Kung Fu (2021) s02e04 Episode Script


1 - Althea, dumplings are cool.
- Coming.
Did someone say dumplings? Ooh - Baba! - Mm Wait until we sit.
Hey, I skipped lunch for this.
Ha ha ha! Mm.
- Your secret's safe with me.
- Oh, ha ha ha! - Watch the heat.
- Yes, mama.
How's it been, holding down the fort without Baba? I'm still getting used to it, but working with Frank, your Baba seems happy.
Have you heard anything about Mia? We're still looking.
Have you told Po Po? I was preparing to tell your Po Po she had a granddaughter, but when Mia ran away, I just Hey, I won't stop until I find her, ok? I know.
Chemistry, triage I proved myself.
No more dish duty for Ryan.
I heard dish duty comes with perks.
Oh, getting mixed signals from my parents hot but arrogant line cook is not a perk.
It's a curse.
Hey, guys, almost time to eat, but first, a toast to our Althea for her big day tomorrow.
Come on.
Congrats on striking out on your own, sis.
Well, I wouldn't have done it without all your love and support.
We are proud of you.
Here's to the next big Shen business.
Gan bei! Gan bei.
Consider this phase one.
We're gonna be kicking the tires on several of my app concepts.
You're all brilliant, and I encourage you to be as rigorous in evaluating these ideas as I will be in evaluating your performance.
Now get to work.
- Althea - Yes, Court? Before we get started on the baseline code for your geotracking app, where should we be with machine learning? We should probably wait for a minimum viable product, right, develop the essential features and then build from there? But if we don't plan for it now, - it'll mean double work later.
- So what's the top priority, being first to market and R&D costs or being thorough and future-proof? Well, good news is, you both have valid points.
Thanks, but we should pick a path pretty fast.
This has ripple effects throughout our whole process.
Yes, yes, of course.
Umm Why don't you guys get started, and I'll noodle on it, ok? How's it going? I totally tanked my welcome speech, all those eyes just staring at me.
It's fine.
It's day one.
I need to be positive and inspiring and perfect.
The future of my career is riding on this.
Here's my day-one good-luck idea.
I'm gonna pick up your favorite pineapple buns and maybe a few danta and cha shao bao for your team.
Isn't you car still in the shop? Oh, right.
I'll just take Clementine.
- Clem? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Just don't forget, she lurches a bit when she shifts into second, oh, and her parking brake is a little finicky, oh, and no snacking.
I just got her detailed.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of your baby.
Oh, wait.
I forgot I'm the boss.
Ha! Yeah.
We seriously need to disrupt enemy plans more often.
Breaking into Tan's mansion, destroying the bell, - stealing one of his laptops - Ooh.
Definitely better foreplay than losing.
Oh, yeah.
Round 3? Ohh, but I'm supposed to do some renovations today.
Yes, please.
Wait, wait.
I need to check out - Althea's decryption software - Uh-uh.
Because it might have unlocked the laptop by now, could be something important.
Aw Right back.
It's your dad.
- Not gonna answer? - Nope.
He never calls, though, right? Maybe it's important.
- Can we not do this right now? - Henry, you are the most caring, sensitive guy in the world, and you don't care? When I ran away from home, I thought fixing things with my family would be impossible, but we worked through it.
Maybe if you just tried to let your dad in - and talk, you - You think I haven't tried? It's not for lack of trying because I've tried a lot.
See, my family is not like your family.
My dad is nothing like your dad.
- Hey - Hi.
Here's your order.
- Thanks so much.
- No problem.
Anything on your end? No, not yet.
The encryption software.
Nicely done, Althea.
We're in, Tan's database.
Try a search for "Mia.
" - Birth date, hair color, eye color.
- Some kind of profile, nothing on here we don't already know.
She's not the only person in the directory.
Zhilan's on here.
So am I.
I mean, the data they've got on you's crazy Birth date, blood type, medical records, everything.
Tan was building a database on warriors and guardians.
There are hundreds of profiles on here.
Mia's dad could be on here.
We know she went out looking for him, right? If we can figure out who he is, we might be able to figure out where she went.
- Oh, I messed up.
- Hey, man.
Dennis, what are you doing here? - I messed up.
- Ok.
What happened? - I lost her.
- Who? - Clementine.
She's gone.
- No.
Who's Clementine? - So Clementine is just a car? - No.
She is a car, but she is so much more than that.
That car is everything to Althea.
She keeps a framed photo of Clem in our living room.
When we were kids, Baba took us to an antique car show.
Althea became obsessed.
She talked about, you know, growing up and finding her car the way that some girls - talked about finding their husbands.
- Yes.
She was just waiting, and then she saw her in a used car lot, and she knew.
She didn't have any money back then, so she started haunting the lot, you know, spooking any potential buyers, anyone who got even an inch from Clementine.
- That's a little - Yeah.
I know, but she was in love.
When she got her first tech job, she used the signing bonus as a down payment.
Clem was finally hers.
Ok, so Clementine really is more than just a car.
She's Althea's good-luck charm, a symbol of her independence, - the love of her life, no offense.
- Eh.
Today is the first day of her new business.
If Althea finds out that Clem is missing, she is going to spiral.
Ok, so did you call the cops yet? Yeah.
They said they were unlikely to recover anytime soon.
If anyone can find her, it's you.
If we're quick, it'll be like it never happened.
- She can't find out I lost Clementine.
- No.
Dennis, no.
I want to help, but keeping this from her doesn't sit right for me.
Please, Nicky.
I can't be the guy who ruined her big day.
I just can't.
Please? - Ok.
- Ok.
No promises, but we can start with Evan, and no matter what happens, you have to tell her by the end of the day.
I promise.
Car theft's been on the rise, especially in low-income areas, and Chinatown's been hit hard lately.
Yesterday Yang's flowers had their delivery van stolen.
The Yangs get most of their income from deliveries.
- They must be devastated.
- Could all these thefts be related? Possibly.
Thanks, Chris.
Makes and models have been pretty diverse Fancy cars, beaters.
The only common thread is that they've been mostly easy targets.
Easy targets? Yeah double-parked cars, unlocked cars, cars where people were careless enough to leave their keys in the ignition.
- Dennis, really? - I'd circling for 15 minutes.
- Was the engine running? - Oh Well, then it fits the pattern.
Quick hits in the middle of the day when there's a lot going on, these are crimes of opportunity.
I'm not really sure how I can help.
Maybe we can lure the thieves.
Like leaving out a bait car? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- SFPD's done it in the past.
- Great.
Then that's what we'll do.
We just need a car.
Mine's in the shop.
What about Henry's? Let's try Ryan.
He's been asking to get in on the action.
Guess you didn't feel like meeting up.
Anyhow, wanted you to know that I closed out the family safe deposit box, got your birth certificate and social security card, didn't have your address, so if you need them, swing by.
Evan, a minute? Ms.
Tan, this is my ADA, Evan Hartley.
ADA Hartley, this is Ms.
Juliette Tan.
Tan, would you bring ADA Hartley up to speed? I believe my family is being targeted.
Last week, our home was vandalized.
Someone broke into one of our Chinatown properties the night of the New Year's parade.
My father, Russell Tan, he's inconsolable.
We're opening an investigation into these crimes, Evan, and I would like you to spearhead it.
We have a team pulling traffic cam footage from around the Tan estate at the time of the break-in, so hopefully, we will catch the suspects on tape.
- Evan? - I'll get right on it.
Thank you, ADA Hartley.
Ah, should have brought sunflower seeds.
Stakeout vibes.
I could spit out the shells out the window like a real cop.
Can't believe I'm waiting for my own car to get stolen.
I thought you said - we'd get a hit fast.
- We will, I'm sure.
Where's Henry? He's following a Mia lead.
You're a horrible liar.
"You're a horrible liar.
" Ok.
We had our first fight.
His dad called, and I encouraged him to talk about it, maybe try to reconcile, and It's Althea.
She's asking where I am.
- What do I say? - I think you have to respond.
What? No.
Don't respond.
Just say you didn't see it.
You know how much Clem means to her.
- Yeah, exactly.
- Exactly.
Am I seriously ghosting my wife? - Yes.
- No, Dennis.
Respond now.
As soon as you start typing, that 3-dot bubble appears, you're committed.
Bro! - Look, guys.
- Oh, god.
Hey! Where do you think you're going? Stop! This is our ringleader? We're looking for a stolen car Vintage Beamer, orange.
I swear, I don't know anything.
So, what, you were just gonna steal - my brother's car for no reason? - No.
It's not like that.
It's a one-time gig, all word of mouth Look for an easy target, you Jack it, and you drop it off.
The more expensive the car, the better the cash.
- I don't know who the buyer is.
- Ok.
What about the drop-off? Once I get a car, I'm supposed to text him the VIN, and then they give me the drop-off.
I'm sorry.
I needed the money.
For what? My dad and I are two months late on rent And I don't know what else to do.
Hey, come by the community center.
Ask for me Nicky Shen or Henry Yan.
We have resources that can help you.
Come on.
Give me the number.
I'll use a fake vin and get the drop-off.
Good idea.
I'll text Evan, get him to run the address for us.
Hey, mama.
I told Po Po about Mia.
- How'd it go? - Nicky, she knew something.
20 years ago, Mei-Xue called Po Po, told her she loved her, and hung up.
Po Po traced the call to a hospital, a Westview General in British Columbia.
They didn't have any information, but when Po Po found out that Mia was 20 years old That could be the hospital where Mia was born.
- Could this be useful? - Definitely.
Thank you, mama.
Got the drop-off.
What? Mama got a lead.
We might know the hospital where Mia was born, and I need you to And you need me to use my doctor credentials to look into it? Please.
It might help us figure out who her father is, and maybe we'll figure out where Mia went.
I know it's not the most exciting Hey, it's ok, Nicky.
I got you.
What were you doing? Oh, I just wired Brittney some cash for rent.
That's one way to help the community.
Evan, what's up? I got a little visit today Juliette Tan.
She's convinced D.
Hughes to open an investigation into the break-in at her house.
That was you? Yeah.
I'm overseeing the task force, and they're gathering traffic footage, and I need to know, on the night of your little field trip, what streets did you take? We parked at Battery and Jackson and then headed west on Jackson by foot.
Evan, if we're on those tapes Then I'll do what I can to protect you.
I looked into that drop-off address you gave me.
It's being leased by a guy named Leif Winzig.
I know that name.
There was talk about him a couple years ago Low-level ex-con on the make in Silicon Valley.
He was trying to go legit, pitching some app all over town.
He flamed out fast.
Well, Leif's been pretty busy since then.
After his app failed, he used his criminal connections to offer exclusive experiences to wealthy clients Finding a tiger for a bachelor party or a bazooka for an exec to fire off.
- Leif would hook you up.
- Let me make a few calls.
I might know someone who knows about this kind of stuff.
Hey, Dad.
Got your message.
Come in, come in.
This is, uh wow.
I I - I wasn't expecting you.
- Yeah.
I was Hey, Daniel, are you going to - Oh, hi.
- Hi.
This is my son.
Nice to meet you.
I'll see you later, Daniel.
If I knew you were coming Look at you.
You look good.
Still playing baseball? Not since the sixth grade.
- How's graduate school? - Yeah, so I got your message about the safety deposit box.
Of course.
Um Yeah, your birth certificate and social security card.
Thanks, but I want to ask you about something else inside the box The ring.
What do you want with Tai Po's engagement ring? Got it.
I have something.
- Who did you call? - My sister.
Chloe's been on the straight and narrow, but she's still got friends.
One of them has been at Leif's parties, get updates on the events.
She sent me a link.
You want to really blow off some steam? 3, 2, 1! - Ha ha! - That's right.
Today, invitation only.
And we just restocked our inventory.
Saw-weet! Wait.
They're blowing up Clementine? That's what he's been stealing cars for.
I've heard about these events.
They're popping up all over the country.
Ok, so we know Leif's hosting one of these parties as we speak, and Clem's on the block.
I have to save Clementine and take down the whole ring.
If we don't cut off the head of this operation, they're gonna keep targeting Chinatown, families like the Yangs.
Can you get me the VIN numbers that match up with the stolen-vehicle reports? I'll make sure SFPD's at the ready.
- Where's that party? - Chloe's working on that, trying to get us on the guest list.
Great, but, Dennis, time's up.
We got to tell Althea.
No, no, no.
No, not yet, not until we save Clementine.
Hi, guys.
Babe! How's your first day going? My first day? Oh, thanks for asking.
Well, it's one of the biggest days in my life, and I'm already struggling to project calm, confident girl-boss vibes when my husband leaves on a short errand that turns into an all-day ghosting, so between thinking you're dead and being so distracted, I spent most of my morning hiding in the bathroom from my employees and then getting a suspiciously large transaction notification from our bank account to a brittneycabbagehead99, I'd say it was memorable.
Now, what's this about Clementine, hmm? I'm sorry.
- I promise, I did it to protect you.
- But it's Clem.
You know how much she means to me.
How could you think that lying to me - would be a good idea? - Pebbles I got the address.
I got the address.
We're on the list.
All right.
I'll get SFPD ready.
Let's get Clem back, yeah? Babe? Babe, wait.
I'm sorry.
Still sparkles.
Tai Po had great taste.
Mom used to tell the story of your proposal all the time.
Stow Lake? You know, that's where we met.
- Ah, she never told me that.
- She was on a date with some white guy.
They rented a paddle boat, and I was the poor schmuck putting on the life jackets.
I asked your mom for her number right in front of him, got socked in the eye, but it was worth it, 5 of the best years of my life.
Just couldn't grow up, huh? Well, you know, I tried to make things work, but the world's a big place.
Well, mine got pretty small.
Um, so there must be a girl, then.
She got a name? Nicky Shen.
She's incredible.
Incredible, huh? That's some biography.
I'm not looking to propose anytime soon, but I know it.
She's she's it.
Well, it's smart to wait.
What do you mean? I just don't want to see you get tied down before you're ready.
You know, your mom and I, our worst mistake was settling down too young.
Oh, that was your worst mistake? Because I could name a few others Ditching mom, leaving ah po to raise me by herself.
I better get going.
What? Hey, have another beer.
What about the ring? It's fine.
When the time is right, I think I'll pick out my own.
You know the plan? We mingle and look out.
You sneak off and find Clem.
And once I send Evan the pics, we wait for the cops, then get Clem.
If things go south, run.
- Don't wait for me.
- Invite, please.
Welcome, my friends.
Mm, I like what I'm seeing, - and your name is - I'm Susanna.
- You are - Iris.
- Well, I'm Leif, and who are you? - Nathan.
- What do you do, Nathan? - I'm in private equity.
We need to talk later about that and that suit, but for now, let me turn it over to my lady T.
- Do your thing.
- Bye, sexy.
Ha ha ha! Hi, today's offerings for you.
Thank you.
You look like you need a drink.
Am I right? Follow me.
Ha ha ha! A firing range with shotguns and rifles? Mm-hmm, but if you prefer something more sensual, we've got that, too.
Drugs - Oh! - Oh! All complimentary, of course.
We are not drug dealers.
Molly, spice, 'shrooms? - And a karaoke lounge? - Oh, my guilty pleasure.
Ah Ha ha ha! Well, I saw a sweet, vintage Beamer on your hype video, and I would love to blow that orange beauty up.
Oh, mm, sorry.
J Ooh, A.
! Already reserved it.
He put down a few G's, so he gets the honors, but don't worry.
All paying customers get to watch, huh, so settle in.
Enjoy yourselves.
- Ok.
- Cheers.
Hi, Susan! Clem's confirmed on site.
We're a go.
Text me if you need anything.
- Thank god, right? - You still don't get it! Heh.
Let's just blend in.
Come on.
I had reception outside.
This place must be rigged with jammers.
Ahh! Ha ha! Oh, these are for you.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
What's in this? Oh, just see where it takes you.
Ha ha ha! So, Susanna, what do you do? - Oh, I'm a Tech CEO.
- Ah! But you're so young, - you must be a rock star.
- Oh, Nathan, why don't you tell her about your marketing company? Wait.
I thought you told Leif that you were in private equity.
I am in private equity.
- Yeah.
That was before.
- Right.
That was before.
Ha ha! - Ha ha ha! - Ha ha ha! I love a good pivot.
Dennis Soong? No way! It's Benny from the athletic club, remember? Sorry.
I think you got the wrong guy.
I had no idea you were into this underground stuff.
It's rad.
I don't know who this Who is this guy? I mean Dude, that's cold.
Heh heh.
Ha ha ha! Would you excuse me? Ha ha! Of course.
Dennis, we got to go.
What about Nicky? She said she's ok.
Let's go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where's the fire? Where you going? You are gonna come with me, and there won't be any trouble, yeah? Find the woman they came in with.
Take them out back.
Found her.
Hey, guys, what's up? I was just checking out these dope wheels.
Your friends blew their cover.
Orders are to take you to them.
There's Clem.
Hey, what are we doing with them? Could be cops, could be working with cops.
Oh, neither.
All we want is my car back.
Well, either way, I'm not going back to San Quentin.
Get rid of them and bury them out back and do the same with their friend.
Do it.
Uh, look.
We're just private security.
We're not killing these people.
Oh, see, here's the problem with that theory.
I'm the guy paying you, so you don't have a choice.
I say something, you do what I say.
That's how money works.
Oh, wow.
Hey! Hey, you both signed NDA's.
- Guess I'll take care of it.
- Please.
Uh! Huh! Agh! - Nicky.
- Go.
Ohh I'll take you on, little girl.
Hwah! Seriously? Ugh Sorry, Leif.
I got the evidence.
The police are on their way.
- You ok? - Yeah.
Clementine! Althea Nicky, that's my baby.
What are we gonna do when we catch up to him? Uh, I don't know.
- Aah! - Waah! - I'm scared, Nick.
- So am I.
- Nicky! - Oh, I'm sorry.
Pei-Ling didn't exactly teach precision driving at the monastery.
What's he trying to say? Ok.
I have an idea, but, Althea, I need your permission.
- For what? - Uh - Oh, no.
- Yeah.
- Just a tap? - Just a tap.
I can't promise Clem's gonna come out alive, but if we give up now, he makes it to the freeway, he's gone.
This is our chance to take down the guy who's been terrorizing our community.
- Ok.
- Ok.
Close your eyes.
Clem! She's ok.
- Hey! - Agh! Oh! Uh uh! You're not going anywhere.
You're crazy.
You could've killed us all.
What can I say? I like to live dangerously.
Um, the trunk? Nicky, are those explosives? I tried to tell you.
Oh, man Dennis? Althea, I'm sorry about today, about everything.
This isn't about losing Clem, Dennis.
It's That you felt like you couldn't tell me the truth.
I was scared if I messed up bad enough, you'd realize.
- Realize what? - That I'm not good enough for you.
What? How could you think that, - and how long have you felt this way? - I don't know.
Since forever.
High school, Althea, I was this gangly nerd.
You were this gorgeous, brilliant, fun, popular queen.
You'd say hi to me in the halls, and I knew you were just being nice, but even then, it'd make my whole week.
I wasn't being nice, Dennis.
I thought you were adorable, your gangly walk and your scruffy hair, and I loved that you were a mathlete.
Even back then, if you would ask me out, I would've said yes.
I just want to be perfect for you.
Well, you're not perfect.
Yes, you leave the toilet seat down, which is great, but you pee on it, and the D&D thing, it's cute, but, like, every Saturday? You're never gonna be perfect, and neither will I.
You don't need to hide your mistakes from me, even one as big as losing Clem.
We're married.
This is a partnership.
Yes, we're gonna make mistakes, but that's what makes us stronger.
I just realized something about work.
You're brilliant.
Hey, she's brilliant, right? Yeah.
Oh! Ow.
- Oh, Pebbles - Oh, Bamm-Bamm Mm Oh! Whoo! Ohh! Oh! Huh.
That was Uh! Ok.
I'm just gonna own it.
We had a rocky first day heh heh But I realized something.
I'm gonna make mistakes, but what I won't do is make it any worse by hiding them from you.
I'm not gonna have all the answers.
Ach, I'm gonna get confused sometimes, and I'm gonna screw up, and, as my partners on this endeavor, you're gonna see every second of it, and that's ok.
See, we need to feel free to be ourselves, to try new things, to take risks because that's how great companies are born.
Courtney, Dawn, our conversation about ML, can you help me and the team understand it better? Uh, sure, so Dawn and I were discussing the pros and cons of machine learning, considering the time and cost of implementing it now rather than later with respect to Althea's geotracking algorithm.
- Listen.
I - Listen.
I - No, no.
You go.
- No.
You go.
I heard about Clementine.
I'm really glad you're ok.
I wouldn't have gone on a high-speed pursuit if I'd known she was loaded with explosives.
- Althea and Dennis are good? - Mm-hmm.
They worked through their first marital dispute.
I was hoping we could work through ours.
I'm sorry, Henry.
I know you were just being honest about how you felt, and I wasn't hearing any of it.
I was pushing.
I'm sorry But I listened, went to go see him.
How'd it go? Really good, actually.
Part of me always wanted to be sure, and now I am, and my dad, he's He's my past.
You're my future.
Hey, I found the d oh! Ooh Looks like you two made up.
Got through to Westview General, pulled up two documents on Mia Birth certificate and an infant health panel.
Her birth certificate.
Is her dad's name on here? No, just aunt Mei-Xue under the pseudonym Sandra Yang.
Mia's listed under Mia Yang, but the health panel, they found the Kell antigen in Mia's blood.
It's extremely rare and can only be passed down through genetics.
Um, a sec.
There's just one name on this database - that has the Kell antigen John Liu.
- Could be Mia's dad.
And we know she's been looking for him.
If we can find him first, we can find Mia.
Henry's too committed.
He's not breaking up with her.
He caught us off guard But did you go too easy on him? I didn't want to push him away.
Nicky Shen is a complication.
You know that.
I hope your love for your son - won't get in the way.
- It won't.
The mission comes first.
The mission comes first.
I see new evidence is submitted.
You have an update on the Tan case? Yeah.
Traffic cam footage was clean, nothing incriminating unless you want to bring charges against a few stray cats.
Why couldn't you just do your job? - Excuse me? - I had copies made of those drives before they hit your desk.
You tampered with the footage, Evan.
Who are you trying to protect? Oh This was a trap.
How deep in are you with them, hmm, the Tans? I think we both agree that it's best for you to hand in your resignation.
Good news, father.
One of our thorns has been removed.
Not only that, I confirmed a lead on Mia, and you were right.
She's headed straight for her father.
Greg, move your head.

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