Kung Fu (2021) s02e05 Episode Script


Hey, Mia's been on the run for two weeks now.
We know she's looking for her father, that he was a Guardian, and that his name is John Liu.
- So, you find the father, you find Mia.
- That's the hope.
Problem is, that's not gonna be easy.
There's thousands of John Lius in the world.
That's why we need all hands on deck.
And we're not the only ones looking.
Russell Tan is after her.
He's got money and men.
So, it's a numbers game.
Eliminate the wrong John Lius to find the right one? Yup.
We use the information we know.
Blood type, travel records, Guardian family history.
It all has to match up.
- Everyone ready? - Yeah.
Mama, Baba, you've got east coast, parts of the south, and the mid-west.
- Get right on it.
- Althea, Dennis, west coast.
- Got it.
- And, Henry, you are running point on logistics and tracking.
You know, you're really hot when you start giving orders.
Don't recognize the dialect.
Not Cantonese, either.
Might be Hakka.
I'll ask Henry.
His grandma speaks Hakka.
Could be a Hakka speaker.
Got anything? The Bay Area Chinese web directory is not as useful as I'd hoped.
What about this guy? Mm right name, wrong place.
Says he was born in Sausalito.
Doesn't match our research.
- Good job, though.
Ryan, hey.
- Hey.
I managed to break into some medical databases.
Accessed files for about 20 U.
John Lius.
None of them have the Kell antigen.
Can't be Mia's dad, but I'll keep looking.
We got rid of some names.
How'd your call go? Hakka John Liu can't be Mia's dad.
Never been to Hebao Island.
Some good news is we can cross out all these names from the list.
Our John Liu has traveled all over Asia.
According to public records, these guys never left the country.
Combine that with the cross-outs from our team We're narrowing it down.
There's dozens left to go.
I'll get it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
- Oh, thank you so much for coming.
I'm sorry about your job.
Look, Henry's car was caught on tape near the Tan estate on the night of the break-in.
It was my call to delete the footage.
I will deal with the fallout.
How are you? I could use the distraction.
Ok, well, we could use your help looking for Mia.
We've been focusing on finding her dad I had another idea.
A few weeks back, I put out a BOLO when Mia ran away.
None of the reported sightings panned out, but as far as I know, new reports - are still coming in.
- But how can you access them? Hughes forced you to resign, right? I don't want you taking any more risks for us.
Actually, this time, it won't be me taking the risk.
The D.
'S in a meeting right now.
I need you to get into my office.
You still have the key, right? Yeah.
Be careful.
Is my computer still there? Yeah.
They haven't taken it yet.
But your clearance was revoked.
None of your logins will work.
When we were looking into the tans, I put in a backdoor login.
I'm gonna text it to you now.
- I'm in.
- Ok.
I need you to forward any BOLO updates to my personal email.
Found them.
And done.
What are you doing here? I, um I was deleting an email.
- What? - A while back, I sent a.
Hartley a picture.
An inappropriate picture.
Tech support is coming to collect his computer today.
I-I just had to make sure.
I'm so embarrassed about it.
I know it's wrong.
You two I just knew it.
Get out of here, Nadia.
3 new Mia sightings.
One is traced to a runaway male.
Another was an elderly woman.
And the last report was a girl who matches Mia's description spotted at a bus station in Reno.
I'm on it.
Time of day? Uh, sighting was around 2:30 yesterday.
Just got through the bus company's firewall.
Checking manifests from afternoon departures.
No Mia.
A few Asian names.
Miranda Koh, Ellen Hsu, Sandra Yang.
- That's it.
- It is? "Sandra Yang" was one of Mei-Xue's old aliases.
That has to be Mia.
Well, she got on the 2:42 bus to Portland, Oregon.
Are there any viable John Lius in Portland? Nope.
She could've gotten off earlier.
What are the other stops on that line? Chico, Mt.
Shasta, Medford.
Guys, the only viable John Liu left in the entire state of Oregon - He lives in Medford.
- That's where Mia's headed.
So, do you think we found her? I think we're getting close.
No direct flights to Medford.
- Fastest if we drive.
- We better get going.
Of course I miss you.
Ha ha.
Have a safe flight.
I'll see you tonight.
I love you, too.
Can I help you? Is this you? Come inside.
Tan? She's here.
And thank you for dropping me off first.
Of course, Mama.
It was on the way.
- I'll put these in the back.
- Thank you, Henry.
You're nervous.
I keep wondering what if I find her and she doesn't want to come back? Then I failed again.
I made a promise to you to keep Mia safe and I let you down.
Nicky, it wasn't your fault.
And anyway, I know you.
You'll know what to do.
- We should get going.
- Yeah.
Thanks, Mama.
What is this? Melody Dumplings? What "half the wait time as Harmony Dumplings.
" Oh! Coffee? - Yeah.
- How'd you find me? I found out you were a Guardian from the pendant in the photo.
The poem on the back talked about where you guys met Hebao Island.
Did some digging.
Found out you were born there.
Got lucky.
Ran into your old classmate Shan Ma.
He said that you moved northwest.
Met some other John Lius, hit some dead ends, but Here I am.
Here you are.
Is this your wife? After your mother I never thought I'd fall in love again.
You loved my mother? Yes.
How did you meet? It's a long story.
I have time.
I need to know.
I've asked Mama who my father was so many times and she never told me anything.
I need answers, and you're the only real family I have left.
Sit down.
I was a Guardian, sworn to protect the crossbow.
She was a Warrior, looking for the sword, her birthright.
When we met on Hebao Island, we fell in love.
If you were in love Why didn't you stay together? We had enemies.
People looking for the ancient weapons.
We were found.
We decided we had to separate forever.
If anyone knew you had been born, the child of a Warrior and a Guardian, you'd be a target.
I stayed back to fight.
To protect the ancient crossbow my family had guarded for generations.
But I lost.
I was devastated.
But it was a small consolation knowing I had kept you a secret.
Knowing you and your mother still had a chance.
Mom she died.
I found her buried at her cabin.
Was it you? Someone who cared must have buried her.
It wasn't me.
Did you ever think about me? Every day.
- Whoo! - Oh! I'm fine.
Everything's ok.
Heh heh.
Sorry, Court.
My bad.
Babe, this old Victorian wasn't built for this kind of traffic.
I know.
I just I've been looking for an office space but nothing feels right yet, or affordable.
I emptied my 401 for this.
I can't blow it all on rent.
I told you my parents offered to give you a loan.
And I appreciate it but I'm not taking your parents' money.
It's my company.
I have to do it myself.
Althea, is there an outlet I can use? Oh, ah, yeah.
Try under the table.
I know things are a little hot messy right now, but one day we'll look back and laugh.
Steve Jobs started in his garage.
I respect the hustle but I'm stopping by the hardware store after my board meeting.
If we don't get more surge protectors in here, we're gonna burn this place down.
Althea, have you made a decision yet? Team's itching to select a mobile platform - and start building back-end.
- I'm still thinking.
All of the concepts we've been circling have merit.
It's just we're already behind on the timeline you set.
I know, I know, I know.
I just I don't think we've found the right one yet.
Before I pull the trigger and commit all of our resources, I want us to find an idea that combines cutting-edge technology with a social conscience.
You know, something, um Relevant yet user-friendly on an everyday level.
I know it sounds like a unicorn, but we're a scrappy operation.
We have an amazing team and I know we can do this, ok? We can do anything! Aww.
- I'll pay inside.
- Ok.
- Shifu.
- My child.
I didn't think I'd ever see you again.
You may not see me, but I am always with you.
I can feel your worry.
I thought I knew how to reach Mia.
What she needed.
But I drove her away.
If I find her, do I approach her as family? As a protector, a teacher? I don't know how to treat her, who to be with her.
What do your instincts tell you? I don't know.
I wanted to get ahead of the problem, keep her safe.
I should've slowed down.
I didn't really see her.
It wasn't until she was gone that I realized I don't know her at all.
My instinct failed me.
Instinct is not a fixed quality.
It grows and adapts.
It changes.
You are learning from your mistakes.
You must be flexible.
Only then can you reach this young woman on her own terms.
You all right? Yeah.
Um let's go.
Look at the color.
Melody Dumplings? That's definitely similar.
Similar? It's copyright infringement, theft.
Ok, do you remember chu hua, my former line cook? Do you know where she is now? Yup.
They poached her.
For all I know, they've stolen all of my recipes.
This threatens everything that I've built.
I mean, it it's not fair, but I'm not seeing a criminal case here.
It's a civil matter, and even then, I'm not sure how much luck you'd have.
Are you saying there's nothing I can do about this? They're not breaking any laws.
I'm so sorry, Mrs.
Well, you know what they say.
Imitation sincerest form of flattery.
Chef if you weren't beating the competition They wouldn't be coming after you.
I want you to know I always tried to protect you and Mei-Xue.
That's why I stayed away.
Why I never came looking for you.
I thought it could lead our enemies to you.
Well, they found me.
In New York.
They attacked us.
Killed all my friends.
And they killed me.
I never wanted that kind of life for you.
- There's this girl in San Francisco.
- My cousin.
She and her family, they wanted to help me, but they're not my real family.
Not like you.
- What was that? - I'm sorry.
What did you do to me? I wish you hadn't come.
Think we beat her here? I don't know.
What happened? We're too late.
Mia's gone.
Heard you were dead.
Didn't take.
The prison fire.
You were behind it.
Should've known.
Burning things down, kind of your signature.
What are you doing here? Well, if I had to guess, we're here for the same thing.
We're looking for the girl.
How do you know about Mia? - Hot tip from an old friend.
- Kerwin? The important thing is I know Tan wants her, and I intend to keep her from him.
Well, I won't let you anywhere near her.
So, you can leave.
We'll protect Mia.
Protect her.
Nice job you've done so far.
Tan's men got here before her reunion with her father or after.
- What are you talking about? - I figured out where Mia was heading by hunting her father, the retired Guardian.
I'm guessing they were both ambushed or Mia's Baba sold them out.
Either way, I need to find her fast.
You can run along.
- Like hell.
- The trail is turning cold by the second.
There's one way to find out where Mia's been taken, and you two don't have what it takes.
How's your mom doing? Uh, worked up about this copycat, but there are other things going on, too.
So, a while back, I felt like we had something.
A moment, a connection whatever.
Since then, you've made it pretty obvious that was all it was.
You've been super standoffish, I've been awkward as hell, and since you'll be sticking around for a while, I just want to clear the air.
It's cool.
- It's cool.
- Yeah.
It's cool.
I mean, we had a moment.
It passed and it's over.
So, I just I just don't want things to be weird between us.
Ok? Ok.
Um Great.
Tan left a lookout behind.
He was staking out the house in case you showed up.
When I arrived instead, he attacked me.
His mistake.
He hasn't given up where they've taken Mia yet, but I've only just begun.
Baba! Thank god! Oh! - Ha ha.
- All right.
Replaced the burnt wire in the breaker and wow.
Lucky we didn't set the place on fire.
Thank you so much for coming on short notice.
I had to send my team to a cafe to keep working while the power was out.
- Oh.
- You saved us.
It's nothing.
Dennis could've fixed it.
Uh, Dennis said call an electrician, which I did, but no one could come today.
- Uh - Yeah, it's pretty - cramped in here.
- Yeah.
But it's only until I find an office space for us.
- OK - Hopefully I can find one, and I can afford it.
Honestly, Baba Nothing's going right.
We're stuck in my living room, the power barely works, I don't even know what kind of app I want to build, and I keep waiting for this epiphany, but I'm running out of money and time.
You'll figure it out, Althea.
You always do.
I can't help you fix your business, but I might have a lead on some office space.
Really? I can't pay a lot.
The owner might want to make a deal.
How'd you get such a hot real estate lead? I know a guy.
- You're sick.
- You're weak.
I'm just doing what needs to be done.
Not letting you torture him again.
Not on my watch.
What's your plan? Give me 5 minutes with him.
I'll get the information I need.
What are you gonna do read him the ten precepts? Bore him to death? 5 minutes.
What's your name? I'm Nicky.
It may not seem like it, but you have options.
Just tell us where they were taking the girl.
We'll let you go.
You can start a new life off the Tan payroll.
If you untie me.
Look, you know Tan's gonna kill you when he finds out you were captured.
Doesn't matter what you do.
He'll assume you talked.
Why stay loyal to him? Because he pays.
Well, I can't offer you money, but I can offer you a chance to live.
I open that door, that crazy woman is gonna charge in here and cut off every finger, toe, and dangly bit from your body, and I won't be able to stop her.
So what's it gonna be? How's the arm? Scar's pretty cool.
Got the info.
Let's go.
How'd you get him to talk? I was fluid.
Henry, come on.
Thanks for softening him up.
- I'll see you there.
- Have you ever considered, I don't know, not killing everyone you see? This has nothing to do with you, Zhilan, so, we're going, and you're gonna leave him alone.
It's amazing, really.
You can't even let one of Tan's lackeys die.
He's a loose end.
If I spared him, he'd warn Tan that you were coming.
You're not thinking clearly, Nicky.
Either way, you're gonna need me there.
Wherever Mia is, she is heavily guarded.
Henry will stay behind.
- What? - Henry will stay behind.
Keep an eye on Tan's guy until we get Mia.
We'll save her together.
Now you're making a little more sense.
Hang on.
You know you can't trust her.
I know, but right now, I can't think of a way to get rid of her without a fight, and we do not have time for that.
Tan's men have Mia.
I might be able to use Zhilan against them.
And after that? You know, this could go - really bad really fast.
- We don't have a choice.
She's gonna try to screw you the first chance she gets.
I know.
But I have an idea.
Trust me.
Be careful.
I will.
Just one more thing.
I need your watch.
Are you done saying your good-byes? Clock's ticking.
Here's the delivery.
That was our deal.
I bring her to Tan and he calls off his men.
Why? Tan's the one who stole the crossbow decades ago.
Months ago, he approached me.
Told me there was a chance you would show up, looking for me.
He showed me photos of Mei-Xue.
He killed her.
He said if I didn't bring you to him, he'd do the same to my wife.
I loved your mother.
I've only ever wished you the best.
But I have built a new life.
I'm sorry, Mia.
We get in, find Mia, get out.
No tricks.
I'll be watching.
And if we succeed, what then? We let Mia choose.
What she wants to do, where she wants to go, who she wants to go with.
It's up to her.
Well, you must be very confident she's gonna choose you.
Deal? Deal.
Counted at least 3 guards.
No sign of Mia.
Tan's men'll have her guarded somewhere secure.
He won't move her until it's time to move out.
There's one guard by the door.
If we take him down, we're in.
Once we're inside, we can Hey, no.
That's not how we're doing this.
We're working together.
We're not killing anyone.
That's my line.
If you insist on making this harder I like a challenge, too.
I'm not touching those.
Chef you said this is a war, right? Well, then we gotta know what we're up against.
Taste test.
Just one dumpling.
Just one.
Well? It's not terrible.
Skin's not bad.
Pork-to-dough ratio's actually - pretty on point, but - But they cut corners.
The pork is cheap and the spice dull? Canned garlic.
It's not fresh.
That's it.
Ha ha ha! Ok, Sebastian.
I get it.
Melody Dumplings is no threat to us.
Not at all.
They can't hold a candle to you.
You, chef you're the secret sauce.
Maybe I overreacted.
With everything going on at home, I guess I just have so many things on my mind.
Sebastian, I really appreciate you.
Not just for your skill in the kitchen but your energy and your patience.
And, you know, with with Jin gone, I I've been Thank you.
I'm just doing my job.
So, our subletter Spirit Wheel tried to buy me out.
When your dad convinced me not to, they packed it up for greener pastures.
Kind of left me in the lurch.
Well, the rent is incredibly reasonable.
Uh, what are you looking for in a tenant? Honestly, just quiet.
- They blasted Top 40 all day.
- We can be quiet.
You won't even know we're here.
Like, um like church mice.
I'll show you the space.
It's nice keeping it in the community.
Told you I knew someone.
- You coming? - Keeping it in the community.
- That's it! - What? I just figured out what I'm gonna do with my company.
Oh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! We've got trouble.
Move the asset.
What's happening? Who are you? A friend.
Let's go.
Come with me.
Mia! We're going already? This is just a temporary safe house.
While we plan, we need to stay ahead of Russell Tan's forces.
Why did you save me? - How do you even know who I am? - I don't.
But I know Russell Tan is after you and that's all the reason I need to protect you.
He poisoned me before I was even born.
He killed my mother.
Destroyed my family.
He left me with nothing.
I don't know you, Mia.
But I know we both have reason to hate that man.
Come with me.
Together, we'll make Russell Tan pay.
How did you find me? - Does it matter? - You guys know each other? Intimately.
Mia, I don't know what she said to you, but you can't trust her.
- You're not safe here.
We need to move.
- No, that wasn't our deal.
You said it was Mia's decision.
First part of that deal was rescuing her.
Guessing she didn't tell you we worked together to save you? You were there? She stabbed me in the back.
That's what she does.
And she'll do it to you, too.
This woman is a killer.
She's right about me.
I'll always do whatever it takes.
You want to take down someone like Russell Tan, that's the kind of person that you need.
It's something she'll never understand.
- Mia.
- Aah! Like I said, whatever it takes.
Stop! I want to go.
Uhh! Let's go.
What do you want to do? I don't know.
I couldn't go with her.
She lied to me.
I could never trust her.
I don't know where I'm supposed to be, what I'm supposed to do, but I know I have to stop him.
Russell Tan killed my mother.
- How do you - My father told me.
Before sending me off with Tan's men.
Mia I don't know how to stop Tan not yet.
I can't even promise you'll be safe in San Francisco.
But if you let me, I can help you.
It's your choice, but just know you don't have to be alone.
There are people back in San Francisco who dropped everything to help me find you.
I know we may not feel like family yet, and that's ok.
But we care about you.
Are they mad? Your family.
They were so nice and I ran away.
My family is pretty good about that stuff.
I'm sorry about locking you out of the library.
We're good.
Mama? She's coming home.
I have some exciting news.
I found us an office space and we move in next week.
But more importantly, - I know what we're gonna build.
- Which idea? Actually, it's a brand-new idea.
A whole new kind of social network "I Know Someone.
" Ok.
Hear me out.
Most social media platforms drive our attention away from our backyards and our neighborhoods.
More and more, we're losing touch with the people around us and the places we live.
"I Know Someone" will help users make local connections, enabling them to trade information, skills, resources with their neighbors, from finding an office space to planning a block party or connecting with a neighbor who shares our passions and hobbies.
In that spirit, we're gonna be beta-testing starting at our new headquarters in Chinatown.
Got your text.
Thanks for coming.
So what? Ryan, you weren't crazy.
I felt something, too.
We we definitely had a moment.
And if I'm being completely honest, ever since we did I can't stop thinking about you.
So, what's with the hot and cold? Look I've worked a lot of jobs in a lot of cities, and what I got going on at Harmony Dumplings, it's something I've never had before.
Mei-Li your mom is the best, truest chef that I have ever worked with, and she's given me a real chance, and for the first time in my life, I can imagine myself sticking around at a gig for longer than just a couple of months, so, no matter how tempted I am, no matter how attracted I am to you, I can't screw that up by getting involved with the boss' son.
So, yeah, ok, yes, I would absolutely love to kiss you right now, but that is why it's a terrible idea, why I shouldn't, why I What are you doing? Something terrible.
Fun night? Got a little I'll tell you later.
Shouldn't they be here by now? They're coming.
We're home.
Oh, Mia.
We are so happy you're safe.
You must be hungry after the long drive.
Let me take your bag.
Baba made waffles.
Somebody already ate two.
Sorry, Mia.
I was starving.
- Oh, this looks like a feast.
- Oh, we've seen you eat, Henry.
You should talk.
When Ryan was a teenager, your aunt had to invent a fourth meal just for him.
- Cross between "snack" and "lunch.
" - I still hate that name.
Let's eat.
Mia, you have to try Waffle.

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