Kung Fu (2021) s01e12 Episode Script


Now that they're all together, there's an energy.
- Can you feel it? - I must confess I can't.
But I can certainly feel you.
And to think this is nothing.
The weapons barely have a trace of their full power.
What do you mean? That the powers have diminished over time.
They need to be brought back to the source.
The source? You've spent weeks decoding the scroll.
You've kept me at a need to know I mean, I accept that.
And yet The weapons need to be returned to an ancient temple called The Forge, hidden for many centuries.
Only then can the weapons reach their full potential and only then can Biange truly begin.
Where's The Forge? I'm working on that.
Translating the scroll led me to the shape of Lau's constellation, which led us to Lau and the last weapon.
Your tattoo.
You have the stars imprinted on your body.
But there's more in here.
I've only been able to translate parts of it.
But I can feel it.
I'm close.
- Is there anything I can do? - Mm-mm.
You can rest.
Oh, no, I can't.
Not without you.
I have work to do.
That's it.
What aren't we seeing? Maybe I transcribed the star map wrong.
You did it perfectly 5 times.
This is an exact copy of the stars projected from the scabbard.
It has to be the map to The Forge.
We just can't see it yet.
Okay, so, we know the star map is accurate.
All the stars and their placements check out.
Except for Simon's constellation tattoo.
His doesn't match any known constellation from western or Chinese astronomy, - so, what is it doing here? - Maybe it's made up.
"One of these things is not like the other.
" If the map leads to The Forge, the constellation has to be some kind of key to decoding the map.
Well, it's made up of 8 stars.
There are 8 weapons.
We're trying to find the birthplace of those weapons.
- What else? - I'm sorry.
I'm out of my depth here.
- We may need to bring in an expert.
- No, we don't have time.
Zhilan already has all the weapons.
She doesn't have the scabbard.
The scabbard may not be the only clue to The Forge.
For all we know, she already found another way.
We'll figure it out.
We'll get there before Zhilan does.
You never came to bed.
I solved it.
Solved what? The scroll.
Once I figured out what Lau's constellation actually was, all the symbols just snapped right into place.
It was the key.
The key to translating the whole thing.
The scroll told me everything I need.
I know how to find The Forge.
He was with Zhilan in Vegas.
Kerwin Tan son of Russell Tan.
Wait, that surveillance photo you showed us.
Zhilan just robbed Tan's headquarters a couple nights ago.
What's his son doing running around with her? Maybe he's working against his dad.
Russell Tan is one of the richest men in the world.
And one of the most powerful.
He's got his fingers in everything fossil fuels, data systems, AI development.
And now Zhilan has access to the resources of a billionaire's son.
Sorry, I just I thought maybe I was getting ahead of her.
Plus, Althea's wedding is this weekend.
My Po Po's flying in from China today, so, everyone is gonna be walking on eggshells.
Can't go worse than her last visit.
That was my bad.
- I didn't get us to dinner on time.
- Mm.
I think it was more about the guy you showed up to dinner with.
Um you should go.
Your family needs you.
I'll keep digging into the Tans.
Maybe find something you can use to catch up to Zhilan.
Thank you, Evan.
Hey, Nicky? I know you feel hopeless, but whatever you're looking for, you'll find it.
How could you know that? Because you're Nicky Shen.
I'm here, I'm here! Sorry I'm late.
Hello? Mama? Baba? Where have you been? Go.
Where is everybody? Funny you should ask.
Dennis, Ryan, and Baba went paintballing with the groomsmen.
They promised it'd be a quick stress relief before Po Po showed up, but then they got stuck in traffic and then Po Po's flight came in early, so, Mama had to drive to the airport and pick her up alone, leaving me to cook and clean and get the whole house ready by myself.
Okay, soup's fine.
I can do the counters, too.
Althea, please, sit down.
Relax? Ha! You know how Po Po is and how Mama acts when she's in town.
Everything has to be sparkling clean.
The food has to be prepared perfectly.
And everyone must be on their best behavior.
"A happy Po Po makes a happy Mama.
" And now a happy Althea.
You do realize no matter how hard you try, she will find something to criticize.
- Just stick to the script.
- Okay.
Business at Harmony Dumplings has been booming.
How about Ryan? Does Po Po know? No, she does not.
So, Mama and Baba are just shoving him back in the closet? Actually, that was Ryan's idea.
Says he's still trying to get over Joe.
The last thing he wants is Po Po digging into his personal life.
And my script? You're a lawyer now.
- Mm.
- You got a big job at a firm downtown.
Just try not to mention dropping out of college, running away to a Shaolin monastery, fighting gangsters or international criminals, or anything regarding the family sword legacy.
Last part will be the hardest.
I know Po Po rejected the legacy, but she's still part of the bloodline.
What if she knows something? Even if she does, do you think she's gonna share it with us? Please, Nicky, just wait until after the wedding is over.
The last thing I need is a Po Po explosion.
- Stir, Nicky, stir! - All right.
So, we get there, to The Forge.
The weapons get recharged.
All 8 weapons, fully powered, brought together, then Biange occurs? Yes.
My father always said it was a transformation, a global sea change wielded by whoever brought together the weapons.
But he always made it sound like the power would be harnessed by just one person, and that's you, right? Only one can wield the power.
It's my father.
I'm sorry, Dad.
It's over.
You've lost.
Perhaps, but it's not too late for you.
What's that mean? Come home and this family will be whole again.
This family was never whole! You turned us against each other, made us compete for your love.
And now I have something you want.
I know who you're with and what that Zhang woman is capable of.
You cannot trust her, Kerwin.
Tell me this, Father.
Does your offer still stand if I come home without the weapons? Would you forgive me then? Yes, son.
I would.
There is much you don't know about all of this, and it's so much more than just the 8 weapons.
For now, please come home.
I am home.
She's here.
It's happening.
Did we scrub the bathroom? No.
Hi, Mama.
Po Po! Ohh.
Eh? Why isn't everyone here? - Uh, traffic is really bad today.
- Yeah.
They'll be here any minute.
Traffic's clear.
Dennis isn't answering his phone and neither is Ryan.
I have no idea where they are.
Althea, are you ready for a tea ceremony? - Yes, Po Po.
Everything is set.
- Good.
I want to see you in your qipao today.
Of course.
I love a fashion show.
California supposed to be warm, yet this house, it is always cold.
Well, Po Po, it's San Fran I will start a fire.
And I will make some tea.
Mmm! I ran out of time.
I didn't make it to the store for her favorite oolong.
I think they're here.
Dennis? - Hey, babe.
- Let's get him in a chair.
What happened? Dad was a Terminator in the paintball court.
- Took Dennis down fast.
- Not his fault.
I tripped.
Pulled a tendon.
I should be able to walk normally by the wedding.
- Should? - He'll be fine.
- Jin - Baba Oh.
This is the groom? - Uh - Yes, Po Po.
This is Dennis.
Oh! Ha! Ryan.
This house is too hot.
Yes, Po Po.
Maybe this weekend is not as stressful as we thought.
Uh, heh.
I'll get cleaned up.
A personal fashion show for Po Po is the last thing I need right now.
What happened to pleasing her at all costs? I have a thousand details to go over before the wedding, and how is Dennis supposed to walk down the aisle when he can't even walk? I think he'll look cute in a cast.
He's wearing dress shoes to that wedding if it kills him.
Is Henry coming to dinner tonight? Shens only.
Besides, introducing Henry to Po Po? Ugh.
That's like, no.
Maybe in a few years.
Maybe decades.
I see someone's already thinking long term.
Let's focus on one wedding at a time, please.
Let's do this.
Here she comes.
It's wrong.
All wrong! Take off.
You have to take it off.
Come, come, come! Come! Not right.
Not right at all.
I worked so hard with the designer.
I made that dress perfectly.
Dennis just left.
Po Po wouldn't let him go.
Says she can't wait to see him tomorrow.
Well, at least he's passing the test.
Did you tell her? About Auntie Mei-Xue? I can't even say Mei-Xue's name in front of her.
I can't find my antacid.
I'll need them before dinner.
Uh, there must be some in the suitcase.
I'll get it.
Any luck? I spent a few hours zooming with an astronomy expert.
We didn't find anything.
- What are we missing? - I'll keep looking.
We'll find The Forge somehow.
- Nicky? - Sorry.
I found a photo of Mei-Xue in Po Po's wallet.
I guess she keeps this photo close.
I think I found something else.
A photo of Po Po maybe, like, 50 years ago.
I What is it? Henry, she's holding the sword.
I think Po Po was a warrior.
It's not exactly what I pictured.
I thought The Forge would be something grander.
Historic, even.
It's just a little side trip.
Something I need you to see.
I grew up a 10-minute walk from here.
I passed these graves every day on my way to school.
Your parents.
They passed when you were so young.
Before I was born, my father worked at an old textile factory.
That factory was built by your father.
I I didn't know he owned something so far into the country.
Runoff from the factory made its way into the soil, then the groundwater.
When my mother was pregnant with me, she got sick.
My spinal condition, her death during my birth all the work of your father.
The great Russell Tan.
Zhilan hey.
I'm not like my father.
I never knew my mother.
And according to my father and sister she was a kind woman, a strong woman.
But not strong enough to defeat her illness to survive giving birth to me.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
For tomorrow's deposition.
Thank you, Nadia.
Any luck with the Tan files? I put in the request yesterday.
I thought it'd clear by now.
Yes, they came.
Hughes kind of intercepted them.
She wants all your requests going through her from now on.
Even on cases I'm assigned to? Hmm.
Thank you for letting me know.
I'm sorry, Evan.
I know you're trying to do good here.
It's such a shame, those files just sitting in D.
Hughes's office and they'll be there all night until I return them to the hall of records tomorrow.
That's a shame.
So, you think Po Po was a warrior back in the day? Swinging that mystical sword around, kicking ass? Maybe.
I don't know.
I mean, I just don't see it.
I mean, look at her.
She's only comfortable within a 3-degree temperature range.
Everything gives her heartburn, a headache, or muscle cramps.
Have you seen the dispensary she travels with? I know it's hard to imagine now, but this photo was a long time ago.
Po Po may be the only person who can help me get ahead of Zhilan.
Don't go digging, Nicky.
You could blow up Althea's whole week.
Hey, what's taking so long? Po Po's waiting.
Why did you bring me here? Is it revenge? Revenge against my father? That seems so small.
His empire is so much more than you understand.
AI technology, predictive algorithms.
He's on his way to data mining everyone on this planet.
Then there's his banking interests, the defense contracts.
With the power of Biange in his hands, no one will be safe.
No one will be free.
Only with Biange can I wipe his fingerprints off the face of the Earth.
- You want to erase him? - Not just him.
Everything he holds in this world.
You want to erase me? No, I don't want to.
Kerwin, I have to.
I know you feel what I feel.
I do.
I fell in love with you, Kerwin.
It was an accident.
It wasn't part of the plan.
But loving you, it doesn't change what you are.
- What am I? - A liability.
I love you, Kerwin.
But I'll never completely trust you.
Attack me if you want, but I won't fight you.
Po Po, would you like a jiaozi? So, who's getting married next? - Ryan? - Ahem.
Hmm? Is there lucky woman in your life? I told you, Po Po.
Too busy.
- Yeah.
- Medical school.
Rounds at clinic.
You are a man.
You got some time.
But you, there must be some good men at law firm.
Tell me about your job.
Yes, um, the law.
I work at Yan Hartley and associates.
Long hours.
Lots of paperwork.
At your age, you should be working hard.
You 3 keep working hard and maybe it will have been worth it after all.
What was worth it? Your mother leaving me years ago when I had just lost a child.
To open a restaurant, of all things.
Mama A bride, a doctor, a lawyer.
You see? All good.
I'm not a lawyer.
I didn't even graduate college.
Dropped out one semester shy.
Nicky! Stop joking.
Po Po doesn't appreciate your humor.
Yeah, Nicky.
Stop being so silly.
- Tell her about the benefits.
- No.
I'm not lying anymore.
Po Po, I didn't go to law school.
I spent 3 years at a Shaolin monastery learning kung fu.
My shifu Zhang Pei-Ling taught me more about life than I ever learned at Harvard.
I've sat here all night watching you guys tie yourselves in knots to keep the truth from you.
But I know you keep secrets, too, Po Po, this photo.
- You held the sword.
- What photo? I need to know what happened to you.
How did you You went looking through my things.
- How dare you? Ah? - Ma.
Ma Sorry.
Oh, boy.
Ma, Nicky is a warrior.
I have made mistakes, but I am so proud of the woman I have raised, and I will not apologize for who she has become.
Mama Like Mei-Xue Nicky deserves the truth.
The whole truth.
It was almost 50 years ago, before you and Mei-Xue were born.
I knew almost nothing about the sword or our warrior blood until she came the woman in the photograph Fang-Su.
Your shifu's mother.
At first, I was so scared.
This stranger knew so much about me.
She was desperate for my help.
Fang-Su was the keeper of the sword.
Its guardian.
It was the first I learned about guardians, about the sword, about the 8 weapons.
Fang-Su warned of the mysterious energy.
- Biange.
- Yes.
Fang-Su said a band of thieves had a plan to steal the sword, and without me to defend it, Fang-Su worried they would win.
Can you imagine how that sounded? I was a chosen warrior meant to keep a powerful energy from falling into the wrong hands.
It actually doesn't sound so crazy to me.
She showed me how to use the sword.
The sword was communicating with me.
Its energy it became part of me.
Then the thieves found us.
I doubted I was ready, but with the sword in my hands, I felt like I had been training my whole life.
The sword's power scared me.
In the heat of battle, it felt as if the sword controlled me as much as I controlled it.
I didn't want that.
I wanted the life I had, the life I had planned A family.
To be a warrior, I would've lost all that, and I had promised to myself that no one in my family would bear the burden of the warrior again.
And that's why you tried to stop Mei-Xue from going after the sword.
I wanted to protect her.
Let it go.
All of it.
This isn't something I can run from.
Destiny brought me to Pei-Ling.
She was a guardian, like her mother.
She died trying to protect the sword.
Pei-Ling's sister wants Biange to herself.
She has all 8 weapons.
She's already so dangerous, that kind of power can't end up in her hands.
Choose another path.
I didn't choose this path, Po Po.
It chose me.
What is it? Let me see.
Do you recognize the symbols? These symbols represent the 7 struggles.
Great battles fought with the 8 weapons.
7 struggles, 7 battles.
Does that mean anything? Well, the defeat of Kublai Khan's army in Southern China was one, and we found a few more in the history books Battles we thought might've involved the weapons, but we didn't have a way to prove it.
What'd she say? Did she know where the 7 battles were? Um, she read them off my hand.
Chongqing, Lingzang, - Jiading, now called Leshan.
- Hang on.
Slow down.
Chonqing Uh-huh.
Then there was Sicheng, Baoqing, and Nanning.
- Nicky - What? That's it.
That's Lau's constellation.
- What do you mean? - The scabbard map.
We've been looking up at the sky trying to find the answers in the stars.
We should've been looking at the ground.
The locations of the 7 struggles match the stars in Simon Lau's constellation.
Okay, but Simon's tattoo had 8 points.
What if the eighth point is The Forge? Nicky, it's in Yunnan.
I think The Forge is at the monastery.
This whole time Zhilan could already be on her way there.
The monks, my sisters.
I have to go now.
I'll call you back.
How much of that did you hear? Enough.
So, you're leaving? You're gonna miss the wedding? I'm sorry, Althea.
But I don't know what choice Yeah.
You do.
I hate this, but You have to go.
I'm sorry.
Nicky has something to tell us.
I'm leaving.
Where are you going? The monastery.
Mama, the sword, this birthright Our family has suffered for generations because of it.
Po Po, you ran away because you were afraid of its power.
Auntie Mei-Xue went into hiding.
Mama, your secrets nearly tore us all apart.
It has to end.
How? It's been this way for generations.
I don't know how.
But I'm going back to where it began, where the weapons were made.
I think the answer is there.
Nicky, you don't know the danger.
I can't pass it on to Althea's kids or Ryan's kids or my kids.
When? Tonight.
Zhilan has all 8 weapons.
I can't wait.
I'm going to free us.
I'm going to end Biange once and for all.
Almost ready.
Feeling like I should bring everything, but I don't think I could fit a corkboard in my bag.
You got your passport, right? Henry I think I should do this on my own.
This is my fight for my family and I dragged you into this, and you've been amazing, - but it's time I let you go.
- Let me go? But I want to do this.
I know.
That's what makes this so hard.
Is this about Vegas? Tan's son gets the jump on me - and now I'm not fit to come with you? - No, it isn't that.
Seeing you hurt Seeing Simon killed It felt It felt like the night at the monastery.
Watching Pei-Ling die, losing so many of my sisters.
I was powerless to stop it like I was powerless to protect Simon and what if I can't protect you? - What if - Nicky, that's not your job.
I love you.
I love you.
And I can't lose you.
And because I can't lose you, I can't risk worrying about you while I'm there.
What about me, huh? What, am I supposed to stay behind, with no idea what you're doing, if you're safe, if you're even alive? I can't.
I can't let you go alone because I love you, too.
I believe in you.
But there's so much that we don't know about The Forge, about Biange, and if Zhilan finds you I know.
I'm scared.
Then let me help.
You have.
It's my choice.
I have to go.
Did you know? That I was a warrior? Your warrior? What do you think? I think that your mother trained my Po Po.
I think that our families have been intertwined for over 1,000 years.
How could you not know? Why didn't you tell me? You know I cannot answer that.
It doesn't matter.
Either way, I have to do this alone.
Links in a chain hold strong together.
If being home has taught you anything, it is that the people around you, the people you care for, are what make you strong.
I can't let anyone take this risk with me.
This warrior destiny is my burden.
The Nicky Shen I met did not like following the path laid out for her.
She always chose her own way.
What is in your heart, hmm? What do you want? My favorite candy.
Used to sneak out of the Wushu Academy into Beijing just to buy these.
Can't get these in the bay area.
- I'm glad you're here.
- I'm glad you changed your mind.
- Well? - Po Po! What do you think? And it fits like a dream.
I can actually breathe in it.
Most importantly, it will hold its shape when you bend and serve me tea.
- Oh! - Oh.
How's it going up there? - Looks like they're having fun.
- What? Like actual relaxed fun.
What? Nicky's gonna be okay, Baba.
Whatever happens, I believe in her.
I do, too.
Speaking of your sister, she left you something.
On the living room table.
Come on.
"The Althea Shen Man of Honor Playbook: - Hmm.
- "How to Guarantee Althea's Wedding Day is the Best Day of Her Entire Life.
" She wanted to make sure you got it and follow it to a tee.
It's almost like a part of her knew she wouldn't be here.
Wherever she is, I hope she finds what she's looking for.
It's beautiful here.
I've missed it.
I'm just glad I was able to see it.
Did you know they were restoring it? I knew they were rebuilding, but seeing it myself You know her? I'll introduce you.
Hua? Nicky? Hello, Henry, and welcome.
Thank you for allowing me into this space.
The monastery What you all have done is incredible.
Pei-Ling would be proud.
Why did you come back? Is everything okay? The woman who killed shifu is more dangerous than ever.
Whatever comes, we are ready.
We train every day, preparing ourselves to defend our home.
This time, we won't be caught unaware.
Nicky? - Biyu.
- Oh! It's so good to see you.
Did Hua show you? What we discovered? This way.
This was covered with oak, a false wall.
The wall was burned in the fire.
What's inside? Had it not been for the fire, we never would have found this.
Nicky, do you know what this is? It looks like some kind of door.
To what? I think it leads to The Forge.
- What's that sound? - Intruder.
What are you doing here? I'm here for you.
For Biange.
Nicky Shen, we have so much to talk about.
Greg, move your head.

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