your curiosity is satisfied,
we have things to talk about inside.
Come on, Semavi, Kerem.
[faint, mysterious music continues]
Have a seat.
Kerem, why don't you make him comfortable?
So, I'm guessing you don't drink, do you?
Tell me whatever you have to say,
Turgut, and let me leave.
I was only joking. Were you offended?
Just a joke. Sit down.
Have a seat, let's talk. Come on.
Sit. You've come
all this way, haven't you?
Have we offended you?
Was it
Are you angry
because we had you brought here?
At first we came to you, didn't we?
And it's impossible for us
to come to you these days, Gökhan.
Press is everywhere.
And it wouldn't be right
to be seen with you publicly.
Especially after what happened.
Uh What was the kid's name?
- Burak.
- Burak.
Let's get to the point, if you don't mind.
What did I say last time, huh?
I told you that our leader
wants to see you, didn't I?
I said, "He knows where I am.
He's welcome to come visit."
You expect a man
that important to come to you?
His importance only comes
from his position.
Once that's gone, he's just a son of Adam.
He's actually right, you know.
You are correct.
It's true, we'll all eventually
be stuffed with cotton, put in a casket,
and off we go. [exhales deeply]
Essentially, what you're saying is
that we all end up in the same shroud.
It's true, it's the same shroud.
Same shroud.
It's the same shroud.
But are the things we do before
we're wrapped in it the same, huh?
Don't get me wrong.
Allah, and all of that, we
we hold in the highest regard.
[exhales deeply]
I'll be frank, Gökhan.
What did I tell you?
The man called me personally.
He said, "You help him, yeah?
Take care of the foundation right away."
You, obviously, were unaware of it,
but we helped you out
quite a bit, you know,
when you were setting up the foundation.
We skipped over a ton of procedures. Huh?
Listen, friend.
You're collecting donations.
Distributing them without issues.
No one's giving you any trouble, are they?
Yes, you've had some issues
with law enforcement, I get that.
But are they giving you any trouble now?
Remember what you said? "I do not want
to get involved with any politics."
So, then don't get involved, okay?
Just keep doing what you do.
But while you are, just make sure
to not seem disrespectful.
The least you could do is say
thank you to the individuals
who help you so much, am I right?
- [breathing deeply]
- [faint, mysterious music continues]
Here's what we're gonna do.
Uh, since you have a wedding coming up?
What was the name of the young lady?
- Merve.
- [Turgut] Miss Merve.
So, why don't you just take your fianceé,
and go visit him.
Get in front of the cameras,
kiss his hand.
You can say the two of you wanted
to pay your respects before the wedding.
And that's it, that's all you have to do.
And then everyone will be happy.
And you can take those donations
and do whatever you want.
- Open a hospice
- And what if I don't?
Kiss his hand.
Listen here, son.
No, Turgut, you listen to me, okay?
What did I tell you?
I said that I wouldn't
put on a political front, for you.
I don't bow down to people or titles,
I only bow down before Allah.
you obey Him as well and you follow me,
or you'll just have to step aside.
[inhaling] I'll give you
until your wedding day.
Either you go willingly
Or what?
[faint, mysterious music fades out]
[keys clatter]
Come, let me pour you some tea.
No thank you, Mom.
[exhales deeply]
[Gökhan exhales deeply]
[Mom chuckles]
You know, your father
and I used to fight a lot.
But all of our fights
would always end in laughter.
[Gökhan chuckles]
We were so happy.
[contemplative music playing]
[Mom sniffs]
I hope you two
will be as happy as we were.
Son, the fact that things
have gotten to this point,
that it's gotten this big,
the fact that everyone
is watching you so closely
I don't know, I mean
It just really scares me.
I know you'll get mad at me again, but
If you were still just a mechanic,
Merve was still a salesperson, and we were
all just ordinary, would that be so bad?
You could have had an ordinary wedding.
Wouldn't we be happier, son?
[whispering] Mom
Gökhan, please understand, I'm terrified.
I already lost your father too early.
[voice wavering] If I lost you too,
I just couldn't bear it.
[sniffling] I couldn't bear losing you.
Shhh. It's all right.
I'm so scared, Gökhan,
I'm just so scared, sweetheart.
I'm so scared.
[contemplative music fades out]
[distant people chattering]
Are you ready?
I am.
[calm, upbeat music playing]
[man over speaker] Welcome, everyone.
Thank you.
Today, I am excited,
and honored to be officiating
the wedding of Semavi
and his soon-to-be-wife, the lovely Merve.
[applause and loud cheering]
All right.
Merve Dilmen,
do you take Gökhan Şahinoğlu
to be your lawfully wedded husband?
[crowd muttering faintly]
[inhaling] I do!
[applause and loud cheering and whistling]
[officiant] Gökhan Şahinoğlu,
do you take Merve Dilmen
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
I do.
[man] Bravo!
[applause and loud cheering and whistling]
[officiant] Are you witnesses to this?
[both] We are!
And now, by the authority
vested in me by the municipality,
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
- [loud pop]
- [people scream]
[crowd cheering]
[Merve chuckles]
[calm, upbeat music playing]
Excuse me.
So, Mr. Groom, I have a question for you.
- Thank you. I'm so glad you could make it.
- Aren't you bored already?
- Thank you. Yes, I
- [Gökhan] Marriage is a good thing.
Perhaps you should try it some time.
Excuse me.
[music stops]
[tense music playing]
- [Merve] What are you doing here?
- [boy] You said my brother'd be released.
You wanna talk about this now? Why did you
come here? What if he sees you?
[Ali Cemal] Come with me.
Come on.
[tense music continues]
[music intensifies]
How many times do I have to say it?
Why do you keep showing up like this?
My brother is in prison because of you.
How's he gonna get out now, huh?
You tell me.
If I say that it was all a lie,
and the bullet wasn't real, you
Shhh! Go ahead and try it.
Just go ahead and try
and see what happens.
Listen to me. [continues indistinctly]
[very tense music continues]
- Wait.
- Let me go. Let me go.
Stop! They'll hear you.
You think I care who hears?
What did the two of you do?
What do you think?
Gülcan, what else could I have done?
He was lonely and desperate.
He had no idea what to do.
- He needed to believe in himself
- And you think this is the answer?
How can he believe in himself
with these lies?
What lies? What lies?
Is Gökhan a lie? You heard
your father speak, you talked to him?
All I did was encourage him
to stay on the path he believes in
I'm not letting you do this, Merve.
He deserves to know the truth.
Everyone needs to know.
Gülcan! Gülcan!
If you tell your brother now,
there will be no turning back.
Do you hear me?
Everyone would mock him, okay?
To Gökhan, that's worse than dying.
Well, I'd rather see all of us die
than continue living a lie like this.
- Let go!
- Gülcan!
Stop it!
[very tense music continues]
[very tense music continues]
[very tense music fades out]
[moody folk music playing]
[moody folk music ends]
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