Kung Fu (2021) s02e09 Episode Script

The Enclave

Breakfast is served.
Thank you.
Didn't even notice you cooking.
You've been working all night.
You gotta eat.
How did Fitz and Naomi even get all this info? They were Price's assistants.
Got pretty close to the guy.
Clearly, they planned a lot of that deep in advance.
Check this out.
- Jacob Sloan.
- Mm-hmm.
Holding the mallet.
The same one he used to ring the Yueling Bell before the San Francisco earthquake.
Tan wanted Fitz's manuscript so that he could get information on the mallet.
He's gotta be making some kind of play for it.
It could be the last thing he needs.
Once he has it, he'll come straight for Mia.
Force her to ring the bell.
Then what? Best guess he gets his earthquake, then he uses the destruction to sweep into the city and take everything.
What? Mm.
Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sorry.
I know I get a little No, I know how you get.
When our research is coming together, when you're avoiding something.
I thought you were gonna tell Mia.
What Xiao told you about her destiny.
I was, until this trove fell into our lap.
We're so close to figuring out a new way to stop Tan.
Can't we just rack up a win first? You know, some good news with the bad? I get softening the blow, but what are you so afraid of? I don't know.
Her mother was killed.
Her father sold her out.
She's got Tan coming after her.
Dropping this on Mia right now could spin her out.
I'm still gonna tell her.
Russell Tan needs the mallet to ring the bell.
Nathan Price and the Inner Sanctum have it.
Even Russell can't just charge in there and take it, so, what's his move? Hang on.
I saw an article online.
I printed it last night.
This might be something.
Russell Tan and Nathan Price have been rivals for decades, but a few weeks ago, they buried the hatchet and announced a joint venture in China.
What if Tan made that deal to buy his way into the Inner Sanctum? Now, according to Fitz's research, the mallet is locked away inside of a vault.
It's only taken out and displayed during the Inner Sanctum's new member initiation ceremonies, after the Enclave's annual masquerade gala.
That gala's in 3 days.
That's how Tan's gonna get the mallet.
Unless we get it first.
Father, why did you need all this research on the Enclave? Wasn't that the point of your trip to China? Make some concessions to Nathan Price, strike a deal, snag an invitation to join the Inner Sanctum.
An invitation is not the same as membership.
To be initiated, one needs to pass a trial.
The "Riddles of the Inner Sanctum.
" The only way to get the answers is to get it from a current member.
But despite my every effort, not one of them will even confirm that the test exists.
So, that's where the manuscript comes in.
It has the answers to Price's riddles.
But, father, why not just make a replica? The mallet is unique and has been hidden for a century.
Without exact specifications It wouldn't produce the tones we need.
For our plan to succeed, I need the original mallet.
Tan needs this mallet for his plan and we think he's using the initiation ceremony - to get it.
- We want to beat him to the punch.
But it's in the Inner Sanctum, the super secret party within the party.
- Right.
- So, what's the play here? - Get in, steal the mallet? - No, that sounds risky.
Won't they realize it's missing? Well, not if we replace it.
Replace it with what? - A fake.
- A perfect replica.
That sounds Ambitious.
We're gonna need at least 5 tickets to the most exclusive social event of the year and a replica of an ancient bell mallet so perfect it could even fool Tan.
Might be a little tricky, but Dennis and I might be able to snag a pair of tickets.
That's great, but won't be enough.
We need our whole team inside.
And the mallet? My art skills? Zero.
And I don't think any one of us has the chops to pull - off the perfect replica.
- Yeah.
We don't.
To get inside, to make this fake, we're gonna need to bring in some outside help.
It's time to bring in the big guns.
Nicky, no.
We're gonna need Mama and Baba.
We know it's a lot to take in.
Stopping an earthquake is absolutely important.
Russell Tan can't really do that, can he? After some of the things I've seen and what we know about the 1906 earthquake, it's definitely possible.
So, what you need me to do? We need you to make a replica.
After we steal the real mallet, we need something to replace it So, when Tan steals it, he's grabbing a dud.
And when he rings the bell, it won't work.
No earthquake, no death and destruction.
This replica needs to be so good that no one suspects it's a fake.
Not security, not the Enclave, especially not Russell Tan.
Sweetie, I don't know.
Baba, you studied art restoration before you immigrated.
- You're an expert.
- Yeah, and those dollhouses you used to make me masterpieces.
Not to mention the balsa wood cars you helped me make for Scouts.
You've got the chops.
I haven't done a real art restoration for nearly 30 years.
I need to know the era the mallet's from and the material it's made from.
Henry is studying the mallet.
He'll tell you all the info you need.
Plus, you have access to materials through the arts collective.
Baba, we know you can pull this off.
I'll do my best.
Thank you.
And you talked to Mama? She's ok with all this? Not yet.
She's next on the list and we're gonna get her on board, no problem.
- She'll come through.
- Mm.
So, uh, what's my role? Well, um, Henry and I need time in the Inner Sanctum to pick the lock and make the switch, so, we'll need someone on the outside.
So, I'm the lookout? Yeah.
I don't love putting you that close to Tan, but I knew you'd insist.
Everything ok? There's a simpler way to stop Russell Tan.
I think you know what that is.
It just sounds kind of complicated.
I know it's a lot but we got this.
- Ok, Nicky, it's time.
- Right.
- You have to tell Mama.
- I am not looking forward to this.
She'll say yeah, right? Oh, she's gonna definitely say no.
I'm in.
- Ok? - Really? You said it was important, that it matters to the world, that it's gonna help protect Mia, so, I'm in.
What's my job? You are our ticket into the event.
I hacked into the calendar of the Enclave's director of cuisine and arranged a "cancellation" in one of his caterers.
Now he's fielding for replacements and I snuck Harmony Dumplings onto his list.
He's coming in tomorrow to audition your food.
- You land the gig - And you guys sneak in as my caterers.
The director's name is Roy Lorenzo and he'll be here tomorrow at noon.
Roy Lorenzo? The Roy Lorenzo? This guy famous or something? Before he entered the billionaire hospitality circuit, Roy Lorenzo was a famous food writer.
His book on French cuisine is like the foodies' bible.
This is the first English-language book I bought when I came to this country.
Do you know how many copies this sold? Well, don't let it get to you, Mama.
It's just one bite of food.
Why, yeah, just one perfect bite for the most sophisticated palate on this entire planet.
Give me some space.
- What are you doing? - I am planning the one perfect bite.
How's it going? Man, this mallet is big.
We have to construct it in pieces so we can sneak it into the event.
Any ideas on the materials? Well, based on when it was made, my first guess would be naam mook, kind of wood.
You know your stuff.
Ha ha! When I told my parents I was gonna move to the States, they said, "you're never gonna find work in the arts.
" You know, your degree won't translate.
" Ha! I was young and headstrong.
But they were right.
When I got here, my degree, my credentials, all my education, they meant nothing in this country.
But I pushed through.
Tried to convince them I am qualified.
The only work I can find were in kitchens.
- It must've been hard.
- No.
I have no regrets of where I ended up.
Let's be honest, this is cool.
Ha! To reconnect, to rediscover the old passions.
This material.
Wrapped around the handle.
Yeah, what about it? It's a type of silk.
Heung Wun Sa.
It's labor-intensive.
It's hard to produce.
Very few artisans know how to make this.
It's very rare.
You know what? My father might be able to hook us up with that.
He's got contacts.
JIN: Really? "Why do we trust the gift Jacob Sloan bequeathed to us?" "Because he alone knew the true nature of the world.
" The phrasing here is "understood," not knew.
According to Fitz's book, your answers must be precise.
I have a task for you.
Of course.
What else do you need? How's it going in there? It's it's not working out.
I know you need me incognito, but I stick out like a sore thumb.
I can't pull this off.
Yes, you can, but I get what you mean.
I mean, to be fair, I'm pretty sure Althea might be the only person on the planet who could.
Well, the event is black tie, so, you know, we'll figure something out.
Don't worry.
It isn't about the dress, is it? No, it's It's about everything.
This plan.
I mean, isn't there an easier way? Easier? Like like I just take care of it.
He's my problem.
He's after me.
I could just do it.
Do what? Kill him.
That's not what we do, Mia.
- That's not who we are.
- Well, maybe it's who I am.
Nicky, I know.
Everything you've been keeping from me.
Suyin, the first hybrid The destruction she caused.
What if the prophecy's right and I'm just like her? A killer? Who told you? - Zhilan.
- When did you talk to her? Does it matter? She's the only one who's told me the truth.
Why didn't you tell me about my fate, Nicky? Why did you lie to me? I was going to tell you.
I just didn't want to upset you.
I thought if we could stop him first, then You're right.
There's no excuse.
It was wrong not to tell you.
Mia, I'm sorry.
Look, I don't even know if what Xiao said is true.
But you think it is.
Don't you? Zhilan was right.
You are afraid of me, of what I'll become.
I think that what you become is up to you.
Just because the first hybrid lost her way doesn't mean you will, too.
My Shifu once said, "you make the path that you live.
" You get to decide who you are, Mia, who you want to become.
Do you really believe that? Yes.
I do.
That's what I've been fighting for, for you to have a real future.
What that looks like is up to you.
Yeah, I guess I haven't really thought about it.
Everything's been about survival until now.
It won't always be that way.
Well, I guess we should get back to it.
Althea's gotta have something in there for me.
Yeah, we're definitely gonna be ready for the party.
All we have to do is get our hands on some Heung Wun Sa for the handle, we're set.
About that my dad couldn't find any leads on that.
He says it's impossible to find.
Aww, man.
There's no way that we could, you know, fake it? Use a similar fabric? Oh, this silk has a very specific feel to it.
If these people revere the mallet as much as you say they do, they'll know the difference.
So, we're out of luck.
Maybe not.
I know this local family who has some Heung Wun Sa.
It's not gonna be an easy ask.
Stop hovering.
Nicky, get the platter ready.
- Ok.
- Althea, are you sure I've got the flavors correct? Mama, it's perfect! You've got this! You know how I feel about "you got this.
" I don't got nothing unless Roy Lorenzo has tasted and loved my food.
Is it really perfect? I tried telling her not to reinvent the dumpling, but she insisted.
It's a very complicated dish.
It'll be great.
Just as long as - she nails the gelatin ratio.
- Will you girls please stop whispering? You're making me nervous.
Here it is.
My creation an inside-out dumpling.
It looks amazing, Mama.
Final touch a sliver of organic scallion.
Oh, my god.
What I I was sure I got the ratios correct.
- I I don't know what happened.
- Don't panic.
We still have time.
Time? Time for what? This took 6 hours.
Roy's here.
What? He's early? Stall him.
Got it.
Lorenzo! Thank you for coming.
It is an honor to be considered for such a special event.
I'm still not convinced that my assistant isn't playing a prank on me.
Well, I promise you you're in the right place.
Harmony Dumplings has been attracting a lot of attention.
Perhaps you saw the local news piece about us - on Lunar New Year.
- I'm afraid not.
- May I offer you some tea? - Miss, I'm on a tight schedule.
I'll need to taste a sample now or I'll move on to the next candidate.
Of course.
Have a seat and we will bring that right out for you.
Mama, we're running out of time.
Just give me a minute.
I need to think.
We don't have minutes.
We don't even have seconds.
Did you see that Spartan was named best in SF this year? You're right.
Totally overrated.
- I love Spartan.
- Hm! Thank you, Althea.
Lorenzo, very nice to meet you.
Is this it? One perfect bite.
Good "hmm" or a bad "hmm"? Can you make 2,000 of these by tomorrow evening? Of course.
My assistant will send you the details.
Oh! What did you serve? Whatever the Wongs ordered.
Hold on a minute.
How am I going to make 2,000 of those by tomorrow night? Jin.
Been too long, my friend.
- Victor.
How are you? - Oh, we're hanging on.
I've been meaning to thank you, Jin, for all you've been doing in the community.
It means so much to me and my family.
- Thank you.
- What brings you in? Uh your great-grandfather.
He brought that jacket when he immigrated to San Francisco, right? He was so proud.
It was the only valuable thing he owned.
- Hmm.
- You know, it's impossible to find antique Heung Wun Sa these days.
I know, I know.
As a matter of fact, that's why I came in.
Now, I know that jacket's very precious to you and your family, but I need it.
What for? Some kind of art show? We'd be happy to loan it out on display.
Well, this will be more than a loan.
I need a swatch of material from that jacket.
I have to cut it.
I can take it off the back, but Cut it? - That will ruin it.
- I know.
- Why? - I can't tell you that.
You know I know that jacket is part of your family's history, but I truly believe that by doing this, we can protect us and the whole community, and you have every right to say no.
I can't do it without your help your sacrifice.
Who else knows? Only Henry.
I don't want to alarm everyone, not yet.
Poor Mia.
Finding out the only one of your kind was a homicidal super-villain.
That's gotta be a lot to take in.
Look, I wanted to tell you before they got here 'cause I have a favor to ask.
- Go on.
- I'm putting you on lookout with Mia.
I need you to keep an eye on her tomorrow night at the Enclave and beyond.
- Of course.
- Xiao said no one can contain both bloodlines without becoming corrupted.
Suyin, the first hybrid, she was wild, savage.
Thing is, when I saw her killing those monks, I recognized the look in her eyes.
I'd seen it before.
At the lab, when Mia was surrounded by Jyu Sa, it overtook her.
She had the same look.
Do you really think she'd be capable of something like that? I don't know.
I told myself that keeping this from her was to protect her, but when Mia confronted me, I realized it's more than that.
Honestly I'm scared.
But I know Mia's a good person.
I know she doesn't have to end up like Suyin.
- We just have to keep helping her.
- And we will.
- We're back! - In the kitchen.
- Where's Mrs.
Shen? - Couldn't pull her away.
Now she's gotta make 2,000 of her one perfect bite.
- Mia.
- Hey.
- Nicky's in the back.
- Ok.
How'd it go? Great.
It's all done.
Looks good.
- Let's see.
- Ohh! - Ooh! - Baba.
Fingers crossed.
So pretty.
This is amazing.
Tomorrow night is the big night.
Let's go over the plan one more time - so we get everything right.
- Great.
What are you seeing? Nothing unusual yet.
Just a bunch of billionaires controlling the fate of the world over cocktails.
Copy that.
We'll be out soon.
I hope Dennis didn't mind me snagging his ticket.
He wanted to be here but he understood.
Plus, it let him keep his previous appointment.
D&D night? Close.
"Magic: The Gathering".
Thank you.
Shall we? We should get ready, too.
After I cashed out, took a couple years off.
Needed to get centered again.
Find myself, you know? - Mm.
Of course.
So necessary.
- It's very smart, Ian.
Hey, it's "eye-an.
" It's kind of rare to see younger people at the Enclave.
How'd you make the guest list? Actually, they're with me.
Who are you? Don't worry about that.
Chinese money.
I'm so glad the Enclave is getting more inclusive.
Would you excuse us for a moment "Eye-an.
" Why do evil people love masquerades so much? They get to hide their crow's feet as they plot destruction of the world? Ok.
Stick to your partners, look out for security, and keep each other safe.
Althea, Evan, let us know when you're ready.
All right.
You got it.
Good evening, everyone.
It's me.
Thank you so much for being here tonight.
For over 100 years, the Enclave has fostered collaboration with the very best in San Francisco and the world.
Tomorrow, we return to our very busy lives.
Tonight, we enjoy ourselves.
You look amazing, by the way.
Is it time to go? Once Althea and Evan are ready.
The initiation ceremony doesn't start till midnight, so, we've got time to get in and get out.
The hybrid.
A daughter.
You will never get her.
You ok? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Haven't seen any movement by the secret entrance yet.
We're still on schedule.
We are in position.
Go time.
See you in a minute.
We'll be there.
- Here you go.
- Thanks, Baba.
Be careful.
Are you serious? I lost a fortune off your "hot tip.
" Hey, it was a solid lead.
Yeah, a solid lead to a crypto scam.
- They fleeced me.
- How was I supposed to know it was a rug pull, all right? Maybe giji-coin seemed like a totally legitimate investment.
I lost half of my trust fund! That's enough.
Enough! - Excuse me.
- Get your hands off me.
Do you know who I am? Careful.
According to intel, pretty sure there's one more guard down there.
We're heading for the SUV.
We'll be ready when it's time to bug out.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Remember, stay out of sight.
Call out if anyone comes through the passage.
Got it.
Ok, we can't let him alert the others.
You ever hear of the 21-foot rule? The cop thing? Rush someone before they can draw a weapon? They did it on "Mythbusters" once.
Just need him a few feet closer.
Uhh! Let's hide him in there.
I'm surprised, Nathan.
You finally invited him to join our club.
It's just an invitation.
I wanted his concessions in China.
I have no intention of actually seeing him join the Inner Sanctum.
And no member has helped him with the test.
Look at him.
Poor sap.
He thinks tonight's his big night.
Matter of fact, there's no sense prolonging his misery.
- Gather the others.
- Very well.
- - NATHAN: Russell! So? You excited? It's an honor to be here.
Now, I hope you don't mind, but one of our brothers has an early flight to catch.
We've had to move up our timeline.
The Inner Sanctum is coming to quorum right now.
Follow me.
Mallet should be through there.
Come on.
Two hours till midnight.
Let's get in and get out.
If we pull this off, do you really think we'll stop Tan? That's the hope.
If not, Nicky'll figure out what to do next.
And if we stop him, - what happens to me? - What do you mean? Will I still have a place with you? Nicky? Your family? - Mia, of cour - Right this way, Russell.
Nicky, I don't know what changed, but they're coming now.
It's time, friends, for us to convene our annual gathering of the Inner Sanctum.
Let us begin.
While the Enclave is Jacob Sloan's public legacy, we of the Inner Sanctum know the truth.
In life, Jacob Sloan pursued much more than just wealth.
A lifelong student of spirituality and mysticism, Sloan sought deeper insight into the world around us.
It is in his honor that we meet here, to celebrate his gift to us all - - The item he left behind in the moment of his death.
But first, we've got a new member to welcome to our brotherhood Mr.
Russell Tan.
That is, if he can pass the final trial.
You see, Russell, not all who are invited to join our ranks make the cut.
There is one final step before your initiation is complete.
A test, of sorts, of your worthiness in the eyes of your peers.
You must first correctly answer the riddles of the Inner Sanctum.
Apologies if we're catching you off guard, but this is a test each and every one of our members has already passed.
It's a test of your cunning, preparation, and foresight Of your ability to forge relationships with the men whose society you seek to join.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
All right, then.
Why do we trust the gifts Jacob Sloan bequeathed to us? Because he alone understood the true nature of the world.
The second question.
What did Jacob Sloan see when he peered through the veil? The line beyond.
Between life and death.
We're running out of time.
I know, I know.
The third and final riddle.
How should we best honor Jacob Sloan's memory? By working together to reshape the world to our mutual benefit.
Well done, Russell.
You've passed the trial.
As our newest member, you may now step forward and wield the source of this group's power.
Well played, Russell.
You're savvier than I expected.
Please join me in welcoming Russell Tan to the Inner Sanctum.
All right, Russell, your initiation is complete.
- No.
- What are you doing? You all play with this mallet, fetishize it.
Like children.
I alone understand its true power, and only I have the tools and the knowledge to unleash that power.
And when I do, I will be untouchable.
This belongs with me.
Check your messages.
Your homes, families.
All at my mercy.
I've been planning for months, looking for weaknesses and openings in your security.
My men are at your homes now Ready to strike.
If you leave this room, how do you think things are gonna end up for you? I have the only copy of Fitz Ronson's expose on the Inner Sanctum.
If you attempt to retaliate, all your dirty secrets will become public.
You have no choice.
You will let me leave with the mallet.
No! Nicky Shen.
You came to get the mallet before I could.
- Guess you beat me to it.
- Congratulations.
Who the hell is he? What's in the bag, Nicky? I have to say this is excellent craftsmanship.
What are you doing? No! Don't worry, Nathan.
It's fake.
No! Stop.
Uhh! I don't know who you two are, but security will see you out.
Help me! They're thieves! You guys don't understand.
Tan's got the mallet and they're onto us.
Everybody out now.
All done.
Two more guards incoming.
- Shouldn't we help them? - Nicky's orders.
Let's go.
Uhh! No.
Nicky? Mia took off.
Mia took off.
She's chasing Tan.
- Aah! - Go.
I got this.
Stop! - Mia! - You hunted me down.
You killed my friends.
You killed my mother.
You will pay for what you've done.
You need me.
You can't shoot me.
- Mia! - Ryan, get back! You're right.
I won't shoot you.
Whoa, no! No! Oh, my Ryan! Ahh! Aah! I'm sorry - Ryan.
- Mia? Ryan.
I'm sorry.
- Uhh.
- Ryan? Mia? Mia? Ryan? Nicky? Call 911! Ryan's been shot.
Stay with me.
Somebody help! Ryan? Tan was about to get away.
I thought I could stop him.
But it all happened so fast.
So much blood and I tried.
But it's It's my fault and No, you did the right thing coming here.
They'll never forgive you for this.
They will never understand that it is not your fault it's Nicky's.
She can't do what needs to be done.
We will kill Russell Tan Together.
Greg, move your head.

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