Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

The Gateway to the Desert

[exclaiming, grunting]
- [birdsong]
- [grunting]
[intriguing music plays]
- [Po] I can't believe it.
- [grunting]
[Po] I just How could she?
It doesn't make sense.
I thought we were friends.
I can't believe it. I can't believe it!
Man, you think you know someone
and you really don't.
Just leave you in the dust.
I can't believe she left me.
We've been working together, like
three full days,
and we hit one little snag
and she just ditches me?
I'm a fantastic partner.
A top-notch travel buddy.
But she never gave me a chance.
It was always, "No, Po," this
and, "No, Po," that.
I need, "Yes, Po."
[groans] Tell me about it.
That's the trouble
with one-sided friendships.
Don't realize you're in one
until you're on the outside.
[grunts] So true.
No talking, Weimin.
The Emperor awaits his prisoner.
Push! [strains]
Hey, are we stopping
for lunch anytime soon?
I'd die for some noodle soup
right about now.
- [grunts]
- Enough!
- If you want to [yelps]
- [gasping]
Check around the [groans]
[menacing music plays]
Stay on your toes, Weimin.
Prove you're not completely useless.
[eerie music plays]
Blade! I knew you'd
- [rustling]
- Hm?
- [ominous music plays]
- [Po] What?
[music intensifies]
[dramatic music plays]
- [birdsong]
- [soft music plays]
You must stop Klaus and Veruca.
You know that.
Po knew that.
You made the right choice.
- [rustling]
- [suspenseful music plays]
[music intensifies]
You're the girl from the village.
What are you doing here alone?
You saved my life.
- [clunking]
- Whoa
And that means my life is yours.
Until I can save your life,
I owe you a life debt.
[chuckles] I applaud your chivalry,
little one, but run on home.
You don't owe me anything.
I mean it.
Go home!
[soft music plays]
Go on.
It's that way.
Fine. Come on.
[tense music plays]
[whimpering, gasping]
What's it say on that map?
It's not a map.
And it only says the Whip of Endless Flame
ought to be in some sort of city out here.
All I see is sand and shrubs,
sand and shrubs!
I've already seen this shrub.
We've been going in circles for days!
Stop looking at shrubs
and look for a city.
I hate this place and I hate you.
Oh. Funny way to say,
"Thank you for breaking me out of jail."
- Thank you? Thank you?!
- [wind whistles]
Fifteen years
I stayed in that bloody cell.
- [groans] Sandstorm! [yells]
- [wind howls]
Though some days I wish I was back!
[grunting] The Emperor
will have you hunted
for interfering in his plans.
- [spits]
- [fizzing]
[muffled] Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[ominous music plays]
[nervously] Uh, thanks for the assist.
[chuckles] I think.
Inching towards me like a spooky wizard.
[Po] Any chance
you're here to break me out?
That's a no!
I planned this!
- [clanking]
- [grunting]
- [stirring music plays]
- [yelling]
No, not now, cliff!
- [whimpering]
- [dramatic music plays]
[groaning, straining]
[music intensifies]
[laughs] Who needs a dumb old knight
when you're a Dragon Ma
[yelling continues]
- [joints crack]
- [sighs]
- Hello?
- [soft music plays]
Mysterious cloak person with a trappy gun?
[sighs] I'm alone.
Which is good.
Nobody to tell me what to do.
[imitating Blade] "Just go home, Po.
You're not to get in my way anymore."
Get in your way? [scoffs] I'm gonna find
the WuGao Gauntlet without you, huh?
Clear my name
and become the Dragon Master again.
And then you'll go to jail
for being a, a total, total jerk.
[as Blade] "Is that your best comeback?"
I'm working on it!
[Po] Also, I'm working on your accent.
[as Blade] "I think it's pretty good."
[normal voice] Well,
at least we agree on something.
[ominous music plays]
Where's your friend?
H-He wasn't my friend. [chuckles]
And I, I had to leave him behind.
- Why?
- I'm on a mission.
- Why?
- I'm trying to right some wrongs
- Why
- Do not say "why."
- [soft music plays]
- Look, what I'm doing is dangerous.
Just enjoy being a kid while you can.
[sighs] Someone told me that once.
I've been on my own since I was your age,
and I've never relied on
anyone but myself.
What about your not-friend?
I never relied on Po.
I was stuck with him.
All I got from him was
That map?
[soft music plays]
Hey, look. We're here.
The spice market.
[Blade] The Gateway to the Desert.
It's super dangerous.
I can definitely save your life there.
[scoffs] You may walk me to the market.
Then promise me you'll go home.
On my sword, I give you my word.
Then rise, little one.
[stirring music plays]
And lead the way.
He's Po, Po!
And he's trudging through brush ♪
To return the WuGao Gauntlet
You know he's in a rush ♪
And he'll go, go!
The desert he must cross ♪
Only problem is that he's kinda ♪
super lost.
The map said the desert was south.
But which way is south?
[as Blade]
"You're terrible at directions."
Who asked you?
- Yeah!
- [grunting]
- [hisses]
- Weimin?
[whimpers] Please. Please don't hurt me.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Alright, where's the rest
of the Forbidden Company?
I, I don't know.
My rope was loose, so I just ran for it.
I am so gonna get fired.
I'll be forbidden
from the Forbidden Company.
You might as well just kill me,
'cause my life's over.
[suspenseful music plays]
Do you know which way is south?
[cries softly]
Sorry you couldn't defeat me.
- Good luck with the job though.
- [music chimes]
Uh, hey.
You Ow!
I heard you say you were
on a mission to clear your name, right?
What if I helped?
- [yelps]
- You just tried to arrest me. Twice!
Look. You wanna be the Dragon Master again
and all I wanna be is taken seriously.
[Weimin] Please, just
Give me a chance.
[soft music plays]
[sighs] Everyone deserves a chance.
[Weimin grunts] Come on.
If I remember correctly,
we are looking for
the desert.
You have an excellent memory.
You're very astute, Weimin.
Wandering Blade never complimented me.
The closest thing she ever said was,
[as Blade] "Stop it or I'll slice off
your fingers and toss them into a well."
She sounds terrible.
Nah, she wasn't terrible. Just tough.
[Weimin] Which way, boss?
[intriguing music plays]
Hm. It's up to me, huh?
Okay. Right.
- No, left.
- That's my
No, right!
That's my favorite direction.
[atmospheric music plays]
[villager] Hey, watch where you're going.
Okay, we're here!
Thank you, Rabia.
Now go home.
- [suspenseful music plays]
- [wind whistles]
[exclaiming, coughing]
Do you see what I see?
- [atmospheric music plays]
- A city!
A city in the desert!
[groans] Such a steep hill.
So then, she told me I can't touch
the Black Steel of the Equinox!
- [sighs]
- Even when I said it like that.
[sighs] Such a cool name.
So cool!
I don't know, Weimin.
Maybe she's right.
Maybe I am immature and irresponsible.
Hey! Don't do that.
Don't be mean to my friend, Po.
- Look!
- [lively music plays]
[Weimin] Down there!
Right where you said it was.
Whew! I don't wanna walk down.
- Let's go!
- [creaking, snapping]
- [yelling]
- [crashing]
[groaning, panting]
- Whoa!
- [percussive music plays]
[gasps] Aw
[sniffs, sighs]
[sniffs, sighs]
Ah, this place smells like
everything all at once!
- [dramatic music plays]
- [gasps]
- You deserve it, boss.
- You don't miss a thing, do you, Weimin?
- Boop!
- [grunts]
Matter of fact,
I don't miss a thing either.
- [groaning, panting]
- [suspenseful music plays]
Perhaps we could stock up?
So which ploy should we do?
[grunts] I wanna do
Chop, Chop, Little Brother!
What? I don't like doing
Chop, Chop, Little Brother!
- Chop, chop!
- [choking]
- Oh no! My brother's choking!
- [gasping]
- Help! Help!
- [choking]
[villager 2] Sir, are you okay?
Somebody help him!
- [villager 3] Come on, guys!
- [villager 4] Hurry!
Don't mind if I do, I do.
[muffled] Mm, so good. [clears throat]
The Emperor thinks I'm evil, but [slurps]
I only fought those guards
'cause I had to.
- You believe me, right?
- Mm.
Yeah, man, sure.
Oh, here. Try these spicy ones.
[sniffs, slurps]
Oh! [coughs]
Oh, that's good spice! [coughing]
- [choking]
- Someone help! He's choking!
But wh [gasps]
- Money or your lives, optimists!
- [gasping]
Never doing
Chop, Chop, Little Brother again.
Weimin, let's ride!
- [grunting]
- [crashing]
[Weimin] Sorry, bud.
Can't let you run off on me again.
Weimin, wh-what are you doing?
I'm turning you in
to the Emperor all by myself.
You're turning me into the Emperor?
Wow. Me, the Emperor.
No, I'm not turning you into the Emperor.
I'm turning you in to the Emperor.
It sounds like
you're saying the same thing.
You're under arrest!
I'm under a noodle cart.
You're going to jail!
- [soft music plays]
- [gasps]
But I thought we were partners.
I gave you a chance.
[chuckles] I was just telling you
what you wanted to hear,
soften you up
until ol' Weimin could strike.
This is kinda on you.
And you made it super easy.
[Po] You used noodles against me.
[Weimin laughs]
No one
- [Po]uses
- [stirring music plays]
- [Po]noodles
- Huh?
- against me!
- [yelps]
[groans] Doop.
[crowd clamoring]
[Blade] Klaus and Veruca?
You're not getting away this time.
[dramatic music plays]
Stop right there, Clark and Vanessa!
- [slo-mo laughing]
- [slo-mo yelling]
[dramatic music resumes]
You escaped?
No thanks to you!
I got a mission too, you know.
To stop two evil weasels
and clear my name?
Those weasels are mine.
Ha! I've got you this time.
Look, Veruca.
It's that bear from the river.
Oh! I guess pandas really do swim, eh?
Pandy Wandy?
Stop right there, Klaus and Veruca!
Hm. Looks like your boyfriend's taken.
That blasted bear again!
What's her problem?
That's your problem.
You think you're so perfect with
your noble mission and deep dark secrets.
- You think you're better than everyone.
- Not everyone, j
Dragon Master!
What? You let
those Komodo dragons follow you?
No, just Weimin.
Hey, I'm a lot more than "just Weimin"!
[Weimin yells]
[hawks, spits]
Enough of this!
- [yelps]
- [grunts]
[yells, grunts]
- [dramatic music plays]
- [laughs]
You missed me.
Do you remember me?
[grunting] What? You been chasing us.
Not that.
- [metallic clanging]
- Before.
Do you remember me?
- [suspenseful music plays]
- Huh?
[gasps] You're that little girl.
- [stirring music plays]
- Not so little anymore.
- [gasps, yelps]
- [grunts]
- [whirring]
- Huh?
- [dramatic music plays]
- [grunts]
- Not so anything anymore!
- [gasps]
- No! [grunts]
- [yelps]
[chuckles] 'Ello 'ello again.
[Klaus] Hands off, panda.
- Come on, then.
- [cackles]
- [whooshing]
- [groans]
Oh no, not this guy again.
- 90% sure he's not on our side.
- [whooshing]
[grunts] Ninety-nine.
- [Blade grunts]
- [suspenseful music plays]
You know this person?
I didn't exactly escape
the Forbidden Company, okay?
[Po] Creepy McRopelauncher took them out.
[metallic clanging]
- [ominous music plays]
- [grunting]
[Po] Come on.
A little more. I just gotta
I think I got [groans]
[music intensifies]
Come on.
Thanks. [gasps]
Come on!
[dramatic music plays]
- [rumbling]
- [Po, gasping] I knew it!
You do care.
And I'm sorry.
I don't need a yes-man like Weimin.
[Po] My life's been too easy already.
I need someone like you to push me.
- We're partners [groans]
- [wind howling]
[Blade] That's not good.
I'm so glad we can work together again.
Po! There's
a deadly sandstorm in front of us
and a person behind us
who wants to kill us.
Should we really be
talking about this right now?
So there's a "we" again?
If you think "we" can take them.
- Yeah!
- [suspenseful music plays]
Boom! [laughs]
Two lives saved. Life debt repaid.
- [groaning]
- Rabia?
[Blade] You dropped us
into an underground tunnel?
Wait, this is
that little girl from the village?
[gasps] Did you kidnap her?
Come on! This way.
This is
- [Blade] This is Rabia's home.
- [soft music plays]
[Blade] Hm.
Come on. I'll show you the way out.
No one answered my kidnapping question.
- [stirring music plays]
- [wind blows]
Thank you, Rabi.
Perhaps I can't do everything on my own.
You dropped this.
Po. [clears throat]
- I-It's possible that I
- Yes?
- Hush!
- [gasps]
- From now on, you can carry the map.
- [gasps]
[squeals softly]
Oh my gosh, I knew it! [laughs]
Talk over. We're walking now. Okay?
I don't know who you are, but thank you,
wizened child of the desert.
Um, okay. Bye-bye!
So how far until the Lost City?
520,000 steps.
[laughs] And how many are we on?
Are you counting?
I mean, did you start counting yet?
Yes, and now I've lost my place.
Oh, sorry! Okay, well,
now we can count together.
- Out loud! [chuckles]
- Po?
- Mm-hm?
- Give me the map back.
- [soft music plays]
- Oh, I knew he was the Dragon Master!
He ruined my noodle cart.
I'm telling the Emperor!
[Rabia giggles]
Rabia, sweetie, where on Earth did you go?
- [male voice] Hello.
- [ominous music plays]
I'm wondering
if you could help me find an old friend.
[music intensifies]
[rhythmic music plays]
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