Kung Fu (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

The Bell

1 - You're up and at it kinda early.
- Sorry.
I was trying to keep it down.
Couldn't sleep.
- Mia? - Yeah.
I was digging into the guardian research trying to find a lead on her dad.
Anything to help us figure out where she is, but no luck.
- Nicky - Do you think she's ok? Yeah.
I do.
Remember how it was with Zhilan? Sometimes it felt impossible but we did it.
And you did it.
And Evan's working on some leads to try to find Mia, but until we get something real Look, whatever Tan wants, whatever he wants to do with her It's gonna take time to figure it out and stop him.
And the bell.
We'll figure out what it was, what he wants it for and What was that for? For being you.
Your family has made quite a splash in San Francisco, with their philanthropic work, a cancer center dedicated to your late brother Raymond, their business ventures.
Your father and sister have been front and center.
But you've been unusually absent during this period.
I was involved in an accident.
Quite a serious one.
You see, I've always loved fast cars, and sometimes Sometimes the love isn't mutual.
And how are you feeling now? I'm better than ever.
I appreciate the love and support of my father, and frankly, I'm lucky to be learning the business from a master like him.
My father, my sister.
They're always looking to the next frontier.
I've been given a second chance, I feel.
And I'd be a fool to throw it away.
Well, it's a very generous offer, and I promise to get back to you asap.
Phone's been ringing like crazy.
One of my former coworkers at Loungr posted a video of me quitting.
Your Jerry Maguire moment? Hardly.
Went over like a thud in the room.
But it went viral.
Apparently, my can-do attitude got the attention of every headhunter in Silicon Valley.
Any of these jobs light your wick? Mm.
They're all solid.
I mean, mainly the same positions and titles, but at least lateral movement is better than no movement, right? Yeah, hon.
I'm proud of you.
Better get that.
408 area code.
Another one.
Hello? Hi.
Yes, this is Althea Shen-Soong.
Oh! You saw the video.
Thank you, Professor.
I really appreciate the help.
- All right.
Take care.
- What'd she say? She recognized your sketch.
She says it's definitely from the Zhou Dynasty.
It's called a Yueling bell.
When immigrants from Yueling settled in the Bay area, the village sent the bell to Chinatown, hoping that it would bring the community good fortune.
So, that's how it ended up here.
Somehow, it ended up broken and then buried beneath the city.
Until Russell Tan dug up those pieces.
Really, now, the question is why, and what does Mia have to do with it? What is it? - Kerwin.
- Looks like he's in town.
That can't be good.
It doesn't make sense.
Last time we saw Kerwin, he was teamed up with Zhilan, going after the weapons.
He betrayed his father.
I don't know does Russell Tan seem like the forgiving type? This article feels calculated.
Well, Tan has been working overtime to look like an upright citizen.
He's been donating to charities around town, supporting local businesses.
But a story like this reeks of P.
What if Kerwin isn't really back in the family fold? What if Russell's just using him to clean up their image? It's possible.
Or maybe Kerwin buried the hatchet with his dad and they really are just working together again.
Either way, Kerwin's in the lion's den right now.
He could have information we need.
It's not like we can call him up and say, "hey, Kerwin, can you spill your dad's secrets?" Unless Nicky, you cannot reason with this guy.
He killed Simon Lau's bodyguard.
He would've killed us, too.
I know.
We don't have any other leads, right? Mia's gone.
Russell Tan's probably looking for her right now.
We know he needs her for his plan.
- Well.
- I know it's just a hunch.
But I think we have to try.
Hello, Kerwin.
Look who it is.
Nicky Shen.
And her boyfriend.
- Well, you've recovered nicely.
- You, too.
So to what do I owe this pleasure? We read your profile.
Saw you were back in town.
Chasing that brass ring.
Kind of long odds, don't you think? That profile said Raymond was first in line for the throne.
After he died, Juliette seems like a lock-in as your father's successor.
But hey, you know your family better than we do.
What are you getting at? Your father's been real busy, buying up real estate in the city.
He's planning something big.
But I'm sure you already knew all that.
And about the bell he dug up.
Been focused on the recovery.
By the way, how did you get in here? You're clearly not members.
Oh, we lied at the front desk.
Like you lied to that reporter.
"It's an honor learning from a master like my father.
" Kerwin, you walked away from a life most people only dream about.
Partnered with Zhilan, worked against your father, and now you're back? What happened, Kerwin? Things didn't work out.
Zhilan's out of the picture.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying my family ordered her killed in prison.
I saw it myself.
Photos of her charred body.
A gift from dad.
So, that's what this is about.
You don't want to take the reins from your father.
You want to take him down.
You want Revenge.
And what do you want? I just want to talk.
Frank, how's it going? - Jin.
- Let me give you a hand.
Old hands, old pipes.
Not a good combo.
The art collective is smaller than I remember.
We had to sublet half the space to a cycling studio.
Ahh! Ooh.
What brings you in? Seeing you on New Year's Eve Got me thinking about the old days.
Man, I miss you, Frank.
Mei-Li sends her best and dumplings.
Thank her for me.
I'm gonna eat these for dinner.
- Ta-da! - Ooh, Lee Ching! I remember! Ok.
Hey! What's going on? Uh staff lunch.
Fueling up before the dinner rush.
Do you need something? Uh yeah.
Um, justahem.
- Looking for my parents.
- Right.
Your dad left for the day and your mom is on a butcher run.
You want me to pass a message on to your folks? Um sure, yeah.
If you could tell 'em I got my residency match at UCSF.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
You don't sound too stoked about it.
Of course I am.
I mean, yeah.
Well, it was my first choice and this is practically what I've been working towards my whole life, so All right, man, all right.
My mistake.
Let's say you're right.
What if I do want to Stick it to dad? How's a Shaolin monk going to help me? I thought you lot didn't do revenge.
We have our reasons.
Your dad's gonna do something big and terrible in the city - and we want to stop him.
- We don't know how, but it has something to do with that ancient bell he just dug up.
So, what? Do you propose we work together? And do what? Steal it.
The bell.
You want revenge, you really want to hurt your father, take away the thing he cares about the most.
Zhilan couldn't stop him.
We don't know how to stop him.
The only one who can is you.
You were a lousy roommate.
- Hmm? - Lousy! I would've tossed you out if you hadn't been so passionate about this place.
Hey, what about my art? I was talented, too, you know.
You were raw but you were talented.
Look at this place.
When you invited me to paint that 100-bird mural at Yao Elementary, I was so proud.
Well, we never finished.
I'd just married Mei-Li and we finally got the loan to open Harmony Dumplings.
That's how it goes.
They're busy.
Everyone's busy.
Frank I know you're struggling.
Look, you've done so much for me and so much for the community.
I've thought about it.
I want to help.
Does Mei-Li know you're here dispensing charity? It's not charity.
It's a gift.
Thank you, Jin.
But I'm not taking your money.
Besides, it's too late.
I'm closing up.
Oh, sis.
Where have you been? Oh, you know.
Just out.
Getting some fresh air.
You should try it.
That's good.
You've been looking a little wan.
Just under-slept, to be honest.
It's all that banging coming from the antiquities room.
You sure the workers will be done by tonight? As far as I know.
- Oh, good.
- Father wanted it done before his flight in the morning.
Why do you ask? Oh, you know.
Playing the family show pony.
I need my beauty sleep.
I'd invite you in but we're having a conference call with the trustees.
You'd probably be bored.
checking your phone's not gonna make it ring.
I know.
We're on his timeline.
Either he'll call or he won't.
In the meantime, focus.
Very impressive.
You've improved since Las Vegas.
Shall we have a chat? What's this? Copies of my father's journal.
Notes on the bell.
I snuck it out of my sister's office.
She's inner circle right now, so, he loaned it to her.
- The Yueling Bell.
- Look closer.
The pendant.
The guardian? Li Jiaming.
A guardian that moved to San Francisco at the turn of the century.
The details are sketchy but he disappeared.
People close to him believed he'd been killed.
- How do you know all this? - It's all in there.
They talked of the ritual of the bell.
My father speaks of a shuang xue hu die.
A butterfly of two bloodlines.
That mean anything to you? Two bloodlines, like warriors and guardians? According to my father, the butterfly is crucial to his plan with the bell.
She is the sacrifice that makes it all work.
The bell is at my house right now.
It's being restored.
The workers finish tonight.
At the break of dawn, it's being moved to one of my father's high-security facilities.
After that, it'll be completely unreachable.
Tonight is your only shot.
- You want us to break into your house? - We'll need your help.
I know the compound's security backwards and forwards.
Camera positions, guards, alarms? Yes, all of it.
I'll have eyes on you the entire time.
What about your family? I'll take care of them.
The house'll be empty.
Yeah, except for the army of private security.
I told you.
I'll keep you safe.
What's our access point? West gate.
8 P.
So, how do we get it out? Yeah.
The bell weighs a ton and it's made of bronze, so, stealing's not gonna work for us.
Gotta destroy it somehow.
All I care about is sticking it to my father.
He cares about this bell more than anything or anyone, and I want to take it from him.
So, steal it.
Destroy it.
I'll leave those details to you.
I can't be expected to do everything.
We gotta do something.
The Collective is part of our history.
It means so much for so many.
The studio next door they want the whole space.
They offered to buy me out.
The city's changed, Jin.
Chinatown's changed.
I appreciate that the Collective means so much to you.
It's been my whole life.
But I'm tired.
I have been carrying this place on my back for too long and I just can't do it alone anymore.
Any idea why Nicky called us here? I don't know but at least we know she's not dead.
She's been dodging you, too, huh? Oh, yeah.
Your phone's been ringing off the hook.
Another job offer.
You sound thrilled.
Wait, what about you? Shouldn't you have found out about yeah.
Got my match today.
Congratulations? What's the problem? Look, it's what I wanted.
There are just there are just things I've been putting off because I had to be here.
And now it's hitting me that they're really not gonna happen.
I always thought at some point, I'd take a year off.
Travel, adventure.
But I've never even left the country.
And now I'm gonna be living and working here for the next 5 to 7 years? I'm gonna be 30 by then.
- So, what are you gonna do? - Hey.
- Are we interrupting something? - Nothing at all.
I need your guys' help with something.
- Nice to see you Nicky.
- Yeah, it's, uh, been a minute.
I'm sorry, guys.
I know I've been kinda distant lately.
I thought I'd have to go at this alone to keep you guys safe and after losing Mia, I don't know, I just started to spiral.
We're messing with you.
Come on.
What's up? We are going to break into Russell Tan's mansion and destroy this ancient, two-ton bronze bell.
- Naturally.
- And we could use some ideas.
How do we destroy something this big, this solid, quickly? What about dynamite? - Too soon? - Ha ha.
Break-in situation, remember? Needs to be quiet.
- Propane torch? Is that something? - No.
It takes too long.
Chemical decomposition.
It's been a while since undergrad chem, but with bronze.
A cocktail of nitric acid and vinyl chloride can break down bronze, and break it down fast.
It's highly corrosive.
Have to get the ratios right and apply the proper volumes, but Do you have any of this "cocktail" lying around the clinic? It's industrial, not medical.
Plus, getting the amount that you need as a civilian might be tricky.
I can help with that.
I'm still trying to understand.
You spent all these years looking for the weapons.
Then they were destroyed.
I wanted to wield the energy of Biange to ring the bell and unleash its secret power.
But I was a fool.
That power would've destroyed me.
Like it destroyed the guardian Jiaming.
I needed a stronger instrument, a sacrifice.
Not me, not a guardian or a warrior.
I needed both.
But father, what is it all for? Kerwin.
I thought you'd be getting ready.
For the foundation dinner.
We pulled out.
Father needs his rest before his flight.
We'll be dining at home tonight.
Something the matter? Not at all.
I think dinner at home would be lovely.
Let me see your school I.
That's not gonna get us very far.
I'm just a T.
Not anymore.
Tweaking your credentials and Oh! Congratulations.
You're now a chemistry professor.
- Cool.
- What about the cocktail? Oh.
I found a chemical supplier nearby.
I'm running a request through a VPN and bypassing the firewall.
With Henry's new credentials, checkout should be a cinch.
Sending the address now.
I'll call as soon as I get 'em.
- Ok.
We good? - Yes.
I think.
- The nitric acid goes in first? - No, the vinyl chloride! Nicky, you have to pay attention.
We're dealing with highly volatile chemicals.
Can't you just do the mixture for us? Fine.
But applying the cocktail, it's more than just dunking the bell in a bucket.
You're gonna have to wield the dispersal device correctly, too.
Guys? Why does doing this stuff bring me more satisfaction than any other day job I've ever had? Because it's creative? There are real stakes other than money? Uh, we're actually helping people? - No, that's not it.
- Ok.
I mean, that part's great, too, don't get me wrong, but it's not why.
It's because I'm not taking orders from anyone.
Ha! You boss us around but you're not our boss, and - I can always tell you to stuff it.
- Which you do.
Ha! That's it! I don't want a boss! I want to be a boss! I think you'd make a great boss, Althea.
- Thank you.
- Ok, so, back to the bell.
You're also gonna need protective gear.
Rookies messing around with this stuff - in a high-stress situation? - Ryan.
No, you or Henry could get seriously hurt.
- I think you should come.
- What? Look, I don't have time to wrap my mind around all this.
This is our one chance to protect Mia and I can't make any mistakes.
I need you there.
- They ordered another? - They will.
I've seen that look in Mr.
Hong's face.
Ha ha! I got it.
I'm gonna put it right here.
Looks good.
Hey, where have you been? You missed dinner service.
Yeah, I see you had it all covered.
Lo Por.
- - I hope you have room for dessert.
I've asked the staff to whip up des souffles au chocolat.
Thank you, father.
That's my favorite.
How rude of me.
Excuse me, Father, Sister.
5 minutes till go time.
- Right.
Ryan, stay close.
- Of course.
What are you doing? It's locked.
Hey, hey, hey.
What are you really doing in here? Nicky? Nicky, what do we do? Should we run for it? Well? Uh, I'm cheating.
I'm outer circle.
You've wanted me back in the game, Juliette.
Well, here I am.
I've been in a coma.
All I'm asking All I'm asking is give me a chance to catch up.
What's your location? So, you're just snooping.
What the hell am I doing? Look, you can tell father if you want.
Or you can give me maybe 5 more minutes in his inner sanctum.
Let me dig up what I can.
I'm not fighting for first place, just for a seat at the table.
In the end, we both know you're going to come out ahead.
Fine, Kerwin.
5 minutes.
But you owe me.
Let's go.
Where's Kerwin? He's just taking a call.
- You were late.
- Oh.
A little family interruption.
You also said the house would be empty.
I did.
And you told me it was only you and your boyfriend.
Yeah, yeah.
We're at the antiquities room.
I see you.
Door's open.
- Holy - That's it.
Nicky, you've got company.
- What? Henry.
- Who the hell are you? Ok.
What the hell are you doing here? Do it, Ryan.
The workers were supposed to be done.
Kill him.
What? No.
We're not here to hurt you.
- What the hell is he doing? - Look, you have no idea what it can do.
It cannot be in the hands of a man like Russell Tan.
Yeah, well, Mr.
Tan paid me good money to restore that bell! - Hey, hey, hey! - Stop.
No! Nicky, what the hell did you do? - Come with us, sir.
- What is it? There's been an alarm in the vaults.
Ryan, how much longer? - Working on it.
- What do we do? If I were you, I'd get packing.
Tan's security will be here any minute.
Aah! Ryan, I need you.
It's over.
Forget him.
Forget the bell.
This cannot be traced back to me.
- Get the hell out of there now! - Switch.
Ryan, he's losing a lot of blood.
He might've nicked an artery.
Wrapping it but he needs to get to a hospital.
Nicky! Get out of there now! - Secure the bell.
- Copy.
Heading to the antiquities room.
Where is Russell Tan? What's our plan? Bail now and call 911 from the road? I'm not leaving him.
He'll bleed out before paramedics get here.
What's our plan? Destroy the bell or save him? Nicky! Get the hell out of there now! You know what? We're doing both - I need extra hands.
- I got them.
Henry, take care of the bell.
Apply pressure.
I'll find something to hold it in place.
Damn it! Oh, my god.
Zhilan? How? Funny.
I could ask you the same.
Were you the one who sent those men to kill me? No.
That was my father.
But I wanted to kill you myself.
Why? Tell me why.
You cut my throat.
You broke my heart.
- I did what I had to do.
- No! You had no cause to doubt me.
You knew that I loved you.
- I would have done anything.
- This is not about you and me.
You're here for my father? Yes.
- Good-bye.
- No.
I can't let you go.
Why, Kerwin? He doesn't care about you.
He'll never care about you.
I can't let you get what you want.
- I'm sorry, Kerwin.
- What for? - Aah! - Uhh! Uhh! Stay down.
I'm only here for your father.
Don't make me kill you.
You already have.
Oh, what is your name? Um Ronnie.
And, uh, tell me how you feel.
Physically, not emotionally.
Like I got hit by a truck.
Ok, well, um, maybe in the future, don't work for guys like Tan to avoid this situation.
Nicky? There's another exit.
Through the closet in the back.
Thank you.
Come on, Ryan.
We gotta go.
Tan's laptop.
This could be useful.
Come on, Nicky.
Why are you even here? This isn't your home.
Despite everything, Zhilan, you've opened my eyes.
I want my father to pay for what he's done to the world.
For what he's done to us.
The moves I've made against him.
He'll know everything I've done before long.
All of it.
I have to go.
Where? If you want to hurt my father don't come for him.
Don't come for his family.
Go after what he really loves.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I tried to stop them but they got away.
I still don't understand it.
- Why would you leave me? - Lo Por, I'm not leaving you.
Yeah, but you're leaving the restaurant.
This restaurant.
Jin, we built Harmony Dumplings together.
I know.
If I thought you weren't ready, I wouldn't do this.
I'm doing this because of you.
You inspired me.
You know, I see that you've found what you're supposed to do.
You were always supposed to do this.
Hey? Lo Por, I am so proud of you.
But where will you go and what will you do? So much about Chinatown I love, that we love, is dying.
I don't know how, but I know I can help.
If this is what you want It won't be the same without you.
I'll miss you.
I wouldn't be far.
I know you can handle this place yourself.
Jin, that's not what I meant.
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you.
- Hey.
- Cheers.
Ryan, we couldn't have done it without you.
I know.
Uh, oh, I checked up on Ronnie.
He's been admitted to the hospital and he's gonna be fine.
Thanks to you, Dr.
Yeah, well, tonight reminded me I'll get all the adventure I need, right by my sister's side.
Let's go! - Hey! - Congrats.
Another round? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
You feeling better? We still have to find Mia and we're nowhere near stopping Russell, but yeah.
I realized I I was hung up on my mistakes.
I felt like I would never do it right, but I forgot that - You forgot what? - That I'm not doing it alone.
You, me, Ryan, Althea.
I don't know how, but I know we're gonna find Mia.
Ha ha ha! Yeah, right.
- I'll be right back.
- Sure.
- Henry, 12:00.
- Uh-oh.
- What's up? - Drinking.
You? Night out with the crew.
You seem a little More excited than you were this morning.
Had a good day.
Got some clarity.
And I'm right where I want to be.
Another round for my friends.
- Who's that? - No one.
I told you.
Your brother is past saving.
You were right.
Kerwin's always been my blind spot.
I made mistakes, but he's gone now, and we have to move on.
How? The bell can't be fixed.
No, but it can be replaced.
You've read the history.
The bell is one of a kind.
I've read your research and I know it's not about the bell.
It's about what the bell can do the tone it can produce.
We have the specs dimensions, weight, the results of the compositional analysis I ordered.
Give me time, give me resources, and I can create an instrument that will make the same exact tones, that will make the music you need for your plan.
Father, just give me a chance.
If you want to hurt my father, go after what he really likes.
Greg, move your head.

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