Kung Fu (2021) s02e10 Episode Script


1 - Out of the way.
- What do we have? Gunshot wound to right anterior chest with heavy arterial bleeding.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
We were told to come here, our son Ryan Shen.
Ma'am, only patients and staff beyond this point.
I saw him.
I saw him.
- I'm sorry.
- Bobo.
We need you back from this door.
- Bobo.
- Mama? ALTHEA: Did they tell you anything? Nothing.
How'd you get here? We got here as soon as we could.
- Are you ok? - Yeah.
Hey, I think you brought my brother in, a gunshot wound.
Is there anything you can tell us? WOMAN: Heart rate worsening.
Full-S IV fluids.
He lost a lot of blood.
They'll do everything they can.
Oh, my oh, my baby.
My poor Ok.
He'll be all right.
Lady's choice.
It's been a hard night, I know Shen boy.
Russell Tan did this, not you.
That's why you came to me, so we can punish him, end him together.
I'm ready.
We didn't see anything.
By the time I heard, the ambulance had already left.
DENNIS: Althea.
Ohh I'll talk to them.
Sit down.
They don't know what happened.
This is all my fault.
I never should have involved the family.
This whole plan was a mistake.
I shouldn't have asked Ryan to - watch Mia.
I put him in danger.
- Nicky, no.
- What if he doesn't - Hey, he's gonna pull through.
He's a Shen.
It's my dad.
You should take it.
It could be important.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
I'll be right back.
Mama? Papa? Oh, what happened out there? Tan was getting away, and Mia went rogue chasing him.
Mia? She had something to do with this? No.
I think Tan shot him.
What was Ryan doing out there in the first place? I told him to keep an eye on her.
On Mia? But why? He knew the situation.
What situation? When Mia was sick and we were trying to save her, there was a woman Xiao.
She told me something about Mia.
She said Mia's dangerous.
I didn't believe her, but I asked Ryan to watch her tonight just in case something happened.
You didn't tell us everything, Nicky.
You knew there was a risk, but you kept us in the dark.
- Now your brother - All right, all right.
Come on.
It's ok.
Mama Come on.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down for me, hmm? ALTHEA: Everything's gonna be ok, all right? Hey - [SOBBING.]
- Hey, hey, hey, is everything ok? Is everything ok? Any updates? What did your dad say? He and the Wan Zei, their mission in Ireland was a success.
They found the scroll, the extraction ritual.
I mean, this could be big, a real shot at stopping Tan.
Help them.
You sure? Yeah.
I love you.
Call me with any news.
and Mrs.
Shen? We were able to remove the bullet, but your son lost a lot of blood, and he suffered considerable damage to his right lung.
He's in recovery, but he's still unconscious.
- What does that mean? - We'll know more in the coming hours.
That's really all I can say right now.
Mama I spoke to Henry.
You told him.
He's on his way here.
The Amhran Na Bainte was lost for centuries.
We never would have found it without his help.
He's got a right to be here.
Danny, Henry may be your son, but he is not Wan Zei.
When the Wan Zei first formed, its only mission was to stop the bell from being rung.
This is too important.
I don't trust him.
We've been through this before.
He's keeping secrets from you.
What secrets? Have you heard the legend of Suyin? I've read the Wan Zei files on the bloodlines.
She was a Warrior/Guardian hybrid.
Supposedly, she went mad and destroyed everything in her path.
What does that have to do with my son? There's a new hybrid, and your son, along with his girlfriend, have been hiding her from us.
What? How do you know this? - You've been spying on him.
- I had no choice.
I knew how badly you wanted a second chance with him.
- You're blinded by love.
- It's not fair.
Her name is Mia.
She's Nicky's cousin.
If we involve them, they won't do what needs to be done.
There's something you're not telling me.
I've been studying the rituals.
There will be side effects consequences.
Mama He's gonna pull through.
Russell Tan won't get away with this.
- I won't let him.
- Nicky I'll stop him.
I'll find Mia before he can.
- I'll do whatever it takes - I don't care! This is my son.
Nicky maybe you should go.
Oh, Nicky, it's ok.
He's gonna be ok, all right? He's stronger than any of us.
Hey, you remember his freshman camping trip when he cut his leg? It got infected, and he got blood poisoning.
We were all freaking out, and he wasn't scared.
He was just curious.
He was trying to figure out how his body was gonna fight it off.
That's when he decided on med school.
MIA DYSON: Early-morning hours teething ♪ I can almost hear you thinking ♪ turn away ♪ close my eyes ♪ I talked with Althea.
Did she mention I think your mom just needs a little space, and while we're waiting for more news, you need to take care of yourself, eat something, maybe try a little bit of meditation.
That sounds impossible right now, and what about Mia? I mean, Russell's looking for her.
I have to find her somehow.
It I've been working all my old connections, even had Nadia arrange to put out a BOLO.
- Thank you - Yeah.
But I think I know where she went, or at least who she's with.
Who? Before the Enclave, Zhilan somehow made contact with Mia.
After everything that happened last night, I'm guessing she felt like she had nowhere else to turn.
I know Zhilan's gonna use her to kill Russell Tan.
I mean, if she crosses that line, it'll ruin her.
I have to stop it.
I just don't know how.
Yuen's been working on translating the text, readying the necessary materials.
If we perform the ritual, we can strip the power from all Jyu Sa The bell, the mallet, everything Rendering it completely inert.
- How can I help? - We need you to convince Nicky.
Don't see why she would object.
What? There's something about the ritual you need to know, what it will do.
Hyah! Huh! Uh! Mia? Ryan! Ryan! Call 911! [GASPS.]
Expecting someone else, your sweet Shifu, perhaps? How are you here? Once you made contact with the Jyu Sa, it opened a door.
- I can come and go as I please.
- Then go.
I sensed your turmoil, your regret.
You let Mia live.
You opened your home to her, your heart, and now your brother's life hangs in the balance.
You've been rejected by your family, and after all that, she still chose Zhilan over you.
Did you just come here to say, "I told you so"? You're not changing my mind about Mia.
Even after everything that's happened? I told you she was an abomination, past saving.
Now she is out there fulfilling her destiny.
I hope you enjoy the results.
ALTHEA: Mm-hmm.
I understand.
I will see what I can do about it.
Mm, Courtney's laptop fritzed out, and she's in desperate need of a new one.
I've got, like, 80 unread messages, 15 missed calls and voicemails, - and I just want to ignore all of them.
- You should.
But I've got 12 full-time employees, all counting on me, and if I don't deal with this stuff, then my entire company's gonna come crashing down on all of our heads, and I just had to banish my own sister from the hospital to keep mama from completely melting down, and I felt horrible, but, like, what was I supposed to do? I know I'm just desperately keeping busy because if I stop, even for a second, I'm gonna have to think about the possibility that Ryan might not be ok, and I can't.
I just can't.
- Dennis - I know.
What about the snacks? No one's eating anything, anyway.
Uh uh What are you doing? Your job, at least until Ryan's out of the woods.
Forget about work.
Just go.
Be with your family.
- He'll be ok, Lo Por.
- Everybody keeps saying that.
You don't know that.
Nobody does.
I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
- I don't believe you.
I I blame myself.
MEI-LI: I let this happen.
I held on to my children so tightly before, I didn't want to make the same mistakes again, but I went too far.
MEI-LI: I never should have let us take so many risks.
My boy.
Sorry to interrupt.
It is the anniversary.
It's been 6 years since Raymond passed.
I take it last night's mission was a success.
There was a shooting of some kind.
There was some complication, but our plan worked, and the Enclave would not dare to come after us.
Regarding the shooting, there were no witnesses, at lease none that are likely to survive, and now that we have the mallet We can move on, finally, to the most important piece Mia.
Unfortunately, we have another problem we need to attend to.
It's about the Zindle acquisition.
Eric Pascal has been expressing concerns about our plans for the search engine.
We have no plans for the search engine.
I'm acquiring Zindle for the land underneath the campus.
- Besides, he's at my mercy.
- Maybe so, father, but Pascal's a powerful player in the tech world, and it would behoove us to keep him onside.
A little face time would go a long way.
You haven't told me everything about your plan, what comes after you succeed.
- In time.
- But you promised me the company.
If I'm going to take it over, I can't have us detonating every last relationship we have.
Very well, Juliette.
Set the meeting.
Baba, any updates? They just completed another transfusion.
- He's still in critical condition.
- And he still hasn't woken up? No.
Do they have any idea? They're not sure, sweetie.
- Baba, I - Hey, I need to get back, ok? [SNIFFLES.]
Any updates? What about you? Is the extraction ritual a go? Um, yeah.
That kind of depends.
What do you mean? If the ritual works, it would strip the world of all Jyu Sa power.
It would affect the bloodlines, too.
The Warrior and Guardian lines would cease to exist.
You would lose all your power.
Nicky, you'd be giving up your destiny - and your birthright.
- Good.
This legacy isn't a gift.
It's a curse.
- But look at all the good you've done.
- The weapons were destroyed, so what's the point of this burden? Look at where my birthright has gotten me.
- Hang on a second.
- My family is in ruins.
Ryan is - I know, but, Nicky - If giving this up means I can stop Russell, save Mia, the world I'm in.
Oh, my god.
JIN: Sebastian.
Oh, Mr.
- Hey.
- Hey, hi.
Sebastian, what are you doing here? Uh I Oh.
I, uh I should head back to the restaurant, make sure everything's running ok.
Oh, no.
You belong right here.
Once we're gathered at the site, we'll start the ritual.
By the time Yuen finishes the incantation All the Jyu Sa energy in the world will be extracted, trapped, and contained within a vessel.
And you're sure it'll work? Nothing is certain, but I am confident.
Having second thoughts, sacrificing your birthright? No.
I'm in.
- What do you need from us? - We'll begin the ritual at sundown, the time specified in the Amhran Na Bainte.
We just need one last item.
The Jyu Sa.
Why do you need it? It acts as a conduit during the ritual and as a vessel for Jyu Sa energy.
Once we've contained and bound the Jyu Sa energy to the stone, we will move it to a secure location.
The Wan Zei will guard it with our lives.
YUEN: No one will ever use its power ever again.
I'll bring it.
See you tonight.
Nicky, hey, hey, are you sure about this? If this ritual works, there's no going back.
I've made up my mind.
I'll head home, grab the Jyu Sa.
Meet me in the library.
XIAO: You're making a mistake.
You're throwing away your powers, my gift to you and the others.
Some gift.
Your bloodline is what makes you special.
Without it, you may still know Kung Fu, but you'll lose your deeper connection to it, your intuition, your strength.
You really think you gained everything from 3 piddling years in a monastery? No.
That all came from me.
- So be it.
- Your grief has clouded your judgment.
You're leaping at the first solution to come your way.
You trust these Wan Zei? They may have told you what happens to you, but did they tell you what happens to Mia? She'll have a chance at a normal life.
The ritual may free you from your burden, but Mia is different.
She is a hybrid, an unstable creation.
Her very existence is bound to the Jyu Sa energy.
Strip it from her by force, she will never survive.
You can't know that.
Doubt me if you wish.
Gamble with your cousin's life.
Why are you trying to stop me? You want Mia dead.
You're afraid.
The Jyu Sa is the source of your power, your connection to immortality.
Without it, without the bloodlines, you'd cease to exist.
You're right.
I have everything to lose, all the more reason for you to believe me.
I want Mia dead more than anyone, but not like this.
If you let the ritual happen, she will die.
Hah! Huh! Huh! Hah! Uh! Why are we training right now? We should be going after Tan.
You need to wait for the right moment.
Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Trust me.
I've got eyes on Tan.
Right now, your form could be stronger.
When Russell sends his army against you, go beyond.
You will be outnumbered.
Huh! Hah! Yah! Hey! Uh! Uh! You need to be ready.
Ohh! No! No! Oh! Rr uh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Hah! Aagh! Sorry.
Ha! Never apologize.
Tan's on the move.
It's time.
Hey, did you bring the Jyu Sa? I did.
I got the coordinates from my dad.
It's almost sundown, so we better get going.
I can't do this.
Is this about giving up your Warrior power? - No.
It's not that.
- Then what? Why the sudden change? I don't trust your father.
What? I think there's something he and Yuen haven't told us.
Xiao, she came to me again.
She said that this ritual won't save Mia.
Henry, it'll kill her.
I'm a little confused here.
You say you don't trust my dad, but you're willing to put your faith into this ancient apparition who you know wants Mia dead.
I've made my decision, ok, so just tell your dad it's off.
Sure, Nicky.
Do you have something to say? This is how it goes with us, right? I'm with you every step of the way, and I I support you, even when I think you're making a mistake.
- What's that supposed to mean? - For one thing, I look.
I told you to tell me the truth.
I'm not saying what happened is your fault.
- It's just - Just what? I don't need to be your equal when we're out there fighting, but when it's time to make a decision, you just do it on your own, and I try to roll with it, but it's like what I think, what I say, it only matters to you when it's convenient.
Nicky, I love you, and I love fighting beside you.
I just want to feel like an equal in all of this.
How long have you felt this way? A while.
And you're choosing now to tell me with everything that's going on? That's how it is with us, right? It's never a good time.
We're always in a crisis.
I'm sorry.
- I think I have to go.
- Nicky, come on.
- Nicky.
- Yuen? Uh! Search her.
- Nicky? - Henry? Uh! Uh! What's this about, Yuen? What are you gonna do to us? Absolutely nothing.
I needed this.
I had a feeling you'd get cold feet.
Tonight is very important, and I can't let anything stand in my way.
HENRY: Is my dad in on this? - Hey.
You ok? - Yeah.
You? - Yeah.
- Henry - It's ok.
We got to go stop that ritual.
You still have that pocket knife? - Yeah, left side.
- Come on.
- Shouldn't he be here by now? - Any moment.
Let's get set.
Help me with these.
Henry, where are you? We're at the site.
Call me back.
- What took you so long? - Had to run an errand.
Let's prepare.
- We can't.
Henry's not here yet.
- We can't wait for them.
- He and Nicky probably got cold feet.
- What? Danny, what are the odds the Warrior was going to give up her gift, hmm? - We can't do the ritual without Jyu Sa.
- Hence my errand.
Where'd you get that? I had a backup source just in case.
It's nearly time.
Let's get started.
Looks like he got extra security.
They won't be a problem.
Watch this.
Agh! Agh! Huh! Uh! Uh! Yah! Huh! Oh! Agh! Uhh PHIL: Uh Uh Please help me.
- Huh! - Yaagh! You're up.
Tan is all yours.
You've made a big mistake.
Maybe not.
She could still be useful.
You're coming with us.
Cosnaigi an ciorcal seo.
Fuinneamh dearg.
- You good? - Yeah.
It's past sundown.
We got to hurry.
What? Oh I can feel it.
It's starting.
Let's go.
What do you want? - Where the hell are you taking me? - Shut up and keep moving.
Oh, Zhilan, what's happening to me? Aah! [MOANING.]
YUEN: Deliver yourself to our vessel.
Cosnaigi an ciorcal seo.
Fuinneamh dearg.
Mia? - [PANTING.]
- Mia.
- Uh! - Uh! Mia.
Zhilan, help me.
Mia I'm not leaving you.
Cosnaigi an ciorcal seo.
Call forth the red energy from all corners.
- Stop! This ends now.
- Henry.
Your partner, she drugged us, tied us up.
She stole the Jyu Sa.
Did you know? - Yuen - I had no choice.
You and I both know this is the only way to stop Tan.
Henry, we have to stop it.
I can't let that happen.
This ritual is the fulfillment of the original Wan Zei mission To protect the world from the power of the Bell.
We can figure this out.
We don't have to fight.
Sorry, dad.
I think we do.
WOLF: Smoke in my lungs ♪ blood on my tongue ♪ I'm here to make the devil cry ♪ it's like a drug ♪ when I'm on the hunt ♪ I'm gonna wake the war inside ♪ stare at the sun ♪ do it for fun ♪ this is the way I live my life ♪ this is the way I live my life ♪ this is the way ♪ I live my life ♪ YUEN: Give it up.
The ritual's nearly complete.
You're weak and only getting weaker.
WOLF: Like a razor ♪ I'm here to rumble ♪ diamond breaker ♪ it's my nature ♪ get ready for thunder ♪ 'cause I'm here to rumble ♪ I'm here to rumble ♪ I'm here to rumble ♪ Enough.
WOLF: I'm here to rumble ♪ Enough! WOLF: I'm here to rumble now ♪ I'm here to rumble ♪ Huh! [PANTING.]
Hey, are you ok? Yeah.
It's over.
DANNY: I'm sorry, son.
I know, Dad.
It's ok.
Zhilan [PANTS.]
What was that? I don't know, but I think it's over.
You stayed.
Oh, Tan's men, they'll be looking for us and for Juliette.
Not if we find her first.
She's got a head start.
It won't be easy to track her.
I'll find her.
Ryan, when we met, a relationship was the last thing on my mind.
I hadn't even planned on staying in San Francisco very long.
I don't know what it is about you.
I've only known you a few months, and How can I need you like this already? It feels like we're just getting started, you know So come on.
Come on.
You got You got to wake up.
You got to get better.
I can't lose you.
Ryan I love you.
Uh guys, guys, I think he's waking up.
JIN: Yeah.
Ha ha! Ha ha! Mm MEI LI: Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, hi.
- Hey, you're - Hey.
KLEERUP: Maybe we can make it all right ♪ HENRY: Hey, you were right.
I should have never trusted the Wan Zei.
It's not your fault.
Look, Henry.
Everything you said back at the library, you were right.
Whenever we're under pressure, when every minute counts, when I have to make a decision, I just feel like I have to be responsible for whatever happens like it's all on me But that's not fair to you.
I love you, Henry.
You know that, right? There's no one else I'd rather do this with.
KLEERUP: We can keep trying ♪ but things will never change ♪ so I don't look back ♪ [CELL PHONE VIBRATES.]
- That's my mom.
- Yeah.
Take it.
Mama? KLEERUP: But I don't look back ♪ I'm just a little, little bit better ♪ RYAN: Mama, please.
This is, like, the third time you fluffed my pillow.
- ALTHEA: Just try and stop her.
- JIN: Oh, it's just the beginning, a lot of recovery time coming.
You are going to take it easy at home with us, no arguments.
KLEERUP: We can keep crying ♪ about things we'll never change ♪ so I don't look back ♪ Ryan.
KLEERUP: Still I'm dying with every step I take ♪ Hey, sis.
I'm so glad you're ok.
Me? Oh, I'm better than ok.
How many people can say they got shot by an evil billionaire? [LAUGHTER.]
It's ok, Nicky.
Ryan kind of filled me in on everything.
KLEERUP: But I don't look back ♪ I'm so sorry.
Oh, don't be.
It wasn't your fault.
It wasn't hers, either Mia.
I know she didn't mean for any of this to happen.
I saw her.
She was so scared.
I don't think she wants to be found.
We can't give up on her.
She's family.
Yes? Sorry, sir.
We still haven't found her.
How could you let this happen? All our protocols were in place, had 3 of my best men on her detail.
Whoever did it, it was a professional job.
You will find my daughter, and you will bring her home to me.
Yes, sir.
DANNY MCCOOK: Feel it in your chest ♪ the nature of ♪ wolf inside my head ♪ though my feet may rest ♪ anxious eyes stay open ♪ [MUFFLED SCREAMS.]
MCCOOK: I feel it in my chest ♪ [SCREAMS.]
MCCOOK: The nature of wolf inside my head ♪ Ohh Well Mia What do you want to do to her? We use her.
MAN: Greg, move your head.

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