Kung Fu (2021) s01e07 Episode Script


[dramatic music playing.]
Nicky! Nicky! Nicky! What happened? [groans.]
Evan - Oh, God! - [groans.]
I saw you leave.
When you didn't come back, I came looking.
Who did this to you? - Zhilan.
- Zhilan? She was here? How I was tracking one of the weapons.
I was in the museum basement.
- That's why you were here today.
- Yeah.
We need to get you checked out.
- No.
I'll be okay.
No! - We're going to the hospital.
At least let me call Ryan.
No, he can't see me like this.
No one can.
Nicky, you're hurt.
It wasn't supposed to happen this way.
I was supposed to beat her.
I failed.
Can you please just get me outta here? [elevator dings.]
Nicky? Nicky! [cell phone buzzes.]
[tires screeching.]
Pei-Ling murdered our father.
You believe you are the only one with a difficult family.
Zhilan said Pei-Ling killed their father.
Do you believe her? I don't know.
Pei-Ling had her secrets.
I feel like maybe she wasn't who I thought she was.
Maybe I didn't know her at all.
- Are you taking me to the - Yeah.
Put a lot of work into it since you left.
Good place to rest and heal.
Wow! I remember when that wall still had a tree growing through it.
Roots shot through the pipes.
Had to rip 'em out, start from scratch.
Let me get you some ice.
You can stay here as long as you want.
There's a mountain of old clothes.
There's plenty of food.
It's mostly canned stuff.
You don't need to sell me on the Hartley family cabin.
This used to be the only place we could ever get away from my parents.
Mine too.
They had no idea how many times we snuck out here.
Here we go.
- Sorry.
- They just need some time.
I'll text Althea to cover for me so my parents don't worry.
And I'll see Ryan tomorrow.
I promise.
You haven't replaced the bed.
Still squeaky as hell? Oh, yeah.
I should, uh, get back to Sabine.
I-Is she still at the museum? Um, no.
She, um, left early.
I got it.
Um I'll check on you later.
Thank you for letting me crash.
- No worries.
Good night.
- Night.
[door closes.]
Doubt is a poison, Nicky.
No, Shifu.
Do not succumb to doubt.
You're still on the right path.
Please just I can't hear it right now.
Not from you.
All I want are answers.
Answers you can't give me.
Why not, my child? Because you're not real! Is what Zhilan said true? Did you murder your father? For three years I trusted you.
I confided in you.
I believed you.
Even now, I'm fighting your battles trying to track these weapons to stop Zhilan.
I'm not doing it anymore.
Zhilan, the sword.
I'm done.
You're in pain.
I wish I could help you.
You can.
Leave me alone! [in Mandarin.]
[blows raspberry.]
[fast-paced thrilling music playing.]
Good news.
Your ribs aren't broken.
Bad news.
They're bruised, like, hella bad.
Is "hella" a medical term? Nicky, don't joke.
She gonna be okay? You'll need to restrict movement for a week, maybe two.
- No exercises, no training, no kung fu.
- [Nicky.]
If you do that, should be fully healed in a month.
I mean, physically.
What's that supposed to mean? - It means I'm worried.
- We both are.
- Nicky, everything that's - I told you I'm fine.
Well, if you're not gonna open up to family, you should at least talk to Henry.
He's been asking about you.
I know.
He cares about you.
You haven't talked to him since last night.
- Nicky.
You're hurt.
- Hey.
It's It's fine.
I'm fine.
Um I mean, it feels like I got hit by a truck.
And I lost us the dagger, but I'm just glad you're alive.
Uh I've been worried.
I know.
I I should've called.
It's okay.
Look, we've got a lot to talk about.
Zhilan, what happened.
But, um I've gotta meet someone right now.
Oh, yeah.
We'll just talk later.
Actually, I was thinking you could come along.
An old friend of mine, he's got a problem.
He could use our help.
The guy on the flyer, that's Master Drake.
My sister, Phoebe, joined his new American school last year.
She sold everything she had, cashed in her bank account.
Two months ago, she moved into the training center full-time.
Last week, she cut ties with my family.
Won't even answer my calls.
Phoebe's always had a tough relationship with our parents.
But we were always close.
Did she say why? Apparently, Drake wants his disciples to put kung fu above all else.
Last time I saw her, she looked roughed up.
Big bruise on her cheek.
I've been asking around the local martial arts communities.
Rumor is, Drake's students have been ending up in the ER.
Concussions, broken bones.
Whatever's going on at that school, he's driving his students hard.
It's like Phoebe takes whatever Drake says as law.
He's filling her head with lies.
I mean, he's her shifu.
She trusts him completely, no matter how dangerous things get.
There's an open training session at the school tonight.
We were thinking you'd be a good person to feel her out, try to get through to her.
But if you're not feeling up to it I'll do it.
It's a Shaolin school.
It should be me.
Zhilan? Zhilan! It has been too long, Uncle.
I saw your car outside.
I couldn't believe you took time from your busy Hong Kong life.
What brings you back home? Well, I've been thinking about Father and I missed this place.
Well, we will catch up.
You'll tell me everything about your big, fancy life.
Now sit.
It's cold in here.
I'll start a fire.
[stacks firewood, lights match.]
[Pei-Ling in Mandarin.]
- [both grunting.]
- [stabbing.]
Oh! [gasping.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Papa! Papa.
- Mama, hey.
- Hey.
Where'd you go last night? Didn't Althea tell you I crashed at her place? What's that? - Nothing.
- No No.
Face-planted in Althea's heels last night.
She insisted I try on outfits for the rehearsal dinner.
- Nicky, that is - Mama, please.
It's It's fine.
I'm fine.
But I'm running late.
Uh, Althea needs me to pick up party favors.
- Mm.
- So, talk to you later.
[upbeat percussive music playing.]
[blows landing.]
Hey, if you turn your hip, you'll have more power.
You try.
[both chuckle.]
- Thanks for the tip.
- Yeah.
You're new here.
Where do you normally train? China.
Um, I spent three years at a Shaolin monastery in Yunnan.
- I'm Nicky.
- Phoebe.
Are you looking for a place to train or instruct? Actually, I'm here to see you.
Your brother's worried about you.
My brother needs to mind his own business.
He said you cut off all connection with him, your family.
My family's made it clear they don't support my training.
It seems intense.
How'd you get that bruise on your face? Lose focus, you come unprepared, you get knocked down.
Heard that happens a lot here.
People getting hurt.
The training's intense but it's legit.
Master Drake saved me.
After I was discharged from the army, I had nothing.
I was lost.
He gave me a second chance.
Look, I'm not here to pass judgment, but kung fu should be about following your own path, not someone else's.
Even if that person is your shifu.
Sometimes, I wish I would've asked more questions instead of blindly following my teacher.
For me, there is only one path.
If I don't stay focused, - I will never master Tsoi-Hung.
- Tsoi-Hung? Once a student completes the trials, they attain Tsoi-Hung.
It's the highest tier in Master Drake's training.
Few students make it, but I'm close.
Reaching this tier how much does it cost? It's worth it.
Where is Master Drake? I'd love to speak with him.
Master Drake, this is Nicky Shen.
She trained with the Shaolins in China.
Welcome to the New American School, Nicky Shen.
She's interested in learning about Tsoi-Hung.
Three years at a Shaolin monastery and I've never heard of it.
The source of my wisdom is a secret not for the uninitiated.
No freebies, huh? What can I say? Tsoi-Hung is the culmination of a series of trials to prepare the students for the deepest secrets of kung fu.
Each one of my students determines what steps and sacrifices are necessary to attain their goals.
Phoebe is one of my strongest students.
Her focus, her discipline and the rapid development of her gifts is a testament to the choices that she has made.
Well, call me impressed.
Um I'm willing to keep an open mind if you're willing to show me.
I'd love to learn more.
As an experienced Shaolin I'll waive your initiation fee, and you can participate in the first trial.
That way, you'll get to experience directly just how hard my disciples train.
- It would be my honor.
- Perfect.
We'll see you tomorrow night at 8:00.
I missed you.
Last time you were home, you left in such a hurry.
I apologize, Uncle.
After I saw you at the festival, I came back here and I had an unexpected visitor.
[in Mandarin.]
Hmm? [sniffling.]
[Zhilan scoffs.]
[Nicky in English.]
Any luck? Henry said it's the only reference to Tsoi-Hung he could find online.
Do you know how many laws I'm breaking right now? No backseat driving.
So you talked to Henry? How did he feel about you sleeping over at Evan's last night? It didn't come up.
We're both kind of busy right now, trying to help this girl.
The perfect distraction.
Oh! I found it.
It's some sort of live stream site.
Let's see.
There's over 50,000 subscribers, pay to view, site goes live a few times a week.
- What are those? - Links to old streams.
That's the ring at the school.
Drake's profiting off these fights.
No protection, no refs, no rules.
That's why his students get hurt.
From the angle, I guess they don't even know they're being filmed.
They wanna impress him, achieve some made-up reward he calls Tsoi-Hung.
That's Phoebe.
Ugh We gotta get her out of there, before it's too late.
The Tsoi-Hung trials are a scam.
They're just bait to get bodies in the ring.
Looks like they're making huge profits.
Guess there's a real market on the dark web for watching people beat the crap out of each other.
That's illegal, right? - I mean, there have got to be laws.
- About a dozen.
California has some of the strictest fight regulations in the country, not to mention the illegal gambling aspect.
The video source code is mega encrypted.
Oh, and no way the school has the bandwidth to run things from there.
There's got to be some sort of remote HQ.
Trials happened at the school, but it's being broadcast from another location? Yep, someone's running this thing from some sort of off-site server.
Drake's keeping his hands clean.
We want to bring this guy down? That's where we hit him.
The server.
The site.
There's a case to be built.
I could kick it up the chain in my office.
Drake's got Phoebe and the rest of his students under his spell.
Phoebe, any of the others could get hurt or worse.
- We're not waiting.
- Okay, then Althea is gonna have to trace the servers in real time while the site is live.
That's your smoking gun.
You said the source code was mega encrypted, but mega doesn't mean impossible.
Those hidden cameras are connected to local Wi-Fi, so in theory, I could hack into the network and backtrace - the location of the servers.
- Sick, do that.
Only catch, someone needs to be close enough to the router so I can use their phone to hack it during the transmission.
Is ringside close enough? Got a standing invite from Master Drake himself.
An invite to participate in the trial? He's gonna throw you in the ring.
Whoa, wait? You're going to fight? Nicky, your injuries? I've told you.
I know, but hopefully Althea can do her little Wi-Fi thingy before I even have to fight.
Judging by the encryption, I'll need about ten minutes to trace it.
Guys, it's okay.
I got this.
Master Drake's been lying to his students, exploiting them, that ends tomorrow.
One more drink.
Uncle, please, please.
I came here for a reason.
I'm looking for something.
Before he died, Father kept a notebook and a scroll written in some ancient text.
Do you know where it is? - Let's not speak of such silly things.
- Why not? Uncle, you're usually so chatty.
Why so quiet now? I made a promise years ago to protect you from all that.
A promise.
A promise to whom? Your sister.
The night Pei-Ling ran away, she called me, pleaded with me to take you in No.
to look after you.
I was still angry about Yibo's death, but I couldn't say no to her.
She's family, too.
You, you betrayed me.
All those years, behind my back speaking to her.
Not often.
She sent money sometimes.
She wanted you to have good life.
Life? Life? She used you.
She used you to clear her guilty conscience.
What are you doing? You want to protect me from all this? You're far too late! - Zhilan.
- I killed Pei-Ling.
And if I have to, I will kill you, too.
- Zhilan, what have you become? - Where are they? Under the floorboard.
What is it? The scroll belonged to your mother.
Some sort of guide.
The sword's guardian.
The notebook.
Your father was trying to translate it.
He didn't get far but he believed the scroll held secrets to all eight weapons.
Where is the scroll? Where is it? The night Yibo died, I sold it to Mr.
Meet me outside the school.
Drake's not expecting you, so we should walk in together.
Thanks, Henry.
Nicky, where are you going? Althea, more errands.
[indistinct chatter.]
There she is.
Come on.
Welcome, Nicky Shen.
Are you ready to put your skills to the test? Tsoi-Hung is a cage fight? No better way to take stock of one's abilities than in true combat.
Who am I fighting? Master Drake.
It would be my honor to face a true Shaolin fighter.
Phoebe, I admire your commitment and your determination.
Phoebe has the true heart of a warrior.
But Nicky Shen has trained with the Shaolin.
And I believe she deserves an opponent worthy of that rank.
So let us see how she fares against a full Tsoi-Hung warrior.
Tonight, you will fight me.
I don't get it.
What the hell's Drake's play here? I threatened his authority over his star pupil.
He thinks he can reclaim that by crushing me in the ring.
Yeah, well, he might be a bad teacher and an awful person, that doesn't mean he's not a powerful fighter.
How are we on time? At least another eight minutes or so.
Give or take.
Nicky Shen, please take your position.
You know, as much as I'd love to see you wipe the floor with that jackass, are you sure you're in any condition to take him on right now? - Ryan said - Look, I'm fine.
I can do this.
The only way to snap Drake's hold on Phoebe, on everyone, is to expose him as the fraud he is.
[cage door locks.]
How's it going over there? [Althea.]
Going as fast as I can.
- What the - What's she doing? Isn't that Master Drake? She's going to get herself killed.
Nicky Shen.
Master Drake.
[Nicky groans.]
The ribs.
Nicky, come on.
Are you ready to quit now? Few people can stand the full force of Tsoi-Hung.
[door closes.]
[in Mandarin.]
[in English.]
They say masters need to be an example of peace and virtue in the eyes of their students.
I have tried to be that for you.
But I am like anyone else.
I have made mistakes.
I have deep regrets.
I hope those mistakes do not prevent me from providing the training and guidance to those who count on me.
Shifu, you're a great teacher.
You've taught me so much.
To determine whether or not I am a good teacher, do not look to my teachings, or to my skill.
- Then what? - Look to yourself.
Have you grown past the young girl who climbed into my truck? Are you still running or are you facing your fears? That is how I wish to be judged.
How you grow.
Who you become.
All I can do is hope I have taught you well.
[upbeat pop music playing.]
If you play with fire Then you're gonna get hurt - Althea, how much longer? - Got it.
They're running the servers out of a residence near the airport.
Call it in.
I'll call Henry, tell him to get out of there.
'Cause I'm running wild And I'm not afraid 'Cause I'm a lioness Don't mess with this [grunting.]
I'm the queen of the jungle I'm the queen of the jungle I'm the queen of the jungle Whoa, whoa I'm the queen of the jungle I'm the queen of the jungle Whoa, whoa I'm the queen of the jungle Whoa, whoa [indistinct whispered chatter.]
You should call your brother.
Althea says the cops just raided the server.
New American School is going down.
Only a matter of time before the law brings Drake in.
Kevin's taking Phoebe home.
Told me to say thanks.
- Hope she finds her way.
- What is it? I've been struggling.
What Zhilan said, it got to me.
There's still so much I don't know about Pei-Ling, about her past.
Made me start doubting everything.
And maybe I won't ever know the whole truth.
But I I know Pei-Ling taught me well.
I know she was a good shifu.
She had her secrets, but her mission is still my mission.
And I think I'm ready to start again, if you are.
Yeah, of course.
How about now? I mean, ribs still hurt, but I'm feeling pretty good after this fight.
- It could be just you and me.
- Nicky.
I'm here for you, I am, but, uh - What? - I saw you leave the gala with Evan.
I know it was a crazy situation.
You were hurt, and he was there.
But you didn't even tell me where you went.
And I've been starting to think that maybe you're not completely over him.
If you have feelings for him, any feelings at all, that's okay, but I'm just going to have to put a pause on this.
Yeah, okay.
- Good night, Nicky.
- Night.
- Nicky.
- Hey, Mama.
You know, Althea ran me ragged, so I'm just going to head upstairs and crash.
Is everything okay? I saw you at the New American School fighting that man.
How did you know? I knew you were hiding something.
- I just had to make sure.
- So you followed me.
I shouldn't have been so surprised.
I've seen glimpses of it ever since you've come home, - but tonight that fight - Mama, you know I've been training No.
There is a difference between training and what I saw.
You are a warrior, Nicky.
A warrior by birth.
I have been trying to shield you from it your whole life, - trying to change your destiny.
- My destiny? It was the last thing I wanted for you.
I suppose I was a fool to think I could stop it.
- It's in your blood.
- What are you saying? You are a descendant of Liang Daiyu, the first woman warrior.
I think you're in the wrong car.
Not that I'd ask you to leave.
Well, that's very generous of you, Kerwin Tan.
If you're here to make a pitch to the Tans, you're better off speaking to my father.
And what if I want to be friends? [scoffs.]
What a charmingly middle class concept.
- What's your angle? - Biange.
I assume you've heard of it.
It is your father's lifelong goal.
His animating passion.
In the past few years, it has become mine, too.
Your family has something I want.
An ancient scroll purchased from my family decades ago.
Your father, I imagine, he has had no luck in translating it.
It's probably collecting dust in one of your many estates as we speak.
I need it.
And luckily for you, I have the means to translate it.
So you need me.
So why come to me? Why indeed? I am perfectly happy approaching one of your siblings if you're not interested in what I have to offer.
Let's get out of here.
We know the lineage is real, traceable but only a few believed in what that really meant.
- Our family's legacy.
- Legacy? As descendants of Liang Daiyu, we are the rightful owners of her sword.
It's been lost for generations, held by a guardian, but it is said when the time is right, it would be ours to reclaim.
Our birthright.
It was said that one member of every generation, a woman, would be chosen to wield the sword.
And you believed this growing up? That's why you kept it from us? I I never really understood any of it.
But my sister, she did.
- She believed the stories.
- Aunty Mei-Xue? You said she died when she was a teenager.
- Tuberculosis.
- I lied.
Less painful than the truth.
She believed she had the right to wield the sword.
That she was the chosen one of our generation, that it was calling out to her.
She was obsessed.
I begged her to stay.
But she ran away, abandoning me, our family - We haven't seen her since.
- All these years, you lied.
I wanted to shield my family from all of this.
To not feel the pain I felt.
To forget about our bloodline.
But then, I had you.
I kept seeing it in you.
Flashes of Mei-Xue.
You would scrape your knee.
No tears.
Always standing up to the bullies in school fighting for what is right.
Althea would choose ballet.
You, karate! You stopped me.
That's where it started.
You controlling me.
Steering me towards what you want me to be.
- Yes.
- I have tried my whole life to understand what my true path is.
And you've known this all along? My whole life you've kept me in the dark.
You lied to me, manipulated me.
I wanted to keep you safe.
I wanted to stop you from making the same mistakes Mei-Xue That was my choice to make.
- And you stole it from me.
- [clicks tongue.]
Papa, I need the car keys.
I need to get out of here.
[door closes.]
What have you done? [theme music playing.]

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