Kung Fu (2021) s01e11 Episode Script


Oh, my God.
Henry! Hmm? I think someone's trying to get in.
[knocking on door continues.]
Library was supposed to open ten minutes ago.
- [knocking continues.]
- [Nicky groans.]
Okay, pants.
["Runaway" by Rei Ami playing.]
Don't even bother Must be something in the water Making the ladies go rounding the boys They looking like sheep to the slaughter Confessing to father Daddy, I took off the collar Now they don't know what to call her Making the ladies go rounding the boys They looking like sheep to the slaughter - Henry.
- What? He's watching us.
Now they don't know what to call her I don't know.
It's kind of hot, right? Now I think I might've found my friends Funny 'cause they want us dead When the voices circle through my head You better run away, run away, yeah And baby if it hurts, say when I'll stop and then I'll start again Jacket.
[knocking on door continues.]
- This is passable.
- Yeah.
No one would ever suspect.
Reshelving's done.
All yours.
Good morning.
I I think they knew.
- What? - What? Nothing.
- So - So we could talk about last night.
Which part? How about the other part? The super-secret hidden bonus track lullaby on Mei-Xue's tapes.
Ah, yeah, that part.
"The light leads the way to the source.
" The source, aka "the Forge.
" Mei-Xue says that the answers are in the lullaby, that it'll lead us to the Forge.
Those lyrics were pretty cryptic.
I could start digging, see if those words crop up anywhere in history, in Chau's research.
It'll have to wait a second, because I got to TA class first.
It's okay.
We'll figure it out.
What? You just sound different.
Usually it's "Go, go, go.
Now, now, now.
" Well, I'm feeling oddly at ease.
Sure, Zhilan is after the eight weapons, to start biange and harness that power for evil, but she needs to find the Forge.
And we have a big lead to finding it.
Okay, it's a cryptic lead.
We don't know where it is, or how to find it, or how exactly finding the Forge will help us stop her, but, for the first time, we might know something big that Zhilan doesn't.
That's all? Not just that.
My parents are happy, Althea's getting married, Ryan's in his first serious relationship.
So nothing else is making you feel at ease? Nope, not that I can think of.
[cell phone vibrating.]
What's up? Mama called an emergency family meeting.
Gotta head to the restaurant.
Then, I guess, this is goodbye.
Just a couple hours.
No biggie.
Hey, am I late? Yes.
Well, Ryan's later, you're fine.
Teacups, please.
Okay, where were you last night? I was in the library, researching.
Were you researching alone? Henry? What? Tell me.
Okay, we were researching ancient Chinese lullabies, and then And then? Nicky! You did it in a library? Stop! I am so impressed.
[door opens.]
What's with the early meeting? No idea.
You okay? Me? Yeah.
Just, uh, slept badly.
Exam's coming up, clinic's been busy, you know.
Good morning, everyone.
Hope you're hungry.
There's more on the counter.
Oh, no.
What? Last time you busted out a feast for a family meeting, you told us Ryan's pet hamster had cancer.
- RIP, Ebenezer.
- [Jin.]
It's not bad news.
If you look at it the right way.
Look at what the right way? Well, your Baba and I had a good look at our finances, and we've decided to, um, wind down the restaurant.
"Wind down"? What does that mean? Means close.
I don't get it.
You were just planning all these changes.
Well, we knew it was probably coming, but They raised our rent, again.
Already, we're sinking deeper and deeper into debt.
You know, these few little changes is not gonna fix the big problem.
We're stuck in this loop, and we can't see our way out.
Please, this time, let me ask Dennis for help.
No, no, Althea.
That's not necessary.
We discussed it.
If the restaurant cannot support itself, then It is time.
It is going to be hard to say goodbye, but it's also a big relief to stop fighting the numbers.
We have always put everything into this restaurant, but there's so many things we haven't done.
We thought maybe if we just wind it down, climb out of debt, in a few years, we might be able to take that vacation.
You guys have been talking about going on that European cruise for decades.
Or somewhere more reasonable.
Just some time away, somewhere.
Okay, I hate this, but if it means you two might finally take a vacation So you're just giving up? All of you? I know it's surprising, Ryan, but Baba and I came to this decision together.
Ryan, thank Joe for me.
Now he doesn't have to help me redesign little Dumpy.
Thank goodness.
Look, I know I don't get a say in this decision, but it feels like everyone's decided to quit, and I think that sucks.
Sorry, I have to skip the feast.
I got to get to work.
He just need a little time.
- I'll check on him later.
- [Althea.]
No, I'll check on him.
You've got more research to do.
[clears throat.]
All right.
Come on, everybody, let's eat.
You'll need this.
It'll only get you halfway.
- Stay on comms.
- Copy.
You sure you got this alone? You come with me, they'll recognize you before you walk through the door.
If you told me everything, I'll see you in ten minutes with your father's weapons.
I'll see you in ten minutes.
All the green in the rock Said you never run it down See you, see you, see you Want to fly my way Why you always wanna Get down like this? Why you always wanna Get down like this? Why you always wanna Get down like this? [Kerwin.]
On the wall, behind the painting.
Got it.
Aw, your sister's birthday.
Quite sweet.
Daddy plays favorites, clearly.
Why you always wanna Get down like this? - [Kerwin.]
And now the fun part.
- Indeed.
Why you always wanna Get down like this? [door opens.]
- How's my time? - Eleven minutes.
Only one to go.
Thought you could use a brain boost.
Got you mango.
You know my flavor? Mmm-hmm.
I'm attentive.
You know mine? Of course I do.
Jasmine milk tea, half sweet.
- Extra boba.
- Cheater.
Okay, so, Mei-Xue said Zhilan can't start biange without going to the Forge, and everything we need to find the Forge is in the lullaby.
Yeah, I've been looking.
No lyric matches in Chinese history or Chau's research.
- [sighs.]
- What is it? I thought these tapes were addressed to me, and that my aunt was speaking to me, her bloodline descendant, the one to wield the sword.
But if she wanted to me to find the Forge, why be so cryptic? Singing a lullaby I've never even heard of.
Now we're stuck searching for lyric matches.
Yeah, pretty time-consuming.
- [Nicky groans.]
- [cell phone vibrating.]
- Evan, hey.
I'm with Henry.
- [Evan.]
Hey, guys.
Got some news on Zhilan from my contact at Interpol.
The bank's security camera picked her up in public.
Where? [Evan.]
Across the street from a corporate building.
The Lanzhou Office of a Chinese conglomerate, Tan Consolidated.
There was a break-in last night.
Sending you pics now.
Those bags, could they be weapons? Could be.
You know the weird thing? The second this surveillance footage came to light, the Tan Company withdrew their complaint, said they'd handle it internally.
Whatever she stole, the company wants to keep it private.
Thanks, Evan.
I'll let you know if I hear anything else.
If she's got more weapons I know.
We've got to move fast.
I may have a shortcut.
A friend of mine, she's a grad student in anthropological linguistics.
She has access to a beta program that translates text into any known historical language, and then, scours books, articles and the Internet for any similarities.
We could plug those lyrics into this algorithm, and if they exist online anywhere, or in any language, we'll get a hit.
Call your friend.
- What are you doing here? - Checking on you.
I'm busy, and I don't need to be checked on.
Are you sure? I haven't seen you act this bratty since Nicky got back from China.
I'm not being bratty.
- I'm mad.
- Why? Because Mama and Baba made a big decision without consulting us? Ryan, it's their decision to make.
- Couldn't they have talked to us? - Yeah, they tried.
You stormed out.
I'm not saying it'll be easy to save the restaurant, but isn't it worth the effort? Are you sure this is about the restaurant? I saw the look on your face when Baba mentioned Joe.
Not to mention, I'm still waiting on your plus one RSVP.
What happened? He left.
Got a job in Chicago.
It's over.
Oh, Ryan.
Okay, I typed in the lyrics.
Let's see if we get a hit.
No luck.
So much for that.
Whoa, the Pinyin hit a Korean match.
What is it? Some kind of ancient text? A Korean myth? - No, it's a pop song.
- [K-Pop song playing.]
The lyrics are almost an exact match to Mei-Xue's.
Wait, who's the artist? This guy.
His name's Simon Lau.
He's a K-Pop star.
What's a K-Pop star doing singing my aunt's lullaby? [Henry.]
I don't know.
What's a Chinese guy doing singing K-Pop? [Nicky.]
Actually, not uncommon.
Bilingual pop stars work in both markets.
Althea went through a big Kris Wu phase.
Wait, Henry, look.
That looks like Pei-Ling and Zhilan's necklace.
Just a different symbol.
A falcon.
Do you think Simon Lau could be a guardian? So, you're just gonna stare at your drink? It doesn't taste good.
Nothing does.
Yeah, break-ups will do that to you.
Why didn't you just tell us? I would've told you and Nicky eventually.
Just they just met him.
Even worse, they loved him.
He's leaving for a job.
They're not gonna judge you on that No.
I know that.
Rationally, I I just feel so humiliated.
Like, when I was with Joe, I had all these new feelings.
Like, I could actually see myself getting married, having kids.
You know, the truth is, I realized, and I know this is gonna sound weird, but I want what Mama and Baba have.
You know? The whole long term, long term thing.
Till death do us part.
I had no idea you were such a normie.
You don't even know! I was looking at real estate at Berkeley Hills.
- Oh.
- It was bad.
And the worst thing is, I didn't get to show him who I am.
Like, I never got the chance to show him the real me.
It just feels like a big waste.
I know you can't see it now, but it wasn't a waste.
- No.
- Hey, you grew so much with Joe.
Can you imagine a few months ago being out and proud with Mama and Baba? Having them ask your boyfriend to my wedding? It's 'cause how strong you've gotten, how much you've grown.
In the meantime Yes.
I sense a patented Althea insight coming on.
Just try not to mix up Joe's decision with Mama and Baba's.
All right? Joe leaving for Chicago, the restaurant closing.
Both are hard, but two very different things.
Okay, unless Simon Lau found that necklace at a swap meet, he's a guardian.
His family's symbol is the falcon, which means his bloodline protects a meteor hammer, rumored to be one of the eight ancient weapons.
Okay, if Simon's a guardian, and he's putting Mei-Xue's lullaby into his pop song, he could know more.
- Like where the Forge could be.
- Possibly.
We gotta talk to him.
But flying to Seoul's, like, hella expensive, right? [Henry.]
I don't think we need to fly to Seoul.
What do you mean? Lau just started his North American tour.
He's got a show in LA tonight.
Okay, we're never gonna make that.
And he's got a show at The Belmondo tomorrow.
The casino? Mmm-hmm.
Looks like we're going to Vegas, baby.
[upbeat Korean pop music playing.]
So, what's the plan? We head to Simon Lau's pre-show meet and greet.
It's our only chance of getting close enough to actually talk to the guy.
Once we're there, we just ask.
Ask what he knows about his guardian bloodline, why he wrote Mei-Xue's lullaby into his pop song, and hope he'll tell us everything he knows about the location of the Forge.
I know that plan.
I meant the plan for after.
Well, our suite's pretty nice.
- It is.
- It's got a bed and everything.
- I noticed that.
- Who would have thought? All that bed for just $79 a night.
That's how they get you.
Casino knows they're gonna make their money back at the tables.
Joke's on them, 'cause we won't be leaving the room.
Here we are.
All we need to do is score some tickets.
[camera shutter clicking.]
Sold out.
Thought this might happen.
Um Hey, any chance you two could sell us your tickets? This ticket, it's priceless.
Clearly, you two are not real Lauvers.
[super fan.]
Come on, this is taking too long.
Move out of the way.
[young fan.]
[super fan.]
You'll get your turn.
Hold up.
- Look at her butt.
- Look at her butt? No, not like that.
- Oh, my God! Is that Simon? - Oh, my God! It's Simon! I love you, Simon! Marry me! Oh, no, wait.
It's just a paper cutout.
Oh, my God.
Where are they? I had them just a second ago.
I swear.
You had better be joking right now.
I'm not joking.
They're gone.
No tickets, no entrance.
This is ridiculous.
You are so fired! I told you - Thank you.
- Thank you.
I thought you guys were happy.
We were.
He just got an opportunity and couldn't turn it down.
- Are you okay, son? - I will be.
I just need some time.
But actually, it's not what I wanted to talk about.
What? The restaurant.
Closing or winding down, I don't think you should do it like this.
I don't think you want to.
Not really.
Well, it's not just what we want, son.
Yeah, I know, it's hard, but I saw how lit up you were, making plans, changing things up around here.
Mom, in the kitchen.
You, in the front of house.
Yeah, but all our plans for saving this place, redesigns and renovations, they all cost money.
Mama, Aunt Mei-Xue's plum sauce is incredible, and it got me thinking, there's so many things we could do that won't cost us anything.
Changing the menu does not pay the bills.
I know, but when you opened up this place, when you designed the menu, you said it yourself, Baba, you told me you were putting yourself in a box.
American Chinese food.
"Authentic enough for the locals, but not too authentic for the tourists.
" - You remember that? - Yeah.
Yeah, and I remember everyone being in a panic over MSG.
You stripped it from the menu.
Yeah, no choice.
The customers were asking.
See that pan-fried shrimp? Never tastes the same.
Times have changed.
You've changed.
I'll support you, okay? Whatever you decide.
But if the writing's on the wall, if Harmony Dumplings needs to close, at least go out on your terms.
Before you close up, make this the best, most authentic version of itself.
Your history.
Your food.
[upbeat music playing.]
Thanks, Lauvers.
Okay, come on.
Get over here.
Wow, cute couple.
You are a couple, right? - Yeah.
- Had to ask.
Had an awkward moment with a brother and sister once.
- Oh, my.
- Okay, everybody say "Stardust.
" - Stardust.
- Star Woo! That's gonna be a great one.
Okay, who do I make this out to? [Nicky chuckles.]
Um I know about the lyrics to Two Worlds.
[speaking Mandarin.]
That's quite a long name.
Hey, just give me a minute? - All good.
- Okay.
Who the hell are you? This is Henry.
I'm Nicky Shen.
I'm a descendent of Liang Daiyu, part of the sword's warrior bloodline.
We're trying to stop biange.
- Biange? - You've heard of it.
Yeah, but, like, it's a fairytale.
Some story my grandfather told me as a kid.
Same as the one about me being a guardian.
- It's not real.
- It is, Simon, all of it.
"The light leads the way to the source.
" What does it mean? Nothing, man.
It's just some lyric I took from a song my waigong used to sing.
No, it means something.
It has to.
No, it doesn't.
It's just a myth.
If you don't believe in it, then why put the lyrics in a song? I liked how it sounds.
And the guardian necklace, why wear it? I don't know.
It's sentimental, like the song.
Waigong gave it to me.
Is that all he gave you? Did he give you the meteor hammer? He did.
You have it.
- Simon, if you have that weapon - You're in danger.
There's a woman out there, an assassin, who will stop at nothing to get it from you.
You don't know when to quit, do you? What, you thought I wouldn't notice the coincidence? What coincidence? Okay, I get a call three days ago.
Some collector claimed to know I have the hammer.
Offered me serious money for it.
- Simon - I tell her, "No, it's not for sale.
" I guess she made another play, sends you two fools here with the story about how we're connected.
- That's not - We have the same family legend.
Just wow.
- Simon - Get them out of here.
- All right, meet and greet's over.
- Simon, you don't understand.
That women, I promise you, she's coming for your weapon.
She will kill you.
I'm sorry, but we're going to have to end early.
- Are you kidding? - Simon.
- All right, okay.
- Don't even think about coming back.
Well, what now? We need to get back inside, get to Simon before Zhilan does.
We're officially persona non grata at The Belmondo.
Cameras will pick us up anywhere on the casino floor.
Can't go through the front.
[engine revving.]
We'll need to find another way in.
An hour of fan meet and greets, and now a meeting with execs? Thought I told you, I hate being overscheduled on show nights.
- [knocking on door.]
- [handler.]
Eli said it won't take long.
Simon, such a pleasure to finally meet you in person.
Yeah, you too.
Anything to drink? Oh, no, thank you.
We'd like to cut right to the chase.
Uh, what chase? Thought you guys just wanted to meet me.
Well, that was a small fib.
You're not from the label.
I'm here to follow up on our conversation about a certain weapon you have in your possession.
Okay, what the hell is going on here? I'm sorry for the deception, but I knew if we met face-to-face, that we would come to some sort of agreement.
- Get out of my room.
- Simon I'm willing to negotiate, but I will not accept a hard no.
I said get out.
You heard the man.
Time to go.
This would be much easier if you would just cooperate.
You can't just do this.
There are cameras.
Security must have seen you come in here.
We hacked the security cameras.
Looped the footage from the hallway and Yes, they didn't see a thing.
The only people that know we are here are dead.
It doesn't have to end that way for you.
My money is still on the table.
You know what we came for.
Yeah, we thought it'd be far easier simply to purchase the weapons.
I'm really trying hard to avoid murdering one of my favorite celebrities.
- But - We will kill you to get what we want.
Simon just give it up.
[breathing heavily.]
- [thud.]
- [alarms blaring.]
Look, I don't have it.
Simon, please.
I mean, I don't have it on me.
It's back in my apartment in Seoul.
I doubt that.
You travel half the year, sometimes more.
You fly private, exclusively.
Well, that had me thinking.
Flying commercial with a deadly meteor hammer, that would raise questions with security.
All that because you can't bear to be apart from your precious hammer.
The falcon.
Insignia of the hammer's guardian family.
- You're a guardian.
- Yes.
We are more alike than you realize.
You gave up your family's legacy to pursue your own destiny.
I know that wasn't easy.
You just killed two people over a bedtime story.
We're nothing alike.
You claim not to believe in the legends, yet you have the stars imprinted on your body.
I've seen this constellation in the guardian scrolls.
Actually, your tattoo, that's how I found you.
Your rather provocative spread in Rolling Stone.
That pattern is important.
Do you even know what it means? [Simon.]
Look, this wasn't supposed to be real.
My father, my grandfather, they told stories about my bloodline.
I thought it was just tall tales.
A non-believer.
Yet you cling to the weapon.
What is it to you, hmm? A memento? A lucky charm? Hey, hey, you've done well for yourself, Simon.
You know, my father says he credits all his success and wealth to owning a few of the weapons.
You're going to have to give it up.
You're out of options.
Where is it? If I gave it to you, you'll just kill me.
I have no interest in spilling more blood, unless I have to.
You have my word.
I'll give you what you want.
[cell phone chimes.]
Please excuse me for just one moment.
A problem? I'll deal with it.
It's in there.
You've trained.
Since I was five.
So I was right.
Part of you believes.
Well, this will be more fun than I thought.
The cameras are looped.
Nobody can see us.
No one's coming to help you.
You must be the American.
Oh I've been looking forward to meeting you.
Just walk away.
You're strong, but not as strong as this.
They say a weapon truly belongs to the one who wields it best.
So far I'm not impressed.
[both grunting.]
[all grunting.]
Henry, we have to get to Simon.
Only one of us does.
You take the opening.
Nicky, go! [both grunting.]
It could have been simple.
- You could have taken the money.
- [door opens.]
You're not getting the weapon this time.
You're getting cocky.
I like that.
You good? I got you.
The popstar and the monk.
What a duo.
I wouldn't.
- Henry.
- Nicky.
And the hammer makes eight.
Bye, children.
- No.
- Simon, don't.
[Simon grunts.]
[Simon groans.]
Simon, okay.
I'm sorry.
I should have listened to you.
Okay, don't talk.
You're okay.
No, I need to.
The line, "the light leads the way to the source," Waigong used to call it "the song of the sword.
" [Nicky.]
What does that mean? He said the song was sung from the sword's perspective.
It's okay, okay.
No, no, you're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Okay, hey, hey, Simon.
Simon Simon.
Nicky, we can't stay here.
He's gone.
I'm sorry, we've got to go.
I'm sorry.
[breath trembling.]
[radio host.]
Simon Lau was found murdered along with two members of his entourage in his penthouse suite at The Belmondo.
Las Vegas Police say there are no suspects at present.
Hey, don't look at all that.
It won't change anything.
I messed up, Henry.
Lau went after the hammer, you tried to stop him.
No, not then.
When I saw you in danger, I hesitated, I Nicky, that was a split-second.
Yeah, a split-second was all it took.
Zhilan has all the weapons now.
Simon is dead.
He was innocent.
This shouldn't have happened.
And I feel guilty because I'm relieved.
Relieved? Relieved that I didn't lose you.
Simon tried to help us.
He wanted to give us a message before he died.
Did anything he say mean anything to you? - No.
- The lullaby was the song of the sword.
It was sung from the perspective of the sword.
"The light leads the way.
" Wait a second.
I - What? - Can you drive faster? The last line, "the light shines through, leading to the source.
" If the song is sung from the sword's perspective, I thought, "What could the sword shine through?" - The scabbard.
- I knew it had to be important.
Zhilan went through all the trouble of hiring Razor to get it.
- The light - Biange energy.
The green glow that emanates from the sword.
We don't have the sword, but do you have a flashlight? - Yeah, earthquake kit.
- Get it.
What are you doing? Um, I'm not totally sure.
It's a star chart.
One of the oldest forms of navigation.
Wait, that constellation, it matches Simon's tattoo.
I think this is a map.
A map to the Forge.
[talking incoherently.]
- Hey.
- About time.
We're starving.
We almost started without you.
Started what? I just got Mama's emergency text.
[speaks Mandarin.]
[speaks Mandarin.]
Okay, what's the emergency? No emergency.
Just, um good news.
We try to stay open for a few months.
Well, what changed? Ryan talked some sense into us.
Okay, we cannot afford the renovations, but we can do what we want.
Be ourselves for a change.
Good food, family favorites.
Mama's family recipe.
- [chuckles.]
Baba, come.
- Oh, okay.
Good job, just in time for Popo's visit.
Just trying to keep up the good vibes through Althea's wedding.
Althea told me about Joe.
I'm sorry.
- I'll be okay.
- You know you can talk to me whenever.
Of course.
I know you got my back.
And Althea told me about Henry.
Go get it.
Sorry, sis.
Just keeping the lines of communication open.
Stir-fried lotus root? [Mei-Li.]
Organic, too.
I went all the way to Stockton.
My favorite.
I haven't had this since It was the last thing I made for you before you left for China.
- You gonna put it on the menu? - [Jin.]
And a lot more.
I forgot the rice.
Nicky, please, can you get it from the counter? [Jin.]
Thank you.
Are you surprised, my child? My family they're healed.
Or healing, at least.
But I didn't do that.
They did it themselves.
Perhaps, but you helped.
Your return set these wheels in motion.
Now, you have found a way to the Forge.
I think so.
- But there's still a lot to figure out.
- Biange's coming.
Soon, it will be time.
For what? You know, child.
To protect your family, to protect everyone you love, you will have to leave them again.
There's trouble Trouble ahead - Rice.
- Rice, rice, rice.
Sweet redemption Ain't coming 'round no more There's trouble Trouble ahead It's all going down Lord, there's trouble ahead [theme music playing.]

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