Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

The Legend of Master Longtooth

Send in my two o'clock.
Your Highness,
we come before you with terrible tidings.
Okay, yeah. What is it? What is it?
We were collecting criminals
for the daily dungeon roundup,
when we were ambushed.
It was
the Dragon Master.
The former Dragon Master.
Yes, of course, Your Majesty.
Attacking my men.
It feels like he's attacking me!
Would you agree that an attack on you
is just as bad as
an attack on me, personally?
Uh, yes, Your Majesty.
Yep, Po is attacking me,
and that means he's attacking China.
I'd give him a pass, but China?
China won't stand for it.
He is the most powerful warrior
in the land.
What can we do against such might?
You shall do nothing.
You have failed.
We need
The Forbidden Company!
But, sir, they're forbidden.
Can't unring the chime, so
It is with a heavy heart
that we send the Forbidden Company
to bring in the former Dragon Master.
Find him, and bring him to me
to face my incomparable judgment.
Oh, and do that spit thing.
Oof. Wouldn't wanna kiss those lips.
This is going to be fun.
Master Long-Tooth,
the keeper of the Whip of Endless Flame!
Where does your journey lead us?
This children's picture book
is what you're using
to guide my most sacred quest?
Children's picture book?
Children's picture book?! No!
The Time Before Time Saga is for all ages!
That's just what they tell you
to sell more copies.
Thank you, buddy.
You must have had a story you read as
a kid that's followed you your whole life.
Something your parents read you to sleep?
What makes you think this story
is based on the Tianshang Weapons?
Oh, man,
I'm so glad you asked.
- Oh no.
- For the answer is in the pages.
It was the time before times,
when the old world was
still newer than old and new.
- What does that mean?
- Doesn't matter. Sounds cool.
Master Long-Tooth was
one of the most powerful warriors
to fight in the Great War.
She wielded the Whip of Endless Flame,
which burned so bright
it could cut through the Earth!
Sound familiar?
Anyway, she was the coolest.
When the Great War ended,
the whole world was broken.
She realized that the whip was
too powerful for any warrior to wield.
It had to be destroyed.
That would be her quest,
and her greatest challenge.
So no one would find it
and use its evil power ever again!
Again, again, again
That's it?
Well Yeah, I mean, it's a lot cooler
when you actually read it.
The Great War broke the world,
just like in the scroll.
The author, Li Gao,
is a huge history buff.
He's clearly based
Master Long-Tooth's whip
on one of the Tianshang Weapons.
We just need the final issue
to find out where she hid it. But
- So surprised there's a "but."
- It hasn't been released yet.
So - big idea
that makes me super valuable -
we're gonna go talk to the author himself.
I do so love to put my trust into
the hands of children's entertainment.
Hard same!
Uh, hangin'.
Li Gao is infamously secretive.
He's only revealed
the location of his workshop
to the Time Before Time Saga Fan Club.
Lucky for you, I'm a member.
So lucky.
This is even better than I imagined.
Is this one of those dreadful fairs
they had during the Renaissance? Ugh!
Hardcore fans gather here
and celebrate all the time.
I can't wait!
Well, you're gonna have to.
I'm wanted by the Emperor?
I've always wanted to be wanted,
but not like this.
If they catch you,
they'll take me as well,
and I can't let anything
get in the way of my mission.
Stay hidden.
I'll talk to the author myself.
Who puts wanted posters on a ceiling?
And who exactly are you supposed to be?
I am
Master Bamboozle!
You've been bamboozled.
Sweet. Yeah.
Master B is a fan favorite.
With this costume,
I blend in even more than you do.
Fine. But keep a low profile.
Ooh, limited edition comics.
If we each get one, we can be twinsies.
They made the dumplings
look like Master Trillobite!
They're Trillo-bite-sized. Huh?
Po! I told you to keep
While you're buying dumplings
that look like your favorite fake people,
my home and my real people are in danger.
Enough with this absurd comic book!
Now look who's drawing
too much attention.
Cool armor!
Whoa! Is that a costume of
Master Mastodon, from book seven.
Made it myself.
Nice Bamboozle.
You wanna fight?
Master Mastodon,
have mercy!
I win, I get your armor.
Whoa! It's metal!
Did you make that?
You're a real warrior, aren't you?
Ow! Hey!
You let someone actually touch your sword?
She's a little girl. I'm not a monster.
See? This stuff isn't all bad.
Po. Focus on the plan ahead.
Cool, cool, cool.
Totally cool.
I'm fully on mission right now
That's it.
Gao's workshop!
Hey, my cart!
I've been dreaming
about this day since I was a kid.
Gao can tell us where the Lost City is,
he'll sign my book,
then he'll probably wanna write a series
about Wandering Po and Wandering Blade,
sign a few more books,
and then it's back on track.
You're not getting that signed.
I'd think someone in
a Bamboozle costume would know.
Know what?
Gao died three months ago.
I thought you were
a fan of this author's works?
I was. I-I am! I just
Wow. This is so sad.
Will you people just go home?!
My father is dead.
There are no more books. It's done!
So get out of here and leave me alone!
Gao has a son?
Gao has a son!
Maybe he knows
the location of the Lost City.
Hi there. Huge fan of
No, no, no, you don't understand.
We're on a mission
You fans think you own my father.
But you don't.
He's my dad.
I just want some peace and quiet.
So get away from my house,
before I sound the alarm!
You don't understand.
We're on a mission to stop
the Whip of Endless Flame
from falling into the wrong hands.
Everything Master Long-Tooth
worked for is at stake.
Your father knew where that whip ended up,
and if the final issue
is in that workshop,
it could save China!
Oh, it's always life and death
with you fanboys.
Mark my words:
no one is getting into that workshop,
and no one will ever touch
that final issue.
Oh, man
What are you so happy about?
Weren't you listening?
He just admitted
the final issue is up there.
Blade, we
Blade, what are you doing?!
Just gonna
Stay focused.
We just need to find the book and get out.
Whatever you say.
Are you kidding me?
Invading my father's workspace?
Enough is enough.
I'm sounding the alarm.
Please! Gao Junior.
It's Lao.
Lao. Everything
your dad wrote about is real.
If we don't read that comic,
we're all gonna die.
You really are crazy, aren't you?
We just want to read it.
Unhand that!
No! No!
You gotta help us stop the two weasels.
If they
- No!
- No!
I haven't read it yet.
I haven't read it yet!
You haven't read your dad's final comic?
My dad and I,
we always read the first drafts together.
But then he died.
This is
the last thing of his I'll ever read.
And I'm just not ready for it to be over.
Now, get out. Get out!
It's all I have of my father.
This sword belonged to my brother.
It's all I have left of him.
It always seemed too precious to wield,
so for years, I didn't.
It was his sword,
not mine.
And if I were to use it, it would mean
he really wasn't coming back.
But this sword
was meant to be swung.
Its purpose is to defend the helpless,
the way my brother did.
And books are meant to be read.
Lao, son of Gao.
Your father may have written
something that could save the world.
Please, let us read this book.
Would you like to read it with me?
It would be an honor.
Not you.
Uh, okay, okay. Just, you know,
read it out loud and
describe the pictures real good?
At long last,
Master Long-Tooth reached the Lost City.
She was ready to seal the whip away,
bury it deep
where it would be lost to time.
But then, she received a vision.
Simply hiding the whip
would be a fool's mistake.
Unless she shared
knowledge of this weapon's danger,
future generations
would inevitably find it,
and repeat her mistakes.
Instead, she passed her tale on
to the people of the Lost City,
who watched over
the endless flame forevermore.
For the only way
to truly complete a story
"is to share it with others."
I shouldn't keep his work to myself.
It deserves to be shared.
Thank you, brave warrior.
And you,
loud nerd.
Lao. The book mentions
a Lost City where the whip is hidden.
Do you think your father
knew how to get there?
I knew this looked familiar.
In the Endless Desert, a hundred miles
south of here, past the spice market,
there's a mountain range
that looks just like this.
My dad used to take me
all the time when I was a kid.
He must have known I'd recognize it.
Dad stuff,
and geeky Easter eggs.
Kill me. Aw, man.
Walk the road south
until you see a mountain range
that looks just like this one.
Once you cross it,
I bet you'll find your city.
This map is for you.
The rest is for everyone else.
You know, this isn't half bad.
He has
a flourish for fight scenes.
It was cool
seeing you open up today.
To Lao. To that little girl.
You know, if you ever wanna
talk about stuff with me, you can.
I mean, I'm right here.
What are you scheming?
I mean, I think
we were becoming friends?
All that stuff, talking, sharing things
with each other, that's what friends do.
I was eight years old
when my brother died.
He was trying to arrest
Klaus and Veruca, and they
They killed him. Right in front of me.
I'm finishing what my brother could not.
So I can't be your friend, Po.
Because if I ever had to choose
between you and the mission,
it will be the mission.
Every time.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
Dragon Master!
More of your Emperor's men?
The toughest and most forbidden he's got.
We are the Forbidden Company,
and you are under arrest,
Dragon Master.
There's no Dragon Master here.
This is Master Bamboozle.
- You've been
- Ah!
Uh, guys, this is all
a big misunderstanding.
I'm trying to save China.
I'm trying to do my job.
Hey! Watch the civilians!
You messed with the wrong lady.
She's a knight.
Leave her. We just need the panda.
If I ever had to choose
between you and the mission
It will be the mission.
Every time.
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