Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

The Lost City

Stupid dress.
Lulu! Shouldn't you be
in your manners class?
I don't want dresses and fork school.
I want a sword, and a mission.
Enjoy being a kid while you can.
I've been a kid for eight years.
I want to be a knight, like you.
Lulu, Mom and Dad
would never let you become a knight.
It's too dangerous.
Sand fight!
Throw another sand ball at me
and I'll use your shoulder blade
to scoop out your spleen.
Okay, not a fan of sand fights.
But what about this?
Look, it's you and me!
That looks nothing like me.
We have a Lost City to find.
I want to know
where those bears were headed.
That doesn't concern you.
- Because you're a child!
- Why?
Let's try this another way.
Where were the two bears headed?
I really think you should tell him.
What is this?
It'll get you there.
I thought stairs were bad.
You want some grapes?
Want some raisins?
I'll pass.
Your loss. They're nature's
So, uh, what do you think
about taking a little, you know
Absolutely not.
Klaus and Veruca know we're on to them.
They're surely trying to
find and kill us as we speak.
Ah! Why does everyone wanna kill us?
Klaus and Veruca, that weird cloak-y guy
Those vultures.
Oh no, we're not gonna kill you.
We're just gonna wait for you to die.
Oh, we're no match
for the power of the gauntlet,
but the Whip of Endless Flame could be.
If we beat them to the Lost City,
we could use the whip to fight back.
So step it up.
Okay, I'm hearing some self-doubt.
Knights don't have doubt.
Look, Master Oogway used to say,
"If you take a break,
you can sit with your feelings"
Knights don't have feelings.
And conserve energy during the day
so we can "step it up"
and travel more efficiently
in the cool night air. Huh? Huh?
How about we agree
Yes! 'Cause we're a team, and teams agree.
that your plan is wrong.
Wow, that took a hard left.
Look around, Po. The situation is dire.
The situation is dire.
Yes. It seems
I've graduated to spoon school.
I can't do this anymore.
You must train me, please.
A knight's true strength
comes from their mind.
Are you smart enough?
I am so smart enough.
Alright. Fetch me
two buckets of water from the well.
Without touching the pails.
This is impossible!
Don't fret too much.
Knights older than you
have failed at this juncture.
I am not gonna be a failure.
Take a sip of Mm!
This isn't a time to play around.
I wasn't playing around.
I was using the hill
to conserve my energy.
Plus, fun!
I know, I know. Knights don't do fun.
Don't even think about it.
Nah, it's cool. I got all day.
I just feel like
you're kinda, really effort-ing.
Effort-ing? Is that a word?
Master Shifu used to
say that to me all the time.
But if that doesn't work for you,
I got oodles of sayings.
"Try surrendering to what is."
Master Dolphin.
"The obstacle is the path."
Master Oogway.
if you relax, it'll pass faster."
My doctor.
Surrender to the obstacle is the path?
It's not nonsense.
It's wisdom, passed down through the eons.
Eons, eons
Care to join?
I'd rather reach down my throat
and twist up my trachea.
Man, you know a lot about anatomy.
Is it Did you study that, or?
Mm-kay. More fun for me!
I can't go on.
Gotta take a break.
No. Just a little fur
Right here.
Let me get this straight.
We're following
this dashing death machine on legs
because, uh
For the fifth time,
those bears know where the whip is,
and he knows where to find the bears.
Keep up!
Hm I thought
you would have different stars here,
but that's Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.
You mean
Big Noodle Pot, Little Noodle Pot?
No. Assuming your father called it that
because he makes noodles.
No, that's what everyone calls it.
You just made up fake words.
What's Ursa?
Ursa Major means "Great Bear."
Ursa is Latin.
Latin? Who speaks Latin?
I do!
I give up. We've been speaking
different languages all day.
I won't teach you another.
Ursa Major Ursa Major
Pretty cool catchphrase, though.
"Look out! Ursa Major!" Boom.
Right, right.
That reminds me actually, of a saying:
"Holding on to anger
is letting anger hold on to you."
She said I'd get a gold piece.
From you. Pay up.
the easiest coin I ever made.
Papa's going straight to the racetrack.
There's just one more challenge.
By all accounts,
we should be right on top of the city.
There's the Red Sand Mine,
the Weird Shaped Bush
- The Rock with Too Many Faces.
- Ugh, definitely too many.
The Blurry Mound
Is that the Blurry Mound?
It's hard to tell.
The Lone Tree of Rejection.
The Other Lone Tree of Rejection.
I feel you, buddy.
Everything is where it's supposed to be
according to the map,
so why can't we find the Lost City?
Well, you know
what Master Eel used to say.
"Fall backwards
and trust the river of life."
"The more you try to control something,
the more it controls you." Master Wombat.
"Meaning is in the eye of the beholder."
Some guy trying to sell me a painting.
Do you really think
we can just ask the universe
and the city will appear right here?
Don't say a word.
What do we do when he gets them bears, eh?
What do we do?
Stealth, Veruca.
That means be quiet.
What do we do?
Do we kill him, or them,
or all three, three, three?
At this point,
my vote is kill me.
Where'd he go?
Did you hear me,
or the cacophonous rantings of my sister?
Both of you. The whole time.
Let him go.
Or find out what I can do
with this pretty thing.
How about we strike a deal?
We'll help you get those bears
if you share the map.
If you don't want the bears,
what do you want with the map?
Doesn't matter.
Do we have a deal?
I said, do we have a deal?
I hold the map.
But you can follow.
He's definitely going first,
then the bears.
Then you, if you like.
Oh, shut it already!
How did we not see this before?
"Everything unfolds
as it's supposed to." Master Spider.
"Sometimes the answer appears
when you stop looking for it."
The bathroom stall at my dad's restaurant.
Or, maybe it's magic!
Well, magic or not,
this doesn't look like much of a city.
Maybe this is all that's left.
I mean, it's probably super old.
Maybe somebody took the whip already.
Or maybe it was never here.
We'll keep looking.
There's gotta be a secret door,
or a ladder made of bones, or something.
Uh, did that rock just yell at me?
Okay, that's definitely magic.
Oh, no, no, no!
I can't get out.
How'd you like that?
I don't think
it liked that at all.
Get your rocky hands off me!
This adds
a whole new meaning to "thumb war."
Po! Take this seriously.
He's guarding something,
but there's no city.
"The obstacle is the path."
The monster isn't guarding the city,
the monster is the city!
What are you talking about?
Hey, Giant Rock Monster!
Hope you skipped breakfast,
'cause you're about to have a big lunch.
- Po, what are you doing?
- Trust me, I got this!
I'm delicious, I promise!
I'm very well-marbled.
Po, do not climb in this monster's mouth!
"Fall backwards
and trust the river of life"
Oh, come on! Open up!
I'm not as bitter as I seem.
I'm not strong enough. I'm scared!
Your final challenge is
to fetch yourself out of this well.
I'm not strong enough. I'm scared!
You can do this! I know you can.
I did it! I can't believe I did it!
Lulu, remember this:
the only way out
Is through.
The obstacle is
the path, path, path
Alright, Po. We'll do it your way.
You came after me!
Yes, I
I couldn't let you get eaten by yourself.
Ah, shoot.
Wasn't that esophagus slide fun?
Ursa Major!
Who would have thought?
A city inside a monster. Hm.
Probably super safe to raise kids in here.
Looks like
no one has lived here for centuries.
Oh my gosh! Is that the whip?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
This place is built to protect this whip.
No way it's just sitting here.
As soon as we grab it, there's gonna be
flying arrows, the floor'll drop out
This whole place will crumble!
We're just gonna have to run for it.
How do you know that?
You know,
standard treasure-grabbing protocol.
I'm ready.
Nervous eater.
I guess this treasure
doesn't know the protocol.
No traps.
There are no traps!
But there is something far worse
for those who wish to wield the whip.
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