Kung Fu (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Kung Fu" Our family's legacy.
As descendants of Liang Daiyu, we are the rightful owners of her sword.
I have tried my whole life to understand what my true path is, and you've known this all along? You lied to me! What have you done? I'm coming up.
You were the one that said you needed time, Sabine.
After everything we've been through, don't we owe it to each other to at least try and make this work? Yeah.
I'll be here.
Thank you.
I'll leave now.
It shouldn't take long at this hour.
I'll see you soon.
You mentioned you'd be here, and I didn't know where else to go.
Turns out my mom was keeping this destiny from me all this time.
Says it was to protect me.
Classic "for my own good.
" Kind of explains why she's always been the way she is.
You know, when I got to the monastery, I thought I was free, finally free to choose my path.
But what if that wasn't even my choice? What if fate brought me there? It's my destiny to wield the sword.
I wound up right at its doorstep, and I had no idea.
I mean, who knows how different things could've been if I had known the truth, if she hadn't lied to me? She pushed me away from you, too.
What if I had stayed? Nicky, Sabine's coming up to the cabin.
She'll be here soon.
That's great.
I know how much you're dealing with right now.
And you know I am here for you.
Of course.
Um, thank you, but I should go.
Are you going to be okay? Do you have somewhere else to go? Yeah.
Yeah, I'll be fine.
You shut me out.
If I had known, I could've been a better parent.
I could've understood.
You betrayed my trust.
I'm sorry.
Jin Ryan, it's 5 A.
Is everything okay? Not really.
Nicky, Dad's left.
He's gone.
Baba couldn't have gotten far.
He'll be okay.
I'm gonna try calling him again.
Mama, he hasn't answered his phone in hours.
I don't think he's gonna pick up now.
You came.
Any word? No.
He's not answering his phone, but He packed a bag.
Did you tell Althea? Not yet.
She's got her bachelorette's night.
I figured Yeah.
She's got enough on her plate.
Just trust me.
She deserves one good, fun night.
She can wait till tomorrow to find out - Mama nuked her marriage.
- Nicky.
Can someone please tell me what's going on between you two, between you and Baba? Mama's been lying to him, to all of us for decades.
About what? We'll talk in the car.
Let's go.
Where are you going? I've got a pretty good idea where Baba went.
Come on.
Aha! Wore these to a funeral once.
They're perfect! Okay, now you're scaring me, honey.
Do you have a fever? Should I call a doctor? The second I heard your mother was planning to come to my bachelorette, my whole wardrobe plan had to change.
Okay, I'll just tell her not to come.
No way.
I'm already on mother-in-law probation after my outburst at dinner.
Well, she's only tagging along to keep an eye on Chloe.
Your super cool, perfect sister who's flying in from Hong Kong for this.
Another reason to be anxious.
We're not making waves.
Your mother is coming.
Time to repent and atone.
"Althea's amazing ideas", huh? Oh.
Just some old tech pitches I had.
"Nosh Ninja"? Meal planner app based on what you already have in your fridge or pantry.
It would've aggregated recipes from the web using filters for food allergies and aversions.
Uh, that's a great idea.
The U.
was gonna be pretty tight, too.
Market's too crowded.
It's all about meal deliveries now.
That ship has sailed.
Oh! Okay.
What do you think? Librarian turtleneck or pioneer collar? You sure he'll be there? It's the best guess I have.
So back to the part where we're descended from a line of ancient warriors.
We've got Liang Daiyu's blood in our veins, the Tang dynasty's greatest warrior.
Defended her village from raiders, saved the empress, started female Shaolin.
You know, just an average gal.
Ha ha! Yeah.
But you're it, the the chosen one.
I don't know.
According to legend, it's a one woman every generation kind of thing.
Nicky, I mean, you are.
The fight on the rooftop, the air you got! You've downplayed it, but I knew it was more than just 3 years of training.
And everything else you've done since? Like what? Get my ass kicked by Zhilan? Look, I just I just want to find Baba, make sure he's okay.
Destiny, bloodlines, the sword, I I just can't right now, okay? Okay.
Hi, Baba.
So you found me.
Kenny's Hideaway motel? I mean, you're pretty easy to find.
You only brought us here every summer.
I'm not going home.
Have you tried calling Mama? At least let her know you're okay? We can tell her.
We're just here to see you.
We're not trying to rush you out.
You need a week, take a week.
- You need a month, take a month.
- Nicky! What? Anyhow, I think Nicky should get going.
We just got here.
She's got Althea's bachelorette tonight.
Oh, yeah.
Well, that's important.
Well, go.
Make sure she has a good time.
What about you? Don't you have patients to see? I took a sick day.
I can take a cab back into the city.
You sure you're okay, Papa? Yeah.
Good to see you.
A party bus, Nicky? Mrs.
Soong is gonna think we're total trash.
Okay, last week, you specifically asked for a party bus, and I didn't even know she was coming till, like, an hour ago.
I know.
I'm just stressed.
About Mrs.
Soong? I really need this night to go well.
I need to show her I can be perfect.
Perfect? That sounds like a realistic goal.
Ha ha.
I was probably her 300th choice to bear the name Mrs.
Dennis Soong.
Actually, I doubt the mouthy daughter of struggling mainland immigrants even made the list, so, yes, I need to be perfect.
But Dennis thinks you're perfect.
That's all that matters, right? Speaking of Dennis, are you sure this meltdown isn't because you haven't told him about the NDA, about what happened? Not now, Nicky.
I'm not trying to pressure you one way or the other, but nothing good comes from keeping secrets.
Trust me.
Holding on to all that would stress anyone out.
Talking about this on the Soongs' doorstep, that's stressing me out.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I hope you don't mind me joining the festivities - so last minute.
- We're delighted.
Chloe, time to go! Is that a party bus? It is a luxury party bus.
Let me guess.
Althea's idea.
I should've known.
You're what's been holding Chloe up.
What? I'm just glad to have my little sis back home.
Oh, Althea, I missed you so much.
- Nicky, right? - Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, Mom, I brought NaiNai's necklace.
I thought maybe you could wear it with your coat.
Oh, that's all right, dear.
I doubt emeralds are required where we're going.
Oh, I'm sure it'll look great.
- You should try it on.
- Me jewelry's sorted.
Put it back in the safe, and let's get moving.
Fine, Mama.
That girl has been acting so strange since she got in from Hong Kong.
Nicky, dear, since Althea's our party queen for the night, would you mind keeping an eye on Chloe? I'd try to, but she calls that hovering.
Of course.
Okay, babe, I'm off.
Have fun at your bachelor party.
Not too much fun.
So what have you got planned for us tonight? It'll be fun, heh, but low-key and very tasteful, right, Nicky? Mm-hmm.
How about you? How about you It took two months for my eyebrows to grow back.
That's when we realized Althea had no future in cosmetology.
But thanks to STEM, she found her true calling and unlocked her brilliant brain, all the better to snag her wonderful mathlete husband-to-be Dennis.
To Althea, my gorgeous, kind, loving sister, you inspire me every day, and you deserve everything you have and more.
Enough of that.
Time to party.
Uh my old dance trophy? Nicky.
- Come on.
- No, no, no.
Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug I'm not much of a chugger.
Hey, everybody, come on.
Gather round.
Come on.
- Mom, let me see your phone.
- What? We're gonna take a group selfie.
Everybody ready? 1, 2 Chloe! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It just slipped.
That was brand-new.
It's ruined.
It's fine.
I can fix it.
Seriously, Chloe, what has gotten into you? - Hey.
- Hey.
Althea says you just got in from Hong Kong.
Yup, my mom insisted I fly back for the big 3 bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, and wedding.
Back to her wrath.
Oh, trust me, I know how that is.
My mom spent my whole life trying to make me something I'm not.
I think if my mom knew the real me, it would kill her.
Anyways, this wedding is a great distraction for her.
Althea is so cool.
A little bit more high-strung than I remember.
You know, I think she's just eager to please your mom.
Oh, Diana has that effect on people.
I got to take this.
Henry, I oh, my God.
Uh, arrived at the community center, so I assumed it was for tonight.
I didn't want it going to my parents', so I had the printer send it there, and I totally forgot.
I can't believe you brought it here.
Yeah! I lugged him through the Castro.
Cardboard Dennis was a big hit.
Thank you.
Um, after we talked, I wasn't sure if Just 'cause I said we should slow down, you thought we'd stop being friends? I told you, I'm here for you.
Well, actually, I got big news about the weapons, about myself.
Look, I tried.
You're where? No, TJ.
You can't be here.
Uh, everything okay? Not sure.
Can we put a pin in this? I Uh, one sec.
Come on, Chloe.
Get in.
No, hey, look, I changed my mind, okay? Everything's set up.
What gives? Please, TJ.
I just don't want to do this anymore.
Well, that's too bad.
Hey! Chloe, what's going on? It's none of your business.
Chloe, let's go.
Look, just go back inside.
Everything's fine.
We're gonna go for a ride.
You don't seem fine.
You can't just leave.
I have to.
What was that? That was bad.
Althea's gonna kill me.
That was Dennis's kid sister, who I was supposed to be watching tonight.
- And the guy? - TJ.
Whoever he is, she's scared of him.
Maybe an ex? - Should we tell Althea and Chloe's mom? - No, definitely not.
This was Althea's one night to have fun.
She needs this.
Okay, I can figure this out.
We just need to find Chloe and bring her back before Mrs.
Soong notices.
And how are we supposed to do that? No clue.
What about her socials? Yeah.
Maybe this TJ is her friend.
We find his profile Might be able to get his location.
Um, just a lot of pictures of shoes, puppies.
She really likes Sushi.
No sign of TJ.
I should've taken down his plates before he peeled away.
Well, the viper on his car, that looked pretty custom.
I can try my buddy over at Chung's custom cars.
He might know who did the detailing.
And I'll see what I can get from Mrs.
I'll need to tread carefully.
Henry, thank you.
What are friends for? "Friends.
" great.
Girl, you got to do something.
It's like a morgue in here.
Ooh, Nicky, have you seen Chloe? Um, she's stuck waiting in line for the restroom.
Can I borrow the woman of the hour? I'll be right back.
Why aren't you having fun? Nicky, no one is having fun.
Because you're not having fun.
It's your party.
You set the tone.
You refused to chug from the trophy.
But Diana doesn't sip champagne unless it's from a baccarat flute.
What would she think? You're dressed like you came in on a covered wagon.
This look is virgin chic.
And you threw away my pin the abs on the Dennis.
What if Diana saw? She'd think we're objectifying her son.
I'm doing this because I love you.
I brought this for a reason.
Hey, guys, look what I found.
Nicky, no.
- Put it on.
- Splits is in the house! Oh, okay, okay.
Nicky? Sometimes we all just need a little encouragement.
Bottoms up.
You must be happy having Chloe back.
But it's complicated.
Complicated how? Well, there's a reason we sent her to Hong Kong in the first place.
It was her friends, awful girls Allegra and Kendall.
They were always partying and staying out late.
I got her away from those two and not a moment too soon.
goin' nowhere Come on, man.
Hands up.
Oh! What? Ugh.
You can't win another championship with "D" like that.
They're not gonna make the playoffs this year.
The dynasty's over.
Hmm? I don't know why Mama did what she did.
I don't even really understand what all this crazy legacy stuff even means, but I do know she did it to protect us to protect Nicky.
She was scared.
So she says.
Maybe with time, I will understand.
But the lie and all of her secrets.
I don't think I can ever forgive that.
She kept the truth from me for too long.
I know she hurt you.
Sometimes hiding the truth, keeping part of yourself secret, can trap you.
You get used to living with a lie.
Before you know it, years have passed, and it feels like no one knows the real you anymore.
Even then it still feels safer like that.
I'm gonna call Mama.
Let her know we're both okay.
My buddy at the body shop didn't know anything.
I struck out.
Turns out TJ might not even be Chloe's worst friend.
I started digging into her girlfriends, Allegra Caldwell and Kendall Burton.
They're both loaded, big on the social scene, and, according to tabloids, they were arrested for breaking, entering, and grand theft of the Tinderwall Mansion.
Looks like they got off with a slap on the wrist.
You think Chloe's still mixed up with these girls? Click on the video.
You think that's TJ? Not just TJ.
Wait for it.
You think that's Chloe.
Allegra and Kendall were both busted for the Tinderwall incident, but none of the other accomplices were identified.
The footage was too blurry.
But, yeah, I think it's her.
Soong thought she ripped Chloe from the bad crowd in the nick of time, but what if she's still in this bling ring? TJ did say they have a job to do.
Something's going down tonight.
You know what you have to do.
Hmm, I know.
, go, big red! Just when she's finally having fun.
What? Okay.
Don't freak out.
I lost Chloe.
Okay, she left the party with some creep, TJ, and I'm pretty sure she and her not-so-ex-friends, Kendall and Allegra, are up to something, a potentially illegal something.
If I don't leave the party now and find her, she might make a huge mistake.
Please say something so I know you're just processing.
Althea? Okay.
You need to get Chloe back here.
Soong gave you one assignment.
I know.
This is not about my bachelorette party anymore, Nicky.
This is about my marriage, my future with the entire Soong family.
I completely understand.
But we need your help.
And you know Chloe.
Apparently not.
I haven't heard one thing about this Allegra and Kendall.
Zero idea Chloe had gone bad, not that I don't see how it happened.
What do you mean? Trying to live up to that paragon of virtue and style can send anyone off the rails.
Well, we need to find Chloe fast, before Mrs.
Soong notices.
We thought we could go talk to Dennis.
He's at my place, bachelor party.
We'll see if he has any idea where she could be.
Whatever you see at Dennis's bachelor party, I don't want to know.
Keep my bass down low How was the game? I don't know.
I stopped watching it.
I'm sorry.
For what? For not saying more.
When you told us the truth and we were silent.
We didn't know how to talk about it.
If you ever needed Dad, it's okay.
Do you want to know what I thought when you told us you're gay? I thought we were blessed with such a brave son.
I'm sorry if the silence made you doubt, made you think we loved you less.
I only love you more.
Tell me, son, are you happy, hmm? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
Do you have someone? Um, yeah.
You and Mama met him, actually.
Oh, yeah.
He seems like a good man, hmm? Good because you deserve it.
- Cheers.
- Ha ha ha! Cheers.
Suck my dragon fire! Hey.
Uh The door was unlocked.
Do you have a sec? It's about Chloe.
You really think she's gotten involved with Kendall and Allegra again and they're planning a heist? It's a theory, but, yeah, something like that.
We want to find her and stop her before she does something she regrets.
I should've known something was off.
- What do you mean? - She was just acting funny.
Made me wear this tonight, my granddad's class ring.
She said he wore it to his bachelor party.
She did the same thing to your mom.
Insisted she wear her necklace tonight.
Why? No idea.
Dennis, I think they're planning to Rob your house.
- What? - Maybe she knew the hit was coming, so she tried to pull the ring and necklace to keep them safe.
That's crazy.
Chloe may have the code to the safe, but the security system in the house is beyond.
Mom keeps tabs.
She's even got the camera synced to her phone.
She'd get an alert if anyone was on the property.
But only if the phone's working, right? Chloe drowned it in a margarita.
Henry, we got to go.
I'm coming, too.
Ooh, no.
You're drunk.
Besides, Althea would kill me if she found out you were missing your whatever this is.
Don't worry.
We got this.
I hear this wine is really Oaky.
Where's Nicky and Chloe? Uh, they left.
They're getting a surprise.
They'll be back soon.
Oh, this? Oh, it's silly.
I should go change.
I'm wearing this.
I know what you think of me, Diana.
I know what you've always thought of me.
I'm a loudmouth party girl from the wrong side of China and the wrong side of Chinatown.
And, yes, I was a cheerleader, and, ha ha, yes, my friends still call me Splits.
But this is who I am, pompoms and all.
I know I wasn't your first choice when it comes to Dennis, but I can't keep trying to be something I'm not when I'm around you.
It's too exhausting.
Althea you're right.
When we first met, I was thrown not because you're mainland, not because you weren't rich, and not because of that.
I always imagined Dennis with someone quiet, perhaps not so vivacious.
I worried you'd run circles around him, but Dennis worships you.
You make him happier than I've ever seen him.
More than anything, that's what I want for him, for both my children.
Guys, come on.
We've taken enough.
TJ, please.
You promised.
Oh, what, you actually believed me? Guys, please.
You didn't call for restraint when we looted my parents' beach house.
We got in trouble.
And did we rat you out? No.
We had our names dragged through the mud.
You got a trip to Hong Kong.
And you didn't even text us when you got back.
I mean, if your mom hadn't run into mine at the country club and mentioned your little party tonight, we wouldn't even know you were in town.
What you got there? Nothing! It's nothing.
Really? Excuse me.
TJ, please.
I am going to tell the truth, okay? I will tell everyone.
You know what? Go ahead.
You got lucky with the Tinderwall footage, Chloe.
But you know that I have tape of every single hit that we have ever done with your face clear as day.
So what, you're gonna try and stop us now? Everyone's gonna know what you did.
We used to be friends.
Used to be.
Let's go do Diana's closet next.
Your mom still have that crocodile birkin? You know, you don't have to take everything.
No, but I want to.
And don't even think about saying anything.
If your parents go public with what happened here tonight, TJ will release the tapes.
No! You're not going anywhere.
Who are you? Uh! Hey! - Ow.
Stop that.
- Here! Cut it out.
No, no, no, no, no.
Not the vase.
Aah! Ow! Henry! No! Come on! Let's go! - Seriously? - Aah.
Hey, you called the cops? I gave your mom a heads-up so she could get here first, but, yeah.
Look, I know what you're thinking, okay, but I just got stuck.
I mean, the first few times we did it, we barely even took anything.
And it was more for the fun of it.
By the time I wanted off the ride, I mean, they had tapes of me.
And I didn't know what to do except keep the secret and keep doing what they told me.
I'm not the one you need to explain this to.
They're gonna release the tapes.
"Soong heiress exposed.
" When Mom finds out, she's gonna k yeah, she'll be mad, but, you know, no matter what, she loves you.
Chloe? Ohh.
I just can't believe it.
We thought you should know.
Really, though? Dungeons & Dragons? Yup.
He's perfect.
Well, what's the word on Chloe? I don't know.
The cops swept her friends up.
I assume Diana and Chloe are fighting, making up.
Cleaning up.
The place got kind of trashed.
Sorry your bachelorette was a bust.
Are you kidding? I got drunk, I got wild, and I still bonded with Diana.
- Ryan.
- Hey.
Mm! How's Baba? That bad, huh? Ohh.
Well, we had a great chat.
But He's still not over Mama's big secret.
Definitely not.
I tried, but he's still up at the motel.
I don't know when or if he'll forgive her.
Baba? It's time to come home.
I'm mad, too.
I'm still trying to make sense of all this.
But Mama is hurting.
Leaving her to suffer isn't gonna help us figure anything out.
But the lies, Nicky.
I know.
You must have kept secrets from Mama over the years.
Have you told her everything? - What? - You're right.
I never told her.
I saw you.
Saw me what? Some months after you left, we saw your emails and we knew you were alive somewhere.
Mama sent me to China to find you.
I did.
I went to the last place you were seen on the tour.
I felt hopeless, full of guilt.
I had let Mama drive you away.
I thought I wanted the same thing Mama wanted: To drag you home.
And I saw you.
I was so happy.
But before I could call out to you, you drove off.
So I followed you.
You were at the monastery? Yes.
I saw everything.
Hyah Why didn't you come inside? I wanted nothing more to hug you, to talk to you.
I didn't.
Because looking at you, I knew this is where you belonged.
You met Pei-Ling.
Why didn't you come see me? I did see you The real you.
I didn't want to ruin it.
Nicky, you were so beautiful, so powerful.
You never told Mama? She would've made me take you away.
And I knew this is where you needed to be.
Mama? Nicky? I talked to Papa.
He's coming home.
How did you know it was me? How did you know it was my destiny, that I was the one? Your first birthday, your zhuazhou, we put several objects on a table for you to choose.
It's it's just for fun, a way to tell your child's future.
And I was curious, whether you'd grab a pencil and choose academia or a keyboard and become a musician.
But when I picked you up for you to choose, you wouldn't.
And then I saw your fist was gripping onto something tightly, and you wouldn't let go.
And so I gently pried open your little fingers, and then I saw it.
What? Your auntie Mei-Xue's earring.
It'd been lost for more than a year.
Maybe it fell under a couch.
But it was then that I knew.
I knew you were destined to travel the same path she had.
And I knew I had to stop you because I couldn't lose you, too, Nicky.
I'm choosing this path.
There have been too many coincidences, too many signs.
I have a mission now: To reclaim our family's sword.
And I forgive you.
I know that you were just trying to protect me.
I know.
But you can't protect me from this.
So no more intervening, no more controlling, no more secrets.
I need you to tell me the whole truth, starting now, everything about your family, about auntie Mei-Xue, about my destiny.
This is everything I know about my sister, her travels and our bloodline.
It's yours.
Greg, move your head!
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