Kung Fu (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


1 - I think I found something.
- What? Okay, Randall mentioned the dig site was in San Cristóbal.
So I used that to find the exact location.
- Of course you did.
- The Orura silver mine.
It was permanently shut down after a mine collapse.
Collapse killed two people.
Edward Blount, a British explorer and collector of international treasure.
He was last seen chasing the other victim into the mine.
- A Chinese man named Li Jiang.
- Keep talking.
Turns out the mine collapse wasn't an accident.
Someone brought the mine down on purpose.
- What am I looking at? - Li Jiang.
Professor Chau wrote about the Jiangs.
He had a theory that they were one of the guardian families.
He wrote a letter to an acquaintance saying that people were coming for him, that they were after something that he'd stop at nothing to protect.
So, Blount was after the dagger, and Li Jiang died to protect it.
And it worked, too.
The dagger remained buried, undisturbed for over 150 years.
Until now.
Ever feel like Santa's elves, wrapping presents to be delivered to the rich kids of the world? - It's work.
- [sighs.]
Yeah, Manu.
Busy work.
Boxing the occasional candleholder or spittoon to be displayed in some house or museum.
I should have held out for that position at the Cuello dig in Belize.
At least they're finding things of real value there.
- Yeah.
- Done.
- I need a drink.
- Join you in a second.
Last piece.
- Did you see that? - It's one of the eight weapons.
Li Jiang died to protect the dagger.
Must stop Zhilan.
Don't underestimate me I'm more than what you can see me out [cell phone vibrating.]
- Hey.
- [Henry.]
Just talked to Randall.
- You're not gonna believe it.
- What? The dagger's coming to San Francisco.
Tried to knock me out but you know I hit harder Bet you any day that I could get even stronger Stronger [cell phone vibrating.]
[door closes.]
- Oh, hey, Mama.
- Stopped by to help? - Yeah.
I had time before lunch.
- Mmm.
You seem happy today.
It's nice.
I've realized you've been spending a lot of time with Ryan's friend.
Henry? - How well do you know him? - Mama.
Look, you've been home for a while.
I just wanna know what my daughter is up to.
Who she's spending time with, what her plans are.
Henry and I are just friends.
And I have plans.
I told you already.
Bye, Mama.
Did Nicky leave? - Yes.
You just missed her.
- Good.
I wanna talk to you alone.
Wha I have a surprise for you.
[speaking Mandarin.]
You know how I feel about surprises.
Yeah, I know.
I'm taking you on a date.
- A date? - Mmm-hmm.
- When? - Saturday.
Wha - The restaurant? - Lang can cover the front room.
The restaurant will be fine.
I'm only telling you, so you can get that dress out of storage.
- You know the one I mean.
- I haven't worn that dress in ages.
Well You will look as gorgeous as the first day you first wore it.
- Mmm-hmm.
Oh, yeah.
- [chuckles.]
Chan? Um My hours got cut.
Did I do something wrong, or It's not you, Ryan.
We're reducing the clinic's hours, across the board, starting next week.
Why? Wait times are growing.
We're underserving this community enough as it is.
Our funding is a mix of private donations and city grants.
And the mayor clawed back a huge chunk from us in his budget.
The truth is, at this point, we'll be lucky to survive another month.
We could close? What about our patients? Most of them have nowhere else to go.
I've been fighting this battle for years.
I'll do what I can, but you should be prepared for the worst.
Dennis, it's the exact shade of burgundy John Legend wore at the Met Gala.
How could I not get you that suit? [Dennis.]
No matter what I wear, all eyes are gonna be on you.
All right.
See you soon.
Althea Shen.
Uh - Who are you? - I'm an attorney with Cloudrush Capital.
We represent your former employer, Chase Matheson.
We're aware a reporter is pursuing you, whipping up some sort of smear campaign against our client.
Well, I declined, so there's nothing to talk about.
We know.
[attorney sighs.]
We appreciate your good judgment up to now.
We appreciate it so much, in fact, we'd like to codify it.
Codify it? An NDA.
[Althea scoffs.]
[car door closes.]
Just to be sure.
You'd be in good company.
That's how you spiked the story.
You intimidated and harassed the other women into shutting up.
Intimidated? No.
We compensated them for their discretion.
We're prepared to make a very generous offer.
- All you need to do is sign.
- Oh, I don't need your money.
How about peace of mind? It's not my peace of mind you're out here bargaining for.
If you decline, we hope you understand the consequences of speaking out.
The fallout.
And not just for you, for the people around you.
- Your family, your fiancé, his family.
- What are you saying? As you know, the Soongs were significant angel investors in Chase's startup.
Just saying.
He falls, they fall, too.
Think about it.
Good day, Ms.
By necessity, the dagger had to be snuck out in an outbound shipment.
A delivery to our city's own Reed Museum, scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
You don't have it? - [Henry.]
How do we get it? - I extract it.
- You have people inside the museum? - When? - In due time.
- Why wait? Why do you want this so badly? Henry says you work to put artifacts in their rightful place.
I don't know where this dagger belongs, but there's someone out there who's looking for it.
Someone who shouldn't have it, who can't have it.
I need to keep it from her.
And that's all you're prepared to tell me? Yes.
Why? You're not giving it to us.
You never gave me a reason to.
That wasn't the deal.
You gave me a tip about an object.
I utilized my resources to find it, and I will use my resources to obtain it.
Without us, you wouldn't even know the weapon exists.
And without me, you'd be where you are right now.
You've lost nothing.
This righteous mission, repatriating stolen objects, you're just a thief.
Some rich people I steal from.
Some I sell to.
I've looked into these weapons.
There are wealthy collectors who will leap after mystical apocrypha like this.
Just say the word "legend" and they'll drool.
So you'd just sell it? To some rich bastard? I preserve and repatriate real history.
Mystical gewgaws? Selling those off to some rich sucker will help fund my more righteous operations for a long time to come.
Hey, if you put the dagger on the black market, she'll get it.
[Randall chuckles.]
Yes, "her.
" Well, whoever she is, if she'll pay top dollar, I don't care.
- [Althea.]
- Hey, babe.
- What's all this? - Dinner.
You know that celebrity chef from that show that we watch? - Uh, the one who's always yelling? - No, the crying one.
Well, I found out he does prix-fixe deliveries of his tasting menu.
And I wanted to treat you.
Starting off with a bang.
A Wagyu amuse bouche.
Go on.
Try it.
- This is new.
- Oh, upgraded your set.
The old silver didn't seem quite up for this meal.
Oh, my God.
They said to pair this dish with a vintage Belloq.
- And how much did that cost? - I don't know.
Just grabbed it from my parents' cellar.
What if all this went away? This.
All of it.
The food, the clothes, the cars, this apartment, your apartment, big tickets, big trips, the big wedding.
Why would it? It's, uh, hypothetical.
How do we know we'll last if we've never really been tested? Althea I don't need to be tested.
I know I'd love you just as much if you were head to toe in burlap and we were eating out of a dumpster instead of eating this.
- Even if you had to wear burlap? - Of course.
We'd match.
[bell dinging.]
Course two.
Saffron risotto.
Spicy pickles? Okay, what do you need from me? The takeout was my mom's idea for your help with everything.
I just came by to drop it off.
No favors to ask, I promise.
- Hmm.
Thank her for me.
- I will.
So, what's the matter? What? Nothing.
See? All smiles.
You have six smiles, Nicky Shen, and that's your phoniest one.
- Yeah.
I hate that you know me so well.
- Mmm-hmm.
It's nothing.
I just I hit a dead end with the Zhilan case, and I don't really know what to do Heads up, Garrick is on the hunt right Oh, Nicky.
- She dropped off food.
- Spicy pickles? He never shuts up about them.
So I just came to warn you that Garrick is looking for someone to work the Mitchell case.
It's gonna take all day and all night for at least the next week, so I need you to dodge that bullet.
The Mitchell case is a dog.
So no conflict for the Reed gala tomorrow.
Maybe I should volunteer for that case after all.
- Mmm.
Not funny.
- Reed? Um, like, Reed Museum? Yep.
[clears throat.]
Every year, the Reed hosts a terrible event, stuffed with terrible people.
Terrible people like his boss, terrible people like the mayor.
- And I have to press the flesh.
- Uh, well, my break is over, um - Nicky, great seeing you.
- You, too.
So, uh, Zhilan.
You wanna talk about it? Actually, I think I'm good.
- Okay.
- Okay.
What's that smile about? We're getting that dagger.
How? We're gonna break into the museum.
You got a tux? What? You went all quiet on me.
I'm sorry, Nicky.
It's just you pitched pulling a heist on a museum, so I'm gonna need a second.
I've thought about it.
We don't have a choice.
Randall's gonna steal the dagger anyway.
As soon as he puts it up for sale, it'll cross Zhilan's radar.
Then what? She'll probably skip the paying part and murder your friend in the process.
Not my friend right now, but point taken.
We have to get it before he does.
If Randall can do it, why can't we? He's a pro, and he has a team.
He's done this before.
And I'm pretty sure the event is sold out.
The Soongs are on the board.
I'm sure Althea can hook us up.
We get in the door.
What's our play? I'm still figuring that out.
Thought I'd scope out the museum today.
Take advantage of your student discount.
Okay, Nicky, um, to be continued.
I have a class to teach.
- Oh.
- Take a breath.
Wait for me.
- We'll make a plan together.
Okay? - Okay.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
I'll text soon.
I know you're desperate for a fix, but even for a great cause like the clinic, you gotta schmooze these people, work them.
No one I know just writes blank checks.
Not one of your venture capitalist buddies? Your old boss, Chase Matheson? No.
Like I said, not how this works.
[cell phone ringing.]
It's Nicky.
- Hey.
I have a huge favor to ask.
- A huge favor? Listening.
Can you get me two tickets to the Reed gala? I know Dennis' family is a big donor.
Nicky, the Soongs already gave up their comps.
But is this, like, a date thing with Henry? Sure.
Will that help my odds? I have to go, Althea.
Can you please pull some strings and get two extras? I'll owe you big-time.
- I'll try my best.
- Thank you.
I was born to roll Swagger with a stroll You're talking like a winner Looking like a sinner Sorry I didn't wait, but I think I've got a plan.
I saw them setting up.
This is where the gala will be.
The main gallery.
A few side areas will be open, but most of the museum will be shut down.
This doorway leads to the basement.
I know from public record that's where administration and restoration happens.
Now, this storage room right here connects to the loading dock.
- Gotta be where the dagger is.
- Nicky If we can break into the basement without being spotted or tripping the alarm system - Nicky.
- What? We can't do this.
Not like this.
It's right here in your sketches.
Cameras all over the place.
The only possible way in is right here on the gallery floor.
The heart of the party.
Even then, the doors are locked, connected to the alarm systems.
- I know.
That's why I need your help.
- Me? A lock pick isn't gonna cut it with these doors.
This plan depends on a ton of luck.
We've got nobody to distract security, to run cover if things go sideways What are you saying? You're out? I know you're disappointed we lost the dagger, but like this, right now? Yeah.
- Where are you going? - Home.
You're right.
I still have a lot of work to do.
But I have to do this.
And if you can't help me, I'll do it alone.
[door closes.]
Come on.
You're so close.
Close to what? Doing what you asked.
Stopping Zhilan.
Is that what really drives you, hmm? My instructions? She murdered you in front of me.
She burned down the monastery.
Who cares what drives me as long as I stop her? If anger drives you, if what you feel is rage, you can only fail.
I have told you, Nicky, about the difference between justice and revenge.
Yes, Shifu, but knowing and doing are not the same thing.
You taught me that too.
I hate her.
We must always question the source of our behavior.
Hmm? Right now, you are frustrated, pushing people away.
You have reached an impasse and you focus on the obstacles instead of being open to a new way.
[knock at door.]
Come in.
- We need to talk.
- About what? Henry, what are you doing here? - [Althea.]
He told us.
- [Ryan.]
About your crazy plan.
I'm sorry, Nicky.
I had to.
Is this some kind of intervention? I know it's crazy.
I I know it's risky.
I know my plan needs work, but I need to get this dagger.
- And you can't stop me.
- We know that, Nicky.
- That's why we're going to help.
- What? I've got some skills.
Ryan's got some ideas.
It's still crazy, but together we think we can make this work.
No, I I can't put you guys in danger.
Oh, we won't be.
You'll still be the one carrying all the risk.
We'll just be there assisting from the sidelines.
Keeping you from, you know, getting arrested.
I wasn't bailing on you.
I just knew we needed help.
Help doing this the right way.
I guess I can admit it now.
I had no idea how to pull this off alone.
Should we get started? Make this an actual workable heist? - Heels were a mistake.
- Heels are never a mistake.
You've got this.
As long as I don't have to run in these.
For what it's worth, I think those shoes are killer.
So is the bowtie.
Keep an eye out for the caviar blinis.
They are out of this world.
How many unhoused people did we have to step over to get in here? Oh.
And they are serving caviar blinis.
Welcome to the 1%.
Althea tells me you're looking for funding.
This is the perfect lake to fish in.
Come on.
I'll introduce you.
Um, yeah, I'll catch up in a sec.
Just need a drink to loosen up.
Let's run through it one more time.
- Again? - Yes.
Okay, Nicky, but we've got this.
I bounce over to the server room, use this handy-dandy device to get into the mainframe.
Mmm-hmm, giving me an all-access pass to the museum security system.
I can disarm any door and see in every corner of this joint.
Before the mayor says his big speech as all eyes are on him We get into the basement.
Okay, team.
Let's go.
[stumbles and gasps.]
Such a mistake.
Be right back.
- What are you - Althea scored last-minute tickets.
- I couldn't say no to an open bar.
- You don't drink.
Yeah, but the food Mmm, caviar blinis.
My favorite.
Are they? I haven't seen you in a tux since senior prom.
- This is an improvement.
- God, the plaid.
I, uh I tried to warn you about that one.
I just I can't get over it.
This is the last place on Earth I'd expect to bump into you.
Ta-da! Uh, I think your date is looking for you.
Uh, yours too.
I guess I'll, um, see you around the party.
- Did you tell him what's up? - Of course not.
Anyhow, we knew that was coming.
Moving on.
- Nicky.
- Baba? Mama? [chuckles.]
What are you doing here? I was just about to ask you the same thing.
Dennis' parents, they offered me their spare tickets.
- Oh! - Wow! - First I've heard of it.
- Hello, Mr.
and Mrs.
Hello, Henry.
Uh, Mama, Baba, there's a new exhibition of modern Chinese art.
- You should go check it out.
- Why don't we all go? Oh! - Lead the way, Ryan.
- [Henry.]
Lead the way, Ryan.
- Oh, God.
- What? Maybe your parents make me a little nervous.
- You, nervous? - I want them to like me.
- Mayor's due in 15 minutes.
- We really need to get moving.
So, um, Nicky tells us you're a graduate student.
- Yes, uh, Chinese history.
- Oh.
Mostly focused on folklore, myths and legends.
So what's your plan after you graduate? I, uh I'd like to teach.
Well, I heard teaching in the humanities very difficult nowadays.
- Well, you know - I have a fabulous idea.
Family photo.
- Never gonna look this good.
- Um, the wedding? Baba, it can wait.
Henry, will you do the honors? Take a picture? - Of course.
- Okay.
- Uh, where'd I put my phone? - Papa! Okay.
[all gasp.]
- Nicky.
- I'm sorry.
It's the heels.
I'm such a klutz.
Yeah, no worries.
Yes worries.
You need soda water, pronto.
- Oh, I'll get it.
- Oh.
Key is to blot.
Uh, I'll go too.
Moral support.
Oh! Uh And I also will go, seeing as I am the one with the stain.
Okay, bye.
I'm charging you for my deposit.
[indistinct conversation.]
[lock clicking.]
Oh, I hated that.
How did I do? - Six out of ten.
- Mmm.
Could be looser.
Refill time? - Thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.
[device chirps.]
And we're in.
- Just like that? - Just like [device chirps.]
- What? - The firewall, it's already down.
- [Nicky.]
Meaning? - Routine maintenance.
The IT guy's probably playing Fortnite.
I bet it's nothing.
- Okay, Nicky, something's going on.
- What do you mean? Althea loves to work a crowd, and she's had her head stuck in her phone all night.
Ryan's here for some reason, and he hates these things even more than you do.
- I told you.
The Soongs have - Come on, Nicky.
I know when the Shen kids are up to something, because I used to be up to something with you.
And I know when you're lying, because I just know.
- What do you want, Evan? - How about the truth? Since you've been back, I've stuck my neck out for you.
I helped you.
And it's been my pleasure.
But I think I have the right not to be lied to.
Just tell me.
What are you doing here? I'm just here for the party.
I noticed you were asking Henry a lot of questions.
I'm just curious about the boy who's been eating up so much of our daughter's time.
- Mama.
- Mmm.
He's young.
There are worse jobs out there than grad student.
It's not about his education, or his career path.
The boy has a past.
People around town talk.
I've heard things about his family, his troubled youth.
But whatever happened in the past, he's pulled himself by his bootstraps.
He's going to school, he's working.
Does that remind you of anyone, hmm? [chuckles.]
He's nothing like you.
Oh, so you remember that handsome young waiter you first saw in the alley, - smoking a cigarette on his break? - [chuckles.]
I didn't have such a bright future, until I met you.
And you shaped me to the best version of myself.
Good things happen.
People can change.
You changed me.
- Welcome to the Reed, Mr.
- I look forward to your speech.
- Welcome to the Reed.
- So good to see you.
The mayor's security detail.
- That's not good.
- [sighs in exasperation.]
- Where's Ryan? - Mayor? Yeah, uh, I just had one quick question.
We got this.
Yeah, I just want to know why you're cutting vital services while your constituents are hurting.
Some face time with you? Huh? Is that it? [security guard.]
Excuse me.
Keep it down.
Come on.
Or what? We need some accountability from you.
Yeah, you need an election year to happen for that to happen? - Is that it? Is that it? - That's enough.
[device chirps.]
Thank you, Althea.
How do we find it? Well, it just got in from Bolivia yesterday so it shouldn't be unsealed yet.
I think this is it.
- [Nicky.]
- [Henry.]
It's beautiful.
Sure is.
Now hand it over.
You're the ones who took down the other firewall.
Who do you work for? Randall? [Henry.]
You know, if you shoot, you'll attract security, and then no one gets the dagger.
- Nicky.
- Got it.
We gotta go.
Oh, hey, meet Jane.
- Jane, this is my fiancée, Althea.
- Hi.
Anyway, I was so hoping to see your parents tonight to thank them in person.
Please, please send them my deepest regards.
- Of course.
- For everything.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
What was that about? Her daughter was treated at the new oncology ward at St.
- She just entered full remission.
- That's amazing.
- What does it have to do with you? - My parents, uh, paid for the ward.
Um I knew about the museums and the university.
I didn't know about, like, the hospitals.
Yeah, they give to lots of places.
Fulton Hospital, the Kirkwood homeless shelter, a bunch of others.
They always say as long as we can live well, we have a duty to give back.
Honey, are you okay? Yeah.
Just a little, uh thirsty.
[clears throat.]
Do you mind getting me another glass of champagne? - Hang on.
Hang on.
- What? Probably shouldn't go out there looking like we were just fighting mercenaries in the basement.
How about me? Am I okay? You're perfect.
[line ringing.]
- [attorney.]
- I'll sign the NDA.
- I'll keep Chase's secret.
- That's a very wise decision.
Please, shut up.
Not because it's the right thing to do, but because you're gonna do the right thing.
- What's your ask? - Starting with $300,000.
Make the check payable to the Chinese Community Center Medical Clinic.
While you're at it, make it half a million.
- [chuckles.]
I'm not certain - I'm not negotiating.
Once I've signed, never contact me again.
- Henry went to get the car.
- What happened? Said you ran into trouble.
I don't know who, but whoever they are, they want the dagger.
There could be more.
Okay, look.
I need to get out of here.
Can you keep an eye on Mama and Baba? Of course.
Hey, Nicky, come and meet this fascinating lady.
Charlotte Yang.
She's a curator from the Beijing National Museum.
My daughter spent quite a bit of time in China, too.
Did she now? On top of Harvard? What an accomplished family you have.
I was just telling your father that the Chinese antiquities in this museum are exquisite.
- I had to come see for myself.
- Any in particular catch your eye? As a matter of fact, my team and I were notified of a certain rare artifact here, recently discovered, of all places, in Bolivia.
Sounds like a real piece of history.
An ancient dagger.
Deadly, but small enough to fit in a pocket.
Well, it's a good thing a representative from the Beijing National Museum is here.
So many of China's antiquities fall into the wrong hands.
Well, we definitely wouldn't want that.
- Is that your wife, Jin? - Yes.
What can I say? I'm a lucky guy.
Your mother is beautiful.
But she looks awfully lonely over there.
Why don't you go talk to her? I'd love to hear more about Nicky's time in China.
Well, it's a pleasure meeting you, Charlotte.
I hope you will stay around town for a while.
Come to our restaurant in Chinatown.
- Harmony Dumplings.
- I'll keep that in mind.
Thank you.
You know, I had a father once, too.
Sadly, he was taken from me, murdered.
Leave my family alone.
What about your adorable partner in crime? You make quite the team.
Together, you wiped out my men in seconds.
Good thing I don't need men.
Harmony Dumplings, was it? I thought you were dead.
You got a second chance.
You should take it.
Stop fighting your dead shifu's battles.
I knew Pei-Ling better than you, Nicky.
She wasn't worth it.
- [Henry.]
Nicky? - It's gone.
The dagger.
She took it.
She's gonna get away with it.
All of it.
Hey, Nicky, be smart about this.
- No.
- Let it go.
- I won't.
I can't.
- She will kill you.
Ever since we found out about the dagger, you've been driven by something, and I don't think it's justice.
Get my family out of here.
- Give it back.
- You'll have to fight me for it, again.
[Nicky groaning.]
It's impressive that you survived our first encounter.
Fool me once.
- You've learned some new tricks.
- You killed my shifu, your sister.
Anger has blinded you, child.
You know nothing about her.
You never did.
[both grunting.]
Pei-Ling was no shifu.
She was a thief and a murderer.
Our family were the guardians of that sword.
- Pei-Ling stole it.
- A lie.
Pei-Ling murdered our father.
Your shifu ran to that monastery to hide from her crimes, to hide from justice.
Go back to Harvard, little monk.
You're not cut out for this.
[theme music playing.]

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