Kung Fu (2021) s02e11 Episode Script


1 ORLA GARTLAND: you can leave it all behind ♪ skip a beat in the bloodline ♪ - Come on.
Take it take it slow.
- Ok, Baba.
And you promised the doctor you'd take it easy.
You promised me you wouldn't make a big fuss over me.
- ALL: Welcome home! - [LAUGHTER.]
- RYAN: Oh! - ALTHEA: Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.
MEI-LI: Gentle, girls.
Ok, help your brother to the couch.
Dennis, can you please get the extra pillows from the den? Ok, Dr.
Shen, right up in here.
RYAN: Guys, guys, I really don't need all this.
Besides, we should be out looking for Mia.
Nicky's on it.
Your job is to rest.
JIN: Right here at home till the bandage comes off, ok? - What about Harmony Dumplings? - Sebastian's covering.
He wants you resting up, too.
He also said that if you give us any pushback, he's locking you out of his streaming accounts.
I am going to make you some Luohanguo tea.
I'll run to the pharmacy, get your antibiotics.
Make sure he does not leave the couch.
- NICKY: Yes, mama.
- RYAN: Since you're babying me, - my phone's been dead for days.
- Already on it.
Grabbed your charger - from your apartment.
So, when do you think you'll be ready for me to kick your ass in basketball again? Ok, sure.
Now that I got a hole in my chest, you think you got a chance.
I don't know.
Spot you a couple points.
- NICKY: Everything ok? - Oh, yeah.
It's nothing.
How's the search on Mia going? We put out a BOLO, pulled traffic cam footage, and, well, I'm about ready to start putting up missing person signs.
And if you find her, what then? What do you mean? I know what happened wasn't her fault exactly, but she left us.
She left our brother to die.
She's dangerous, she's strong as hell, and now she's got Zhilan whispering poison in her ear.
I mean, isn't that what this Xiao lady warned you about in your dream? That Mia was destined to lose control of her power? I just I have to see her.
Face to face.
Ryan said she was scared and confused.
She needs to know what happened wasn't her fault, that it's not too late to come back.
I know she can be saved.
RYAN: Guys? Come check this out.
Got a text while I was in the hospital from a new number.
I think it's Mia.
MAN: Sir? You better have news about my daughter.
Not yet.
Apparently, Zhilan wasn't working alone.
There was a young woman.
Find them.
I won't tolerate any more mistakes.
JULIETTE: You're wasting your time.
Either kill me or let me go.
- I'm not telling you anything.
- We don't want to kill you.
We want your help.
Just make a call.
Get your father out of the house.
- We'll take care of the rest.
- You really think I'll help you kill my father? Kerwin told me all about your childhood.
How Russell tormented you, pitting you against your siblings.
How you could never compete against sweet, deceased Raymond.
I know you've thought about it.
Work with us and you can finally stop jumping through his hoops, playing his game.
Raymond is dead.
Kerwin, he's off the board.
You're next in line.
And with daddy out of the picture You don't know anything about me.
And you know that you'll never get what you want unless you take it.
- MIA: Hello? - RYAN: Uh, hey.
Are you ok? Yeah.
I'm fine.
- I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have left you.
- I know.
It's it's ok.
- Are you in the hospital? - Uh, no, actually.
I'm back at home.
You're with Nicky.
MIA: You're tracing this call, aren't you? - ZHILAN: Enough.
- NICKY: Hey, Mia, what happened wasn't your fault.
I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you.
All of you.
But I've made my decision.
NICKY: Wait, wait, wait.
Mia Ok, was that enough time? I only managed to ping two cell towers.
Without a third I recorded the call.
Maybe there's a clue in the background.
- MIA: Ryan, are you ok? - RYAN: Yeah.
Sounds like a machine.
Maybe a factory? Don't think so.
There's no industry in these neighborhoods.
Send this over to Evan.
Maybe he knows someone who can clean it up.
Admit it, ladies.
You weren't expecting me in the back of that car.
This is a salvage job and not a very smart one at that.
You think we're bluffing? You think we won't hurt you? Haven't laid a hand on me yet.
Zhilan may be a killer, but you're just a scared, little girl, a pawn in my father's grand design.
Sooner or later, he will get you.
You'll ring that bell and we'll be done with you.
That's all you are, just a piece of the plan.
Utterly disposable, just like your mother.
Your father's done - destroying people's lives! Aah! - Uhh! You are going to help us or you're going to die! Aah! What are you doing? Killing her won't get us anywhere.
You have to follow my lead.
XIAO: I warned you.
The girl is losing control.
It happened to the hybrid - and it will happen to Mia.
- I have it under control.
I told you, Xiao, I don't care about your prophecies.
I have my own plans for the girl.
Oh, yes.
Use her to kill Tan.
But why such an elaborate plan? Why not just do it yourself? Because.
We both deserve justice.
You actually care about this girl.
And I thought the Guardian spirit was dead in you.
What's it to you, Alchemist? What are you really afraid of? I'm simply trying to correct a mistake from the past.
It's more than that.
I can feel your desperation.
This is about Russell, what he plans to do with Mia.
What are you so desperate to stop? This was never about an earthquake.
He wants access to my realm.
A space between life and death.
The source of the bloodline's power.
- ZHILAN: Why? - XIAO: Because that is where he can get what he is truly after.
Life and death.
So, that's what this is about.
His son.
He wants to bring Raymond back.
I thought you stopped drinking smoothies.
It's for Ryan.
Didn't your mom feed him like an hour ago? Mm-hmm.
- DENNIS: Oh, right.
Courtney installed this program that tracks how many users have downloaded our app.
- Babe, you're killin' it! - Ha! I don't get it.
We launched weeks ago and it was crickets.
Now all of a sudden Dennis? What did you do? I may have reached out to Eddie Kwong about your app.
He may have decided to tweet about it to his 1.
6 million followers.
ALTHEA: What did he say? DENNIS: He just retweeted the press release I sent.
Only added one word.
" Oh, Bam Bam, you're a genius! We have a real user base now.
I mean, most start ups don't see these numbers for months, if ever.
Got any other brilliant ideas? Like in general or Come work for me.
I mean, with me.
- For me.
- Help me run my company.
- Are you serious? You did such a great job running things while Ryan was gone.
Yeah, but this is your thing.
Well, since the blowout with your family, we both have a lot riding on this.
Who says it can't be our thing? Ohh, would it really be that crazy? - [PHONE RINGING.]
- - Hey, Nicky.
What's up? - Evan's friend cleaned up the Mia call.
We think the sound in the background was a helicopter.
We compared it with a bunch of audio and video files online.
It sounds like an old 6-cylinder piston engine.
HENRY: Made some calls and there's only one local tour company that still uses that type of helicopter.
And you need me to access the company's flight paths to determine where the call was coming from.
- NICKY: Exactly.
- ALTHEA: I'd love to but I'm supposed to meet Courtney at the office to review our end user database.
Which, come to think of it, is the perfect job for my new chief operating officer.
Me? Chief operating officer? I'm on it.
Ok, so, what's the name of this tour company? Has your father told you what comes after? Why he wants to ring the Yueling Bell? Come on.
I assume you've heard the stories That the bell can be used to access a realm beyond our own, a realm between life and death.
What could he possibly hope to pluck from this other world? Look, even I'll admit your father is an impressive man.
He's built an empire, a company whose reach straddles the globe.
But he's not young anymore, and it's time for him to choose a successor.
And I'm sure that he's made you promises, implied that you're his chosen heir, but what what if that's just his latest trick? What if he's been playing you this whole time, manipulating you to get what he really wants? Raymond.
His firstborn son.
The apple of his eye.
His greatest loss and his greatest heartbreak.
He's trying to bring him back.
You never stood a chance.
Bay Side Tour Company runs 3 daily paths over the city, but this north one is way outside the range I pinged.
The chopper sounded like it was right over Mia.
This one's a coastal tour, so, that's out.
Then it's gotta be this route.
We called Mia at 10:46 A.
Ok, so, 10:30 departure.
10:46 should've been passing right over here, the area of Excelsior.
We should check real estate listings in that neighborhood for anywhere Zhilan could be squatting.
- HENRY: I'm on it.
- NICKY: Um, look for anything that's been unoccupied for a while.
There's a few condos, some empty houses, and there's a run-down church that's been on the market for a few years.
Let's check 'em all out.
Thanks, Althea.
Juliette, you can't even win against a corpse.
Throw your lot in with us and you'll actually get what you deserve.
Suppose I did.
How could I trust you? I play along, you get what you want, and then you'll kill me anyway.
You have me confused with your father.
He's the deceitful one.
I haven't lied to you once.
As soon as we get what we want, you'll never see us again.
Mia, what is it? It's Nicky.
She's here.
JULIETTE: Expecting someone else? NICKY: Where are they? We missed them.
They're gone.
You just missed them In case you were wondering.
HENRY: Cameras everywhere.
Looks like a monitor station.
- They knew we were coming.
NICKY: Look around.
See if they left anything we can use to track them.
They tortured me.
Had some harebrained idea I would flip on my father.
Well? You gonna cut me loose or what? - Where are they? - Sadly, can't help you there.
How was she? - Who? - Mia.
She tried to choke me to death.
See? Of all people, it took Zhilan to pull her back from the brink.
I'm lucky to be alive.
Her strength, her rage That girl is a demon.
Your cousin, the girl you've been protecting for months she's unhinged.
Well? Come on, Nicky.
I know you're not going to leave me here.
We've never met but I've read all about you and I know it's just not who you are.
Find anything? Not much.
- [RIP.]
- [RIP.]
- Uhh.
Thank you.
If you're still working for your father when we take him down I'm making sure you go down with him.
You're on the wrong side.
- MIA: What are we doing? - ZHILAN: Switching cars.
I don't understand why we ran.
We got as far as we could with Juliette.
I got in her head, and that could shake things up on the Tan side Create an opportunity for us.
But in the meantime, we regroup.
Bide our time.
So, more waiting.
You'll get your vengeance.
We both will.
But we have to be smart about it.
Hitting Tan's town car sent him into lockdown.
Greater security, more guns.
- [SPARK.]
Revenge isn't worth anything if you don't get out alive.
I don't care if I get out.
I just want to get it done.
Let's go.
RUSSELL: My god, Juliette.
Look at you.
You don't know how worried I was.
I'm so glad we found you.
Thank you, father.
But it wasn't you or your men who found me.
It was Nicky Shen.
My men failed you.
Goes without saying I didn't make it to my meeting with Pascal.
It's fine.
I spoke with him.
The Zindle deal is secure.
- JULIETTE: Well - RUSSELL: All that remains is for us to find Mia.
And Bez and I are working on it.
And after? You still haven't told me the last step.
What happens after the earthquake, what exactly my role is.
- I need to know.
- Juliette, you will know everything soon enough.
Get some rest.
You have been through a lot.
Yes, father.
One chorizo burrito, Christmas style, extra wet, just how you like it.
Not really hungry.
I drove all the way to Mission for this.
And you haven't eaten in two whole hours.
- RYAN: I don't want food.
- ALTHEA: Nuh-uh-uh.
You know the rules.
I just want to help.
Do research.
Everything's been so chaotic lately.
I want to make sure we haven't missed anything.
There's still so much we don't know about what Tan is up to.
Why is it so difficult for you to just relax Because it's my fault! Ryan.
It was my job to watch her and I let her get away.
If you had seen her face, Althea, she was so scared.
I just I can't be stuck here right now doing nothing.
All I ask is for you to go to the Clinic and bring me my Jyu Sa research.
Where is it? - RYAN: Bottom drawer of my desk.
You got me running all over town for you.
And you better not move from this couch while I'm gone.
You're far and away my favorite sister.
I'm telling Nicky you said that.
- Not really hungry.
Good one, Ryan.
Well, father my birthday? Definitely not Kerwin's.
Must be Raymond.
Of course.
"The Lost Journal of the Alchemist.
" "Properties of Jyu Sa.
" "Resurrection.
" "A parent's grief a sacrifice.
The parent and child will conquer death.
" We have no idea where Mia is.
This is all we found at Zhilan's safe house.
She had several of these cameras set up outside the perimeter of her hideout.
I recognize this.
When I was staking Tan out, his offices, his warehouses, I found this exact same model of camera across the street from all of them.
I assumed they belonged to Tan, but - They were Zhilan's.
- She's been watching him.
We could use this to get into Zhilan's cloud.
Then we'd have access to all of her cameras.
That's how we track them.
We can do better than that.
If Zhilan still has eyes on these feeds, we could set up a trap Lure her and Mia there.
- EVAN: What's the bait? - NICKY: We know they're desperate to kill Russell Tan.
Let's give them what they want.
Hello, brother.
How did you find me? Did father send you? You were right, Kerwin.
His game it was always rigged against us.
- Juliette, what happened? - It's nothing.
What are you doing here? I want to destroy our father.
And I need your help.
All that time we spent jumping through hoops, competing with each other, killing ourselves to earn his respect None of it mattered.
It was always about Raymond, about bringing him back.
I was a fool to think I had a chance.
Other realms.
You think he's really found a way to pull all that off? Since you've been gone, I've seen things.
I've done things.
Even if it were true It doesn't matter.
- Let it go.
How can you say that? He treated you worst of all.
- That's why I left.
Didn't get very far.
Hiding out in one of father's investment properties.
Well, there are worse ways to live.
You should try it.
Not a chance.
Not after everything he's put us through.
That's not how this ends.
We can take him down, take what he's been holding over us since we were born - What we deserve.
- The company.
I've made inroads with the board.
Built relationships.
Not to mention, I know where the bodies are buried.
I can put together a paper trail His plans, his mystical research, the illegal acquisition of ancient objects using company funds.
It won't be hard to build a case that he's lost his mind.
I have what I need to take him down.
Then why do you need me? How can you even ask? It's always been the two of us.
Even when I was plotting against you, it was all to prepare you for the day we would rule Together.
Very well.
Don't do this, Juliette.
If you make a move against father You will lose.
ALTHEA: Ok, here we go.
Zhilan's security footage of Tan's properties.
Take your pick.
- EVAN: What about that one? - NICKY: Too public.
Need somewhere more secluded in case things go south.
Can't risk collateral damage.
Wait, Althea.
Go back.
Yeah, that one.
You have access to this camera's archive? - ALTHEA: Yup.
- NICKY: Ok.
I need you to go back and pull old footage of Tan arriving at this property.
Then we delete the time stamp, feed it back into her cloud And then on Zhilan's end, it'll look like live footage of Tan showing up.
That's our bait.
They won't be able to resist.
- ALTHEA: I'm on it.
- EVAN: What then? Well, I don't have the best track record of talking Mia back into the fold.
Not to mention, I'll have to deal with Zhilan.
- We'll handle her.
- If I show up with anyone else, Mia will think I'm scared of her, that I believe Xiao's prophecy.
Nicky, you can't go in there without backup.
I know it's dangerous.
But this is my one chance to get through to Mia.
She needs to see that I trust her.
I have to go alone.
- You need to eat.
- No.
We need to go.
We know where he lives.
He knows we're coming.
We're not making a play on his turf.
In the meantime eat.
We stick with the plan.
You're not going off book again.
You try that with Tan, we'll lose him.
There is no "we.
" What? This is a one-off partnership, right? Tan dies and we go our separate ways.
This is a live feed.
There's Tan.
He's on the move.
This is our chance.
Let's go.
OCEAN CHINA: better go hard now, 'cause you know ♪ that you're feelin' me, yeeaah ♪ for the base and rhythm, deep down inside of your chest ♪ make you feel like da-da-dum-da-dum-da ♪ Da-da-dum-da-da-dum-da ♪ make you feel like da-da-dum-da-dum-da ♪ da-da-dum-da-dum-da, make you feel like, yeah ♪ - [PHONE RINGS.]
- Change your mind, brother? What are you doing, Juliette? JULIETTE: Building my case.
KERWIN: You called an emergency meeting of the board? How'd you hear? I've still got friends on the inside.
And if I found out about it, you can bet father will, too.
JULIETTE: It won't matter.
I have an airtight case.
Emails, photographs, financial records A portrait of a man who has misappropriated company assets for decades, all in pursuit of a myth.
The board will think he's an old man who has completely lost touch with reality.
KERWIN: It's all going to blow up in your face.
Once I've exposed him as mentally unfit, I'll take it all.
Promise me you won't do anything stupid without me.
JULIETTE: Sorry, Kerwin.
You had a chance to be a part of this.
A part of what, Juliette? KERWIN: Juliette? What? Juliette! We need to move in closer.
This is taking too long.
You're right.
It is.
What are you doing? Something's not right.
You saw the video.
He's in there.
On the video, Tan entered with 3 men.
There's no movement inside the house and the only lights that are on are security lights.
We have to fall back.
- No.
I'm done waiting.
- Mia! Mia! It was a trap.
Mia, I just want to talk.
- MIA: What are you doing here? - NICKY: I came to bring you back.
- MIA: It's not happening.
- NICKY: No one's mad at you.
Mama, Ryan we all just want you home.
Mia made her choice.
She's trying to stop you from becoming who you're meant to be.
Don't listen to her.
She's just using you.
It doesn't matter what Xiao said.
Your destiny's not written.
- I meant it when I said - you get to decide who you become.
I believe in you, Mia.
You're not like Zhilan.
You're not a killer.
I heard what you said to Ryan.
You're afraid of me.
You think I'm a killer, a monster.
- NICKY: No.
Mia - MIA: Well, you're right, Nicky.
I am a monster.
The only thing I want is to kill Russell Tan.
You can't.
The moment you take a life, yours is over.
You'll have no future.
I don't care.
I have no family, no future.
I have nothing to lose.
Let's go.
Go with Nicky.
Mia, you're not cut out for this.
And if you go after Russell, you'll get us killed.
You will fail.
Neither of you will do what needs to be done, so, I'll do it myself.
Sorry, Zhilan.
No one's getting in my way.
I sensed a shift in you, Juliette, when you returned from Zhilan.
Father, I know what you think you heard, but I was just playing with Kerwin.
You know how we are.
I had Bez put a bug on your phone.
I know everything.
Well, then, I Have already spoken to the board.
Yes, and they saw right through your little power play.
You were always a schemer, Juliette.
Even as a child.
Can you blame me? It was the only way I could get ahead with you.
Two brothers, one golden child, one prodigal son.
I was always just the girl.
I had to work twice as hard, scheme twice as much, even though it was obvious to everyone I was your only worthy successor.
And still, it wasn't until Raymond died and Kerwin betrayed you that you even gave me a chance.
And when you did? I leapt at it.
I did everything you wanted.
I set up an A.
I put a man in the hospital.
I destroyed people simply because they stood in your way.
I would've killed for you.
Then I find out it's all for nothing.
You were just using me to bring him back.
This was always about Raymond.
Admit it, father.
I never had a chance.
- I don't want to fight you, Mia.
- Then get out of my way.
I can't let you go.
You've been misled.
You think you know everything, but you don't.
Too many lies, father.
Too many games.
I'll never believe you again.
The simple truth is I hate you.
I've always hated you.
It's not too late.
I'll never get what I want.
What I deserve.
Not unless I take it.
You're wrong.
Raymond had nothing to do with this.
Oh, Juliette.
It could have been you.
Uhh! Uhh.
You heard anything from Nicky? I texted her a while ago but nothing yet.
- RYAN: Hmm.
- EVAN: You found something? RYAN: Maybe.
Ok, so, we knew Xiao used Jyu Sa magic to create the bloodlines.
Well, it says here before all that, she dabbled in astral projection.
She was trying to access a place, a secret realm.
Could that be where Nicky and Mia went when they drank the Jyu Sa tea? - The secret realm? - I don't know.
I mean, there's no description of the place, but Xiao refers to it as a world beyond the veil.
At the Enclave during Tan's initiation, Price said that when Jacob Sloan rang the bell, he peered through the veil.
A place beyond life and death.
What if that's the same place? What if that's what Tan's been after all along Access to Xiao's secret realm? Wait.
What does life and death have to do with this? Xiao lives on through the Warrior and Guardian bloodlines Almost like a eternal life.
HENRY: At the Inner Sanctum, Tan said that only he understood the mallet's true power, that soon he would become untouchable.
What if he meant that literally? Untouchable by death? You mean Russell Tan wants the one thing money can't buy.
He wants to be immortal.
What would you like us to do, sir? Your orders are the same.
Find Mia and bring her to me.
Nothing has changed.
Handle it.
NEONI: Here comes trouble ♪ here comes trouble ♪ I'm out of my cage ♪ you should be afraid ♪ here comes trouble ♪ trouble ♪ trouble ♪ yeah, yeah, I do it like that ♪ I'm always on the attack ♪ Where is he? NEONI: Lights out, fade to black ♪ yeah, yeah, I do it like that ♪ You wouldn't dare.
He needs me alive.
NEONI: Lights out, fade to black ♪ [GUN HITS FLOOR.]
I prefer hand-to-hand.
NEONI: Here comes trouble ♪ I'm out of my cage ♪ you should be afraid ♪ - MIA: He's in there.
- Neoni: Here comes trouble ♪ [GRUNTING.]
NEONI: Trouble ♪ trouble ♪ here comes trouble ♪ No.
No, no.
ZHILAN: Well, now we know.
She can kick our ass.
I have to find her.
My cameras picked her up outside the Tan mansion minutes ago.
She's already inside.
What do we do? - We are not doing anything.
NICKY: Tan probably has her right now, and that's on you.
Oh, and you had nothing to do with that? You're a monster, Zhilan.
You manipulated her.
Fed her doubts about me, about herself.
So, congratulations.
Now she thinks she's a monster, too.
You really want to help? Stay away from my family.
RUSSELL: I have sacrificed so much to get here.
But I finally have you.
The most important piece of the puzzle.
The key to my plan.
And you came right to me.
Through you, I will live forever.
MAN: Greg, move your head.

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