Kung Fu (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


1 You're going easy on me.
You call this easy? Whoo! Maybe not easy, but you could've ended this already.
Can't blame a girl for wanting to make this last longer.
I'm all for a marathon session.
I'm just saying.
You don't have to hold back.
I know you can kick my ass.
I think it's hot.
Well, since you think it's hot Very.
Um Thank you so much for - showing me that stretch.
- You are so welcome.
Good for the psoas.
- Hey, I think that went really well.
- Mm-hmm.
Should we shower off, get into some fresh clothes, and And another marathon session? So.
This is everything.
Every fact, fairy tale, and Internet rumor on the 8 mythical weapons and the guardian families.
But still nothing on the scabbard.
Other than your hunch that it belongs to the sword no.
There's no information on it anywhere, at least nothing we've found yet.
I was sure after everything we went through, it would lead us somewhere.
There's gotta be something we're overlooking.
Legend says the weapons were forged together.
Each one's Qi augmented by an ancient sorcerer.
Over time, they scattered across the world, but Maybe there was a time when they were all used together.
I read a story.
Great battle.
Mighty weapons.
According to this legend, Khan's army was defeated by a small band of Chinese warriors armed with magic weapons.
"Khan's men were blinded.
They claimed that in the heat of battle, these black weapons lit up the battlefield glowed green".
Legit historians dismiss it as myth.
They say that there was no magic.
Khan's men probably just said there was just to save face after getting their asses kicked.
Henry, I've seen it.
When Pei-Ling first showed me the sword, it was just a second a small flash as the light hit the obsidian in the sword.
Obsidian is black.
Why would it glow green? When I picked up the sword against Zhilan, a green light burned my hand.
But it wasn't just that.
It had an energy.
I felt it.
Uhh! What is it? I remember something else.
I don't mean to startle you, child.
What are you doing outside at this hour? I thought I saw someone.
Woman in a hooded robe.
I felt drawn to her.
Drawn by an energy.
This land is rich with history.
A sacred ground built by a group of fearless women who sought a safe place to live and train.
I, too, feel that energy.
Are you saying I saw some kind of ghost? When you first arrived, you were ruled by logic and order.
You are changing, Nicky.
I am? I have seen you with the other women here listening to their stories, appreciating the simple joys of practice of being.
You want answers about what you think you saw.
All I can say is that there are mysteries in the world, Nicky, unknown to most people.
Energies, presences.
You're not talking about Shaolin anymore, are you? Do not look for logic where logic cannot live.
Open your mind to the unknown.
Nicky? Pei-Ling told me something and it goes beyond physics, beyond facts and history.
I didn't really believe her until now.
What do you mean? The unknown.
Look, in every illustration of the sword you've found, the handle is smooth.
When Pei-Ling showed it to me, it was smooth.
When I grabbed it, smooth.
No markings, nothing.
So, how did this happen? The weapons glowed green.
Well, I saw the sword glow, and this scabbard, it's inlaid with obsidian, like the sword.
Black as night.
Now, if the weapons glowed green and the sword glowed green and this scabbard belongs to the sword, then Henry, there are greater forces at play here.
I think the magic is real.
If all the weapons are inlaid with this obsidian, obsidian that glows green in the light, we'd have a way to authenticate any weapon.
It's bigger than that.
We'd have a way to find them.
What are you doing? I am texting Randall.
With this information, he might be able to help us.
Now that we know what we're looking for, we should dive back in.
Oh, I agree.
Just after.
After? After a bite.
Or a drink.
We've just had a huge breakthrough.
A way to find the weapons before Zhilan does.
I think breakthroughs are meant to be celebrated.
So, like a date? Oh, it's absolutely a date.
Over $2.
00 a pound for whole chickens.
When did Ge's groceries get so expensive? Rents are going up everywhere.
The chain stores come in, driving people like us out.
Ge's gotta pay rent just like the rest of us.
Oh, we can't raise prices.
We're gonna have to try and save money some other way.
- Oh.
- We might have to start shopping at bamboo market.
Not after what happened to Eileen.
She was shopping for dinner.
She was attacked on the street right outside of bamboo market.
She was kicked to the ground and told, "Go back to China".
I heard what happened.
Eileen's out of the hospital.
I spoke to her sister yesterday.
It's not the only attack and not the worst, either.
You know, in these days, paying a markup at Ge's is not a luxury.
It's close.
We can both walk there together.
We have no choice.
I know.
20 years later, and it seems like nothing has changed.
Babe, I'm digging this peach body wash.
Try the new shampoo.
Kiwi! A profile of my boss was supposed to come out tonight exposing him as a sexual abuser.
What he did to her, he did to me.
Sweetie? Yeah? There's something I have to tell you.
Barely hear you, babe.
One sec.
You had something to tell me? What's the smile? Nothing.
I have something, too, but you go first.
You first.
You sure? - Yeah.
- Okay, so, two years ago, I put our names on a wait list.
For? A super-exclusive boat tour of the Galápagos.
Marine biologists from the Darwin Institute, they lead the dives, the beach hikes.
Spaces never open up, but I just got an email.
A couple just cancelled.
You hate it.
No! I love turtles.
- And seals.
- And seals.
I promise, I selected the glamping option.
It's deluxe! Turtles and seals by day, 5-star deluxe at night.
You're so excited.
I am.
And I get to do it with my dream girl.
Life doesn't get much better.
What was your thing? Oh, uh, it's no big deal.
Uh, flower samples are coming in tomorrow.
Don't forget your allergy pill.
I won't.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What you doing? I'm at a cafe, finishing up a design commission due tomorrow.
You? Uh, at the clinic, running through lab results, doing inventory reports.
Don't we make an exciting pair? Wish I could see you tonight.
Me, too.
I'll be done with this in the morning.
We could meet for lunch after.
Um, yeah.
Love that.
I'll come swing by your office tomorrow at noon.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Sushi? Pho? I'm up for whatever.
Apothecary has good burgers and beer.
I don't really eat meat or drink.
Trying to stick to my monastery lifestyle, keep my head clear.
They have non-alcoholic options, too.
- You like boba? - Who doesn't? Coming through.
Coming through.
- Sorry.
You okay? - Yeah.
My bad.
You fight really good, but your city walking skills, not so much.
Okay, you know what? I was just testing your reflexes.
Obsidian is volcanic.
There are volcanoes in China, right? Yeah.
There's Tianchi, Tengchong Still, that narrows down our geographical range.
Those monks had to be near a volcano to access obsidian.
Let's look into that maybe after we eat.
Two milk teas with boba, please.
Thank you.
Chinatown's busy tonight.
Randall says he's on it.
What does that mean? He's got sources all over the world.
He's got auction houses, dig sites, salvage crews.
So, he's put the word out.
When do you think we'll hear anything? Soon.
You want to go back to the library, don't you? What? No.
It's just now we have the obsidian connection, so we can focus our search, you know.
Maybe there's something we overlooked.
- Okay.
- Another let's go back.
Really? Really.
I know I can be single-minded.
I like to think of it as focused.
It's just waiting around for Randall to find this lead Those weapons came together and changed history.
Zhilan has the sword.
She may already have more.
If she got control of them all We have to get our hands on at least one of those weapons.
You don't have to explain.
It's your quest.
I'm just I'm glad to be part of it.
What the hell happened here? Kid was skateboarding in the alley behind the store.
Cop thought he was trying to break in.
Shot him.
Oh, God.
Is that the guy that ran into us? - Hi.
- Morning.
Jook on the stove.
Oh, Nicky, no TV in the morning.
There was a shooting last night in Chinatown.
There was? Where? Police are investigating the officer-involved shooting of 19-year-old Andre Durant in Chinatown last night following the report of a possible - robbery in progress at Wong's Jewelry.
- Oh, no.
Police say security cameras picked up suspicious activity.
The teen, who was unarmed, remains hospitalized.
I saw him.
- Who? - The guy who was shot.
How? He passed right by me on the sidewalk.
I was near Wong's last night when it happened.
He wasn't doing anything wrong.
He was just skateboarding.
I hope he pulls through.
Wong must be devastated.
Mama, the cops shot an unarmed kid and you're worried about Mr.
Wong? Look, I hope the young man recovers, but we have known Mr.
Wong for years.
He is a good man.
He didn't ask to be involved in something so horrible.
You know, that's why no TV in the morning.
It is all just bad news.
Looks like a flower bomb went off in here.
I have to choose a floral theme for the wedding, but none of these colors are right.
This one's kinda nice.
Yeah, "kinda nice" is not what I'm going for.
What's with the juice? It's part of my bride-to-be regimen.
It's a detox and face mask in one.
You know, pre-wedding stress has been giving me breakouts.
You sure it's the wedding stress? Have you talked to Dennis? About what? What happened with your boss? I mean, it can't feel good, keeping that from him, carrying it all on your own.
Is that why you came by? To check on me? Guilty.
Well, don't.
The past is in the past.
I have everything under control.
How'd Mama take the news? Of the shooting.
It was so close to the restaurant.
She wishes it would all just go away.
Yeah, figured.
Crime, the police, politics 3 subjects never to bring up with Mama.
Just 3? True.
I forgot about money, world affairs, sex.
Speaking of sex, shouldn't you be playing footsie in the library with Henry right now? Okay.
I'm leaving.
Still haven't sealed the deal, I see.
Bye, Althea.
You're early.
Got us reservations at Foreign Cinema.
Probably unnecessary for a weekday.
Been so long since I actually went out for lunch.
Yeah, about lunch, I - What? - I can't.
I'm sorry.
Came in person.
I didn't want you to think I was ghosting you.
That's cool.
Is everything okay? Guessing you haven't checked the news? - No.
Why? - Another black man got shot by the city's police.
Andre Durant.
Just 19.
- That's awful.
- Yeah, it happened a few blocks from here, actually.
Andre was on a skateboard.
Now he's on life support.
BLM Oakland and SF are doing a joint action.
We're pushing for the cop that shot Andre to face charges, so, can't do lunch.
I'm sorry.
Of course.
No worries.
Thanks, man.
I gotta run.
I'll text you later.
Black Lives Matter demonstrators will be marching this afternoon in Chinatown to protest the shooting.
Authorities expect a large turnout.
A spokesperson for Protests? It'll be okay.
People want justice.
They have a right to speak out.
I didn't mean they don't have a right.
I just don't want the street shut down, the customers scared off.
We'll be fine.
I gotta go open.
No! Jin? Mei-Li, get back in the kitchen.
Why would anyone do this to us? We did nothing wrong! We'll be fine.
I'll scrub it off.
Jin this isn't justice.
This is vandalism.
You all right? Yeah.
You weren't in the library.
I just had to blow off a little steam.
I see.
Made a mistake this morning.
Listened to the news.
Andre did a stint in juvie.
One charge for shoplifting when he was 15.
That's what they want the public to know.
Looked him up online.
You know he was studying chemical engineering in community college? He was bagging groceries part-time to get through school.
They're not gonna tell you that part.
What is it? Andre Durant is dead.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
How many times have we closed without notice? Once, when you were born.
It was only because you came a week early.
I spoke to the other shop owners.
We all decided to close.
Okay, but don't we need the business? Too unsafe.
Protesters are marching, blocking the streets, crowding outside Wong's Jewelry.
We'll be lucky if we don't get more damage.
See the window? Yes, I saw.
We're boarding up.
Till this blows over.
Mama, isn't that a bit extreme? What's extreme is what they did to our window, and what they might do next.
I'm sorry that happened, but we can still do something positive.
Show the protesters we support them.
I can't support vandals and looters.
There's plywood out back.
I know.
Better be safe than sorry.
My shifu taught me not to act from fear, to reach out when people are in need, not hide from them.
No luck getting Mr.
Deng's tent.
It's out on loan.
Scout troop.
Thanks for looking.
What'd you need it for? I'm heading to a BLM protest in Chinatown as a medic.
Internet said a good tent can come in handy.
I'll make do without.
Didn't realize you were an activist.
I'm not.
A friend of mine is.
- You mean Joe? - How'd you Right.
To hear her tell it, you're a lot more than friends.
Well, truth is, I don't really know where we stand.
- What do you mean? - Are we casual? Are we boyfriends? Is it too soon to DTR? DTR? Define the relationship.
- Right.
- Now everything feels like an emergency.
Worst time ever for that convo.
Probably not the best time to rush it.
Guessing you haven't had the talk yet, either.
Pretty obvious you're into my sister.
I am.
She's amazing.
But no, we haven't really found the right time, either.
Well, for now, I'm just trying to be a good ally.
Stay safe out there.
- What do you think? - I think this feels better.
Althea? Thought you had a meeting at the florist.
I did.
I was trying to get home but some officer do-right blocked off the street and had zero sympathy for my shoe situation, so, I had to park the car and walk.
Nearly got trampled on by all the tourists in front of the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie company.
Oh, don't even say that name.
Chocolate-covered fortune cookies.
What's all this? We're supporting the protesters.
Baba, too? Yes.
And Mama? She's holding down the fort inside.
I'll go keep her company.
Water getting low.
I'm gonna run down to the corner store and get some more.
I got it.
You should stay in case Mama needs something.
Justice for Andre! Justice for Andre! - We remember Alex Nieto.
- Yeah! - We remember Oscar Grant.
- Yeah! We remember Andre Durant.
- Yeah! - Over 100 deaths and not one conviction.
Not one! Justice for Andre.
Justice for Andre! Justice for Andre.
Justice for Andre! - What do we want? - Justice! - When do we want it? - Now! Yeah! Curfew will take effect in 10 minutes.
Anyone found on the street after then will be arrested.
I didn't know you'd be coming.
I wanted to help.
I'm glad.
Andre did not deserve to die this way.
He knew not to resist.
He knew to say, "No, sir, yes, sir", to take the harassment 'cause it beats getting shot.
But it didn't save him and now my boy is gone.
Hi, Mrs.
Henry, nice to see you.
Have you seen Ryan? No, not for a while.
He's not picking up his phone.
Curfew is now in effect until 5 A.
5 A.
? Guess you're stuck here.
I don't think so.
They sound like tear gas rounds.
They're breaking up the protest.
- Baba? - Come here, come here.
Open up, open up the door! - Ryan? - Open up the door, open up! Come in, come in.
Come in.
Back booth over there.
Here, this way.
There's a chair just here.
What happened out there? Cops broke up the protest.
What were you doing there? - Who are all these people? - Found them on the street.
Cops pepper-sprayed him in his eyes.
I need milk to neutralize it.
- Got it.
- Don't touch your eyes.
Jin, lock the door.
It's locked, it's locked, it's locked.
- Baba.
- Your mother Baba, if we don't let them in, they could be arrested or worse, just for being on the street.
Help! Help us! - Come on.
- Thank you.
All right.
Now, come this way.
Come, come.
Come on.
Curfew is now in effect.
Anyone on the street will face immediate arrest.
Curfew is in effect.
Get off the street and stay off! This makes our business a target.
What if, God forbid, we need the police? Mama, you barely trust the police.
You didn't even call them when we got vandalized.
And what were you doing there in the first place? - I wanted to help.
- Yeah, well, your helping could've gotten you arrested.
I'll go make Mama a cup of ju hua cha.
That usually calms her down.
Try 20 cups.
Actually, a few pots of tea isn't a bad idea.
We could show them a little Shen hospitality.
I'm on it.
How's the tea coming? Steeping.
Making a veggie platter, too? For my next juice.
This is a lot of vegetables you're drinking.
Oh, come on.
It's been 3 1/2 hours since my last juice! Oh.
Come here.
This juicing thing isn't about your skin.
Your skin is perfect always.
Thank you.
Okay, fine.
You're right.
Making juice, choosing flowers Keeping this wedding on track.
Those are things I can control.
I don't feel that in the rest of my life.
Not anymore.
How are you always so brave? Evan.
What are you doing here? We should talk somewhere private.
What is it? The police want to search the restaurant.
What? Why? We have a right to shelter those protesters.
The curfew only requires people to stay off the street.
- That's what we're doing.
- That's not what this is about.
They believe you're harboring a suspect, a Black Lives Matter activist.
He's been accused of inciting a crowd to riot.
Joseph Harper.
Okay, I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that look.
It's not true.
Joe didn't do what they're saying.
It doesn't matter if he did or not.
SFPD have applied for a search warrant.
I suspect it will be approved.
How do they even know he's here? Someone saw him come in.
Someone tipped them off.
I don't know.
It's not my case.
Thank you.
For telling me.
I thought you should know.
- Yeah.
- And in the meantime, you should prepare them.
- This is crazy.
- I know.
Okay, cops come in.
They arrest Joe.
Then what happens? A conviction for incitement, if memory serves.
Jail time.
Potentially some serious jail time.
- Yeah.
- Do you have a lawyer? No.
I have some connections with legal aid.
You should just get out of here.
He can't.
The place is surrounded.
We better fight this.
I'm gonna check on Mama.
Thank you for sticking by me, but if the police get a warrant to come in here, I don't have much of a choice.
A choice? For what? I'm gonna turn myself in.
You didn't do anything wrong.
No, but neither did the people I came here with.
Neither did your parents.
We'll fight it on the B-side.
But right now, resisting can make things worse for everybody.
It's it's cleaner this way.
What can I do? Just give me a minute.
What's up? Cops are getting a warrant to arrest Joe.
Soon as they do, they're coming in.
The responsible thing would be to give Mama a heads up, but Yeah.
I'm glad you're here.
I've delayed the watch commander as long as I can.
They're coming now.
I'm sorry, Nicky.
I did everything I could.
I know.
Thank you.
Bad news.
It's time? Yeah.
- Joe.
- It's okay, Ryan.
There has to be a way to prove the cops are wrong.
There were hundreds of people at the protest.
We could ask them to come forward, be witnesses.
I could post something on social.
I'll help.
I just need a little time.
If you do find something, maybe it'll help after I'm arrested.
Like I said, on the B-side.
If I could take your place, I would.
I have a warrant for the arrest of Joseph Harper.
Please come forward.
Arrest me.
Nicky, what are you doing? Taking his place.
Cute, miss, but we're here for Mr.
For him.
I did it.
Arrest me.
Read me my rights.
- Arrest me.
- Wait.
Thank you, but I cannot let Arrest me.
Arrest me.
I put out a call for backup.
I can have a police bus here in minutes.
I tracked the BLM-SF hashtag and found this.
We are here for justice.
This will be a peaceful protest.
We will not allow the press or the police to use violence to distort what we are here for, or who we are here for.
Time-stamped and everything.
Listened to it front to back.
Powerful stuff.
Pretty sure it won't hold up as incitement, though.
Whatever your case was against Joe, I think it's falling apart.
Stand down.
Nicky, you were awesome today.
She was.
You sure you're okay? I know what you're thinking, but this morning, when I asked her to shut off the TV, it wasn't because I don't care.
Do you remember your father's story, the one about the dragon? You mean our favorite bedtime story? You and Baba said a dragon came all the way from China to visit us.
Ryan, remind me how old were you again when you realized that the dragon wasn't real.
- 16.
- Shut up.
You may have grown out of believing that story, but it's time you knew what really happened.
- Mama? - Nicky, back to the office.
That word.
That one hateful word.
When you called me back from the house, even when we were driving home, your hands, they were still shaking.
I was so hurt, so scared.
I actually wanted to close the restaurant.
Do you remember what you told me? Yes, I remember.
You said, "Don't give them the satisfaction of giving up".
That we should stay and put in roots so deep no one could tear them out.
Why didn't you tell us? We wanted to spare you for as long as we could, knowing that people can hate you for just being Chinese.
When I heard about the shooting, that poor boy Andre, and then the graffiti I just remembered it all again.
So the pearl dragon.
He came all the way from China to visit you, and when he couldn't fit through the front door The dragon broke the glass with its tail.
You left the restaurant pretty quick in the morning.
My mom was freaking out.
She needed to see that I was okay.
I know you want to talk.
About us.
Was I that obvious? No, I just knew.
I'm sorry if I left you hanging.
Just all this going on.
I get it.
And I don't want to distract you from that.
Look, whatever you need from me, if you need my support, I'll support you.
If you need me to back off, I'll This.
This is what I need.
You got it.
We know what we're looking for now.
Tang Dynasty-era obsidian weapons.
Just saying.
We finally have a lead.
Could be good to put our minds back on track.
Just kind of hard to focus on weapons right now.
I'm struggling, too.
The activists I know, the people I admire, people like Joe? They keep showing up.
Keep doing the work.
Keep fighting every day.
I know it's hard to see it from the outside, but you do that, too.
Sometimes a fight, it takes time.
It's Randall.
His source just uploaded a file from the dig in South America.
They sent photos? Even better.
Found this two months ago at the start of the dig.
No one on the team has made an identification yet, but from the look of it, matches your description.
And check this out.
- Huh? - Did you see that? Oh, yeah.
It's one of the 8 weapons.
Greg, move your head!
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