Kung Fu (2021) s02e12 Episode Script


Kerwin! We weren't expecting you! Where's Juliette? Where's my sister? Son something horrible has happened.
A young woman Mia.
She broke in.
She came for me.
She killed your sister.
Uhh! No.
Zhilan's cameras caught her busting into the Tan mansion.
But no footage of her leaving.
- So, Mia's still in there with Tan.
- Maybe Zhilan has more intel.
We're leaving her out of this.
Ok, so, we know Mia wants vengeance.
She stormed into Tan's mansion, but there have been no signs of police activity since, so, we have to assume Tan's got her.
He did it.
He has everything.
The Yueling Bell, the mallet, the sheet music.
And Mia.
Everything he needs to create a massive earthquake - to open a door to this realm.
- Where somehow he'll seize immortality.
So, the quake is what, a side effect? I don't know a lot about magic, but it doesn't seem that crazy that ripping a hole in the cosmos to get to another world would have some pretty big knock-on effects.
Do you really think his plan will work? The power of Jyu Sa is real.
I felt it.
And we saw Sloan's video.
It happened before.
I need to get Mia and stop this.
You can't just ride into Tan's mansion without a plan.
There might be a smarter way.
If we tip off the cops that Mia's been abducted, I might be able to get a SWAT team inside Tan's estate.
Wouldn't you need proof? You can't really tell them the whole story.
I'm still friendly with someone on the Specialized Unit division.
Pretty sure if I ask a favor, he'll come through.
Evan, this could blow up in your face.
Aren't you trying to get your job back? I'm done.
Besides, burning my last bridge? That's a small price to save Mia And our city.
The woman you and Juliette have been hunting for months, the one who's evaded you all this time, why would she just storm in? I think everything we did to Mia She finally snapped.
And she went after Juliette? Father I know everything.
She came to me.
Your sister and I, we had our disagreements.
But I saw the light.
We worked it out.
We reached a new understanding.
That's where Mia broke in.
She was after me.
This is my fault.
Juliette died because of me.
Forgive me, my son.
We are all we have left.
We can still finish what your sister and I started together.
Will you join me? All clear.
No sign of the girl.
My team's still looking but so far, no evidence of kidnapping, foul play, or the Tans.
We know she was here, Adrian.
- You saw the surveillance footage.
- Well, she's gone.
I went out on a limb for you, man.
Heard the rumors.
Why you really quit your job? Didn't want to believe 'em, but now - I'm sorry.
- Just get outta here.
- Evan? - Found something.
Could be useful.
No sign of Tan or Mia.
What? We had eyes on the place.
There were some exits that Zhilan's cameras didn't cover.
They've must've slipped away.
They're gone.
Where is he? He's in there.
No, no.
Did I Help! Help! Nicky! I pulled the serial number and hacked into the company's user database.
It's Juliette's phone.
How'd her phone get under a couch covered in blood? Juliette is Russell's right-hand woman.
There's gotta be something useful on her phone.
I'm on it.
Tan's probably taken Mia to wherever he intends to ring the bell.
- So, where would he go? - Well, we know he's been using Jacob Sloan's playbook but we still don't know where he rang the bell in 1906.
Maybe Tan figured it out.
Brought Mia and the bell to the same spot? - That's not a bad theory.
- We have to find him.
He could ring that bell at any moment.
There is someone I could reach out to.
Someone who knows a lot about this stuff.
Got to admit I'm surprised you called.
Yeah, it's kind of an all-hands-on-deck situation.
Tan's got Mia.
We figured the Wan Zai might know something.
Do you have any idea where Tan plans to ring that bell? All we know is Sloan intended to make Jiaming ring the bell over a geothermal hotspot.
Locations of unusual thermal energy.
San Francisco's got dozens of them.
Sloan thought they had mystical properties.
Properties that could open the door to another world? Wait, that could narrow the search.
- I'll I'll let you go.
Thanks, Dad.
- I got time.
After what went down with the ritual, the organization sided with Yuen.
They kicked you out? - The Wan Zai was your whole life.
- I did what I knew was right.
No regrets.
Just 'cause they cut you loose doesn't mean you have to give up the fight.
- Help us stop Tan.
- How? My best play - against Tan came to nothing.
- What play? Eric Han and I We were working together on a project.
He was building a Sonic device that he believed could scramble the tones of the Yueling Bell.
In theory, it could be used to prevent the earthquake.
And stop Tan's door to immortality from opening.
What happened to it? Han's in no condition to finish the device and Tech isn't really my forte.
I could help.
I've heard Han speak.
I've studied his research.
- If we put our heads together - We could finish the device.
But it's in the Wan Zai bunker and I've lost my clearance.
When have locks stopped us? According to Henry's dad, Jacob Sloan used this map to decide where to ring the Yueling Bell in 1906.
Assuming Tan's following in Sloan's footsteps, he's gonna ring the bell in one of these hotspots.
I need you two to cross-reference Tan's real estate holdings, - see if there are any matches.
- All right.
We're on it.
Thank you.
Althea, any luck on Juliette's phone? Sorry.
This phone's mega-encrypted.
I'll keep trying.
- Evan? - Yeah.
This whole time I've been helping you, I thought we were just rooting out corruption in the city.
So, what's all this stuff about ancient bells and 1906 and stopping an earthquake? Uh, look, Nadia We make it through today, I promise I will explain everything to you, - but right now - We gotta focus.
Dennis, I told you it's really not a good time right now.
Babe, I know, but I just came back from the office and I think you need to hear this.
- Hear what? - It's about your app.
Courtney was on boarding me and she gave me a look under the hood.
- And? - And There's a flaw in our code.
Turns out it gives us unauthorized backdoor access to our users' operating systems.
Uh, Dennis? That's illegal.
How could this even happen? Remember your coder Dawn? The one you put in charge of privacy, security, and user permissions? I gave her responsibilities and empowered her.
I didn't tell her to turn my app into a trojan horse for illegal spyware! I don't think it was intentional, Althea.
Oh, god.
We are at market now.
If this gets out, I will never work in tech again - and we will be sued into oblivion.
- Courtney's looking for a fix.
But every second we stay on the market, we're risking someone discovering the privacy violation.
Babe, what do you want to do? I don't know, Dennis.
I just See if Courtney can close the backdoor with a band-aid.
I have to focus on saving the world.
All righty.
A little something to keep you guys going.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Baba.
What's this? Oh, Mama wanted to make sure you weren't starving.
When's the last time you ate? - Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Nicky, you know I believe in you.
Hmm? I know, Baba.
But I have to ask Have you thought it through? What if we run out of time? That's our city out there, our people.
Hmm? We're doing everything we can, Baba.
I just I hope it doesn't come to that.
This is where everything will happen.
The bell will be rung, creating a door to another realm.
Only there will I be able to find what I've been looking for all these years The one thing money cannot buy.
What? More time.
What is the use of building an empire only to lose your grip and turn to dust? You want to live forever? - You think you can cheat death? - This is what I've been planning all this time.
What I never had a chance to tell your sister.
It is not just for me, son.
Parent and child must make this journey together.
That's why you made us compete.
Always pitting us against one another for this.
I knew I could only share this gift with one of you.
I suppose now your choice is easy.
I'm the last crayon in the box.
I know I was a hard parent, Kerwin.
You may not believe it, but I cared for all of you equally.
Even when you betrayed me, I admired you.
If you want to walk away from this gift I will understand.
Even if it means giving it all up.
I love you, Kerwin.
I will always love you.
Well, son? I'll join you, Father.
But what of the girl Mia? Where is she? Nearby.
No, Father.
I need her to pay.
I need her to pay for what she did to Juliette.
Don't worry.
She will get what she deserves.
- Anything? - Ahh.
No luck.
- Evan? - No breakthroughs yet.
Please don't come into the city today.
I can't explain, but it's not safe.
Promise promise you'll stay home.
- Oh.
Sorry - It's ok.
We should prepare for the worst.
Is it really you? Shifu.
I don't know what to do.
I've learned I've learned from the past.
I'm not doing it alone.
Everyone, my family, Henry, my friends They're all doing everything they can, helping me find Mia.
I'm trying everything, but what if it's not enough? What if I can't stop what's coming? - What if I fail? - Are you certain? Certain you have tried everything? You were offered help and you refused.
Zhilan? No.
She killed you.
She tried to turn Mia into a killer.
You think she's changed? That she can be redeemed? This is not about redemption.
This is about you trusting your eyes.
You saw it, Nicky.
Zhilan cares about Mia.
I told you once before Look beyond the duality of good and evil.
You and Zhilan are bound By destiny, by blood.
The Warrior and the Guardian? You cannot escape the connection.
How did you find me? Althea hacked your cloud, triangulated your location.
- Where you going? - Anywhere but here.
Heard there's an earthquake in the forecast.
If you're here to fight, little monk I'm not here to fight.
I'm here to work with you.
Zhilan, I need you.
You need my help now? - I thought I was a monster.
- I need to stop Russell Tan and I'm running out of time.
No one knows him better than you do.
Your little city is doomed - and I'm not going down with it.
- So you're just giving up? Right before your mortal enemy gets everything he wants? - I know when to cut my losses.
- She hurt you.
I know you care about her.
Mia's in trouble and she needs us.
Both of us.
Stay, Zhilan.
Fight with me.
But I thought Nicky said she had everything under control.
She does.
In case things go south, she wants us to be ready.
Just in case, Mama.
How do we even prepare for an earthquake? Call our friends, tell them what's coming? They won't believe us.
We're the only one who knows.
We need to get ready to handle the aftermath.
Well, I'm going to close up the restaurant.
We have plenty of water.
I'll start packing food for the community, just in case we lose power.
See? You can handle it.
I'll run over to the community center to set up a shelter, ok? - Just in case.
- Yeah.
Just in case.
You ok? Yeah.
Just Trying to wrap my head around all this.
I mean, you barely survived getting shot.
Now you're prepping the city for a mystical big one.
Dating Ryan Shen never a dull moment.
I gotta go get the clinic ready.
- I'll check in with you soon? - Yeah.
Do what you gotta do but make me a promise.
Don't get hurt, huh? I just got you back.
I'd rather not lose you again.
Cool? Althea.
What's up? I finally cracked Juliette's phone.
I compiled everything I've learned from Tan's tech over the last year, I wrote a program that targets his vulnerable patterns and Any updates on Tan's location? Oh.
I don't know yet.
There's so much to sift through.
But I found pictures, photos from a book about Xiao's magic.
Jyu Sa, bloodlines.
There's a ton of stuff in here.
- Send it to me.
- I'm on it.
- Hey.
- Where have you been? I pulled in some help.
- Althea? - Uh Shall we get to work? - Mia.
- What are you doing here? According to my father, you broke into our house.
You killed my sister.
No, I didn't.
- Please don't hurt me.
- I'm getting you out of here.
What? I didn't believe a word he said.
According to these texts, Juliette was plotting a coup against her dad? Could explain the blood on her phone.
You really think Russell would hurt his own daughter? There must be something, a clue to where this is all going down.
- What's that? - One of Jacob Sloan's maps.
We think that Tan plans to ring the bell in one of these hotspots.
Evan's been digging into Tan's public real estate holdings, looking for a match.
Well, that's a waste of time.
Wouldn't Tan want to stage his big event somewhere where his enemies don't know about? - Somewhere off the books.
- Made our way down the list.
Ruled out all possible Yeah.
We know.
I'm Nadia.
Nice to meet you.
Zhilan is right.
We need to be looking into Tan's other properties.
Something hidden.
Maybe something new? Juliette had a bunch of recent correspondence with Eric Pascal.
- The CEO of Zindle? - Mm-hmm.
According to these texts, Tan Corp was buying out Zindle.
Why would Zindle sell out to Tan? They're huge, right? They were building a new campus in the city.
Actually, they suspended construction a couple weeks ago.
The company's vulnerable.
Zindle's being investigated for their business practices Improper collection of personal data, violation of user security Perfect time to strike, when your enemy is weak.
Ok, wait.
Zindle's abandoned campus? Right in the center of one of these geothermal anomalies.
Why are you helping me? I won't let him win.
You should go.
I'm not leaving you.
Please go.
If you get caught, you can't help me.
I'll never do it, you know? Ring your stupid bell.
Oh, Mia.
Who said anything about you ringing the bell? Do you know what that is? The dagger that killed Suyin, the first hybrid.
She was the most powerful being on the planet.
Until the band of Guardians and Warriors came together And crafted this blade.
I thought using it now would be fitting.
You're just gonna kill me? You brought us a toaster? It's a frequency emitter.
Captures sonic frequencies and then emits a distortion that scrambles the original tone.
Now, it may not look like much, and to be honest, we're not 100% sure it'll even work, but if Tan rings that bell, this could be our last chance at stopping an earthquake.
One catch The device'll only work in close range to the bell.
Which brings us back to Zindle.
How do we get in? The building wasn't even finished yet but their security is no joke.
They use proximity cards for access.
I can write a program for your phone and if you get close enough to a card reader, - I can spoof it.
- Sounds simple.
Might be doable, but check out this map.
Zindle's campus takes up an entire block.
Finding Mia, Tan, and the bell won't be easy.
Not to mention the place is gonna be crawling with Tan's security.
- We've got your back.
- I'm coming, too.
- How can I help? - You've done enough.
Thank you, Nadia.
- Go.
Be with your family.
- Ok.
Be careful.
- I had no idea.
- Really? Mia.
What has he done to you? I'm getting you out of here.
Heading to the rear entrance.
Stay put.
Keep out of sight.
I don't take orders.
It's not an order, Zhilan.
It's the plan.
Copy, Nicky.
Waiting for your signal.
Hey, you! Stay right there.
Good thing I never listen to you.
We're in position.
Althea, do your thing.
I'm on it.
Hang on.
Damn it.
Any progress? I'm accessing the security gateway.
Althea? I'm not opening a jar of pickles here, Nicky! You did it.
What? That wasn't me.
Mia could be anywhere.
We're probably gonna have to search this place one room at a time.
That might not be necessary.
Whoever took down the building security left the firewall vulnerable.
I'm in.
Nicky, this system is insane.
It tracks every security badge in real time.
Can you pull up the grid? Tan's probably got a bunch of men around the bell.
Right now there's a cluster in the northeast basement.
- Gotta be it.
- Wait.
I'm in the I.
I see Russell's last location.
- He's on the other side of the campus.
- Send me the coordinates.
Henry, you guys get close to the bell.
Set up the device.
Evan, Zhilan, and I will go after Tan.
I'm guessing he's close to Mia.
- Good luck with your toaster.
- We'll be ready.
Where are you going, son? I was coming to find you.
Is that right? You weren't looking for the girl? You've miscalculated, Kerwin.
I already have all I need from her.
You're the one I need now.
I told you We will make this journey together.
I know you killed Juliette.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'd rather burn in hell than spend an eternity with you.
I'm afraid you don't have a say in this matter.
The bell should be right below us.
Close enough for this to work? This is as close as we're gonna get without exposing ourselves.
Hopefully Nicky stops Tan before we have to find out.
Althea, Tan's not here.
Hang on.
His I.
just pinged.
He's moved upstairs.
Room 219.
- Nicky.
- Hold on.
Did you hear that? - Nicky.
- Mia? Mia? What happened? Oh, my god.
Your arm.
- Room 219? I'm ending this now.
- Wait, Zhilan.
Russell Tan Drained my blood.
He doesn't need me anymore.
Kerwin tried to help me.
We gotta get her to a hospital.
Come here.
All right.
That's it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right.
Are you gonna be ok? Yeah.
Just hurry.
- Ryan, what is it? - I think I found something.
I've been going through the contents of Juliette's phone.
She found all the research her father compiled on Xiao.
She was convinced Russell was trying to bring back her dead brother Raymond.
So, this is about resurrection? That's what Juliette thought.
But I think she was wrong.
One of Xiao's spells is called Chong Sheng, which Juliette translated as resurrection.
But the term can also mean rebirth, renewal.
Xiao came to the conclusion the only way to achieve this on earth was through transmutation The transferring of a person's soul from one body to another.
How is that even possible? Some kind of creepy ritual Dark magic, ancient masks.
According to Xiao, a soul can only pass between a parent and a child.
"Only one can survive the process.
" Zhilan.
Kerwin? What are you doing here? What is this? Zhilan, get back.
That's not Kerwin.
Who was that? Russell Tan.
Uhh! Don't look so surprised.
I told you Big changes are coming.
Despite my new form, you still answer to me.
It is time.
Uhh! We're not getting through that way.
- Uhh! - Althea, any luck on that override? Someone got the system back online.
I'm working as fast as I can.
Was that the bell? That's not good.
We're up.
Althea, I I need you to get word out.
Warn Mama, Baba, whoever you can.
We're gonna try to stop this, but just Make sure everyone's safe.
Good luck.
Althea? Have you heard anything? It's time.
Ryan is here.
I'll let him know.
I'll tell Mama.
You be safe.
It's working.
I thought door frames were better.
This is the safest place.
- I can't do this.
- What? I can't just hide under a table.
We need to warn more people.
We don't have time to call everyone in the phone book.
Besides, who would even believe us? The app.
We have 30,000 local subscribers.
And an illegal backdoor into their phones.
Althea I could take over their push notifications, fake an official warning from the city.
- Ok, that's - Super illegal.
I know.
You know what this means.
There'll be no hiding the bug.
From users, investors, the police.
You could lose everything.
Your company, your reputation.
Dennis, this'll save lives.
I don't have a choice.
It's ready.
Remain calm.
Stay away from the windows.
We've gotta take cover.
We got company.
You ok, son? Yeah, I'm fine.
I Dad! Dad? Hey, hey, look at me, look at me.
Hey, we're gonna get you out of here, ok? Stay with me.
Dad? - Stop! - Oh, you're here.
Too late.
Your last-ditch effort to stop the song of Yueling.
It appears my men have taken care of it.
You killed your own son.
Those who aspire to greatness must also make the greatest sacrifices.
Why did he have to die? I took your cousin's blood to ring this bell, to cross into the other realm.
But what would be the point? Seizing immortality Only to be trapped in an old man's body.
It had to be this way.
Kerwin's spirit may be gone, but a part of him will live forever, - through me.
- Monster! Zhilan? Ooh! Nicky! It's done.
Greg, move your head.

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